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March Madness Recap with Dan Dakich + Danny Woodhead Talking About His Retirement

2018-03-19 | 🔗

We're barely coherent off 4 days straight of Basketball. March Madness story lines. UMBC beats Virginia. Xavier, UNC, and Cincy get bounced and Sister Jean captivates a nation. (2:30-18:29) Who's back of the week crying kids and millenials in college basketball. (18:30-25:53) Dan Dakich joins the show to break down the first weekend, what happened to Virginia and who impressed him. (27:02-44:08) NFL RB Danny Woodhead joins the show to talk about his retirement on Friday night, what he'll miss about Football, and which of his former QB's texted him congratulations. (45:10-1:03:55) Segments include a Quake Take (1:07:01-1:08:20), PR 101 Big Baby Davis, (1:08:21-1:12:07) What Offseason for the Jets/Browns trade, (1:12:08-1:17:04) and Mike Greenberg's dumb rules Rory McIlroy wants to ban drinking at PGA events (1:17:05-1:19:20). 

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On today's part of my take. We recap all of the madness from the weekend. The tournament was crazy and we have it all for you. We also have Danny Woodhead, who recently retired from the NFL on Friday night and our friend Dan Dockets, to give us a little Perot recap of the term because were two idiots before we get to all that. I wanted to give you guys a little word of advice. You need to download the South Spotify APP, download it and use it every. So all day, because I do and guess what are podcasts are on there all the time you gap on your mobile device or desktop you click on browse and you can find the podcast section right there, all the sports fans. there. They have all those podcasts I was talking about, but really only listen to ours. You can also stream it on your smart speaker, it's much easier for you to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest in all things sports thanks to Spotify, they have entertainment,
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part of my take presented by Seatgeek. Today is Monday March, 21st or 19th March 19th, and guess what my brain it's not working because of the madness. I'm going to blame basketball for well not basket, going to blame sitting on a couch and staring at a television from about three feet away for the entire weekend. Yeah on all my malfunctions, oh, you know what you can do just say it was. A Mandela effect I'm going to start saying that about everything, that's the one where Berenstain bears people think that was spelled a different way growing up, so you can just blame the Mandela effect on everything you get wrong. I think we say this every single year, but I think this is the first year that it actually counts. This has been the craziest first weekend of the tournament is it was actually insane. So to recap at two number ones go down. We had the first ever sixteen beta one which we'll get to in a second. We had two two seat, they both could have won the
I'm at Unc in Cinci and then you had two three seeds Michigan state which at times in the year, look like the best team and you also had Tennessee. Who lost the oil Chicago, the ramblers in sister Jean captivated, the And so I actually I'm going to say it. It was the craziest first weekend in tournament, history, and we should probably start with the sixteen over one, which We never ever thought it would happen. But we actually said on Friday that the only way it would happen is if everyone got injured and they wanted the buzzer beater. We were. I was very wrong or it could happen with the blow out at like four hundred pm, so basically turned out that Virginia, which has been you, know, Virginia they're like weird cousin, to Wisconsin basketball. So I have a little bit of sympathy form but everyone, ships on their style of play. The pack line defense. They clog it up turns out. If you're six man go out. Your best defender goes out with an injury in the acc tournament and a team that is retrieve Yrs catches fire and hit a bunch of threes that
is how your once he goes down to a sixteen to write. You VA plays in the way that Dr James Naismith, he would come himself if you knew that that some Basque rose to be played like a hundred fifty years in the future. I I was ready to load up on you VA before the game, and then you know I did a little with competing of U M, B c as it were. It was that what channel is true tv, but it was what is your NBC and it turns out that there mascot is Retriever named true grit got to do it, and so I, instead loaded up on you and BC, I thought it was going to get close at some point. I was like there's no chance at this. Twenty point lead holds out, but then you had you had every shooter working, you had every twitter, yet the twitter account for NBC just on fire, just like it a little bit too good, and That's why I'm staying a little bit woke on that that, like this, was a very good opportunity.
For you, NBC, said developing national profile with a twitter account, and then they used it to start up like promoting their president and to tweet out like links to hi to you and be sort of like that, the only chance they have no one's ever gonna. Remember! U M, B c again they're going to be the Chaminade which wait who beat who shall not be. so yeah liner. Genya knows Virginia so so Virginia is now on the on the on the wrong side of the two biggest upsets in the in the history of college basketball. I was the thing that who is crazy. Me was just how shook Virginia looked like they dominated this year and they were so good it made people like then there you know the bend the knee and and play to their style and just suck the life out of them. They were the classic team like they would just be up by ten and it felt like fifty and that second UMBC got a little hot started. In threes- and it's just like virgin just forgot how to play basketball, and they just had no no answer. They started rushing everything they started, jacking up,
he's trying to hit the rock the Dan Cortez Rock and Jock twenty, Pointer and they just couldn't do it and it was. It was a shocking shocking thing, one of those rare moments where it's like you remember where you were, and I was on my couch. Just like you know, half asleep. So I remember where I was. I was on the right side of my couch for the second half of that game. So we always ask like: was it a gambling debt between two hundred a players at that got them like at each other's throats meets in some dark cracks in the armor for the team work. I actually think that's where it has to be because as kids from Uva. They aren't cool enough to have girlfriends that each other can be sleeping with yeah. That would probably be true, so Tony Bennett now another year and the we should be thing is. This is like the this is the heyday for Virginia Bass. This is supposed to be the same. This was the year. This is the team that they can get their own shots. They could you know they could play a little offense. They were, they were the team that was going to finally be like yeah. This style of play actually wins, and we also saw
Cincinnati, which I mean since I was three years, thirty of so yeah that in general seasons I, but since that he also had that their defense is suffocating, they can you know rebound over. Anyone in Nevada, put put together was, like thirty, two, eight one, two thousand two hundred and twenty two to two to finish the game and then Xavier who I I apologize to the slander when I said that they were the worst one c. They were the second worst one seat behind Virginia. So that's my bad hand. Up on the and then we just talked about all that and we even talk about the star of the tournament sister Jean Rogers Park, shout out, hey fun fact. You know the my bench that I I remember when I got into the online auction that's Rogers Park and that's our sister jeans from yeah that Chicago what what would happen that bench, I don't know it would have do you still have a pretty cool it was. It was a two seater. Well is one one slash two cedar. Ok, I got really.
Heavy into pens on how big you are really. I really heavy into online auctioning for awhile and I would just search Ebola three stores that were closing, and I just tried to buy a bunch of stuff just there over there yeah, no like the motorized carts in an I don't know differently, Electric Self Wild times in my life people. Remember it an I bought that bench from a Dominick's in Rogers Park, but sister Jean the ramblers yet seem to watch station. That's right, don't you dare color, just nationwide she's international she's made that very clear she's. Ninety eight she's a spry. Ninety eight! I don't even think she needs a wheelchair. I think she just uses the wheelchair to like play up the sympathy a little bit. That is, though, she looks like she could come off. The bench is like seven hundred and thirty first sister, Jean, is definitely not fair. When she's, not, Air to March madness, because you don't lose a sister Jean you've course sister Jean has
take you know they had that they had the shot on Thursday were was thirty Thursday. I can't even remember my days anymore feels like we live like twenty five years. On Thursday and then that in and then you know basically another buzzer beater kind of come back on Saturday. against Tennessee. Although Tennessee came back like I said, I'm screwing everything up, but sister, Jean the power of sister Jean, is exact what a team needs in March. I that that it basically makes you, if you don't have any blue chippers, you don't have any. You know, NBA picks sister, Jean can I'm looking at the bracket right now. I want to squat on a headline. I know we usually don't squat on headlines. We squat on takes shutout, Tamaso being overrated, but looking ahead to a potential between Loyola and Kentucky, go to the final four. I'm just gonna sit headline right now: ready yeah, none and done not in done I like yeah, so we should talk about Kentucky. This is Cal's best coaching job yeah yeah.
His daughter put him on the hot seat after the game. She's right, she said it herself Cal's on the hot seat. Kentucky could not have had a better breath. I like how Kentucky from we talked to her friend Matt Jones, he's like yeah. If we get to the sweet, sixteen, like it's all gravy now with everyone, imploding in their bracket. They have to get to the final four because they they like they have. No. Now they they have the easiest route to for Kansas, State, Loyola or Nevada. All three could be All three yeah they could, but I'm gonna, do what, with the way that can talk he's been playing, they look as good is any team and determined, not name Villanova, not name going over, not name Duke it is due to Sheer Duke did again do that, so that the like all the madness you kind of forget, the teams are just still very, very dominant in do can over where those teams Candice a little bit, but they struggle the they. They were in a dog fight four and a half again Seton Hall put Kick Duke and Nova just made like quick, easy work of their first round upon
I am really looking forward to the next round match up between Duke and Syracuse the two coaches that probably coach the other team's players more than their own play our game yeah. You should just have bay, Hime and Coach K switch spots on the sidelines yeah. I just like scream at the other guys here, cues CAT Dm Syracuse, that zone just fox everyone up, and then they just show up in March and they stink and they like they. They showed the staff on the on the on the screen
in the game there like three hundred and fifteenth in offenses like that hundred fifty one schools they're just terrible on office, you should you should you should be, but they get along zone, they play seven guys and they just you up. Yeah, please you up playing that type is only charge yeah. I know what they go. The off here to go before the first half is a shale mess with you and they don't they don't tell your doctor screens come and they just don't have called the off just putting their arms a passing lanes. Yeah! That's why they go to fly off. I I compared the Syracuse own to like Georgia, Tech's offense or Navy's offense in football like it's, it's not fun to watch it's not especially exciting, but it's so much different from everything else that you see all year that a team that plays that zone can beat any team in the country. You know a couple times out of ten and Jim Bay Haim just sitting there, and just so curmudgeon e were ready to pick his nose and just looks angry all the time and it's just
I mean he's like I'm just gonna take his own and shove. It up your face and you can't do anything about it: hey miss! Yes, they couldn't pay harm. To me is a guy that has maybe seven or eight really really close friends that he absolutely loves, and then he wouldn't care of the rest. The world died. He just hates everybody else, yeah like if you're, not if your name's, not like coach K, yeah Roy Williams problem Michael will bond Tony Kornheiser and anyone care in light of the plague know that he has like three three guys that he went to like you know, kindergarten with, but he still calls tight with yeah. That's it he is he hasn't made any new friends in forty years unless they are other coaches and even those guys that he went to kindergarten with their like ducking. His calls a little bit like yeah. We don't really like him. Is there anyone else that we need to give a shout out for for an unbelievable performance, I'm trying to I mean it was a crazy. The Nevada come back.
trees, I'll, say, Texas, A and m yeah. I know guy on tell them. I bet on them in the in the second round, just because of the Windle dog that had against Providence, Texas, A and M zone looks pretty good heard. You saw on the island, see dirt dudes own bowl Oh, we verbal mean real, quick, okay, Duke's, defense and Syracuse is defense Spiderman, pointing at each other yeah. yeah one's like a little short kind of up one's. A little has a club foot yeah one and two x defenses the photo is a crab Syracuse is, is what was named plaintiffs place, though
the bucket Rusty Jones. Somebody, that's a new meme. You guys on this, but I am the spider. Man mean. Doesn't totally work there because do so little like it would be like spider man, but then you got like a Kim Kardashian ask for grace and Allen on the back yeah or it could yeah. I could be multiplicity where it's it Michael Keaton right and then my complete, no you're, no you're thinking of a memento memento worries, tattooing, the stuff, I'm so yeah. Exactly okay would not recruiter guys behind it was that, two weeks of every morning he tries to figure out like what happened. The day before any looks, is tattoos like just says yeah I get long get six nine dudes to place only can't shoot, that's probably how Bob Huggins coaches yeah. Yes, he does remember what happened last night, so we tattoos, although wild ideas that you have for, plays on the spot yeah. So the other two things: I've read much Michigan Buzzer be They should not a won that game two missed two free.
The kid then went out and shot free throws in an empty arena. I was late yeah that that doesn't take back the game and then get Zakka finally to sweet. Sixteen well this be the time that mark few breaks through to the final four first time they have a nice brackets I'm going to be anymore state, yet savers out the one is out and the two is out in their bracket, so Gonzaga could finally make their first final. Four and mark few could finally be talked about as one of the best coaches in the Well, let's hope so. I think I think it's it's shaking out that if it's not this year, I don't think it's ever going to happen. Yes, by the way you mention the: U M, B C a twitter account did you see a quick respectable? Is Jeff Eisenberg? He said Tony Bennett handling defeat with a tad more grace than the? U M, B C. Athletics account is handling victory. You got a lot of big Jay gets upset about a twitter account celebrating sixteen overall win an being like man.
sky, really doesn't know how to win yeah because it actually has never have been there before yeah, but it hasn't Helen has never happened. Well to be problematic, it's happened. One instrument twice true so has never held once in the men. Don't you don't be problem Stanford and Harvard? I thought only happen once a Harvard beat Stanford, I think stand. Have her beat stand? Okay? Yes, there are problematic for not knowing your women's bass well, no because I think it should count twice as much, because is that more impactful? No, it should count seventy five percent as much because the pay. I I'm on the other side of it. I think I think women should get. I don't think men should get paid at all. Okay, it's good to argument to work yeah! I know I do have a world. Okay, all right, so you'll be see. The Cinderella story came to an end tonight. Did you know who sent them? Should I like basketball shoes before the game to plan? I do Steph, Curry, Steph Curry sent them uh a limited release. Shipment of the curry shoes, and not losing, and it's like. Why would you
story, sending issues to you. That's not what you want. Like that's the word I hard move. It was also the worst part of Steph curry. Yeah is like sending issues. So it's like win. The bronze like I would have played at Ohio State and I was like cool. I would fun yeah. Well, yes, Sir Rhonda, how to been really cool time. You reminding us that, like all the time, if your, if your head coach and Ed Cooley from Providence- and you like all this pants before the game you like to come on yeah, I don't- I got issues yeah good. We know you're busy, might not have shoes, most of it while they're under armour? So oh, not good shoes. True, true are actually don't everybody out there, don't let that negative talk about under armour affect their stock, don't sell their stock on the stock owner. This is new, so top of the cycle. So what you have I was I when I was watching the: U M, B C Virginia game. I was, let's say, a tad bit high n dot. I went to look for noble lawns and I don't know what the Google search got me through. But for there is about five minutes I thought Sly Stallone went, there is a riveting,
five minutes yeah. I was this close to treating it as like. Let me double check and it turns out he didn't, you go to college, but it was great, it was take their. It was hot if for me, that in the case now is your first clue is that it was sly, Stallone, younger people just holy shit. This is crazy. Somebody should update Sylvester Stallone's Wikipedia page and say that he went to like Harvard or something like that. You see how long it stays should have fun. We should have gotten on that I hope you will go well by the way. I also had a quick drunk idea that we need to start a twitter account because all the bad beats like the Seton Hall. Might you know, plus four and a half on these hit the buzzer beater like these halftime beats. We should start a twitter
out where we just tweet out, are the ends of half times and just make up the lines because they would get so many reasons. Just like you won't believe I could be like a twenty point came like the line was like yeah, it's crazy, but like isn't it, the Cavs were yeah the lines nineteen out there at line he someone out there somewhere had that. I I will say, though, like I I feel like I was on the receiving end of it in ornate inordinately large amount of bad beats this week. What is all games all game, that's the real one it was just like it was just to back to back that. Hit me that's more and I just it was March. Is March yeah I well! I just I just looked it up, but once I made seventy four pets, I went thirty. Seven thirty six and one that's a fucking win in my book yeah I went two thousand five hundred and twenty six and one c. So that's pretty good mission. Yes spent four days in your couch yelling at the tv passion label way too many bets. Alright, let's go who's back of the week shut out. Shout sports action because I keep track of all my bets. Who's back in the weekend crunch start drained out city well Tiger
not tacky fuckin' choke. Today, oh I wore red form. My briefing my who's back the week is baseball teams doing zany videos it spring training. Oh ok now just keep it alive. Brewers kicked it off today they did. This whole area is sandlot, like recreation should actually pretty funny actually was really really good. It was well done, it was good, but did they have their little dog as the beast? Yes, nice, since they did it now, every other team is going to try and do it, and that is the quality of them. It's going to get worse and worse and worse and worse, I watch that video, oh, it was very well done. It was on first thought. It was the first time I've ever been afraid of the brewers, because a team that can make a video that well you like to have some rod and so I'm a little nervous like those are little. That's like the sister Jean Effect like good day, now, spending that time focusing on their craft. No, it's not! You want spring training last year,
yeah. I was just basically due to the really says that they just play golf all yeah. That's all you can do to tell them to just not like pissing out yeah during some you don't get injured bench press a little bit and not too much yeah yeah. Also Sunday and Monday scares like this this tonight and then if people are listening, this driving into work, one of the worst night slash morning, combinations of the whole year. You lost all your money gambling. You went out paid attention and have made out attention to the world. Before days you probably got blackout drunk on Saint Patrick's day. You missed a lot of on Thursday and Friday. If you were at work, you are working very hard is, and so now I have to catch up on all the end. There's no basketball like there, you Tomorrow is the day where noon rolls around you're like where's, my basketball, it's so hard coming down from from the four days of the tournament and then went sweet. Sixteen comes you're like this is in a lot of bass. Well, there's only two games right now, like it, it's a shock to the system and you'll get to watch two games at once. That's garbage yeah what he got Pft my who's,
Back the we could actually ties into Hank's slander of Tiger woods. View are back, buicks are back in where I personally don't know anyone who's ever driven a Buick. I don't know how they still exist. As a car company 'cause. I don't even think. I've ever seen a Buick on the road to Matthew, Mcconaughey, yeah yeah. DR dead now like offers Lincoln, was originally going to be a explain to big cat, a job, okay, yeah, because more expensive one got shot through the head. Let's go on yeah, that's because all of those good either. So I think those are two good yeah. No, but seriously. I bob you x there never tv being advertised unless it's during a golf commercial? and so it, but I mean that's they probably There are a bunch of people like if you go to a country called I'm sure, they're all driving buicks, it's all buicks, must be because otherwise I've never written in an uber. That's a buick I've, never
add rich friends, parent who's, driven a buick that I've written in, I don't know who's out there, driving buicks, but there everywhere during. If there's a golf term on tv you're going to get hit over the head with Buick commercials, Hey Buick, once you change your mind once you send this one set us free will. So let's take it first or address now we want it. We want to own it and will sell it, but send it send this one look. That it. I said I just got along well hoesch it. Alright. I have a couple we mentioned it on Friday show, but crying kids are so the camera in the NCAA, the camera guys in the NCAA tournament. I think they had a that was like find the crying kids stay on the crying kids? Is there were so the Cincinnati kid almost puked yeah? I thought I thought he did puke the little man bun well, he was probably just eating since Skyline Chili, the Tennessee kid who was crying her eyes out, and then they switch to sister, Jean just showboating in everyone's face when the little like she just kind of deal yeah, but it I feel like it was,
crying kids in usually catch him. I want to see sister sister Jean but like spinners are wheelchair. She just start all over every month, Electric a m E. She does high five, and it's like the person high five fingers like. I need to do this as softly as possible, so I don't break her head. We had conference. Bashing is back, PAC, twelve out, didn't even make it to the second round I love, you know me. I love a good conference. Bashing. Big e only has one team in the sweet. Sixteen thought they were basketball conference, just saying as big ten doing. They have two teams: ok, yeah not that I mean it's. Basically, the teams that conferences were that we're good, all your big twelve acc and then the top of the big ten. Okay. So and then Finally, my who's back, my other who's back is millennials being blamed for shift so well. We have a good millennial story in a bad millennial story, the good
the unit which will insurers millennial second gen, one young gents, not yet yeah, the? U M, B C, the one of the kids in your b C was asked what it was like for sixteen see to be the one seed and he said it was like winning it fortnight That's! That's a good movie! That's like very relatable! I get it and Babylon you'll, Stephen F, Austin lossed, an their coach just went on. Millennial, bashing speech. I don't know where it came from, but they lost You just said the millennials today they don't even watch college basketball. A lot of our guys. didn't even know who those cats, Texas Tech players were because they don't watch the game they're on their phone, and that kind of stuff I hate to say it but as much as you are, I anybody in here watching the game. They don't or the MBA. They might watch a slam, Dunk contest and in February or whatever, but that's about the extent of it they might play 2K, you know why so late. So so he won team didn't watch their opponent, that's that's the millennials fault
coach. She does generation who's supposed to prep their team for the opponent. Well, yeah I mean they were going up against a team of players that I guess work, millennials, yeah, correct search. The stack is made up of baby boomers, they're, all super old yeah and the greatest generation they're very older in their sixties, but they watch a lot of college. Basically, they were playing it's a team of all of our debts. I love just the blade like hey Ulhas happened. Well, those kids on there with Get it too he's like the chaos of this tournament. He said no one Is it a consistent high level, kids and coaches distracted? Okay? Maybe the this was basically what the entire basketball season was all year really like a lot of mediocre teams and then a couple really good teams do Canova and that's exactly what
Those kids don't they're they're too distracted they'll have a laser focus, like Jason Whitlock has at staring at his dvd copies of the wire like a dog story. As he bone steak order, Strip Club, yeah, yeah you'd get a show called in and put the game plan on MR process. They'll they'll find real quick, how to guard that two threes on how to go attack that two three zone yep all right. Let's get your reviews, will do dockage first little recap with Dan about the tournament, and then we have Danny Woodhead, recently retired Danny Woodhead, to talk to us about that. Just like it on record that I suggested we do soggy sorrows since Pftw tires in the whole world couple things couple things about football page views and should make the biggest biggest like law it's in your world. No! No! No! This is another great. This is a day to celebrate. This is not a day of sorrow. This is day to celebrate, Denny's, wonderful, Karere and I'll. Thank you guys to recognize it in the proper way, and you don't need to turn this positive, interesting, Danny is
Can you get to spend more time with his family? Do you think I should be sad about that but I'm going to be flying interview, don't ruin the whole interview. She should have done it. Soggy, I'm not soggy Maybe my parents died when I had to assign Saros I'll step up to it, because guess what I'm a man of my word couldn't linked? You won't APOLLO. I still won't spends on Wisconsin is not determined, so you have to do with a lot right exactly, but I'm sure I'll have one now well one. I did do it for a regular season game. Slack! There's, there's plenty! I don't come yeah, there's nothing coming down the pipeline for me in terms of big losses of times that I care about. So no won't have to worry about that one all right before we get the interviews. Hank is going to Vegas the, but I buster yeah. I was back. We had an awesome weekend, Bud light. Thank you to them. We got to pick nine through sixteen, and seeds and if they get to the sweet, sixteen they go as they get a free trip to Vegas. Oh Hank Zazzle is Klum the a Mtley cre to say the least, going to Vegas Bud light is giving away Vega
experiences to winners and their friends as well. You can scan the Snapcode on Bud light bottles and cans to play game and enter the sweeps bud light is always there for you and your friends remember Bud light is famous among friends. Thank you very much to bud light. It was an awesome weekend because you guys and Hank is to Vegas, so shut up, Bud light again. Alright, let's get to it Dan, dockage and then Dan. Good head. Alright, we now well on our college basketball expert. It is Dan Doc the number one Andrew Dice Clay fan in the country, Dan Madness. Let's start with are your most impressive least impressive. From the first four days of the tournament, they also got saying game. I mean sellers. How horrible I mean awful was Virginia made to look really bad. I mean yeah. I was like no, I never did
Two teams are just look: ridiculous were Virginia in Arizona and the most impressive to me was you know U M, B C, even though they lost here just a minute ago, but that man, I I never said I never have in my life. I've never seen two programs that work. I'm in the middle of their heyday, get destroyed like that by teams. That really I mean, let's be honest, had no business destroying them, and it was like, like one injury to bird you just killed them and it was like Arizona said to Hell with it. You know they said to Hell with. This is too much work we're going to NBA anyway, couple of us, so we're not going to try. I never seem like it. I didn't know it was unbelievable to me so hard jump We just thought that it was the basketball gods saying that Uva was too boring to win what
we had like for from your your your expert, you're, an analyst white hat. Why did they look like just such a completely different team against UBC? No, it is funny to both Is it the same thing, and this is you know both teams just got totally spread out and couldn't keep the ball in front of him yep, and if you're going to me on Virginia. I don't really have an answer, the kid that was hurt hunter. You know he would have regarded Lyle's who's, a good player, but would you be by twenty? I thought in the ears only was this interest. I I thought they thought. Okay will play this game, but then it got to be too much hard work like Buffalo was planned to harden and you know like I said these guys couple of checked out of the trigger and and the big King David said there do the NBA. I think they just checked out the other side of it, I really do it. I swear to God. It was like one kid got, hurt and he's a good player. His kid
Virginia he's a good player and he and he probably best defender he would always guards the best guy, but that's no excuse for getting your entire things. Just spread not getting back on defense? So if you to ask me why I swear to you it's the first time I have ever seen and I'm going back to when Dick Bennett The dad was coaching which I've never seen like I've, never seen them play that way under a Bennett ever ever and yeah. It was no yeah Scotsman, guys better start big, big Ben, it changed the whole thing around. He could go play people now and they played the same way and then is there. A little guards were driving by and find in the kitchen to the next guy in I'll, be out of that of all the all. The basketball programs in the country. Virginia is probably in the top two or three
sorry for being consistent with how they play win or lose. You know what you're playing against every single night, and that was that was so abnormal. I don't know what the hell to say. Take a tour of macro level, because I thought it was interesting. We we've always. You know, there's always that story line that if you can hit threes, you can slay anyone in March Madness and you've seen it before put with Virginia or sorry with UMBC with Buffalo with what for sure, they're playing right now against West Virginia, but what they did to Wichita State there playing an mba style basketball where they're, you know. If you look at the shot chart of the second half the: U M, B C gets Virginia, they were playing Morey Ball, they were playing. You know the warriors basketball, where there's the shot chart was only shots in the paint and three pointers. Do you think that this is now you know, Basketball college Bassil will fall, maybe stop playing it out of the post constantly. That's, how college basketball's been forever, but it seems,
these three teams, this tournament kind of showed hey. If you, play with ball movement. If you play with a cut and a pass in an extra pass at plus one pass, you can have success at any level Oh yeah, I mean look. The only team is playing with big right. Now is Duke right. I mean between Bagley and and cardinal those two guys and and they had to go to they had to go to result. You know it's just you and plays only with his own for a couple reasons, one of which is the listing press in big kid can't guard to think they can't guard a ball screaming get back. We can guard the ball screen, but they can't guard Boces, says he. learning that so we went to zone but they're the only ones playing with a big I mean look, a big has to do two things. Yes, the ball screen on offense and he has to guard fall screen on defense, other that they don't ask where the last big that you saw that went and made a post moving to jump hook,
That was in your bag. Earlier I mean eight men or or the card can nobody's, got a big. You know it. Another Haas is out it's it's it's it's spread it out. It's almost like everything's his own office. You know when you're a kid you you get your plate to grease on. You go driving gaps, driving the gaps driving against. Well, that's what men demand has become driving to get kicked it to the next guy, replace yourself swing it back around and driving the gaps, and then here three. I know that God it's it's, not just going to say you were you were too proud to play his own people forget that you shut down Michael Jordan, one time sticky, with that zone, how How does is fail to prepare his team against the two three zone? It was like it was like. So those guys are Michigan State, had never played against that defense before it. Today I don't know I swear to God. I don't know I shot just run falling like they just they flat out. They had shots.
they had open shots. They just did that in the first half yeah, but in the second half, if you watch him, they didn't have like Langford took a bunch of shots. I did the damnedest thing for me. Was everybody tells me how good miles bridges is right. Ok, here is great or not said, he doesn't really have a game. He's a jump. Shooter he's a really nice kid. If you look at his office, a rebound numbers, never offenses Reba had that one game in the big ten we're here to offer. As a result, okay, take that out how how is MILES bridge is not good enough to go play in the middle of his own and, like you guys, are you put language. You can't make shot or whatever put put miles bridges, not some dude named Carter, who's averaging zero point, six points, a game like how, if you're supposed to be NBA Nba lottery pick okay and he is he's a great kid and he's fantastic shooter Netflix, but you got to be able to go I love his own. I did Syracuse game shows inside guys are skinny like they're, not
this is Derrick Coleman, Ronnie Scicli for crying out loud. This is you know some dude from like the Netherlands. Our Jose or something, but they never put him in there. They had this car acute in there never put in german Jackson in the middle I got. Do I mean really against Syracuse, you move it. Then you pass fake it. Then you throw it up to a tall guy. will need the perfect guy in the middle, an Jerry Jacks she never got him in or you get a crafty guy like Theo Pinson, I did the Syracuse North Carolina game never put anybody other than this return. Six years in your car, in the middle of his own and second half. I don't think they got good shots, 'cause, nobody guard card and everybody spread out. If you watch first half they got good shots. Just didn't make. I don't know man, that's a tough one. That's a tough one! 'cause! You got two guys probably drafted in the first. I don't know ten or twelve picks in the NBA
draft- and you can't you know you can't- beat a team that really really struggled all year. They were also given guys who were playing his own. They have no bench and then you can't beat him and they got out rebounded on offense by, like I, don't have the stats for me, but it felt like it was fifty to two in favor of Michigan state. oh, it was one hundred and sixty two. That's exactly one hundred and sixty four. As a first half saddles yeah, it was unbelievable and they end up playing. I love, you guys see the game what they said. They played the one kid who played eleven minutes. That's how I don't know Michigan. say that people are saying that a bad year how they went sixteen and two in the big ten. It's pretty good. He went on the hot seat, well, she's come on Well, the big ten, unfortunately, and I'm a big ten got your big ten get Guy Dan. I think the big ten we find you know in in the tournament. It was very top heavy and you know Michigan
State only loses two games, but I get Penn State beat Notre Dame we talking about yeah, that's true in the NIT. They did is five one slash two point: underdogs. That was an impressive win. You're right before switching tournaments here, but I think that really kind of I mean Purdue Purdue did a great job winning their second round game with has out. and in Michigan seems like they have alligator blood. They just can't die, but Ohio state you, at that game. What do you think you can get Zach, finally make the run to the final four? Do they have it
I like Camille Baghdad, Lettich uh. You know over one point one part of the game. What was it Ohio state outscored by two thousand two hundred and twenty their house? They got done fifteen to zip. They end up. Taking a five point lead I don't know what I did get tired of them swear God. I've been going to basketball game since I was like seven years old. So like forty five years, I don't know how long that forty eight years I got tired of watching him, make all their freaking shots in warmups like I'm watching I'm like, I want to know more 'cause. They never missed. I've, never seen team like it that every guy, like you, know those little walk ons at the end of the bench yeah. They all got perfect form they're all there to get the GPA up. They've got perfect form and everybody making out like side just turn, and I'm sitting with my ex wife and like I watched so much driving me crazy 'cause, they don't miss. I hate him.
But I like them, somebody miss yeah. What about the last game about this week? I want to talk about Unc, getting the absolute doors blown off of it wasn't doesn't like Unc LAW lost some tight game. They got. The shit kicked out of him was that revelation or is taxing them been that good all year, Noah, Graham and a good? Are you living the good in sports right? I did their game at Kentucky are to me at home against Kentucky and it was like a tie game and, accident reported so well. Those are best. Even there yeah, they said they they they scored. Like a million points out. Second Afghans Kentucky member could target was about ready to go in the toilet, but you know it's a deal like it's one of those things where, if you, when you walk in the gym- and you know like you, walking to do will do is shoot around. Are you going? There talked coach watch your out
The first thing you think of when you see those guys like if you ever want to see a good looking basketball team, like that's Texas, A and M, as Robert Williams is a two man at whole who's. A point guard are kind of point guard caught off guard six foot. Eight. I got this little guy who kills everybody? If you ever saw a team that had the perfect combination of tall strong big long, that's it and they just didn't play all the time, but they played today and they beat the living hell out of North Carolina. I don't North Carolina looked intimidated. I know they look like
you know it, everything was a three point shot. Everything was Stan, I mean I, no, it would be on the beat their they intimidate. Us will give you what you do as a coach. You tell your came out, you know for you, Roy Williams, you tell your team at a hurry up, get dressed and get the hell out of here. We got a goal before the team comes down. The beats are s again. We got a goal. Man we gotta get. Out of this gym before they come down and physically beat the hell out of us again yeah and then take out the shotguns yeah and say: hey, you guys are idiots it's loaded, and here I want never yeah, and I choke someone. That's how you coach in that situation look at the S right now. You've got you've, got all these underdogs, yet Kansas State Kentucky Loyola and then Nevada which one of those do you think is going to be the one that's going to the Cinderella. That makes its final four. Are you supposed
cause it's a Loyola 'cause it in on. Is that? Yes, yes, absolutely that my mom used to tell me that nuns were which is so. It is fun. Yeah, yeah, just third grade non sister Geraldine called me literally the most disruptive students she ever had in their thirty eight years of teaching that doesn't sound like you, then you probably listen to your Andrew Dice clay types yeah. telling little Miss Muffet terminator we got kicked out third grade had to tell my mother, who was a third grade. Public school teacher that I got kicked out of my third grade class with Andy. Eight but yeah you can bet against sister Jean. No, you can't do it. No I'm saying man it that some karma that some, I don't know Kentucky's really good. Now I watch him play two:
and uh and uh whatever the hell. I just was Boise and they're really good. Now, it's so long and cal Perry is I'm telling you this weekend. I don't know if you can do it on tv. My man, Cole, is going crazy. Like he's, you know, you know how you throw your thumb up and say get out. You know what I mean he's doing, that his players when they make their is the greatest show on earth Map, but he he's got a plan. He's got a ball and I like them to come out of having to go in the final four yeah he's coaching, the hell out of him all right. Last question seek geek question put in the promo code. Take for ten dollars off your c: keep purchase first four days are over the madness. It's the best tournament in all sports, the best time in all sports give us. You know the it? The dust has settled. Who do you have going,
final. Four! Now that you've looked at everything, that's broken down in the brackets. Ah I'm gonna say I'm gonna say Kentucky. Exactly, I think in Saginaw's age is a hell of a game. Is it comes down to? I think that Michigan's in that so I'm going to say I'll. Tell you what I'll say: Michigan a Kentucky I like Duke and whom missing Wichita, my Misty Milano seeming like yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah people kind of forgot about 'cause. They had the two most impressive wins of the weekend: yeah yeah yeah. It was like a freaking old holiday tournament. Like you know, you just beat the hell outta two teams and you feel good about yourself. Yeah. No, no, no absolute numbers best team in the in the thing so far, I think yeah. Absolutely I have one question how many more seven foot tall white guys with blonde hair does Purdue have ready to go for new. Has three more it's a genetic thing you got supposed to
This is the engineering labs in the back. I did hear. I did hear that has was going to try to play his fractured elbow. Have you heard anything about that? You know they did. They gave more brace. If you see this they'd get games race and then the NCAA said no yep. it didn't have the right composition of materials or some bullsh your buddies at the NCAA yeah. Your guys are my boys. The boy did I defend the rights to speech so we've overstated, hey wait, wait, wait, wait has didn't get to play because his brace was a little screwed up, but he did get that twenty dollars typing for meals, so kind of even right. Oh he went, he went on a trip he went on it, you know they played in, they played the Bahamas, the beginning season, yeah shoes,
oh yeah, new shoes, shoes, shoes, good, some warmups, yeah I'll, tell you this will never buy socks again! Oh yeah, although you go, you can put one feather in your cap for amateurism with the Arizona Buffalo Game for all the players who are getting paid turns out. They don't like to show up in March is it proved your point, may I just say before I leave and you edit this if you'd like, but I think it's absolutely. I think you're overstating my love friend. You guys you are the one that put him three dad, no three all time these are much more yeah. It's like Steve, Martin and Eddie Murphy Dave, Chappelle, Andrew Dice Clay. No, I didn't update Can I put into some Kinison yeah yeah. I think you said. Were you introduced me like America's largest Andrew dice? Yeah, that's that's overstayed. Well, I don't think there are too many other Andrew Dice Clay fence, so you're, probably the biggest well physically, and you gotta be careful. You know I mean so like any comic that doesn't swear doesn't make fun of it Jerry Science.
Yeah. Your big Gallagher guy, don't you love, watch that watermelon its users and yeah. Finally still funny. Please listen me. These means I'm like yeah right got. You know good, alright, Dan dockets! Thank you. I know no you're wrong, you'll, be real. Shame. People started sending you more memes tomorrow, real shame. Don't do that. Don't tweet him Dan Dakich, a ton of memes
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it up boys and girls Trojan bare skin condoms, only condom fully endorsed by part. My take visit Trojan condoms, dot com, slash bar stool, for more info, another something completely different. Alright, we now welcome on one of our favorite recurring gas, the now retired Danny Woodhead. He retired, on Friday night after there's? Actually, let's start there did you retire on Friday night because you didn't want to make news, or did you have like an internal bet with yourself that you're only retired from the NFL for sixteen seed for some day beats a one seed because you're retired minutes after you NBC yeah, I don't, I don't think it was to you know over over. Take anything if you NBC 'cause. That was that was legendary. But I will say this when I was doing it or when I was. I told my I going to do it she's like no you're, you have to. Let me read it before you do it. I go now,
no, I don't want to do that. I want to do it tonight. I've always been someone that does it right away and then just write it figured out, go and I think it was a little odd that it was like well what you have to be like it was at like one thirty in the morning yeah if he was asleep, I panicked called him twice at like nine one in the morning being, like you know like I, this is it we we basically to do so to the only two times I would panic. Call Pft at one in the morning on a Friday night is Danny. Woodhead were to airing in Hank dying and one of those. Two things happened, I want either of those two things to ask how I did it. I really didn't, especially especially especially the Hank deal, but you know what this is the fund raising, not the funniest thing. This is the funniest thing here is when I was doing it. I one hundred percent contemplated texting. People
and being like. Hey dude, you just want to break it. I really thought about doing it and then I was like or maybe I'll just be like hey. Let's do it on pardon my cake and then like now. This is something that I probably should be on yeah. This is that all this of a personal thing to do accomplishment, but I'm glad to hear that so at least, went through your head. How much of a factor in your decision to retire was thinking about me having to cut my hair potentially well. You know that was definitely top like two. You know clean, my family and then and then your hair. I think that's really what it came, I do. I didn't think it was a little selfish on your part to you know, think so, much about yourself and your family without thinking about how that would affect my life, but yeah go ahead in in and I get it. I get it that that's fair, that's so that's also fair, but now man, it was.
It was a decision that was well thought out and then obviously now yes, your hair, really then apply to what I did. I did hear that you had some interest from from the patriots and from the falcons. How real is that you know I'm not gonna go too far into it, but I the I don't how's the Patriots thing, I don't know if that would have worked out that maybe maybe the other that are team or another. Maybe some other team that I thought I would have maybe going to get the opportunity but also also didn't want it when I, when I was thinking about it, to the kind of came down to you know? I'd have to go there and be away from my family for the whole offseason and there's just a lot of different factors, whereas obviously, if I was in Baltimore, my kids would still be here, and I wouldn't I didn't have to change school. The kids
have to change schools. So I just there are a lot of a lot of things that went into it, but uhm. You know I okay. I definitely, I think I think I would had an opportunity, but I also was like you know. If I know now- and that was part of the reason I wanted to put it out there like, if I know now, why am I allowing any other teams there? and to show interest in my eyes were at least let them know, so they can move on to that's very noble of you. So so how much did you wrestle with it? How many like was this something that you were thinking about during this? past season, or was it something that kind of popped up because you know getting cut by the ravens that you're like all right now. I gotta think about everything or you know what walk us through that yeah, I I I I think I mean. Obviously I knew I didn't have like five years left, but they're getting the getting releasing makes you makes you the I it now. I wouldn't say when releases like I'm done. This is this bull crap. It wasn't that it was
is right when I get released was like alright, where we going next and then I think it was that night I kind of sat down and just thinking of you know the different possibilities that night and then the next few days I was just like it was almost it was almost stressful 'cause. I started thinking of my oldest now I'm gonna, have to go to school at another place and it's going to be, I mean it's going to be a one year deal, so it's probably going to only be for six six months and then I'm going to move back Nebraska and there's all these things that were kind of going through my head, and I was like, I think it made me getting released, made me, take a step back and be like ok Danny. If this is really work out, how's it going to work out, and I and I thought of all of it in order for it. If I was going to
I felt like he was gonna, be me being a little bit selfish on. You know, because it's always it's been about me, the last ten years. So maybe it's time to to be about my family a little bit more now my wife. She was totally cool going anywhere, which is you know what goes bump blessed with so then I was able to make the decision, but I think it was really fair for my family because we just moved out to Baltimore from San Diego and then we would have to just move somewhere else. So I I think. Yes, all of the. All of that just made things a little bit more complicated when you have kids in school and stuff yeah. I I know it's it's pretty your you know soon. After the fact you just announces of the we can have you given any thought as to what's next, you mentioned a brass. Does that is that? Can what you're thinking yeah? That's where all the so homes in Omaha Nebraska, so we'll go back there. We had a home there for like six years and that's
That's always been Nebraska is just home to Us Omaha. We didn't grow up there, but that's kind of where we've If your city restaurant decided that what you're saying the big city rich now Omaha yeah yeah exactly he said he asked me to go there by the way for college World Series Yes, we do know, but okay, but Omaha's a you know, that's that's where home is for us in I we'll go back there. I plan on taking the next six to twelve months, just kind of taking a few deep breaths just because the last ten years have been hacked. I mean that with my wife and I were talking about, it would live in ninety four places in the last ten years: nine different like houses or apartments in this. Yes, let's take a deep breath and you know just sit down and indeed enjoy life. A little bit takes you know. Prior, what's going to happen, we really realistic, rainfalls I'll. Try to take my daughter to school. I'll, probably go to. I don't know Dunkin donuts Starbucks I mean I'm, I'm plugging owns
so? Hopefully I get a few free coffee, but get a coffee and then maybe go to the club, and you know, play eighteen holes and pick the kid up, the kids up at school and do it all over again and just enjoy myself, Mr Mom I like it, sounds pretty damn good one yeah, that's what that's what I want to be called okay, we we can make that happen. So how far into like training camp this summer, are you going to get the h? Slash? Is your wife going to be like damn it? I wish the news of the house is always around. You know all of the the the wishing me out of the house. That's gonna come so we'll be back in a couple weeks, probably to Nebraska done. I think they're getting out of the house is going to happen in about two one slash two weeks, because I think, if you can't, I don't think she can not handle me. Being around all the time. Do you yeah? I did, then that will be it'll, be a quick
get Danny you gotta go sign with some within bounds. That's exactly right. As far as the when I should play like when I feel like I'm gonna miss Playing- I don't know, I don't know, I think it's gonna, be that probably I I think will be you know during our first week long training camp, there's nothing. I'm gonna miss about that yeah. You know I'm not going to I'm not going to have a hard time being away from that, but I'm sure there's going to be a time, but I will say this: I felt, which are Actually I never have until you know what was it two few days ago whatever it was in, and I have felt like if the peace about it. You know when we feel piece about it, especially in you know, like my life, where it's uh,
I I think people everyone knows that I'm a fake field manual. So when I have peace, then I think it's a, I think, that's a go and when I piece about it that that's why I wrote denoten everything is sent it out. 'cause. I had overwhelming about a piece and it's like ok, it's time to move on. It's not not drag the same way into into this it much more. So that's how it went you think you're going to get a bunch of gifts. 'cause, we got you a gift, oh gosh, I was hoping you would so our gift is a nineteen. Ninety, three conversion Van that's in Yonkers New York. I got a notice actually a couple of days ago, there's about six hundred or seven outstanding tickets on it, and there's also a chance that I missed when to renew the insurance so you're going to sort those things out, but it's vanderwood, What is yours,
yeah yeah yeah, so I just have to you know all that stuff all send all real for you or yeah they're. Also gonna sing, one of the keys on the key that yeah I started. So you have to fashion one of those. If you can- and we actually don't know where it is you're gonna have to contact Billy Football to figure out the exact location will fall, fall I'll forward you all this, the mail, all the outstanding tickets, yeah yeah, you can either read the title. I mean I mean using a couple bank robbers. I mean the stuff that you buy used. Cars are going to be on it yeah. The thing that concerns me the most about this like little talk here, is that you had abandoned he would had almost no. No, no! No! No. We said it's in Yonkers, so we said city, opera, Springfield, oh, ok, ok, we know where it is hard to think it's like you guys are getting. You know you guys are just getting. You know, a bit cocky. We don't create time and I was like wait. This is not the
as I we we just it's. It doesn't really work in the winter. So we kind of forgot that we had it in and then came in and turns notice came. So then I I do the math. Then you were tired. It's like the perfect storm is yours. Now I'm gonna put your name on the title, so you get all those tickets and everything else that comes with it. I mean it's not really. A big deal because at the end of the day. It's worth it. You know and tell you what just because we like you so much we're going to throw in a bunch of stuff from our corner, where we have just a bunch of like track, suits and stuff that we have kind of just thrown away for awhile, just going to put that in the van, and so it's like you're getting extra gifts. I would love some tracksuit that's all and here's another one, just 'cause, I'm feeling in the giving mood you.
You know playing in the NFL for last ten years, I'm guessing you haven't had a chance to to gamble on sports, so I have an outstanding amount that I owe my bookie as well, we'll toss that on top and you can feel what it's like to be a degenerate. For once I mean that seems fair. In fact he services his backpack, makes taxes forward. Keep you busy yeah, we gotta load you up with just a kind of depth that that's what I need a challenge here. You know the the biggest thing after retirement, you gotta just fine. You know something that keeps you busy, otherwise you're just going to sit around and do nothing. So, like that's going to be great that I can do Hanks taxes, I got yeah, I mean I wish you guys, let's be honest, when I was it when I was in college, I was a math major, math education. Major, so, like taxes are right up my alley considering I haven't done anything map for about ten years, though? Okay, I think you're,
major in college. You probably have all the skills necessary to hand handled Hanks finances. I don't think they're too complex. What actually does own basketball team now yeah? So you don't have to figure out how to find out more about that yeah So I want to move on real quick. We discussed this a little bit via twitter, but for those of you I might not have listened part. Might my for that long? I had I've had a long deal with myself that I was going to keep my hair growing until you Super Bowl, Danny on It looks like that. Time has passed and less maybe Xfl come back and win an Xfl championship. uh, I don't think that's happening, but I you know what you saying that makes me feel like. I still have it appreciate, yeah you're very Sanders two running backs and walk away at the top yep, so we got to figure out what to do now. So we've got a couple options here. You you had talked about doing some sort of charity aspect, which I am interested in. If we can find one that works or Hank had a really good idea earlier, we could have you,
pass the torch on to somebody else and then I'll just keep my hair growing until whoever you pass it on to win the Superbowl. Whoever you think is scribd? I mean I don't want this is this is where I feel like I'm going to be selfish all right. I I think I I am in life. You need the hair. I think I think it would be fitting to to get it cut and I cut it. What do you think we really want to pass the torch? Maybe half. Maybe it's like a shoulder length. When did Bob yeah? It went all the way, yeah yeah, not all the way, to tell you what I'm actually very interested, maybe taking it up, maybe just a little bit above the shoulders for the summer time. Yet the neck breathe a little bit yeah. Oh yeah. No, no! No! We're not we're not we're not looking into like a fade or a bowl.
it would be legit around yeah, okay, I'm that would be. That would be legit. No, I legit think I mean you you, you have a good luck with the long hair. She got to keep it still long, yeah yeah, I got it. You've got you know just to it a little. I seem cut hair before I can do that, but if I use the hair to make a wig, but it's a wig for myself for my face because I'm face ball- oh gosh, I Manchu. I think that I think you could go somewhere, got that honestly, if you, if you cut it, I will donate donate it to what is it locks of love, one of those charities that does that St Baldrick's day, one of those is that that that gives hair to cancer patients. I'd be happy to do that. Or if there's like some other way, we could work in a charity aspect. I know you had mentioned some place in Omaha. Was it yeah? That's that's! That's someone that I, if I'm going to support it,
that's what I do. It's called called Abide Omaha, it's it's an inner city of like nonprofit and what they do is Dave. I mean they do all kinds of stuff, but they they've done different things like buy homes and then fix them up and then put a family in am in the inner city there. What they do it for is to try to clean up the inner city and essentially try to make it to where there's you know your neighborhood, I'm too, where there's never an inner city, then again, so that's what they try to do jack. What I, how bout? We put it up to the award winning listeners, yeah and and what will come up with a couple options? Yes and we'll do a pull and we'll see how that shakes out, and then I one last question to any because we like to keep score. We have our own little mental records, your quarterbacks Mark Sanchez, Tom Brady, Phil Rivers, Joe Flacco, which, ones, texted you congratulating you on retiring, in which one should we now hate for not texting, you
Well, you know what I gotta be honest. I don't I mean I am. In order, and I haven't kept in contact with all of them, and I and I've been closest with Phillip, was really really good friend of mine, so I mean I was good friends with I got along great with all of 'em. but put fill up. I am who I am mark. Jackson user taxi definitely didn't so who texted you well, rivers. Actually, Marco Polo's me because I had and get Marco Polo over the weekend, just because I thought it was kind of cool out oh that's, a new app which market I don't know, look at you. You probably are pull up. Wait: wait, wait, wait, time out Coppola no elders. Millennials, like you say you say me, but I use YO. I use for fake because, since you guys are such a listen to podcasts, which is obvious, now we're Marco Polo has have to pay you guys some money. What's Marco polo heck, it's like it's nap that put the messages? Don't delete
reverse is on it's. It's strictly video messaging waiting for whatever's on it, not under so rivers. Ok, so I'm just gonna murder he's honestly keep Phil Rivers on any app is wildly only read it. The only reason he is is because I sent him a text. Ok, so then he was like. Well, I like he's, not that's not. It is, like you said, look rivers on it now, but he went except for his. He what he went the extra mile to wish you congratulations on a great career yeah I mean we've, we've been in touch. We kept in touch, though, because, like I said he's a good buddy of mine in you know, he's some you know- it'll it'll always be a friend. I think Sanchez gets a pass on that Mark Sanchez strikes me as a guy. That's probably lost eight or nine four since you last saw I don't think he has any of his contacts in the jets this, maybe
is why she eight or nine phones. I don't know how many faulty is lost. I don't but Mark Sanchez was you know I was with him. we're just good. Do they arrive all the quarterbacks I played with got along with great. Ok, sorry, I can't complain alright? Well Danny? Thank you very much for coming and let me be the first to congratulate you on a great karere and congratulate myself. For recognizing you for having a great career as well: hey What I'm talking about, I appreciate inhale, it's not just 'cause, I'm retired doesn't mean. I can't on the show ever all yeah yeah. No, I mean what what April fifteenth tax season we'll have you back on hate them? Would that be the perfect time and Hank gets in those over yep yep? yeah. I just forward him over with all that with all the tickets from the van and everything. So he would be great. You got it. Ok! Well, if you're coming up to New York, we love to have you stop by regardless. Of whether or not we're cutting each other's hair, but just let us know and we'll have you in the studio. Alright sounds good man. Alright, thanks Dan appreciated
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dot. Com enter promo code, take madness and start winning today Let's get some segments, but before that I have a breaking take quick work. This is from Myron Medcalf from ESPN he's a college football college basketball. He said, I know a final four is always special, but does Kentucky really want to get their against this competition in the south? I would say it cheapens it I mean. What's the you wanna file? Four? If you beat a couple of shity teams right, nobody is going to remember yeah, you know what it's astrik season. Do you get to that final form doesn't really count. Give me a guess on his retweets two replies. He probably has two hundred replies and twenty retweets. It was way worse. It would take them that ten retweets five hundred and twenty three. That is a hot one,
looks yeah or calla Perry if you're out there listening now might be. It would actually be a statement LOS on your part. It I mean you really want this Calipari. It's almost a blemish on your record. Yes, it's absolutely like this cheapens everything. If you go to the final four Kentucky, shame on Kentucky for trying to go to a final four again such weak shame on Kentucky for having other teams beat other teams yeah, I'm game that they weren't involved, had nothing to do with it all right. Let's get to our segments pier one, oh one, first up for big baby Davis, so he was apparently this. Does news broke this weekend, but he was arrested in February on seven, what's a marijuana possession distribution, I guess he was smoking, upper room and Hampton Inn and he told the hotel owner to fuck off and they call cops and turns out, he had a quarter pound of weed. Ninety two thousand dollars possibly a ledger, saying who owed him money for that wing when you,
per pound. It doesn't sound like that much. I would not when I read it yeah when I read it, it was one hundred and twenty six grams and I was like wow. I don't know right conversions and weights and those types of units, but it sounds like a lot, but when you say quarter pound, it's like give me a break dude. Really, that's it. Yeah he's got like this. She's got basically what a shoe ways yeah. You know. I. I think that this should be graded on a scale to like. Was it really good weed, because I think that the or should be higher. If it's really bad weed 'cause you don't want to be selling like one hundred twenty We have swag here a at your administers sure menace to society, like I agree with Donald Trump's. Take that drug dealers should be executed if they're selling Citiwide well. What if it was blunt weed like it, was just specifically for the blunt right like if you're not going to put like the best weed in it right we're talking, headies Hank, pulling weeds weed break up. It is I'm like meds like she was in it yeah it out here with me, just a SEC, but the seeds circle life to you get the seeds to grow more wheat.
yeah, but it's not how we'd. So that's like you should get got it for every seed that they find in the weeds. You get additional cry. It's it's actually more green. If you smoke weed without season it, because that means that the drug dealers using the seeds to plant new, Patrick right and so big, maybe more so to an absolute put it last year, to put Instagram video out there saying that he's innocent while eating Popeye's chicken on a private plane with a just a big bag of cash. That so I believe, ok yeah. That makes it he's. Definitely not a guy who's really high with the munchies in a shitload of cash. Also will have to ask her lawyer about this, but if your name is big baby, can you he charges in adult. True good point! Thank you. What are your thoughts on big baby?
general. I love you baby. I mean to be honest. This just makes me like him. Even more just needs a fucking bad as he is, I would say, he's almost at least as bad as like smoking up a Hampton Inn right he's almost in the GIF Hall of Fame. Two for that yeah yeah. That's a really good, probably had the munchies. When I was doing it yeah it made math he is he does like to eat. He did you guys see the fact you are. I I got want to body. Shame that guy. He was in way over his head against, Duke that was tough and then announcer said my favorite line whenever ounce, whenever announcer, sees like a really on athletic either. Like he's
a below the rim player he's a shitty athlete and he shouldn't be on this court. Although there's something magical about somebody that plays division, one athletics, that's able to maintain a fat, I don't! I can't I actually. I actually think you're more of an athlete if you're able to go through an entire season of wind, sprints, right, conditioning drills, having your diet planned out for you and still maintain that type of mass like that takes skill yeah. That makes it yeah and end, but I'm sure you Cymera shot out to go Klay Del Mean, maybe maybe the greatest fat body, little basketball player of all time. I love that can missiles moves of a faq. I Guard plays a faq, I big guy, that's like, ok gym near Nelson had a couple years where he looked like he was going to get to that point, but he kind of slim that a little bit later, I didn't like that were already think. It's crazy out of big baby in Tyrus, Thomas big baby like yeah.
I mean this- would jump through the roof. Did everyone in Florida? That was real great pick. He do you see is jumping vertical leap. He had what like a forty two inch, some like that, I mean, what's the most part, part about playing basketball, stribling, shooting passing having best like you, it's jumping and length last time was Thomas. Is all time length guys jumping all right. We have what off season for the NFL, the offseason that never ends the colts and the jets made a huge trade. The jets acquired the number three overall pick from the colts and in exchange, they swap first rounders and then gave him a couple. Second rounders correct, yeah, wow, so huge basically says the jets are going to draft a quarterback. We think
It also just so, then just take the guard from new nerd I was gonna say I. I need this draft to be back at Radio City Music Hall, so you can see the dude with big jet helmet on his head, like the airplane. That he's got like a super glued to his forehead and have them pick the guard from Notre Dame well he's waiting for like sand. Arnold, so who's who's going to go. Who do you think I mean the browns now the browns. The interesting part here is the browns. Now can't exec one Barkley number one, because I thought I feel like they were thinking about. Doing that. Take take running back one of the camp quarterback for this is now grounded jets and the giants are both going to take quarterbacks two and three. This is the browns, I'm just saying: ok, where's Josh, I'm going to go as my question. Well, here's the thing: if I'm the browns, I would definitely takes take one Barclay number one overall, because that way they make decision for you asked what quarterback you in a chance our side. Yes, so they take, you know Josh Alan. They take Darla's like well. I
I'd. Take Rosen yeah I gotta take may feel like those that you can check two names off the list that you couldn't draft. I love. I love that it's going to go three quarterbacks in a row because then they all lumped in together forever and if one of them socks, we can get make make fun of them. For when I try to sound no natural, so you don't know that's how it always works out where it's like. You have like the the Marino Draft and like who who got picked before him or Matt Leinart in Jay, Cutler yeah. He had not been done. Venture magical but like there's, always those phone dressers like old back, I got picked and that will. Right! It's like how Jason Campbell I went right before and Rogers right after and Roger yeah right, and so I had my the much better career than there. Yes, yes, it on. So I tell me this: if Aaron Rodgers so good. How come only one team wants him to play for Jason. Gabel had like seven good point. This also makes us think. Maybe interlock is not dead. Possibly
Let's do a remember that this that is, Jim Irsay, signing off on all this yeah Might he might not be dead and still going trade out the cold, they might not have a dead quarterback? You know what I want. I want Joe Nemeth to be announcing the jets draft pick this year, drunk just absolutely hammered. Well, that's redundant. I want to give Sammy SAM. I want to kiss. I want to kiss SAM, your pastor, your throat he's a thrower, not a passing, and the jets could win with Chad, Rick Reilly joke. Joe Nemeth would rather have five seven's over a two. So you know he didn't make this trade. Ok do and it's a little too nuanced for Rick. Okay, like Rick it you know what I mean like? It actually makes a little too much sense right, yeah, Joey, Joe Nemeth, is a little too lucid to being mistaken for Rick right exactly you just can't you know Rick Rick. Would
take probably Rick. He would have to take a week off from his vacation life in ITALY, dad joke and take awhile. I haven't seen the jets give up this many pics, since Chad. Pennington was a quarterback. now now, how are you it's like? I want half boots almost out of hand full boot back on the horse, all right speaking to boost my Greenberg's, dumb rules. Wait before we do that. I I do. I know it's too late. I I I do want to add one thing to work off season, the Ryan Grant saga in Baltimore. Have you paid attention? I cannot say I have so they signed him breaking news. The Baltimore Ravens actually signed a wide receiver. And then they got rid of him like a day later, because they said that he actually fill their physical, that they thought that it passed at a time who so I and then the
Brian Grant still in league yeah. Well, no! This is different. Ryan Gray! Ok, I was gonna say that's uh. What and then it happened again like somebody else got failed off of physical after they had already signed. So something weird is going on, like the NFL teams are becoming like police officers that if they follow you and they want to reasonable you over, they can pull you over Yeah. The raven said like okay, Rang grants got a broken tail light Cindy got him out of town because they saw that Michael Crabtree was coming on the market right and the like. Okay, we need. We need crab meat crab, which I'll be good by the way more yeah great great ponds, ready to go there, but the problem is they don't play against the rams this year, I'm so we're not going to see if there's Marion or squad yeah, maybe we'll get together in West Virginia yeah at the Greenbrier. Yes exactly I I we probably waited too late. It's one o'clock in the morning. I we wanted to call Chris long and asking about the VA game, but I don't think I'm gonna do that, but he I asked him if he'd like to come on and he's
Die so he's handling the loss very well. All last Lhasa, we have Greenberg's, dumb rules. Roy Mcleroy has said that he hopes the Pga tour bands drinking beer at events because he got mad at a heckler kept chanting. His wife's name, yeah golfer, Are the softest athletes in the world? That's great right now I don't condone like someone just berating Rory Mcelroy Insane should his wife, that's fuckedup, but that happens in every sport and your professional athletes who gets paid millions of dollars, and now you want basically take away the fun from everyone else, because one guy was a little mean to you, yeah it. to make a lot of sense to me, because you always hear about golfers being golf as being the toughest sport mentally, like you have to stay so laser focused in on every single swing, you have to be insanely focused. How are they able to do that, but also like pick out a dude
unlike his mom's made a name for a rose back right and then so, but yeah the guy back there wearing the I S, a p hat. Don't you see that guy the Oracle Polo kick his makes no sense, but my MIKE Greenberg General for this is yes worry. We can ban beer from Pga events, but the golfers and have to drink. We have a drink like what they have to drink one beer per three holes. I think that's fair shines on my love life, three holes and if yeah that's pretty good, yeah, yeah I just think it's ironic, that the irish guy is campaigning to write an alcohol sales on Saturday, no less Buck Rory come on, This is a prank rose park in Northern Ireland, so yeah that's right and Protestants. It's not the same. Ireland he's nailing is to the wall. Yeah. Do we have anything else? I think that set alarm play hashtag, actually think yeah. I agree with you on being able to
the players get drunk? I would like to see the players be able to fight each other on the course to like in hockey not that just like it, give love stiff, Sergio's waggling his his three iron for your long from just go up soccer in the face I mean the caddies fighting would be great. You know the cat is what the cat is. Definitely like you, your caddie, because you could be a bouncer, and you know a little bit more about call for. I guess, really The only reason your cat right you're, just a bouncer with weapons, your pouncer who knows how to hit a fucking five, would all right. That's our show. Will everyone Wednesday? I don't know who we have coming up, but it's going to be good. Look! No we're! No, we might have someone who might have someone else. Let's just say we have Jon Taffer coming up soon. He might be Wednesday, he might be Friday. You'll just have to tune it love you guys.
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