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March Madness Recap With Dan Dakich

2017-03-20 | 🔗
The first 4 days are over and the guys are ready to talk about all the March Madness story lines. The ACC is soft, the Big Ten is back, Villanova chokes, and the refs still stuck(2:50 - 13:02). Tiger Woods Memorial Who's Back Of The Week (13:02 - 18:01). Dan Dakich joins the show to break down the first 2 rounds, who he likes to win it all, and what will happen at Indiana now that Tom Crean has been fired (18:01 - 44:31). Segments include a bonus Power Rankings of the remaining "Teams of Destiny", PR 101, Kings Stay Kings for Rick Pitino, People Forget That, Big Ben Update, and a Stay Classy for Coach K.

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