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Mark Cuban, Tuesday Night Football, Taylor Lewan & Will Compton And More

2020-10-14 | 🔗
Tuesday Night Football recap as the Titans put in a great performance and we recap MNF as well (2:30 - 16:17). Le'Veon Bell cut by the Jets (16:17 - 26:14). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and we say nice things about Lebron (26:14 - 32:08). A surprise Facetime from Taylor Lewan and Will Compton from the Titans winning locker room (32:08 - 48:44). Mark Cuban joins the show to talk the bubble, fixing the economy, new business ideas, and Billy's app (48:44 - 93:44). We finish up with Guys on Chicks.
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today is part of my take we have more cubit recurrent guest mark cuban on the show we also have recap monterrey football recap tuesday night football which still going on right now we're rooting for the over there's three minutes left in the game where it's ugly beyond bell we're gonna talk cots equal thrown where do guys on checks will have a great wednesday shall feel good wednesday show before we do that for my takes brought you by the cash i believe you gotta smirk on your face you love the cash after leaving all the money you because you have your cash tat if you your cash they won't give you money gotta go down all the cash up linked directly to your bank account it's the best service out there a money to your friends family whatever download the cat shep today download downloaded downloaded the cash app is the best and free money right now when you dollar the cash up you get ten dollars for free if you put in code barston you ten dollars
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it's my two percent welcome a part of my takes over the cash out goes down right now use code parsley get ten dollars for free ten dollars the airspace yea today is wednesday october fourteenth and the titans are going for it on fourteen and they got it we need the over now do the honors build a score yet to assign they can't run out bills ire bills it is now time out now we ve got a two minute warning cronyism yeah yeah two february correcting already set out in another place thought we have this regional efforts be up to you i don't trust either of our math brains on mr langen that brain right now we're not always member the pelt multiply body
jake is our math guy we got there is little don't leave jake either why are you not over us larger than she eats a hundred and sixty saturday night i don't exactly linearly wider hawk minutes yes billy good giant or forty seconds i so we're watch determining i felt by many months is it like it if something in a pregnancy terms her this is really got like yet one human or daisy that we try to do they're not gonna kick the valuable if they dont or touch down how did i know they run now what's gonna happen they're not gonna go they're not gonna you feel well yet they're not gonna kick a feasible yeah recognising tests dusky if bike rebel doesn't get this over he does hate kicker visa he's on my shitless ok it isn't it is to football using must start with i will watch in choosing to four point enjoy its bonus football yet the tennessee titans need some respects not for their handling covered but for their playing football because they were fantastic to my they looked awesome roy anyhow
still ryan channel season like if you put all its staff together i'm sure open up ten hell he also all that was such ass aligning the illegal far pass align writing nl as i'm complementing him runs three arts pass alighted tries to throw a touchstone does will write to even hundreds threatens to do under not gonna get eyes till they're gonna they're gonna review it that mean he was so far pass and i would like it when i am dead there's don't you will promise or how far pass along he was he was a solid for your words pats line and they're not gonna were there they're they're gonna review it and they're gonna turn it back and we're fucked breyer hearts but it is football on tuesday night which rely on tuesday night it's the amoebas scheduling the nfl so they pushed they pushed the boat was by the way it has to be the whole body agile is fire was fine that's all i know he was that's it is
it was on the seven the thing was on the seven about his hand here was all far guy who knows football better than we do is last week that's not where the line was you see with a second downeys dorani line running where i believe all right on big on the rocks at iser watches awry data has been fantastic the titans looked awesome the pills there still good team but not their night i think i just blame it on body clock yeah no absolutely josh out as mr sunday also hit expect its we talk with worn sharp about circadian rhythms he's brought up several times i dont know what it means this is on a cicadas yes this is actually on cicadas eighteen years it also josh alan update on his interceptions one is office his tea
mates hands not his fault the other he made the tackles that negates the interception still at zero still zero also the moustaches looking sharp on josh on the scene i think i might be like an anti covered thing yeah where it's like eyes like flypaper so the covered all goes a mustache doesn't go in his nose earn his mouth husky smart of health in that smart he looks like you know what i like about it actually since you so tall i always like it when it's all person has something on their person that can let me know when i look at them that they're not in it in an mba player if i seem in public god because when you see guys accepts your first question i have seen the india with josh island if you have that mustache no definite definitely not he he wasn't great ok you know what were we will all were josh island defenders we love josh alan we will admit when we he's not great he employed great tonight i asked we have to say though the tight the bills defence they gotta be a little concerned
because they have not been looking like the bills defence of last year where they were the best units in in the nfl may look a little they look flat and no teeth banged up your bank we also have the luxury of having two weeks off like the titans josh norman should retire like soon after terra dry that was what did you just allay derek henry in the open field like what's the point will use it it's either going to be embarrassing or superber usually only to ask to be allowed to have a nice call stands there he got around dozy overt higher regal align was in the wrong place yeah outside the blue lines out of line fucked us up but yet josh norman not a good look he went beyond horizontal and and derrick henry hesitancy do this to people he did it to again in college where he made him like flip backward and do a three sixty up and dare can we reforms are hilarious not because they're just like so powerfully puts into the earth he does they kill bill the
i figured death punch only like taps you with his fingertips and then your hearts cops demille and you go limp you go fly it's a full punch it josh norman it's gonna be tough go back and watch that phone good news is josh norman i dont think really like he doesn't care about going for a while right i mean you signed with wash in football team i dont think i think that's long past alma josh mormon vega because he's gonna need a silk after that one those good too to a two eight as you were fair boobs bs but the titans i'm gonna give credit did i think we gotta do like power rankings of angriest fans on twitter for i fell teams in its usually the teams that are not like veto premier teams not like number one market teams and
just constantly feel disrespected i think taken plans or are slowly getting into that round they are ever since they get the internet in tennessee their certain get very vocal how nice there like south dakota not can be mad because they can't hear this right now that i've podcast i love the city and national is very fund i would say there's twins that are on broadway oldtime jaguars jaguar twitter can get very member good for a while but yeah if they're starting to enter the room where they ve like kind of accepted who they are up texans twitter taxes when there's groups is very upset pills twitter actually up there see her on the right side a billion but if you're the wrong side of bills twitter i think they're very good thank god were on the right you i don't want to be on the sea hawks twitter yeah they will swarm yes oh yeah if you tone russia's in a great cook if you may like a distract against he came back half a lot of people take it out of contacts and then come at you is their context
the other contacts a context list this activity and i just it was fantastic report i would just like we like face off against sharpens aren't you how what people say it's one of those things words like what's a context like while care in other words our contacts is we are both very mean to each other but we both like it when people are mean to right right exactly that was this game i apologise to the titans for doubting them jake really terrible by the hate him as a kid no anders announced as both the issue gloves we kicked people forget chiefly had that we had to tweets one was the classic are holding a gun to his daughters he was an original yet the idea he is gone to which contrary fairly gun girl and they
when he responded to someone saying i don't play video games of play real life that's a good what the us that's very go j feely anywhere fuckin gloves kick up if the felix sepia should adjust like may the sacrifice and send one of the air beer see team or just have his game sickness studio keep ripe nansen romo in dallas and have them sit together on a fucking zoom call so as not to listen a j feely low no offense but j feely your fuckin kicker do josh norman gets deformed through the crust of the earth in turn rumours like i think i think it's just a crap is here no actually that was a good tackle by josh norman yeah great job yeah i was thinking with your tuesday night football it's weird i like it but it's bonus football if if a weekend of nfl action is like go into a really fancy wedding you ve got your your cocktail hour on thursday night you ve got your bread
on saturday night sometimes get your main courses on sunday yacht then the like champagne toast on monday this is like the pizza that you pick up on the way home because the food was really good but proportions but all almost peck i like that were or they you know they order mcdonald spheare everyone yazzi lights comma yeah as you can eat oh your ear date has her foot flops in her hands and in a double bacon cheese and the other everybody seen outside holding sparklers you're over housing quarter pound of jesus you put in chicken nuggets and year pock yes exact is choosing i feel it would become a nice at the unifil did a surprise game didn't tell us at all maybe like on a friday afternoon game and is like beyond say album drop yeah they don't need to advertise it so if the end i told you at high noon on friday guess what we ve got the cardinals in the ram senate playing tonight everybody russia there tv guys yes i also i'm not trying to make the bills here but shooter shoot
and the best way to get back on track is to get back on the field maybe players in football densities yeah why not why not if one got no but so that so bills get the first law titans too before now my apologies to the boys bus and let the boys to on an end will compton who love i doubt it but some may say more doubt is what fuelled them so you're welcome in my cradle who we love as well and we know he would have kicked the field if he needed yet he would have done that i monetary for block justin air bear played well the charger someone i set it on twitter and it's it's so fucking true that the charges are the sea hawksley just lose the end i said there were ice on twitter that there the seahawks with a landlord yet so they are the gavi low rent version of what the the ox audibly we're games are always in it till the end but day
they're just always on the losing any of those really weird strange fourth korea invent ways to lose and williams williams in in the charter's just after a bear which are i think i'm is now call not just because i think he i like him well yeah i think i'm is pronounced his name like seven times its harbour that's what it's eva gets a bear i played well and then drew breeze so i am i am sticking with major breezes washed he had died throw where the guy was wide open credit to him i won the game so here s what i want to do when i say drew brees washed he can he'll be an average quarterback i'm not saying that he's like terrible terrible doom what i'm saying is they have superboss roster andrew breezes probably be a thing that hold them back when they get in a play off against again pass rush and
everything is in his easy andrew breeze can throw it down for you i would say that and also their defence rank there some injuries they gotta gets right i've made the analogy to the broncos from two thousand fifteen with i paid manning who essentially had like one leg and then wrath of norman than a wife really jacked up on steroids and then they i got to the superbowl because they had that awesome defend credible defence the saints don't have an incredible even say have like an above average events when everybody's healthy yeah they don't have the dome you don't have the noise and i think that drew breezes better right now than pay manning was in the to agree a teensy agreed is just very funny watching drew breeze trying to throw green passes like he used to throw those depots right like it he asked a cock back now for for three hours past alvin kumar right right yet he really has to put everything into in again when i say washed its relative
because your brees hall famer right he's not a whole faint like he's up playing at the level of whole famer anymore it's not washed like drew breeze is terrible in the worst ever he has a level that he played out his entire career he's no longer at that level so what i'm gonna do is ah if the neurons saints get too super bowl i will tat too the final number of your real touchdowns for his career somewhere my arm ok there it is well yeah do right now can i know your pride play five very slight yet i will do it might retiring then his daughters initials if it gets more even from credit coffee so he will get that i hope it's not six x x that would that happened would have us for twenty that sweet i think is like five fifty five or something somewhere do it was what if it was fit the eight thousand and five and then we looked at upside down get a boner consoles geometry yard yards yeah i began to cry fifty six five fifty six
added yards kiddies yards a private five that its yet no worse yet also score gama fortytwo sixteen why levels that happened that seems a he's a definitely should have happened ok that's gonna be it i will i'll do that ok yeah i dont figuring it simple i don't think so either here it so well come at me on twitter just know that i'm not angry now what happens if james who takes over and then get visible with janus winds super bowl with james you gotta get yeah gotta get an eye chart tattooed doesn't count if that james wins it now germs windsor braga jim's his face tattooed on my ok they're right yeah ineffaceable ones is one nothing taken ill whose very funny when you get the game last night because he was put in in passing situation sometimes it would be like third and ate and you the entire time that tourism is not under any circumstances gonna throw the ball he's gonna take it
we'll get one guy and then run directly in the strait of giant possible and get that first down i just i love the back and forth cause you know that is good the point where he was a change a pace guy now they're putting a man in situations where you would absolutely rather have a passer you found a game to get a first sound and he's run her first out that so that to tell you why give you are sitting here and saying drew breezes still the same or is not take a step back just noticed how much something is now using teach them it feels like the aegis increasing increasing its increasing i've got smart because again the saints roster like overall is a super bowl caliber roster i just don't think drew breezes is good enough to get the new super agri so i doubt saints chargers and then belle can we respect justin bieber or a brass com just and herbert he is out take full credit for he passed my eyeball test right off the bat
tat was early hater of his but all begets seeing the light right now ozma he is my only concern is he might be he might it becoming too humble now because he's taking some humbling losses some losses where he thought that he might pull out with a win where is learning how hard this league is we learning it in a very difficult way i don't want him to become too humble the aarhus exactly my humble moxie poised rational he was approached pro he was precocious rookie i'd i like the just and herbert and i saw the first few games i dont want to lose at edge i think he needs to think the chargers need to like sacrifice you need to get legal filled rivers voodoo dollar something because they these rob river losses drinking one being uptown three did philbrick we're still is on the charge instead of brazilian solar coach where they say no sex for a month actually condoms only for a month to get all the philip rivers out of you
system as a french is so hans that franchise right now because these losses are hilarious art so the other news was leaving a bell got cut the jets now what i don't see how our gaze is still the coach in this weirdly i think he's gonna get fired obviously which makes it really strange that they would cut leon they made a choice today between levy on bell and adam gay swell and they chose gay sort of because remember joe douglas didn't choose either a right which is the most jets thing ever that your gm didn't choose to coach or the the running back they paid all that money too so maybe it's maybe so giving adam gaze maybe after adam gay said he i think whose quoted saying like i'll try anything i'll stop calling plays i'll stop coming to practice i will i'll move out of my office he'll do anything maybe joe douglas is like hey we're paying him let's caught beyond bell to hopefully get out of he's too maybe coach the team for a couple more weeks
because it seems i gotta gives almost taking our advice of just stop coaching we got court was alive but you'd rather have that an atom gaze going hands on another gonna lose any where he also said he was gonna give up legal and duties this week so yes giving up every year yet so just showing our everything everything in libya bell chicken scotch and splendid in the office what what an illustrious career with the jets who would have ever thought that his time with jets after tweeting out that the jets don't have enough money to pay him to go to new york and play their who would have thought that would not have worked out so there was confusion afterwards whether not he was gonna hit waivers or whether he would be free agent i think we figured out that he would the free agent although i would have been funny if the jets had caught him and then since the jets would have been first in line with waivers be out they reclaimed just teach him a lesson yeah i think i'm probably dead wrong about this but i think what happens is he might go to waivers but no one's gonna pick up that claim big the contract is ludicrous or human
just become a total free agent and yet we assign where every wants to yes in which case i think we can all agree is probably gonna go the patriots gazettes would always happens but we all want to go to the steelers cosette would be hilarious yes goes to you i'd be happy with him come into the bears a mat nagy not given many cares that would be fun to where else could go he could go to arm if you're if you free agent running back who has his eyes set on a rap career by the way we will even moran the rams we good we'd even mentioned the fact that the gene caught him like almost dna we're proof point put the point is totally lost because that is the nicest thing you can do to someone is cut them from the jets yes and let them be free will show you get you don't have to pay for this own five dumps you don't have to take hand offs from drove lack on sam darnel this also means frank oral progress thousand yards issue
well he's on he's on the jets yes he's got em right you gotta see i hope his next contract will probably be bigger than lay down belt yes i other teams of trying to think vikings depending on davenport year depending on dobbin cook i will be announced as it and mix tape again i hope he puts out like a fool album and you have to listen to like the last lyric on every single track to pay together where he's gonna go next i have i have one that spicy i dont i was impressed by the way when when like peep briscoe was staying up till midnight listen to levy on bills mix tape try to figure out like the his rap songs where he was going right right i have one that spicy do we know oh the status nick chubbs injury who know i don't know what i mean these four to six weeks the browns ok we're just gonna have all the running backs in just run it every single plan
i actually wouldn't he got leave on bell back among the same team lay beyond jarvis back home cream haunt dream team i will briefly lips and are the box what about the box yeah i although rodeos pretty good riddance in they have leonard frenetic bruce areas use a coach him right yeah at a time i believe so they ve got shady mccoy you're probably not split what alert shaded they'd probably cut you and then bill would come in there that's my computer some miles making noise at unaware the texans could pick him up and just plain a wide receiver yes they need someone the eagles yeah or maybe the giants because they don't have a running back debbie nice how money just move across the street across locker so that's that what else we got all the braves or the best team of all time we at least mentioned the braves i love just tweeting the tiger woods braves hat mean is that braves twitter just they'd they tweet it i we're talking about the most agro
fan bases theirs thing also about fan bases on twitter they are really good collectively like they all get behind something and they may themselves bigger than they are in that's the braves twitter the brave what have you ever got tangled up with them i remember the braced played the cubs in in a random series in the middle of the summer like two years ago all my mentions were just tiger woods braves et like you know what tipp of the cap because there's probably only about seven of you here but yourself seem like their seven hundred you think tiger woods remembers that picture i think it's photoshopped that even better yeah i think it might actually all nude examples knives hat i don't know maybe it's not it's that specific one looks very photoshop i don't know is i think an old one of him wearing a brave jersey though and and looking like he's about to bat yet not one deputies august if he was growing up in florida there were no marlins at the time yeah so
dug up real photo of dagger would so yet that one's very one hundred percent photoshop but there is a real fuddle tiger woods integration of form and that also might be photoshop he can never know so and then the razor actual figures will act we worry for the address but this i want i want asked rose dodgers and world series i'm just i we are told my before but the rays somehow have collected every single like six four skinny white dude for them pitching rotation and they all throw gas and then they bring in a closer that's like a little chunky boy in its us ya think like in there in their minor league system they don't bother teaching you the intricacies he's a pitching they don't bother let conditioning arms to last farewell were the rays we have the only way that we win is to have lightning in a bottle right so we just want people to go out there be able to throw ninety seven miles now right foresees it doesn't matter what happened and we'll figure it all out later
let's get to let's do our hearts equal to one hundred and twelve hot seat cool throne let's do some hot seat cool throne so we call it by the waiver humor morse yeah coach interim had coat and the guy we're time of defence accorded an brick and so that there are certain to release who they're going to be looking at these are inside reports not they said by left which which is the obvious re i'll pick you up it's the culture in atlanta and then josh animals is another big one that they're looking at which if you focus van do even want oh living breathing reminder of the twenty two three superbowl on the sidelines for the entire season i mean who defiling while caution and if you'd come back would yeah you're falcons veil yeah he made ain't that right then bp but still yes absolutely offer arthur blank offer him everything bill i come right the wrong make a trade yeah
betrayed you ve got a first round texan i'd huts equal drawn this week has brought you buy polite seltzer on the hot seat this week is billy for it speed add read you gotta do the speed address again reminder butler seltzer has three new flavors available in their remix variety pack great fruit pineapple cranberry or yours now it butler dot com slash delivering get livered right to your door that's butler dot com slash delivery bud like dotcom slash delivery billy do this to this request by thy tells her is five times voted for clean fish no agitates all with a hundred calories one gram sugar fibres and i'll call them the perfect drink kick back with during the games featuring classic slavery like black cherry or mango but also new favorites like cranberry pineapple grab your today and sit back well sipping so sparkling heart cells are good job billy billy can read
billy can read tuna and by the way ideally lath earlier billy what again there were billy billy snap gas mask is naps billy's about two were about to get to kuba blue we might bill bill is less absurd why oh yeah sure cubes mark you might hiram he did such a good job invest with his pitch to mark cuban if today was opposite tat i hate to think it got harriet aspirations ha ha ha my fears as parties hair pieties luscious locks pretty much you know its everything to him
he's dressing up like one of the dude perfect guises weeks he lost the bat and it put a name on it show some respect parliament propose binkie whatever happens closer her proposal hauser purple poseur olive hank pretending they didn't know the purple whose or do we want to dock senior sir now i turned off from a stable i wish i was very emotional and he between a video and dude the account replied said if you really committed to the proposer you change your head dot dot unwell p of t replied i will share my head if you do a video with chinese were you we'll catch an adult why fish out of a wild river with their bare hands hank must also a company you on the trip and share king size hotel by what the twins which we ve already established you know you guys for some reason despite all the evidence presented otherwise eleven and don't believe that i can catch bear fish my hand to be so easy and now fifty just like you can't everyone i do it from work without going to the emergency has reared its head
well i am very confident that number one you won't people to catch the only thing this depends on a number of topics saying yes because if they say yes me archology fisher we'll get on a plane to alaska and i'll catch fish and then leave and problems like the same day i also expect that the twins have nightmares so spending and i'd say much dabbling lamby sly asian predominance yeah absolutely fawn hake you would get out of bed you know i just became a queen size but little fully stand sizing obsolete i mean i've been the same what i will do that others i would do that i will you're a shave that hair because do pervert austria's my hair raising they have to do all of those things all those things those these are my condition catching a vision in order that it has use you have to sleep in a bed with the twin for tuna guys love towards one night no you gotta get there you get up we don't get as we will get a lot of alaska will be anywhere it will literally be honour the next flight because only that easy to catch the fat sugar we showed his nurse river at the airport
what's the perilous the thought police those get frogs might have since what is wanted the eiffel tower i really like let me be quick why don't we get into so many layers so you're literary knowing it we would argue that out o ensure that you're done level unless you i would do that out absolutely shaved my hair if it meant that we would get a piece of content out of it and mostly that you would have to spend the night with the twins and i'd also like for you and the twins two do like a hotel review video of a trick shot in the video air seamen and you the orifice futures j also to fight each other now i'm in appeared he lay down his his is rule spiralling as why it dude products down i'm down we said the fraser never lose announced eighty seven in the bottom of the ninth yikes ok michael don't screw during the up there dude tailored to john at an eye properly planned his name he is
these videos are going viral always a guy retreat and i said that outbreak every bone in my body yes yeah his you know no one had a razor scooter growing up you probably stop using it when you are like twelve because you just figure out who use bike this do never stopped and has the greatest razor scooter of all time does the crew these videos of ever seeing their insane and now it's like that you know he's like the new are like the new whatever add face for twenty dog whatever that guy back i was last week fleetwood mac this bitter guy telling john is this week no he's the mad faced for drink eyes still around as did the lake herself yet he is lakers dan yeah but legates as you know now he's getting adds like it's kind of his entered at second second i mentioned i believe more tonight we get a dude how is he not how is known cancelled like one
the days that we ve done you know where the guy shows up to the how do you know the oscars no like well that guy's actually bad can bone all he looks a pregnant porn like what is internet loss at my place i think that he is probably a plant think that this is more don't even exceed avenue sancho this it's a combo stunt done by fleetwood mac and urge ran very juice big cranberry and the fact that he has not been cancel that tells me the tattoo on thursdays probably not real yeah he's probably an actor he's probably cast and for that i don't want him to get cancelled but it feels like we ve never had a genuinely wholesome story on the internet in like it yeah i mean if it was any of us in this room
and we got on their somebody find something to cancel the transaction but yeah he's a little trees grow today read how she now this is the day we now spiteri which was also probably it was waiting a week we gotta weekly i wake up funding is a life changing moment not in the way that i thought it would be at the time it actually turn a better whether we could say that now i don't really while one were give it i would for a hundred million dollars if we had been working there for like two years like it would have been worth it taught me a very good lesson though that if like a what then after a very successful show if people are like behind you right away there never gonna fully behind you member how hard we had to work to try to get it done we should have been like a light bulb should have gone off in like we ve been negotiating this for nine months maybe it's not the right yeah yeah asking somebody marry you six time epipolae shall rise legal really good let it where they harbour that's real work for harbour yes
he's like ten kids so good point fifty my hot seat is flora football so just couple days go down on your saying we need to have the swamp crowded with people we need to have a big because they saw what a big rob can do at their last game and a couple days later they ve actually suspended all team activities because i guess ever corner virus outbreak there only logical conclusion a day moans wife is a super spreader yup and i'd kiss one play on the team next thing you know the entire roster outgrown of irish up that's what i'm thinkin happened yeah that's that's that's a tough position for the florida gaiters being an island or the us he's gonna handle like flexible scheduling the fat sugar say it's gonna be we're position for them because we all know how long are gonna be done with playing whenever be cleared to resume team activities yup does the first real test case out we ve seen in major college football
how the hell they're gonna handle this but is not great for the gaiety for pc appreciation there was else you only had right by the way to any boy came whose back on twitter who is going to be off twitter announced at the end of the miami regular she's in the already announces retirement two months prior then again he david ortiz yet he got duped by someone saying to him on his wife was a super spreader so oh really yeah those bad while i was probably the jamaica when i think there were letting we should let bats off the hot seat together fucked a shark is probably havens or on yes super spreader would be a great term foreign office by the way like counter mike leech yeah yeah supersaver adverse gonna do we ve got a super spent romans lincoln riley's work on super spread my call throne is brazil sober will they played in the asses well and its amazon day they played against peru and woke up qualified today there
tied going into the eighty third minute at two apiece and then got two mysterious fake penalty cause where they got to bear two of my name are did is thing love we flops round then in appointing for two it had been peruse first win if because they were waiting for worth pursuing when against brazil in a qualified match in like fifty years or so that speaking of which we were doing update on nay mars moms boyfriend that's one of the weirdest stories that happened lastly here do you guys know marvell stories his mom start dating what i think he's a good guy who is obsessed with them like they mars boy super fast evelyn common n like put them thomas dating him and he
just doing it to get close to name or do we have to we know jake looked up the lass article is always one on ya got one june third mafias disgusted before her afterwards irreversible process i pay way albanos we'll confidence here long wait guys wait forsworn ways i six feet apart get six feet apart get six feet apart there we go and then people are saying that i motivated you guys to play well
it does not do anything i know you won't that what are we gonna get motivated the boys a play well yes oh yes yes i we just finished we just finished even beginning to show and it was a few some praise for the boys and for the titans you guys quaid awesome i apologise you covered the spread through which was nice first time the season you ve done that we will shadow person with the boys right now quick question for you guys what high school do your plan on on celebrating this winter high school can celebrate this win at we gotta game we gotta get alot yeah oh jake you're gonna be ok i well good job congrats in
thanks for the over at the end goal stop burying his the boys bigger we need you guys are one in three against spread shut up i can't i don't know like ok are a good job congrats led the background of the bus to in agreeing a greener yes yes yes i have a good one group as i know he's gonna get that damn i i love the boys listen the boys there right now the number thirty one in a power rankings they moved up from thirty two stand in solidarity with a four hour he had them deadline because their ability to contain the virus so that now there above the jets that's it yes yes there above respects boys respectable also a very i think on this are watching the boys tv show because i see some people on twitter talk on it
the boys are even more or less got it got oil put dude subscribed by some of the boys they are our friends and they are they work for bar storm we love them and we love rebel we love rebel are difficult you had your yet they know my core throne is tight pants walker bueller wearing some tight white pass tidy widely on the mound were not there and i get a lot of people are talking about it i've i'm always fused why baseball players where pants in general why is that not a short sport white socks did one game member they the softball shorts they should do more that there is actually no reason be wearing pass out there if you're if your baseball player either cool throne is just retro stuff to stop being retro apple did their big today i would even call is it like apple com jobs com jobs han and they showed off their new also in brazil
also regional and one of their fellow is just a retro phone it just like a two thousand nine my life on linking now by to pretend i guess an all i found but with with current updates on it so its programme have like an even older you too out majority uploaded to i think there's actually like there's a new market for phones that are being sold they can't get on the internet who like the internet is so addicting people are now have phones words just you you can't do any apps can't you any issues a girl passion for significant gum yeah of phone gets like that you're a nokia may pill snake in that's it i like that actually no email lover that yeah i like it too so yeah retro is back retro closer back to always true yeah that's probably about the limit of i don't think you'll see minimise the many other technology companies no like no plain companies going it's not gonna be introducing like a retro albacore rhetoric space shuttle right hand don't say it
someone i guess i'd guy have to human i wasn't going to eat has brought it up i found tweet from renounced be routine i tweeted it and it was idea the bottle and talk areas here in someone said that eric ash fashion the challenge for us by the way gave a game ball to everyone in the organization alike that's wonderful but woe it certainly is actually true bookkeeper we should be handing stuff out like have you learned nothing codes rebel my hot seat is us we got a lot of shit on by way was that it was to foreigners nfl game it here tonight that's totally random then he said that after xo we're on the hot seat we had some people who were not so happy that we just ignore them finals on sunday night
we told their undergo do that but allowed people saying we hate leubronn so i i made a list of things that i think leubronn does work or compliments of la braun i'm a off real quick you avoids game seven his daughter always have so much ass she moved out already there it is he's tall he's in good shape he makes over half is free throws he can donk that's cool never knows at school offer guy its balding it's actually on pretty slow like wouldn't you say like iran sort of boarding like eight years yet it's been awhile he cannot say he's a functional alcoholic so that's good that he can still do its job his son is good at basketball that's cool you can live to recite the vicariously tourists on everything that he never attained he can the is the union never loses a jap and jane finals he's independently wealthy europe brown the browser good this year
he's also yankees fan is also being excellence not weren't outlaws yeah yeah always he's olympic old federalist as you know a second best player to be born in akron ohio behind stuff current correct so that's are compliments he brought all the people say that we hate show me something on that list that is hate i do like his tweets this week though after he's win the championship like every now and again how ill tweet i like it just hit me i'm wheelchair man it right now i just realized life is good please just jesus so yeah i'll give credit to the brown he did not lose the nba championship congratulations and lebrun for not lose accredits who will bron he did a good job while drugget and ban were her put it at your cut that part because that was kind of backhanded were aware compliments of la bron pod that's now just for this episode hank say something they smell abroad for real
you can travel through his legs all the pictures and videos i'm happy that region rondeau is getting his praise and that like that some kind of dry good from abroad i again good fella bright again for winning the championship not distributed get region rhonda precis dessert tried again that that's it he's a good any minute ok it was nice of him he's a gm here traded way other young talent i guess was the right move whatever they also brought in rondeau so he's a good he's a good is a good jim i'll say that he brought a region round it as a good move by these us a very loyal to escape goats so bringing j r smith and the guy that the meme where his foot in our game one a while ago it just edged goes to show you that he understands the value
of having somebody round that you can blame if you screw up right right right smart to do that very smart guy is very true in my call to those clean crucial because he had a back spasm so we can't lose no class when his back goes out good job i is it how long zephyr just got scratch on today start hooker though he may walker buehler blue that back out with those states have ya exactly can't can't handle look at that billy would you like to go quickly hot seat tony dungeon for i think i was a blocking this wise for deck prescott to get hurt site hotly wasn't waiter tony dundee got blasted for saying is a blessing in disguise a deck prescott got hurt what would you rather doubt for the dallas cowboys oh ok and then doc antle got arrested to also hot seat in my cool turn is cranberry juice because after the departed i thought cranberry juice was like for girls and then you got brought back with the tik tok with fleetwood mac guy
yup like tony donkeys name getting brought up i feel like it's been a while since a player tat the rehabilitate their image by just like accepting a meeting with tony genji because he used to be the one that you go to you fucked up at all you just sit down tony any do an interview with tom rinaldi or somebody like that and then instantly boom your bags back you learn how to move on from your mistakes who's gonna be the first guy to genuinely say that any dullness just goods that prescott tony huh oh yeah actually tony dungeon we have even i skip similar hastily skip albert rear feels like he might be in the running we should we i wish we could put it better to genuinely say like hey you know and golden he's justice good is tack i dare lovey
yeah i could see because any dawn is everything dinner lofty wanted to be right if he had maximizes talent i could see that yeah see that or lay he won't say that exactly but he'll say something along the lines of anti dawn when he's operating at his best does everything that should lead to win an inner fell game as good as dead prescott which by way of saying right he's as good couching yes yes billy a difficult rumbling earner you article two yeah ok good job what way down there aren't you did a good job what are you saying i mean it's kind of in the same conversational just talk about mountainsides vigour to bring it up more spits and be a player you just treated this video out that mean any road just the messenger dot dot dot and then the meme is a picture of it be in jordan celebrating and acts on the meme says then we celebrate repeats now
kids are out there celebrating for titles and ten tries and call greatness mare unjust the messenger of its being the messenger with jordan whenever has already retired electoral either repeated dated celebrate single titles backed and strew as like a regular season for them that's crossover implying that michael draw instead what i thought was where those means words like kobe in india i didn't have a robin was come on sweet prince onto soon her eyelids kit a factor that real quick let's get to our interview more cuban for we do that jimmy johns jimmy johns is back this we could jimmy johns every time you order one sandwich and get a second sandwich app off use promo code p m t jimmy dost thou com or the jimmy johns app through eleven eight two thousand twenty six november a sea jimmy hans dot com for additional terms and conditions must all round
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i've got a good you go i'll follow you lead you guys are the pros not interrupted rose ok didn't luca flops too much now no i just got a flop well enough to get the car but don't you better a two year so you better how away so going back where i do actually won't talk what the bubble you know that player from that you guys had was incredible because it seems like a team it's on the up and maybe you know that series with the clippers will was fantastic do you go away there's no good losses but you go away from the play off this year being like man this is awesome our future couldn't be brighter well i feel a lot better than when we did make the play of semi look who knows what would happen if we keep me the whole time i made it was killed and then lose it here those games and at the injury what was really tough for us but you'll be back stronger than ever so here we ve got two cornerstones in keeping and look up from there we got a lot of good players around him you know a cup
you're one one more piece i think really get sister competing for a title the question of whether or not we get that where yes i mean there is some additional pressure on you now because you know that you have a team that could be good if you make the right move and if you may the wrong move me big category crush you four for the next five years for ruining always prime used would never we what you know ten years are all one and fifty plus games in you know taking the play off every year for fifteen years of sixteen year so you know were used that pressure i like it may cause it you know the worst pressure has been on the outside looking at and not knowin how you gonna get there ah and so i'll take the pressure of having to perform maybe not being classed every single time yeah but now there are these expectations that come with a people going to say like ok you need to put a team around those two cornerstones that you have asked how do you go about evaluating liked okay this is the right type of person that's gonna make them better that'll make
yeah that'll take us to a thousand maybe championship the skills that obviously only look there's gonna be a score he can be able create he's gonna be what's a good guy shots look is the type of player that makes everybody better and gps type a player that's all always open right if you have a defensive presents but put him outside i know that three point line luke you can always get em a shot and tape you can always be open politically is trailing now from their wages here where we got outlined is defending really good wing players rise the collides paul georgia's you know we need to have more debt there to support during the smith you knows we are better defenders that can also score and hidden open three maybe one more bore shot creators when you create their own shot out to take some pressure awful luca you put you know ed one or two of those guys and only they need to be a superstar disguise it can really play really good shape
that was nice of you to include paul georgian their yeah they all time areas why abroad well hosty aside from all quarters yeas paul georgia's right around time to switch teams again soldier he might you might be you know we're talkin tamper but you know that smart of you where's that company line with ratings what we say about the ratings yeah you whatever you want to talk about me look you know the final one is good as we would have liked to but you gotta look at all the whole tv spectrum right tv just down across the board i mean when you ve got a million choices it's tough in two you know our biggest fan base comes from genji and younger millennials they you know that the biggest bands of our stars you know more basketball an mba than any or online but they don't have cable right they don't have satellite and so they can't even get espn in an arm d left real problem for us that we ve got to figure out you unless there was just so many sport look it's not about making europe
excuses the reality is this is just a different year you know going forward we remind that we can have a conversation ok what do we have to do differently but i where'd you go look at the ratings and compare him when you know look at other sports used daily cup was dancing the one percent the print mess the triple ground alterable crown was down huge and nobody sit here and try to tell me horses or work you know and that's why ratings were down and so you know it's he's just an issue that once things get back to their normal time a year then it'll be fine under this out today they ve never had a police force run in kentucky derby so maybe they are getting a little bit woke but that they ve never had a police force a law enforcement horse the words that you see gone through central park they ve never been right off so maybe it isn't woke issue listen i i agree with you in i think there's people pick apart ratings all the time i'm in they tried to fit whatever narrative we are creatures a habit so
oh i do agree with you in the fact that like i know i love the nba i love watching basketball but when footballs on i'm watching football it's hard to compete with it do you have any regret about your famous football comment from two thousand for dean now going to judge how could you i said that is perhaps get slaughtered and going to have problems i spoke about five more years yap is that there is no five ten more years but again look versus two thousand sixteen was the pig are treated no cable and satellite and from there for funding is just blown up right now if you people the core there even sign up for cable to get started and so is just a completely different media landscape its what's landscape so all bets are off we're gonna have to compete and it's not like you're right you know you're more anna fell over nba or vice versa that's where you're going first but literally our biggest competition is netflix in the amazon prime and all the streamers because they ve got more subscribers
more subscribers on netflix than there are in a spear and so we ve got to deal with how are we gonna get people to watch on the planet once we're on because we're not on the most popular blackboards anyone has a child how does look for you move forward into the next season because i know that some of the data set up in the air wouldn't even be a possibility i mean as an owner from financial standpoint you do need taken money coming at some point to make it a successful business are you guys is i total non starter right now to say we're gonna the season without fence i don't know honestly i mean we obviously would like a bad and you seen it with football i think you know cause basketball might even start before we do or probably will start so we'll see what and therein you don't use these things in arenas that have five six thousand people so you know they can do it without people having a problem i think there is a good chance then we can leave have fans there no matter when we start
you know in adam said you know january february at the earliest but hopefully you know there's a vaccine that people trust and that gets people out of the house because what i do think is that once we get that vaccine and people are confident to go out and not breast there's gonna be a huge bounced back and snapped back is going to be off the charts i mean people are going to want to get out they're going to want to do things they're going to want to hang knowing you're gonna take the family members out without stressing i mean vegas will be the wildest basis ever ban and just watching sports and go into sport be crazy because i think you know the one thing about going to a game like a mass gave the energy incredible right and i miss that energy walking into an arena and just feel right and i think that's going to help us in a big way when we came back when people are confident yet it is a little things that you kind of like when you watching a moving you see in the movie people out in a bar watching game you're like a man i forget what that feels like you coming
you even realise how much you ve missed on those things until you see it what's talking about this are we all a thousand bucks you think we should get a thousand bucks you are giving us but slowly that itself look our economy is driven by consumer demand tutors become its consumer demand so we got two problems that we need to fill why are we got people who can't pay their bills can't pay the rent can't pay the mortgage you can pay for food you can't paper you no child care than the economy stops and come to a really really declines and so we start to see that in some communities already so the idea of a thousand stimulus every two weeks is that the people have money to span we can stop the economy and you know they pay their mortgages they pay the rent this where they need to spend those businesses benefit in that fight
this time does not a long term solution i might say you give it every two months every two weeks were for twenty years but if you do it every two weeks for a couple months and also make you happy spend it or lose it use it or lose it that puts money today economy that has a multiplier effect that helps busy this growth and it helps us get through this mass and hopefully to the other side if we don't do it if we don't have any type of stimulus europe i see a lot more people losing their jobs at the lower end its you know you're gonna be fine right people make a seventy five grand or more gonna be fine it's the people are you know the essential workers that are working in health care that are working in a lower and sales they're gonna lose their jobs and we're always start to see those poor you start to see banks and europe airlines talk about laying people off and that's just started right because no one thought that we would be that we still be in this mess com october
yet here we are so that's why i thought it was important to put that out there and once you they actually do and hopefully becomes quickly because a lot of people are struggling you should just run for president and do the like you know those twitter scams it always people like i got check out my boy account over a hundred thousand dollars i'm giving away thousand dollar seven reach sweden you should do that right right has a poor madame all about the hustle boy tweet me baby money money bravery but an hour i actually think getting a little serious here it's important obviously to have a stimulus go and because there are already some people that have lost their jobs were so six months and almost seven months into this thing we need to have seriously like either complete moratorium or forgiveness on rent for anybody that that is going to financial hardship as well as more did so obviously you'll hear from landlords saying like well if you if everybody south pay the rent and i can't they're gonna get your mind on their way into this right yeah
that's why you do it as that's what you do with the czechs right because you just do it from the top down and the landlords not you just let people going to read all the ask any loans and everything that they have creates cascaded gowns put it if you put money with the people i have to spend their money then it needs firstly not gonna do is pay the rent right and the nobody's gonna get a check into the more weeks and so that then to be able to afford the food and the other necessities that they have and that money then goes to the landlords would jump ngos to the banks and follow it's way all the way up they believer in bottom up economics not top down top down doesnt work even the democratic version the top down when you create all these different programmes and it happened sign up and then hope the money gets through all the bureaucracy it down to the people need that hardly worked right but if you the people and you get money in the hands of people who need a port necessities
why the use it or lose it i think that you use it on things you have spent that europe is worth re energised as the economy and it creates was called the multiplier effect so that money goes to your landlord you spend it somewhere else who spends its somewhere else and it is upheld the economy more than doing from top down five partisan populism so even that europe even the democrats the other claiming that they're the ones i want to spend a shitload of money and give this big you know stimulus package essentially but they're all about like tat credits and like if you're a small business owner then you get to do ex wine z and i think you're right i think what was important i now's the actual people the can people that i haven't been able to make money they need how to get through this it should not matter if they're a business owner or not what taxpayer they feel that there should be a material guys come bottom up absolutely because now especially like when you look at the actual numbers the employment rate maybe like eight point four percent but that's after saw
many politically women have left the economy right because they gotta stay home and watch the kids because they can go to work because people who were you know in the sector jobs are getting followed or laid off and the action there's this guy this harvard economists named jedi i think his name is http wire some like that who basically said if you're makin seventh if you were making seventy five grand or more the unemployment rate now is like three point eight percent if you're underneath that the unemployment rate like sixteen and a half percent give or take right and so people that have struggled are struggling more is there the first ones getting laid off there the first ones that employers think that they can replace or get somebody else to do more their work and that's it fortunate that's why again i'm a big believer in the stimulus programme and its really fucked up that that you know the first stimulus ended it's like thirty first the whatever was and here we are months later and they're all these politicians are just bitch in a bit an ambition about what they want
and not what the american people need so i don't really understand the economy maybe you can help me out on this if we don't give a stimulus out what's that money doing is it is it sitting around is if you like in a big pile somewhere gis collecting done now let me look it depends on were comes from so one hand were borrowing right so the money come from so firstly we borrow it either from me you we borrow it from china we borrow it from the uk investors around the world who by our treasury bonds are we issue it in different ways through the banks and without going into my detail it allows the money to get funded into the system are orange the treasury rather who then can release the czechs and so it's not actually printing dollar bills but its create creating enough money that those checks to be written now that in turn is that right so supposed will we to pay it back but there's this whole
thing called modern what modern monetary theory that says that there is a certain brush dad you can keep on adding every year to the national debt as long as the economy is growing up buried at the same rate because what you look at your personal finances when you were just started all was bad and then all of a sudden you having a thousand dollars and debt was livable could you were making enough and you brain and more income then in our big you got you can deal with a bigger mortgage right because you could do it against your ass well we already have the fed who stated that interest rates will be close to zero so we borrow money like that now the amount of interest we pay is actually what we are paying a few years ago and the question becomes if you do a stimulus programmes can you get a better return then the points six or whatever it is interest rates that were currently playing pain i think we can now this is
something you do forever but in transition from this it must work in your wig better multiplier return or increase productivity more than the interest rates were pain from people we borrow from if the answer is yes then you do it and i'd but the so much dogma solomon dogma you know the republic answer come on i'll say now we don't need more debt ok i understand the point the democratic to say ok we need more we can spend more but we need to raise taxes without i say ok how are we gonna waste taxes were auto my pay more taxes but i do think the way that even bided woman about four is saying he's gonna make the capital please read the same as regular income tax rates if you make over a million dollars that's a huge mistake that's gonna negatively impact on investment in creating jobs etc the motto monetary theory says you know raise those income taxes
there's money there because the whole economies just growing and that these low level of interest rates and despite economists that knows a lot better than i do then i got a wrong somewhere so i apologise in advance but effectively it say look at the pine the economy is growing we can take on more debt and you don't have to do it to raise you're up to raise taxes as long as your growing because let me fast enough so you know to me right now we ve we done that to the tune of six trillion dollars give or take to do what one more year or two more years and see what happens then it's worth doing because there is a point in time not long ago like two thousand ten when we had the last great recession on work said walk we print this much money added borrow this much an end to the economy than inflation is gonna go through the roof that never happen now please
worse than all the things you're hear from the republicans we can add to the debt and all the democrats we have to raise taxes on everybody you over four thousand well we should just this modern monetary theory approach with the stimulus payments a chance to work and see what happens because you never know where you'll end up yet so that's kind of like my long winded answer on all this i just think we go with what what's been working with the stimulus payments and i think that's going to benefit the economy a whole lot more than the democratic approach or the republican approach the future ass problem i'm running the economy i'll handle it later i would think idea i've said one question about the economy romantic what about mark the people on twitter with the rose in their handle that say eat the ring are you worried they're gonna actually try to eat you you know i know i'm salty
the other levels are going to go through the roof so i don't think that's gonna be ok just be careful because they're they're talking a lot about eaten a lot of the rich be i've been seeing a luxury i know admirably backed the guillotine on yeah sure please don't jerk me i saw outside bathers yeah we're gonna eat that guy so my short take ideas just why don't we form does a bad ass grew basically can like an x in style or i was at that solicitous to low movie the rangers over they all kicked everyone's out rocky for billy knows it has really was expendable why are we just put together these at will just use those people from the expendable to go overseas and then his steel everybody's money and bring back the united states that a war i'll show you should we start wars yeah now recently wasn't just by differently now if bits and bites bombs on board you know that we're going to be five hopefully you know what's really call to think about is what do we get the real terminated because
closer closer you got processing bees and chipped i keep on up and open up on you got five so i'm going to sixty so you'll be able to communicate with these robots tat are out there the two missing piece is our manual dexterity they can't really used the fingers yet on robots and batteries well eyes in life but you can't be pointed to an outlet in humor like you are not worried about robots until they can make people laugh when they can make people laugh on course that's my whole take robinson i know a lot about oil its guarantees to know a lot about their strengths and weaknesses are you are you invested in the artificial intelligence space do have oh hell yes yes the guy so you're robotics bigtime does the future right there you creating your own robot army my own robot army not yet nobody up with you no sir question like are you a little worried that the robots will turn on us no not yet like maybe an
hundred years i guess there'll be a possibility but not now what the fuck why you're just debts a future you you're like i don't care i will be here in a hundred you got my kids will be around right but you know that there's gonna be way there's gonna be ways to deal with it but at the same time what would be able to plan is just so don't be customized chip that we don't like we so so little about the brain right now you're bodies like one big math equation with trillions of variables and we one tenth of one million the one percent of what those variables are but we're job that hundred years now we're gonna be able to recreate least some portion of that into chips implant them in your head and you will have these customs chips able to do all these different capabilities the people can't do right now i am ass will have all the dexterity plus we won't be power so we'll have been edge on all the robots will kill anyone can we cannot act in with a virus if they got like to add a control em out
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always the best out of twenty three right right exactly zack i saw that you have actually been helping out dante west recently you did it you re pretty good thing you help tracking down how did that i'm into motion as you did you get a call from a friend or from a relative of his or like a former now you know they try to help the before and it didn't work out but he was ready at and then i saw the pictures people say that he was a dallas and where he was i seventy five and like six thirty five which is like two miles from home and so i threw driving around looking form and when calm down his bombs phone number got a hold of his mom and basically is either can look after for his number and god is number or left a message form and you're here call me back for a few days that call me back and i blocked i don't move i'm coming to get you in and that's what i did when guy
a hotel room let him sleep it off wouldn't get him some food and sat there way for his mom to get there and waited with them and then she got them monoplane and got into rehab an end probably saw the picture and then got a picture today with skydiving guy diving so making progress i just hope we stays with you know the first couple weeks are tough but you know going through rehab in dealing with connection that that's not easy in dealing with mental illness is not easy and so i hope you find his way through it that's awesome world need some more like positive story so it's it's a cool just genuinely positive story i'm cool a little but season twelve shy do we have any any favours are you let's start here are you buried it all that people are now coming on shark tincture just get that like pop and publicity it don't actually want to do deals
you know what in the past you would have been right and that piss me off all the time but now this is it you like we had got the sharks were in a bubble that was ten times more strict in the nba bubble literally we from our room down the hall there was like math you take everywhere to tell us where to go the elevator we had to take the mud make up people were in like hazmat suits then we went on said the shoe we shot or nine hours a ten hours a day whatever we ride back to our room and did the whole thing again and so it was direction entrepreneurs that that came they also had to quarantine at least eight days and some of them a lot longer and so they were stuck there so they were just messing around there really needed help and you know the whole your pandemic is really messed with a lot of people's businesses and you know what we saw some really smart businesses that pivoted but we really help but there are there some really favorites in there
there are some really good deals because the people that were able to stick it out through quarantine really wanted it and really were good people and i did more deals the season than i ever have in any other short thanks i like it i like you have there been any businesses that come under the pretty well established businesses like six yes it is awful i don't know what this is gonna air but and i can tell you what but there was a deal with dinosaurs that was the most radical incredible jurassic park like shit i've ever seen in my life you're making a register maisie and they have set up like these where the actual dinosaurs they use the jurassic park and you know that brains behind them and all that there's a new drastic part will become an up or try to come up i guess these days so it was starting out and we had other deals are where they're just there is a lot of this was the easily the best season in terms of good companies because become is that made it and stuck it out to the quarantine worker
there were really agile and and and fought their way through a pandemic cell like i said i do more deals than ever before and the seasons great that sounds very similar to my idea pitched barbara corcoran when she was here i just i picture jurassic park everything that use on the movie but we're gonna do it in real life we're gonna do the embryos would create dinosaurs put em on an island she's heavily and interested in that all okay so the love and rightly so do the real thing will do the simulation ok so mean barbara guide seem obvious the blue pillar rightly said there's no way you'd have the guts to go through on what yeah so barbara i wanted to be envisaged when they but she was a gap don't worry about cubes there's no chance accuse even wants to do something like this he's not a risk takers that's true i just want to see what happens you're proved wrong just love barbara was substantially fulla shit ok i'll put you down is also a does my way of trying to get you interested by generating false competition in its arrival
they were absolutely work that's easy way to get more cuban to want to do something is told that someone said he can do yeah pretty close to the truth ass a whole is the truth i think one was less than we talk here let me tell you right during the pandemic way when it started yet would talk to outline a pandemic and then before that with suitable soon also we have on the partial sportswear cap is out now are you still kicking yourself leading the impious when you could have you have pretty much i mean i was thinking about it you don't know bottle that was it big mess like we're doing stuff now the gambling we're coming up with new bets that like are just you know we're gonna kick him thus now it's brilliant guys you guys deserve a time to create a man i think i told you then you know it's a ride it's not the business and you guys gently grind on and made a work when you guys deserve a technocratic when are we getting when we're getting gambling in texas
hopefully sooner rather than later that certainly helps the sports business you know i don't know when it happens but i think now every state's going to need that revenue so there's going to be somehow some way that it happens okay alright yeah cuz i did i remember i had the luca ah buzzard your game i bet against paths and i was so mad at myself because that's like such a fund moment oh god damn it's how could you do that burn never forget a man because i wasn't in the bible hand on my on my all right and i'm watching because i can't watch it with my family or anybody else's i get so intense so i just turn off the intensity and the elliptical while watching the gay and i'm sweat look at that and i'm running through the house job at all my kids job at all my wife and thereby disgusted i mean that was
yeah i believe what he lives for those moments and an accredited mba for pointed out because there was no when sports came back i know that there's a lot of people who are sceptic go and say like we don't need sports need a proxy sports matter sportsmen people's everyday lives they matter to our entertainment unlike what we look forward to and i think there are some people forget that they forget what being a sports fan is and how much it really does matter to people's lives yeah how percent and you know a credit adam silver and the staff of the nba for making it all work on zero positive and credit to the guy to being away from their families you know most of em from from what we for months at a time and sticking to the protocols man that's are you know just everything by the book and you don't during for your t mate and doing literally one do not worry has out of hundreds of guys in a thousand plus people could have brought down the entire
fire thing and nobody did not tar man just look at you know these guys bunch of us or the same ages college kids and local happening on college campuses you now and so for us to have our guys really stick through its it's really a problem now i was really happy about the one thing i miss from these play off was more cuban gets a forum thousand dollar five for criticising officiating i need a jew in the building to be interviewed for some reporter stick assent in funding mouth after game when you're here did you say something a little off the cuff and then boom get that noticed at that push notification i wish i been there met i saw wish that could have been there yeah i like a psychopathic was ok would they be able to hear me from where they put the owners bright yeah the air with every five for someone that stop like we can be got ejected yeah yeah yeah definitely saves money yes i i got one last question aids
question brought you by cross country mortgage america's creates good mortgage company gotta see em lens dot com slash take to learn more about your future home by experience refinancing needs equal house opportunity the law question a machine to pass it off ways if the cross country mortgages yes last motorway through cross country more is quite on the contrary but you know that the product of mortgage question that's why you're the best you need a new house that's what you're probably do you cross country borders we better go i presented to you should get you should by someone a house one of our listeners i think you across country borders my favorite more brokers brothers do it thank you for helping right that's why the cubes bessie helps out the advertisers keep everything gone i on passing off the cross she mortgage lie my question to you who are in turn billy who just sat in front of us he has really he has an app idea now billy just to give a background they did the like you the background when their walking up the shark tank
billy is as prototypical over twenty one year old bro that you can imagine he owns like seven what it what does he cities it's me you know what he's a wonderful barbed wire and i use god ass a graduate quality owns a zoo at his house he is way too many animals and yet billy go ahead i mystic even i would like to add a billion if more thank you i would like to address a large gap in the food and average industry that grows ever larger every day as covered a new generation of consumers enters the market i have developed with my associates and billy you gotta talk governed by whip would your religion and we don't make billy i have an idea for a marketplace that will get information from producers to consumers in the night life in entertainment industry howard act is it would
outsource information right the time from people on the street going to us a bar or restaurant so they could then stay like waze where if you pass a police officer on the side of the road you can report that and then it goes to the greater it wants upload to the app there's the large population of users rights what's my information helen this due note on so has said let's say especially on the age of covert you wanna go to a crowded bar or nightclub you and go to the venue and say oh you get there its crowded i can report that on the app for a reward system which then gets dice always be open not go words product as a covert which i get but but people want to go to dead bars be worth a lot of individuals actually do want to go to bars where they can actually receive service and not just go to the most popular and has i've felt but here's the thing if you go on google maps
when i forgot my answer the cross country mortgage question is it go on google maps it's kind of tell us because what they do is buried they caught up don't how about your privacy so they know where everybody that and their able to tell you what what places are busy and workplaces are not join at a particular time period so that's gonna make it talk now if you want to make a better interface on top of that what you could do for your business is interface with google map and pull that dayton and have a crowd sourcing part where people can also add to it on the information like its crowded not crowded your back as remember hopefully cobb it's not gonna be here forever by the time you finish this out you know people may want to go back to where it's crowded so you gotta be able to turn to switch in your cross country mortgage question pitch right but i think this would play a greater role in you know
time be see we have a new generation that if they don't go if they go to the first bar second bar in there not you know having good time they're just going to go home and watch netflix and smoke weed this make sure that the time first go to the bar it's the boy that they want to hang it all right all i'm job i get that billy but what i'm saying is the time you write this product and develop this ep you know six months now you get it done hopefully were these partially on the other side of the ship and you're gonna have to adjust it's not a bad idea right know where to go but what i'm telling you it's the catch twenty two and crowd sourcing is it touches other products oh my god foursquare has abroad does it and facebook has check and rightly so that people want to go on facebook and check amber people not really use it for that so you but to be able to convince people to do it and so you started the google maps and then you do your pitching it in promoting and try to get a vital to get people to contribute to that
you can do what you want to do and then you have to be prepared to deal with it post up i'll make sense yet ass you get that work then maybe you can get the bars and the tigers and liquor companies and whatever to pay you to do some things but is gonna be easy because a lot of this has been done before with racial billy was no it's all about its all about shakes billy was trying to do is look like a big public health blanket in reality this is the money part about the right go you basically king get people like let's say you basely steady demographics to go where you want a lot of us it's the bar cubes though so gaily like how x or at this next by the virus hold bible the bar before you actually he's arising only i know it's gonna sell at the front and back and have already been developed it just needs to be you know and i have an idea for to create
a viral its target towards young people young people can use google maps if you have for you i thought i mean you i've got to people like us no less i hope though that you you have a new generation that needs an app to date and apt order food and apt to get home this is gonna be the app that people use that automate club promoters automate all the stuff that people don't want to deal with when they go out and buy the end up on the couch watching netflix in actually to streamline the industry for this new generation of people webs zeros outweigh my life no i did you really it's not a bad idea all i'm tellin you is the hard part the execution the idea of decent right the butter our part is getting all those pieces to work together so if you the up already written then the harder it becomes how'd you get people to crowd source that information because you don't want to do a filter that says ok here's a demographic i want to know where the rat point me in the right direction and i want t interfere
more people are or i'm in the moon we want to go where there's a lot of people right but we want to know that social distances of force or not a fourth to pennyweight what you're about so you can do it at the does that the heart car is getting how you gonna marketed so people participate yeah i think i honey i'm part of billy's pitches that he's like i've already got written it's ready it's done catches what money gazing at the back end or done that your hotel both of you no no not at all i'm working all night tat was my former teammates in the kicker did the back end and we have often we do not know what the pattern in me it's a coating to do the same chance i reproach argo emotion billions shark now i think i can explain it better there ok we're billy what's the name of the gallows gallop ok first trademark search because that might be top to when you gonna release it well worth looking to you know once everything starts to open up again we definitely need some time i wear
a hot by wine beer slits let's throw that name out the name of the option b how many deuce net wash in work we do that the boy yeah right how can you be marketed architectural you need to say right you go to the store you see an app called how many do they use in our cordell one you're looking for horses the other you like i know exactly what you mean gallery sounds like you're trying to find a black tie our now it's how many jews eighty eight other chicks their yeah like alien the ratio would be thing like like there could be like a sausage fast but a man of no one's gonna go up are in their got file as it will also like stuff like our no like shield like the type of music they provide totally get away i may not be explaining the best guy i've got exactly boyd zone
vietnam yelp you build google maps you ve been all the places that try to do a little bit of that right right the hard part is just mark and you didn't get people to use it really that's how the easy work is there is a huge plough here's my dear for you why don't you get a job at maybe a company with a mass of media following with a lot of people that could help you promote this app i know so you got to start looking at companies that might be able to do that the problem is it's all been watching the shelves right check out the podcast right and stood are you gonna do that building on lessons neuro this is this is the part so it's also can be basically a social network of people who can then connect to other people its yearning get info there is on the up and say oh they check on your complicated that without a desire fuck it up i'm not really it's our two colleagues
we gotta wearily would be really good one thing and make a war for one thing they had to it but it's bad you try to make it a big social network now you're competing with other things right and then it gets more expensive it is harder and more power wilson beggared right no sizes test here my way and then you graduate from that you can make up an happen out well if we approach i want to go to why that makes the top but if we approach bar tenders to give the vied with the bar at that moment cassettes i think distribution would work to get people on the app then you know like empty bar here people are going to go to a bar less people with your part under at a club you starvin right nobody there right you gonna tell the truth even lie to get you handle it you're gonna yeah but
you get along there's a huge are your press this is a sausage festival around like so many hardships here look into that we do so at school work i you guys you billy you tie very good pitch is very good at it gotta go for billy able to come back for the update yes there will be no up there will be another thing you know that come on you're gonna be like whatever billy sap and it's like well there still working on the front end and the back end no back and not that i have one last last question do you ever have when someone offers just absurd price you sometimes respected when they're like three percent for ten million dollar investment you got a kind of respect right i mean if it makes sense to make says brochure right if they got a business that that the evaluation justified gather your dumb if you don't do come on issues total nonsense and you do know you're the clouds then now just laugh
i mean you're no problem when so much is full of crap i have no problem given him she had at all and its own built up a business yeah given given the props yeah i really stand fuck that's billy's ass easy ass yeah that's not badges actually give created app for billy where it's like its tender but it's just for billy really then we don't need to do the up just get billy late i just want to help i really want to help people stay safe and healthy not contract covert and he only deal with and is i want to get a boner at a bar while i drink yeager meister app is the key to doing this sought is worthy worthy go yes in this is a perfect because you when we first pitch parcel to you call this the hard dick business and we have the
acceleration of the hard dick business here and billing gonna writer yes no you're dead right you're dead right you're a hundred percent right i will take it on board will you can i take you so much mark really appreciate your time as long as the best man yeah thank you so much ram priscilla guys short take friday night on abc twelve do it i see that interview with cubes proxy by three chee we love three key aren't you guys but all the time i've been getting overloaded with dams were tweets when people say they are now trying three cheese delta eight th see it's illegal version of th see it's a hundred percent have derived and it makes you feel great i'm not talking about the normal run of the mill c b the stuff i'm talking about something special the day invented its delta eight teach see its formulated biochemist it is a hemp derive can have annoyed it's the first federal
legal tutsi products sold in the usa since prohibition started almost ninety years ago delta aids effects or a great hybrid of c and delta ninety hd so gives you that similar buzz that should get with regular stuff and yet all the medicinal effects of delta nine without all the laziness you don't get the anxiety the paranoia or the middle foggiest you don't get the anxious are the paranoia which you do get is you feel far more dave and outgoing increase confidence delta it is amazing we love it i take a lot i know big cat takes it hank takes it is as close as you can get some would say even better then the real stuff the delta nine delta eight is a fairly legal version of th see it's great substitute again that same great feeling you don't get the negative side effects and they're not the best in the delta ate industry they invented the industry ripe no it's a hundred percent have derived its legal online at three cheat outcome that's for three c h i'd outcome and that's like reading around the country you have to be taken
to purchase check him out good richie dot com he's promo code p empty a check out you're gonna get fired it's not your order so five percent off have you got a three cheat at com he's promote p m t a check out eyeless wrap up billy great job with the app we're gonna get anyone who wants to invest in billy's app he's ready and we change the name it's how many jews or to many dude squash valued question mark or any other chicks there now question mark decay in what i pitch i swung you didn't try to good just lock out you're not frightened we don't just leeches bill you tried to be sacrificed here's the thing billy you perspective you may have totally beefed up your one chance to impress mar cuban but how twenty one year old get to pitch mark cubit true so you'd a pretty damn good man we're in
you are also billy just use a tagline it's a good idea mark cuban billy all invest yeah here you mean you have anymore i'm getting fifty bucks you can if i gave you fifty bucks a day i'll give you fit i gave him fifty bucks that's my investment thanks ok billy i have invested in billy's app fifty bucks how much you're looking for what you're what you're a round of investing look like pointless smooth wall o because you have fifty bucks you're gonna cash out now ok ok are the system guys on checks football guys guys i did a boat air photo shoot recent way way way way bowed ory way vote or your weight try again bowed lawyer try one more time long not allow who get closed boardwalk boot bourgeois pooh booty a loaded
a bourgeois photo should be funny yes i go out to branch bowed walk your dog in your ugh sets instagram buddha boudoir ok that word but what was ages trust the computer i'm not i'm not a machine jake that's it for those of you who don't know boudoir is what caging people put in those fried boss actually sheath clarifies abattoir photoshop which the photo should mean lingerie or topless plain to turn the picture is a really nice way to say nudes letter ass it is french term to it i plan to turn the tax in a book to get my fiance as a wedding gift no one could job one i want to put some words in it but i can only come up with corny self like yours forever what are worrisome such playful slash sexy phrases that i can put in this thing without being too cringe thus i i think the words are gonna be that important this gift it's a good thought i'd i oppression
putting in the effort but a picture is worth a thousand words she probably like six thousand words or at i actually think you should use this opportunity to ask him to do like you know him well your fiance you're about to get married use this every single picture should have something that you know he is deficient so it's like here my tits can you please take out the trash here's my ass could you put your could you put your ear cereal born dishwasher like that kind of shit like pavel dog yet hears yet here's me in some lingerie hey next time you eat chile try not to put europe you're shit stains underpants in the hamper i cannot i like that so you can subliminally due to where maybe one of the shots in the bathroom and there is a toilet seat that's very much down in the back just haven't can they do a magic eye do they make a magic eye poster out of your nipples and so if he stares at her for too long it says
i got like honey tiktok the dog up the air like a year in the bathroom and there's a roll of toilet paper with no toilet paper on anymore it's like change the z s little things hi dad tat had dad cat phd in handsome hank i forgot about it and left a tampon in four weeks straight should i go to dollar waits how do the math how'd you have you forget tat jpg you piano multiple has shown how he's got a doctor toxic shocks danger i read about that once you did what this actually realisation die okay well there you go trust billy on this one billy knows more about the human body than anyone i've ever met that's a fact i am bored in the bathroom tampon box also like tell you i am bored
every time i go on everyone's been their words like i can't physically take a shit without reading something like shampoo bottle used to be like tat for me now is it if you if you keep the tap on too long for one period that means you do pretty much don't have to stamp out next time right rollover yeah i think so it's like when you swallow gum you can have a try palm tree in your stomach nuts watermelon century there yes watermelon seat i swore that stuff yes your u eager people forget hank eats gum my boyfriend is diehard patriots vance morning tom readily for top obey i was born in that's fine for obvious reasons have been considering switching teams as this acceptable people have called me a front runner yeah thank you just riding on a cocktail napkin i resign as fan of the new york jets for belgium i
as long as you don't care about like that you know you french more you grew up and you just gonna like adopt your boyfriends friends of should be fine weather the other thing is you can do the jets vans maybe not the pay that's a rival but jets fans i think at this point if jets vans like hey i give up i think no one's gonna blame yeah can you a lincoln project for the new york jets so you become a patriots fan but you just you were to shine light on the fact of everything that you hated about the jets when yeah that team this is this is a moment in time eminent officially say jets fans if you want to declare your freedom gopher but you can i small problem with levelling up immediately to the patriot all your kid you that's what i'm saying go find really go for the item trial freedom we're couple years then go somewhere but did that's our such a disaster they give you nothing nothing the only problem with jumping straight to the patriots is your car hopping on that bandwagon when there now
naturally the dynasty that they used to be so this and you might get blamed i'm just have you ever seen a boyfriend that would really designed to do such a thing he might hold resentment you may like while the second he started rooting for the team they start going five hundred on time in getting corona virus spread to their best players karadzic adele tax some day fats a tall and hawk in free will look fuck am i wrong for sticking with someone for just having an australian accent this relationship of being able to say that jokes and hearing australian slang is enough for me am i crazy not i think that's what others as life where it it it allows you to stay around loose longer because every time you introduce your boyfriend to somebody new you that residual shock from that other person maybe like while i love your action in our minds you oh yeah i really do love this skies action yeah yeah at a great
also just any guy they can do not show an accident as fishing with dynamite all are so high i'm only june assuring exit i was that that was an reggie boy it's also british do it can i borrow your my some cucumbers get up wall is ours walls on the bobby pretty girls rob roy you want to speak to her bill junior my phone animal fact from russia give or you lanka yourself villa i'll teach you to say something like a warm but if i say the greg say rise shop kangaroo jack up lights don't it's a trend it makes it sound like you're saying razor blades and us really rise up blanks rise up lights
oh what does it say right but up knows you may say now i've had a horizon lights rise applies very right a bright idea i read i need rise up lights for my shitty mustache rise of light role of why your hand really good only you got to swear dig him hey boy especially phd fifty aversion i d cages divide big verge of ass now i thought of it the only what is proven it listen i have i thought that's almost that's my statements jordan facts jordan facts of i'm back i have has happened wended fat jaunts known uglier sear following rose is a robot i don't know i got ok those thousand got okay but they were right back back
different numbers saw live with my boyfriend for about two years in the past we can he actually sent me a snapshot of him pissing oliver a bar bathroom on top on the walls now like you mentioned the boys actually turned to his girlfriend since living together i felt there bathroom smelt horrible like piss even after being cleaned i'm freaking out now that he's done is in our bathroom drunken stupor yeah how do i dresses telescope further i became a sounder ridable your security camera yeah said it or i'm pretty sure i'm not there yet as dad but appreciably like yourselves with cheerios india in in the toilet and then he'll do target practice of her that's all yeah well i guess you don't hit it but you are trying so you're not sprang in every bad actually sounds awesome amr do that a mile yet for me there it is funny that like it will be totally honest right now like we're being
completely honest with everyone right now i'm a virgin but only because i reversion eyes myself every time i asked for forgiveness and are taken oh so i can go like real lines off of a strippers yard and amelia next morning i'm a virgin i know it being totally honest with ourselves thirty five and i am probably only ninety three percent potty trained what it really comes down to it counting like like pooping your pants and also just like on the fiancee ninety three percent potty trained that's a little there are some people that were here savages yes sure they are ninety three per se pretty good it is pretty good but it's also hilarious to be like a pot got a pie traits like we'll do practise what we preach not party to that's more price falsehood yeah really my pants all the time not party to it when you think you're dumping in the new realise after someone you paint rightness francais drivel my pathological
is a mere of have the backs of urinal got a lot more rebounding recently yeah there has been a lot of good quality they did i knew what i know that are putting on these pictures in sweden have cheerios mouse growing up i was used to go for the exploiters spot what is what i'm talkin what do you mean like an minnows log ass his little when were you born heck here you know i was saying i know inside never i never saw cheerios in the bathroom no one ever implemented that hygiene you knew what cheerios we're quarries yes but i would always shoe henry hands lay like i ate the cheerios out of the toilet honour what you're talking about which further another ex marks the spot and then it would always splash back yeah but i still do it sometimes can take i understand you that's why they put those be logos in the universe yes it's a huge p there doesn't special out like mosquito where i or the logo yet worthy don't go the acts yet doug over the asked why does everyone just have ice in their ices
it's like you like you're playing an archaic game you feel like you're a david busters where in the bathroom through tat even better time also deal he always talks about how we possess outside i think that's actually i think that's like the one number one thing about being rich is it you can just how property that you can see like that's the difference what dogs you all the time too must be so liberal europe our last one hey hung ripped cat and fifty my boyfriend loves animals is always been overly obsessed with them he does not box finger blossom like billy football does but his fetishist seem even worse he especially loves kangaroos refers them as bruce constantly will lift my shirt and head through the nickel he will then plenary sitting in my room pouch and demand a pet his head and freedom stacks of his choice he will then make me stand up and say mommy rue baby route room needs tugging which means you want to give me a hand job while he was in my pouch i almost always given the hand job but i'm really weird out by it
should i be worried a shallow my boyfriend contained do what makes me this perfectly normal to me every geiger sue kangaroo version of that's a hilarious thing the right through pouch by way breaking moose breaking rules which is like a goes further time are you found that all eyes us video did fleetwood mac video was planted stephen excess tiktok ok yeah it's a plant silver fellows supplants applying culture we ve been plants we ve been planted pillar one do pie gas with about him killed her sweet i'm just gonna get you on all the lsd a government bread and then just let you talk into might better him killed if i mean it i'm gonna do impale drawn you awesome toby pussy about it just to develop our trip like into a bad trip stir i owe number nemo
eight eighteen were i to yoke is used in perfume and so she really expensive so have you that committee on sundays billy i also heard that like beaver anus juice was used enough vanilla strawberry ice cream i was gonna be my factor do it how much did you do that how much is a whale usually jazeera now puke nobody jesus how many gowns do know i'm not sure oh is this oil the forty eight fifty four nineteen one hundred dollars it if you're serious tat comprehensive that's my political party at sea a gmail doc i swear to god it's can be awesome sixty seven it's a lot more put together then it might
when do you think lets you over under real quick before we go when do you think the first i'm one of us will get before the new year i don't they so before the new one in a hundred odds love whilst you know it's because we keep the balls can also because five of us do at the same time europe so is really one out of twenty one twenty as one sunday it's my percent everyone on this haste i just got blown fry simmer for products from several front love yes
today they are becoming by means of its pardon my take presented by law school sport
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