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Mark Ingram & Cam Jordan, Week 4 Preview, NBA & MLB Playoffs

2020-10-02 | 🔗
Sports everywhere. MLB playoffs and we try to weasel our way out of giving Lebron credit for his upcoming NBA Title (2:25 - 21:11). NFL Week 4 preview and picks plus the Cant Lose Parlay is 2-0 in the last 2 weeks (21:11 - 46:15). Fantasy Fuccbois (46:15 - 52:12). Saints Cam Jordan and Ravens Mark Ingram join the show to talk about their new podcast "Truss Levelz," what truss means, levels, football guys, are the Ravens frauds and more (52:12 - 84:54). We wrap up the show with fyre fest of the week.
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today is part of my take we have cam jordan and mark ingram together big trust levels level trot under that through the whole of europe so fortress intensifying goals levels to the trusts are weak for peace review limbs laughing at me i expected that it doesn't hurt my feelings is pretty much saying you're an old fuckin loser and you should be doing hip sayings like trusts again i expected that fernando tatties junior jago that just happen that was live who was that like a decent ok how man on homer how matter cartels flocking to get articles that was actually sec so we have that live we have some thursday night we'll talk about your flock o got in we can preview fancy falk boys fire fast awesome show mba em i'll be let's do it all before we get to that though the cash
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none its parent lighted by students welcome to part of my take presented by the cash app go downloader right now use could partially five dollars or ten dollars for dollars ten s peace aspca today is fry eight october seconds we have sports coming out of our fucking eyeballs sport everywhere here there everyone everywhere you look there s there's a ball somewhere there's appall always emotions a ball somewhere rolling its credit is awesome
it's almost too much like it's tough to focus after you have to really dedicate your day and and figure out what you're gonna be watching between ex time why time i wish i had more eyeballs yeah that's how about we should get into buddhism unlocked at third i need the need like fifteen aid so seen eyeballs eight sets of bibles art so we have a lot we are keeping this during the jets broncos games we had a flash of joe flak owner it had to feel good pfc felt great if it is the joe like a revenge game go up against the broncos his is long time team they just scarlet like yesterday's news there was actually remembered the way that he went on denver he basically said that de facto was not coaching correctly and i mysteriously ended up on the injuries where the next we put his neck out any guys neck her in this game is gonna be one of those games at everybody thought i was gonna be three to six i in a weird way i was hoping for like a three to six snooze fastened that's always going to have one of those there's a night
what is actually not a bad game i it is its i have to say like are these two teams just equally exactly as terrible at each other yeah they master to their terribleness will update throughout these show its but second asked about start sam donald sam seemed for that run it was awesome they never gave up on that guy but no he i did like sam darnel donalds toughness where he got body slammed and he broke his shoulder then went into the locker whose like this i pay my only chance to get to win this year i have to pluck gotta put something on a while the adrenaline so go right i really be up out you know is tough this is just maybe just the smartest thing he's ever downwards like i can get that's right me back because we can beat this too i was looking at the close of men especially right after the injury when consumed in on his eyes i don't know how puts a helmet on in his home in his jaw gate sent out big fucking
dig don't be verse team all skull big yeah i don't know how to fix that thing overs either he's got like the woozy kelso was the old play back in the eighties used have the double helmet on the meals that's where welfare west walker add one for while memory it yet stops concussions out together when he was on the brok yes or sam donald he is he's real threat quarterback it should be joe flag oh i quarterback and then sam donald at running react still my mitch thing yeah yeah really all should be started running that should be a running battle and then franc or should still be full by yes i'd so up another jago for the pottery sang slam diego is officially back
on their baffling cardinals are gonna be mad about back onto the spanish gets mad yelled he's eaten italy eat feed him in the feed me the zinc i'm gonna do a euro open records request at the f c c like in a week and find out if any carlos fans wrote letters to them complaining that the scene bashfully atavism as this is getting out of hand out of the pottery swag ones have somewhat shrug let's do baseball for one one thing about sam donald we went to sideline do you that he couldn't get in the injury tent yeah there's issue their own people in their yeah is i think i feel like living on bell has just squeeze in the injury tent and that's his personal property and he owns that now at by like say with the injury tend for the jet sideline is essentially hottest club in new york no it it's the little shed that your dad builds and he just goes and sits there soon be by himself is the change tat that's where the injury tens like hey guess what i don't
if i sit in this little blue ted i can't make me go in and get my shoe the ship had gotten yeah you're in this great writers arises like he's is one of those old before they are green screens and blue screens right yes i guess as with his robot eyes he can't see the color blues the perfect place to hide out he's some grace right so you your baseball them can do some nba what's the word who are starving reds didn't score for trying to annex now so that we have an hour was off awesome slow rate on gas yeah two hits and s got to be so demoralising but twenty two innings if your reds fan i'm sorry because that do not get to cheer once in twenty two linux that's brutal the policies you made the policies of a kind of i was thinking and our team it got eliminated i was doing some soul searching cause on wednesday show i was very high on the indians i think
in its wider world zero authority yeah i was as very high on them and outside why was i all of a sudden saying that lebanon needs are gone the world series and then i realized then i was listening to our good friends and colleagues jerk robys and die sprayed in starting now great podcast by the way jarrett is the most unbiased national beat reporter there is in baseball and totally wasn't pumping up the indians because you want to see them beat the anxious night i'm not i do that at all as i said was of wait like where they come from do like your way to eye on the indians for no real reason as i owe jared just in my brain because i pleaded back in my head ass he does let's talk about how the indians had fucking sandy colfax and pedro martinez it is prime in satchel page like they're starting rotation was the graceful time this was libya go again up damn off the wall
it goes back so evident that second game against the egg the egg is india's game was austria was as close to football game is a baseball game will ever get yes except for our six long as regular tenzin eyes is nine in a game of iter for ever another say where i was but i was an indifferent timezone and i was watching the end of the game and i was certain it was replay yet of the game from earlier they isaac there's no way that this game is still going on it ended like two minutes before the ten o clock dodger scheme yeah that that's how crazy was what other ones white socks that was tough the disease we it was awesome i love the eight games in one day does it really feel like to point out now
that's not me i think monday will i would regard it as a very positive effect other i think what we have seven monetary finally we aren't you five gamester monday that right now like all the three gamesters they definitely feel like exhibition don't get me wrong it's fought yet like wednesday was fought having a games like i don't know if you can do this next year and will be because it is a lot of fun but it also does feel slightly a cheap and because like what are we watching here the cup show the cubs for rain doing it so that they didn't have to have you divers potentially pitching the rain that was smart it was i it was a nasty day in chicago is our right and our poor this in very warmly explain all do i would you waited nobody objects was bad you dervish is the slowest pitcher on the face of the earth and the cubs watched the indians yankees game last night there like if we have you darling if you dollar starts this game and theirs
forecasted rain anywhere in the next twelve hours we could potentially have to have him sit down at the second reading eight hours after the game they get back up so the challenges before now smart were utopia he's a ship it has exploded enable now i bore died and was aiming at power was delaying again because of the o rings because you darbyshire slow or they delayed the challenger when it was supposed to be supposed to have their roots goodnight anna girlish on the glass i don't know i don't know undersold marlon i might have just watch dominate our yes we can hack prior is arms going to following he saw the cubs how what a town or their value does mary sue situations are very hank hague what side of your bed did you get off today not just on i just what i now also shout out one last baseball nora i had crows career while the twins yeah twins eighteen losses in iran i mean that's that is more you're so
good friend coolly here he keeps track of the miserable index coming out of minnesota and this was one that he tweeted attica police the twins have more envy peas in play when's over the last sixteen years fuels and is eighteen it arose impossible yet is that's impossible you can't have its impressive it is its hang your hat on just think about kirby pocket although did yeah tourism in the end i think a courier talk is that when i didn't know it is about his home run oh it is and singular kirby pockets dig the team on its banks the odds are huxley glass job maxie glass what it was even though not all i missed i miss that outfield fancies tat because it was it took a giant blue condom and just stretched out but they had thought they had left the plexiglas athlete hockey that was minnesota was that no rasa minutes
ok but minnesota also had like a torp that they would stand right sooner feel yeah rights right centred add a huge tart they need to bring out that targets as it has now fuelled fancy and so the twins eighteen zero that's just terrible sorry minnesota at least the vikings good this year they are great but i had one note about carlos correct what nobody nobody on on the vikings ghak verona true the tight yet so good job these fox these issues in ashraf fox carl's career saying after that beat the twins which dude you don't get it you don't get to like me i will look at us would beat it when i was eighteen around mean team play off games in a row if you have pulse you beat the twins and apply we this room there's always six of us in here right now we could beat the twins in the play i do think that there is something to the twins are today to ask her is finally being able to play like real baseball whether or not a lot easier ghosts and are not seeing like this
a pumpkin plate and every expectation is an i'm gonna get being done in this next pet so his quote after was so tone deaf and such a douche bag thing said i know a lot of people are mad i know how do people don't want to see us here what are they going to say now are north korea the aim was twenty nine and thirty one ok you the only reason you're in the past as they have for the first i'm ever they lead in half the leak yeah that is literally the order is your team was under five hundred you shouldn't even be there and then by law you played the worst play off team in the history of the playoffs sorry twins fans again shut the fuck up god i hope you get swept the next round who they point jake is asters yankees raise ace i would be gaze guy thou wilt thou spread out these stages something about his shoes they put in on that yours you're this last night susie problem that jersey you
every one of them is like a caliber they should lead the gotta put saxophone in still yes there's a lot of europe really is up and this has been piss me off and especially if you're ready then i theirs they need to bring back mobile no whose place mobile anymore i suddenly my grandfather is a group watching baseball you you know what he's right you get you got you gotta get only data need new ideas to get a job similar mike social social as meaning get on first base edith steel second base you get a seeing eye single here in their bring that should back small ball wins that's what it's all about you gotta ziegler burial zags no share more bonds yeah homer under cool you know what else is cool bunting on the third baseline and having a throwing air get you to first base
i love whenever you you could tell like you you're not really into that sport because you like you just one bring back the thing from twenty years i meant to be a basic all but i'm not into lay i know i'm not to shut out you know i think that we need the duke guy slap on the floor i need it here's what i why hurley on do here's what i need i need the less talented teams to be able to win when that happens and everything's fine if it's all just gotta get up there and hitting it merely lamb diego they they dig sacrificed bought the slammed eagle eye to the others but we have restored the heed the lakers jacon i got a disagreement before hate jake jake's heat which i guess they're all of our people our really on them anymore were where he progress but are we never me well i don't know about that they eat stank listen two sticky turf down there in orlando i saw it was this battle the first night i never route for injuries however
it wouldn't be the worst thing if like jimmy butler and tyler hero an odd like i don't i'll through someone else may be andrea goodall all got hurt so leubronn by game for was playing my myers leonard and we're like this words are in austria lakers where's yeah but it'll go it yeah they go up against the heat missing there like top five scores right thou be amazing so i think that if you're the eat like maybe just start d and being your best players so that us leubronn haters can have some to cling to young workers being honest here you know i mean we're due urges laying our cards out here we're not pretending to you now oh yeah i saw that they would add a shot they wouldn't have a shot if jimmy butler were to accidently get locked in his coffee shop gun be unable to don't get down to the game the drop its end rules got her bam got hurt him
jimmy live they were healthy the lakers still would have fun we don't know that that this we'd alongside ambrose mortar whether he made every shot and they were up like thirteen and then the lakers like ok we'll just gonna forty five five run i just at this point he please please for that unabashedly bias about this just start the and guys start getting injured left and right give us something to cling to cause all i got right now is its wanted to anthony davis's to him we can all agree on that turkey s edge avail to we really need more injury so that we get like this the blinkers barely know it i know need we need you down as has to be a starter and so that way the stories like lebron james beat of forty five year old guy right that's that's is a bad vision crowded run in point yeah this is very anti he culture of you guys
we gotta stay positive about today's today or at each others we i mean the ratings are so bad anyway it's like give no morocco is worth having happened he would point we're on thursday our and no high tides are so we may now it so you know a we did we you can take a look at the finals that lebaron spit in and nobody watches ec israel braun does indeed can perform on a big stage when he loses this is this is basically price in where wit winning the u s open he had fans there to hack alarm he probably wouldn't win it yet had laker dan courts idea nachos autumn with grieved jack nicholson would at every story right now i got i love when we just go into full on spends on my k this is what we do know only their rudy or on the broad james yours i wouldn't get array out his docks he does the best dogs that suck of all time because he swishes all his dogs a little contact with the rim maybe like make it look alluded more violent he does he gets face above the rim
and then he jams directly through the whole day now that in proxy did that fucking total hot dog move i know you saw hank the donkey the first half witted time it expired from a ten seconds these increases like hey here's here's what i would do the dung contest a coward i do love thou lebron james does score gummy every single big game but it's too see like ok it does the only time anybody said thirty one point sixteen rebounds fourteen says in a play a game isn't it great step that we talk about that he asked we jump but i think he intentionally tries to get different version of that state line every see i'm sure we can get brought up again if he's out like nine assist and sixteen rebounds you like well i could get a triple bubble but
no one's ever had seventeen rebounds ninety says yeah twenty five points and games so good job lakers fans obviously word disease tongue in cheek your teams best team blah blah blah blah but one last thing i remember what you got their will and branch it up and scraping oliver his maryland stuff yeah but here's one that's the guys ready for this is the ultimate spend so so came to friday came three sunday game for tuesday we have to find a way for the heat to avoid a sweep because game five would be friday the heat when a championship on friday night we the college football and nfl sunday we won't fuckin mentioned it on monday of the lakers when it relates to our lives and yet friday night protein right it s old news but it is not even worth like we might put it in the in the in the ticker for the pod cas everyone who watches it shone anthony scare muti
put it in the tec her that's it we're not going to talk and talk about no nobody i would do up they would jake after it's like mars is either solar he either winners and we live this will heed we must reject i didn't come up with headlines for the lakers in five is what we're rooting for friday night did i not produced at the start of usually offset the lakers we're gonna gentleman sweep every single series erin no you actually said blazers in five but after that period they win win that i was proven wrong about the laser sweep no charles marvellously regime's very sweet but you can't i been after they did the germans we buy new prediction ok law for my new law makers are gonna way i evolve as there is a material to change in that the blazers do not in fact when in five therefore i evolve might take saying this series of gentlemen sweeps hurried let's do laker lakers in five friday night you know why let's do it
if leubronn really wants to prove what a good team areas he should just sit out came to he should just it out spotlight to add two dwight howard caruso crews and then to whose awesome have jovial just all docks sealed allow he can get on ducks again aren't so that was our laker hate ten minutes allowed douse brain is in the aid clubhouse drinking beers them breaking the rules corrode i want to see a corona spending corona i'll go another man's mound do the mai rona looking to write that down for tourism have done a debt it might do the admiral quickly it will do so and if a preview why dont want to introduce the ad by saying do the add real quick p a few the ad do it here is an ad what is actually at add for company that i personally laws and that we love is three key and the country is fifty ledge yanked that you seem stressed out i'm
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often quarter further broncos you would assume that he would know what the first play was now before you went out there but this is patch shermer that we're dealing with yeah how's thousand odd thing ok we can preview let's do it billy start that we're what does not there's a faint sound i know it's still just like it clears it's i guess i got what he could do you get deftly here it's all there the cats that are in heat just screaming in that same renounced frank it that out of his hat ripping looking good boys you state legend not no jeered support its key real skinny forms and bright ribbon yea does is to do so about that eyes us through it the dearth of teddy bridge waters penis let's let's do some packs those two some previews them will do some pics jaguars bangles stinker any anything anyone got any shoot out and be issued out i mean yeah mainly through and borough over those milder shootout corner right now i believe these are two types of quarterback said after the game there probably going to go over job rose has sinned
backyard launcher like lead options sparklers yet have a couple years yeah yeah i like that i like that spares nick falls bay we're doing logic falls we are fucking do i dont know why the bears are underdogs what we're doing is obsolete this is in chicago yes i would you know what i think that the i think the bears going in this game i do too i absolutely do brown cowboys the capital should win this one this no what oh yeah hey soccer about dogs this weekend he loves all dogs loves the doris pack and i know it the jury joneses deafening gonna reform lover though dull becum during this game i pick pick though worst person for him to fall i can live with that would be the most destructive to his team but is still super counted georgia is going gravitate towards at borodino public private dogma odo becum and cream hunt so the pike
that guy jolting the cowboys bad as bad as they ve looked at times thirty events is bad you like dogs whatever saints lies i performed ida is gonna be like a blog i think that's gonna be not a blur but a lot of points i shall be like thirty five thirty the saints lines ever funds that for you this banks have covered seventeen straight october football games this since that means that we have never done a pardon my take episode where the saints have not covered in october football the last time they didn't cover in october football game is weak six two two thousand and fifteen that's funny while so i have to bid on saying i don't like the seats at all i loved the line but i have to but you have to that's an insane insane step two thousand
fifteen was the last time since didn't cover and in october football why do you think that is squat over sean paying is back in the crossfire inserts feel himself again date there succeed in one showed up in those gains by the way they i would say the saints because they usually star very slow and then this is right when it comes to getting on yeah yeah driven it's like works out all the kings in his arm finally gap for weeks i i think that detroit is the new orleans of michigan does that make sense were there great airport is yeah both cities have awesome airports we put certain casinos there's a lot out or drinking even those not legal in detroit they still embraced that culture so but that would not be the every city every these forests everything it's funny city is just the new orleans of that yeah you d you could say that if you wanted to write it also goes a little bit into football words like the lions have same type of heartbreaking losses that the sense of the sage us only have like one of those losses a year
the lines have em too times here yeah yeah yeah me the states have the superbowl sir saying what you're really saying is the lions need like a horrific nash disaster and then a quarterback come and save the city i'm not saying that i'm not saying you know i'm not that that are really that's most matters and i start asking i carefully the pick out went there i mean i don't know i don't know how their related at all whatsoever it other than that happening there losses their losses i think or similar lincoln heartbreaking fashioned yams obscene i every single saints heartbreaking play of loss in recent history could very well have been a lines we three loss weak three loss ok i got the idea makes sense the exact lines have been a pleasant thirty year they did wade i play that often go you they went in to say if you want to play games as night ninety one yeah yeah tony sufferers in that case too great quarterbacks added one of the great war time and then also drew bruce yup debris
sure breezy let's see how he does seahawks dolphins so i was thinking about this of hake loves this dog i was kind of like it's just my burglar of the week i was just thinking about how did the burglar do the last two weeks i didn't do one last week i was too demoralized after the cardinals beat the shit out of watching football team close my eyes and thinking like this is a weird jersey game like the sea ox going on the road with the dolphins candy ass uniforms china remember the last time they played an looked it up and it was the game that got delayed in the third quarter cause the sprinklers jewish likes turned on in the middle of the game so i knew some funny happen so i think
funds can happen here and i like tat i think we all agree yeah i'm in the sea hawks willingness to plain we're games perfectly matches up with fits magic starting to percolate so i think i think that the dolphins to do this it can win alike nineteen fourteen game who i like when it was weird fuckin school have permission was and i think a mechanism to sup but the eyeballs us the flight from sea battle to miami that has to be the longest flight the unifil where we had that is a no we had that is a tribute to question the dozens it was no it's it's like miami to services member miami yes you're right my ass francisco yeah longer because it goes jobs out yeah around three million out of the way
no not yet now i only ok seriously riskier yeah san francisco logos call it i've ever that the courtiers girl get so maria that's very white like in a nine hour flight yet that flight socks that message entire week twelve hours so zoning and san friend locals like said friend that's what they call the transplant city woods it's all the technical over cisco right fresco right the rich his family in san fran fifty years ago is now almost because mark zuckerberg took their house dems the brakes i it was funny when private bosses to work when i was out there for example this is what the must i there's broncos writer and i was getting left i was like a ride to the state and are subject to the person i was driving me was vice president at facebook and they were also driving lift yeah does gas trading i e to make enough money to eat it not at my salary covers my rent in the city i ravens are no chargers bought box
this is a slaughterhouse gloves loves the charges game so the box office i looked up the stats an there they're very average but their deepened zachary of livelihoods is really good right bruce areas these to figure out how to make this often start start click little bit because right now i think there they might even be like a little bit below average in terms of unifil but i think what we can all agree of is the box i was going to try to save the box on the east coast chargers but that's not it's not really true so i won't say it but i like him as a dog i like to charge it a dog because again herbert believer ok i think the box i think did their defence to good especially first road game even though its not the road but it is the road for herbert s estate i'm gonna be open i dont now is flawed as do nothing where they're saying like ok the local governors can determine whether or not to have the marriage for example bay yeah light definitely should open up the entire pirate ship yeah i grasped that pirates agri ravens i want
football team that to be a slaughter yap pomp pum yeah pum i think my thirty yasser dispread is forty right now i'm not gonna take the revision i asked my burden would last question piety is urgent hence maybe ox ruth i hope not not in that field i followed him an orgy three need to be just like wrapped up in bubble rap every time they come within five nautical miles aesthetics field i feel like right prepare the way he's been giving up on games i think he's pretty close to giving up on doing half he is i think that he goes to the kyler murray that's all right i mean are kyle allen okay okay i speak nice redemption stores yoke psmith ah cardinal panther speaking to color murray hake law the panthers you love every dog and it's gotta doc as am i can't lose parlez tuna last thesis gonna win again you idiot there's gonna be the can't win parlor obviously do it put money where its mouth over their duty it no i well or of orleans i well over ah
vikings taxes taxes opium happening with the panthers stuckey holidays other days is teddy bridgewater like the most boring the average quarterback billina tyro taylor i think there they're pretty similar now he will junkyard teddy bear the temperatures wieber an entire tuna but are similar in that they will not make mistakes so it's hard to be like they stand yeah there also not make any risky throws to be like we could win the game is i really liked teddy bridgewater and also feel he's got a big personality and his off the field personnel does not translate at all to what he does on a few he'll go don't throw like twelve for nineteen four hundred sixty yards one touchdown receptions yeah i mean you can we would taber draw the censure kept them vikings texans is game happening it is yeah this games happening the texan stink since well they ve had the sky to fuck remember that ices but this
their one piece of medicine it could be a big game for kirk because remember we did the math you know that that stand about how james hardened performs differently in different cities was for clubs her cousins is in cities with mega church he excel yeah so this is like using we haven't brigand bread with joy lasting before the games have too for i am doing shots of apple cider i the texans really stink i may say last week where i was like you that was a time to take the texans against the steelers really like this you know an ode to team that has the least the bones of being a play off team i think they really really stink giants ramp slaughter hey likes the giants eg you like the giant or fucking roy easy you're crazy for that has grown straight of crazy for that your car for that is the weak all right for so mad if this happens yeah i don't wanna see on sunday i wouldn't tibet the dogs with you patriots chiefs fun fact the patriots
for the third time in eighteen years are underdogs of seven points or more three times in eighteen years what happened the other i don't know how to measures my castle right how do then the second was that for the value of this more those guys i've prediction for escape yeah i think that belgium is gonna run a play a very similar to either the shovel pass or tackle eligible touchdown because belgic loves doing little winks coaches he watches all the film and you see something he's going to give like a little sly chicken him over the table it but it's not sir like up a mean thing to any red like a gotcha is almost like a tipp of the cap to him during the game wearing his belgic loves football that much yeah that he'll like borrow play and and play back lackeys covering a song read his favorite bandit or something like that but it would actually be he would do it in this circumstance more out of what more do you want to fuck you too john harbour john harbaugh got be buying so you want to
john horrible have to watch that highlight again right an stared out let's go fernando tots legit or a he took forever to get out of the box i love tat was all others to do the easy to all nonsense resounded taping his podcast uniforms or sick too that was fence and i think they have we're pinstripes but the pinstripes for thicker and and the logos above allowing so yeah to an organ to spread one in in games what oh they're a point under die you have then gas there were ass it was the first when brady was suspended week one two thousand sixty rob blow was his graph hello roads grotto involving dickhead ochre ramon radical elsewhere so watch mine if upon his may occasionally never did with marshes manages killed probably children yeah hundred charter to join our yeah how many challengers of shouldering did he kill a hundred
ah there were eight and a half dogs at one twenty three twenty one and then weak seventeen to those nine portraiture walks in the play our so they started all bench players they were us by seven but covered and must work towards this so goes right now though the position that weren't looking ahead to this game is exactly where we were on monday night when in hindsight it should have been so simple like oh you're giving patrick much you like your spotting tat rome's points in a football game right now we're like oh your spotting bilbil check eight points in a football game yeah the way you can ever do that you can ever do what just happened a major feel stupid you get denver do it the next we could be like oh member one felt stupid i'm at a fixed at this time because then you feel stupid the other what almond but i did your life what have we just gotta have my hands to its right if you better and tat is the biggest bathroom homes again my right blocked yes it's inhabiting every week against aids is actually a perfect game
tibet on because afterwards you can rationalize at one where the other rights if the if the chiefs covers like yeah patrick mahomet he's the tits if the if the patriots was like yeah spotted bilbil check eight points where of course going to cover the right right yet that is the ultimate out in that respect i agree with that pills raiders josh alan september have see often supplier the month so shadow josh on he's gonna fuck that stadium yeah i do i did i think to think the bills are gonna win but i'm very nervous about the scheme very nervous but this is a game i would i would love to see if it's a saving was open because i'm pretty sure bills mafia we're just rule deep into vague oh that's what's got me great about when the stadium gets people in it it's gonna be i'm sure though be the local die hard said that adopt the team just like they did with gold nights but damage
every team circles that game on their town or court as again we're gonna make it will weaken trip to vegas course could be a lot of fun i last up eagles forty nine hours i have is that two quarterbacks in history of throne for twenty six hundred yards in fourteen touchdowns in a first nine career starts who are they say it again two nfl quarterbacks have thrown for twenty six hundred yards in fort touchdowns in their first nine career starts who are this bread nick odds patch homes and nick malls verified air nick mould future hall famer answerable super i i like i like to minors i like the balance i like smell of them in kettles back yeah so that's gonna be nice yet the eagles are just there so sad the elsewhere are actually gone they want you to know that i do think that it filled up he's gonna figured out at some point they're going to turn around
they will then have to there's too much found on them denoting staff is good no i think i had oh i've done i've done you call on the court on yeah ready i cato equitably tone at the their entire roster they have one wide receiver in practice yeah one ok i've upon the wandered on upon the court on i can't i'm i'm thinking that they are the same team that won the superbowl and i'm just done of thought have to figure out some point too i take there they will they have taught i have no if they will philadelphia you have to figure this out terms could have will quickly you pick them we'll get you fancy for boys wasn't one role through therefore we next rick montessori nine games yeah member ah regulation no two years ago and grab blowtorch acl shit yeah yeah genetic got three or four picks favorite ravens under pretty much every other game but i guess i'll take the page over
in jackson cincinnati jacksonville cincinnati like it under saints lines who carry favorite baltimore underdog panthers at home again three and a half giants rams forty eight over any chicago ok i liked the giants rams under forty eight and i take the ravens buys thirteen bears plus two and a half and i haven't over i'll take the over fuck it i'll do the same oxen the dolphins north completely like games sprinkler gave fifty three and a half or am can't lose parlay niners rams box cardinals to twenty five boosted to seventy on the bar still sports book app to on the last two weeks hank what are you going
are you gonna made it yeah call thing i think he knows that not only is it a faded he's gonna faded money line you know you have to u have to faded money when i am gone programming how you yeah tell you what it will pay a parlay fate of the of the can't lose you realize it's can't lose right this is my wife what parlay your waffle parlay its spain thirteen i'd send parliament norman parlour i give you hit this will become impressive i will i u have to bet it we don't deserve this parlor a hundred doing why you don't bet it you're an idiot parlez bra hundred two way and this is now billy's getting real excited a hundred dollars to nineteen thousand bahia just looked to me like what did you see they ve got right dude the can't lose poor lays gonna win but we also responsible billy always responsible gambling you can lose technical you of course you can
possible gambling gambling should be for entertainment one hundred gambler if you have a problem that actually is for real zol should be foreign entertainment dope at more than can afford the key whose poorly cannot lose thou did you see it can but it cannot easily we had with the drake harlay headset yeah so if you if you put a hundred bucks on the lakers to win the immediate championship was any we can't anymore yeah but you get so bad it but it's not to say it's not the same maya two days ago you put a hundred bucks on the lakers too in the nba championship and alabama football to win college football duke basketball twin college basketball the dallas cowboys to win the superbowl integrity to win the masters and this one that i'm leaving out here and the yankees to win the world series a hundred hundred bucks pay
twenty six million while it's not a bad return on investment now it's probably down to twenty only twenty one million is what we are really money shrilly thirteen or fourteen after tax ikea studio in san friend not even really worth it i before we do what do we got billy i friends of the programme yeah yeah yeah so was me how goes but says as done after his heirs bangles browns rams bills nice overdose friends of though parlay yeah all our friends well not only experiencing he cast all those noble as haiti enemies eggs i hank hates the english language in their own language about you just named or hanks biggest rivals in the world he hates jared gough literally level kay josh alan s friend it's it's brute josh islands a division iran i got over defence proposes second before we do that if you are looking for
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let's do what's our borders is frankie fabric cola autumn is average mode to gag savage metro bullman wants a mall twenty two savage baby how your way she's gonna be a pang do you know who that we can accept me right outside like i don't know what you're talking about divisiveness ben waffles per year sit down he's not play in this week will be on your fancy squad set him down he's not playing around that's a good reminder take you not that they might offer my sweet was out we're mass so john raspy was apple cited doughnuts they can't big fat but to get in on this at the season for have precise war mama under but will we saw for kids and to attack we have all i'm starting this we d c d see that's right the bad boys iraq a back if you like songs about fire fox and rock and roll in party in and health urine walk there back in the same out when they made for the last thirty years repeated over and over again but still takes ass every time you hear it ac dc or as i called the perfect report card or rock or ip english yeah i'm also egg is still lie baby now come on now delighted walk outside and on the other but on how this i'm also big then call could call for the industry i am also signal that's right i'm very excited see been on sunday when he shows up to the game in a portable iron long because here scare with the colonial virus thoughts and prayers have been want this programme he almost caught corona this with my sleeper is october thats beers october past that's right it's to bear to beer october were drinking we're doing deuces boys told us is the best seasonal variety appear there's no offence a possibility come sucked out a couple cool germany just like a grandfather love love it what's up guises feta cheese outrage oh patty why not start to talk uncertain tik tok because the mafias on tiptoe now and i knew billy was gonna take it on his fancy pot boys i want to make sure i got it for that was pretty guy and i will be able to work in sweden persona sopranos why serum is the giants hake our start breaking off the giants that's the douglas pocket pig ever the giant sought they're gonna get your more on the rams jared gonna stop me enough pocket gaiety only live don't you hadn't zero homeless as you prove the farms and giant by stating my sleepers jimmy jimmy hoffa sleep body i stated that on the contrary i wanna see may not a team to baby this money is totally tom gucci what the folks up my stories diets start your fucking diet you're fat box my system is ginger vitus you scurvy ass each mouthwash in my sleep is might get sick he began
mothers are goods the dove nice that's actually good pictures i know he get her less we know we played really well yeah how many points dialogue is father dating i have zaire nor i have axiom allows none of these external i know sat on his visit now using redrawing of his we have also minerals big casually marking ingram levels big time levels i love these guys marking groom awesome pdf require a quick question free beforehand i do have an outrage yeah you have on do you have any shorts pants that you love more than anything else you know that i do and you know that and where my shorts it still short season for me even though its october where member dogs right now it's always always appropriate where shorts and where member dogs right now there are my favorite shorts i basically only where bird dogs between march and october this guy just a seasonal thing for me
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school check him out a bird dogs dot com inner promo code take a check out they're gonna throw free pair of none shocks that tried to bring it back to none shocks you heard that it's not a time for dogs doc promo code take and boom you get it repair of none shocks withdrew pair of bird dogs you knock take these things off i promise you check out for dogs they do pass now and now trust levels increasing ok we now welcome on very special guess it is camp jordan from northern saints its mark ingram from the baltimore even former teammates now co pod asters they have a new podcast trust levels you can find it everywhere you can find podcast guys thank you for joining us i think we should start with like fifteen they are pretty cool we know what trust means but for like our fan they may be are cool like what is trust
charlie lies at last the bay is always very do right back soon be trust riot trusted life or shall i refer you like or show like you got you right i trust yeah yeah my pocket you know we're gonna bob packages we turn mayor aspire like yours ain't trust data rising so is our podcast trust big trust trust trust approves airbus is trust love us looking up yeah yeah yeah i got them levels and as you know trust russia weekly wisdom or worse among just speaking a podcast always art our trust level higher than your trust level when it comes to podcasting i mean
yeah started yesterday before i saw you know that's a yacht yachting really got that trust between your main thrust into your picture behind all this does level should lose levels to it also we think we steadily climb were thick truss of you guys ever been in a situation where like maybe the trust levels have diminished a little bit since you guys are on the same team never that no we blew it go right britain by god baby reading between the lines so forty four either level i picked you lose keep wherever they keep lover but let me i shall ask you can actually laws you mark saints first ravens in the superbowl you ah run it you run the ball maybe there's a fumble formal but maybe there's a fumble and am jordan's in the pile and he's maybe big trust in your knots and grab
gouging that level we quickly we play the right way to do it we ve been in bed now when we do not trust the nerves that's not that now with our southern nuts and ass no drugs has an extra scrotum is a neutral shrubs got a truss yeah that was never made me more excited and play the ravens into both amazing both reach the pinnacle of of winning now he said if we're in we're fine we're we're looking over the football leather bound football we not look at four in the other work bob lever pass argon so can i have i have a bone to pick with you for two things what is your point portals quote what what's your problem and place a good guy he's our friend there was a blackboard quote yet there was a boy care moist never know somebody would you say la blake i have not yet
you just got back and leave right yeah yeah you call you kyler measured on top of what you say about like you said you didn't cream off the cop there wasn't my fault ok use when i thought you said about blake i think it was one of trying to find the exact will but i think it was something along the lines of what practicing and strew breeze he makes better it's not like blake portals out their thrown picks tell god that's not trust what it has no grass right there because this all factual report is highly in managing their lives and i thought the facts the facts more lap people lack back do not like boys in ever lost in road maps to take some hill actually get it that's a good point are you ever jealous because you know that no matter what you do black sean pain will never love you as much as he loves tassel luckily
i've never i've never been and look for for love from my coach all my coaches the boys been offering offences minded i wouldn't know what to do deepens the minded a goat now i'll be i'll big lost okay ok and another one the other one was when you said big ben's not hall of fame what i really meant they were like his big big big ben a first ballot hall of famer in my mind he said first ballot probably get there in my mind i heard about i was don't nah he's take me here too you know i'd be two years up and they both agree about it you know madonna's young holofernes budge is not furs battles as would examine estimate that meet the numbers that he's put up he's gonna get in there and also you know you see is what you to fight to put him in your top five of his arab and then i went through it again facts lightly but on brain always when i ask that we often we all think he's gonna have some sort of injury what he's woken up on the podium he's gonna be like on crutches or in a
talking bird maybe have like one of those old time fever things like that filled with ice on his head he's got a headache have they been seduction speeches gonna be worth the price of mission i mean what are they three and all this year look at this point he's back in a barely he's throwing really well and i mean you knew what big ben has has been in this league i mean he's been a force to be reckoned with super bowl champion i'm just trying to get there margaret i gotta have oh it seems like you guys have a pretty good handle right now you know how to like serve some controversy that's podcasting lesson number one is like say something inflammatory to get people talk about you so i'm gonna give you a chance right now marking if you want to say that i think the james winston should be the starter enormous do i i think he should be yes given give people talking but pike ass already offered devices statements were negatively on
is that why you're in presidential like number forty five years of commerce side of my boy you do i think we should be doing is exactly what is it take me where you supposed to be at the time and place where you're supposed to be there i don't know i can't just you're brees into the like you're crazy he's co bad mother you know i mean so i you know vindicate my dog my darling there me mean you back andrew breezy ok uneasy struggle with that at times although it i respect his career bigtime he is a first bout hall famer mark sticking with you how much do you get every time they post derek henry marking grim picture and can you explain why you looked so small row british it is so late
i re literally like screw me on all levels for one to do six four toward fifty power right it back alien began and you know and i put the clock care closer to him on further away some already shorter and they you led the camera adjustment anglers trick you to make me look shorted actually out that five one night ass would it make it look like four eleven winner it is a big deal mammy sheer parts eighty six barbie what it was like that it's all time picture and i agreed like if you post that your lame whatever thus not be trust never actually verbal man that's that's that's this week to reverse the our trust verbal meme mark ingram weak trust derek henry big trust we wouldn't how low earners except that we wouldn't post jago maybe by had come to see me
i really like that i'm really vowed tat the crazy melody i couldn't believe this when i looked this up but the fact that mark you're the first alabama ever blared the heisman that's crazy so just you and don't henry when like when you one that an album your national title to but was there a moment where you like i'm set for life cause i'm a middle like in the records book i'm a legend no matter what happens just for this three way now is try to elevate man so last year i wonder why it was crazy because urges all chapters out i'll make about a great player then came through there i never had was heisman so brain a trophy a boy to learn the legacy about me you what i was proud to do that but i noticed they try to low love they try to do more if they try to accomplish more but i know if all else fails i could go back to school and liver kings right you know i mean but yeah i did
does appreciate glowing eyes always often did saving smile when you won the husband because we were convinced he never smiles i'm not sure tat he smiled actually matter grinned wait start or no but i'm not sure that he actually like crack the real like teeth smile at you yeah but he i of your problem you nobody wanted us to championship so he was just trying to get over it ass they were so we can go further someone a championship yes are you worried about so eyes who can we just watch we watch the pakistan the saints on sunday night drew are not to raise aaron rodgers seem to really take advantage of there being no crowded superdome and do you not just kept talking about how great is hard count was what's the difference between a good hard count in just a normal heart cows just like saying certain words strangely or higher volumes what's how'd you big become good at at doing a hard count
how do the opposite of those two what have you to say at the outset that i mean is it is less is long lines of keeping the same kids like you know you until his his real israel caters from you know a fake when our elevated page you know there was no like it was just like oh this is like how he's going to get you outside this like this normal cadence and they took you take all the way down to the to the wires or on a couple of em you mean you ve got you got fate counts going with the play got going down like three and then he disliked rallied up it still call it so that's all that i mean it got to sides two times it really even the second time all day he was like the plague that zero there should have been a pity on down before was on us as they would we gonna do it destroys air rogers you know does a great job of commanding israel is it it really weird and i will start with you can it how where does it we have had a player on yet this season how we're does it too
in the stadium with no fans and no sound like this do they play the sound over the speakers is it feel like anything or their moments where it's hard to get hyped because there's reducing the stadium i mean you definitely feed off the fan so you that aspect to avoid anytime you trust the field i mean it's not like you is not like us some are practised we're just gonna get guys it you know you ve been going to guess at last when some days is we'll i mean every time we just that is why we still have their say mentality is able gotta impose i will we gotta do this we gotta take away ex player who don't you know be three eyes and back feel so i mean there's always use there but there's this not that that escalated level that you feel from the fence right where you can just like on third down you can't hear yourself or talk wherever so many dangers makes every games or like the wagging were bob exists able to adjust readjust check deviancy you know whatever it is in their body had this this the yolanda communication were normal they were now that yeah
i easier for you mark on the opposite side of the ball light just indication in and does it feel like the often run smoother when you don't have that deal deal to crowd on the road we are made naturally you know that's one other challenges in overcoming you know away game has been able to navigating function at i high level crowd noise you know going or silent count all that but not if you don't have that yet but you just can't answer ever hit here you know the car is clearly not auto not an arm yearbook while she was she was the bark a glove was there no yeah you learn because no teams is go time is ready to go they train you know makes happen try to make plays help the team win we're two hundred fair that painters only you know a whole family people living near roof at the stadium alike you know what you know about seven and for europe
i ask that you know the details and then start along the bleachers out remains relies global you know beggar high school early age prayers in a cup stillness instead go crazy you know what those even excited address toward two hundred people there last night is devilish them different plain and anti stadium but gotta make have regardless so did steve young was like the only person who is allowed in the stands last night he was there doing monetary football like a postchaise stuff so steve young was like a thief second row and nobody else is in the entire stadium it was yelling at the fuel could you hear steve young were nowhere where we had to utter a pity family members that the game so because he was one of those he was a most i was fairly members use even electrified nine plus plus stephen hosty vs gotta go lying near the higher used even here in europe were big fans of of champagne in his motivational techniques we ve had a month show before we like to talk about the different things a does like i remember one time he put a gas can
everybody's locker to remind everybody did to keeping a fuel going through that throughout the season birthing favorite one was you showed your videos of rats dying of red like getting caught in traps she right in the asian about where it was they we must win on winning streak in a cycle when it when everything is going good everything's positive you gonna have all these yes many enlargement had whereby like air like use there's no way you guys who's all these people going to pump you up with all these random stats like hey you know every every time you get a second half and saints never lose or something like you know some open like we are just weak like old make it impossible for drew brees not to throw three hundred yards a game or whatever it whatever it is i don't eat the cheese don't don't and all this height just days stable keep the locking within the locker was really the monastery got it that makes sense who's the bigger mark who's the bigger football guy we ve had both coaches on our show before whose a bigger poor guy harbour patent
they both your great redcoat this man above gray coaches they both boy you no harm you know all about defense special positive loves is offered by using you know he's a defensive and i know should pay a stray offers jeez you nobody bob learning gaily both for their impact a girl so unstable mockery of me no pleasure to there are currently two embezzler innovation in league itself i ok see real regal answer does not condemn about my daughter but my boy marking that was lame trust you know you lame fouquet uk you can give me to turn on my people were no doubt everything mark v for press ok so martin i i would feel i was keeping true the holy see i would like a fraud if i didn't say this and i like your tea gone this i've called them
since frauds until you guys win a big game is that fair design on the media perspective is a fair that i'm keeping you guys motivated by saying your fraud until you win a game where either you come back from a big deficit or when a play off game fair you know you're entitled to your own opinion and their say that motivates us i will necessarily say that could you really don't care what people think on outside so no yourselves developing it and it is but we do need to be guys we do need a purposeful bought a big stated but we're gonna worry we will strive to be there i know the guy's become chairperson because a butcher biscuits guys in the back room we have two characteristics on their organization accomplished those days and as always driver for and is now because if you say or any by your santa rosa cuz of how we are on our team in an organization
we cannot say that hurt he's heard it now that he's going i've heard it now i've said i just say to your face and also now it is in the locker he's not only here but that i bought it be like oh yes yes liberties you hear me lay now we regulate but it is not about nice god he's doing you ain't goin on your aided by i put it in the universe ass you go what the word you're not the other me out here that you think about it we think about the listening i hear are you but i listened work if it were up to you would you guys ever pont on forthem there are sometimes a foreign aid for bernard maya deployed in a fourth and medium for three lives i like i like like i like ravens there does it now is it reversed though because most of the time coaches report on forth in three when you guys du pont on fourteen three is a kind of a mind fuck words flip like why are we going for this
not necessarily depends on as follows it again we have a strong defects and if we are about to repair somebody back let our defence you know put pressure you with their backs against the wall he know that might be the you know the craig season at the moment the time depends on absolute closed guys tell her offers a play how to deal with this plan how to float against war so you know we want to start the aggressor will be aggressive when it's time to play conservative unplaited feel political battle will do that whatever text were so ah we'd be remiss set out at least mentioned at cam ah thee ass he championship game the rams the worst calls all time which by the way you guys then run football last year because you made everyone now throw flat surpass interference and slowed the game down but i'm not mad i'm not mad you how to do that how what was locker room like after that an end was are any moment when people were like taking this legislation you're like maybe they will let us come back out and play the end of this game again the arrow
i don't recall day you know we were even thinking about whether we play the game a day you know the saints if i've been on the market the p i the nokia the know how the issue ere they ruined yeah you're in the autumn to mark here right now helmet multiple calls on that one but i didn't david we all know that the rest are gonna greenow actually do the jobs when it comes to us we he put out on our shoulders is well known that we can have thirteen closed as you seen it the last who play off runs if if we let him be a closer we had to one do our jobs and make sure that we have after our way we have to take off within a never look back and that's next any game there we go into you can't look browser excuses you have to be put on us so we lost the game we looked his eyes and will be back in place he had to make more be placed i follow you back and players in end up losing an overtime said the vikings
and now here we are sitting where we add more light we gotta come too there is a large room it's not about where we been no what we ve done before it's about what we do right now right now is not good enough are now a stick to not enough so we which loss not to be like this this sucks talk above which lost her more than the minnesota miracle or the rams p now that's it that's all she's a question at this point also focused on trying to improve our record today trying to prove a record now i had already recalled his last season you asked me what happened being less jesus i know we losing to the vikings i couldn't tell you what game that was where we were at because i'm worried about you know this aren't we got coming up sunday only on us a dancer mark you have i think the coolest mouthpieces in football is that something that you set out to accomplish when you became in a foul play you like i'm i'm gonna change game and would leave my stamp on the official and i will be known because i have really kick ass mouth guards waking
the papers is deeply her this man started off trending in college you do with the first one to throw the alibi my on the hand stamp comes into relief what does he do you makes another stamp whether he does in it and yet nobody would follow it if he wasn't a probable owner of his caliber in a league play if you is there a random best use guy economies not that doesn't iran with them but have you behind the trophy wonder that year nobody remember those gloves if he wasn't a motive our probe older nobody would take you know his is his mouthpiece for for anything this guy right here dolly does he stamped with its values ass with his personality and his plate research that's my dog that's my programme and those are i think ass my brother from another right now they might go the other way like we're lost stepped onto the feeling and you had your mouth peace that was like swag level negative three you would you would probably like
play will be worse don't you think because you need like you know you look good feel good you he'll get you plagued if there is a mouthpiece swear level negative three it is not touching is now going near my game bag is not borne you're my locker as going until the middle of the latter always somebody else can choose it you'd i mean and i'm not dealing with you i'm sorry i got just for you guys you wanted it largely there were only the only the flies you know you gotta had driven beata details on when you present you with the idea that they set out to be more peace came you know i mean when risky but you know you please try to you no longer feel good play good on iraq but there is also the approach did you notice and may your real doubt it i am i am really think do you think i said i am i a goblin camera is swagger jacking you doc as he's got some nice mouthpieces to where you go
great here let me remind you about where you agree away agrarian appalling rules but that does not mouthpiece this desperate is it not as real as a real mouthpiece like as ass you fear me as flawless dimas dancing i don't use those are real diamonds what he's wearing a maturing lawless now not a mouth back at you a guy isaac that's a lot of custom teeth mole you'll see it is worth a little everywhere i lied aid donor boil never smile i did show you the floor let's bbc margo never see ok smile i did wonder there what are the details cause you always tells you look at the details when the data mandatory it could be that it could be
you know an accessory to a be could be a can be issue that could be the draw butter on a fresh broiler laughter tail fry lasted so you know could be neither it is is the important thing is the small david matter the details that would be a fresh cut me would be waived didn't you know the order you know it's just a details have remained took your fancy used to detail ok so like that the fact that i have you like knows hair every day ah details them is details you need corrected i think i understand what are details are now a little thanks writer little things turn into big they matter yes they do the essentials where's not show right little bit like you get it you gotta marking rummaging grow into a dark henry
lord jesus little margaret i already got put this foggy between me and my dog you know my bare speck would you guys do on the field by i be lying if i said i wasn't a little protective of you stepping onto our turf in the pie costume being said we're trying to grow the game i think the more good podcast better you know a rising tide lifts all boats you guys these questions for us ana on how to optimize your pike ass to make it elite what was season is this for you guys season when the five we started on leave day so really just a year i got four and a half out of five number one in sports no big deal that's big trusts being a few million trade is not a member we were like sponges man give us some advice metellus other take it to a new level
so i have no challenge offered no wuerzburger that's a real issue let me live every week here what week is just get to your fine ass longevity i see that human lives caesar veterans here's hears it when i ask whose a bigger football guy harbour or painting you answer it ok i make my guest answered honest served answerable i make my guest answer very well yeah yeah ok i got you i've got you right either are you all gave me but i'm gonna get down the right right general questions for us along well i mean always the question i think champagne is slightly bigger football guy i think harbor but i think tom greenhorn and how i was here too much i think tightly common overt whispering lou basketball player harm under the football family may as i think you can not the heart to heart is a football family from from you no harm
there but their dad too the brothers you know i mean that's a bull bars whereby jesus football like see me you make him no matter legacy leg in vegas the big legacy and that's on the b me wherefore ok i got i have one last question final question brought you by cross country mortgage america's crazy good mortgage company go to see em lens dot com slashed take to learn more about your future home by experience or refer refinancing needs equal housing opportunity sean aden who bought you guys obviously played for when he it's called a year off because it was not fair what happened to him and we consider my friend he took up cross gotten insane shape i've won stone crossing got any change insane shape as well and then i just stopped across fit and put on some powers has anyone said to coach aden like haste
don't crossword curs maybe you should get back do in the crossfire you take care of that nobody said that bathing if you don't know if you know some of these cross its doors and how he d brought daddy into are a conditioning tat life my or a global more excited it maybe he's not doing as much he's he's just written a boxing now so now he was a day of my life when he made you guys do cries meant that does is alive for conversion internet tells everybody about his work makes an undue lorries from boston so he had to do it he had no across the condition it is and then he s prosecutors com try and do the condition it says that he made a rush and they did not completed facing us at the moment i care they did it they like there was not make another tat we make imbros beggars legendary times across borders got up and was failing dramatically
i love it yeah nor was it was it was tat it was tat it was it was our cleans it was fifteen fifteen berbeus twenty ball squat airs watch turned back twenty where you already back forty beg for there are four times and you got the item oh yeah but just ass we were there we didn't know we were coming wortmann kool with across people did i love that because crossway it really is for people who are good at sports like going to bring you boil down it's got its people who want to be competitive but they're not good at sports really try hard yet really try our yes lagging behind i've seen of those elite guys totally barely cross it is now was out there like at the top of the talks yeah and then ask him to dribble a basketball our probably ask them to go like go joint cross country before i did that like they could probably kill a marathon mike it was probably the guys were killer marathons i will let you know what this too easy lead always storm kettlebells weights
climate this process how is this is like is like this you can do marathon you might be able to then evolve into cross across me yes i'm an indoor pull up and pull myself up all the way up no doubt you all the way up yeah we are our then you like lahti way you half a pull others swinging either in a swing won't you guys you guys are awesome you welcome on any time trust levels is your pa what causes everyone go listener cannon mark they ve got in to the podcast world but yes you are now recurrent guess you have to come on in time we ask land are where i got one less well yeah work so work with their number twenty like you you know as running back that certain numbers are fast numbers and certain numbers are slow numbers right so like what numbers would you not whereas running back because you know that you're gonna be slow anything
orders i came were a k make the forty one look me ethical we know i mean you know there is brought before three he made a look he made supporting numbers look great but i don't think i the forty off the thing over amr twenty guy got i'm twenty twenty one twenty two twenty three twenty twenty eight yeah you know the authorities are really want to touch on but thirty four water pay legendary ricky williams legendary but i'm a guy like stand on twenty may i stand twenty i get five and under you can't go over forty five but i also like how we see it you can you go there to shield urged to thirty eight year three slowly for before my eyes twenty four nice but its low boxy yet also think legendary dvds and i think twenty four but share bailey you know trot details so where twenty four your twenty one didn't it was one well anyway yeah but you know chair barely twenty four
my triple enormously i think a minos legendary dvds alessi twenty four your job where twenty four you are that they properly but i think that twenty numbers are good or bad thirty thirty one thirty two thirty five ricky whales water pain burma twenties guy it lower thirty's you get into free safety strong safety territory you'll want that we're or a big big go lying back type writer is right thank you guys in march i try not to think you want brought me call the ravens frogs i know it's like i said i am about to say to me suddenly had eight you know is the day i promise you the angolan ghostly ok maybe maybe we're gonna go rest and wars are later on all we have to link up yet the guru i mean those get loose you know me i'm a gulag chappie me
a k a revived king a k a down king acre sniper gain came a k just comes in got big dogs in there to come and see me are you trust levels check it out thank you guys hopefully were big trust now but we appreciate you come and allow yola bow happiness all may keep lebanon so we can all be better if we had no by wars by work y y yeah vessel do hope you up until you get close and then we're just gonna start a park ass worthy we're just gonna be trust being reached i trust only go so do the itunes store yes yes but verbal me i haven't as part of my take his derek henry trot levels is mark ingram that's worth i guess all right now that's just started more we're trying to help we're trying to lift their verona warriors what you do you u publicize your next park as it comes up assent we
spawned allegations that big trust is mark ingram and that part my take his derek henry yes and and people is that then we feel off each other you know marred sharpens iron they will pay guys thank you so much better luck rest disease and c s day activities tat interview with big trust was brought to buy our very good friends or its hypocritical when it comes this growing great hires for business you're gonna be gotta get some obstacles like lots applicants but scottie finding the right ones for your job or finding the time to higher while running your business plus trying ensure workplace safety that's why you need zapruder under team no matter the industry that your work in health care to manufacturing to business services zapruder makes i rang faster and easier the jets should team opposite recruiter and i find out who's don't be replacing adam days although he might have just
you might have saved job we're not sure yet their number eight points right now but one of these guys gonna get fired they should hearts are proposed here they almost say the job they almost age i was looking at close quarters hypocrite are still stands if you than your jets check out this tat for five employees who post on zapruder get aquatic candidate within them very first day and if you're the your jets you know that nobody on this podcast will be coaching on your chest we ve all take her name out of consideration i would imagine that's gonna be tough to find the right person like maybe it might be tougher your business too i do next higher but when you zapruder visa for free by going to separate dot com slashed p m t and zip recruiter will help you find people the right experience for your job it will invite them to apply to your job so you don't waste any time with unqualified applicants at it finds the apple and there are proactively searching for jobs like yours which is a big help you want somebody that wants to work their zipper credible
hope you do that good reciprocated doc calm slash p m t that zipper critter dot com slash p m t tried for free smart i must finish up we got far fast far less we do we have for i know we have press from jake to actual sgi jake you're fire fest why don't you see no go round the room wrap up a great weak part my take and then will wish everyone happy football weekend thank you the talks mr cot wise hate why're you sitting up so that was one of the worst all i've ever seen a life oh yes or back out of her glasses bab safe damn that was watching the games wow recording like and he started to show her lawyer though is how to carry out now they like this you know any other than what really is very bad fernando taught uses its six hundred are going to give you spoil did earlier wi fi earlier for some background noises i didn't it was cake
and i'm gonna kick in and believes that all that would be a shame if hank i bulgaria jake i hold out if they make their views he had some with billy ass large ass i was getting by ankara we're going to face before us out so there's something gone on but bar lies i will make your cake i for i honestly forgot how every we need a dubious idea make it for them all if i can make it here i'll make it and make it you you're making here driven oven he's you make in the microwave do we have enough i think we have an open there we're gonna is going to make this kind of policy is going to make any more like her you know he's gonna make you the microchip egg is gonna be wholly its cause that's because the cept september and then the files or aren't i forgot passports even going on yeah that's right that growth sector i agree like you're not only the cake jake door but everyone here wanna get to you can eat it you can you what everyone
oh wow reduce giving you permission hank make a we'd take how'd you make a three t kick o thou be good i'm gone but don't tell anybody obviating the state o take them how to eat the cake no matter what you have done to kick no make an ecstasy cake much jake roma were more now roman cake she veto and albanians from passive fires from my son's crib and you make ecstasy cake it in the middle be passed fires in general to suck on a passport for us the day brings low lights i've one of their common here the one you're going take a fire egg dude you gonna feel great is give your great throttle it is right you better but in that case we would have jake took em dna and like everybody else gets super happy jack just cast up causing yeah that's because unlocks the part of his brain that had been previously dormant jake you are right now i'll make sure the hankers pretty drugs on the cake
a man now because i don't have the became again i take your point ass michael i realise that the person that lives about my apartment left their bath on oh yeah this is wings sounds we ve been doing firefox for a long time this actually might be the first real property that says this is crazy is monday morning i woke up literally looked like in the movies like when someone is trying to sneak in in the ceiling and they fall through like the ceiling intellect the living room expect to see me here yeah like there's a giant whole my bathroom i can see into the personal in bosnia parliament because a left there a thorn in first it was just a you know like i walked in on monday morning and there was like of five to six inch bubble of water and then it all fell all the way through so you can see the person when they take a shower neild i then been there i seen anything but like it
where did its faults or to your bathroom into my bathroom and so what is there's been a people come in and out of my apartment or weakened army are increasingly haven't agreeing to bring normandy the office also i was walking norman last night and like he is a little dog or if you like a small cow that's what they call if a small jockey sprint to get really tired i was doing that as my slippers and i'd just tripped and fell and if so when one bears in thing luckily nanos around these been wearing a good two weeks since you ve added incident we just fall over get real rats it was basically the same thing up there wasn't going pretty normal come up to you unlike sniff yours i can't hear you dead now islanders got up on what the fuck there are also ignore me thought your dead and like sort to eat your ears sustenance amr beer while manhattan i appeal to your yeah my firefox the week is that the extra fellow just announced that are coming back not this year but
you're so on one hand i don't have to get in shape yet on the other like i'm just gonna fat i was actually like in the back my head i was singing ok try out certain your for months i should probably try to get strong was asked billy distort training we soon now i've got like an entire year extension on my big final project so obviously like i'm just gonna get i'm just use it they get factory or self jack you day has she here three years it starts right now to achieve year but i also realised that thirty seven years old when it kicks off all help wherever yes it's right i'm the oldest rookie in the history of football i think but like thirty seven when i said that out loud i was like at that point i felt old for the fur life tat was when he stopped on the back of my egg i would veiling old for a while i ve been telling myself that i'm like twenty eight by my brain feels like it's twenty eight hollowing conversation we have exactly like i'm twenty eight year old still and just knowing that
in a year and like four months and we thought thirty seven like that i'm due for mid life crisis yeah so we should actually thinking that i can be a football player writing out for professional that is most ok now certain make perfect sir i'm sorry are you gonna still think you're twenty eight or you gonna graduate china i think i'm gonna jump to thirty oh why tat is a huge old i did that five years ago yeah it's scary i'm gonna be thirty seven which means or feel like i'm thirty percent means and when a few old which is basically like in your late twenty thirty seven eight your good turkey seven is the first time in your thirty's though that it sounds like your old shit yeah thirty five fell old yeah thirty five felt all in my yeah we'll run for president my old bs piazza ok kind oh yeah we're very wet layers misuse highly oh yeah early thirties now like were born in the eighties that's old especially this office you'll even older heck remembers the challenger
that's all he was was cried challenger my first year my first name it's crazy documentary on it is i did see pisses me off my virus is my my ongoing need for or public invitation that goes nowhere i am ashamed oh really yes i had a guy i had around my neck and i was walking outside which i'm pretty sure if you're walking outside in your leg i was walking outside the person was six feet away from me she chief scolded mean was like i'm wearing amassed protect you you're not wearing yours protect me but isn't outside and six feet away totally good i think it probably depends on what level of care in your running into yeah came so a father well i had my baby with me with the best part was so this is where i got my real high she was wearing a cleveland indians and i went back to her eyes at your hat offends me
and we had a fuckin moment and made him not also did she respect i wish you like ok those used like we're talking about was fucking awesome i felt so good by my thing is i i try to remember all the time but sometimes forget can in a forgetful got rhinos walking in an area where there weren't many people at all lay wasn't on this up another pick jets might be back it wasn't like on the sidewalk it was like a nice like park area where there were a lot of people's early morning so the work other people out i had around my neck i was very far away from everyone she school so what the problem is is that when people catch you in a moment like that they make a lot of assumptions that you're like an ant time ass right when i hadn't around my address i will do so in a more appropriate conversation would have been hey would you i'm putting your mask on but now everyone so pissed at each other all the time it's like you assume that because there's one thing about somebody that doesn't match up with what year a preconceived notions are
there on the opposite side of an argument with when in reality you oh yeah usually where mass right but you just called me in a second where a dry happen have it all right and then i want after what makes you water where less because she yelled at you about right right now mike fuck this you'll tell me what to do but she she will brain locked up yet the geckos hard standby bind stand down here s exactly you use back baby bill your firefox my five first is the mill rain essay and asked our motivation to read the esa it's only two letters that's it dad joke i'm going older you guys are declaration i cannot related all the one we had like two seconds ago yes returned my mask and stuff yet what you never wear one known i stayed on people and you go to walmart with your video with your iphone out be like chick me out i know my right now is an old is l
for wearing masks without conversation about just like wearing shoe is all hell am i right billy yeah what was the matter will be all about what we always old you gotta be they give equal silent talking about like bill it's because i was able to complete a thought without making addiction billy's leo widow those use it or lose it was an older conversation like i would not have any opposition migrant workers give us let's do we really read a summary of brutal yeah we're reasons of tax i want you i want you to tell the story that big had told her pretended happen to you and i do not mean a lobby playing called due to a number while we do it provide red really good tax words thirty seventy eight sixty five some guy cities notably buddies guess it right today i believe a night albert haze worth recently arrested
probably doubting i yeah probably some in the news that guy you restaurant domestic soldier garter snakes have orgy disavowed not the garter snakes give us give us your browser's potentially your brooms approach would you want do you know you are rips a box and then you don't often talk about us lugosi give us the group me that's everything goes thou not giving them the groom verbally really just fence to grant us here if you didn't you won't show your parents railway companies say villages act like you had that exactly whispers a beginning so like a lady says prime ass unlike edward side and put on some respectful young men were sensible billy allows respect we're ok boom respecting elders everyone enjoy your football weekend we'll see you monday summer night and where mass in the jets are back adam case you have
chuck censure i think you have to at this point i got a lot is at the crossroads of those up when a game like this happens in primetime it means about ten times more younger financial screw that also i i've been watching the quarterback play from the the broncos think john our way just watches the mechanics
and never watches the result rosella he's a guy that was a good looking throw you stood tall in the pocket young man well it's like being wrong if you show your work you could so the partial credit a shrill right let's get to say
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