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Mark Teixeira

2017-07-13 | 🔗
The guys are back in studio and it's a Mayweather/McGregor World. The Cubs and White Sox execute a big trade(6:13-8:50). Mt Rushmore of annoying office people with special guest producer All Business Pete(14:52- 27:15). Former New York Yankee Mark Teixeira joins the show to talk about his baseball career, Aaron Judge, A-Rod, and being teammates with Derek Jeter(28:40-58:15). Segments include Emergency Football Guy Of The Week, Bad Visual for Sammy Sosa(1:00:12-1:01:45), Hmmm for Lebron wearing purple(1:01:50-1:02:10), Talking Tennis and Soccer(1:06:25-1:08:32) and Billy Football's Higher Education(1:09:35-1:16:35)

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