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Mark Titus, Lebron’s Cast, And PFT Drank From the Cup

2018-06-10 | 🔗

The NBA Finals are over and the Warriors are back to back Champions. Lebron needed a cast because he punched a whiteboard. Are the Warriors bad for basketball? (2:20 - 10:07)  The Caps are drunk as hell in DC and PFT tells the story of his night with the Cup (10:07 - 22:17). Who's Back of the Week (22:17 - 33:59). Mark Titus (@ClubTrillion) joins the show to talk about the NBA Finals, what it was like in Cleveland on Friday, and the NBA Draft (33:59 - 67:24). Segments include Problematic for Chrissy Teigen, Stick to Sports for Justify the horse, Talking Soccer and Uhh Ya Think Rafael Nadal won the French Open again

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