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Marlins Man and Foul Ball Guy 07/06/2016

2016-07-05 | 🔗
The guys recap Big Cat's adventure in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship, the fight with PETA and how sick he felt afterwards. Kevin Durant is discussed as well as the Mount Rushmore of current Golden State Warriors. Special guests Foul Ball Guy and Marlins Man join the show separately to break down their side of the showdown at Ft Bragg aka the hottest internet story of the year, as well as a potential charity boxing match for the troops. Segments include PR 101, "Thoughts and Prayers" for Johnny Cueto's dead horse and Ciara on her wedding night and "Ya Think/No Duh". The show ends with a discussion of Rick Reilly's obsession with Kate Upton and a Fight promo from friend of the podcast @TrillBallins

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