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College Basketball is back and the guys were front and center for Kansas' win over Duke (3:30 - 8:08). Tony Romo and Jared Goff talk (8:08 - 12:17). Hot Seat Cool Throne (12:17 - 18:56). Punt week continues with Marquette King from the Oakland Raiders (18:56 - 37:17). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers to Dads of America who wear New Balance. Stay Woke, Kicker's Psychiatrist Couch, As a white guy, Uhh Ya think, Power Rankings of the 4-5 NFL Teams and the newest segment "things I thought were funny when I was drunk".
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slash p empty right now let's go on its part by ten percent in my power to sports welcome supported my team is wednesday november sixteenth and college basketball is back love those gas love the kids out there i was
from press so re madison square tonight yup came on plot even ores of classic they do kick off some baskerville ten yeah and a great sin how coach k had his boys the guy's a warrant playing tonight dressed up in suits classic which cares always that's how you know we're back it was actually fantastic so we saw the second half of the michigan stay kentucky game which was kind of a snooze or kentucky looks dominant as always the kansas duke was phenomenal we he had a little wager yellow brag let let's back up real quick and just give credit where credit is due i thought calipers brad cow party play tremendously walton i can see why he was so highly touted coming out of burns not going to have any school yes so the kansas duke game which could be easily championship preview was fantastic we had the under in the game i then the sun half over little little pie in the middle right there you what you beak get the whole
call them is your room where it yes what happens is you feel confident after the first act was low score the people that we're sitting around us must have been so confused because in the first half way we cheering double jewels we're cheering travelers were scream at that top of our loans when free throws bouncing off the side of the room and then the second half way started coming alive for offense yep that's how you do it that's how you make your money to two things i noticed from this game actually three things one i really like this kansas team and maybe it was duke seemed like a classic do team where they were a little soft download but i thought this kansas team has everything to bill self has a fantastic coach stomach if you saw he's got a perfect pop belly that he can rest his arms on when he's
his arms crossed and he's mad which is basically ninety nine percent of the game can also rest the whiteboard yet to progress up it's like a little kick stand so i am very confident and those while he's always been working on a long time but he's got that perfect shape or it's like you used to be athletic he looks really good probably and attract suit but if he's in a suit he can just prop those his arms right upon that belly and be real comfortable he looks like jim grab got on a treadmill for about like fifty minutes one time yes went out and that's what he is not here i noted the elliptical machines yeah maybe not also got a great had a hair and ass he saw that i'm tonight that offers a wig or not or bathes it doesn't really matter because it serves its purpose also grace noun don't know if you know this he got carried off the court a couple i'm so like he leaves it on the court but he leaves on the court too much
you'll find a year again during a time out every gets carried off he's like rudy except he gets carried off not just at the end of a victory but like in the first five minutes of yes and the final thing i noticed luke honoured i am going to hate the ever living shit out of that kid he is very very good he's a classic white guy yellow color shire out to them housing learn about how singular j j right i'm well i guess i'm gonna love the when he hears here here's why you watch college basle obvious if you're duke fan you love that everyone hates you cause they don't boom nobody's but if you are not a duke fan you watch college basketball for the moment that luke art and grace and alan cry during the after they get stunned
by like attend seat yeah that's why you watch that invest it cannot get those cheeks that you can just see them they're gonna get really rose you wouldn't get sat up and it's gonna be great i just can't wait coach case sitting at the viper phones with those two guys next to him how much she loves organism girl on their head there hairs all wet weather had their dad's gonna be up there all my got and then in this as well and in its a booming boss because we ve duke wins i will be able to work in our sports are for like three weeks so really that's why college bass walls great it is back i feel i also want that it's always back when they do the tip off they do the twenty four hours off classic twenty four hours without fail i'll wake up in the middle of night and bet something and lose it so i woke up at like four hundred and thirty five hundred and thirty in the morning last night better game woke up again at like nine lost that game that usually just happens
i woke up i like eight o clock this morning and there is a game those going into overtime yeah i thought i was acting in a heavy under now i thought i was having a fever and i was like what's got this isn't right but it was it's a great sensation yes is sleep sleep betting is something special when it comes to the early is an tournaments for college basque that's that's what happens kids after you get into thirty's instead of getting morning would you just like a morning each to lose money yeah so we're old age is pretty fun yet great screen time other news tony roma released a eulogy today for a career for himself yeah it was it was a wild now i feel bad for toys i actually genuinely feel bad form because he seems like a nice guy he vacations and there was constant dell's anyone who vacations in those costs does the world's biggest it really relatum nor water park there ok my book but tony romo issued eulogy for his own career he is gone
step aside when he is really have a choice is just not going to step in front yet he said the right things but it was pretty sat would you say was ass he because i think that the one word that have seen about a million times that tony's a very class you know i came noon to learn a lot from tony roma about to handle setback lets you know i don't i like tat prescott in our elective said he's gonna get every three draft shame for not being tricked dac prescott but i hope tony gets another shot so he will dissuade bears with it or the jets are the texas yeah it's gotta be oh my god could you imagine the saxons i mean brok ass weiler i don't want to putting the ideas in the houston texans but you know head kidnappings happen in mexico he does gonna stick out doesn't give me the floor on this guy months ago they're going to mexico
if i'm so an hour and we know this ambitious connection dots here we know that tony spent some time with jason wind and mixed cobia he might know some people down there than those to be if you spend enough time in cancun you know you're gonna meet a guy that can kidnap somebody somewhere he's probably the guy outside senior frogs its offering you cocaine yap surges the local now roquat preemptively or other whose quarterback news before we get our hearts the court's round the ultimate cool thrown jeff fisher he's finally done it he's made the moved jeered gotham he can now say that you can't fire coach when you trying to work in a new quarterback and i think we broke this news six months ago right after they may have made the move to allay i distinctly remember me saying hey guess what they're gonna put join on the bench for awhile and then when all is lost to bring a man and he can't change horses midge if you guys think the jeff fisher does know how to keep a job at by this point then you just don't know supports this has been
he is the kevin spacey in house of cards like plodding his next move sick he's blackmailing is owners he's making sure that case kingdoms uplink too well not called the real good place form and i was going to go in there that's why that was kay thousand case keenan wasn't performer yet fisheries hold me out sandbag adam and jeff fisher his careers basically like the plot of speed except he explodes if he gets too far away from five hundred and one gave out he's ok i can go five hundred maybe the rest of the way that bus over sixty and sixty that's right so you can't change since midstream he's gonna be random insurers young quarter by like a visual jeff fisher is the conniving house of cards but really is gonna be present i'd say you just trying to keep his job is here to stay stay there is trying to make his mortgage yeah ok or we get too hot see culture almost to a couple adds wanna talk to you guys quickly about draft kings dot com week eleven fantasy contest is coming up let's do it lets win some money and get
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ok time for some hot see cool thrown we play this game every single wednesday hot see cool thrown game it's a game because there's no longer recurring topic now it's games again okay so that means it's gotta be winner who ok and bright day stakes just got higher will set up a pole i well let's start with hank i'm ahead seed brad stevens is five and five community citizen coated limited opportunities kosovars job ok so hang your call you can be the first call for bread stevens had yet are at their first oh but here's a think tank with brad stevens goes indiana shop their hand in hand right arm crean as a pretty good team this year so i don't know i don't think he's on the hot seat right now tankers these kosovars job tom cream is always in the hot seat because he looks like is melting he is always in the hot seat but i guess
do you think only go ladder of india knows granada brad's jurists became of aerial tom's large i'm gonna tolerably eyes gone it's like you ricky went to retreat is like you're your high school girlfriend that went on to become like supermodel like if you why just as she's a mile of her children and i didn't really well if you're acts becomes available you're out yeah a lawyer looking around tony roma i won't say he's on his coat he's plain for his job but the been interest shown by a rather team so even if he gets off the cowboys he'll be a job i like it i'm gonna little against the grander doesn't which have to be my hot seat is steelers football guy pittsburgh is not playing steelers football they're not winning play defence day james harrison came out and said i don't adele run it through like jane trance better filter because a problem like these motherfuckers a fuck up too much of your fuckin kill him but he basically said that their differences soft
they're not run you the border twenty fit in league and running pittsburgh music back to running the ball and stopping run people forget that say when play of the good news for my tom and no steelers football means you never have fire coaches so he's now on the hot seat just it's just this style i like that allow right yet know the steelers as an organizations are classy people on talk about it they do things look differently on the steelers yeah they hang onto their coaches suits tomlins ok but seals football coordinators they come and go and pits oh yeah ok next up on the cool thrown i've got case keenan guy just got benched but guess what means he's back in his natural environment as a backup and he is three since he buys the most recent back up there was a starter so now is set as being a backup for like the next five years a protocol that she's for wild start a couple games are true hoboken true because you can say we have some game tape wikipedia look it up exactly he's got starting experience right my heart see
mba players effort college baseball's back mba players don't try they don't try like the college gins as well which i watched him yet the unity they dive on the floor there hustling their press their box in our plan or press lane with pride for their school not for their paycheck right those mba players they're just lazy their walkin around and up try now point if i can't be the only one who thinks that a team of college players could put together team and beat inundating rosalie say colleague ominous the area if the game was if the game are to take place in like early december maybe maybe in the like me i was garcia jim where they filmed hoosier i got all my money on the college i agree my cool throne people in comas slash dead people because finally
and take part in the mannequin challenge so some finally there's a viral mean for that pretty good right arkwright look if you're in a coma finally you couldn't you couldn't doggie couldn't bernie i guess you could plank i couldn t bow i think the medication what is on the core thrown rheumatic challenge you nobody to celebrate the milk challenge is you things wednesday now i had a hard see a grant no major challenges the worst i am so sick of it cause every single time like wow check out this mannequin challenges so good at something like you never seen and it just people not pure sierra leone but only born comas you know it good for that yeah a big man can challenge if if you're working on a porn shoot right now american i would point out my be at thou advice that's what tips i lafayette mannequin orgy that that's it right there or it has to be like an actual like football game the entirety bolt teams coordinated yet they just stop live on the broadcasting doom
i suggest that the only we like i said the brown stevens had been doing that for four weeks thou huts he called thrown who one august will put it to a vote i think i want but i don't think so i don't really know about it will put you vote but there's gonna be like symbol electoral vote i don't trust the popular vote shooting ok let's go now continue pont weak marquette king probably the coolest point how do i say this without he's correspond oh yes he's swag is wires were was swaggered is awesome giving us latvia's punta ever market from the oakland raiders let's do it one ask you guys a question when was the last time you ordered close online and got to try them on before paying for them never right that's exactly what back threads dot com does you can try anything on at home for free and you only pay for what you want to keep whether it's a bad name
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a r d o in when you submit your try out and you get twenty percent off anything you keep as jack threads dot com code pardon you save twenty percent on anything and everything that you can never by before you try ever again we now welcome on oakland raiders punter and dancer extraordinary marquette king in studio so thank you for joining us the king is here we go i'm going to start with since we're going to have some fun i'm going to start with a question that might throw you for a loop what is it like being the only punter in the nfl named after college you know what i did what's the cost to have my name so i mean it is what it is okay alright you never thought about that maybe i'm going to college
oh that was your heart had inquired elsewhere in question as i think we really have out they're gonna have some airlines out there i saw now why didn't i dunno rio that so i gave you the parent ravens you earn the raiders you been doing some crazy dances this year we had pat mcafee in the studio a couple days ago and he actually was talking some shit about you he said that he's mad at you ve taken his crown as like the call upon her you know at the lack of mecca fees one of my real good friends and now he's a real good do fannys alma were so this crazy man i made the funny thing about it i've been doing the same thing i've been doing for years on goofy but i just put it out like i do now right so so saw i we're coming off the summit i game raiders broncos cover the raiders being back did you i know where the camera was because you got caught like one two or three times do in some awesome dances and that propelled you too like oh shit
who is this guy and he's having a lot of fun out there do you was at planned you know what i did what i always do okay i've always danced at their plant i mean if i felt a certain way i'm going to do it like i felt i ran pony the broncho sought asylum rather bronco there owsley ok the second put him on the two are when do the von miller dance i'll be trying to watch spongebob and got doing the man commercial comes on and i see von miller doing his dance so i just decided to give it to talk to you after that was he mad that you did his dance okay with it not at all he was real cool man real good dude amazing athlete he he talked to me after the after the game i was like a man gimme some better days moves for this because you're the best at it like you started it so jack del
everyone says he's got the biggest cinnabar of any i fell coach of urine lock room with him is that europe offers balls beg you know where i am never looked at the reaction but these are the tv hidden or coming because you got me all i he cares a vulgar rockstar ma am i he doesn't care anybody thinks he's always focused on do what he can do you know so i may they rose awful although the players in the issue of beautiful personally did you know he is he's got a history of injuring is punished as he does like i has he brought like a tree stump into the lock ruminant were on the different count upon ok here's what he did and jackson email recalled motivate people he brought a tree stump into the lock room and you put an ax on there and he said everybody research keep shop and would this year and everybody swinging the acts the punter himself in the leg and injure himself had to sell for like maybe like two games and like that
no way i'm i'm taking exile i just bought a house and amazing cheeses trees a chop i'm taking that occurred there now e g obviously has been known this year for going forward on forth into or fourth and three like you know he's not he's obviously been a little bit of a river book gambler are you asking and like hey jack weren't you throw some fake ponsonby play book because they keep the often out there can you if are you i'll be ok man like let me get some vague pasko and let me run the ball and throw the ball have you asked for that have lobbied for that yet you nowhere at all around bother will it calls a commonplace let him do it has to do but i made he does really feels as birth maybe somebody gives an export or playstation controller but he turns you think is best man what about a car does he where i wanna
they were all on a rare but he doesnt dont brown ashes amen numabo door their cause good people man allowed ere they do great later you can be played out in mexico next week are you crying upon an elevation you know what is is two sides to yes because nobody would travel far but kinda because got wait like thirty seconds to two minutes of every black zombie tar because an innovation that's right you need catch her breath almah punning take it out you you're real tired just kicking about what people it depends on how much are put into it it so if we're beta i'm a fillip allowed into a sunny and guess what you longest pont melodious punished knowing life like our life here which erecting a europe with similar things air so missing there
so a lot of sound terrorism that creating some may now be judged a lot of eliza dhaka is chicken your light meet our dog riga don't you know ally wings yes i love noise august gimmick wooing lazarev anyway place one thing i think wing stop because reprocess ominous on yeah ok yeah we're between gas do preterm stew taken before you links are katy tells me we're after it has added eight o clock at night i got two yeah yeah because i got bass reflex in town didn't have to live amazement like my life you so i guess you got a lot of us actually like of various do comment when you get the really bad late night heartburn almost like sit up being liked him call my wife you know what it is sucks because i'm sitting in bed and i got acid reflux unlike on my god and my supposed to die right now you know what hello i still got a couple
as a play i want to plan leaf or at least eight years to the mental is that way room and would just at least eight years crept i may add lee and ways his own rio is least parliament further yet so i got a source inside the raiders lock room that says that you used to like to work out wearing really really skimpy clothes and tight closing and wait room and would just like everybody would get crept up i decided that nowhere at its head on i had all lastly anonymous sometimes i might get to sleep off because on fellow myself and i heard my favorite song my phone if one of my favorites on my phone and i got my headphones potato i'm in a music video how much a bench you know where i will say three fifteen at the most bird in the pros light they call it a small what you got a focus on which a job sawyer is hard lift the sank
awaits i did when i was in college do you sneak into the way room just like do curls for like thirty management coaches and watching of course yeah you got your morals are girls here s what a girl have you were gonna pay have changed its marked aims however no you ever have like a one on one conversation with them his call people you alone might they would have ours was haircut eating pertinacity sway about mobile swear to me you know what i know on at least where the asia vital matter of legal acts like him that's what i'm saying if you if you see the stuff that i do like i don't like normal people in their fits perfectly and checked as well i miss you too where what evanna he's got a diversion of hammersmith do guys rounded goes p of change for lunch every day more brilliantly
ask how we do our research before we have any guess and show just strictly on wikipedia so i have to sit there were asking you might be wrong but i heard that you didn't party it on college is that true turned up row i'm not going to sit here and lie i mean i turned up a little bit but at the same time like i'm focused on want to do and what i wanted to do was become one of the best players in the league like i want to be great at what i did and that was my focus light tyres will go my colleague emma dorm room people a pre game because dignan i had a black lie ahead strobe lies on the bed i turn but at the same time at the very least gives it a club i jago to declare offer the take these four miles out here with me on a feel for the student couldn't lysol enough and it is practised i have my milo city player walkman whatever it was at the time but i have an army and houses
i can only be developed do you say decked out or decked decked out deck decked out i'm not cool yet they had a black late desirable at eu level i posted the guest with ngos cannot allow my own i guess we're having twins guess they had a month so the story of how you start ponting because you were you were initially gonna be a wide receiver college seem right and you just did you decide to start taking a ball practice from only one there are started off i started off eyes as a hobby then add i was good at it mama thought i was getting my dad i thought i was good at it in a focused on china to get better so it work now what about jana caskey what you like jenna cassius com he's real cool yes to two daughters right now about to have a third care shoe menace
we'll get a chance to work with a legendary goddess about negative go jack it more strongly also onset man his mindset is i'm going to be the best i'm the best right now and he does care himself there and it was offer me too can you speak any polish you know these these tried to teach me polish by i don't pay attention test as my real good as yet so you hold form right there has ever missin hit your aunt these novel in my view mr my hair is on beer you moment it you'll see miss they had other yeah i'm gonna burn a ring out to defeat the location whence eugenic ass you know what if i'd stick move parlor where you seem so you got out head but really like that would be as first move yet what do these actually learned to me in practice i had one herman wooden it what does he smiled like a practice kept good right what does he smell idea sweaty jane accounts he can't smell smoke i know all the commitment
oh that close for you're lucky kick a field will in practice you guys not you like i five or something maybe we give our power power how i go dear then go so you got fine for a horse collar tackle early this year you saved natasha right yet but you got him and yet penalised imo the mindset that upon her should never be flag free if you can get a player down it's like all fair game but liquidity feel i kind of a bad ass when you wrote that fine when you are that check you like yeah no big deal i just had a guide you hard could injured him so gotta pay you know what we don't really rabbit shirt comes out to seek slowly also people like a lean is coloured like so you slow linkage at shaken his light let when i did
check it out i may use alabama give you i should shut up you got i thought up is where you get safer so ok i'm not doing what you meant howdy though when you're like one on one when it went when someone breaks free are you like i'm gonna make a big hit or holy shit i'm conflict here the second this law was gonna happen now rain is low ok they're gonna fuckin guy was come it was another big long backer that was one of the ceremony in britain where he pushed me over some are too because i know i can catch you cuz i'm fast enough so i just chased him just grabbed what's your forty two for five one that's pretty good let's go we like up therefore upon his right remember the bills had that guy mormon
he has to run levels valuing like a for two or three rumour was fast those attractively ok for five forty get i hear that you play lot a fee for you so do that i won't play for our plea assesses tree was miserable but a man by man which would entail a man and you play as the railways are playing a right and you know it dear cars deficits on a bit because my mom are you put yourself in his quarterback yes what harry caught up in a play quarterback fremont oh mamma video game we realize you're only ratings to play on business granting you just a lantern play as key groundwater while came in her like a leg of the rapacity larry and look up your men sixteen ratings rockwork how would it was a black hole you get you ever goin like talking to those people are they just wild i made a love of different people
every how much is many different people get right that's another every time i get a chance to see you get a chance however when i saw the out it's all we got on transport the staff right now what about the other green power injure so i went away what store with the great power regiment is this is based off our film ally if i feel just i submit one day i'm just his man if i feel i just now the green power ranger images about the green power ranger and i'm just have fun it's just my person we said that was why we now just margaret heard the growing porridge was so swayed out lay may you it in fact are you excited the maybe move in las vegas i grandpa there was the man the waiter evil he won't all five real i forgot it was for eternal bang alleviating learn you to of my birth are you are you maybe ratings nodded
i didn't find are you excited about maybe move in las vegas you know what other on only think about a month i don't think about it i will return vitamins last week's found trust myself in about an hour with you why would a b terrified cause i don't trust myself in las vegas i feel like i would again it is a bad start and probably die within the first year you probably have a lot more discipline and i do but i do it do the guys talk about that all ok we might be in vegas exit but as for the sun was gone all right now so i don't owe ip of tease google doesnt work but i found it about two seconds so you're reading which when did you want these speeds eighty one speech i'll get us a respectable proponents strength fifty two you maybe they listen if you look at the sellers maastricht thought you said events three fifteen that leads me to believe otherwise like area lying or as madam guy you go work on that stiff arms twenty five i think you are even though they made ratings that well tomorrow
you know i like stop like forty nine fifty there were they just need become practice one cutting this year you could tell me my windows ratings will its rapid up with our final three questions we ask everyone these three questions first one do you wash your apples though ass my of course are putting the water our move i'll put sober and scrub why do you do that this because saint it does so many thousands have it oh ok so you jake other people do much nicer limit at once i peer pressure could also presently do about this ok so i give everybody that before you walked off a cliff you do to get it out one of i second last question whose most famous person your cellphone limited looked more context
we have time robbing our continent from this new thomas more sir then who say i'd like he's real farmers because when i attempted to be upon her why he was the manga these on the best permanently best kick off gas because i mean he made is he had hidden answer for the simple bogeyman they got it that's rail attract your mark davison others you know how yeah you aren't davis oh phone to users is god alone he's got what is it there wasn't a footballer role razor it was o lying on call i'm asking could copy
it's by where he's going deeper man back i ll ask russia d ever someone asked me i was gonna ask take the region when a suitable amount for speak too far too fast about you ve been pray already well yeah camille rates are made their cars got a real good receiving core together real good defence will obviously west guarantee that pays his patrons returns what's your favorite word there rhymes with punt that's what i do see the start of the sea part
that's hard work as you sent me a re now no issue we play with everyone we ask everyone's every do the same thing every person parts you know will die will take some gas market we appreciate his order which is bleak out when you said nothing and then everybody think that recycling ba hanky markka king we really enjoy watching you play an dance you for joining the show and i think we re i think we're at least readers special teams fans now why before they are not really i raiders forever deb specialty caesar said the writers did i make noise yeah brazil ricotta called i think we should be like the number one fans of just the raiders specialty access we don't care about their car will correct the defense we just want to see parson and fuels
next time del rio tries to go forward on like forth and your work will just be like hey that's kind disrespectful ripening game i enjoy the normal feel great web so i'm ready special teams number one vance rebel and agree a king lot of their real bad procedure will be well let's see we can't be the black what will be the brown hole the brown a little different than with brown the fact that whenever the round holes i marked so much for decades what's the best thing you bought for three ninety nine i'll tell you what minors see so see so is a place with nearly endless supply of top shelf comedy months worth of exclusive originals face melting stand up next day late night and a great catalogue of classics i just signed up for sea so i want nl as an l has been unbelievable this season with all the politics and i watch it using see so
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forty years of essen elsie so the only place it offers every episode ever made and the new episode the day after the air sea so dot com use that from a copy empty any get two months free honor let's do some segments we got a good list the segments here for us today let's start with thoughts some prayers to dad's across the country yes new balances verified so they declared the official shoe of you're not seize the neo nazis raise your hand and they said guess what can you balances which is i don't know that like racists and just different age groups could claim sponsorships of thanks yeah but i guess the neo nazis data nobody really put up a fight it would be really nice the nazis rely k we're cowboys fans or something like that yeah so that everybody else can actually hates ragged summit we were already headache right but now dad's gonna screwed throw out of date
aren't gonna get this message until like their kids come home from college for christmas leumi unintentionally racist for the next month yup thoughts and prayers those dad's have you ever been unintentionally like a big it not that i know no i want time i was in a chick fil a on like anti gay marriage i mean i love chick fil a and i know i was there for that lazy and there were like pictures and stuff outside and so oh i guess johnny some i just want to get my chicken ran dont show me for my check right i would not a jim crow her type and i know what he's been yo dodging our phone call so since we don't have both those guys i'm would give a little stock advice out everyone by some sauce any stock south alchemy what are these accordingly saccone locally all three so by all flemings avonlea not sauces i know that for a fact that only six saccone saccone
its supposed ok sought by the livestock were not you ask that as a u c o and why ok we're just get your pair or at a pair of caritas or a whole after how chefs disagree i think now is the time to buy stock new balance because like we said the people who are buying new balance right now i know that it's racist while so they can keep buying ok and meanwhile the neo nazis probably weren't by new balance early now that this can be run on new balance through so there is a trap play i assure you buy new palace and then you dump it right before noon i dont know now again i'm not a market guy but i dont think like two hundred hillbillies in west virginia the west virginia mountains none of the markets do it none of them have she's right now they need choose ok it just walmart have new but i don't think so they do for all of us together
it's nobody tells us ok i'm looking up new bound stock right now i don't think it's publicly created anyways the bottom line is by your new balances rina next segment we have stay woke this is for the bill simians chris collins worth feud i mean chris arms were dumped on bills him and so what happened if you're living under a rock bill simmons wrote on sunday night someone needs to tell somebody said gently break the news to collins worth the pats heavy weak fronts and that's why seattle so line looks good the next so the next day dunk chris collins worth got online it's a big spill will look for you just we breaking it down on that hit show of yours so i actually have a double stay work ok where we re so so explain to me what your first awoke with first they woke is now chris collins or this going on milsom and should radio worse rio whirling radiology wholesome is taking a lotta elles
he got in this net is you have chris calls worth guess what you know what if seventh wants to do these cheap tricks to try to get ahead of us the port might on the itunes rankings go ahead bill our we need to address it back if you like our show rate of five stars unsubscribe in recent scribe and that's fine pilgrims will do these cheap tricks and we're gonna keep doing our thing riding and staying atop so make sure we read that five stars and leave a roast and maybe we'll start paying people who re five stars around but god keep all cheaper here's my seconds they woke though jack collins worth them before his christmas son what win tweet went out for bill simmons you wrote somebody needs to gently break the news to simmons that his show just got cancelled interesting you think jack's run increases count i think jack is run increases a cow and chris is either gonna exe when that or he'd be oh got roped into some radio wars but that just seems
the two coincidental that were i agree with you because chris has never seemed like the kind of guy again to a feud because chris knows he's got some big skeletons right if you live in glass houses you can't throw rocks chris has an interview out there that says i like women that are age fourteen to seventeen because they're easy to trick no more so if you're that kind of guy that has that on film you don't put go on the attack against somebody in the media while i also appreciate jack harmsworth going on the attack here because i mean he he's a guy who's worked his ass off to get ah you know his radio show a zero work from day one no one ever given him anything so it's good for him to criticise people who took a shot on a show and failed earned not given exactly our next that's loves they walked by the way i hope everyone you can my little idea i did didn't i so with our conclusion was a chris collins worth has a twitter account run by his son who is trying to get him to help build them
greetings and they went all oh no oh to try to help ukraine to gallop bill simmons ratings chris collins worthwhile ratings and then what is it tied lives all boats jack collins worse ratings and our ratings to because we're talking about yes so that a shot out to jack auschwitz international market who said i wasn't stock i especially pass performances are not indicative of a future returns we have to say that every time bye bye bye bye bye rolled up she's s rich uncles let us try to try lenny throughout the burning the grub gear a money it's the guys from part of my take recon about the new balance stock do you know
about it should i be investing in nike since new balances for neo nazis also sucker decks hey big pussy me and my thanks to all day we got letty back our locker room talk is back locker it's on its talk talk while ok money thanks for coming on as always bio waste to whoever sent us a burger phone reacts we had was clearly with screening my locked calls yet we ve got a couple burner phones and they're gonna be exclusively used to call any dykes next segment we have we have pictures psychiatry psychologists psycho thus couch who southern figure that one out we'll get back to that sublunary got cut today their lost their project he got caught big country yeah that's enough room for two big countries the same team
i don't want to know what to say when are we tried telling him it's not his fault i think you got to go electroshock therapy yeah well here's here's a spin zone little spin zone the guy replaced them kai forbath crazy name right and k a eyes as first day i always thought that he should be like some sort of home improvement salesman and be tiled floor bath think i'd be good if you look at a start company could do worse kai has the type a name though that you'll forget repellor off pretty quickly so we can go just hang on the woods maybe video camera and figure things out i he'll be back where are you are you suggesting that blared has become survivor meant or blair witch projects number for what we are ok yeah yeah somethin like that he'll be back ok
yeah i'll be there i think what you gonna do this point you gotta just watch tape of you missing feel goals and then shocked yourself you'll have to do the full on electroshock but just like rub your feet on the carpet and then touch yourself clockwork orange maybe hold up you know get the eyelids open yeah let us get what the hell microwaves with lsd janitor blair that we feel bad idler site your fault cycle so popular we have as a white guy yes one of our favorite segments as a white guy we don't really understand why lebron james thinks phil jackson is right so if you heard what happened phil said that were brought in his policy and then the bron commented that he used to have respect for feel jackson doesn't anymore views the key word he's without say that no more no don't be a plus i'm i'm not use posse right as a white guy i'm offended that were basically saying that a posse has nothing to do with like
outlaw vigilante justice anymore because back in the day you'd round a posse and you and your best friends from out west would go around looking for criminals yeah and so i guess we just we lost him we maybe we do white guys need to take back toward posse i think being having a posses like a really cool thing which rather would you rather be in a posse at sea god rather be in an entourage but i would rather have a posse so you think if we use the word entourages doesn't have the same connotation entourages the white guy policy depends on how lie which amounts as yet if it's a soft entourage entourage than yeah that's a compliment i also note with lebron james got mad about it sounded like phil jackson describing like a crime syndicates got me thinking like isn't the government just a big posse who drain let's walk on is drain that swamp and put in a new policy i do i i feel it is just
feel jackson maybe he's doing you you can say that maybe he's friend shaming like hey you have friends i loved him posse europa it will fail jackson tis credit lives on montana ready dressed like flies in next games you ethically so lives in montana where a posses actually complement right a posse and robin apologies and entire county in in montana posse county i think the highways or just called like posse routes great know if you have more than four people in montana its policy and its accounting that's right so you might even get a met you might even get a mailbox very go so lebron james just needs to be grabbed by the posse as a white guy though i don't know i mean i guess were were races as like us yeah monetary area hooker but you actually asked me if i've ever accidently been racist actually i have i have used the word posse my bad guys so as a white guy we're sorry
before we get to honor we have oh you think you know you think yeah so chloe pradesh in andreassen thompson are breaking up you think no doyle's more one goes to blame for this i'd love to hear leubronn lebruns posse there is really act is it actually is the bronze leadership because people on the team were column tryst car dashing and you can have that sort of fraction locker let me go back up its the bronze crime syndicate is to bring the blame for this progression of broken them up but they did they did that's absolutely the person a lousy so possible role this into trouble in paradise tristan thompson is gonna be happy to see mates although it is time to start selling on the calves oh ok i don't i don't hate that there jack maybe jars got take a shirt off again made us always funny mayo i went surprise her chair was also linda pipe has j r d
american challenge the shirt off assured us why do the white house moving in the back yet do you see it's your boy don t don t jones is there no around the team i was i was gonna say i guarantee you anybody affiliated with lebron james has done please for american challenger yes he's just doing that every roomy what's all the breakers what do mannequin and in the lincoln bedroom yak among us all the broad james without a doubt i've said every single mannequin challenge she watched check out as greenfield right now as it's all likes of manic unchastity issues in the emerging with the crying face damn these guys really stood still this time ah before we get too drunk ideas were is at the same time call it i think you're just gonna things you thought we're funny when you were drunk and then you looked at him you're like what the hell yeah and i actually evan i have an idea that i thought of rose drunk the throne there before you that want to quickly power rank this is my specialty when we get to later in the season they fell all the forgotten
games because you know they do power rankings of the nfl and you get all the best teams and then it's like the browser at the end i liked to power a rank the middle the pact's lama throw quit power rankings for you you can tell me if i'm right or wrong empowering the foreign five teams now ok ok here eureka random off i got the steelers the one spot i got the bills to spot the colts three the packers for saints five bucks six ram seven find a flawed my powering is foreign five teams i can't look at it it's only taken into gaza assistance from her i feel like you get the steelers at the top just because of name only you're not count without that they're not planes yours forgetting my lot
then when you ran foreign five teams that's gonna how you do it now because i am now because you get to pakistan but they lost the courts so ok was why ok that's what it is i think the court should be further down i think the saints and the packers should be tied for second behind the bills ok i suppose i still i think taken hey don't the bills get hot they can make noise and that was are ranking of foreign five and felt it scintillating stuff your last segment things youth we're funny when you were drunk slash idea as i have an idea that my blossom people's minds here europe things that you thought we're fine when you're drunk first okay so the are all things from this weekend that i wrote down none of them are any good but i woke up on sunday morning and i was like wow i had some terrible ideas okay my first take is saying sweating
is making your skin come so that was funny when i wrote down at the time as such not bad here don't don't be yourself don't patronize know that now no one i know there's beds thou on that one you were right like forbears without one the next one is companies should pay dogs to be their sponsors or site peeping companies should page should spots dogs so like leroy should put on like a bit says subway okay so that happens in put here's a link up what i was saying is all companies you sponsor my diarrhoea here's a problem in order for that happen you have to be one of those fuckin weirdos who has in its grim account for your dog and those people though slashing girl they get the dog there the word age of eighteen here's all pictures of my dogs you want to see my dog you probably have to pastelike or post six pictures of your dog per day
protest and then you have all your followers or other people who post picture that arguments as whole ecosystem out there the gills it's you know it's got me was i was watching the washington game on saturday and they d husky like a close up and husky real added value and then they'll that wasn't no doubt we will otherwise where do you not see that shaming theses washington chubby is washington big bone studies if these were to wash did i just got it by dogs i'm a little bloated so is it is it close up on a husky and then they would put the logo of a company right in front of you like for rising sponsors escape i can't look away now really like rise and for some reason the dark as is a dog soda get get my dogs but if you have some extra coin in your add budget sponsor leroy it'll be worth it i promise next one busy weaken my third is that we should do new sanguine drinking a new new character on the show or new segment in the show where it's just the singer of a cdc in between songs how he acts on state
oh so like every time is which signal back how many go there like a rock and roll music can i owe you yeah but everyone is basically a younger please get somebody term up their gets i don't hate it it's your reason i'm caution is it just another excuse review ya showing accent which i don't hate either a cdc doesn't have an accident he is austria but he s like a rock action is not known ass andy's rock you just want to say you want to get some eighty rock in the part my take i think that's great i grew pretrial i appeal does anybody locked up all you women in a flat well shall be halted sound goes out to a site in this one
i guess you re more i have one idea that i came up with a trunk ok i miss the train a lot like miss it by a second going to work and it takes me out and also twenty minutes waiting for the extra grave injustice everyone game riches here's the deal we need to start having trains the last car is the game of winter car the doors are always wide open and if you the supply second you can jump ever anyone who ever it's a pass on the train as assign a waiver so of you for the game which is car and you die that's on you as your data flat israel lap a right and just jump on drawing up a came engine the degenerates low life's that would be on that last car every that i'm just on saying is that there are many times i miss it by a second and i would absolutely risk my life do not have to stand in a station with no wifi for treatment you know it every time i miss the train i just tell myself you know that's the train that the terrorist strike so
the job where you could have been on the game inches flap it i'm just we get that sponsored workable on it for a couple dogs are least sponsor the whole damn thing put a goop ronan live stream the whole damn right out how does not raise words all actually no heat now my brains really work and sorry sorry for my brain to start firing when you sign the liability waiver if you die jump on that train or of your money goes to the transit i love it i say that's how you pay out is there can't find the floor and i can either so get that on whose sousa whose bloomberg yeah sure with adam even publicity that's her show we have of two pointers on friday for punt week where i hope you like enters guys because we got a lot of what we have heard we have we had we had hector and johnny hacker in hue and kevin huber h brothers did the bengals in the rams pointers i actually we we try
making a little different so that is not just a nobler time kicked ball we talked a lot of skylight chile with huber and hacker we broke down we just made fun of analogue yet behaviour we broke down the moment where he was emasculated by the nation states oh may reach us out subscribe on itunes leave those areas we bring back rose i would bring our growth so five star view put most in make fun of us let's not let bill simmons in chris columns were do their little radio worse thing cheap tracks remember at five star of you leave her we're is fair and apparent square where i example are above the table and we'll see on friday
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