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Matt Flynn And Defending Blake Bortles

2018-11-27 | 🔗

The Texans won't stop winning but Big Cat insists he's still not worried that he may have to cut off the tip of his pinky.(3:01-8:08) Blake Bortles was benched and we're not giving Cody Kessler a fair shot. (8:09-13:19) The Redskins sign Rubeun Foster. (13:20-17:53) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (17:54-33:14) QB Matt Flynn joins the show to talk about the famous Matt Flynn Game, what it was like playing with Aaron Rodgers and for Mike McCarthy, winning a National Championship with LSU, and backing up Brady, Rodgers, Russ Wilson, and Drew Brees. (36:30-1:11:57) Segments include someone's fucking with Adam Schefter, (1:13:36-1:16:05) PR 101 Reggie Bush, (1:16:06-1:18:04) the debut of a new segment called "Click for more”, (1:18:05-1:25:08) well that makes sense, (1:25:09-1:26:39) and guys on chicks (1:26:40-1:30:13). 

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