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Matt Jones Rear Admiral And Not Mark Cuban

2017-02-26 | 🔗
The Oscars have pulled the greatest Jimmy Kimmel prank of all time and poor Warren Beatty was left holding the wrong card. Full Oscars recap (2:57 - 7:59). Mark Cuban vs Bleacher Report (7:59 - 12:48). Who's Back Of The Week (12:48 - 17:25). Matt Jones from Kentucky Sports Radio joins the show to talk Kentucky Basketball, Coach Cal to the NBA, and long lost Rick Pitino stories (17:25 - 42:21). Rear Admiral joins to catch the guys up on NHL and what football team each contender is most like (42:21 - 54:36). Segments include Radio Wars Shaq vs Javale McGee, PR 101 for Baker Mayfield, Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules, Parental Advisory for Lonzo Ball's Dad, Hurt or Injured for the Red Sox organization, and the debut of "Should Buzzfeed be tried for War Crimes?"

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