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Matt Leinart And Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz

2018-11-30 | 🔗

The Cowboys have created the blueprint on how to beat the Saints. Skip Bayless is on fire. (2:26-12:08) Week 13 NFL preview and picks and we're excited for maybe the last Big Ben vs Phil Rivers game of our lifetime. (12:09-23:03) Fantasy Fuccbois. Matt Leinart joins the show to talk about the College Football Playoff, who wins the Heisman, fixing USC, and a story about the famous Bush Push win against Notre Dame. (29:27-1:03:29) Iowa Hawkeyes Head Coach Kirk Ferentz joins the show to accept Football Guy of the Week, go off on chop blocking, and give us the urban dictionary meaning of Football Guy. (1:06:26-1:18:55) Ehhhh for DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather being charged with fraud for cryptocurrency,(1:24:13-1:27:08) Just Chill Out Man Rovell,(1:27:09-1:33:25) Perspective for the Redskins, (1:33:26-1:35:45) and an update on our Lowman Trophy, (the trophy awarded to the best Fullback in the Country.)(1:35:46-1:40:52) 

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i today's pardon my take we have a two for for the people we have heisman trophy winner national ambien and recurring guest matt leinart and i will i ha because head football coach kirk ferentz who accepts football guy of the week we have pics we offense you boys we have grab bag we have to figure out our ravel situation we have a pack show it is friday you know that you're going to listen the whole thing you better and you better listen to the ads because we have larries pics so pfd will we're going to go first we're getting started with the browns at the texan let's go baker alright let's go texans let's do it you are in that role texans you already know the cash app number one app in finance put did you realize you can get the most powerful debit card in the world with the cash apps cash card the cash card
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get those discounts do it right now larry took the texans okay let's go welcome to pardon my take presented by a c d today is friday november thirtieth pft do you know what
open tonight i know a lot of things happen tonight there's one big thing that happens tonight you ready for it big thing yes ready for it marshall costs a playoff spot no a blueprint on how to beat the saints well it's a copycat lee it is a copycat league the best the best thing that you can have happened is a game like tonight where the cowboys somewhat stunned the saints i think because people all agree the saints are the best team in the nfl and then we can have everyone say well blueprint is out in here's the blueprint you got to play at home so you got to stay from new orleans you have to have an altar i'm defensive performance from your defense you have to have an all time terrible performance from drew brees you have to have a coach that
really wants the cowboys job so maybe he takes a foot off the gas a little bit he's like i really want to come home so i'm not going to try to show up jerry jones seem i thought it was gonna be another way around i got it was gonna be sean payton trying to show off for him but instead it was sean payton being a gentleman yep and tossing is to challenge flags in the yes quarter okay so that's the other part you got to have that you have to have your coach also thrown the challenge flag very early so that way when there's a terrible our first hour mark he can't challenge in the fourth quarter you'll have to stop my fourth and goal in the first quarter and if you do all that there's a blueprint the saints are beatable and get a touch back called by a half and she got some helps too no i i actually think that you need to install a sixty yard video monitor over top of your field that wish on pain just want to see more replace yeah that's why throws the flag is like that board kicks out oh it does it seem staring at it yeah he was watching porn you not happy not seriously though the cowboys really really good
performance from then the defense they haven't they had an underrated defense now i think i've room we're gonna probably read it because our out road might swing the other way because that was i mean the seats of the bus often juries having eight unbelievable mvp season and they just tell into ten points yeah shut him out in the first half cowboy always it's insane this is the nfl this is why the nfl is the best league because we had jason garrett fired dead buried four weeks ago and they've in four games in a row and the beat the best team in the league on thursday night football and out of the saints are beatable so you guys think when i'm thinking don't change the saint snow the bears probably get one seat there we go actually i think jason garrett might have inadvertently shot himself in the foot so if his team is good enough to make the playoffs and get their asses kicked in the first round of playoffs that makes him
way more fire correct then if you goes like nine and seven and doesn't make well what are you making figures nine or pft this is this is this is the game where everyone look to the cowboys the rest there's going to the five games laughter now therefore games left and they said well they're definitely going to have a lawsuit against the saints and now that have the win against the saints they're in the position like cowboys are in first place it's their division to lose so when they lose it jerry jones can fire jason garrett and hire sean payton i mean it's probably so well so i looked it up today i've been saying for the last like eight eight months sean payton is going to be the coach of the dallas cowboys next year he still has three years or two years left on his contract yeah i'm not saying the jury jones won't offer up a meatball of a trade if he feels like it so we can give sean payton jon gruden type contractors i mean how many years to jerry jones really have left on this earth how many i he's he's going he's just motel he's a candidate for stealing a bunch of like teenage blood or his son
staying alive forever the guy who cleans glasses yes so that's his second job he's got some kind of cryotherapy yeah going on in dallas where he's gonna live forever also find the cure for old age and just keep it from self yeah he's absolutely one hundred percent yeah and i i'm not sure of those boys maybe he would give it to a couple of his strippers too yeah do you know the one with them i don't want his only one is made we only one yeah the county monogamous really monogamous relationship with one strip here's the thing about the cowboys defense that's gonna be actually very hard to replicate their linebackers yeah are really good they're they're chast you noted big did you know the vendor ash plates of on some football did you know that he played on basically just like a a gravel pit he played in a parking lot in high school it's great to look better everyone is shocked that they made the correct draft pick they made a good draft pick so he is going to be hyped forever because like you can you believe this guy yeah he's like he's like a i strongly they can stay healthy no you know he really is is he is brought back
we call it yeah he did bring back the cowboy color and then jalen smith has one too yeah so seeing those two in the back like those linebackers are they might be the best duo in the game right now he's everything that i wanted shay mcclellan to be pretty much like without that i that back to know but i'm no i'm not meanwhile he's played in a lot of teams played for the patriots too but he is everything i mean he was a terrible player but he is like you when you drop i like that from a small school a white linebacker a fifty fifty chance that he's going to be like this or is going to be the that guy sucks why do you waste a first round draft pick bobby carpenter style yeah yeah right no you yeah i i think you're right like it but the thing is with with the saints the offense the whole year had basically been run through compare in one form or another whether the passing game with the running game and now you have a linebacker that's not that much slower than camaro was able to cover a on the passing routes made the hot route states just yeah they just look at the defense that dallas defense matches up well i would even say
like if they play the game the superdome the defense is up well against the saints ok but you're forgetting one thing dac prescott i am so excited for dak prescott to play in a playoff game and watch him fail and bet against him and be like chat this is what i mean is that prescott like he is he he he statistically had a decent game but would you ever trust dac prescott on like a big you know maybe fourth fourth has to has to drive the team down the field kit can't rely on
penalties and weird plays like you saw it even when they were in the red zone any fumbled on one slash three downs like to just gotta hold on the button you got a whole lot about kim jordan also like made of he man effort to get there but still dac prescott will be the undoing of the cowboys and they'll still have to extend him he's going to go back to being deck eventually and then the other big story coming out of tonight's game was skip bayless is back yeah in a big big way so yeah skip is excited stephen a smith is going to have a rough day tomorrow 'cause he came in strutton where is drew brees jersey his cowboy hat he is he's going to have to eat some crow tomorrow i wouldn't be surprised if he accidentally calls max kellerman skip tomorrow well so we're going to do kings taking but we might as well do it right now because it's been a whole day for skip bayless it started with a t bo tweet basically saying
tune in next undisputed kid tim t bows still play in the nfl on believe yeah unbelievable here's the thing probably could yeah probably i could skip prep for this game by watching you know five minutes of saints highlights so he could see what other teams in the league there were besides itself yes always and he saw a couple clips taste in hell he was a dusty but yeah that's my t bad people can pat is that guy can play to book and v it well i mean anything payment got doing a trial for lines yeah so i'm connect the dots right now i've had a very today i've i'm just been
as we have just been h and that you have an itchy you actually said what it is i just feel like hey do you guys ever have a day were just it yeah i don't think so ma'am i'm just it you know it really got a disease a skin disease i'm wearing the nathan peterman sir and it's burning because he's going to trial right yes yes problem solved yeah it's it's like a voodoo doll yes i was putting pippin's it rise we speak if you give me a ball right now and try to throw the customer that picked up yeah in then skip had the game where he was tweeting he found he found the the exclamation point tonight and he hammered at about five thousand ask exclamation points used in it all ended
tell shannon sharpe he better call in sick for tomorrow's undisputed because i know he's sick right now all cats i guarantee you that skip bayless has like a browser extension that just automatically changes when every type stephen a smith the shannon sharpe yes i can't make that mistake he also does the the tweeting that's like the worst where you do you can't after the play is over you have no idea what he's talking about he has it he has a tweet from three different like three in a row warrior noel actuation exclamation point actually support read option keep thank you all for those four different tweets no idea what the context is there but skipper was on fire he is back and shelter
gregory you're off the hook because you had one of the dumbest gives tax that would have been like a whole weed thing yeah been feeling like a million different drug test that all makes that would have been his leon lett share this was pretty bad for me does it i mean how bad you have to up to rough the saints potter he's out there like he's but he's probably a three punch this whole season so i kind of actually blame dallas in that a little bit the coaching like why are you even letting a guy get close to you know what i mean well what do i'm just just yet just stand there and make sure they don't take it your mid you don't you you're not going to the we are not like blocking of trying to block a punt there were up thirteen nothing whatever the score was thirteen three get the ball back and and try to score and put the game we don't give them a basically turn over when you rough the potter there yeah there there was also a lot of suspect officiating that call was correct but there was some that they missed the head to head hit on camaro they miss that they missed a face mask on dac and r
a prayer came in and said well this is actually the most senior officiating crew in the nfl mike was throwing a little shade tonight yeah he was he was he was doing his job how are you not ok so week thirteen that really sounds terrible saying that i love come on man week thirteen i really like the so we i got a little crime we got four have a little cry my voice give me a second can i give you tips that helped me in the past ok so i've been feeling like the the ultimate sunday scaries for the last probably six weeks every time you say on monday morning what we get is yeah i keep reminding myself after week seventeen we still have four weeks but it goes so quickly and it's so quick and it's only a few bad just as only eleven games app and it doesn't help we're going to get to the play football the weekend in the playoffs with matt liner in a second it doesn't help that all the college football games this weekend are like double digit lines and they all feel like i'm sure i want to be close but it does feel
oklahoma that should be good was back in october red river blue bloods add a i got the crowd i need to pull together all so week thirteen we have couple good games a couple really bad games so let's go through it let's let's give a little preview we want to the are we sure they're good game i have two two games for that okay you go first this is going to trigger hank but it's new england minnesota yep that was one of my 'cause i mean new england looked like shit last week they one will know what they look bad but here's where it is it's a great test for both teams so i feel like who wins that game especially if it's you know very definitive when you're going is it come away and say ok that teams ready for the playoffs you think they unflexed this game because of kirk cousins or because of tom brady probably kirk cousins three weeks in a row of kirk cousins on sunday night is a little too much
that is what we've had our our full day yeah right right although they want to keep loving football not gay they put up the stat side by side for cousins and brady cousin if we were to do like a blind comparison of the two cousins had a much better stick school year yeah but much cousins cousins also is one of those sneaky guys he's got them at stafford disease where if against is that finish like over five hundred he's a trove followed suit trust me right now all about the kerr causes disease all bad yeah my other are we sure they're good game i threw it in there packers cardinals and this is obviously the cardinals are good but if the packers have any it's going to playoffs offs they gonna win this game by like twenty one so i went back i looked at the tape of aaron rodgers the very
this game that he mentioned after last week's loss when they asked him how they could get to the playoffs first thing he said was we gotta beat the cardinals right so that was number one is well you know what like this is what the packers going to fucking do they're going to hang around and everyone is going already saw the graphic it's like this is what needs to happen for the packers get there if they don't win in my twenty one don't even do the graphics don't even worry about the cardinals with that bad josh rose and i already can close my eyes he's going to he's going to go on nine for sixteen for ninety six yards so a three three years we have that you're with larry fitzgerald where you just feel bad form all year and you can't have it where you're so happens it's like i need to yeah i think this might be the worst year for just feel bad for this or the john skelton year yeah he should have retired a couple years he should have retired with carson palmer yeah it should have just been done just take that thick asses out of the league loser leaves town give me your loser leaves town red eagles that is actually like whoever loses that yeah they're pretty much
so i have that as well but we we usually talk about monday night games on friday so i also did a backup panthers box because if the panthers don't get right that's it for them to okay so what when i was going through this i was under compression for what the games would be i thought it had to include both teams well the bucks to i mean the box i feel like a loser leaves town all time because everyone on that team is playing for a job like james woods is playing for his job next year and cutters paint playing for a job right now try other already said that that james when it's going to be around a lot longer than he says he's going to fire himself yeah or just die and then game of the week i think we agree chargers steelers yes our two favorite quarterbacks we need as a country ok everyone who's listening to this right now take a deep breath take a pause phil rivers
big ben we might not have him for many more years this is yeah this is one of those ones is to get together it's like a band where like this bands getting up there in age this might be the last time we can see them come through town let's buy some tickets let's have a great time let's really enjoy this night yeah by the t shirt yeah for this country or burn a little you know what i'm saying burn a little sit there you know have a little fun take some pics
there's just enjoy yourself just comforting seeing those two guys are on the same field yeah like okay this goes back to two thousand four is that in two thousand five yeah okay we'll get some throwback pictures of both of them at the draft that will get maybe you lie holding the chargers jersey with his mouth open looking like a idiot yeah what wait the the lime and yeah yeah yeah yeah see like many other that at one point big ben young big band with his ill fitting suit yeah he's he's grown into a sword i think you still own the same i think you bought a suit when he was twenty two it was like will eventually get fatter yeah i'll go grow into the yeah yeah one day i'll wear his his face still looked fat but his neck was skinning that'll big bend yes yes he did i seen philip rivers under the lights is great too because he's got what happens is he gets that's what going on his cheek and when
screams really pops in light is out melvin gordon gonna play do i don't think so but yeah but here's the thing austin ocular pretty good yeah but melvin gordon has been like the game changer for them so we'll see i i don't know i i would probably lean steelers there but that's going to be that's i guess that that's game you drop everything watch i sent in a game it's going to be great no matter what he said the handshake at the in the game between joy boasts and and tj what is probably gonna last for seven minutes complement each other yeah and i like members for over like again my just put each other's mouth yeah it just snowballed each other and my just criticize phil rivers like well he's not teammate pretty put on same feels me yeah he's big band criticizing teammates and not being like why can't look at what was it del criticize i they're both astles is that ok yeah that's fine to say yeah this is going to say like they're both acyls big bins are in the right though yeah big red box yeah pigment has the rings odell wear your rings
which i have wide receiver rings yeah it's it's most important sounding game yes wide receiver rings and defensive tackle that's why megatron to me is one of the worst receivers of all tiles garb he's in over his best record just got broken by adam thielen bro yeah sure i'm feeling better than calvin johnson true fact all right do you want to a couple pics and will do fancy fuckboys and then we'll do matt liner and kirk france yeah yeah so my over is minnesota new england forty nine that's pretty big number yeah but i don't really trust the new england defense and i think that they're often said home is going to be pretty good ok i'm going to take one take for my vervack i wasn't thinking about doing it over first i'm going lines 'cause i don't think the lines are going to be able to pass rush at all so fifty five and a half jerrod golf going through it all over the place and then the rams defense you know like they they can give up yards best looking coaches in the game sean mcvay matt patricia yeah that's do you think sean mcvay is
bring a razor in his back pocket bike let me clean you up remember that movie angus from back in the day those too so here kid yeah those two coaches could remake yeah weird kid do you have something wrong with no he's just weird yeah i mean well back then we didn't have a name a fancy name for everything right got it one of those situations got it all right i'll go with my favorite of the week i'm going to go with the colts because i don't think cody kessler is good not to give him a fair no he's not good not going to give him a fair shot yeah colts minus four ok i like that so my favorite or we haven't done the under yet we're just going to favourites yeah favorite my favorite is i'm taking new england minus five who ok so so you double dip it on that double dip double dip on that game parlay alright my under i'm going to go with 49ers seahawks forty six ok i just took a bunch of shit over that's god telling me don't bet under don't take the under bed
what do you got mine is jets titans morning jets titans egg under forty chance forty and a half yeah it's pretty right yes i did make my mouth water yeah all right and then my under dog is going to be the cleveland browns plus five and a half okay all right yeah you would so i said come on brownies i really hope to branson coming off a big one and i win motional bob minton making here right yeah they're still run that so you think you're jones saw that was like maybe i should fake my own death always like wow give spark going now i'm the owner of texas two i own this team not only both teams to take over yeah if you send yeah alright give us your underdog will do fans boys my under it no that's all right my under is san francisco your underdog yeah yes yes my last post at have to take you got pat's going to trigger you little bit see but i want to talk about the rams chiefs saints
and kind of shown as frauds they have weaknesses this will be the week the pats propel themselves back to the top of the league i'm not triggered at all ok yeah i i also bet on them then what you said i would get triggered when you said earlier no i said it triggered by kirk cousins being empirically better quarterback than tom brady question hank yes whose age you more concerned about rob gronkowski's tom brady's tom brady's okay rob is going kaski robert because he's looked all yeah yes yes except he cut all his hair off pretty good pretty damn good left you see that tie dye that he was in yeah and for a daughter i ice it when he's healthy he's obviously still the best you know tight end behind travis kelsey yeah obviously home with it george kill the trigger you george kill the to the new breed of tight ends put that's i can't imagine like the punishment that a guy like rob like bronx body has taken i think i mean yeah i think you want to
through kind of a crisis this offseason to determine whether or not he wanted to come back and play think about it you know i don't blame it all but he had his britney spears moment remember when she went crazy shave her head that's what rob did this he's a guy who came into the nfl with a broken back you know like that was why he you know like he had the mark on the draft and everything and and he's gone through a million injuries big dogs so some of stop saying that i didn't say anything about people getting injured i'm asking you a question i'm asking you questions talking about football deshaun watson does run in a way that looks like he might get in just got wide legs yeah why is that wrong it's not i'm just saying it almost seems like you root for people to get in you know i'll we don't know if someone is dealing with a shoulder injury to his quarterback right now miss risky i do not hank chase daniel
yeah i believe in she feeling ok about stuff like yeah man chase daniel bro alpha beta he's gonna do it he's going to do it again he's just going to keep doing it you're going to the dance thing alright let's do fantasy fuckboys pft you start
i was up this is giovanni get all yeah i'm here to tell you i'm stalking pride davison that's right i'm stunned that kid out of wisconsin really can't slow feet that kids steps nobody's going take charge i called in the atm machine to run your credit card josh was caught grew that's right sign a deal on are you decision making the steelers playoff i people forget tom brady no i didn't tell the studies done by four that money killing stop because we're for what was i going to pour some stash all your bonus over time i'm stashed in that's right he's available in ninety two percent of all league washer right to claim off waivers for the six it's all said and done yeah you need what was this is luke just loop yeah okay my start who the are you is blake griffin main competition stop and the redskins defense bought headlines for moral each other paul martin in my sleep but is the state of texas the texans the cowboys this is weekend in the country okay it's b does speedo speedo by saddam why let a great get good site a big deal my the giants defense chief that don't think all the way down the field might even throw welcome to the new york giants my sleep it was the you see did you hear that read about the game hey why don't you wish and he did it with max on the only place you can find sometimes you just got when people give me the target yeah okay so self conscious guys going to do that all right okay stop it i said it was all caught you want to give me two two is you better bring in doctor i'll take it out to twitch with my teeth the second
yeah i know i was going to suck both all four of 'em all your nipples sucking clean ok that was fantasy voice interesting i don't really know where he had that one that will go off the rails but that's okay that's those are best fantasy fuckboys let's do some interviews what is the mayor of houston let's do a couple ads leri picks in the we'll get to matt leinart and kirk ferentz okay before we get to our interview with matt leinart we got another ad and we have another pic so if the what game is larry live lehrer old the goldfish picking we're going to do the chargers and the steelers big ben and philip rivers to space cowboys going for one more romp in the hay nice sunday night football going to be a great one before we do that nope well i always use a night it is on it is it is nice yes and in a football sunday football it is brought to you by twenty three
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the sweetest sweetest taste miskito find out where your family's from find out if you can't eat cilantro do it all the twenty three and me dot com two three and me dot com slash take thirty percent off twenty three at me dot com slash tech okay here is metlife ok we now welcome on a recurring guest friend of the program matt lienert he's here to talk about champions weekend the playoffs so i want to start here i'm going to get to heisman because i think we agree it real quick real quick recurring gas means that i come on more than once a year right yeah you guys can you guys can invite me on more than once a year well this is technically the same if we're talking three hundred and sixty five i think this is like three hundred and fifty five x three hundred and sixty two so it's been about a year but you did good point good point ok that's fair point we will do it again sooner so i wanted to
with the games the the college football rankings to me this is the he clearest it's ben and tell me where i'm wrong so this week oklahoma wins there in if georgia wins verran if i have ohio state wins they need help now here's my question here is the only part where it could get a little tricky if georgia beats alabama is bama get that for spot or does someone else sneak in well i mean i think if you're asking me do i think alabama gets the four spot i think absolutely they will be in based on where based on kind of what the committee is doing with these rankings every week and basically what i mean by that is clearly alabama in my opinion i think everybody dipping has been the best team in college football all season long one now
for me it would really it would it would be hard to believe that they would fall more than three spots out of the top four if they lossed in a lot of people are talking if they lose it game two in a georgia team who would be in the college football playoff so i think in that scenario i think alabama gets in i don't i just i i i believe conference champions conference championship should matter i just that's that's why understand you can lose late in the season you can lose a conference champs game but you still can get in now they got in last year they lost to auburn the week before conference championship weekend and then that's it area they were being compared to a cool off ohio state big ten champs so there was a little there was a little bit of a difference there but this year you talk about one los oklahoma when you talk about one loss ohio state if they win being for two one loss alabama who doesn't have a conference championship so uh i think
be honest with you guys i think if if alabama gets in in that scenario i think there's be a lot of commissioners and a lot of conferences real pissed off and and i think that will spark the converse hm of needing to expand even more so than it already is now yup i like that i i'm one of the people i like expansion i think more teams to mary i think gives a shot you never know college football i think that's why we love our sport so much but you know with alabama and you talk about eight sec teams in the top twenty five four in the top ten uh i mean it's just i think that have because in the a scenario where alabama loses they still have a strong body of work and they still have all of these top twenty five wins oh so yeah it'll be interesting to see i mean that's really the only scenario like that it's kind of it's kind
a vanilla years as far as if oklahoma wins i think they're in you know i think they're in i personally think bam is going to be georgia i think we're going to i don't it's going to be much debate guys yeah we can't and you know what you brought up a good point because if you are a fan of college football and you want to see an eight team playoff which you need to be rooting for on saturday it's georgia to beat alabama alabama to get the four but then you have the big ten commissioner the big twelve commissioner and pac twelve commissioner all complaining and i think that will finally get the change to happen yeah they said i think there's quotes other said there's not going to be changed for one thousand and fifteen years and we like our system and all those things but i'm telling you what i mean there's too much there's too much need to be made there there there's you know these big conferences to have multiple conference
left out in one season to a team you know that doesn't when our conference i mean that it's going to be kind of selfish we kind of want see it 'cause i want to see you know these commission i want to see what happens but i really don't i think alabama is going to lose so i think we're going we're going to be in the same situation you know for the next years to come now the only team we haven't mentioned and we're probably getting a lot of people upset already for not having said their name is clemson because they're not getting there they're not get enough respect for me all right there's never enough well that's okay let's us that has one step in and you're in okay no pittsburgh's got a chance room one no he's he's i'll tell you what every time we we have a pittsburgh highlight or something man his frickin his eyes light up he loves that place but you know
and then it's funny i mean i think by far and away you know bama clips and have been kind of the elite teams in college football this year and really the last couple years but just just watching them a you know they're just they're just above everybody else my opinion and you know i think they're at yeah i don't i don't know exactly the numbers but their last six hundred and seventy eight games have been averaging over twenty points i've been there team by over twenty points so in a similar fashion of alabama they got tremendous speed both sides of all their young quarterback is a stud no i think the acc is down a little bit this year so it so they're not getting that respect but i'll tell you something man that team our team is loaded with a lot of talent and in my opinion i think probably the most complete team play with alabama beat them and i believe that and and you know they're not going to pit lamp it's respectable they've had a good year they found themselves in the uh
the championship game but kind of like ohio state twenty northwestern you know they're not going to a kind of more respect for beating a team like that yeah so your pac twelve guy what what the hell does at twelve do now because this is going to be year five where they've had one single team and i mean i'm not going try to but i'm not trying to blame you i'm not trying to figure point the easy solution is u s c needs to start paying their players again so you guys can be good they could be that i've there are a lot of that going on all over the country no man it's it's it's a good point i mean it is five i have conversation with a buddy of mine earlier today it's just now where twelve gone and you kind of look in the last you know washing it's been a really good team and as you said they're the only team that made the playoff from the pac twelve organ organ organ was there oh yeah sure go through i forgot organs of two times yeah
it was there and they lost in the national championship game to allow state but but yeah they're just that there's no you know those are those are the teams in oregon is trying to find them so the ufc is just got i mean just been a disappointment this year obviously in the pac twelve you have the arbor conference has brands right you know ohio state michigan of the brand of big ten usc is still the brand of the pac twelve usc could be five and seven for next two years and they're still green that everyone wants you know like they the pac twelve need u s c to be great again and yep we'll see if that happens but i it's just been a down down a couple years you know it really hasn't and you know i will say this the the pac twelve plays nine conference games whereas you know the sec place eight you know that extra conference game is a big deal so it is
in my opinion i think the sec the deeper conference i'm not saying that they're not but the pac twelve is plain one more tough game and we know what you guys though that he played those cupcake games in november when other conferences are plain tough you know tough road tough rotor home conference games in and that's a big difference you know that extra game you know winter losk decides everything you he did all those things so i'm with you man i think you know the pac twelve they need some help they need your to be i think chip kelly at ucla in time i think they're going to be a team that is going to be put on the map again peterson in washington is doing a really good job how about mike leach in washington state this year i mean they were close you know they were close and let me ask you guys can only games did you watch a washington state probably not no no i watched a few of them i mean i'm up watching all the games i love it i love coach yeah it's it's tough you know because coast and all that and watching a lot of these teams play at night
here on that on that i mean we're we do you know onset and i we laugh will do a live halftime of a pac twelve after dark game which are always great games and it's you know it's nine hundred pm pacific time midnight one hundred am back where you guys are so we're just getting started yeah i know it's true you you're obviously right yeah the price is really there of the buyer yeah yeah at the end the day to the pack will need to produce but you know came you get better and they need to win more games yeah i think it's a blue bloods you know if they can get their head screwed on straight and that would be great if the pac twelve you've got kingsbury that he's apparently going to yeah now so yeah i got to ask you how how excited you for that well well it's not it's not there's not a lot of truth in that yet so i'm assuming it right now that was fake news
apparently on twitter i i got i probably read the same tweet same time as you guys did and my eyes are like what is happening but you know i mean is that would be a an awesome higher i think if usc where to get him i think you know clay helton i know extremely well i think what he needs to do because the fan base and the alumni there's a lot of pressure on him right now obviously and uh i think he needs to make a splash and he he needs to make the biggest flashy can an cliff is who he's going to have multiple nfl jobs going to have multiple call he's going to pretty much probably pick wherever he wants to be usc can get him i think that would be the best higher to kind of just kind of salvage a little bit of this criticism and just take the pressure off a little bit going out there and hiring a big name the guy was as you know has had a lot of success can score a ton of points will make you
find an entertaining again so we'll see fingers crossed that happened i can see the logic in that but also if you're a guy who is kind of on the hot seat and you bring in like a big name like cliff isn't it back your mind that like hey this is going to be the next head coach and if i screw up at all he's in waiting well i think i think it in and clay helton situation right now i think his his leash is extremely short and i know you know he's back there and like i said i have a relation check with him but i think no matter what happens you got gotta win regardless so if he doesn't win next year click for whoever did it in a matter i think at the end the day he's got to go out there and produce wind so why not surround yourself with the best coaching staff possible you know and he i think the is those days are gone for him right now he's he's coaching year to year he's trying to he's trying to change the program is made necessary changes in the past
handful of weeks you know that the top job begins you know building a staff that can create a culture you know a lot like you pete carroll and the staff that we had when i was at this you know we had a great staff but we have you know we had some we had some dog food coaches and we had some he'll catch it on lsu i mean imagine with that guy everyday use our d line coach we just had passionate coaches that created the type of discipline and a cold
there and that's why we were able to kind of be what we were to be and i think clays gotta try and replicate that as much as possible what at what age do you decide you're going to be like the old alumni guy who gives a quote about the coach like you know like the guy who comes out it's like this guy can't code for shit and then you get all in the media cycle and everyone doesn't show about you and you're on like every every you know embrace debate show being like matt lienert said this would point 'cause that would be fun right like i'd imagine if i were if i were you yeah if i were you i'd be like alright well i'm forty five i'm going to start anytime we have a bad year i'm going to come out and be like this which sucks we need to change we go back to the glory days and get that little shine well it's funny yeah i have a tweet um like the third third quarter i believe the usc ucla game which was just awful and i do
it just i literally just said embarrassing i think it was like right after they they touch earth was just a bad play an uh a writer probably like three days late actually after get a couple days later you know wrote this or big article in the la times about how they fireclay and blah blah blah and in big bold print at the bottom was quote for matt liner and bears being in quotation so you kinda already started i'm thinking yeah man like i i tweeted that like tricking third quarter after like a crappy play so you know it's it's interesting you know in and like being in the media you know it's it's do you want to be opinionated you wanna make a stand and you want to be able to express how you feel and i when i look at usc
play like it is disappointing i also understand that the last couple of years we've learned a lot of games we want to tackle champs you want to rose bowl a couple years ago you know so there's ebbs and flows and i just think the expectation of standards there but it's funny i could be an old old dude to fifty you know my basketball days are over i'm off tv and just tweet no way yup that the bunch of b s about for her school can happen yes it myself i give myself a lot of time or not there yet i mean this is kinda how mercury morris morse's extended his hand a little bit just by reminding everybody right now here is rags on the seventy yeah there's no one else is played on that the air division was doing with the rams like yes be that guys like yeah we're not tough enough and you become you get to be in the media cycle don't talk about jeff fisher though yeah don't occur subject that ring that's your boy yeah for sure home we have a large officially usc i like i will like jeff fisher i really do i go but i
sure that's right for that year no no we're gonna clip that part yeah i would like it to get the map i liner hi like jeff fisher yeah well while clay still got a job the user assumes that yeah what it what it what do you what do you guys want fisher u s i just see are you are you want for sure to wear yes this is u s is it listen football there's something comforting about turning on a football game on saturday or sunday and jeff fisher is on the sidelines of the head set on it no i don't think you will i think it college you will go head set just visor had no go like the brady bill by yeah yeah just coaching them up yeah yeah yeah not going he's not going by either yeah well you know he's going to get young and hip when he goes back to college about like rodney dangerfield back to let me tell you from fisher i love gestures from and i have they almost well they didn't but they almost got to me they drafted vince young and i went to arizona that your butt
fisherman is the coolest sound of you guys know him well or personally at all but just just great dude you know the tunnel track four minus haven't talked in a long time but i always liked and he's got great stories of greek i guess you get him on the shelf i know this phone number you just send are you just saying that because he ruined vince young's career and you're pretty psyched about that a snowman i loved i love my boise why you kidding me hey listen we interviewed vince over the summer and did you know but his game plan against you guys in the rose bowl was just chill out in the first half and then fuck it go off in the second half was as simple as that as we said go the fuck out of the funk off that guy that guy is a man was a man among boys are you kidding me i knew i knew we had a score fifty points in that game just to have a chance and that was no disrespect or defense i just it was that guy was so good in call
and such a rare athlete i mean think about it in that time before that it was michael vick who is the much more but the fast elusive guy vince is six five two hundred and forty you know i don't know what he ran but elusive quick with a great arm could throw i mean it was i mean he was he was rare man in and got a mini i couldn't he beat me there beat me in the nfl just beat me in life man just pisses me off he said go the all looking forward to to the national championship game let's just say hypothetically going all the way it's yeah first just once a hypothetically its claims in an alabama okay can we who's something leading up to that game like a weeks worth of build up where you guys just say that those are the two best college football teams of all time did with with you what do you want what do you want me to do would you say that the alabama is the best college football team in the history of the sport and just like talk him up for awhile
what they did when i look at that whole week going up to that texas game that's always heard about like a leaf the two best teams and specifically like you guys i just get that narrative back on down it it feels like it's been awhile since we've heard that i said if you want it let's do it yeah i mean i think it actually if they if they would go beats georgia convincingly in the sec championship i think i think there will start to be that like are the best team of all time and then some of them yeah i mean yeah alabama it i mean good thing by lower we know it's amazing he is done for that uh i think he's fantastic but alabama is dominant right if you haven't heard to the starting quarterback or still dominant this year but that kid has made them just put them to another level offensively that we've never seen i mean we've always seen balmer you know to go back to all of the quarterbacks really before jalen her
but like you know mccarron and and and mcelroy like sam's and all these guys guys that that we're good college quarterback for managers of the game you know just just to win football games and they'd want to dominate the fence running the football this kid it's like i mean this is like a spread offense like you see you know some of these spread offenses with dynamic i mean it it's really unbelievable so tier point if they having the to beat georgia fairly easily and heading towards but i think they're going to beat them and if they if they come out and be whoever you know i guess the clemson notre dame at this point uhm which i think they'd beat notre dame by thirty points but clemson would be a different story but yeah i mean
i mean you know it i mean you can always argue you know one of the best teams of all time so we'll see what happens so you mentioned jalen hurts you mentioned too i want to have i want to ask you this 'cause i think we agree and i want to hear it because there's from you know like the narative has been set two hundred and one the heisman you wanted it in september kayla sorry is pretty pretty damn good in the numbers he's put up have been insane not gonna say kyler murray will win the heisman i think two is going to win the heisman and if i had i would look at that name for a very long time and think about circle in that box yeah it's the one that bothers me an obvious i'm of older is a lot of people a lot of voters and i don't know who but i know that there's a percentage before the games coming up this weekend so they vote before championship weekend because it in a similar case like this year alot of people are going
well for two are and you know what if he wins he'll deserve it and and kyler murray went so i think he'll deserve as well but i just wish we give him one more opportunity to watch because that's what we're supposed to do is voters is evaluate every game they play and these these are the games that you really kind of measure greatness in my opinion that the big games where everybody's watching where everything is at stake how do they perform so that's one thing and i would say you know kyler murray the year he's having put it this way baker mayfield was fantastic last year and you're season he had and is i mean his unbelievable hello merry is surpassing i baker mayfield did last year or numbers wise and he's and you could been argue he's better in a sense because he's a much more dynamic runner i mean he just runs around and he's running back playing quarterback but he has the ability to or like baker and all these other quarterbacks so
you know the numbers are there an i just think when i and you guys know this watching oklahoma under defense is terrible the defense is awful so there's a lot more pressure on him every single time that they take the field to score points if they don't score points in and they don't they go a couple series that's going he doesn't make a play is losing a lot of games and if you take kyler murray off that team who knows how many losses they had if you take two off the team there but guess what their backups already let them to a national championship if they would still be undefeated they'll still be the best team so i i not not to take anything away from to because i like i said i think he's put them in a different strat sure because that's how good he is and he's had a great year so i i just i listened to people i just wish people b you know that there's a lot of bias in the heisman and and you know there's a lot of blacks in all sports on set i just i think it's going to be a really close race and i think uh
one wins it i i think obviously it's much is offered both guys are have an unbelievable it's closer than people think that's really the point i think so too not really the point of saying it like two fourth quarter staff to be take way caller marie's fourth quarter the stats are kind of this you know similar the deep the world to a play better defenses if you actually look at the stats they're not that far off i mean obviously they're not doesn't play as much defense and i think the big point for me is what you just said jail in her let's on alabama they're probably still undefeated kyler murray doesn't play doesn't play on oklahoma they probably have three four losses i mean the the numbers that he's putting up her insane but i'll see the two a probably is gonna win it plus i mean to a did get hit the balls and then came right back true just time and that was his eyes a moment yeah what's what's kylie's eyes remote yeah it did that's when he went in the tent right he was a little dramatic a little dramatic a couple games but been i mean just think about the pressure this just in
pressure on kyler to be great every game i mean they're just really is i mean look at west virginia in that shootout texas the game they lost he was terrific in the fourth quarter i mean army they almost lost and he had to make a play at the end i think and i mean list goes on and on and on and exactly and fortunately for to alabama is so good that they don't even need him to be at his best you know so there's been a lot more pressure that's why i hope you know i want to see too and we saw it in the title game last year i mean he's phenomenal so i would expect him to be great but that's why i hope georgia and i think they will i think i'll give him a game i want to see two a you know in moments where there's maybe they're down in the fourth quarter or situations where we did see it in the
have the title game last year but we haven't really seen it this year and obviously that's a credit to the team but it'll be yeah i think it will be a lot closer than people think well we haven't really talked about notre dame you kind of went in on them a little bit when you said alabama would beat him by thirty but i think that's probably that's probably consensus do you think are by far the weakest of the four that were penciling in well i mean i it i gotta give them credit i mean they had they play a tough schedule and and fortunately for them a lot of those normally that are that are you know good or terrible this year usc stanford struggled florida state i mean just you know the list on so you know you play is going to schedule and you can't you can't control that teams obviously record so that being said they do reserved at the end i mean they're undefeated they played that they played a good schedule
but they're extremely balancer complete team i think they're good football team they certainly are i just are going to be compare there gonna be uh you know they're going to play clemson and i just think that's a lopsided matchup in look at notre dame and a lot of their wins you can go back to the pitt game it worked it's a respectable team but they're not great they barely won that game and you go back even just last week against usc you know and i know right we're game he was he was trying to you know at least play for the coach and also notre dame barely won that game so it's just hard for me to see notre dame competing for four quarters against no team clemson most likely but and you know you get you get a month to prepare you get healthy ellen and brian is a good coach you know so you never know and like i said they're pretty strong on both sides of the football
it's so my last question it's see question put in promo code take you get ten dollars off you go to college football playoff game you go to the pac twelve championship game in san francisco you put in promo code take you get ten dollars off i went down a rather all because usc was playing notre dame last saturday by the way that that into the game the spread drama was pretty crazy but the that was basically the the entire drama of the one that's what we're gonna spread on like it was fourteen and essie yeah they drove down at the end right they drove down and score all recorded yeah where to begin yeah right yeah yeah thirteen and then they lost four seven or thirteen that's right so i went down the rabbit hole leading up to that game in the bush push game which everyone obviously remembers but i think people forget obviously the bush push is the is the moment that everyone has in their mind that drive you
it had fourth and nine hundred with a minute twenty six left and you throw a pass that jerrod breaks free that play so when you're getting in the huddle when you're when you're going to the line like what what was going through your mind when it's fourth and nine in your season is basically over 'cause i think i saw a reggie bush even said like word no way we're getting this i had thought it was done i'm going to help i'm going to say i'll take you through the whole place so we're third or third and twenty the play before we call the time out and but i don't know if you guys have ever watched the game at notre dame but it for for us at least it was it's not a and see if a extremely out of place like good it's a great place to play but like i never played in the game there prior to that that was just felt like it was total home field advantage but in that moment it was by far and away probably talk too loud as state
i had been in that in that last ten minutes of the game last five minutes of the game so were third and twenty and we called on i'm with p in and the whole point just to get make up some yards get half of it back so i dumped it off to reggie reggie made a nice move got eleven yards that's up fourth and i believe we might have called the time out again after that so we're at the sideline and i remember the place play the original play was trouble right which is a trips formation sixty one sam why option sixty one is the pass protection sixty one sam at the pass protection why auction is the play dominic bird are tight and it was really good player good athlete designed to get to the sticks option around just the first down and we kind of live and we move on an an any
time that year and you could go see you in half of my touchdown passes were on the same play is called sluggo win which you guys are probably familiar with and a solid all gruden used to do running with rich gannon for the box in the raiders and all it's been it's been it's been a universal playing football for a long time but it was our great play because we had to endure when mike williams two big guys one on one so when in doubt if they they sat on the sideline hey if you see any type of pressure work let's get this logo and i said got it done so i'm in the huddle and i kid you not man i'm like i got well these guys look at me i am screaming at the top of my lungs i couldn't hear myself talk 'cause it was so loud everywhere you know you're watching the huddle you can't hear and everyone just trying to get closer look like we're all like hugging each other and i'm just like alright
one sammi option i wanna talk i went alright so we go up and sure enough man it just and i think i guess right i saw i saw this if he creep a little bit just enough to tip it off i'm like oh crap they're going locate the one high they're going to rotate a single high when in doubt i'm just i'm a model and i'm going to give my best receiver chance to go up and get the ball so in that moment just gave the hand signal i don't even think they heard me check at the line just gave the hand signal to the outside which was doing a doing a no or a circle with your hands that was our signal for that play that week in dwayne runs its logo and we just so you know we complete the ball and probably store you haven't heard she had poked in the eye in that game like that so his i was a
one shot but his i was like pretty much closed for most of that gain so he caught that ball with one eye open this week which is actually which is actually pretty awesome i didn't know that until probably like weeks after the game 'cause he wore there and then and then that's the player right so then we go i think fifty six yards or something and then sets up sets up the final four five plays or whatever and shipment the rest is history yeah i mean it's it's one of those like i said i went down the rabbit hole people should go do it the final drive is still on youtube and it's one of those moments where you just like the ball just got into his arms it could have easily been deflected and it just like that was it in the everyone thinks bush porsche but is that play that obviously won the game essentially yeah i mean i would i can inches if that ball is an inch the other way it's an incomplete pass it was
it was kind of one of those and a lot of luck involved too just made we made a play and then uh you know reggie this mean at the end in we come out with the victory but talk about that game and that game was by far and away the most personal game i've ever played and i remember you know that was my senior year go for three p you know it's just that there's a lot of pressure on us that year and we were great but and we just you could yeah it's hard it's hard to it's hard to get up every single week and uh now position i remember like all of us like i mean there were like they were like tears like you know like not that like you know like one tear that falls down your cheek you're just like you can't control it you're not like crying like a baby but you just have like that tear that you can't control their like half our team had the head so it's like it look like i don't even know man but
we ended up having a players only meeting after that game 'cause we really played bad like i played horrible in that game you know for really for the three of course obviously we made some plays at the end but really bad game by me so we kind of read after that and and bounce back but yeah it's great memory i'm watching a right now and i guess i gotta be honest it still throws me off that you're left handed when you drop yeah so that pass the cornerbacks always look it looks weird always weird we madam that he didn't score would you say were you like a little bit more i would say where you mad where you did you think he was going to school when you caught it now 'cause dwayne was slow oh man slow and doing and slow an that field the grass i know it's wrong thank you so long when you walked out on that field before the game we like what the hell is this we
well we were there we were there the day before we do in our walk through and we were just like are you kidding me like they did they 'cause we were much faster than them obviously and they did more power to him they did everything they could to try and slow us down and it works most of the time but now i'm happy man he didn't score you can because if you would've scored there have been a minute last young the way that then was going you know who knows who knows if they would have
yeah brady quinn would've gone back down there is down the field i got i got one last dumb questions related to the crash site it doesn't slow the slow team down just as much as low as the fasting down yeah you're absolutely right that's why it made no sense yeah what what you're you're going to slow yourself down in your already hello how are you going to slow us down but we're still going to be faster than you so what's the point man i'm all right man thank you so much we'll do this again before the let me do it man i don't don't don't be a stranger come on any car yeah we'll do before the championship game and let us know if you're ever in town you you you don't come for the heisman you don't get to stand there awkwardly with everyone who's like hey remember eric crouch one heisman it's weird i know i know now i won't be out there this year next time i'll be out there with you guys will hang out ok awesome thanks matt talk to you later alright boy take care man that interview with matt liner was brought to you guys by fanduel me big
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your iowa hawkeyes it is kirk ferentz coach we gotta start you one football guy the week it came after beating nebraska you arrival and a head but that made you look like you had fought twelve rounds what happened how did you get the head butt and do you realize when you did the interview afterwards that you look like someone had had really like giving you the business for twelve rounds first of all it was not i i do not go shopping black friday shopping to get run over walmart that that was not the origin of the the injury and then the the sad truth is that it's not as dramatic as maybe a model looked one of our players one of tripped and kind of bumped of our quarterback nate stanley who had his helmet on and that that's that's i got head butted so i took uh under the eye and on that on the lip
and it was raining that day so it really kind of that the blood got exaggerated mainly because of the rain so i was aware of that a couple of people there they told me you know you're bleeding a little bit so i just tried to use my sweatshirt to keep it keep it to a minimum but i think the rain kinda accelerated the process a little bit it was like a little domino's thing yeah guy had another guy who hit you or or not look into to have you reviewed the tape of it have you watched the film was their excuse like hey maybe we can just get a shot in on coach real quick it's probably more of the real truth i think stanley said you know that like that play call so let's let's nail this guy right now we get a chance to see you you look awesome after the game and you mentioned that you weren't injuring yourself shopping for deals on black friday you actually got a nice little chunk of change from that win you got there's five hundred and five hundred k yeah you little extra motivated going in the game being like hey you know what i could walk out i could buy all the flat screen tv's
no not really you know yeah that's try the last thing i was thinking about and it's one of those things that we had to put my contract years ago so you know you're old all that it's something that's going to be attainable over here but that's not something we ever take for granted but yeah i mean it's it's a good thing certainly yeah all right so you one football guy the week it's probably the most prestigious honor that a football coach or player can win and with that i wanted to ask you i feel like i will every year you guys are a gritty team you have you know a tough team maybe not all five star recruits but you coach a mop so what what to you is the definition of great and what do you do you like when you think of the iowa program and getting three star recruits are two star recruits and coaching them up the nfl how do you how do you accomplish something like that you know first well the success our players have had it really goes back to them a lot of income with the uh you know the right mental
in the right right work out taken those are in it to me at all sorts are they going to do in life if you're be successfully you really have a passion about it and got me something you love doing so we we've been really fortunate that way you know we try to identify guys that we think you know cause us those traits but again and you know when you get a you try to get a good structure one that goal will be able to thrive in an and grow in but it really gets back to it to those individuals we we've been so fortunate and you think back in the early years our first the big ten championship team you got a guy tells clark who was a walk on your ends up in you know the best time in the country at a great pro career bob sanders was a real catalyst on our football team that year and i was a senior the next year above was five foot eight when he got here in five foot eight when he left and five foot eight one is the mvp in the nfl two thousand and seven so
we we've worked you know will look beyond what maybe other people do and try to see the garden and prospects and and but it's all about you know i have the right people here in place and mostly it's it's the players coming in her doing the work that they you know it's necessary to become really good who's one guy that you can point to over your career at iowa to be like this guy is an iowa football player through and through he did it the way that the program demanded an he worked a system and ended up like a great success story for the program you know there's so many guys in there they're all up on the walls in our building here but i just mentioned two of our best guys you're going back to early team bread banks are quarterback that year i was in chicago for the big ten lunch in and you know
the sky was falling with the media because we're the warning great quarterbacks in the league that you are they all graduated drew brees a graduated hansen from michigan so that ironically you know brad banks ended up it was his first year as a college starter his fifth year in college and ended up being the ap player of the year big ten player of the year and runner up to the heisman with palmer so you're gone unbelievable your is a one year starter yeah we we just had a lot of stories like that you know god partially on that would really recruited very heavily has you know had a great career with us and then all this is done very well in the in the nfl you go right down the list we've just been really fortunate to have some guys come in here and you know really work hard and end up being really good players alright so a little birdy visited this morning and told me something he made the birdie might play tight end for the san francisco 49ers but he told me that you used to be a picture
you talk about being a picture how fast do you throw when you used to pitch uh you know there were no radar guns i'm you know i mean this is backward horse and buggy are you know so it's it's tough there are no radar guns are but a couple scouts inside room he's out of for clarification of not a pitcher got it you know it would have taken some work to make me a picture like a control breaking ball save my life so so that same bertie george cattle we had him on a couple weeks ago and i asked him a question and i want to ask you the same question i i told you before you hopped on that you know i went to university wisconsin i wanted to ask you about the worst football game i have ever attended in my entire life ten to six two thousand and fifteen do you remember how bad that game was or or do you you as a coach love those type of games where it's so bad it becomes good i was going to say in the theme of
we had a picture you know like that was awesome it was a pitchers duel you know we'd be penn state even better we do penn state sixty four back in two thousand six thousand four hundred and sixty four not not an offensive touchdown squared we gave them two safeties one intentionally and kicked two field goal so those those to me is those are the things of beauty i love watching a one of a baseball game to when you go through pictures really going at it and you know and then convert play over the holidays i watched oklahoma west virginia i say watch it i was flipping back and forth but like those games where yeah play remember we penn state of forty two thirty eight thirty on game one all i got my god so exhausted so yeah i'm okay with that ten six stuff
it's ok especially if we got the ten yeah ten is an offensive explosion when you talk about a6 four game i'm looking at it right now is to nothing three hundred and twenty six thousand two hundred and sixty four how 'bout that water game what a game i mean it's big ten football what is the toughest place to play in the big ten you know when i in the nfl i used to ask guys that didn't turn out i coach at iowa and when i would ask guys he also i kinda clinic is a fantastic homefield great stadium it's really compact it's kind like the old days those gold basketball gyms where people have to move their feet you know to you take the ball and bounce it was that kind of it's got that feel but i think talk to people are playing a legal talk about i will we'll talk about wisconsin ohio state and and penn state usually gets mentioned in there somewhere too but i think the top three would be the three i mentioned by what was going
in our state yeah i agree with that all right my last question do you want to use this forum to talk about chop blocks at all all you guys are my heroes go up go we are so screwed up right now i mean it is unbelievable and yeah do you open the door i'm there a few things at the ncaa is done that have been really good cost of attendance has been great for our players they went opened up the food were she's feeding our guys now and you that that in my opinion should have been done forty years ago but you know it's it's really such a great thing but we've got some is right now in our our game that are really very challenging and the thing i don't like about what we've done we've made it almost impossible for the officials to officiate a game consistently and i got a real problem with that it just because those guys go out there and they work hard they're trying to do
because they can it's a really hard job to be an official at the collegiate level nfl level and you know i died to saving high school and we our it's so contorted right now and so subjective that it's just hard to have consistency and that's going back to baseball you know it's just a guy calls high street that's ok as long as they call him consistently so you can adjust your strikes on in a game but those variance during the course of a game or during a week to week it just really makes it hard to coach and your coaching is is teaching here's what to do and what to do properly and it's hard to do it if there's a moving strikes on so hoping this out of season we can get that addressed and my big beef about it remember a couple years ago there's some talk about all the tempo and trying to slow down tempo teams and yeah that got washed aside because every you know tempos in vogue right now unfortunately you know a couple ac units it's something that's really important in our offense
you take a team like wisconsin or north dakota state it's important what they do too and you know but it's not it works not cool so the rules have gotten screwed up and there's no impetus to change things and yeah so it's it's that is definitely my hot but he's done your homework well i kill off king yeah absolutely gone it yeah get you going my last my last question i wanted to discuss with you the importance of the fullback position because i think you probably love it almost as much as i do it seems like you have maybe ten or eleven guys that could play fullback every year somewhere stashed on roster how do you determine who lucky one is full back the graveyard for linebackers that couldn't make it it's it's really what if i'd been bigger in college a private a fullback too i was just a small slow linebacker but you know
traditionally our very best guys the big guys at the cameras walk on linebackers and and just for whatever reason maybe a step slower whatever could quite to a crack in the line up in front of home run on the offensive side as fullbacks and it's it's such a great position and i was really fortunate my my i'm in the i worked for two really outstanding head coach is an outstanding men bill belichick and then when i was in baltimore got to work with ted marchibroda who is a tremendous coach also and i'm a retired saying one time fullback just add toughness to a team and i think it was a really good way to articulate the value of a full back and when you have a good one in wisconsin that my urine in in out and i think we've been really lucky to it does it just adds to your team's physicality in their toughness you know the way we play that's really important to us so yeah these guys are they're great guys in there they're usually interesting characters on top of it yeah yeah agreed
will coach thank you so much for giving us a little bit your time congratulations again on football guy the week i hope you you know can go and tell everyone no no extra money off that but i think that you'll you'll see people were respect you little more now it's better the money and i shared with you offline that or my my family you know it's been kind of weigh in on this whole thing and so they they started one of those text chains on the fan on the phone here and the one of the kids put a definition the urban dictionary definition football guy gotta tell you guys a little concerned about if you read it no we didn't we didn't write that so we use trusted sources like wika pedia not urban dictionary i just want to share the second line okay so it says many times when football guys lose football they go through so
withdrawals and sometimes can die i mean it's true yeah so i told him i said you know i really like that football guy part i'm not so sure i like the second line of it and i'm a little concerned about that so listen i appreciate the honor but i just hope that second part doesn't become a reality you know your time you have a job for life and i were you're fine perfect okay thank you guys at your word on it all right there somewhere coach appreciate it i'm honored guys thank you that interview was brought to you guys by upstart and while we're doing this last add larries going to make his final pick of the week he's actually no it's not the final pick of the week because the real final pick of the week is going to be sunday morning unless you watch on tvg on the barstool app on the fanduel app my missing any places note you got it okay just on your television or on your computer somewhere it'll it'll show up at some point on sunday
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you want the real breaking news breaking moves bret bielema new head coach of kansas state if not probably bill snyder's kid i think they'll start doesn't kid he's been trying to get a job i love i love my favorite thing is when is i like clearly holding on just so they can get their kid hired yes and that's probably what happened wizard of oz bus yeah and he schneider always come back he's done it before he'll do it again he might retire and then i'll come back in like three probably the only coach active coach with the stadium named after him yeah well you do a lot i think yeah they hyman the coach okay has it yeah it's total flex move almost like you know you're playing on my core i'm okay with waiting until somebody passes away to name stuff after them like permanent stuff but it's like such an alpha move to be coaching on the on your court it is an alpha move absolutely but still you show up and you see your name on like a building and
in the back of your mind you think i'm basically already dead yeah right right this is well at least you know what it's going to look like when you've passed that break news is brought you by bill the chocolate milk chocolate milk wants use the time to wish everyone a part of my taken the aws around the world a happy holiday yes around the world so lifeline to cyrus joy face round uh taylor closing day slovenia and of course dutch a at their treasures at best argon that was pretty good yo if we have anyone in holland who's listening to this please please tweet me i want to see shay i want to know that this dog in wherever you are hope your holidays are full of family friends and lots of chocolate milk whether it's to recover after a tough workout burning off holiday calories or simply because it's real delicious we hope you drink lots of talking look this holiday season then we can do more of these until then
seven dot and make sure to check out the signs of chalk milk at bill giacomo that's gonna come doesn't want to be drinking more talk about his knowledge his manager that's right and it's got a lot of protein into yeah yeah okay let's do some segments we have first up the so it goes to dj college and floyd mayweather who are under investigation actually been charged with crypto currency fraud so the have been promoting investments in initial crypto currency coin offerings not revealing that they've been paid it so high actually speaking if you were to promote a crypto currency that's say a badass jim guy who's martial artist who lives in russia now it was a huge fraud you be also convicted of crypto currency fraud if we weren't paid for it necessarily and so i wasn't paid were paid
in respect i was painting another space even a golden respected is the head of the sec of female by any chance i don't know why because i don't think that there are two people on earth that eat less pussey combine than dj khaled floyd mayweather vs will junior soprano recipes no he a lot that was right yeah i wish other way yeah thank the call they got the rug doctor i was a little too much right right yeah it was walk around scuba mask this is like the this is also could be a note no doorway you know he's a cop but in floyd mayweather getting the crypto currency fraud charge you know what i think that there is action argument to be made if you're floyd mayweather's attorney that nobody with a reasonable mind would ever think he would tweet something like that for free or his nickname is money you think he's after being like call me crypto mayweather because this is
so do you think that was just like out of the goodness of his heart or they will have a heart or the largest shows up and gives the noda defense like yeah floyd mayweather dj khaled did this node uh this is part of their brand of course they were going to do of course we're going to get a headline eventually cryptocurrency fraud dj khaled and floyd mayweather i hope the judge rules not necessarily like guilty at dj khaled but just bangs gavel goes congrats you just played yourself to remember that mean remember that another one another one is the major key another prison cell do another one another one to another one another one no no no to another one to which it do another density as the other another one do another dj kala joke we did this although we did back committing fraud oh there we go ok you too when he tried to sing those fun yeah we should make a rap album where we just say our names the whole time i feel like the magician to rule has made a whole career off t sound rouleau
fred durst made it out of the spelling limp biscuit yeah it gets its name recognition so we get the people in people right in their heads all right king state or no we did our king state kings we have this is a big one ok we need to talk about this we need to have everyone the pen everyone get yeah i dropped the pen everyone get comfortable we have to have a family meeting ok this is a family meeting my trouble no we what's a little bit your middle name john i don't know what to say when i'm angry henry john lockwood okay listen we have a just chill out man and it's important darren just chill out man so ravel has espn is a quitter is a full on x number one number one he joined the action network is there we do have
boost i see action network are the guy who turn in who owns us owns part of the action network i don't even know the details of all this stuff he pleasant pedia but people mistake that like we're somehow koa yes we are not co because your darren val has done a press tour about his new job and in that has somehow decided that he's going to promote how this big deal where he's going to come finally do part of my take and he's going to do castle on against me on paper view with bedding and all this stuff now i have not agreed to any of this but will start the decathlon throw that out that's the fucking rubbish garbage not true not one iota never going to fucking do it to catholic not one iota dear
well you cannot invite yourself like this on pardon my take we are now here by suspending you from appearing on this podcast for how long i say six months at least sioux six yeah i mean here's how it's going to three that's not just that you never invite yourself another man's podcast it's more it's more that like we obviously wanted to have ravel on from last two years and been like hey man come on he's like no i can't i can't i can't you can't then quit espn go to this other job be like hey this big deal guys i'm finally going on i'm finally doing it no no that's not how it works if we've been waiting right exactly we have been waiting like that we asked you like i've every now and then like hey you want to come on ok you can't ok cool it's not like oh my god we need you to come on so you don't get to do that it's not just that like if you had if you had texted and said hey
i'm going to this new company i can finally come on the show great that's fine that would be in okay text again right i would not have been super site but i i think it would have made it you know make for a good show when he does it but the thing is to do it to do a media junket in to say in an interview i will finally go on pardon my take it will be relatively early these talents to sell sooner or later he's lebron without asking us yes that ahead of time and then using that for public that darren does not help but you know you got a lot to learn about the podcast game of yes now he sourcing was a little thin on that when he did touch me was like hey i can come on as a great so that did happen you like the site thing and that would be great like just come on don't make a big fanfare about it don't do this whole i will finally going part might take so unfortunately uses but we don't you can you you'll have
we thrust of six months so you what you can appeal that yes who can you appeal that to you can formally appeal it to henry john lockwood henry john lockwood yes tweet at hang our arbitrage abhay voters we video at hank appealing ship which a motion to appeal and then we will take it into consideration whether we want you to come on the show we might reduce the suspension you gotta work for now because you don't like they thought no one does that that's a that's a rich connect let me just people were tweeting it like yeah like darren ravel joins ashley network first big move collaboration with part of my taking big cat landed the charity thing to make it so yeah let's charity no bro i'm not doing it to kathleen i told you that i'm talking old and fat my back hurts his clothes get children watch football for someone who that hasn't discussed this at all he said in this interview we will do some sort of decathlon and i think we could do a lot of paper goodbyes buys and incorporate some sort of live betting live live odds is so basically just watch phil mickelson hits tiger last week and so he says that he was it would be insane but i think we could
even fill an entire normal track stadium with people to watch here's an idea darren how 'bout you and big cat rough and rowdy oh that would be something he like like i said actions barstool yes turning media owns both we aren't like coworker so i'm not going to do something for you know like just like oh hey let me go and help you like right out of the gate no no relax right rough and rowdy i'll challenge you he would never i mean he would never i'll fight all proceeds go to charity there in a fight results one here move which one my right hand right hand yeah okay even after this yeah i don't know i will i will i will i will time i left hand behind my back and i will i will box so there you go ravel a challenge to a decathlon that i'm never going to fucking do there it is we will box and i will box you with just my right hand
that would be much must watch it would be that there you go you want to do the paper view that's the paper view let's how much is during way like one hundred and eighty hundred eighty five i have no idea because there's a there's a lot of just my right hand just sit on images like a like a older brother just hold this face down hold is there enough thirty eight here no he's surprisingly i don't yet know he's he just turned forty you didn't you know form on instagram yet a big guy he had like a week now a professor all don't follow sushi at a sushi cape she was that when you talk about you his wife leaving a rose petal forty the segment forty lessons after four oh all right that's right that's right all right so the one of the stories that yeah look we just had our family meeting rebel chill out just chill out man just chill out you'll get to do a press junkets i will finally go on part of my take it really is like lebron saying i'm taking my talents except
contract offer right from them and we have not discussed anything more than hey i can probably do it i said ok cool yeah david wallace says i'm down for the office reboot like it doesn't doesn't mean anything right right exactly ok are you saying that where michael scott careful hang careful be careful how you answer this we are we michael scott and white shirt yeah you guys stars show okay nice wrestler says we're putting what i mean well who is the real star of the office my stride not at mike scott there is pam and jim now scott creed creed wow i would say even kevin malone definitely up their phones malone yeah yeah saga okay we have a perspective pft what do you have yeah so this is actually very important perspective from the washington redskins they've been having not quite a week as hank alluded to there was you would you say turmoil yeah love turmoil there is
for that for that organization right now this for more on the walk no there is a guy's talking their heart a lot of well we're we're time turmoil surprisingly there aren't a lot of guys talking because you know how they said right after they signed reuben foster like we talked all the alabama guys in locker room yeah well then right after that jonathan allen and ha ha clinton dix right now we didn't notice anything yeah of course so they asked like one of the quality control guys know they actually asked the guy who just had an alabama hat on no just a i from alabama is like i reckon alright yeah you just said roll tide roll tide let's go so for perspective they were discussing the the claim today and doug williams said that this is actually potatoes compared to everything else that's going on in the world right now so if you keep in perspective it's really not that big of a deal
how climate change a change their proliferation of all the same these into our podcast like we're been begging him to want that there's a bigger thing yeah that outsider does not ever tighter stepping down that hill son probably taking over that huge cal that turned out to be a fraud those for almost what is a product keep doing that i feel like there's a third time you've done this to me this week where you just ruined an illusion try well i had it crashing down on me earlier today but just so the key for future reference if something gets we exposed as a hoax just let me just keep if i'm if i may learn about it here let me live in that i didn't know that you were even aware of that well i knew we haven't discussed the cow at all yeah someone tweeting was like in they put part of my take on the cow and then all other podcasts like is pretty good pretty cool so yeah we fake knickers are the cow so was giant compared only to the other cows that it was around so the other cows that were around knickers were small wagu beef cows and so tiny and so gay lusion that knickers we still yeah the quit nelson
now he wasn't actually yelling he wasn't the overdub that just just expect me to never look into anything more than surface level so i'll never get deeper than that and just leave me in the blind in the dark santa is not real and also help when i asked if you had any breaking news for me that is relevant is really good but i think that your bill snyder scoop is pretty good does a great school that happened fourteen hours ago let's finish we have to update our low man's trophy yeah hello you have yes you have like the finalists right these are the finalists so we have what is what is a long the low man trophy is demands low man this is like the heisman global man with az not high who's man's trophy that goes to the college athlete that made the best meme yes who's man's trip yes this is the little man trophy and we've assembled a panel the official panel i've received votes from all of the above danny vitale aaron ripped
he john kuhn vonte leach anthony sherman ann jacob hester ok submitted their nominees so here's the official list will narrow it down we're going to have a trophy presentation yep we have this is the official pardon my take college trophy and we're going to have a fuckin' presentation for it goddamnit we're going to get some fucking cocktail wieners they're going to be or derbes yes but it's just actually going to be meeting you in front of green screen but we're going to eat the order yes that's fine i want to buy a ton of order a big cheese spread there's a huge way too much food our food budget is one thousand sparkling apple cider decided by me and the business credit and the committee yes yeah we'll expensive will just say everything to the committee actually we will will censor one thousand dollars of appetizers and then we'll have bubba try to explain why we did that yeah and then we'll tape that and that will be content will put an ad on it and boom we just we do it for ourselves all right so the the final nominees are in no particular order because many of these guys receive multiple votes
final nominees are george acid from pittsburgh so that's number one he's the top vote getter particularly got it cullen gillaspia from texas am chandler cox ullen yep he's already out you know like you campaigning hard i know no cullen is good fullback name i think come on no it wasn't it was kyle and then yeah this is competing with my bottom colon almost as like an agricultural sound to say his name at the bottom with me do it in order no forget look at but these guys are all full backs that are voting i don't think your vote counts yeah sure you're not really an expert did you even playful back on sketchy i will vote on my vote counts just as much as everyone else is in a blind vote would you mean like we're
we're going to close our eyes and vote you don't have to close your eyes for the pipeline vote is we can't raise your hand everyone stands there close their eyes and then we say it out loud play game of heads up 7up in the last full back that gets accurately identified once right next one is chandler cox from auburn i like that carson mayor from oklahoma good alec ingold from wisconsin yep been mason from michigan bradley housing not number one right now bradley rossi from iowa nick rosten from arizona state court tory carter from ellis you and bright keith and moving from ellis you we got double dip their wohl reagan williams there are we gonna steal votes from john yep they're gonna split it reagan williams from stanford coal fagan for airforce darnell woolfolk from army and jock patrick hall from fsu this is a loaded field i think we need to bring up in vote into this equation oh yeah yeah there will be an element of that the fans get one vote yes just the first person that replies to the tweet that person's failure hashtag tonight whoever replies to the drop of the podcast with their vote then
once you get yeah the on his as the audience is going one vote so take it seriously whoever replies first yep you are the voter we will retweet it that is the one vote and the maybe two every time we drop a new podcast you can just have one but you have to use a hashtag when is it just lohman lohman wins with z yeah low man wins with izzy little man wins yeah there we go alright this gonna be exciting yeah we're going to we're trying for maybe a live stream trophy presentation we should do it we're going to will wait till the ball schedule comes out we should do it halftime movable i agree in the week before christmas and the appetizer my fair tuxedos maybe just tuxedo and hard hat i don't care what you wear as long as the appetizers are there we're going to get so many could actually see like we should do a contest who can eat the most pigs in a blanket i love chicken wings sliders i like the little mini
the mini sliders that come around ok we could be talked into slider what about the bacon wrapped figs that works too but that was gonna make your tummy hurt is there a difference between mini corn dogs and pigs in a blanket yes very big difference many corndogs college based in corn in that corn meal and the slides are the mini cocktail weenies those have like a hot dog so there saying sandwich we should actually get some to sponsor this right yes catch up and we'll get someone to sponsor it yeah yeah yeah okay cool to see many point to many court out from before what and and a few bags of soda yes lot of backs led by sort of okay we'll see everyone monday we have a very big guest on wednesday get excited we have all famer all famous sablier biggest guest ever yeah and we also have maybe
under the program on monday who might be hanging out at the office will see big week big week and none of it will include that fucking idiot darren rovell love you guys except you darren
reviews on music
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