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Max Homa, Arkansas HC Sam Pittman, CFB & Guys On Chicks

2021-09-21 | 🔗
We recap Monday Night Football and Big Ben is hurt again ( 00:02:44 - 00:17:12). College Football talk and we're bracing ourselves for chaos (00:17:12 - 00:29:13). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including trips to the dentist and why no one should ever do that (00:29:13 - 00:50:06). Our good friend Max Homa joins the show fresh off this win at a very real tournament to talk about winning the very real tournament and what that means now that hes won a very real tournament that is not fake whatsoever (00:50:06 - 01:18:36). Arkansas Head Coach Sam Pittman joins the show to talk about Football, the Hogs, recruiting stories and more (01:18:36 - 01:44:48). We finish with guys on chicks.

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