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Mike Florio And Big Cat's Diet Started Today*

2018-01-02 | 🔗

We're back from a week off too much beer, food, and football. Recapping an unbelievable Rose Bowl and Bama kicking the shit out of Clemson (2:10-8:08). Week 17 in the NFL was wild and the Bills are back in the playoffs for this first time in almost 20 years. Brown suck, Joe Flacco might suck, and Mark Davis is going to hire Jon Gruden because he wants a best friend.(8:09-22:13) Who's Back of the Week, Big Cat's diet, The Big 10, and the Winter Classic (22:36-30:25). Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the show to talk about all the NFL firings and what coaching vacancy is the most coveted. He also updates us on his terrible Fantasy Season (33:16-1:00:59). Segments include Kings Stay Kings Gronk ended the season with 69 catches, Lane Kiffin texts Saban's wife, and Skip Bayless remains the king of bad takes (1:03:09-1:06:51). Not to brag but we called it, Sabermetrics for Jimmy Graham being a unicorn according the Russell Wilson (1:09:03-1:10:30) and Embrace Debate, what year is it now (1:10:32-1:12:15). 

*Alleged Diet, because Hank and PFT think theres no chance he actually sticks to any type of diet whatsoever. 

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