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Mike Florio And Week 2 Of The NFL

2018-09-17 | 🔗

Week 2 of the NFL and the Fastest 2 minutes (2:20 - 7:26). All the kickers sucked at the same time. Patrick Mahomes is electric (7:26 - 9:45). Vontae Davis retired at halftime (9:45 - 12:16). Are we really doing this Ryan Fitzpatrick thing? The Bills and Cardinals suck and what's wrong with the Steelers (12:16 - 26:12). Football guy of the week led by Coach O being the best Coach ever (26:12 - 36:05). Who's back of the week including Suicidal Big Cat because the Badgers suck again (36:05 - 46:11). Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the show to talk about Josh Gordon, Ryan Fitzpatrick starting a QB controversy in Tampa Bay, and who is on the hot seat after Week 2 (46:11 - 70:46). Segments include Great Visual for Skip Bayless, Uhhh Ya Think for Kevin Durant, and Monday Readings "Nick Saban Is Overrated". 

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