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Mike Florio + Big Ben's Walking Boot

2017-12-17 | 🔗

Fastest 2 minutes + NFL Week 15 Recap (2:20 - 6:21). The Patriots win in Pittsburgh, Big Ben's walking boot makes a comeback (6:21 - 10:27). The Jaguars are for real and the Packers are dead, we think (10:27 - 15:22). We recap our weekend in West Virginia and Hank's Big Fight (15:22 - 18:40). Who's Back of the Week (18:40 - 27:41). Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the show to talk about Jerry Richardson, What a Catch is in the NFL, What coaches will be fired first, and what the hell is going on with Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati (27:41 - 49:10). Segments include Sorry Not Sorry for Mario Batali. Is Tom Brady Full of Shit. PR 101 for the Carolina Panthers and the debut of Hermatology where we talk about what the hell is going on with Herm Edwards at Arizona State. 

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on today's party might take we have a full recap of weak fifteen we have mike florio profile talk one of our favorite nfl insiders to talk to us but everything's going around the league jerry richardson the panthers whose getting fired all that with mike and we also whose back and a word from the champ from west virginia before it gets of that from peter bird the creator of friday lights comes cubey one a series it takes you inside the lives of the nation's top highschool quarterbacks before jake from was a break out true freshmen leading georgia to the conference championship ship is one of the greatest highschool quarterbacks in georgia history kubi one takes you inside his journey to stop from follow jake along with tape martell and take on bowers as a tackle the most important season of their lives on and off the field this the true story of high school football in america told through the eyes of the nation's top quarterbacks watch kubi one every episode is
how streaming on go ninety dot show such p m t you're football guy you love for public fears more power for you again go ninety got shows like empty watch it right now let's go let's not welcome the part it might take it is monday december eighteen weeks with tee
we start in cleveland we're casey in the joe joe flack oh say my operate for someone like you jackson baltimore thank god finally found the browser schedule sunday as a raven smooth or in these dance through cleveland secondary all afternoon the browns perfect season remains intact to crack in a sledge just yet john kidnap detroit owen sixteen mark is in serious jeopardy raven forty seven browns ten let me be the first to tell you that marbre louis will no longer be the culture that since ninety bangles after this is what did you say born while the move so has health frozen over not permitted solar cage because the vikings are adam feelin ploy step on takes totalitarians murray and the minnesota ground between to get your feet the pickings clutched the annex ii boars and might summers dancing to run gonna get you just gotta he's probably eating a cold hot dog with the program right disparaged partly sorry for paypal summit tyrol the two men taylor and the pills had some home improvement of their own as they take us saws onto my abbe caught them up using their old jake cutlery the snow was yellow it buffalo but the water ran red with the blood of the dolphins like it was the sea of japan pay teach your boom circles lag is up a low bow the prices right petty remind justice pay a newer your jets as new york lighted it down the pig drew praising the preachers and troops had no other player for the sake of it before it michael dave thomas propaganda again sometimes it's better to be swept the lesson here is the saints don't cut corners they just trap door of thirty one just like it so we had down the carolina where aaron rodgers clemens returned from his collar bone urge injury remarkably quickly put unfortunately for the packers jerry richardson's painters made unwanted advances down the field all came long they ve got tat scratch people carolina some maybe more than others panthers thirty one packers twenty four matriculating upon tat flora pga gate sakharov at christmas came early for their tribe worse tommy go hand in hand to russia's for two yards to touch jobs at yalta the canadian ask but according to just enough to give that plan there are getting portal firms and transpose like because after three thousand six hundred and twenty nine days jaguars are back in the play off track forty five junior full solved all lose clues peculiar manning starting his second consecutive game which is also his second longest streak of his career almost brought the transplant from dead eagle spans put onto leaned side aside they're gonna be on you when you see you it does turkey right billy is back in the players and their tugging down broad street foretold petersen russell woodrow wilson couldn't even mushroom fourteen points as around the legion of poor goads dynamite that's our fishing what does he hawks looked like they were quite placed market and they couldn't catch cod curly seven walking around for christmas shopping rings season and we all know her going to go to generate growth that is red forty tourism we finish in pittsburgh and the big question at the end of the game was whether or not jesse james made it move i was watching boom and telling her birth judge devlin back stone thomas edison brady electrified the nation in the fourth quarter leading a patriot through a cave winning dr big been well he try patriot forty seven steelers twenty four and let me be the first to wish to do smith schuster happy right we have fifteen thousand hot we
asked in furious so we should start with the game of the day the game of the year was hyped is the game of the year and it did not disappoint and the patriots somehow pulled out a game where it seem like they shouldn't have won and big ben did big bent somehow the the trips managed to find themselves on the right side of a rule yet again it must be good we have that horse you shut up your ass it was it was well those double loser games for the period for the steelers because not only do they lose all feel the vantage and and possibly a bike jaguars are still in in play for that they also loss antonio brown who might be out for you know a little bit of time here so this is like the steelers they had everything this was the game that they should have one and basically you just keep going to grant has dropped ass she called yet no one can guarantee came down to the fact that they put their strong safety on rob drunk asking it man i don't try to cornerback that were you're right day you can't really stopped wrong but you can like
put a couple guys on a maybe i really maybe efforts third or fourth catch for twenty yards you you just though you smothering yeah but even still you make a catch but yeah that he was he was looking pretty wide open on last forever the game the jesse j miss touchdown that wasn't was really interesting i love it so i loved the fact it been rivals burger hold it up by trying to like he tried to outside she tried to outsmart belichick and then after the game he totally threw todd haley under the bus yeah and that's my favorite rivalry in the nfl right now is like the two biggest assholes in the world just hating each other and haley and roethlisberger i want to see the person who has to explain to big bend when it catches i do not want to see that persons they probably get like thrown out of you know the moving vehicle at their end with just call me which yeah so big ben i they were breaking it down
like the patriot somehow like have this great defence for the fate pigment fucked up you fucked up really really bad and you know that means cost about his walk and would probably back oh big bang got a big hit a lot he was running around a lot he d been hoping i notice you grab in the back your leg i can help you out too much with that but just lad food in in your those who feel real mats hayband a solid fakes back year it wasn't it move but you know what is known as walk and boot oh i'm sorry oft absurd warm at so so keeley outside your little you little piggies or so called linked to be quickly quickly swiftly lectures walk on out of this facility and we'll go right to the nearest what we're
oh it riddle will include operatives up any relevant ice fire yogurt of proposals and unless far maybe some chinese food leftovers and we're gonna have ourselves now something i've been with its aim reroute its motorbike pain oh that's how site it's we'll never hurt you just like we used to kill right now is big bends walking boot if you're it is worse than it was in the show first while what took you so long second of all big bang time he has a really debilitating loss or a tough game he spoke but walking boot honoured guests you know he comes out of the lock remember all the reporter say oh shit big bends and walking boot is not actually injured because big bends you can't be injured if you're in constant state of injured yes his entire body is injured his whole body just like glows where every white well any played while without its only around put that last play that was coils
so he said like i heard somebody in my headset telling me to speak i asked i was just as conscience young like big pigment don't smell like damn reno do this on watch a whole hold my beer boys i watch this can be sweet and then he threw it to one guy on slant with six patriots around so zone politics posting press conferences are obviously just like both sides played a great game certainly we're lookin to or next week already in doing it all credit to the steelers but like if you zoom zoomed in on his head and had an x ray what was going on side of that he was laughing is ass obvious at the fact that big been tried outsmarted gotta northcotes our focus more on basically what he was saying the entire time other stories the jagged are unstoppable even break borders we are blake portals believers he heads are wikipedia club he had great game the jaguars are back in the plans for the first time in like forever should even cloudy after the game symbol
borders still trash after he was after blake portals trashed the taxes on pump because i think that banks like people sleep on the jobs and i know we laugh at them and because the french has been pretty much a comedy of errors but there for real team that defence is probably the best events in the unifil yup like no joke in them is the vikings and then there's a pretty big drop off i gotta but that that jaguars events like calais holy shit yet more saxon plus it just like the name saxon goliath sacks of those address the i wrote down the packers or out but even still like errors
be so even though their like basically out i'm sure that that like point o percent chance the makeup laughed still gonna happen like everyone's gonna lose and then i somehow like the saints and the panthers you're gonna die which will then head off a typewriter and then the roger strong hell marriage still gonna work it s the wood martin luther king say sets of like the arc of the moral universes long but had been towards fucking up the detroit lions play of chances we have seventeen yes and that's what big that's enough but iron rogers aptly put on this earth do just break that franchises heart he looks he looked off but he also it was like it it was ignored what we kind of expected a guy who hasn't played in a while he would make like an aaron rodgers play but he threw a few balls in jesus christ man and i was a winnable game and now i'm sorry packers fans
one year you're gonna miss the playoffs at sure you can survive necessary they don't ever make pig ownership shake up in north impact the other thing i wrote down and this one's kind of a big big news i want i want your take on it are the sea hawks the p karel seahawks are they done because that was i've there's lou thing there's gettin the shit kicked out of you at home where no one ever beat seattle at home in december right like the mystique is gone from so i have no evidence to back this up but i suspect that whoever's deepens coordinator is right now as darrell but also no we know of seals defend our dinner i don't know you be sure who yourself it's corner yes where i whoever don't maybe early was tom cable no he's off like ok but he deserves the budgets for whatever you're talking to a couple nfl experts here by the way was richard arrogant very i so he's a weathers bald headed guys with goatee right yes here
but yet horsey yes he made factory their structural has so my my theory is that this guy grooves hair out so fuck it up the big yedo picket here he switched to like a conor shavers nobody cares you you do not agree with the eyes a weird thing because i don't think you can do not say that their it is one of the things were the mystique now comes off and you dont feel as intimidated when geographical in there and has his way and they run the ball all over vp candidate eric already tools that are not yet but i'm just saying i am french when a team comes in and does that it definitely feels like a little bit of the the homeless stating the aura like you can't win in seattle is got so i thought about that but the injuries that they have on their defence especially id
pretty bad injuries will only every yeah but i mean you ve got like earl times have been hanged up all your answers still i think that's what ireland is this i still think even when even with all the injuries they put on those uniforms and they do give further twelve man they raise that flags might you can't win that this is why i mean you're a really bad gambling here because we have that we still have an image we think it's like two thousand twelve i've an corridor causing earthquakes cheers and shit is why will those why people sleep on the jaguars is like a kid jaguars can't when a game and are in fact in january and we will only ahead of the jaguars kind of ironically like two years ago but now we're all in actually on the jaguar and then the other thing i had written down we're gonna get to the jury richardson stuff with mike florio in a minute the other thing i there are now was the bills are still alive and i need the buffalo bill again the plan i need a tap so your boy you man's j cutler
is predictable loss of all time he won the superbowl ass a week yeah you can't expect one week after that little scheduled came after support this is trapped in a way they saw in some primetime jacob understand like his insulin level spike last week and then they had to come all the way back out yeah oh oh i have one other thing big dick neck is is gonna be ok he had a great amy those gets the giants the giant the eagle secondary that looks like trashing is our court quarterback controversy brewing unfilled interesting he's are maybe nick false lothar maybe that's if someone is saying that right now drunk in southward off right now like nick falls it we should we should trade carson whence for like two first rounders unjust role with nixon's thou conversations happen and the other thing he read so life you're it we're still right on track for the first round play a loss for memory the milk for tat saturday games can be good this year when one scene andean that are before we get to whose back we talk a little bit about west virginia the champ is
the champs gum yeah so hank one is big fight he basically what was its it was our alpha statuses podcast because if you had lost we would now have been the offers that we claim to be left as i knew it would have completely did a one eighty yet reassign nor am i lose to a t boy write em like i said on the way back as like you know there's nothing more alpha then to thirty two year olds having their twenty four year old producer fight form itself in the name of their of of their alpha status so thank you for making me feel better about my ass exactly you welcome i'd like to thank all the individuals in team hag people who supported me came some love it was there is a fun time as a wild z being in those those a moment when i was in line where there are like fighters have one line up to get your physicals and there was eighty four hillbilly fighters and
i was in lie with them and i was like why am i in line with these people in west virginia about the fight tonight and i was one of those like surreal parcel moments but winning going through i think it was just a great it was to it so when you win a fight that has got to be like the highest of highs and have you ever felt anything like that no i it was it was up there with the two the two patriot super bowl wins like it was it was it was up there with that like level of adrenaline and just like it was a once in a lifetime experience that i never it was like a five thousand people do and it was it was a scene manly reviewed and watch it there was the people
surgeon who could have been nicer hosts and we saw everything saw guy a five nine guy five six nine guy we saw guy fighting genes we saw guy five barefoot we sought four hundred and fifteen pounds i fight i saw a dude mouthpiece get knocked out anyone flying about forty feet joke it went flying pass me like a bullet and was get like stock i saw saga cry mid fight and win that fight like it was it was held and i held and i ought to do it again and commitments are you are you tired i'm retired tire tyrant up undefeated fischler research and for life one there whether i ll ask it to whose back before do that i wanted to shut out our favorite spots or seek seek is the best place to fight tickets online for trying to go to college ballgame go to mba games and games you can find it all and seek seek save you time and money by searching multiple ticket sites to compare prices
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that group memory opening night at alone said he was for sure dump the season he is out of his walk and book any said he is hopeful to play the season depending on how while his recovery get straight look i saw him sure he'll be totally healthy in ready go on indefinitely won't break his ankle again yeah he's gonna be broadened the bronson leave gonna alliance others when they fuck images by the one was just nick falls the point my name's that's always allocated everyone see guy get really pissed off what somebody asked nick falls about being like a comparison oh he gets mad he hates it help help tribe get sarcastically be like oh that's really regional having her though i guess it would piss me off after you know years and years of it even ankle came and enough like we get it right on a joke i get all these people that i got man you look so much like brad pitt i'm like a get it can get line and what else is exactly my whose back in a week i've got a couple hook that's all right with me that it can only five minutes but cat money my first one is ditty
p did he is my hetty pd just heed our shared his name are now appreciate named shot really honest enough to like peace or something right shoddy but any rename is he changes name s dot ok but you keep on i will he chain so he said i would like to buy the panthers spread the word retweet and i guy retweeted him because i want to help did in this endeavour if we can on the panthers which some than some of them were exploring i'd legacy did he do it he could just like steel other people's players and a sample them ok that's what he does right up so i am i just found out so we did change name to brother love brotherly might not want to have that be the name to the organization you're taking over the just went through like a huge sexual harassment yet present levels it means incest yeah so market place way so on my other whose back in a week is dad's ok dad you're back in a big way this week and next week
families coming home dad's or hang it up christmas lights the ultimate dad activity their hosting they get the car of the turkey here are the ham if your poor young so this is like a big did the next two weeks are really make a break for dad's gossamer they also this is a big weak for dad's to get their balls positive again because when like when dad's have grown kids they basically exists just solely to have grown kids buster balzac and also the mom starts jumping yeah you for that's why father won't get off the roof he s so that's when that's when usually illicit my favorites like ok like i can't have this kind of i could have the kids do it but like we need to stay a team because as you know you you pile on your dad's backed making is weird ice cream again right thou in areas like what's year here right that's it i know one thing about concepts of your dad like what's it like polly coolby dad when their young like look up to you and then when they get older just like you just basically are living in a roast and you're the subject of the rose the whole time sometimes it that's why pull out is that the oil
to what i'll do a more ok go or more in the spirit of the you're hot better to give them receive dickens in the nba is back ok so out west best two teams best offensive teams and everyone is talking about we all you all major jokes about the houston rockets when they acquired chris paul i knew that there's one ball but on defence or five hearts can all be together at once and i think the rockets are what the best or either value awesome defensively so yeah defences back in the nba i for one am looking forward to play off when we get back to some real like hard bloody files rocket celtics cholera now really up in the warriors know what happened to the rocks ok or how many games while must be close closer games seven how was it the danes hard sharper to get drugged again the rocks actually pull the ok cool give i was actually did rather require guises did relic aircraft words today on the court found yet it
he should carry tweet anything like like fuck the raft and then delete it this while gees she set her i'll cover easy i hate my whose back i've a couple my first course cars or back cause fuck you american airlines we got stuck in roanoke airport and we had to drive home from west virginia a fine time so we basically spent ten hours travelling on saturday so far not been waiting america or not open ongoloo though yeah fuck you but we're not gonna complain also gives a travel voucher of like eight hundred bucks but seriously fuck you fuck off yet cars agree i initially did not want to ha i was at all interested in interesting so we're done great we're doing this because i wanted to fly back rousing there's no chance in hell i'm get into a car for seven out of the yeah you bet you usually have sat on the ground are really i'm not like you burned like an hour and a half we could have been moving towards home
by saying no they're gonna fix our flight when i was like dude were fought could you see in the eyes there's a moment ever been in this moment were you see in the eyes of the people behind the desk at an airline and their basically there i say you're fucked hitherto i can give you fucking bullshit answers but you are fucked tumor watch me one was when the guy get on the inner common said the plane is broken that's i don't i'm not like a scientist or elect in iraq and yet not an evaluation don't laugh in an engineer but when you said you shit socks at that point in euros and taken off also in the pilot takes us back
you just like wheels it out the airport is like i've done for that i said our first our first like sir that was a biggest educator was the stewardess walked off the potentially a fist punctually at work today we should have been like ok that's when we should get in the car pilot literally walked suitcase out the front door the airport and get out of the car and drove away and i was sitting there thinking the other we're gonna we're gonna make her flight architecture place is gonna work out by the way i said quickly we have because we had a direct flight that left an hour before our flight somehow he ended opponent like one o clock and we had to do that was the second thing that you are you two things about us being nor does the planes broke it went through highly walking back saying here we have a smaller plain we're just gonna pick who gets to go on the smaller recall the heard a little bit my other i mean shattered yet we almost died yes so we were taking off we're going down the runway
ireland's man almost yes we run a propeller plane which that we ever miles when you would say that we were in an opponent courtyard began to a bad as serious plane crash i almost eight big cat it was like that movie about the euro when socrates in reality we just went down the runway the like lifted up for like maybe it engineer play back down and i'll swing graciosa reality let's be real big cat would have me the outward about all i would like i was already sizing you up before we even before we can get off the boy has yet to look to the left into the right when you gonna play like who's the nose hake in his is why rose i my other whose back is care what we gotta take you down and not your too high right now you keep winning everything mother whose back is future cat cancelling plants so star wars didn't see that what the knock on effect i was tat was really dumb me i didn't know that it was two and a half hours and also i do know that some people hated it no young people he asked also that even more reason that are not hopping in among us either
our star was she cares warlike pigs sheep i also measured for you guys raises star wars there have been two star wars movies since the grounds of their last ethelwyn no share that's why i such rather come out every year that's too present though said pierre i'm never seen that movie so sorry for anyone thought i was actually can see it how did you really dumb move mammies porn spoof star wars have come out in the last i watch those probably like i would guess couple hundred yeah anyone who wants to afford us as porn spoof liam what your twitter help to email to limp i are weak we go with whose back you i think i'll get roach i let's get you our interview with mike florio we talk about what an official what's goin on jerry richard and all that stuff insider stuff before we do that wonders
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p m to check out and you get twenty percent off accessories with your palatine bike purchase get a great work out at home anytime you want for one palatine dotcom use a code p empty and get started today i hear is mike florio i we now welcome on one of my favorite guess our favorite football insider p of tease dad my uncle is mike florio mike let's start with the question i think everyone wants in answer to his what the fuck is a catch yet nobody knows what to catch is now i'll tell you what of the thing that happened tonight in pittsburgh new england game with the jesse james catch it the answer i think one thing we ve learned cause it's been pounded into our brains over the last five years whether we like it or not if you are going to the ground in the process of catching the ball even if you cross the plain of go on in the process you still have to hold onto the ball when you
the ground and we saw jesse james lost possession and me we u can hate the role and i hate the rule i don't like it does brian had that catch taken away from him in the play off a few years ago i thought that was a catch but until they changed the role and its clear that are going to this is the kind of stuff is gonna happen from combat you're watching tony roma live going through all the stages of grief all over again realizing that it wasn't a catch after being like so excited about touch on whose really really fun they say that you have to survive the ground what what the fuck to survive the ground mean nobody nobody survives ground now i'll die and we get buried would have any is undefeated and why the thing is
do you have to have it when you initially hit the ground ok well when does it and that you initially hit the ground like is there a clock to someone ever stop watch how long he had the hold at once she hit the ground so it's a bad rule and it's like every time they get together to try to improve it they sit around the table and they look at each other and they don't know what the how to do so they just stick with the rule has i think they're afraid and you have to give him credit for this i think they're afraid if they tried to fix it they'd make it worse is a pretty good chance they would i can respect the fact that they screwed up so badly in the first place just to justify their city call against calvin johnson the league when its waited like twist the knife on the lions and i kind of respect that we know what it all came from this came from ninety ninety nine and if she championship game burden manual thought a pass and the ball just touched the ground he didn't lose possession of it but the ball touched the ground in the process so they revamp the rule to allow a guy to have the ball touched the ground while is in the process of making a catch and that one tweak is the thing
that has created like ten years of no one knowing what the hell it catches and isn't the butterfly flapping let's let let's move to something a little lighter jerry richardson pre big shithead ha ha we don't know about that if this board all we all we know is all we know is coincidentally decided to sell the team to say those the league decided to launch in it that's the geisha into whether or not he engaged in workplace misconduct so yea luck we can only speculate at this point who knows what facts will come out but the best way to short circuit an investigation
and it could have resulted in all sorts of embarrassing stuff coming out is to step aside and sell the team and that's what you gonna do in the sea than our what it can do the pampas arrest the laughing most the players don't care but like if here culture on her very apt to be thinking what the hell is going to happen to my job if his team get saw before the start of the next season so who knows what impact will have on the panthers but the process won't begin until after the season and now legally speaking if its genes friday aren't you ought to say whatever you want to somebody it's like attorney klein privilege the aid i
the research that north carolina the laws may be different west virginia you guys know a thing or two about the laws in western didn't you practically citizens or the state now about iraq and yeah yeah but i dont know if north maybe south carolina would recognise that north carolina apparently doesn't go for travel case so the big the big question is how much is it gonna cost us to purchase the panthers i have like a quarter of a bit corn hague hank one some prize money from his fight pfc i've gotta jumpsuits large sums in hum i saw how much you did this teams and go for do you think guys like us could maybe like put it all together maybe the first first team actually on by the fans not liked packers we're off rots yet yet what i mean
think there's gotta be at least one person that owns like thirty percent of it some you could put a huge group of partial owners together and i guess in theory you could trading jumpsuits and bitcoin and get like point o o o o o o o o one per cent of the team but somebody with money have to show up and write a huge check and not borrow it that's the thing you gotta show up with like thought i think the number now thirty percent up if the family you can have like different people on there amount so and who knows what is going to go for right supposedly vienna foul is going through tough times now this may not be the best time to try to sell that asset who knows but but there's going to be some oh you know out didn't want to get me in a fan club the other one last since one of its president right now but somebody's gonna work own attainment somebody's gonna play down the money and somebody's gonna buy the panthers and they make it a better deal this year than they would again last year what's a number that says the nfl is in trouble like what's the number that it sells for that everyone then says oh these
our franchise are worth what we think they are i think it's less than a billion ok can i went out of sterling to sell the clippers he like two billion from them not job from microsoft like two billion what the hell for it for this that they the bp and ally in basketball so i think if you go south of amerika bills were the last thing that sword and they want for one for so if you get so if you get south one for you i think there is cause for concern but if it's less than a billion then it's like holy shit yeah that before we take a who guessed it forbes when they try to value these teams with woefully incomplete information has no idea what their talk i could hear durham village actuating right now not all the stuff maybe get georgina involves well with me with the mile trade came near to the judge for like german curling what whose name give us a name like is only one is a list of of people like that they have certainly been shopping teams recent lombard joey really i mean but didn't he pays i popped up for three or four different ain't he having paid manic have paid manic with other group where he's not the money guy they'll be some really rich money guy who holds the thirty percent
the peyton manning is the minority owner who ends up being the guy who does all the talking and makes all the decisions and runs football operation any people thought that would never happen with the titans people think he's going to get involved with the browns at some point jimmy haslam's going to give me a piece of the team but this is a prime opportunity you think i have rarely this happens that a team comes up for sale there were six or seven groups that were trying to get the bills and jon bon jovi was essentially the face of a group that was based in toronto there's a lot of rich guys out there that prefer stay rich one one person told me i think it makes a lot of sense in living better than being rich and famous is simply being rich and a lot of rich guys out that it would like to own a team but they don't want to be the face of the team that i want to get made fun of when their team saki up they don't have to do that in second guess so pay i guess he paid i we i wouldn't ruled out peyton manning show
because again who knows how can anyone predict the next time it had a faulty and going to be available or you can buy the whole thing and put your own team together would relevance for men you must bring back the aims i felt yeah one i just unity and then have its seat and the entire enough see south says yeah that's how every good path is then right yeah i we are i should probably saved if a person out there's thing about buying the panthers by the panthers dont use peyton manning is he's gonna do something stupid use us instead will be the face of it and that's two us people that will make fun of them and will make every day genes friday way nothing now he says inappropriate weapons paris sweat genes optional pants everyday would do to bring about a sheep outmaneuver like frank stance and yet if you first year he had some resort zero creepy law you are you mentioned like if you get a family involve then you have to kick in as much money as everybody pays what about
the presidency is from a lot of men who cause you're getting these kids have jobs yet they polio like bonds that someone gave him when you were born ass a thing felt rivers the kind of guy that puts his kids to work like he just he found a farm that's close by the sea and egg or just was ok my kids you they're gonna work theirs they gonna take us off mike what's going on in cincinnati because we saw that marvin louis it was reported that he has said he's not gonna come back his own choice so busy quitting before they can fire and then after the game he said just kidding that's not true so worth thinking he's probably again extension what what are you here we know contract expire after the seas and it happened several years ago where his contract was expiring people thought if he's gonna leave and what happens is
modern looks around and says really know what are the better opportunities out there tat my people going to beat a path to marvin louis to making the g m of the team i he went on the record and said he think about being a gmo whose higher to be the gm you think the drive to get home to be the gm so he'll look or a potentially and say i literally nothing else out there might brown he looked around and say well if i got higher better coach and we have to pay a lot of money there's a chance i'm not gonna be any better it wouldn't surprise me but let let me lay out this scenario marvin state in cincinnati graduate to the front office where is essentially gm could they don't have one as it is and then sir
why somehow they bring back huge out and to be the coach of the name and its marvin and you working together and cincinnatus you you don't really shown that he can he can cogia team so he's gonna come back and just they're gonna basely collect all the shady football mine so what's what's a huge jackson worth on the open market in ohio right now i'll go away you were saying they might trade formerly either try to pick the if i know the bengals embrowns ur gonna yes that's gonna pick swap than the browser gonna take quarterback that they shouldn't right so i'm like stronger on columbus or somethin i see huge acts on the south road would have to give up to get em god i don't know i mean why would it take anything they get the guy's gonna go oh and sixteen i personally think if you go on sixteen it in an affair head coach you should be partners disqualified from ever being a head coach again for any time goes on its economy was branded as do they only had ten thousand unsold tickets for the game against the steelers with marvin louis is the head coach how would they react to huge act can be in the head coach i like it it's a great story stays in the division plays the brows twice a year but
oh now but that is one scenario and what the bright with bangles you you never know what can happen and the brown dinner and without doubt that's announcing it about it that is that has to happen you're right because i'll be such a clusterfuck because a few jackson mukamba cincinnati and will old demand that age maclarens assorted quarterback and marvin louis front office go back no any dolphins quarterback and the bengals will become like of another version of the brons why not
i used to be remember they would anyone there were six teams in the air sea central before the texas joined illegal for several years of their sixteen and the browsing bangles were the two shit teams in that there is what what other coaches names out there for getting far whenever tunnel another man's job but what coaches do you expect to get terminated on black money after week seventeen what do you think they'll get far before black month yeah what why do you want to stir up a guy's new year's day this year black mothers niggers data their farm on new year's eve and a job fox who feel like it the foregone conclusion that he's gone i think dark cutter is in trouble have half a bet they got they gave to morrow night younger and going to back not just to call a game but enter the ring of honour in family farms are gonna be awkward at all when surprise me if cutters out regardless of whether an awkward and comes back this planet regulation that bruce areas is going to step down from the cardinals after this year i don't think he gets fired but i think it's possible he walks away you ve got jake ruin
in washington who potentially could be out you know they start discard mcluhan grievance hearing tomorrow where they fired him back in march and i didn't want to pay him and the city was drinking on the job and i think there's a chance it can become ugliness that comes out during that hearing that could cause danish now to say now the time to move on from j grognon maybe from bruce alan inachus vienna set you flip over the fc you ve got up potentially might malarkey if the don't make it make it a play they lost to the friggin forty niners today you ve got who else is in the area of sea northward talk about jobs lie outside gaps what you got plenty a guy get me you'd have like eight or nine o brien did come up and bill bill brides fascinating i talk about this tonight up all night america a year ago he wasn't happy
and he wanted out but they weren't able to work it out now i got the shawl watson i could see him wanting to stay but bob mcnair sent not up sorry bill what we ve got a job now that any coach has been awarded to move on from you because we can hurt anyone to come here and work but shall water for the next ten years in search of a better equipped to the washington leg you what what is it that a public hearing is it now unfortunately god it's a grievance hearing what happens is anybody who is not a player and ever the affair they have their own union too pretty that coaches in front of his people usanga contracted says if you have any gripe against a team the commissioner resolves year your grave and switch i mean loads the deck and favour the team the commissioners appointed a gotta do the arbitration and the whole questions gonna be did the team have just cause when they fired not mcluhan and they're going argue that was drinking on a job and i think mcloone's going can argue
you know what you got plenty of people in this building their drinking on the job or otherwise that's what i think is going to happen the gonna try to introduce evidence of widespread alcohol use i don't know that i think that an also the arguments gonna be you know the guy we still draken when yard and can he had a long and if you accept workers him if he s piano magazine they came out like two weeks before he got hard by washington but i think the mass it's all about trying to save two point eight million dollars and the role of the dice to see if they can stiffened that's a classic redskins movies to try to save like two billion dollars and risk ledges embarrassing the franchise in setting the backlog twenty years that's basically what they do every year but i want to correct you on one point seven that set workers from article that mcluhan still drinking he was only drinking beer he said you were right now you see your gear correct he was only drinking beer not not the hardliners it but i really clear later i think they'll be plenty of evidence plenty of evidence that it will support the idea that that there was plenty of beer and hard stuff
the facility in the premises in violation of the leaks policy leaves out a very clear policy you can have any that stuff around on the buses on the plain in the building anywhere and i think part of what my cool i don't know this but i think part what mccoy is going to try to prove that there is alcohol every work ok are one quick question here talk me out of the jacksonville jaguars winning the fc why no it's getting harder and harder to do it because now blake borders is turning into a how better than now seventieth they now resumes christians has had him at number seventy i'm an asshole clearly where the quarterback expert i know is for persons after last week when he moved him up a sickly no night now i don't know where you're going to be analysed
we may be up to sixty seven yeah but this discharge we of total quarterback plays an asteroid louis criticisms that he would not all time time line right now ahead of a playwright easily price seventy all time to think about it at all these working receivers they got a guy with living in his car for too weak to do you know how long are we going to be an jacksonville they they casually aid ellen robinson our hearts has gone marquis fleas hurt now they just keep it wrong they keep around it and have a letter from today they they beat the crap out of the text and i think this is a team that could win in new angle individual radically when it goldberg individual many php championship game from app and haggling fight you now i agree with you i grows unite because they have exactly i mean us i've said it to ad nauseam i know it sounds stupid it's like talking to a wall because it until the patriots lose a game that you have to say they're probably not to lose a game but jacksonville has that wrestle the of getting to the quarterback point really good defence and be able to run the bar the patriots key
what teams that have like high powered offices in the playoffs jacksonville jaguars you're not a high powered often play you know balance football and its florida team with all the ingredients to plan the elements in january brigham to pittsburgh and its twenty five degrees they gonna run the bombing migrate defects and it had bad weather neutralize the passing game oh i've far passing gained sucks anyway they they probably would prefer bad weather play games is never played and snow did yes he has yet as we heard yes yes he happy surrounds us no one knows any knows for a fact that snows wetness his undefeated and snow become sobered what is are they change are they gonna change any any rules they all season about hits or anything like it take football away from us to avoid the talk about the targeting the targeting rope in college i can't hear you know that's gonna fucking socrates and here is the one thing they need to do it i saw they hit today thomas davidson avanti adam yet same
the juice misused or put on board as birth it but because that game today didn't happen in prime time then going to suspend thomas david that's my prediction there is such a lack of consistency problem is its all former players and i'm not saying that there should be only lawyers involved in this process but at some point in this process at this hiding discipline there needs to be a grown up in the room who says now guys remember we at the same hit two weeks ago and let's look at what we did two weeks ago and what we did two weeks ago should be a factor in what we do now and i don't i don't ever get the sense that they have that commitment to what decisions are made in the past
you should be able to tell just when we see a guy's face mascot yet we note the fifteen your penalty when we feel like what we saw today we should know exactly what is going to lead to but because it just feels like the thrown a dart every time one of these happens and their influenced by primetime gained in big reaction from the media and people say i'll know football is doomed i think they they are more aggressive when it happens in a night game where everyone's watching then one it's in that cluster one o clock games on a sunday the the college targeting rule will be very bad for the unifil because they kicked we kicked kids out all the time after a hit we're everyone's moving a million miles an hour and i get there sometimes is intentional had hunting and you got it you have to crack down on that but there is also a lot of times were geysers moving really fast and have one guy ducks the last second it goes from a hit in the chest to hidden the head that kind of situation that's it might mitchell set a couple of weeks ago because any down through a bad path to tyler ivory tower i've had to dive mike mitchell
put them in the head because calorific dough into the hit so i prefer that the law office deal with these hits after the fact but i don't like the way they currently do it because i really dont believe that they are as consistent as they need to be because the players need to know what is going to get them suspended and what's not for now i just feel like the crapshoot one last thing would you like to acknowledge hank as the rough ready champion to believe in west virginia that means that he's the governor now so that he can sleep in your how he's your boss rate and i've been out on storage sure they slept that night i think been stayed up all night i don't know if hank slept at all i think you guys slept check out the night you guys we're here you're welcome at the house anytime you the king a west virginia i was i was on team hank and i were thrilled with sixteen guys the barn was at full capacity and we had a great we had a fantastic time watching the fight everything about it who was entertaining the main event the under card the post main event i did
which you guys what kept going till the end you guys prematurely i know so do we due west virginia proud because you are west virginian did we do it proud with our commentary and also just gonna highlighting the rough and ready i thought it was great i mean i thought i was here from mickey and rocky when you said when you haven't guys crying keep punching was right here there's a guy got punch in the face he started crying and eat but he still every one that fight each didn't quit now like ducas causes the other guy just let up while he was crying so they gotta intentions the duty and jean i think it lays down the street from an due to put his head down it was like doing them round and round barrier great that's a great great strategy to things up when you did this star spangled banner i thought it was gonna be like a boy out sing the conflict on national i've got it with some sort of a bit you did a great job is actually a beckoned to be a joke and secondly we have to
when i asked you a stupid question about how to get access to the thing and what you know like that really dumb technical question that i knew the answer to that was your clue to give me a free pass leyla hold me i d lose contacts overtaxed message so once you maybe should copy on phone like an actual persons of melina subtle good news mike is actually if you had just been patient everyone watched for further so who can work it out i know john sets off of senior how so i'll send you a revision of the ten dollars how do you think i paid for foreigners we watch the budget very tightly last question before let you go how are you in any or fantasy league championships you ok tell her i had all you and i even though like i don't care where you now we came why would you ever jean i don't
you don't care no i dont really said we don't care but likewise and i'm still alive in the summer funnels of one we don't want applies might we don't you real fact here is gonna kick my own here's what you don't care but i know i know but the boy maybe i can you bring me don't care about anything we target for twenty minutes recording until just not the act and you can do is make for you can check him out on profile paul talk every single morning i never use all night malaria football my contacts only don't you to eat a sandwich someone here who is like he's lost some weight is worn christmas over yes because my successor states like we're saying it again that he was brought up by me undies every year millions of people receive the least like gift of all time underwear but we still give it to her family our loved ones who just don't want it but maybe it's not the underwear
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the dough cinnamon roles are fan favorite so just through that in there in the apology always be closing always be closing i mean it's a very weird thing to do but it's also like hey i'm ready to move on i thought about these pizza do yeah i respect the guy's hustle little but i want to give you sabre metric here the only two celebrities i know that where crocs more a battalion brought forth so maybe you just stay away maybe stay away from guys that where crisis a moral brutalities where those who talk about heat heavens yesterday but how are you if you take a shortlist pictures of the gym arbitrarily amene pony tales i don't know man ponytail i agree and entails feel like a big red flag as a dude with long hair i go out of my way right not where ponytail ever right does he see your thinking like ok xk french z like some some we are even worse may be happy in it was a dude roughen rowdy that was where he was views balding he was like half paul but he was hanging onto
ponytail you look like an avatar yeah and when you see the guy walk in his regular go this guy can fight in any kind of gets is asking to join noise gotta come screws loosened his is still gotta point never trust a party to unless it's beaded like development mickey's he darwin's pretty fuckin sweetie appoint the easier rattle but he's being beaten rattles our differences we wrapped around more right tells you wanna play some part with you and hang rattles her sweet i bet todd hayley if it were like socially acceptable todd hayley would still have run the anguish and have a right to be a pony tells her like hey oh got oh you got us in when peter dough on your breast let me rubbed on real what what better treat first season where a guy just comes down your pipes men nice cinnamon dough peachy aptly glory but tausig s finger on the pulse tat when he wrote that did he actually think i was gonna like knock it roasted he can't right eye
know what's going on side mario batali said he was just he's ready to move on a quick like i'm ready to move on and talk about these pizza dough rolls all right next up we have one of our favorite segments is tom brady full of shit no okay when i said has actually went no but so apparently according to adam shifter in you did on friday a boy there are actually p man because he won that jets bet with rangers one relates to call adam schaffner p boy after compete man respect of urine man oh there are whisper release p man is my father he after the head that alex guerrero and bilbil check are at odds outgrow tom brady's junk science guru who tells him that he if he thinks hard enough he can't get concussions and if he sleeps long enough plato he's a hundred years and he can elongated body as he's in mid air again hit yarns basically tom prettiest caught leader temporary has a call that he is the head of but the real head of his call is this quack
and so the only member of the court is also sombre hake is very weird situation as it but this yeah i am not surprised to hear the project is even oh yeah this is an area that is this clearly belch has been like yeah if you just want to have a weirdo hang out as links are winning supports russia right belgic as an excess of those guys are how can we win this game and analysed rose probably handing him some weird cocoanut modern unlike here bill drink this and are you look you know five pounds slimmer is like what the fuck do i alex grabbed me whenever a picture is he's just doktor nick revere from some yes yeah he's just seizures facon everything so i bet you he's i bet you would happen is our girl prolegomena the tent went out of the tent followed is clear when i read the blue tent and that's big no no either that or are grown like he stepped over that one line where he is a k build do you mind if i can like ourselves some of my power
its bracelets the rest the chamber a presentation to everybody liked even work it s arm here so i tried to pose a pyramid nonsense were highland bill is like fucked us yet get the fuck out of here bilbil check is going to have greater killed within probably to you the bridge which our he knows too much here he deaf windows tito's way too yes i we have a pr one or one for jerry richard syn an hour before we get that you have some for me yes so where can i bet i won't talk you guys about my bookie if you watch the gameless it's time to start making money my book easy industry leading website that hooks you up for all your bedding needs and with great odds that's pay out in decades of expertise you can bet with confidence your team does he have to when they just have to cover the spread so what are you in four lay down some cash and wind big today or if you know your team socks do us a favour bet against them if they lose you can make me if they when you're still can be happy where you bet is as important as we are betting on that's why i'm urging you to make your way to my bookie i trust them beetle have to take my word for it check them out for yourself
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we discussed it with florio little bit pay out this is all in the guise of genes friday right so that should be you you shouldn't make should preface every oh so his lines by the way he these were so his lines which is not funny because he's the boss unease basically telling people like ease he's busy sexual arising out of the women in his office but his life who were so corny old old like dude loser line he said lucy he said he ass though women show me how you wiggle to get those genes up and then he said i bet had to lay down on your bed to fit in those genes the fuckin discuss press
move so what did you do what he's doing right there you probably don't get this did she has you don't women's minds were but when you say laid out did you lay down on your bed she's think about sex cause you're going about away but if you have the lay down on the bed to fit into those genes is that mean like you busy saying like you your genes of your stomach too fat busy yeah that's a weird around about a fatty yo i lay down on the bed to get on my genes all time and then he said did you step into those genes or did you have to jump into them yet another mentioned allows i knew the operator here just calling his employees fat yeah and also just being agreed so i've overstay woke on this deal a jury richardson earned owes money parties
yes oh he owns a shit load of fast food franchise boge angles parties much thanks you know anybody else who owns alonzo emily does what your who owns a lot of like pizza places oh but i was led by our though sohmer hank known as the motor of say my jerry jones papa john should bring on haiti through i so yeah it's so jerry jones did not get harry richardson in his coalition because jerry richardson he puts the shield above all else and that's why i'm panthers field there the only a field in the lee such new york yet it has the shield yeah field so richardson we're not join jerry jones in his quest to remove roderick adele jerry on the phone he's ok papa john you're mutual enemy of the sky dirt there
a commission a little a little investigative journalism sign saying so this is like breaking bad to we're like fighting were fighting the nfl wars through fast boot to chicken meat yang actually this is i like this we we mentioned before but vincent man buying the panthers and basically just causing a scene and like a thorn in every one size not letting jones sneeze at meetings all that's none and then taking the panthers starting its own league with the panther panthers is like the head of it i don't know how that would work it be great if he if he succeeded from the unifil with panthers and then put them into the excess yeah did i would be amazed i just dominate there's one rings and rings and ranks he hate me should come back
whose panther riah he was roger was yes he was he could either gm another good point in the other the other spins only could have or pierre werner one they have another famous person north carolina that owns a team and he's done a great job with it michael jordan the goat nets rightly could just get two teams carolina just ruining both i dont think to jerry richardson sell to michael torn because you get that europe which is in does latest rail is slack he doesn't like his prayers having tattoos or even ring is swag bucks if michael jordan like took over the panthers he would probably draft like alex when you broke in the first round here
just bring back twenty brown if i'm gonna find out i can play a kwame could be like a big red zone target or he could be like just a guy the jumped up and dressed block feel go i'm the moral values like i know this guy can place poor yeah but i accept that the problem with that is being to try him out for that michael jordan would kick feel goals and just kick it over me like you fucking subsequently your piece of shit you not worth anything and then call me would have another breakdown joke about this ready yeah just judge me on the richter scale ok so maybe jericho like a page at a mario battalions book and show your face and that you still care about creating turnovers one point some five forget that's what i thought i was actually would i yeah i was you those more like a one five yeah yeah you know i'll give you the actual quarter of a boob becky you know what i actually think you should do is soon so just learned recently you can see yourself in court and you just get to argue against herself in front of a judge
it's basically like you do talk radio yeah for like three hours and your audience is a court room at the jurists another one like i know we're judging alot of books by their cover after the fact but like every time they showed him in the box he looked like a guy they would probably make an inappropriate genes common to one of its employees he just was like half asleep all the time just so looking anger he just poker and black came mister richardson aids but we the fourth quarter of the ice cream cartier age might get the fuck out of my way wait let me see it ass an it goes on and on and on a single that he actually has a built in spends on forms of because he got a heart transplants like five years ago also it's the other guys hides the eternal yeah that's true yes have actually very very smart i last up we have her metalogy this is our new segment because guess what we're probably have to talk about her medworth into state a lot this year so her when harm was announced as the head coach they the athletic director at the time
billy napier has done an outstanding job with our office in my view feel but it has helped us make progress with our defence i've made it clear to both those guys that we want them to have the opportunity to come back this is often save in defence of coordinator since at sea it meant like a week you both guise of left so hermit words has been on the job for two weeks he's already lost his office of coordinator and is defensive curtained area he definitely does know what he's doing it all i think in an ideal world her mad words which have like a word the day counter coordinate his office here that's all it gives a shit about it s like a motivational told everyone young men the outer become young men right so that's what harms all about their he might just do so using errs on and i don't even know familiarity has but he's not he's on first take everyday rail i think i don't know if he knows that he has to coach the football definitely just thought that he took a job where you just sit in an office light it and motivate like eighteen years yes it has not occurred to him that he access playful had added a hundred percent correct might turn it into a dude wretch were like
the former new york dies and he played with and coach with i did just come down to get a code for like a week your name down there ass she liked yes i've tried putting to you just have you just have a rotating coaching start my one keep winkler that away from the teenagers other hot we already has a rotating sees programme rotating correct staff so might well just get in front of the story here because this is our plan every culturally gets a couple weeks and then we fire your new defence according to this week is the word for similitude that's right you're demeans we'll go learn above similitude this week is easiest basic gonna show them like you know motivational videos like videos big cat weak they just how that last week he's gonna show that like look you gotta be lines out there now even coach defence often nothing no plays just go out there and be lie that's her medworth i cannot i'm really exist i still don't understand how this happened to this i just feel
like a glitch in the matrix someone just made him it probably started as a joke by like too rich dude in arizona like will not be funny if we just got home to coach is like that yeah the plot of training places and adjusts geike spiraled and now we're here we're home is actually cogent eighteen team but he doesn't realize i bet you one dollar that harm edwards could get the exact same right as oliver other coaches and go for some yeah right it's just you yet you rich guys make a bet ya i that is our show do you ever on wednesday i think we have areas foster common on wednesday we're tape debtor viewed mild rigour talk about wolves with benefits out about the fact that billy has owned him play football owns him online full ownership so we'll see i'm once let me guess
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