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Mike Florio + NFL Week 6 Recap

2018-10-15 | 🔗

NFL Week 6 Fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 7:34). Week 6 recap, Brock Osweiler owns the Bears, Nathan Peterman is hilarious, Big Ben owns Ohio, and the Broncos are on the watch for the Done Chain (7:34 - 28:12). Chaos in College Football but LSU is back to playing Neck (28:12 - 33:10). Football Guy of the Week including Gregg Williams eating opossums and possibly rats (33:10 - 36:11). Who's back of the week (36:11 - 46:01). Mike Florio joins the show from Pro Football Talk to talk Week 6, what the Giants should do with Eli Manning, what the Raiders should do with Jon Gruden, and a spin on LeVeon Bell no one is talking about (46:01 - 65:43). Segments include Talking Baseball, just stop talking Jon Gruden, Perspective from Bruce Irvin and Nathan Peterman, Bad Visual Conor McGregor, and Trouble in Paradise Pete Davidosn/Ariana GrandeĀ 

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