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Mike Florio, Week 13 Recap And We Broke News

2018-12-03 | 🔗

NFL Week 13 fastest 2 minutes. (2:20-8:57) Mike McCarthy fired and we broke the news, not to brag. Recapping NFL Sunday, the Chargers big win, AFC WC cluster fuck, Done Chain, Texans are still winning, Chase Daniel is Chase Daniel, and the Patriots are doing that Patriots thing they do every year. (8:58-28:04) College Football Playoff and Jalen Hurts redemption. (28:49-36:33) Who's back of the week. (36:34-45:06) Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the show to talk about Mike McCarthy, Kareem Hunt situation, which coaches are potentially on the hot seat, will NFL teams look more to College, and a conspiracy theory on how TMZ got the Kareem Hunt tape. (48:32-1:15:16) Segments include Football guy of the week,(1:17:24-1:21:40) Ehhhh for Brett Favre, (1:21:41-1:24:53) Mansplaining Kareem Hunt, (1:24:54-1:30:22) Kings Stay Kings Phil Rivers, (1:30:33-1:32:37) and Spinzone for Urban Meyer's Spinzone (1:32:38-1:34:20). 

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