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2017-02-12 | 🔗
Kevin Durant vs Russ Westbrook and an update on Lebron Blames (4:07 - 8:50). Who's Back Of The Week including Grammy's Talk (8:56 - 15:53). Mike Golic joins the show to talk Football, what it's like having the same co-host for 18 years, and what he thinks of our Mike and Mike impression.(16:50 - 46:06) Segments include PR 101 for James Dolan. Anonymous Sources season for College football players. Uhhhh Ya Think. Is He Dead Yet? Bad Radio and Respect The Shield for the Madden Champion that loves to tweet offensive things.
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don't get your taxes one let's go violence none how i welcome the of my take it is monday february thirteen and there was no
i hope there's absolutely nothing on tv we talked about the hibernation nation idea like if a farmer company wants to make all the money the world just inventor hibernating drug right now i hate being any dog i hate being the like boo hoo it's so sad that there's no football guys put that's who we are we actually let's start with it we need to have an intervention with hank i've caught hank watching the patriots rebel no less than six times and last week or so my fault nfl network playing every single patriots superfluous we football draws and they were i also giants they did i actually why should i want some of em if i'm sorry figure out what went wrong i decided the area to taken the pain if you're gonna win that many here you know actually hank that's it you're point of your bad for you superbowl shrinking irish if it is no football though but the good news is there the nba back with the nba comes drama
what they do yet we had the big kevin durrant returned to oklahoma city on saturday night the most entertaining blood of ever watched i dont use the word blow play with it we are going to say yes to say but it was fantastic i actually thought the booze weren't loud enough now lose what that's what katy said right he said i thought that they be louder right kind of lou twisted the knife there though the ass drama the weekend was the state house drama the debate is that gaiety want to get stake out but they said no you can't get it and we're gonna tourists but then they gave it to katy too no everyone had stake it was great also liked to espn's coverage of the week in which apparently took place in like a merry brunch lobby i don't know they were set up in a really weird place like a lot of granite around yeah and flowers i enjoyed that was the production value was tremendous the coward shirts that they spelled with a k and a
the answer is a katy that was pretty good the cupcake shirts lotta cut cupcake sales in oklahoma city were booming this week and if ones not familiar it also for my guess it was like kendrick perkins used to call people who are being soft cupcakes and when kevin rant decided to sign with the warriors russell westbrook tweeted and instagram pick of just a bunch of cupcakes so kevin rats cupcake and then stephan dream on threw back in their face and more the cupcake sure they took betty all your word and those warriors there such villains vessel funny it's great day they are taking back to word that was once used to denigrate them now it's theirs and only they can say so now that the most recent winner gets used the seaward king that's the go to your kevin durrant has just some eighty seven enriched with him about us go take like we find differ reasons to hate can interact with the posture what else did you have some mike
i don't know i just he just hate him yeah just the only real depositor does not only apply in all the time of the media because he thinks he's getting treated unfairly and he was basically the most cause he's been the most coddled star out there mean leubronn got killed killed for not winning a title in cleveland the first go around and basic we killed kill for going to miami and all that stuff i mean kevin got a little bit a backlash put for the most part he's supposed to be one of the top three pillars the legally hasn't when the title i mean character and act like a big baby when stephen a smith threatened right so there's a hasty cabin keep keep stephen s name in around your lips yet there yoda men those little just keep any goatee yet had on trapped in no but i'm always way pubic goats anything they have all put stephen s name in any procedures lips
i'm just gonna bring added value to our citizens are part of my take we ve been calling lips pussy leaders for the last two weeks in practice such areas i guess we're just gonna go emphases is over with a mixed up weird re exactly procedures and you take some harm cat kevin taranto yeah i'm home would you pay though to watch kevin ran russ westward fight zero dollars real i really don't care you know i know i take you back zero dollars right now problem a thousand dollars after the also break because that's when the nba becomes interest to me as a casual thin there there so happy with each other it was pretty clear when they had some word so would you take in that fight western or less progesterone persists just purely because of his anger yeah i think you would just uses teeth he would just like bite kevin durrant wrath right he just angry the other thing i little media is doing because governor aunt is like the king of just he eat
whenever he gets interviewed he just is like the meanest person in the world to the reporters isn't respectable so i wonder serve uses mom and stuck his mom was mean tat he has his mom is getting mean as well as mama's really really hitting oklahoma city ants are maintained in budapest on people forget calendar in his tattoos but you can see the items called business tat and so it is that's you because you your arms don't have tattoos items you can still get a real job of catherine everyone's go work for avis yeah he can still get that job also his he's got to reverse chris long in the end yet right chris only has the sleeve right chris arguments get old regime ruined his post in a fell career working at avis or just any use karla right exactly so the the news we had from the nba just a quick is actually more prediction leubronn blames prediction having love is going to be out it looks like on tuesday because a niece start soreness little leubronn blames one of his one of the three geyser out so we
you do it all oh you re emptive leah little the bridle while yet it yeah if you don't make us teammates get down and overtime kissing his feet and other things right exactly and he let's do our monday whose back the weak the your words whose back the weak and just a little safer metrics for you on tiger woods since i suppose that run around since two thousand fourteen he's had more back surgeries three then top ten finishes one ok that's never get some pack of the week my whose back is short shorts and college basketball so i've been taking as for a couple years now bagginess again way too far get in the way the rebels these guys like to go between their legs a lot you know these these new powers is there so they bring back short tighter sorts because of indiana are doing it i've seen it across the big east to throw up we're gonna see major swing here get out in front of this if you're a college basketball player tat those things up i like it fashioned forward in my
second whose back is award season as we mentioned fell seasons over for buses is done but on sunday as they like to mix in a suit and tie black tie of than ever now enzo tonight's the grammy's recording is before the grandma's yet can actually thrown a whose whose back to your whose back because award seasons backdoor crystal no others why trump one cause every we get hollywood elites in one room this why trump as chris long put its live off it has to be some major label very rare it turns out that macro more declined to attend right to protest from paid exact something it's gonna come out i always look i love the grimmest because someone's gonna fall at some point member who did like the pit do as a people who power bomb some chick oh yeah yeah i get awesome yeah can view to confuse the two whatever mr worldwide i also lay
adele whenever you can get a dell behind a microphone when she's talking rather than singing it is a wild ride for her to go from like her singing voice and then she said i give you so much yeah she hasn't awful british access no offense adela dovers bianca you guys got oh is that the show that their seas gap she's got twin so you can't you gonna respect from italy behaviors della delhi adela com i like there's always at least one band usually like some mid once these guys who they really should just never do live music and has resigned yellow sock and eight they sound awful nom lie if so that always want to eat a lifetime achievement award for matchbox twenty and rob thomas to smooth santana ever hear about like lifetime achievement awards for a song yeah but if there is one it should absolutely good aside song took over a whole summer
not a whole summer that everything no time that there's like a sporting event a nest sport even on tv you can count on smooth to be one of the transition songs like when they're going to commercial while actually say no it was when the heat were good the heat balance leaving the heat as probably hurt sales of carlos antenna rob him i think that song is immune to exist whole towards your whole toward just on that's all you do is repeated that songs in this is a good opportunity to do and as a white guy because as a white guy who hasn't really consume new music and about fifteen theirs i just assume that like every award should go to like sublime yeah biscuit sublime again well as a white guy and journalists everyone good springs that's good point maybe joker recipes are it's like i'm john bid who will get to hurt himself add a millville concert like peter
he pulls is growing at a springs in concert right i'm saying right unshipping is really really cause they take home grown men impose again and impose again but the other though the white guy journalists grammy's would be so let just base a uterus springsteen you too maybe van morrison like achievement of one up and aerosmith arsonists after stuff heirs of the like armageddon aerosmith yeah errors in maybe you who they have for the have one thing bernie williams under bernie williams guitar work he has pretty williams guitar were hurt nobody was based work is no basis niceties guitar planning and whatever either way he's is so stupid the pirnie williams like actually try to be a real musician he was pretty what wrapper that i dont know if you get a job just basing that off of what white sports writers about what wrapper would wait sports renders put in there
oh probably back the more i just wanna get hip to run the jewels to yeah more lp they like open ok and what they like they liked mike's interviewed bernie sanders so they start to get into that that be great the white sports writers grammy talk about some electric stuff thank my whose back i was gonna be cupcakes but since we talked about that i'm gonna go without the sun the days going along our hearts zones where forgot about humans verse the sun yeah good cause i have who actually my first is doing stuff so that that out there doing stuff on the weekend on a sunday saturday with no college football go talk it creates turns out i went out on saturday there's a whole world out there and people do stuff it was weird there's people everywhere you change meant those are not sing on what to do stuff i'm just ain't doing stuff seems like it could be making a come and i need them imagine you i'm gonna become worried about ok my second back is fire tom cream crew so
tom green lost a big one against michigan at home embarrassing loss tom cream is back they it's not the hot seat just to fire tom cream crowd is back and you can't fire tom you don't need really an excuse for the fire tom crean crew to come back you just need is a good screenshot of him making a stupid looking face or making the situation is bad but that's why tom crean he will get fired by indian of soon or rather than later but someone will hire him simply because of his face he's got a brand he like say what you want to buy would dare of elsie like this is awful for our nation right bids tremendous content right leg cream has a continental fate he has an exceptionally stupid looking face yes m and that in itself like that's a brand that pull back oh wow where's tom green coach he coach the missouri valley and people will now be watching missouri valley games because
of his name and his face a hundred per cent yeah name goes a long way it's like gum north turner basically made a whole career off just his name level yet just through you just throw north turn it just gets out in all the conversations play we don't really know he's got big play buckets north turn ass tom creese crean's stupid fucking face i like it i let's you are in our view this is we take this during super weak it's great over murray not to pet myself on the back but we do any good job we did some fun we did some serious we have my going with us on the shelf gentleman
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your guest radio hall famer giggle jacket for that i didn't you know what an end i enjoy the hall of fame and i've been in a few hall of fame brag now i'm saying that almost in a negative way i'd like to be in the hall of fame for actually like doing something on the field they re one emigre highschool hall of fame i'm in a wrestling hall of fame but as a as a great american because i wrestled that's going on all the other thing that products i am given a speech there and i'm like wait a bit i'd like to be in hall of fame for actually wrestling right ok we american knowledge diesel russell referenda i russell my son mike one time thanks giving a couple years ago when i thought i was so tougher than him and that was the end of it ok that was kind of that that tipping point so i did a badge
of ensuring their it's michael like he is radio hollow famer hall famer for great american now you're halls guided about jack my owes me now we got right into it that's what we're gonna do of first before we get started i have i have a special thing here going to start the interview sandwich a fork in a knife here the hell does greece not here and so we're not gonna get started until you take a bite sandwich using a fourth using a fork in the night i see you got the fine cutlery for this one so for anyone who doesn't know the backstory year makes time radio partner likes to eat so much is with foreign
then i guess probably only men american to do that before it has even gordon same spargo actually just by the meat was educated rainy hey look at this agreement can alone this great you can add enough to make my gain a sound so what are we may now for like me bacon i know there are going to get the bacon s great radio this is the best radio ok to moscow prostrate long time coming sport the goal x for people who don't know are one of the biggest supporters are still the entire family why falls me daughter follows me your sons follow me and store you can be the parcel party feels good got him on the ground floor property you for liking us you know what there are very large value as a fun guys enjoy what you do your mind slings and arrows
so i guess a marrow slung oil oil but that's cool you know what work were now we're talking about stuff that you shouldn't take all i'd series railway saw right go you guys have a good time and re use it we were talking earlier your work in here this week where work near the sweet but you get up a lot earlier than us you get up at what four o clock now i get up there the local time here for clock yeah what's i'm usually get up for mike mike when you guys are back in that on regular time sometimes it's interesting on the road sometimes i can sleep in longer because and closer to the venue but like in an eastern coast time i'll get about for fifteen get in about five years so what time you go to bed use nine are also quick sometimes step but sometimes stuff a quick sometimes stamp and watch stuff a little bit but do you know do you ever like me is that something you ve been doing it for so long it just become second nature produce ever say like i kind of wish i could stay up late and i wake up in a little bit i wake up every morning and i say
bad word really live string a bad words you can follow fuck fuck casa whatever you want to get out if you have it this latter iran my man from crystal soil fights only hidden safe area outside the mother of all i swear every every morning about then once i get going get there and then realized hancock user my days done you're gonna it's really not actually sound like hank that's how hank wakes up ever to extradite discussing it ass you get threatening our lawyers difference into swear so are you able to watch the games in the morning before you want what we can do as i watch as much as i can and then i'll get up in the morning and obviously unity in spain have pretty good you know ways to watch gambling you don't see them plus ever activate plus other they have it's amazing slice it don't have spines they frowned upon that that's that's right bayliss left but you can watch
the compressed football games you can do that word they take you can see a whole game and maybe twenty minutes if you need so what were able to see what we need to see if not we dispense with conviction if you say and act like you made it than people think it's really drive well idea what you're talking about i would never jays were silent on a big all twenty two credit to me that we may almost five minutes into the interview before i asked what the captures like it he s been clean let me tell you one of the greatest moments ever actually when we ve got the new cafeteria i actually left the show the studio and went over there was banging on the door let us and because when i first got the sba in the cafeteria terrific was a little it almost like the little lobby and they serve liked like sandwiches and that was it then they built this ungodly cafeteria where i immediately said we need to do the show from the cafeteria like you'd be here all the time it is fantastic so all i have to say
improvements ay i think there are like building fifteen builders menus i want nothing will already at lunchtime today i dont not use i don't hang around that long thereby love eleven thirty sometimes i well if i've dang around but usually get out of there go home but i've done it and it is like how factual desserts election year that rejected yeah how soon after that shows overdue puts weapons on usually i skipped swept bans on right down among the off how can we go now guys all about relaxing that the four my office has been slept on many a time you know when i knew just can lay down and i would use my trash can for a pillow sounds great ass like in his underwear sleeping trash cans there's a veritable rises like a wonderful everybody just stopped for a moment fives in that radio visualize vision
radio my idea of where you go describe something visualize dry even then move on ok yeah that sounds like actually the why are you taking your pants off right now michael so we're here sitting with you i assume that you ve hurt us posture balls a little but in a funnel fair play our deepest oftener than oh my god now i am so not taking any anything serious guy i'm not like this does greeny might be a little more sensitive on things like that it's it's possible how do you think my impression is when i just eat the whole time that's my pray he does greeny i do you write like let me see what you mean a topic metallic about the soup start idea since were the superbowl welcome back to the subway restate progressive hotline wanted flowers my life was saying the other day that i'd i don't order her flowers enough what do you think about that we will solve the problem
that's ok we're back we're here on the progressive fresh take subway hotline jobs bill brad right you specially by a flow of progressive switch car it's all right now we're gonna be interviewing my wife you will be aware we combine superbowl blue ruminants no worse than we do now i went to journalists and school and i think that you don't have to be a shift to tell a cookie if its food taste good i should be able to watch sport weight my wife's calling me right now two things on that number one the abyss
before you to pull out all our basically sponsored incredible shout i do listen to you guys just about every that's incredible number to think about what what's going on here because what you did in eating i can eat on air pollution for eighteen years and getting paid yes yes outside in wanting tat sandwich i want that on the record that i am on a diet but i ain't that so silks method active part but it's a great job because i do i owe you a lot of air and then pay back ok so that makes you feel better with the usa must our bosnians you can feel really similar segments you include everyone well property that let me ask you a question that everything trademark young no pressure diamond rather robert griffin losses trademark i swooped from trademark custom in the shit out of me
seriously we won't use but everything you can make an everyday trademark then you know we can do to rights in areas where its cultural business comedies half stealing other people's ropes goin and then delivery i want actually ask a serious question this is this is this could suit you what what year you out with green is your coat is our eighteen year you're so you're its ending soon it seems it seems so ok i'm the last to no one that one but things is going down there are actually try out to be ok is that this whole thing is actually trial that's so this is the ulterior motive year yes vietnam was named drug drugs rice here ok you like just go see if you can get along with you to our for ten minutes so you guys eight in your site how you guys do eighteen years without getting like at each other's neck and you know you're what we are actually
what a good at at in all honesty since area because we're we're we're partnership we have hank who media it's a lot you knew at the end of the day we don't take an to seriously right what we disagree alot i'm sure you guys disagree allowed but there's no reason and take it personal and take it off the air what went you know we'll go to break it be ellen at some but somebody got a break and just just turned answer the next thing people think we're like matter one another's like now is just this our discussion we move on was ever moment where it got maybe like the fight maybe lasted a little bit too long like an extra day or something and you like i we gotta you know maybe this out only only on air sometimes route bring things back up on air you don't feel we finished it talent but like in that time off the air sea at our stand to greener different parts of our lives and we live far apart from one another hits kids are way younger than my kid so it would really hang a lot anyway so we don't see each other a lot but we will revisit things on shows if we don't think that there really is
big at trying to change my mind on thing right ok try and imagine what that's like right tuna shows somebody like that she is all the same it does sounds marty tire i thought you were really so that you're the one that does your says he shares my mind just get me you think i put my pass that was i don't want to piss my parents as a main they need and even pisses pal you can do that on call it was it is a gift is guy quatrain i am not going to be bad for you and more generally that was the biggest regret my professional careers not being able to piss myself you think i could have taken you further on your back and say you that's a big what if that was the moment he was like a dog with its tail between left and right audio something oh yeah oh yeah they now that once you i don't they always say you go back and moment in your life that was either yourself so either kill baby hitler or p my pants verdict
back in view of the very about speaking dogs you're a big pug owner yeah what's it like being a weirdo sea area i want to tell you something we always had labs ok riazanov i will very and we're never into the small dogs and it was i think was sidney they really wanted wanted a pug one time so we got hang the parking lucas he's our best friend here from from your lovely man up that's why we know who name them after an unbelievably we we dug the park i was just so we got another want now we got harry hagen harry intolerable i maybe we have three pugs no no to put in a lab twine lavishing one real dog then ass i you know what it's tough for me to argue again said because we were not small dog people but we have learned to love the upon how many cats does greeny have really excess doc hated pats didn't live pact and i kept tell him to get it targeted he has a dog phoebe it's like a snicker dude
how about your poodle zion hyperbolic how do you like it s like a fair guy actually like i could see greening would like a dozen ferrets so that it does have to touch right at right and pretty does have a dog is it our phoebe and end ass though he is now a dog lovers while all because i loved if you have your hey dogs i don't really have a lot to do i don't trust you there you go exactly where you gonna let people forget that you're notre dame guy yes yes or no to ratify what things can happen the programme for winced like big year like one for each horsemen it was so bad you you know people and i've been critical of them of people the like all your critical a nice and listen i'm just be an honest and and they say what what do you think a bright colors did listen prank you don't know she's on seat brian kelly i mean the people in the facility the players in the coach you know that if they don't
things are going change so going into this year brand kelly nosey he asked to improve and hopefully the can ok so if brown tell us a brand calorie hypothetically decide had to walk away from their game tomorrow right would you want to their coach and you can say urban mired in urban my while urban wireless adviser contract you will ever turned down urban meyer and i know there were gone after months before i end there you're reasons was it was it the tougher admission to get andrea did his wife not like the area arse or whatever the re whatever the reason why doesn't like south ben are you not allowed in vienna who had included hotbeds brawling i mean the land rights whether we really should get charicles the great thing about self bend is every single day is like kind of overcast and gray what you hated and it doesn't really jane you listen he would be a guy i mean an issue as you know there a long long time ago that guy's a fantastic where did i remember her name under gina
greg china longevity i beg bulgaria is there any age a tough guy i know there's that if you want to come in and kind you know multiple catholic gap to exact there i kind of lay down the law but did not foresee goes while form and hamburg area that we need more i was a little more than a disease that guy that outbreak and you cannot really can't blame him for dangerous pathogens rhenish hours i will see their younger doktor i'd say you're obviously a huge anna fell guy do you think this whole talk about the nfl ratings and everyone freaking out about equality the league do you think of that the truth is that you think the league is in trouble or no one the legs and trouble at all i don't i mean it's still king there even though want when their ratings we're down any other sort was still take the ratings and i think one of the things you look at it was also an election year that her trading right i think after the election was over some of the rating started to go back up a lot of people think maybe it's to expose with thursday game sunday monday against a cholera rush
originally the right answer all you actually here's the thing i like to call a right wing or even get to watch the collar rush beer sleep you just i'm doing the math right now you're like the first goal and i feel like the first have now i feel that and i'm gonna get you don't get to see a lot of confusion d feel bad for your cats thither colorblind they can't see the cholera see i don't have cats pugs punks pugs other pugsy dogs and i love the colorblind know doesn't is the line because they always want something slimming and allow us makes them look fat like when they do the yellow or the ray i didn't care they gonna look at and cells in the mere before they got just so defeated socially speaking in alignment genji was he we just saw my second go basically robot he goes and says and does all the right thing right are the texans better without a hug you better out without a you know no matter what i get it will think about him off the field on the field is pretty darn good minor now you put a in and county it'll be interesting one happy
so so to say the texans would be better with him off the football field i dont think that is not just our heartache we're trying to get strong i get it and i can you just get you you say yes they worked its technical reports the texans better without changing what i've heard many people say listen they were the number one defence without or maybe you can not form an outrage executive creativity i know that's what people in many people are not me not realise what ballplayer i want the guy on the feel ok that's fair how do you think you would have done being coach by butter on that one an interesting the ak party right because you never cause you by name it calls you buy numbered usually swearing at you me buddy it's amazing since i've been out of football in this business i got in this business it seems that people like had hung chose are afraid to critique former athlete
like i do i want a critique apparently less willing to life again our asses chewed out all the talk right called anything but our name skype number called an actual called something you know just just paraded so we used to analyzed harshly buddy was but it was very good at that yet he was the harshest he was he was right there though of your great player sometimes does it not his heart yours he wasn't very hard to read you white degraded needed have these refugees are doing the right thing i saw play that he drew up one time i don't know if you guys ever practice it ran it but it was basically in a short yardage indigo like situation be out with maybe ten seconds left on the clock put its wealth man on the field are thirteenth man stop one play and enforce them feel though that this is actually what he did that's good try but completely wrong i put up your clothes that applies here and about football yet you you were talking about targeting too many feel so what what are you to do today
on place like if we needed a kill kill time on i wouldn't go for that first you do that for you know how our teams do it you're on three plays and then have to patent remembering the clock or you do sent on your punting you send out fifteen guy now you can't do it we have too many people to stop the play before you do the play right back then they didn't you send out fifteen i'll make sure you upon couldn't get blocked right you want to buy for more time off the clock area so that that's what he would do it it's just like what harm john our bosnia and achieve kelly's gonna worry just everybody hold everybody now take the penalty despairing the clock so do i
i've seen that play but there's another one to that's illegal lighted up you're not really open up so you're you think you can pull up evidence at airports on educating you honest might let meticulous about football let me tell you what if you pull up they're playing show me that evidence i why geology irena on air to you about that will also this might actually prove that you have concussion problems and we get through the europhile so you're gonna have to pay us back to be politically we if we were basically doctors we measure that really make an amount that the speaker that residual injuries wrangle life a focal talking like our you need spare while i mean for from that side of that i had twelve surgery seven on my right through my wish right shoulder three on the left shoulder to my knee and you know you know you're hurt you have you know you'd not injured heard of her you know that you have cartilage it it's or when when i got her they were injuries ray i would choose to deal with pain
do i have to say i've gotten some stem cell treatments and its helped along kobe bryant what bag that stem cell is other people stem cell the sense i'm talking about is your own stem cell when they put back into ok to end its really help but listen you pay the game you know you really parts of its parts yourself on the field the head during what we're talking about now we're learning more and more about it fine most of you guys that i played with or against our guys i see like especially its role all our fine but but guys do have long lasting effects roma and the more information we find hopefully the more that we can help the end the game along in the right direction help prevent nor that europe can appear at least at least you try and especially i this what i do in all seriousness go more to the youth level you know these are professional life
its second decide they their starting to learn more and more about what's going on they can decide for themselves what they want to continue to play we see some guys retiring we see some guy saying i still if i got my doll wrong i would hide that and still going back on the field right i am more concerned about the youth and having them have the knowledge and the parents have the now is to make a decision now if you want your kid to play and then the proper tackling techniques keep your head out of it heads of football in that kind of thing that's my serious take for those areas state is measures i love the game and i want to see the game continue at the great rate it is and i think that started the youth level too to teach i love the game as well and i agree with that we're not gonna cut we wanted but will put the front and i like music underneath it yes our it's private frightened lights are the little ptychia guarded i typed just for the record romania i know you said he had injuries like up if i dont months ago you did you did it breaks again the idea of you hiding everytime i had to get a shot you do
yeah city did you don't know a lot the dog ever shot you didn't i don't know was it a neighbour and that was the right step the railing last year on park in new york and i got picked by the dog i go along with the door people are saying blogging now is a dangerous profession in a minority of yours we are looking at us and saying you know these guys are shortening their lives you know what the there's no make eyebrows life about my foot walking off a curb and so i went out on why i've blogger blog that value added a residual blog i blog earlier in the day so some people are saying you know possibly something that i did during my day can here too the residual log and get the jury is still out and i want to go how you know this goby double embarrassing for you because not only on his children not only does the play exist but the name the play is called the polish go line so is scully named after you here's what his case situation the
what is inside the five year line going you score there is less than fit in seconds left we want to stop their often from scoring process we want to run the clock down where they have enough time for just one place so we will stop them get penalised have to this is the goal but leave them with of time to run one play will then go back regular go line defence and stop them to win the game so decide putting extra men on the field and to go situation that you know what i i i i'll give you my warmest asia i am i am afraid i am sorry that i called you oughta decades i knew about the punt human and that that sense and that's why they don't let you do the play anymore you have recognised maybe if you had studied the playbook a little hard and we have the same its long and one where i'm trying to figure out war in areas that i was lolly gagging around not paying attention has anybody in any the pike ass you do you guys use the word lala gag owing to know that right because we don't say to our work
they are what we don't say a word which they took us on this matter and i only wish i guess i have trademark lala gagging to leverage we won't sell were obviously took us here that is its own auto last three questions we ask everyone these three first one is a headline grab get some headlights year bright who's your next co host i wish i knew that ok we know them on i asked him why don't you know income i highlighted guy what kind of iraq the camera caregivers off if you if you read the article yeah do you know someone's name who is mentioned in it myself yet mining making like like wrong like so if i had a choice that would be a good idea in mind
in my view there is here right now and he's actually nodding furious any see actually just goes out of his pocket sign contracts that says he's a newcomer that's incredibly what more we not that's a headline gripe is the biggest thing is you talk to change in a euro like mike examined mike mike is used a microphone so frequent very if you talk to any other guys like it he s parents say like a guy like maybe oh i don't off if you talk to trade window or i will be asking that question ten suit anthracite i was actually told not to ask them specifically interest interests the interests of those interests me huh ok similarly olive summit our throat or secular ask where the most famous person who suffer the most say famous person i myself all would probably be depends on who you think is more fan famous dairies rocker kenny chestnut all in all i am a big reality he
he actually gonna get here sunday local says you're deflecting the questioner and got him all joined them gotta give who vehicle zimbabwe com hooty like alan hooty ok quite honestly you're you're you haven't gotten there in your friendship with him yet i could i don't feel the need to call him hoodies says he's been i'm gonna do in his own thing i would actually call i ask all those sweden is actually farmers do not ever packaging up a little bit is making you said earlier in this intervention if you're not only that's a lie with enough conviction don't i guess ease and actually roads affair of us they just see if he's around no one will be were only those countries are concerned in this country ok maybe a rift maybe don't that's not recognize that was by partially ruined by bob don't forget that there's one fact
things it incredibly well though not answer ok that's actually for private better quality just broke loose thus also entry austerity such country had to be eight nine years ago you know what they're bringing men on me nobody is ducking my gold spunk aarhus paradises know that their country country music ok see i'm a huge country guy amply ourselves we gotta needed by the way a great guy many chazy we satellite accounts with great our and now we ve got to know the dude sing in the national anthem idiots belgium are now look right yeah within a five that you're wrong setting now you now you're you're sorry the losers are fifty the usa is i know a mega said i'm sorry i don't know you part is there something inside i'm missing is a lot of trouble for as long as i'm sorry it's gonna last
question unquestionably ask you got answer but i'm ask anyway your life is on the line right your life is on the line you beat greeny and tennis i played a one time and tennis and he beat me six for it was ninety degrees out and during the match i drink beer and a dog ok so yes the answer is europe's venice than if i had two of my life was depending on it you beat him i would practice enough and do enough to beat it because i knew my life so he came and plays one little nerd sport better than he would ease problem we'd better than me at all but in that given situated in better out only when i try and beat of the best way to be trying somehow hurt him during so we couldn't finnish ass if my life was unlike my white life was an online he probably beat me why wasn't greeny drinking beer during the says much maybe azimuth i dont know is that it is bigger beer drinkers i oughta ya think i actually my i actually took my beer from a fan
urging amount of people yeah yeah well that person like me for taking the bakers there's no doubt before i gave it back it was one of those quick things so i back wash them back to the mortal men lower unhappy here's a little tip for the eu s been brass at their get the goal of brothers on the air more often it's always electric renewing your brother's all yet we have no easy do that when we go to cleveland these come down and green diskiver he loves to just kind of let's go when we tell some stories and have some fine one of the weirdest moments in my life i was waking up those six morning you guys we're on tv your brothers on there and turned on mike mike i fell back asleep and from next three hours i was half asleep but also you're conversations with your brother were entering my lucid dreams i'd just a god knows what like trippy dream like i was on acid i woke up my head
it was so is it was that is that the long we're saying you were dreaming about me and my brother fastening day how are you going you forgot to mention naked with my putting my hand yes like colic we appreciate it hopefully we pass the tests that yes pm brass set us up to be here next co host say that was so this was i didn't realize last line recorded yet the jeremy is actually more is wearing last january i know is about baby as a hidden recorded since guarantees actually walt disney great grandson he owns all company might thank you so much you so
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you can go to bark box dot com slash pardon that's bark box dot com slash pardon when you subscribe to a six or twelve month plan part box thou com slashed part it let's do some segments first up we have a p r want one this is actually the knicks continued to teach us pr one a one year after the whole time locally incident james dawn went out and he got the troll spree well to come to the game on sunday they ve been in a fight forever but basically james or probably paid him to show up so that james aren't we like hey we love old next we love our old stars harry the hatch get finance reveals on was on the was on jumbotron everyone is like oh wow spree this is great they should get run our test to come there too donors leg runner too great irony of it is that james dawn is deftly afraid of charles oakley but the trust me well that's a safe bet that's fine yeah bring them as as abraham
lincoln once said we hope charles oakley can seek treatment he had all the help that needs yesterday they should actually release a statement through abraham lincoln about charles oakley i think out help people von bia gemstone is clearly doing the no i've got i've got your friends who are x x next who are violent yes it's via gestures ok i have a problem here ray it's just a one time thing it's not all i don't know if i can put this in our sources category ok but i somebody who knows buddy no somebody while bright familiar who is drinkin shots with charles ugly allegedly on wednesday you have for the before the next day well that's another in sustaining gonna that's a pretty ironclad sores another important thing to point out the trials we will never has had a problem with alcohol no or violence area so he's good you know it don't you do as he should just pay people to attend nick games like old sign say like we support
stolen i don't know what i'm sure he's already done that i haven't seen him i would like to see that this is the right now we're getting to work this is basically the trump hilary supporters gonna tromp rallies to start fights ok what if the entire thing was set up we're doin just want to get his name out there in the news sir the problem is less than one is so fucking stupid you have have at least some level of intelligence to put that together i don't think james don't do that airport retract my work we also have appear one one this was from an anonymous scout is enough scouts season pierre one one i just assume this came from joe mixes agent pierre when a one this anonymous scouts said the chief drafted type kill joe mixing isn't half the douche bag back i was so little pr wanna one if your client hits a woman bill i k remember that other guy who had a woman you wasn't easy
as bad as its basically what the u s did with saddam hussein saddam was ok i'm not a ran like ok some rockets and seringueira kuwait shit now you're now you are back at least i'm not the only some of the other douche bag it's pretty good strategy of worries short term its ray policy for both sides the long term we can come back and probably will by also on makes an i just i would just gonna shut up with any sort of comparison to tie rico because everyone's thinking it you don't have to come out and say it right and it's not like some nfl teams not gonna take a chance on union correct it is though like i said anonymous sources in which means we will have sources coming out in a dish on watson once got too drunk at a party mixture biscuit has no friends norms damages our soon came to his birthday by mr berlusconi has one friend and he's dead be blogger let those kind of sources and i'd be blogger whose thousands vows and debt the alcohol
yeah oh yeah debbie blogger that's just swiping company card stealing from his company oh yeah they don't got leap xyz venza golly runs its got will work out for those on resources bigtime anonymously i do love anonymous scouts season though because they get to sell out and it's also smokescreen season like you here somebody say something along the lines of like d and has fifty unpaid parking tickets clemson and odd the university cops right and you don't know if it's our actual like a true story or if it's like a team that speed number six overall right hoping that the team this picking fifth overall doesn't take men they dont think will after we drafted the story that we leave to still gonna be out there about him and it's always you have the browns up at number one so they're just get a smoke screen the whole thing don't they don't know what to peck browns were
a team that would end up smoke screening themselves right exactly know that's all i'm saying they're gonna they're gonna smokescreen basically every top five talent and hopefully their black oh please hopefully like forty five these are correct and they actually did these bad things so that we can just pick the fifth because we don't know the fuck we're doing here is it is like to tourists and lie in our own scouts are putting our teachers and lie but they don't know what the lie is exactly like please hopefully someone someone come out untie hoping diligent work i hope he didn't beat these dogs we have a no do this car from prince fielder prince fields his first his first project in retirement he's launching his own cook joe you think do the ready for the name of it yeah no i'm not i somehow already rested now fielders choice as per i've that's one the shows where the came up with a name first and then there
ok what do you like to do we ve got the name or days ago eat i awoke here's the thing is it a cooking or is in the eating show there's big different i get the feeling is probably in eating show they bring out and dishes and at the end of the show i give the one i like the most to feel their choice is that it has happened fielders camp it is next level thinking like ok so prince had to retire well what does he do is there any each year so and his name is also like a phrase in bed feelers will get his dad involved to his dad like see to wait another this is he's dead dead not wages who is he dead yet right now is a lotta he's alive they just talk to each other was just do as he did yet again as it is is i just had a point i wanted to make real quick about in eating show ok strikes me that like calling in eating show a cooking show is like it for watching porn and you get caught you me like i'm what
its dating show right that date before they did that yes exactly it says i feel there is alive so i thought he was dead he's dead two principle dead two principles i lost your is he dead yet because we have a long time i have you should start where low shows yeah finishers castro so cats cradle just u napping the letter box it's me just they put food in the letter box and i have to decide which one is the best the even though there's later on oh hammer and hank anxious hank doing it can off to say be into see it's turban himself off hammer hank why was it we're really call if you can tell football seasons i will do is he dead yet i actually had a grammy related one is be king dead yet feeling i haven't heard that's why she also did that like he did the artist where he was i think he was he was big time and then he had that phase region
tat the chair will be the guitar onstage and light barely played so you basically was dead good work if you get it i think that he is dead he had died babies who is a long term diabetes guy right so look it up yes your daddy's eyed young fifty yeah pretty was always eighty nine good for him long life how do we get watch and have a few more today and i was wondering if his mother grandmother in the movie is happy gilmore gonna go unnoticed no became alec twenty years ago when she was she was a solid like france i have bay better day yeah francis bay she is dead so tomorrow of timber two thousand eleven whoops ok and what a life she had yet oh from manville can oh finally avail for men exactly ground
would you have might is vince gully i know the answer to this but i feel that he should be dead we said that he was a guy that that's gonna he's gonna die baseball season starts no well he's gonna ds do at least like one vince gullies back in the booth moment words like all we have what are we offering ice area sometime in milk varies ok cells but right next up we have a protective shield for e sports a sports out here protecting the shield turns out had a madden champion who was pretty racist on twitter as another you think yeah he what do you use inward word chris doubly macfarlane lights easy inward so the he one seventy five thousand dollars for winning the man internment they doctrine three thousand verse in the end words i have seen the sheath item lilies is socks word to her here here is the best part ready for this chris stubby he said after he was fined
and told that is not allowed to use the inward anymore he's today is the day how come wrappers get to hear his it today is the day the real doubly dies feel free to unfollow why are you say there silencing of yeah so this referendum admonition i like there's a guy that you're here they think here if you give you people stuff be a nice and start getting real the doubly story he this guy sounds like a real intellectual giant i just once a year professional man employer i would expect that's have a really inappropriate look at this off brand if you didn't like it should some basically pictures of your weed look at his bag illegally look at the red haired and then as i know it's good look at this curse yeah it should be like summit as some sandy hook truth or videos makes him like some you two blanks yeah maybe someday yeah wrestling yeah if you think you like it personal mad employer that's like the guy that you knew its a guy called two made it
it load of money one night playing video poker yeah and they just took like a semester off commonages b of madam guy and really into playing man for work is mademoiselle legged and it's not an intellectual game now just basically like it getting ice on the sticks and then you like i'm nice on the sticks going to disagree with you on the intellectual part because i think it does take some smarts to and patience to actually play defense is defense is a fuck worsen so to actually like learn how to play defence and an put like a little bit of effort into the defence of sound takes a little effort so chris debbie here's a little bit and champion and also a guy who use the n word about four hundred times in twenty eleven little life hack for everybody out there don't associate with somebody who's really really really good at madden ever madden defense met an enlightened off once i can that's just a guy like fun put up some points strong thrown deep right exactly but if you get into the strategy and you actually play to win madame
that's not a guy one in missouri yeah no i agree with that though the maiden people anyone whose like super super individually actually i don't want to i don't want to hurt her feelings cuz kyle long is a good friend and he's obviously very much into video games just like barbara right mess around with rouses nintendo stuff right we next i have herd or injured joel i'm bead he has of fucked up me somebody's gotta get me scope cleaned up and it was announce the day after he was dancing on stage in a meek mill meek males or meek mill makes smell make meeks mill mix mile meek mill concert and philly so so he disney dancing interesting very interesting i'd say that that's i'd say that's hurt not injured if you can you ever here about some getting injured at like iraq answer like a rolling stone
a great white show you just like it just good clean fought so maybe the 76ers sectors to just stopped replacing gonna rapturous yes this also i don't know if you remember but i predicted like a month ago how joelle would not be so funny on twitter when he starts bucking up yet so this is first one not its first injuries injured like every other day i got a lot of time to go back and forth meekly for guys gonna hey guess what causes easier drink law surely temples you know what takeaway zoom lot over the joy yeah zuma of potential while you're jungle and take away extra you need to how so can you be two eyes neural your jaw ebbed in in me me me jaw and bid is heart not injured we did is he dead yet we finally last one we have as we have a nice bad radio this actually becoming a common occurrence with this person it's janis onto compatible
yeah monopolise like that nero guy genus dama cosu yet historical he added the unbelievable dogs so we're gonna watch it and you're gonna listen to us react allow those from like more good appeal yonder should ever haircut i was always in a big border around youtube is it like a holiday now the hell the dunk there was great bad radio young little little funding jason terrorism that video when we were at the boss acidity we're walking around the guy that was shown us around the bucks restored the budgetary sinking we both suck or esa bottles took your sukhi teams from
but i midwest and i saw jason terry there was like a uniform like on the side of practice coordinate looked over the guys i got at school you got jason terry and as a coach and he's like now we still point now mean that still delight alone is still out there i think he's older than jason is also hear something to keep me here so we keep your eyes out for head bans are commonly gone in the nba jason terry because they stop one rhonda whereas upside down once they made him there to protect shows they may i put it on forward that's one yet logos upset our means at the league is in distress and it's not in distress written by the way just a quick i know this is not related what all but a quick pulls talk about rondeau you know around or does it so fucking annoying everything he asked we think but he also loves loves loves to pass up super easy lapse just get assess is the worst that he did that today the bulls got smoke by the walls he is like ready go for liability passage for three point as i do just fucking shoot the lamp stop trying to get assessed court vision did
actually be kept i would disagree i say you always look for the old man scoring by yourself makes one person happy and assist mix to people ok so i actually have a home for you to end the show twin way did a like little impromptu q nay on twitter yesterday we get more bostock the end this is it is good that we deal culinary prompted unite use appliance like twenty questions use fire mothah reach every few seconds i asked him himself on the team jimmy rondeau or wait don't answers your question after that didn't answer yourself but you stopped the corona ok but put along calls to his feet ok whose team is it now in milwaukee delhi ellie source spencer studio spencer saw blue behind the scenes action spencer is mending fences with delhi doing the whole usa australian repairing their relationship right now and i saw him he told me he is hard at work on that those together that turned red and blue beautiful
i that's our show we will see you on wednesday we're going to go to the dog show on tuesday night i'm so excited about the isle of dog shows love the working group not like those slackers you need to get a job and and that's boarding and those working group blue collar guys going to be really fun going to gamble on the dog show and big news tomorrow night is uconn women's basketball bad for the sport because they're about to get a hundred wins in a row that conversation bag ass how can they be thou bam going right back into the swing it things sports i love it also we have a late breaking grammy's update seo green showed up dressed as like one of those gold robots or silver like cowboys easy on south street remain frozen you know those guys i can picture yeah so he dressed up like that which little pr one or one could ever under forget that you may allegedly have deep rapes and people who are asking up like a robot and have your phone explode on your head an reveals
all right exactly so we could have see low green back little extra whose back the weak that's our show will see ones that loving s job
bfg coming live from the vip nightlife los light will i need to go to bed in the state on them
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