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Mike Vrabel & Scott Zolak

2017-02-02 | 🔗
Super Bowl Week Finale. Roger Goodell has banned the boys from all official activities so they've gone rogue journalism. Favorite Super Bowl Prop Bets(10:58-13:35). Former Patriot Quarterback Scott Zolak joins the show to talk about Jimmy Johnson intimidating him on a boat, how long Brady will play and Roger Goodell's vendetta(17:49-34:32). 3X Super Bowl Champion Mike Vrabel joins the show to talk about what it's like to play in the Super Bowl, catching passes as a linebacker and Andy Reid's clock management.(34:42-50:09). Segments include Kings stay kings, Thoughts and prayers for the Conglomerate(ft. Spencer Hawes), Hurt or Injured, Spinzone, Explain it to Hank, Dunk ideas and Jimbo's.

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