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Mr. Portnoy, Crashing Rick Pitino's Press Conference, Matt Jones, And We Bought A Website

2018-02-22 | 🔗

You are now listening to a podcast that owns a website, DraftJoshAllen.com, the one stop shop for all your Josh Allen news. Brain Dump Friday where we talk about drunk ideas we've had in the past week (2:10-14:26). A recap of crashing Rick Pitino's press conference on Wednesday plus Matt Jones from Kentucky Sports Radio calls in to talk about the banner coming down and how Kentucky will do in the tourney (15:51-35:52). Mr Portnoy calls in with a fresh batch of complaints, including the brightness of his phone, twitter impersonators, and Big Cat "accidentally" reveals Mr Portnoy's passwords (35:56-1:00:27). Segments include Olympic Update (1:03:35-1:08:17), Sabermetrics (1:08:18-1:10:10), E-Sports update with Darren Rovell (1:10:11-1:11:30), and Mike Greenberg's dumb rules (1:11:31-1:15:55). 

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