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Nascar Driver Denny Hamlin And Eagles Lane Johnson

2018-02-15 | 🔗

Brain Dump Friday. NBA All Star Weekend and we get a little weird with the start of the show. Josh Allen update, still tall. We're going to try to create the world's worst app, Jes-Its the Cheez-Its for Church (don't worry it will make sense, maybe), and set an ambitious goal to either get everyone to start watching a fake Netflix show or the Tommy Lee Pam Anderson Sex Tape (2:10-18:06). Nascar Driver and former Daytona 500 Champion Denny Hamlin joins the show to explain to us how race car driving is a real sport, how many guys illegally use adderall, what happens when you want to fight a guy, and how lame Joey Logano is (19:46-45:40). Segments include Tampering, where everyone tampers with Kirk  Cousins including us (48:01-51:13). Take Quake for Mike Francesca saying Jason Kelce should be cut for swearing, (51:14-54:12) Stay Woke on Bill Walton accidentally leaking WatchESPN's Big Brother conspiracy,(54:12-58:43) and Jimbos with Super Bowl Champion Lane Johnson as well as a discussion about his viral Patriots comments (58:51-1:11:48). 

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