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Nate Burleson, Bears Are Back + We May Be Going To Jail For Fraud

2018-09-18 | 🔗

The Bears are officially back...to .500 (2:27 - 7:59). The Seahawks may stink (7:59 - 11:27). Antonio Brown continues the Steelers carnival of a season (11:27 - 14:39). Urban Meyer tried to apologize then apologized for his apology and none of it makes sense (14:39 - 19:43). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Mario Kart and toad dicks (19:43 - 35:55). Former NFL WR and host of Good Morning Football Nate Burleson joins the show to talk about his NFL Career, the 2018 season, what it was like being on the backup love boat, and the famous pizza crash (35:55 - 70:08). Segments include Kings stay Kings for Phil Rivers, as a white guy for Bert and Ernie, Sabemetrics Jon Gruden, not to brag but we called it Josh Gordon and Guys on ChicksĀ 

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