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Nate Robinson, Bill Burr + Mount Rushmore Of Fights We'd Like To See

2018-08-03 | 🔗

Football is back and people need to realize Chase Daniel has played in the NFL for 10 years (2:24 - 7:34). Urban Meyer is in some shit and we discuss what Ohio State should and will do (7:34 - 16:16). Mt Rushmore of fights we'd love to see in honor of Rough and Rowdy 4 (16:16 - 26:08). Former NBA player Nate Robinson joins the show to talk about his career, how Larry Brown used to call him a little shit and how he would have been if he had stuck with Football (26:08 - 44:34). Bill Burr joins the show to talk about Sunday night's Rough and Rowdy in Youngstown Ohio (Buy RNR 4 at BuyRNR.com) + Bill talks about his favorite stadiums in all of sports (44:34 - 60:14). Segments include Sabermetrics for Mike Greenberg eating grapes, PR 101 for EA Sports, Blake News Fake News, Good Visual for Phil Mickelson, and a grab bag of Jimbos/Explain It To Hanks/Roasts. 

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