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Nate Silver and Sam Dekker

2017-04-19 | 🔗
NBA/NHL Playoffs and the guys are buying a Conversion Van (2:56 - 5:12). Panic Button time for various teams across the country (5:12- 10:17) . Hot Seat/Cool Throne featuring a spirited Alex Jones and JNCOS discussion (10:17 - 19:10). Nate Silver joins the show to finish off his interview, mean tweets are read and we ask whether or not the Matrix exists(19:10 - 37:45). Houston Rockets Forward Sam Dekker joins the show to talk about the Russ Westbrook/Patrick Beverly feud, Aaron Rodgers, and what it's like guarding James Harden in practice (37:45 - 49:17). Segments include Mike Greenbergs Dumb Rules, Hmmmmm, Witch Hunt, Bad Visual for Tiger Woods' cargo pants, PR 101 for Carmelo Anthony impregnating a stripper, Sabermetrics, and a thats enough internet for today.
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you're darkened slash, p empty that super cruder, dot com, Slash p m t one more time: try it for free, go reciprocal dot com, Flash p Embassy- let's go, let's not its pardon. My tape presented by storms, will welcome. The part of my talk today is Wednesday April nineteenth, and you are talking to a bunch of conversion Van owners. Almost I got myself depending on what Tommy I listen to this. Yes, we took our tax refund money that Hank worked so hard to get us and we're going out. The queens and we're gonna buy conversion Van for eight hundred dollars and it's gonna be the best investment we ve ever made her life. It literally is going to pay for itself because we are going to just drive it around and ass people of spray paint advertisements on it and give us cash under the table. Some people have dreams and aspirations of doing things like out o did teaching kids new handing out money to needy neighborhoods. My dream, since I was young
was to be a conversion van honour its. I remember asking my parents if I could have a conversion van from our first car, and they said no, because they want me to party the new out just be a party hound in it. Yamba guess what I'm old, when I can do whatever I want, were vain, the hell out of it. Close your eyes right now think about all the things we can do to pimp it out. Yeah, you see those truck knots, her boy, those truck knots can be. We might actually sheet, we get metal ones in just let em limbs rape along the concrete arc, slowness, everyone s, never know where the bad boys podcast at a disco ball inside air. So we have a huge. Shall we have a huge huge? Shall we have made silver part too little more, the lighter stuff, that's butter, ten V Northstar fifteen twenty minutes. We also have SAM Dekker from the Houston Rockets he's going to talk to us about the Pat Beverley Russell Westbrook Feud and some other fun stuff in a little Aaron Rodgers talk before we do that
We have to talk about a lot of playoffs, both Stanley CUP and yea and the reason why we spend our entire day. Looking a conversion vans. Besides the Chicago bulls. This is this: is the upside down world besides Chicago Bulls, the rest of this, a gases hitting the panic button. Yes, it's true I've, my master panic button so hard. Last night, I don't think I saw I got rid of the Jinko, the overtime Genco, the afflictions they weren't working out for me, so I pissed on them threw them away. They're in the garbage right now, somewhere. Here's here's how bad my night was last night when I woke up this morning, I felt like I blacked out because I like walked towards a bath wait a second kind of getting touches of remembering that a year I put my genes in the toilet irony I did have a single dropped drink I was just. I was so disappointed that it was like I was drunk, but at the same time you expect it right
the capitals no not destroying it not this year. This year I pointed out some do that either. I think you realize until I set it allowed the capitals need the Blackhawks to win at least a couple games, because the Blackhawks as it stands right now getting swept, will be the story of the first round in terms of disappointment and people laughing at something right, like that's well until Stanley CUP right now say, even even still there so you're saying the cap, but the capitals, the capitals or odds on favorites in Vegas. I don't think you know what I've done means, but yet where they were and vague? Yes, they were odds on. Favorites thinks you have
or ok? Well, here's I'm saying I've learned a valuable lesson at my lesson that I've learned record right now so far is that I just can't be a fan of anything. I need to go back to just hating all teams, because that way when, when they lose, I get to laugh at him like mass whole, have to worry about being emotionally invested in in a team motion like a piteous de thing, where you like forgotten about the years passed when this happens all the time I cannot now. I'm says yes, if you you're not you're a less woke bill, Maria Ground Hoxton, at least not the penguins at all. That's all I can say like it here is a pig was then I would absolutely feeling groundwork. Stay all night says caring about stuff is way too painful rate. I think I'm wearing about Diana. I agree with that. I still think Capel's when this year's I do
I really do you you, mother, five, no listen! I wasn't. I watched a game. That's and I've got happy for foreseen, but here's a difference right. So I watch the. I want the capitals versa leaves and isolate. Couples are the better team. They they they turtle did the end there. They they look like the better team. On the other side,. I'd like the black hawk spreading the box or the worst team. By foreign that serves like the prisoners have taken to him every single point, nine out of ten periods they just dominated I'm! So that's what those ones like back, I'm starting to come back then, and I know that the whole mystique and all this shit, but guess what It does not happen. You know when a team doesn't have liked the skill, the speed all that stuff and play off hockey. I will say this about the maple Leafs: they play hockey like Turkey, like the same way that girl have sex, so you know kids get out there and they start Falcon and airline company for one million miles an hour just go fast and score.
That's what the leaves tools they come out in this case too fast, and they go a hundred miles. An hour, though burn out at all on baking on. This is one of those ones were like the Capra. They expect. The other shoe to drop here. They're, like ok, bad things are gonna happen because its supply, often, but they know it's not convince myself to the caps- are like the old experience lover. You know they know their way around the creases so that they can take their time. They know very little about it at all. Here they know have hence at the top of the crews. Galaxies put the tip in and then walked the bathroom, take a piss and then go to sleep and just make themselves a snack and get fat. That's that's it then MBA playoffs have basely gone to form, except for the ball Celtics, which I really don't understand. What's going on so we're not doing seeing red, are we going to immigration should be paying green because their play like to really dehydrated yeah
puking rainbow yeah, it's bad. I mean the bulls. A great. The sellers was lost and out my hand, is firmly firmly on the panic button. Alot of panic buttons going around the Blackhawks have been that hit the the capitals. Have you read it Yes, welcoming to Burma, take America's most triggered podcast were put mean, Hank had the joke. Last night it was great more like p b t panic, burning, the time, no that's get pretty. Damn good advice to four, as it Thomas was clear. The Celtics number one option in the heart and soul, the entire team for him to not be a hundred per cent focus and a hundred percent there for obvious reasons, not that it's fault it just makes it and what glossy me just tell their not fully in sync with that said, the balls are playing out of their mind like nothing makes sense: Twin Wade was draining threes. Zip, sir, was on fire. Rondeau was like incredible. Robin Lopez is, is the best pigment shooter of all time right now, Deronda was supposed being China by RE, wasn't really get shipped oversees. Nobody Rondeau grunders career, look like this can be over from the maps and then he went to the kings and got worse and then again
the bulls- and we were talking about this superbowl week. He gets in the Instagram fight with which Jimmy Butler doing waiting in the bosom of waved them and now, like the enough make sense. Nothing makes sense, so you're saying is getting better as you getting older, interesting out in very interesting. The game was also play. Don T anti that had a significant factor yacht outright. What room as we Nokia yeah. So I mean I don't know. I don't know what to look for industries, but what I M excited about is seeing how they get the tea garden.
Change into an ice hockey ring for tomorrow from tides passport? So, look forward to that Montoni ass dishonor lose em. I grew fifty like I'm quitting cared about starting caring. He says the Boston fan carriers override haste, ballots, let's be fair to hack, he's gone nearly three months without a world championship out its most improbable win of all ties, gotta be pretty rough dry spell for you, but I'm sorry the rustling mba I'd like it said it's going pretty much to form the boxer frisky. The box are officially the frisky team in the play off. Janis is unbelievable. Delhi is twenty years old Fox delay at a couple Miss shots night. That's ok! Yeah down! There is being polite, it's one one, but they are thus there. The story, you would have to say besides the ball Celtics, that would be the story. I don't know I mean look. The calves, almost blue, led twice generally give a shit about neither thereby I dont really start caring about the NBA laughs until the end of the second round. Ok, that's her! That's! When I didn't hear. That's me: that's usually when the cap's lose and then I can transfer my phantom over that were withdrawn. There
Bob sponsor our stance. He has been on a boy now, ok, Yes, you're always tonight, special laws drop drop to do stuff. Do right, loving deuce. Can I just say that the bulls just the name, the bulls for Chicago- is problematic, who miscellaneous cow thing? Who zella too so interesting cargo fire resigning awhile I mean, I would say the unless teams probably oh yeah, and more for preparing to set a correct the aches so future World CUP Qualifiers Year Chicago Far Prushun swans stronger. Those talking talking, whoever that is We have of course see courtroom before we get to the interviews. I think this is gonna, be a hot, hot seat, cool thrown. Who would like to begin what doesn't hankow? First?
hey my heart, see there's our Genk US pay of tat made us by these really stupid done a really funny, and this can work on when one in three weren't you back off our stupid comment about the jiggered. Judging the genes are fine but just they they didn't have a magic. That's ours are not their power to I'm. Sorry that I would still where the genes, if they weren't cursed, if you'd all this. If you only listen to this podcasting, you don't follow all of our social media, which you should part might take on Instagram and twitter. Fifty his brow, back Kinko's there were high, try joining whereas shooting star they were one and know the clutch genes- and then they probably fell on their face and went on three items on put him on
when the Blackhawks glossing over time, but I am sure that will have changed anything new, but you never know how I know. Listen, I don't I don't regret buying the genes. I do regret tying them into overtime victories. Maybe they should have been my play off genes, but it's too late now, just and general survey where I'm enough, it was some day when they write the part might take book. It will be like a little tiny footnote like the three days that the pay of the problem also, I weren't agendas for the first time at my house last night and my dog just all their time he had. No, he saw barking at the gene. Shit is barking tat. He thought that I was wearing a different animal was still love. Yes, I will I'll have lower. Is back on that one whose recruits Michael thrown a season. Just sing season. After anything that you say, oh, I know it's good there. Ok, Well, I'll just have just gone into it. I've seen that could kids do it in your time or at
Genco season yeah. Now now I was there when, one week ago I was Jack O C, where you'd want to say and that sweet remember Genco sees it was cool thinking at liberty to shake off said Cynthia had to go see. There is a magical right. Ok, my hot seat is Oakland fence Oakland bad sports down. I dare car said that fans that don't follow the Oakland Raiders to LAS Vegas aren't good fence. While so I mean I hear us about. You have to admit that he's right, yeah mean technically Mark Davis is the biggest Oakland fan of all, because he's one leading the charge LAS Vegas yup. If you don't pick up your family in Oakland and moved to LAS Vegas with the raiders. Well, bad sign astound, confirmed yeah, so I'm in Oakland how they have a big enough since entitlement as it is, they ve got, you know, come into ranch, leaving town, that's great. You done that you ve got great, affordable housing. Great schools
Great public safety department yeah so like Oakland, come on. Get your shit together: let's go just doo doo Doo LAS Vegas a favour. One time do something not for yourself so outcomes. Gonna have zero team soon. The athletics but they're, not very little, diving village, Moon, Santos! Ok, that's vastly everyone! It opens loner written to move to Santos, I'm sure everyone's really up in arms, about the athletics leaving. Who'd, you cool throughout my throne, is earth. So odd- NASA just released not literally information today and said that the asteroid that may have hit earth today, Wednesday, is actually gonna passed by and it's not good resource of an earth killer that order, but I will also say that NASA's on the core thrown too because they figured out there all these agencies other losing funding, because trumps note rearranging reapproached outlining the out so that the best way that they have,
to stay on down from red, or is it constantly keep themselves the news by talking about or we almost got obliterated or hey? Guess what we may have found life? That's why they found like twenty new planets and last week right like stay woke. If, if, if it was so close to hang us, why don't we see a go by why it's coming by tomorrow night! Oh, oh, I see it. Yes, it's up to it. Well, began in New York because, like pollution, good old, like pollution, hot seat ac, see I've to him ass. You see players. Greece announced. So he has announced that he's coming back for a senior season, city, young, rosetta, fake accounting, or was it yet Patsy big CAT, while began not long before now, who's who allowed I say that lasted. Allow followed at our peril care, that's a fake, they said. No, you never signalize. There was a fake. I well my getting I've too, because my real hot seat is rivalries, because
is all rivalries pale in comparison to the Paul George Lebron James rivalry. Out of you guys heard, but Paul George said that his rivalry with Lebron James is for the culture any hopes people, back some day and think about there. Crazy rivalry that I'll think anyone, including the Brown James New, exist it now. I don't know like eight. It is us because his upset he was on the banana but guide. I have no idea, but you know what I like: the move, because its conflict, what we're doing with that snowflake cock Mark Cuban,
just creating rivalry out of nowhere. Like hey, come on the podcast to discuss the robbery you didn't know, you were- and I will say this, though, if you have a rival that just means are not playing her enough against everybody else. You should be like Russia was Russia Westbrook, as rivalry against all of mankind got it. That's. Why he's the bp? Ah so yeah news to me Paul Georgian Lebron James and a huge driver, hey so, is gruesome. Just not gonna come back in Cody still I mean it could still come back, so it will be lower than the as yet, and I, like I M just he s, resources are saying this is bring horses. We're we're gonna reported for everybody else. Ok yeah, they regard perfect, my cool thrown us part might take.
Alex Jones. You might know him from what is the info worse gap in Warsaw. Com is applied. It on tv, you flock, could elsewhere Bureau book forehead, yet he is being he's in what divorce proceedings. So we had to be I his yea at Yale Custody Child custody. So, as we had to make some factual statements that usually out Jones doesn't do, and one of them was aware, when you mean outstrip, may fail gay and one of them was the Alex Jones is just playing a character so that time when he said that, like Hillary Clinton, Obama, Rica, sulphur, khazar demons and TAT was just a prank. So being people who mean dabble in satire and pranks we're on What's wrong everything, just a prank, just a prank, the justice, Frank defence has now officially been through.
Out there for the general public and also I'd also like to say just a break. The sandy hook was vague Jake. I just break out so I'd I'd like to also throw in what he said today, which was here. He didn't. Remember like details about his children, because he had a big bowl of chili for lunch. I also had a big bowl of chili for lunch. So if I'm a little off today, that's why She agree without defence duty The area of big ball, a hot, shall have you any cost, spicy food and, like maybe little git you little gas EAST, are forgetting ship left, some nasty Kim trails and my bridges just a prank brown prank. I let's do are interviews. We have. Let me said the end of the night silver Interview from Monday and SAM joined us for a few minutes to talk, but the playoffs. And the Rockets and one can be back. Let's do it how much when you're watching TV
and you see a guy like Charles Barkley on inside the FBI, and he sang the nautilus, was a couple: years ago. The warriors can't when a title there just jump shooting team. Do you just sit screaming your tv, I mean aware: I know that some say he was saying that before there is, I know you eat there. They're just jump shooting team, their soft you gotta play in O hit Charles who is talking about an mba that doesn't exist anymore design? You sit there. I think clearly the hell, I think, there's like a grain of truth and me, I do think, play off basketball. Different than bigger season, basketball right, I'm not. Your people have figured out there, but I would disagree. Ah well, how much place every place every game like its game, seven, the fire, but you know in terms of what skill set are gonna over perform the play out, meaning people, the embryo- is a weird sport in that You have so much variation in intensity over the course of the year, because
its Austen is football. Is sixteen games a year right hockey is completely ignored, sitting but so exhausted. The guys are on ships. Are there in ice a third time right? You can just say that MBA players, a lazy, that's fine. I think that's where you gotta understand. If you I'm sorry, I'm saying these guys, certain themselves to such an extent agreed got you there, the I agree, the NBA you dont know night tonight in the middle of February. You don't know the effort level of each team, Janius. About the support. We are like it's kind of a flow sportin, and I, but these guys cannot go at full r, p m all the time right and so the guys that have an extra gear and in I think, people tell you to that games are called oh differently in the play out. You can, you know, be much more physical. Which teams are harmed by a more physical type of game. I mean you know that might be the warrior so look I mean again that we talk
we're about kind of? Where are you in the spectrum of of I test verses? It's like like. I think there is definitely he's done in like LAS Vegas, his view that the cows kick it up, not Last thing there's also wisdom and if you like, this is not a very good getting in the way they played down the stretch run. They are no longer than one scene in their conference. They hadn't been a western conference play off team. All season on the road, their own eight, and so you know, and golden state. Is one of the better teams and be history? Maybe they're not quite as good as opposes in team, but but you know you to make a lot of excuses. I think for the cap whatever the conversation enacted, pick them from one that bunch Moussa you would the people kind of have to almost religious belief in in Leubronn it's kind of unjustified a couple of times, but but of there was a year his last year, Miami when the kind of stuff the regular season. Open play off still loss in the finals in five games and kind of feels like like that's a sneer.
We could mind at this year to its mission LAS Vegas. Have you ever been contacted by like a casino to be okay? Now? Can you help us with the sports books at the odds to use when you're models? I mean they No, we can't you do some the same things that the casinos do right, where they're, starting out with real only simple models and then what kind of twigs based on where, where the betting has come But now I you know, I wouldn't necessarily assume that I'm those guys amino. I would necessarily assume I m. We don't tell people, you know, tell people like we give you good basic forecasts. That makes simple assumptions, are sometimes too simple, but we- wouldn't You say that you should go in and bet on. The numbers are, even if it's for internal policies are under threat of I don't know I do. I bet I e numbers, I gotta go I check and if it's like more than three or four points off, I bet it. Ok I mean I do I do how many done ok, sometimes LUCA yeah did you ok depends more. The sport rather think, like you, note sock,
there must be a lot of. Adam money. I wouldn't it be very hard to beat like like baseball right. I mean that people do embed baby spar really are really sharp and the NBA is is really sharp. I thank you, but NFL Amene soccer. We had a gold fish that finished in what fifty fifth place unless they have begun to. You is sixty percent so think about what it can, but that very impressive today, computer is smarter than I mean he didn't even have a degree No, I mean I we might incorporate the gold fishes. Projections knew you should we're gonna get out. What do you want to make ass a gambling model offer what support anything we really need someone who doesn't matter which like what
wants lacrosse and preferably have a beaches spit out all the overs that we can really do like college hockey. Yours and I don't care- I have just one see that was my ashes question- is a good time for it. I have a really dumb brain. Like recently bias those kind of like you know. I think tales, never fails that kind of stuff. How do you untrained a dumb brain like that? I mean tat is tat. Is the reason why, don't models that Iraq is it's not cause. You are going against Europe, your intuition sometimes and people do kind of weight. Recent results, too heavily like wanting it, relies by the way in forecasting. The unseen tournament is that? U S I look at pre season ratings, a little bow right as you have a team, it was like number one like often Kentucky or something right number one in the precision under performance. Ulysses intake take eight or nine losses right.
But talent. Why is there still one of the best teams in the tournament and enough? college baseball games, maybe only ten of those are serious games, arrest, her kind of cupcake competition and so kind of that's. Why why you would, by the way, give the castle I mean you can say like They didn't buy that well ready to games right, but we know what the seams capable of its basically the same roster right there. That's immigrants back and did it no doubt no daily? No Delhi. They brought Doctor Jones back what it in one. If it turns out to be the key, I'm sure if you handsome, I actually think that it is the key that oil in the fine telling was the glade doesnt matter is Adam. He doesn't need to play to make an impact on the game. Isn't easy team leader is a glue guy. Everybody knows that you were talking about like maybe how teams can measure grit or heart earlier Delhi's, a guy that we get a ten. How? What would you look at if you're trying to measure somebody's intangibles Well then there no longer intangible. If you can, I mean who you, God is. I know it's kinda there try that you can measure not at all
you mean like we literally have data to every player does right. You can measure kind of who Tolerance- is after loose ball or there's something in us. We discover that James Harden had, I think, a hundred eight times this year when he was fouled on a three point attempt right so more one half times a game, MRS Through through the end of last month wrestling one half times a game right and in the previous era we, like all this uses, a tangible ability to draw fowls that, while we can quantify that yeah, that's pre, Paul Pierce Pompiers created that it's the worst thing in the NBA. I mean it's nothing against pompiers, but I hate the guy who does the pump fake and then like jumps into the defender in they call it all the time. But you watch him and we did a compilation of other times is damning. He's kind of skilled at its like a weird thing: you're right, but you know, but you garlic? James harden you just has so many ways is gonna into its like new ways to like score points. Unlike It was that intangible or
like travelling that he travels traffic cares about everybody S. Arithmetically he's allowed two point: nine five steps after inflexible it does that thing where he throws his head back. Even if you just blow on him a little bit and he gets a calm down. That's part of your, but that's the thing is that we can start some, but we Why should that? But you can measure it yeah and you can measure like, and you can also see you know. So I get him from baseball, is pitch framing where Sancho to get a lot more strike, calls for their pitchers interests, be really big effect. Both dissipating our teams realises Goin on the ADI. Yeah yeah I mean it's like literally. What every Saint Louis Cardinals fan would ever say like Yahoo, but this is the perfect. This is an example right where years two heads were dismissal of that and had to be like soup but how would you measure anyway? We really have no way of measuring it right, and so it's you know, that's different. You know it's different than what it the opinion of people who spend a lot of time studying and watching the game,
right. If you're saying nothing is there. I would you measure anyway. We really have no way of measuring it right, and so it's you know, that's different. You notes No, my good decision on Wednesday. A third and fourth down. It gets a problem that that we have all the data that we need. Basically, in that's kind have been solved right but like the importance of courting quote, intangibles mean they're called intangibles because their hard to measure and saw it would probably be it seventy percent of the time, but the third pillar, the time that it isn't. You know pitch framing. Is really important defensive. Really important clubhouse chemistry, I'm not sure what category to put that in right, but but especially if you can get guys to played towards that then their abilities. Then that's really important on the Regis real, quick requests, and you tell me what you think of it here. It's a quarter back and in a play off when he threw for three hundred sixteen yards. He had thirty one,
six yours for completion. He ran for three point, one six yards precarious, and then later on a couple years later, He had home run off these six hundred, sixty sixth drafted pitcher. So how do you corporate God into Europe. Come on this question is Steve, oh by the way tat. I had a feeling here as parliamentarians, What didn t buddy boy look at two hundred and eight percent engine like the Arizona falling or something or yeah yeah? That's a word: I held the tanks but walk. He doesn't psychological basis, but see, that's an example of where it just kind of idiotic. Gray, but then I mean the met solved was about cover of the new post. Every day that, when the kind of evil things about about being obeying being a smart team, is the metro, probably smarted. Does I didn't even know, he's gonna be a good baseball player but but yeah, but that is like asking for, like Michael Jordan, who was
You can actually make it I've. Never, even though people that we hate labelling has the models are on the calves. You know I'm one of the guys who says that liberation in the conversation with Jordan, but you know, Michael Jordan, probably best mba player of all time. You know hit two twin Endeavour lay in the prime of his career, but did you here are a few heard Jerry Kraus didn't before he passed he did an interview, but he was on wages, podcast and he said he was obviously a scout for the white socks as well as the gentlemen of the bulls. He said that Michael Jordan, made the biggest leap in terms of any baseball player has ever seen and that he is convinced that if he had stuck with it, he would have been a good pro baseball player. I mean I think he might have been like a fourth out field something ok, but but you know attempted by was not Michael Jordan, while disagreeing with dead guys analysis to smile spitting on a grave millimeter. It's it's it's it's a fascinating to me when I think about what what cross
all these guys could be in Montoni Roma. He probably could adopt what like thirtieth given it played. Right under, as is worse, get more more special. But I know I would people are stuck out like Leubronn as a tight enemy. Now would be interesting to dare to see right and is the matrix real. I don't think, although sometimes with, although you know you talk about the weird shit, that's going on the past year, you know if we had I'd like guide, sixty four c or sixteen seed, rather windy and say to him and then I realized ok HORIZON Mazurka finger on the button there just fuckin with well. What, if What if it is really you're just fuckin with us, you know Is it is weird but like, but then you know then say tat. I was kind of normal as this is what all this is generally, what the main area of their like. Hey guys, don't worry, sixteen see still, then, where no matrix. I see him in the previous. What's gotten it's gotten more normal unplug us right now, the matrix Europe, no seven,
still here. Our way of all, I want to point something out: I'm just gonna have completely destroy your career because I have found a glitch in the Sabre metrics movement. How come you can have three dog and that's cool, but when you have three catch, your crazy tat person a more number I'm murmured Doug. I myself really you I'll send you forget guy another comment: there came a legit cats saviour and those who did answer the question. So I went to the name number I went to the Westminster. Oh, we got kicked out of there out with its gradual? I'm persona non grata it. It was a weird, very, very, very, very, very weird. I've been alike boat, races of into NASCAR Benda, every competition, I think about it. Buckskin like wrestling? I read a cock fighting I'm not been attacked by what about Michael tax dogfight it. No ass. I should get should and can you d rather Katy Sabre metrics on animal fights republic?
how would you like to analyze dogfight, I mean you all, this, not dorians at that point that part of rights I actually do of course x. You guys have apart guess, called hot take down, will be paid out Hank, we don't. Jeffrey Promotion at your shows where you guys talk about how takes what kind of my turf that you guys are encroaching on a little bit, but that's fine is there a way to measure the temperature of overtake I've I've some ideas, I would add, like it plus three percent. If, if there's a quest the mark in the headline of you, you could do a sentiment analysis on that. What is at what a sentiment announced was, let me suggest, pulls words and tries to infer from those words like how had been so Hitler's in there. That's like an extra ten percent. Hitler is an extra ten per cent of exclamation point could be leaning indicator around us, to my spelled words, York, Miss Belburg, short, short, eater, overly short or long paragraphs as a big tell yet one since paragraphs, that's the plastic special create J, Mary, oh he's
employers. What's your favorite Sabre metric step, I guess war. Ok, oh for the, for the temperature of a take. You can create new state called Info WAR who info about Yes, a wars, your favorite, we haven't even new staff common ownership. Ok out some weird, let's enveloped so it's called breaking news. It's called it the goose egg. You know goose, Gasogene Have you have had him on the show? He is very strongly to its the measure, the exit loss reeled back. What now now but now it's like, based, we are better kind of save interesting I still I getting a save for like one the game. You get us safer, like a clutch scurrilous inning right. So if you pick eighth ending in a tie game- and I have many runs- that's a goose egg got it, and so, like guess, was, much better, accumulate. This news tat. We made up then than money,
those like basically closer, not use well, today, right stupid, tell me come in the ninth thinning because you have ok Does it say that actually measures things? But I don't think that's the truth, though I think I agree with you. Closer used incorrectly should be using him in the most high leverage situation of your game. But I think that just a mental thing where these guys, They mentally need to know if they're, closing or not, because you saw it when people bonn- and you know I never highlighting with the nationals that seem like such a mental thing. Words disguise a good picture. You moved from the night, the eighth any false part. The pictures didn't deserve all right. You had all these great believers in the seventies printed evolve. No but evil they d, but stat and by the way you know You know my inner vera averaged an inning and a half for his career impose season right. He threw people forget that people forget that he was routinely used. The way that old school closures
were used when it mattered the most, despite our having pitch through hundred two games right, and so it's like whenever start behaving differently, when the stakes are higher, Then you have to wonder should behave that way like all the time, so I will Did your wars, your favorite, several staff, because that actually makes Theo looked not as bad for signing Jason Heyward. That's a good one. My favorite Sabre metrics TAT is often women that Don't wear sleeves are tougher than once it is it true. Yet especially if you wear sleeves your pussy, that's what that's what they say again. You can measure this. You can you can short How can we can you please do that? For us we can look at whether Keyser, without yet improper focus as he stats now much of a good, but you could do that
that would sleeplessness yeah need that I'm really out of that very boot called the Richie Incognito staff. Germany else now get to redo, actually know what we do want fun game and we play with Our guests, who we see imports come mean tweets ever see that, like the camel show slick therein mean to me, it's been so wholesome mean sweets than grenade silver. Here, I'll start. This one's from Hey nerds. I your guts for twenty. He says: hey Nate, Silver why don't you respect the busy little bit and put on a tie when you're talking with journalists that look of a sweatshirt under a sports coat, his real fuckin, sloppy hashtag, eight nerds a breakfast ok, here's, here's a good one. This one is from Nate Silver question mark more, like Nate Bronze, I've heard that
I've got this guy says vows screen him, but they, I guess they. Let him put a question mark this guy says: hey, nay, you asshole, so what's it what's up their hair? Why didn't you call me, however? that Algeria? That's a pretty good question mark, I don't know it's kind of uncomfortable. Ok, I got one more it some from at night silver, five, five, three nine who and says: hey FUCK, had a more and better than you think. There's a while. I agree with that. We actually almost had to change our name to five through nine, because there is some deal in Congress where, like they're going to add, I basically Utah on extra electoral eyes, while you're Isaak. I sit here squat right now he's squad. Thank you! So much we'd love to have you back anytime, you recurrent guess you have to come back as legally legally obligated to have you back onto the midterm. Yeah call now. Thank you. before we talk to SAM Decker
I won't let you guys know this interview is being brought to you by pardon my take The same show that you listen to right now, what acquaintance majority fan she should go to Birstall sports. I come slush p m t we ve got a bunch of great gear in the part of my take store, the matter if you want people know of Joe flak Elite. If you want to show people that yours at about your recently deceased gambled goldfish. We got stickers now do stickers a great because can put them on things and other people know that your fan and you have to have a conversation with em all. What's up your ad I was a kid obscene till you guys about the new parliament. Take store is wicked sweet. Yet all this shit that you wanna get tee shirts, yet sweat shit, you guess what pants you got stickers everywhere stickers. As far as I can see, kid is great get to pardon my take good Basle sports, Dotcom, slash, p, empty! That's Bastille sports that calm, slash, p m t is wicked. Awesome check it out another something completed: are we now welcome on one of our favorite recurring? Guess, Houston Rock?
forward SAM Dec, let's start SAM with the obvious question when he could be back, no, no. I started shooting with two on Monday and Tuesday night and showed the practice could occur, but you know what a break something it takes. Some time so run out were to exert surgery Looking at a couple weeks ago, a really good data are progressing well and hopefully, you can make a good run here. I can go back and help the team which handed you breaking and was right and left left out so you still able to why about to say now. I did a little bit of homework here and on the day before you broke your left, wrist I noticed some interesting lakes on Instagram. Coming from you,
eyes? Is some sort of maybe too much fun here. He he thought. I pick that day. Media reports have me Jane, got sickly there and we we have six games left any thirty five thirty six game this year, another James out you're going to be the only player to play all eighty to adhere as yet it though the girl coming back there, three legged play did he do that kind of beer? You know a few to my back surgery and I'd be really proud of that and lobby all that night run in a day the deadline break my hand instead of surgery won't just put a copper fit bracelet unrest, man, that's probably I'll, get you some crystals. Maybe here
some special Christmas. All right, I want to talk. We want to talk to you about. Obviously you guys are in the playoffs right now. You're playing the thunder you're, probably not be back for this series, hopefully next year, as were all rooting for that, but this series, Patrick Beverley, verse, Russell Westbrook House. Does Patrick actually like really hate Ross. I don't think there's any hate them well. There is from Russia Side while Pat is just a crazy person. That's ok, that's, like literally, on my favorite guys ever my favorite teammates ever know me in TAT, get along super well and ever since I got to use them so TAT gathered up to and he is one of a kind he want money. Team effort sharing. I did a great deal
YO shut down in Russia can be right. He's gonna get his but deftly mixed, tough and dumb. I can see it do you not anything you'd hate him, but he doesn't think so. Just make you shake your head and and make you laugh every night could be that crazy. Was Patrick Upset when sports in her said, I am the captain now when they should highlight the nuclear power plant regard any particular, the publicity yeah you ve been out there doing this, bearing in mind gonna be himself and not that of others who are now it is when you guys play in practice is packed. Do that two other guys in a team? Does he does due to James harden like? Is it something that you obviously expect because of his style defensively? And he just like us constant passed earlier?
when you can tell him it's. Why are you you got a few days before the play out so that we could authority, but we can have left so intense, was a little down in practice and about three days before the perhaps start again and in padlocked through training here before our first, your career play our part. Does he said I'm on one day, boys plenty of time, one day his love all day, just to get and play outmoded getting a guy says in the end he gave them out about it tat. He raises the oddity level have you got in their little scramble, Pat, but then the day wealthy Mason, I would rather have a guy, be that intense and get me get annoyed at home. Then someone coming in sleep in every day, so yeah. I thought he'd like a practising games in life.
Design? Is James Horn, Collado Fowls against Patrick in practice? Dames herds? like actually get far, but everyone. It's unbelievable, he's. Asking me: I don't know how he does it, but he is perfected. It and the another about going against him, I hate it. They have played against them. But when you and your team in replying to take em and am now you you, gonna kind with law and worse artists gather requirement. Is that someone you practices like with like I've, always obviously it sounds like Patrick Beverly practices. Talking shit, witches fantastic to know, did James harden practice like getting fouled and in getting their contact every day I mean yes. If we play a situation,
in practice. It let Us- and I am going to talk about the second- he started simply necessary. I love this failure to ask us to fund a garden. And you're hoping to me. I do not ask me our US declare our mountain they'll run through it and he can stop or start so quick and so does the clerk. When I got back to perfect it in a game and his arrest, you they represent. What kind of you go? Call it so it but sir, if you some guys gonna league are getting better at it. I think we have to the best of illegal drugs files with Blue Williamstown. Those two hour automatic yeah. I think it suddenly practice. Suddenly you ought to go on in Ceuta. I got him and he's gonna see. How can I scoring at eighty buckets and how am I gonna get this guy a cordon chemical who do, you think, should be envy and anti cancer, Jim Jim, sorting have to say Westbrook or acquire
I can't say James Jesse, James hello, MA am Lebron. James Decker doesn't think, come on, Paradise doesn't think James. Aren't you be envy pave the way here, the game, but am now quite the contrary, not anonymous error. Here, a smart move, those smart move. What have you done to try to get Aaron Rodgers Earl of Yemen back together? now, gamma, then no comment. Languages are used, my view tidy and the break up. I'm all, By that easy back at Graham Egg, the said enjoying himself in
I've, got to see him the day. I brought my hand so ass, nice in Phoenix, but where you either get ready for that exactly he, the weapons were getting young attackers through and through a big I'm stuck with his lonely bears, which are you broke your wrist when you're hanging out with Aaron Rodgers into a fight with him. My agency ambitions, your faith, True, o sat why Livia? Oh yeah yeah, like a swollen knows its heart was in the preamble anymore. Here's spends on there for you. If you and air and ever stop being friends, he ll send all the gifts back to you. So that's kind like maybe if you ve, given up anything nice like you just going off illegal here's get stuff back that there's a thing of the friendship breakup yeah dressed as a sound like so like the Athena one day
captain Tilney! Would you would you sent them back out, keep on a shit, I'm not give give her back or I'm a gift seller. So I would. I would caution on that. Oh you, you did profit from friend. You are yet here has it do you know if I Frank Kaminski has asked Aaron Rodgers been my case cool like if I dislike to dams and say Sup, because it's like you know, you'd rather have a dating someone that you know unlike right right, you gotta keep it in the family right do you were actually you're, actually helping us work on getting errand someday Sunday. As a p m t dream, that's a p empty dress, we're not gonna bathroom too much award winning listen, I just know that this will happen. Yes, yes, that's! It then has been asking for a few years of yes, Sir the best year. Yes, and are we just gotta, get up all the troops in the right place yet will be?
Let me. Finally, I need you to do something for me. I need you to tell my dental into Regrows mustache, because he looks I he doesn't look right without the stash. I, like the save and look, I like it and my I think, going to grow back these running from his italian routes. He doesn't know I kept us along yeah as true outside they did. The dsl psychologically yachts allows my final question: did you say anything to J J given like a heads up, hey I hear J J. I wanna talk to him, yes, I'm feeling of everything, but I did bring you got up and said you ready to go on automatic, so yeah he's at ease, excited it is easy to write. A girl is not back down from the challenge. So I hope, is ready for three guys for some some hard Bosnia. Doesn't that bother? Oh yeah
get ready? They write his chin rate that chin, that might be a change in loading learning action right has over the Lake Cave Mansion. Yes, that night job varies at all. It's very large, Jo Leinen ought to cover many bury bonds lesson somethin like that ha Thanksgiving Man, speaking of seeing it as well, what's up with the cubs. Ah, let someone the interview here: if you read the birthrate Roger looking good regulated there, really America seem if you want. I want steroids, Ryan Bronze, having little resurgence here, interest even good for the last four years, but he loves the cub. That's ok! It's you! Don't wanna championship in April. That's for sure! I'd Thank you so much Pesa lock. Hopefully we get to see you in the battle of Texas cities. No one cares about Houston and San Antonio in
The second round, and actually do this with every guest on we're gonna, give you thirty seconds to bash Antonio as a city I'll help you if you'd like ok, I'll start, but there's like air conditioning units just on people's launched and throw him out on London There are very proud, the Alamo ever had a certain it who trashy river River walks overrated. We recall that the old Cleveland Special AIR, every building grey, He s a funny yes see. These are all too thin. Charles Barkley doesn't like the women.
There are big right, that's what he said again really say that no child said as opposed to Houston, which is a very healthy said it yes for use and where you can just drive and a big circle all day and then get off the highway to then get back on it beautiful nature. A lot of your cement in Houston is too shades lighter than the cement and senator yeah. It's beautiful. I agree I will hopefully we get that match up. Hopefully your in that match up and we'll talk to you. Probably then I got but I must do some segments first up. We have a Mite Green Burg, dumb rule he is really we want to die on this hill. He once more. Ties in sports? He wants there to be a rule that when a baseball game gets pass, the thirteen thinning tie great rule MIKE
rule for a problem that occurs like now five times a year MIKE skies finger on the pulse. If there's one thing, the initial playoffs have proven its at Americans. Love ties, yellows games that don't go to extra time. Yes, MIKE would like us all to become in all a t, t Ball, America, where everyone just gets ties and ice cream and pizza no out see. I know a house yeah. I actually have a better idea: ok, after thirty thing, just give every team aluminum bats yeah, who or after Thirteen thinning just have a home run derby. The guy, you know the do shoot out soccer and have Chris Bourbon announced at every time so he's unlike the email, be command yeah. We already read with mercury than so. He just need as alive lookin like they're gonna do with dean blending. Oh yeah we're just called back back back back back. I love it yeah. It's actually I mean that's the role at their or a sperm. In some way to get more Chris permanent, our life, especially with the worst thing, he does that's good
by other suggestion was gonna. Be just play. Butts up, remember that game, so just have players line up on home plate bent over and then Jesse you taps out for sue. You know it would actually be a fun waited decided who control the fastest Just ass, just have a radar gun and just at each team gets ten throws vast, is through a wins masses. Combined average score. You know what they're it is. It's all nine players on the on the field have to throw so wherever in the game is any get to see, fund shit like fat, you know first basements row and stuff and fast, human score and knowing and you'll get to wear gloves to catch. It is monitored by Doktor James Andrews monoliths care the timing out those are they go MIKE that you want you dumb rules will do fuckin terminals. I have for you, so this One came after the calves, one game to against Spacers Lebron James said jokingly, I feel like I should have been a coach, fella
His teammates call them out, and he said what shit look fun I like fun, so La Bronze said the co chairs looked farm, but Le Braun isn't on any social media law: zero, dark, thirty, zero, narc, thirty, zero, thirty twenty three: how is all at all twitter, no Instagram but coach shower, looked for you. That tells me the broad James has offence to Graham out. There was not a fake instagram here. Does that's where the perfect booties, that's one of the ones like yeah? Why out? Ok, so busted Leubronn looks like you, weren't reading godfather shocker for the seven hundred time, Bron James, not on social media, but says go cello looked fun, he doesn't care about the troops. Moon, yes
instigate here, so he so he was up station, the national anthem, right yeah. He was like dancing and like padding his chest and software national anthem. Let's go before us even over, nor my just hard up in Africa This is disgusting. It's fine you're used to buy out of our wise potter, my head, but old, cool mba when they would do the national anthem, whether they would zoom by shack, and he would be just so drenched in sweat, yeah throng of worker, Patrick dealing with religious, big, literally drenched look like they just gave him a shower because they had to take a couple jumpers and the lay up other bodies crying like when no shall Miranda, many that all that water on himself admitted are so patriotic that there were leaking. There are leaking love for that matter. Back before a U basketball took over nuts, women can play really sweat than ever before. The super teams. They are our friends with each other and they go changing in the off season, become free agents shack. Unlike shadow, my check, you have a witch hunt.
Oh yeah, so this is kind of a different witch hunt that we ve done before. I usually like to stick towards premature. Her accusations of sterile use the most part, but this is different. This one is for Aaron Rodgers Guy, I'm in a read you tweet that Aaron put out yesterday. Ok, if trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down. We might if they screamed all the time for no good reason.
That's so quirky of him to twitter artisan. When working, I guess what it's actually plagiarism. Bro, that's jack, handy, none romance in our deep thought. No attribution given whatsoever at unawares doing out here, but he's plagiarized, while he destroyed of copying and levying other people's Material Eden, even write like who did this firm? He didn't even put it didn't, put a crying emerging on their or a hatchet or may or may not real reason why our school it intact. Bleach reporting, wanted jerk, yeah, big jerk working more concerned with play calls yeah and embrasure is in everyone's, probably like we're so crazy. So if only you also don't take asserts exuberant away on the show of actually. How do you think maybe, like he's a rustle Wilson situation, is looking up, quotes the so he's doing that
and he's also, I think, trying to impress Olivia they just broke up since, like she liked me when I was being so funny before. Maybe I can just write some jokes out and get her back that what kind of a like a ye you're missing, my dear miss in my body and my mind, while they go, let's Hagen jealous We have a next up. I have a put one in your whole and its actually, you piety and put one in your home. You wrote a book. I did read a book any book, it's an e book. So it's like it's it's the veil of books. It's like an eel cigarette for literature who so the books coming out. Thank you for sent me up for that. Yet no problem, the books come out. I hope. On Thursday, we gotta get all set up through Amazon, all that stuff, but it's cool the United States of America versus Skip Bayliss and features Donald Trump, Jim Tom Sula, Roderick, Adele Errand Hernandez, Stephen, a Smith Skip Ellis me, I'm in their Mallingham MAX Kellerman, you name it lots of genius ones in their who's, who he is
Belarus where to get hit by a bus tomorrow morning. Would you still release the book yeah? I think elderly said earlier. Actually here we'll know immemorial yeah or I would just right, would do well you some. Hospital care. What you actually do, I would, I would wait till afterwards is like one of those things when artist eyes. You know what I might do. Actually, MIKE Fate, I might take my own death on Thursday right before the book comes out really right. Those on Itunes yeah, the first couple I will put out a press release will will handle this. Just ignore you guys Roma lawyers, so we never had this guy. So by that book they were to do we're. Gonna do a reading. A little reading in one shows right will mean you on that sheriff ankle, be able I'll he's gonna try to me. What can I will move on up and accept? We have bad visual for Her tiger woods Mean Alchemists Africa. Yet we saw Tiger woods showed
out of nowhere? I pray ETA planned. I don't I'm not I'm not a huge gulf thyself and is probably I mean you're, probably came from his house yeah, so yeah you're right well, he gave was most vagina first good point and then the old adds testicles. Forty five years later, he he got to peer today, where he had a public appearance, shot a couple shots, but the bad, visual comes in when he he wore cargo pants with about forty pockets. He regulatory cargo pellets to carry cellphones tall oz Burner Survey Tiger Woods.
I think he's gotta go back to rehab because sounds like someone wants to be a Navy seal again raised are playing around with the paint ball wars and one not hurt in his back with a tactical paths that were then take time to that's. Actually, I think my new favoured descriptor of things is just call them call things tactical yeah, I'm a tactical operator. They were tactical pants, so I don't know I would be concerned if I was a tiger fan or Mona TIGERS loved. Now he probably doesn't doesn't pay as someone who love Tiger who once loved Tiger yet who once made love with tiger spins own? Maybe the burners aren't for all his girlfriend, but their first doctors. Yes, his warehouse physician stats actually left legs. The doctors right legs is, it was a thoughts yeah. That's actually genius Tiger is now these revolutionise he's Walker over the phone book, so you can just have each phone just have one number different ring tones civil? That's my that's my knee doktor! Oh, that's! The girl that I rim here, oh shit, that there's the won't there's a woman highlights a piss all over her face and there's a guy who's. Gonna Wiersma chiropractor both of those are colouring tough. We have
a pr one for Carmelo Anthony, who officially just a comedy of errors. We had the whole tiff with Phil Jackson and it comes out Carmelo might have gotten a stripper pregnant criminals married and now. This is why he is probably not going to be married for much longer and it's another embarrassing moment for Carmelo Anthony he's pure score. We know that so that's the he's living up to his reputation. Also his spinzone on this was saying that lol? I was married to him. He was married to her great, so is merited the game right if he's gonna, if he's gonna turn appear one or one this you just I go plain: Utah Lecture Polygamy just get down on all fronts as yet websites or good out. There is no time to pursue. Imagine come on you, Tom love. It you'd love at our mellow Anthony at what point Does he look in the marries like YO, I'm a joke
I don't know. I don't think he s do that just yet day. This is not a joke. He got a super pregnant. That's not that's pretty cool! Let's be honest wall, I don't know if that's cool, I think it's kind of cool, so what he should do is he should bring the dancer. You know how I have Steph. Curry brings Riley on stage. There's like criticism, he's just bring his pregnant thought mean that whole over there. He said earlier liked its own role with occasional, bring his bread, the pregnant stripper out onto like his S next press conference and its have shown her belly ambiguous. My little girl writer spins, come along at any. If that stripper somehow has twins in her belly now as a father three, well look at when an mba championships was officially the boy. He could learn a lot from that. Yet my other piece of advice here that I had form is things aren't going so well with North Korea of yes even pay attention the news
but remember, Dennis Rodman would, over there and sorted everything out. Why not just in Carmelo Anthony over there as an ambassador tourism, goodwill A couple North Koreans pregnant, develop like a little colony of basketball playing american children over there. I like it and then go next thing. You know were basically best friend got free trade with yeah if they could put Basque, but we ve never bombs a country, the complete Basle, it's true! It's the NBA warfare yeah, exactly you know a bronze not deciding with Lala via he'll, just forget about mellow for shellfish, he's not on the boys on the banana Bahrain he's off the banana, but Chris Paul still on mellow not fake friend, bra peer, her BP are one one. We talked about this on Monday, Shell, He still has that hashtag and that hashtag can get out of anything Lollo, probably just like a what the fuck you,
hey! I would just stay. Melodies damages attain mellow with the seven year. How I do not think he says a male strikes me as a guy like when he says it out. He hashtags on its agreement with her boy says it out loud he's, like I'm stayin mellow with seven the Everglades. I think you definitely does. The other thing tat he could do is the Kobe Bryant aspire. Huge ring, so are all forgiven and do all the Prescott Vs Press conference with the big rang just give them blinds everyone. The ring its own, like lovelier, MIKE Mike, hold her finger filter last up. We have our sorrow. We have two more. We have a saying: a tricks, this one goes for David Viz Dale, the coach of the grizzlies, great name, who went on great name who went on in all time, referee rant and most of the time. Unlike ok, don't don't complain about the rough, but he did state that he's not a numbers guy and he doesn't seem. He said they shot eleven times in the paint and had twenty three free throws we shot
nineteen times in the paint we had. Six free throws not a numbers guy that doesn't add up any went on and on and talked about all the different calls against his team. I love that because you know you gonna get find you might as well state your case in like a logical way. Cuz now the rest will probably give them some brakes and where is like. Sometimes coaches will just allude to it and get fined after get your money's worth. He basically was like you know what I can perfect. I want to pay that I'm a pay, the fifty Kay like Germany eat everything into I'm sick, Milo Diarrhea and come back and eat eat the gross little like orange banana. There are those in the Jello, no Emma's g here, yeah right, Wolf in it all down. You bring up a good point when my least favoured things when a coach says something like an hour
I can really get into too much marital status, but those restful consort right and they just like moves along a guess. While you're there, you ve, crossed the line right. You crossed that Rubicon Right, shot out Caesar you them. He also went on and said that might calmly is to clean cut, he's, never committed any technical, fowls men, but he still knocking the calls. So maybe my kindly should start committing technicals, because last time I checked the saying, is they always penalize the second guy right right? So maybe he should start being the first guy? Well, not only that, but probably prologue
from my calmly to be feared a little right, whereas formations like this guy's, a teachers. Pat he's Sarah Planet, all right, nobody wants latent all yeah. That's exactly this. Guy also put himself on the map took as no one knew or for big time. Big time that was yet people are all cross country like them. That's cool man, I'll, probably forget it Dan to two games when the spurs finish the sweep off, but damn that's cool these. The guy that overpaid for my kindly and then complained about my coming right right. Exactly I last I have a that's enough internet for today. This one is. Ok. You guys ready yet, let's do it right boy eleven lose testicle. After a twisted five hundred and forty degrees cutting off the blood supply, while he slept so you can lose a ball wisely. I'm just do not understand the math here he's in eleven year. Old boy, twisted testicle
five hundred four degrees quote. While he slept ok, yeah buddy, It turned black and fell off says I can. How is that possible when we ve got a mortal I'm looking at the fucking growth? Will you grab your till? I dont want to send what an eleven year old testament twisted his testicles is a graph showing what it would look like, I have a whole sectors. It explains the ex hang on the streets. How do you have your balls? I'm actually that's pretty impressive- that you're able to twist one right now that you're saying without asking the house from Saint stay well guarded. The kid was probably whose exploring his body I'm sorry for bringing up here. I that's our show. We'll see a Friday. Hopefully we will officially be conversion van owners fall. Apart. Might take on Instagram were into little, maybe live for. My take Instagram LIVE video
when are you gonna buy it tomorrow? Yeah, none of us really know anything about cars. So what we're gonna have to do is we're gonna, we're gonna, go live and let you guys listened to the sound of the motor and just let us know if you hear any major problems, there's like in a passage in the carburetor, that's a part of the car. So just given, I often rotary diggers rotary diggers, Syria would in a crowd source our mechanics yeah, so out of fall apart might take on Instagram part, my tea. At on twitter and make sure you subscribe on Itunes. Tell your friends by the United States of America. Vs Skip Bayless coming out in bookstores aka the internet. Soon love you guys, love you guys
george- maybe you know so we were all Brandreth may come from. Those who could not go on negative stance is that through our already banker programme european work on paper, but my team,
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