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NBA Champ Shawn Marion + We're Time Traveling

2019-04-07 | 🔗

PFT is in Hong Kong, Big Cat and Hank are in Minneapolis, welcome to the time traveling episode of Pardon My Take (2:27 - 4:12). Recapping the Final Four, Auburns heartbreak, Kirk Cousins speech, and how to make Monday night's game more interesting (4:12 - 13:27). PFT recaps his trip to Hong Kong and the Rugby 7's (13:27 - 21:30). Who's back of the week (21:30 - 29:28). 4X NBA All Star and NBA Champion Shawn Marion joins the show to talk about his career in the league, his favorite teammate, the title run with Dirk, the 7 seconds or less Suns, and his shot being ugly as hell (29:28 - 69:50). Segments include PR 101 for Aaron Rodgers, Roasting the new Jets Jerseys, way to stay relevant baseball, PFT hot in the streets, and Monday Reading - Hank's resume. 

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