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NBA Insider Shams Charania, Actor Danny Trejo And Big Cat Bought A Lottery Machine

2020-08-28 | 🔗
The sports world stopped on Wednesday in protest and we discuss what that means going forward (2:48 - 16:56). Fyre Fest of the week Big Cat bought a lottery machine and he's now addicted to picking winning numbers plus Hank wont stop yawning (16:56 - 35:05). NBA Insider Shams Charania joins the show to talk about the NBA protests, what the players meeting looked like and when play will most likely resume (35:05 - 52:18). Actor Danny Trejo joins the show to talk about his career of being the bad guy, being in a million movies, prison and more (52:18 - 81:27). Segments include billy's list and a review of Bigger Than Ben, Ben Roethlisberger's new documentary.
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Today's pardon my take, we all are talk about sports, obviously stopped on Wednesday. We will discuss the boycott In the protests in the NBA M, L B Emma lasted for good right. You M, alas, W Nba eastward and professional gaily boards we all cross. Ports world do not forget about sports We have shams Veronica from the athletic friend. The programme has been on the show before NBA reporter he's in the bubble. He tells us exactly what's going on, what's gonna happen going forward with the NBA play off. We have actor day. Betray how you probably recognize him as the bad ass guide, every single movie ever we have a fire festive. The week we have. Memory review of big beds, bigger than Ben. So one- and also I bought a lottery machine, so we ve got a lot to get too before we do all that Parma takes brought you by the cash up. Now is the
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Ok. Now, though, the cash abuse code bar, so you get ten dollars for free ten dollars a pc. I download the cash out from the actual goo Wastward. Today get involved with the cash? Ok, let's go Why not
I told you, I wasn't part of my teacher by the cash out: go downloader right now. You could partially get ten dollars for free, ten dollars s pc yea. Today He is fry. Eight August, twenty eighth, have a quote for you guys ready yet. Guess what guys everything is going to shit. The world is fuckin crumbling, but we have sports back so just say: fuck, it listen a part of my take. Those me last Friday to quote jingle. Ports are back as are no longer passports. Sports weak sports are coming back, maybe Friday, maybe eight out
So was a big day in terms of no sports behind all by surprise, thereby was expecting the other Box and the magic to play the magic had their bosses, up to leave them around the Turks and cake owes you were excited to get the hell out of the bubble and go and get drastic by the box and in the box didn't show up the court and then everything kind of domino from their yes and the NBA went on strike, it was a cry. Today it was it felt like a historic date. Might I did say that on twitter? Obviously there were the cynics that we're like nothing, A change like I get there. You talk about that day when, but I don't remember day when all the sports just stopped in protest. Last Sunday happened was appreciating, gave the Celtic Spell Russell decide to to boycott game back. I think was like the seventies the prices rise like this is a yes, it's a bubble game which feels a little bit different. But it's definitely first time that this ever have also Andrew Luck last year. True,
for the whole twenty nine Piazzi the magic, we're very surprised when that organs sixty one nineteen sixty one might so obviously this show everyone knows the show is light. Hearted nature we don't usually get into serious topic spot. This is a topic that is very, very heavy in sports world. I guess simply put, I I'll always support the right to protest in this country like picked like being able to use your leverage in power to protest, to try to enact change kind of the most american thing you can do in my mind personally, it's why this country so great, is that you have the ability to say I don't agree with something. I want to change something, and you can wake up tomorrow morning and it's not your Putin's put in jail right with it. That's what happens every single day when the games are being played is the result of like a collective bargaining agreement between the owners and the players and the owners, We want to make money through the rules that are set up right now. Here's where your collect borrowing stakes going to be in the players, agree to that. But then
the players, one a protest, is their right and they will- people are saying like they don't have anything at stake there millionaires they actually do have livestock, which were given to a little bit wish arms like they have a great job. I think they all probably love their jobs, but they are putting it on the line, not only in terms of their reputation but also future earnings. If the salary cab, does go down because the actions that they take up. So I guess they have some skin the game too, and I said this online. Yes, you may back and clarified a little bit, but through a lot of people who just one watch sports and I told you understand that your words is an outlet is escape for a lot of people. I get there escape for me all the time. Yes, I fucking love sports. Are we had approach for the most part on the show? Yeah we treat sports as an escape. Yes, his escape and is a wonderful escaping kicks ass. Its awesome, but there are, people that say you know they're the kind of shut up and drivel crowd like I want to be entertained. Don't I don't mix What's it to sports that sort of thing, that's that nets,
and you can think that way. But I also think that what we ve seen over the last couple of months and especially last few years. I don't think it's ever go to go back to players, not using their leverage, in terms of getting into political arguments. Are political discussions or activism. That's where things so at this point is that you can either stop watching it's entirely or you just kind of accepted. This is gonna, be the new normal. You not always going to agree with what the players are protesting for are all her views on everything, but I think that its you're putting your head in the sand if you think that its ever going to go back to more of the way it was when these two things didn't interact as much. I agree with that. I owing to tell a black person how to feel about this when I dont think anyone's a black person how to feel about this. When I don't think he was sitting in my shoes should ever more, like you know, like that's kind of work comes down like a boy.
Down to. I know, there's a lot of people you're, hurting in this country for various different reasons from all walks of life were not doing well at like everything's kind of feels like the world's falling apart twenty slash. Twenty has not been a banner year. I took put it light. And I know that you know people have lost their jobs and people are saying will ask, it's getting to play. A kids gave us. I get there people have grievances and they feel hurt in different ways, but it today. I am not going to tell black people how to feel about this, and I don't think you should either but I also markets or whether we want to feel about it too, because that's that's kind of thing like. If you disagree with me, that's fine either How change my opinion on this matter? But if you think differently- and you want to tell me that that's fine I also said that yesterday, that are not always my energy on Twitter Twitter is about oaken platform for any type of real discussion or discourse. No one goes to twitter to
you're anyone else's frame of mind any one else. They don't go to twitter and say I'm in a red, a tweet change my opinion. They go to Twitter to see that the tweet that either makes the mad and makes them want to reply in anger or they go and see in their own echo chamber and bubble, and reach. We it and then they patty each other on the back and its what kind of bullshit and everyone's kind of foolish it. So I could do it on Twitter. I'll say what I think here on radio whatever videos we do. It's kind of it I agree. I think that it is very tough to have these conversations. There is a lot of new wants and having these types of conversations online is impasse because, no matter what you say, somebody can exe, right now, but I think the bigger picture is the with what you're saying right now, but I think the your picture is the NBA players and even the ownership and pleasures and other sports to want some progress made. They want Some tangible progress made whether that's reforming
How like district attorney's interact with police in terms of like officer involve shootings. S were thing. Think that's a noble cause and I plug them for standing up for what they believe. But again, and like this is your right, though. The best place to have this discourse is probably, don't worry. I've come there. One last thing in a semi series way, but I I get the cynic view of this thing. I totally do because I I found myself being more cynical. Everything go passing day, so I at the response of always out a game. What box gonna change? I get. I get like people would have that cynical view because hard to change things like it's very, very hard I want to say, is given a chance. And let's see it's better than saying nothing can ever change ever and ever gonna be that person, because that person, what support? yeah. If ve, nothing in your life can ever change for the better,
You should just stop with the ocean. Oh it's like this. This is the whole thing. Is they try to to use whatever you can to me, change Maybe change, doesn't happen today? Maybe doesn't have anemometers over ten years made another hundred years, but trying is better than saying nothing will ever change just I give up here. I think that what the players want to accomplish is a noble go right. They want. They want fewer black people to be killed by police officer right. I think everybody can agree that if that were to happen, that would be a good thing. Not a bad thing. Now, it's just a matter of trying to figure out how that can happen. Logistically, how what's Ups can be taken to address it in the right way. I think that is good for the, where's free for using the power that they have again. Dont know, How it's gonna pan out, I do know The Stevens Smith right now is wearing his transition, glasses on tv and that is a very, very serious. Oh yeah, I've looking
at a rosy cut out the blue shade. That is a man that will he listened January, how you move, acts that looks good are so so we will not have talked about the more serious side. Can we talk but the foreigner side with the positive side is before about twelve hours. Pleasures and I became a possibility through trials, win Lebron James said that the Lakers work gonna play anymore, then That point it was like this is. This is actually literally blazers in five. Yes, I am right in, I felt good about being right, but then it looks like we're gonna play which listen it takes me admitting. I was wrong about lasers and five to bring the NBA back and have them play. For policies and that'll be mine. Us to bear and the others who have? Yes. Ok, that's that's, usually you so the bronze Definitely pestered hee hee that the box did. It went rogue right yes, very per year Braun. He knew that he had to make a stand during the meeting.
Because he was like how am I not the face of what's right and I get that like his immunity? Is the biggest supplier he is the league, but it's the all. The inner workings are very it's it's. Doesn't it's obviously a bigger than sports cause? then it's also forty to be like, like this league aspect of it did. I do still If they're still, human beings are still pecking order in the NBA yeah, as oh, it's funny to think about. Like, oh, my god, my god, I guess Leubronn probably was man. Braungart attack, saying like George Hill is starting. This movie say who the fuck is toward re right now is a tomato yard, but because the Triassic I thought I sent a guide to Canada whenever I I also I do appreciate the referee walk. Yeah, just waiting for Joe western pop pop out of a bush with his with his white armband, be like hey guys. I've been trying to get respect for rest, and then they built
Wait Joe! This isn't about respect for Ramses like oh shit. Never my has rescuing. I matter. Shirt is like an widely someone's standing up for the referees of the world. Like Joe that's now we're talking, refugees have been leading the charge on all this. They went from having the desegregated black and white stripes on their shirts to incorporate to blending them into night shade of gray. Yes, I have really been taking the start on. I love these seven. A Smith classes there may I'll be gipsies on homes are fantastic. He's on mute, so I don't always saying but I'll tell you. I grew. Zoning vine worry that it is making a great points. Seventy four present he said that he would run, and then dominate any debate against anyone, but he just as you like interjected rife and partly down making great fuckin point six trying to get it out of things. Close captioning? That's all right! It's ok! I actually better that we don't know what you're saying right now that we can measure the asteroids any other thoughts. I actual nice. You think that a lot of it has to do like this all come to a head yesterday. It's like failing camp right. These guys have been locked in a bubble forever, they're, just
all pissed off all the time, but they had they have to be sick and tired ever be bored Catherine, really show you to announce it. I already now just like at delivering. Can't you just want to fight every one it was. It was cool to see some sports teams follow suit, there's baseball protests, obviously W Ba. The imo, us Emma less hopped in I'd, even they're back, but now I do. Does it get yon hags hailing honoured that, while it just as hard as I understand it, catches mentioning Emma less and Hank instinctively boom, you you, you slept in the car for an hour way back from where we were interview and we have given this coming Monday. It's fuckin awesome intervene as a three hour drive and unlike a child when I'm in in a moving vehicle for more than an hour, I fall asleep and, as you guys know, once I get woken up, I'm just pissed off. I wanna go back to sleep, or are you tired right now
I just need watching their Red Bush and you know it whenever Hank its grumpy, which is put him in the back. Your car began just drive around the blight until thought. This was where you can, no, it's ok. How could jolly almost got out? We deal like when someone student dishes, like ok, help right as their fast also shut out the cubs. Yesterday, Jason Heyward was like I'm not gonna play, but you go ahead. Imply yes, and his team is ok. What s your power to with the car industry? Out of this role models, as I said earlier, is like if your girlfriend or wife is like. No, I just feel tired. You go out, though, have fun with boys and you, like Hell, yeah aren't you later for I am back down. Come back, drunkest fuck! Yes, so crazy day I do think it's gonna be a day that will remember, because it's never never happen. Like I said, not for very long
You asked me to walk and talk you social choices. You just yawning in my backs has asked me to help you ass. We forget it acting set. The NBA should kick the box, the rapporteur, who else out. As far as it goes out to anywhere I just where the hell of it next year, Sophia in and kick the Lakers outright and the clippers? And now imagine we d, probably rockets lingers when we realise that said, I would imagine plant pews YO. I just got good in the play. Yeah like we can't stop this now, please right open! right. He's fighting he thought that off with his eyes he closed his eyes and with John I sort of talk to Shams a little bit more about it in a minute. But let's do some fireplace. We saw the big been episode documentary view come up. That's can be grateful to your fire behest before fifty per
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sir yeah yeah, yeah where'd you give up back just got its act, would be like look who's back and I read it knows like no. Not make allowances is only once a week pop up with this report himself road and I'm ready to get hurt again ready. They get hurt again. I want for policies is people that are listen to this. I think, like oh shit, It probably listen lab and then they thought you're being serious. Well I'll, explain. All euro area is wait. Syria is a choose. Your own adventure sources wrong all the time, a hundred percent of the time pretty much makes it up. But if you want to live fantasy land like I do visitors, Sir Yacht n N, you know, ignored has blessed in this regard. I do love factor twice a week. The big ten comes back from this. It is running at the Cairo conference or other more. There are some parents that are showing up outside picked and how it is only for maybe it's back. I just
that too Nebraska players were suing the big tattoo it, and now the big ten is like shitting their pants, because documents will be open for discovery, which I would love to see how I've let directors reach a consensus about anything. Kevin worn resign, Sir Resign, almost our dream that everyday resign wreak, not Brazil. Not recent Rees resize spell the same. Why that's always very confusing reassign result: resign with no dash resign with Z. Resign, Sir, are Hank. My five vessels you're fucking yards ongoing. That's one of my firefox! My second one is so we can all get hooked up with these pieces and sixty pcs there, like steadily art, nice, really nice piece of equipment, but in I apartment, where I play video games whenever you always I need to run internet into the pc, but where my wifi router is on the exact sit side of where Ladys under my
Ask is nerd talk me, so I won't I so all I don't like that. How willingly now it's more like like girlfriend talk, I need to figure out a way to run a hundred foot wire like across my apartment over the past years, without our being like, actually not easy. Here's what you do just rap Christmas lights around the wire. Christmas lights will make the inside of any apartment. Look I'm not a doktor like green and red ones. Do the white want? Yes, why Windsor, clergy, hello, real quiet you can like should think she's in five hundred days a summer, every single that you can like hang a giant fish above your bed as long as you stuff, it filled with Christmas and girls to be like tat things so sites Billy, I would just run it between with the wall, meets the floor boards yeah. You could also do that and just get action, I think, Crusoe's log into my elder, that that goes through the crowd. His doorways and shit. We just need no, you can buy a strip like the little One thing that you put in the doorway Billy great idea: unprepared do
yeah you or do I really do yours Do yourself driving you insane, do yourself it do you. Do you you're good at all, yours, I y yeah. You do yourself pages gig, like a bunch of carpets, just parcels alongshore you're, so this building. Is I can't I can't explain enough: it's literally like the workplace possible. Ok, then, to the Christmas lights idea, yeah you very solid. She won't even know that there is in the house. Yeah, you got two stood copies, That is the only Firefox this week and the yawning yeah yeah yeah again. I've reach the point where I've heard hanky on sometimes at soothing, Tommy's comforting. That's how I know he's. Ok, I want your progress starting my fire first of the week is, I bought a new pair of shoes and their six shoes and their awesome, and I love him and they, make me? Look like I'm five foot, ten and a half because they have a bigger bubble in the heel,
you might say yourself. Fifty that's a sick thing. That's not a Firefox is checked. He's out like the on these suckers yeah you're wearing left, so my new favour prerequisites problem now is removed Jews during way back in the day level. Now is your: where do they really like you? Some toys, all the kids awareness, but the problem is now. I can't wear any other pair of shoes because I'm going to feel short as fuck in a normal pair of shoes, some they stuck in these until I guess It does happen when you, Sir, with guys gonna, be like your old people. Actor funerals have than I've wigs there snatch the wig off and everyone's ago, who should discuss baubles attitude like people go to pry these shoes off my feet when I'm five years older. However, unlike in my casket Nobel Dan, this was yeah yeah. I'll, tell you what I'll make sure they stay on your feet in your casket. Thank you utter. They guard your charge. You touch the feet. I wonder what he can.
Nobody touch the feed, I mean that means you Billy's only fan subscribers. Yes, I want some a guard, my grave, like the unknown soldiery ass, we shift spots. I like TAT. I met by way I peep, for prison the twitched shatters decided. Tell me ever receding hairline. I do not think I ever seeing her, but if here's Trichet doesn't realize. I want could be bought because of the ball to achieve it, no, I want to be naturally ball. If our naturally bald, I would go and get the worst to pay ever and just our people to talk about it, yeah argent. We like go ahead in fucking, talk to me about my my skunk on the top of my head. You won't or Disant braced the horseshoe pattern. There aren't many guys outside of Todd reared in the coach, the capitals,
who embraces the like wreath: hairstyle, there's a knee shalt, therefore guys they have to pay that admit they have to pay and just tell people like God, you won't fuckin make jokes about. Then you can show up like different days of the week with slightly different heard at us, like. Oh I'm, bleached. Yes, it's I really you kind of want about, but naturally I have beautiful hair, so there's nothing I can do about it My firefox type too First is Brian Urlacher Lacquer was trending all day. We were on your hard guys we're out in the hamptons. I think his hair plugs actually went to his birdlike went into his brain but we are on the Hamptons interviewing Kevin Love, So I saw- and I was like well now? Don't interview gonna just ignore this. First second came back: still trending, I actually. The far for us really is like what I dont understand people who, still at this this point in time like
are shocked when their favorite awfully has a bad. Take a bad opinion about opinion. Like a wow, you you, you still think, like your favorite asked because he was good at sports. Has good opinion was not just that. I think is everyone who who likes to certain athlete. Dixon wishes and hopes that all their opinions are exactly? whoever owns Natalie match up perfectly, and in this case I think primary lockers opinion mouse. With like no one, Joe no yeah. I mean I wonder what like Lance Briggs thanks when he sees that, but I your car yeah thanks. No, you do not steal car. He crashes Lambeau and then reported s stall, ok, big fucking difference, but yeah that was quite a day for Reiner lacquer. My other firefox is I have finally my lottery machine. So when the any child had their ping pong stay, HU. I said I need a lottery machine fifteen hundred dollars later Alibaba via China.
I have purchased my lottery machine, yellow we're going to we're going to plug it in and we're going to let it go select a good. I would. You should put one ping pong born there. That's like the net. But haven't waited until never get sucked up. So here's what we're going to do to turn it on Billy cuz we're going to we're just going to do. A number will find you at the end of the show, for borders, gonna pick a random number. An HIV Aids costs are betting with their friends. What numbers can we be picked when what we We want one by one, one ball, so we it's on boy. Listen to this thing! Listen to this day, there might be too many balls nerds. What is so exciting it so excited the enormous number of solidarity. Not let it go. Let it go on without medical would weaken that number four. For forty MIKE Asta number? Forty. So if you add number forty which, on a game that we didn't announced until right now, you
very good, we will do it will do. Maybe I, while Billy does his speech at the end would take on me I'll pick a random number so start betting with your friends I don't know how you bet it if you listen to show together, then start betting. Now, for the first time all yes do want money to almost more do every billet keno number get you want more than I got a good. Do three? Do three, it's fucking exhilarating dude. This is like the greatest day of my life glass. Bulgaria had three history smash it three
here here we go. Welcome to the point of my take lottery. Number lottery number check. Your tickets check your tickets spokes. We have redrawing side with a kiss the providers. This is ninety six. Ninety six, if you have number ninety six triggers your card number. Ninety six. We have the second number about to be picked. The second number Lucky Lotto, eighty, three, ninety six, eighty three: where we have last will we have the power ball number power. Ball numbers are single digit. That means you double winner. Double winner with the power of all number. Will we have a powerful here on board? My takes lottery, the last number, eighty four, eighty four, so ninety six, these three and eighty four. Well, that's gonna crazy! That's nice s or if your birthday is
I guess, there's no birthday now, actions that so you'll have to keep looking to see if your birthday stronger Parma take. If we join your birthday party, I take, let us know will sinew something do or more to one or two or more. This is you asked the quality of the autumn, evens odds. Yes, even though pick a number between one and two hundred zero and see what the slot machine to do, I did it. Did it no said? No, no if they know the answer that it will not, but we all know that was last eight and therefore no words no, it said no before you said pick a number between one hundred and the lottery machine was even so said. No, but it also pick a number of northern. That was the number to say. No, we say now using. I will nine, it hasn't picked another number. So I wonder if it will ever pick a number but trying to bring another number economic and other number between one hundred ladyish off it's off, we gotta we, I come up pretty early broken. We I come up a name for broken. Actually, I am positively
God, you're fired rest. My firefox the week is that my I'm out PETE Game amount. Now. Why don't you just know, because I know a guy ruined? Is this in no way God to real? For me, others in solidarity with the NBA. Yes, Ok, s and I am willing to you- got a foot on my feet- are staying in the shoes We would have a nice guys scenario jerk off to another guy too weird other feet influencers reaching out to me. Why did you do collapse? You that's what we call the house, how you ok, tough, going along with him a little fairy feet princess you! I know you do. I really don't know that finally made it merely idle, I'm already vote. I voted for that time. Out of reach out to them, Unfortunately, you have now become.
At the whims of the lottery machine, so we're going to side of Billy has do this are not okay. This is why we bought the machine so Milly. This is final. Okay. This is final. You like now, I'm not joking. I give you. If you disobeyed the lottery machine, you're fired pick a number of that number doesn't come out you how he knows all odds and evens lots of reality, so odds Odds will be that you have to keep doing your feet. Billy people even says you can end it forever. I regret I like how Billy stop process was. I got in mind during the fee thing when their only like thirty guys just idea, bananas and off now the chick showed little. This feat princess viruses like icing on real, I so odds. What do I say odds that you have to do it all you have to do it. Even you could stop. I hid it. One
we go on, you have to do it and you can not disobey this. This is the lottery machines decision on how to do it. You have to do it. You have to do it, fifty six God, damn it tumblr. Nothing not picket. There's. Ninety five that's not me, five look at if ninety five facilities and on this really has to keep zone. I know you know what I'm going to respect the lottery machine. This is why we got it. Personnel you're done with Billy people feed balls, retired. Ok, that's fair! That's where I will respect lottery. Wish you go and visit the Euro may see you aren't you sleep make twenty bucks to two eyes. There are other ways.
I give you permission. If there's any one has got like a fuckin ping pong ball fetish. You can use this perfect so start doing that on. I guarantee others deadly. Like summer S, more ping pong well and also the ping pong shooting the pink vagina, those videos I've seen em, but I have Let's kit, Jake you're, far vest the access to what would happen if I didn't ask as well just eat it I love your whole night repair, just in case some called it's better to be over prepared than underprepared elastic that similar Jake Marston time. Journalists answer which and how many far festive you just swallow home with. Are you have a list of them? Yet I'm going to bed with Firefox in your brain now. What I'll be seem. So that's just my fault for not look the pressure gotten yeah. That was bad Jake to be fair. They are their somewhat forgettable you haven't. I gave you the hit the nail on the head on
you're in here, like one hundred in the morning, the sparkles the other day I couldn't, I couldn't forgot, the Kansas City, royals or city royals be seem. So that's just my fault for not look the pressure. Yeah that was badge to be fair. They are theirs somewhat forgettable you haven't. I gave you the hit. The nail on the head is problematic, one empty spawning ale, Central Asia. They ve won the World Series the last ten years. Yet connotes. Fault held the reckoned mad, a dream. The other day that the key vast, while season it continued in Vermont, be Hartford one nineteen, eighty two, we can start taking the dance. When I woke up, I got psychedelic. Rather than half it's not a dream. That's a premonition! There's a big difference. When the two? So when they play against each other better, use your entire mortgage on Vermont right, but I won't be there so play against each other to their original urban, their long and hard on the conference. Oil harbours files compensate again so the first time they play against each other. Now here yet odds are going to be Vermont even sooner be Harper, go ahead, Billy
we ever more even to Harvard Harvard and beat them in three years. Just shut up and trust. Large odds are what is it out of my house over my eyes, I will take them on promoting promoting automation, learning library, forgave remarked. I do know gods yet had cut you re lucky development, even even Lebaron, I M J only three and yeah no, I don't think we can do now. I think we have really you gonna lose my hid. It Billy hid it now, If the number twenty three comes up, its M yes, odds or injure yea know just number twenty three and then whatever the bronze number was it six now with its sit, sit yeah? What
the rapporteur in Israel as a coincidence, weird odds enter odds are MJ even right. I don't like this, not a likeness IRAN game. Now, rope no broken again it broke in recitals mature, assembled in China broke yep rope. Again, it's not, nor is it broke. It's a start not for the officials. Oh yeah totally broke, before I get the charms football has come back of subsidies or back while we watch one Sunday at a marked game when you walk in much all them catch it all with an affair Sunday, ticket dot, tv and good news and filth answer activity has expanded the service. If you live in an apartment or big city, where Directv services not available, you can now get NFL someday ticket without a satellite deceive you out will go online to NFL Sunday ticket that tv stream every NFL Sunday took a game, this season to follow your favorite team? No matter where you live, you can all, a stream from all your favorite devices
Xbox one place for Apple Tv Roque who Chrome, Samsung Smarty, be laptop smartphones tablets website is and I fell someday the ticket dot tv use promo code p. Teach twenty. A check out say: fifteen percent. There also, sk. The cistern discounts available, panty, twenty four twenty percent or fifty percent off. Excuse me go right now: NFL Sunday, Tik Tok TV, NFL, Sunday ticket that tv. We love. Fell Sunday Ticket Gazette meets, propose coming back, Annabel someday ticket dot tv. You can stream, it anywhere p empty twenty check out fifteen percent off go right now, Sunday to get that tv. Ok here is Shams Geronimo, Ok, we now welcome on our friend were currying guest, MBA, insider and writer for the athletic and stadium. It is Shams Toronto. Shams. Thank you for joining us. We know you're very, very busy. You had been known a bunch of different things joining us live from the bubble?
so we want to have you want, because we want to better understand why going on the NBA. What took place last twenty four hours, so why are we just start there from the beginning? however, nothing unfolded on Wednesday and then we'll get up to present day and where we're going. So you know, the day yesterday on Wednesday, but near the sense wasn't that he owed them any players are really gonna see boycott. I think there was ass it. About it. There was definitely play there's that were considering it, but don't do that actual innovation of are not going to it was was something that no one saw coming player. Other points here's across the league executives across the league, the owners are. No one saw this coming insult. You know. As I reported real it pre game in them
Ok, boss, locker room, George Hale was the first flared stay guys, I'm not comfortable. I don't think we should be out there playing wee wee wee, wee neater. You know we, did you sit and Sterling Brown is teammate agreed with them? The honest that the global was that the third player from an untold? That's that tendency we're not playing if you're, not playing, wrong gonna to sit, and once that happened, though Lando Magical, it's a warming up, and so it was a shock to them they intended to play they wanted to play by it. Once they saw them a walkie sat. They ended up a locker room and- and that was your first boycott and it became a domino effect throughout the league. Once you saw it won t do it. You know blindsided everyone, and I was something no that was later raised and and- and there was frustration toward the box for blind, citing a different place around the league, but these acts
please don't happen. If you involve everyone would be there. So many different opinions that that go on in the box amount sedate. They took a stand. Yes, oh, when George Hill decided, yeah he wasn't going play, was, was his thought that like we're done, I dont, because I know he had felt uncomfortable being in the bubble. To begin with was start like I don't feel comfortable finishing this out. Let's go or was This thought just like we need to not play for today from what I'm told box only intended to sit that one game forfeit the game offered the Orlando magical forfeit forfeits. The game get three too in the series and we want the next day, but I'm still lay nomadic, also back in the large room, did not accept the forfeit and it became a boycott. It became football team more strike how everyone a phrase it both teams decided to sit and- and it became
a unifying point for everyone around believe you had Russia Westbrook Chris Paul. They entered their arena fully prepared to play Russ. What was going to give us quite a chance to play I was told there were strong optimism used in return for that game, five, but then having Chris Paul huddled up and that decision was made if one set of teams decided they're to said we had to sit as well. We have to stay unified so after that suit. So we have all three games. You cancel yesterday in protest and then, last night. It seem like a bit We all the players in Orlando got together was that we mimicking walkers through what happened there. The booze for the players, all the players whenever you got for me, reporting got got together They had a heated discussion on what they were gonna do going forward. Is that right? Yes, of course, Paul untold is the one that that's that call this eight p m meeting last night in Orlando got most
all players army. I haven't heard of a single player that you're more key players but why did you guys you away go wrong and blind and players everyone showed out to this meeting and Europe environment was, no basely was open forum for discussion are one of the first things that came up was no Milwaukee. What Why did you guys go away? Go road and blind side. The rest of us, like you give up ass, I had thought we can plan can prepared. We get it. Does a joint thing and prominent old cow corner was one guy that had the answer. First, it he said I think I love Poligized, which should have been more communicative and that we should have told you guys and I'm from from buried it. It sparked a lot of bar tense moments. In you add players calling out the box. You had guys you're not coming out in giving their thoughts and feelings. You know players
so when Lebron James, I guess the recording of red that he was one of the ones that was not in favour of continuing this post season. Just being reacted. They want owners to take a stand and take steps and really create change. Not just talk verbal it here or through financial commitments. Around so when Lebron James, I guess the reporting of red that he was one of the ones that was not in favour continuing this post season, as it's going right now with him, and I guess the clippers, where the others when it began apparent that there might be an issue going for for those two teams. Did all the other team say. Well, I guess we might just not play are. Was their talk amongst other things of like. Maybe we will move forward without tee allay evil. Ilsa it's weird reversal situation, where I think the club prison in Lakers expected Everyone around the league was was
I think everyone around the Lakers and clippers expected that all the other teams would also said and would brought to sit and they will all be unified, but once the boats came in the layers, clippers were the only two teams that had voted to boycott the rest of the season and So then the argument came to what are we doing if we're not unified We have two powerhouse teams that collecting not the player or are making them polar of vote not to play. And you dont, as has almost the heat, was one of the key figures. I'm told that that lead. A moment in a segment of that meeting after the boat and Bessie was I like? We need it. On together? What are we doing here? You know what? What are we really going to do is create change and if the Lakers clippers are playing. Why are we all your? How will the season go on and at TAT point shortly thereafter Lebron James exited the meeting Lakers clippers weren't far behind the rest of the players, stayed in the room for a little bit. Departing into the night. I'm told me
Things went from forty five in the morning, for the eleven am meeting on Thursday. Okay, so am I This might be a question. You don't even know the answer to what I think a lot of people. Or wondering the protests like for my present. Do. I support the protest obvious. I think that's. The most american thing you can do is protest peacefully. In any manner and try to get Use your leverage to enact change. What exactly are the changes they are looking for, like what's the actual action and has and formulated because obviously was crazy day a day that probably will end up being historical cause? You never seen anything like this in sports, but what will be that the follow up I think that's a lot of people are saying: what's a follow up, it's gonna start playing again at a couple days. What is going to change that
the great question, but I think in a perfect world, of what the players and want is, is what would you know what they feel would be justice for beyond it, sailors and Jacob Lakes, the world that's in a perfect world, but that doesn't happen overnight. That's what There were told by the in general, the Scots and what the judge call when they got a hold of him on, They know that if there is a process that that that needs to play out, that's what they were told, and so they are. I think these players would love to. Just quit changes, but in eyes he doesn't know. It doesn't necessarily happened like that, based on city and in state governments and and and in the federal government just doesn't happen. I got so if you, they do it overnight, then you can't, you of the players, can fully controlled uncontrollable. How else are they gonna do not change, and I think this is there a way of supporting the dialogue, trying to spark them and on the owners this caught up in allowing this call should happen the first week of the bubbles
I think they should have gone on a call with all the owners of right as they entered the bubble and enhanced things out, got everything on the table, but it took no all these different events occurring. Jacob, Blake, shooting and just the emotions running high That's what led to this owners meeting that took place today, as well think when you see the video of a man getting shot seven times in the back and then the following night. You know three people getting shot, and if you can't look away from the videos right there for everyone see that's what I people in a really feel like they need to take action, and I'm good, we can? I agree. I think that peaceful protest is the best thing, the best way that you can go about doing these, and I yet the sense. From the owner side, they, theory agree with their players. They want to support their pleasantly salon, do by It also is going to take. You know a big. You know deep deep got from, although Does it or an auditor positions to be like. Ok, I'm gonna have to sacrifice some of my money
and some of my equity in the end, the teams that I, in order like support my prayers, have you got in the sense that the owners are on board with this, a hundred percent are behind the scenes. Are they frustrated? Even it couple of frustrated at the end of the day, uniting out of silver and the majority of owners do wanna work hand in hand with the players, and you know that's what the players Charles, the always about for minors. On Thursday, which was We need you gotta, be proactive, like you guys, can just take a back seat at at every single stop, you're the owners at different points, I have one of the players to kind of taking a lead on this right, but it should be the joint initiative according to the players and that's what they expressed too, to the owner saluting office today that if the owner created? A three hundred million dollar fund ought to help in power black community. Then- and that is something that the league has never done. I can remember any proof,
Fourthly, that has created a fond of that amount of money. From the owners of of that organization, but I think the players want change, they want to see action and you have all definitely Michael Jordan. Untold has been very instrumental beyond sixty bomber untold clippers. He was a god I was very. Local on this owners. College is trying to find ways to help and dumb thing. At the end of the day, the owners understand where the plaza coming from. For the most part and and one out, where's, Adam Silver, and all this like he is he he have issues blindsided but is he just like you know we gotta figure out how to get you, grievances heard or is it we gotta figure out a way to get everyone playing a meaningless in football business standpoint. You know, I think both sides players and the illegal offers everyone understands how important it is to play games. That's for sure, but at the end,
answer has always been a pretty informative, pretty vocal with the players pretty accessible players. He had a a our plus phone call the players on. Early in May and and he EU it was very, very inclusive to the players on the process, and you don't hear a commissioner get on it over an our really break everything down the way Adam Silver did so I think all right he's trying to be as inclusive. This is possible. But again these are these players of data day their feelings of their different. Loads eight. You know it's changing every day and other players under advisement from anybody. That's kind of looking for in the future, because right now, as emotions, are high and the other their certain goals that they want to accomplish goals that, I think, are important and necessary. For them to take a look at, but the things ers impacts that could happen. Unforeseen consequences there.
Domino from a decision like stopping these play. Entirely whether that be the salary cap in the future or something like that they could economically effect yeah, maybe not the biggest superstars and the league as much? but some of the other guys who might not be paid as much money moving forward. Do they have somebody that is communicating with them kind of advising them on what those com, the Quences might be and how they're gonna play out should they choose to do things like go on strike no question me: you bad guys, excision colonies been very vocal for last, really couple months trying to explain to play the final. To losses that they could occur if they say the entire season Looking at ten percent plus pay caught losses and Ah monsieur Robert was also call on on Wednesday night also on Thursday and what she explaining the players is double all of you guys are going to incur a loss for this season, but these losses we anticipate, if you guys, don't play the losses we're gonna be far greater and
Negotiations are critical the boy you grim at which are solely but surely you are trying to make progress here Those are gonna, be a lot more difficult and either way you know one is really fully note. How do I say this? I think, for the first time, Michel Roberts, localised the possibility of a lock out to the players and and and the expressing the than that I can't rule that out. If you guys player don't play, but here are the ramifications for, if you don't play it just becomes it's just a product. No matter it becomes harder to negotiate graybeard right items. I view I've been I've seen you everywhere in the last, like twenty four hours, you bid crushing it. I know you're on very, very little sleep. We appreciate your time well, question is um. When do you were like we're sitting here right now, we're taking this Thursday night. When do you think that
games will resume if they will resume. I should put it that way and if they do resume. Do you think that its go we're going to see the veto finale The plan is gonna play out. Where's come everyone's head at right. Now with that yeah, my senses, You know the games only either begin Friday or Saturday It seeming more and more like Saturday, because you wanted if maybe these guys one more day of self care practice for some of these somebody seemed I'm even gone back in a practice like Orlando Milwaukee. They I'm in practice that in practice the data at this meeting, and so I think that could become important as well for four. But these guys for these team that I think now that they ve gone past. This major hurdle plows finish up, but guys you. You guys know how fluid this. I don't know if I'm betting one last thing for me: was there any sense from some of the magic players
They were ready bags pack, ready to go. They were anticipating losing in five. It's the box and then they got blindsided by this, and they were Jesus. We just want to leave a bubble phd man, I think that's I do not love. Yes, that is the reason why I don't know, I'm illicit less is put it like this. I think that they fully wanted to play that game. And get that came out of the way in not only just then, but there was talk last, like emotions were so high guys that there were stopped throughout the bubble that Finally, if I leave what a wily, what a buyer, you know, what can I due to get out of it like, so many emotions. So much is being said in the spur of the moment that I think you are having a night's sleep on it probably did everyone a bit. I would beg So much for its time. We did also see there was maybe a twitter. Screen grab of leubronn playing? Madame last night, can you said that was not true
I do not have knowledge, you that's what I can to checking get secondary, that's, ok, that's twitter were twitter, gets crazy. These moments now and the new man came out, so people are trying to claim he was on man. I don't I was. I think I think I reported that add exited meeting, walked out and then not like between twenty minutes later someone sent me a tax about tweet, saying liberal after me, to go, play mountain to use their own. I mean that's, probably a very fine. I guess that's true that sirens are just like us, we'll say it's not confirmed. We dont think he did put the when you have me. I'm going on the new man coming out and then every like trapped at home right now. You probably get those murmurs of shops. Thank you. So much man we re appreciate it and good luck arrest the way in the bubble. Guys prevention is always thank you. Take him in TAT, everyone charms was prompted by simply safe. Here's the thing about home security companies, most we're trapped with high prices
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but you know we are to read your worst wars podcast. What do you think about the rams? Assure you move over the big They got they're gonna, do it they got a blue stadium. My cousin They did thirty eight years in prison walls, whose very learned like Electrician, elect Electrical and up right now Scott, but got him out of prison and were here. On that. So I got to see the inside of that and it is if you want it's gonna, be like the tenth wanderer, the whirl, yeah, yeah, Aisy sort of Germany's only a little birdie told me that, back in the day you sneak into the Colosseum into Dodger game. What you're, going to this stadium, we'll have to offer I don't have to more, for you know funny, because, because it never comes security, you're that they got now. It was you Dell, a bathroom.
Wait till up till a family What binds walking with that family they kind like the adopted limits can get. You just go Now it's like I, like you know, cavity search than stop yeah, unless you have that one security guard from that mean that just like taps everybody in the side and let s but yeah you're right now, it's like they ve got. They brought electrons It was a to stand or take it all that stuff so you excited for the Ramses, obviously you think that Mcveigh is gonna, get back on the right track, Eliza Landlord was just a little hiccup for a week. But the only codes looks like you just got out of high school. Ok, I mean, if any of you on the sidelines, is almost, it looks like he's plan sand lot. Football cause a Yankee, Google, Google so I love it. I met him. I met
the team there, obviously with unbelievable, yeah, it's gonna. I think it's coming interesting. Yearned in allay so never even occur to you through for the chargers. Well. You know what is thy. I laid bare, so like the Lakers like the clippers, are like the Rams electric charge Manila Van in his eye are born and raised in LOS Angeles. So what wherever my deeds go. That's where I go, it's gonna be fun if the chargers and the Ben Veo Rams play the Superbowl I'm gonna watch wanted, have one have and then I'm gonna make it worse. Speak up at the side. I, like you, everybody to see all the tattoos I got there. What's your favorite tattoo, they have the the one on my chest. I ve done by a guide me Harry Super Jus Ross and up, and he did it
We didn't imprison right, big, lady you no wonder and guilty. It was, what gives you get prison. Tat, but you Think you get not. Why didn't because get now? I put you monster draw my chest if I were to tell us, get not only put a little like tweedy verdicts right, rhinos, soda, You may be famous leg: Meda made very famous, to love it. So you I wouldn't but when I introduce you here, I said you been in a million movies and I wasn't really joking there's a stretch their in your career, where you are and like ten movies a year. How? How do you keep that straight? How do you mystery what you're promoting what you're in lines all that stuff. For me, that is that's very impressive how many movies you Bennet more, my lines by the first years of my career. I plead inmate number one literally right unit I never knew, inmate number one can an end.
Directors all knew that I had this big tattoo show We got my walked on said to take. Take your shirt off end up, something prison young case I get paid. So it was like I was your inmate number one or bad guy or children, dude you and but but you are making a living in fact, the first time ever got interview. Let's get little bill famous, I I I I girl fresh our interview, school you're she set up. Yet he do you feel you're being tied cast at? I do not. What do you mean? You will european the basic issues you stereotypes and, as is what it is, Would you agree that the meat? you're Carlo Brood, with tattoos What about
hey. Maybe I am the meat. You got a good with that view. They got it right. I got Marcie Wolberg waited and executed. Stride, listen! I'm looking through your career and especially from like a team. Ninety five, until two thousand one, you went on a run of Action movies, I dont think will ever be replicate. I don't think anybody will be able. Put together this resume you in desperado heat from just till dawn, anaconda Khan AIR then Inferno then reigned, your games and then hard right turn spike kids, so by kids, was a little change, a pace for you. I would imagine was like a challenge. Spike is, let me be, any airport in the world and hear Mommy look from spike. Kids in forty Five different languages, yeah! that all over the world yeah and from its from it,
time I did. From just a guy. I became obviously, but who my very nice hello there I like it so when you, when you are in prison and end like we said, there's new documentary out about Danny Trails, lighted, You are in prison, you're, insane Quinn and you were champion boxer in president, Was there a moment where you like? I am the bad astute in the world. Because I don't, I would imagine, winning a boxing championship in prison just It's you, the bad guy in the world. Let me just add that it was funny. Ro. This friend of mine will welcome the you're right. Talking about our goals in life, and my goal was to be well just lightweight champion in school, my boy to be lightweight champion, sank when an end, guy, stupid shit like the stab amused him.
Oh, you got a very high go on talking about. You know that That was as high as my mind could think you you get you get to replace the word. That's your worldview! I could think of boxing on the street. I just thought about my. Oh, like ambition was to be lightweight Everyone of us about important and I ended up lightweight and walked away champion there. You got ready, surpass ample hold on show J J, a Joscelyn Got married in debt itself, be caught up the Adams and they were all were masks. We was that where'd you get that shut off from what you read that from J J. They just said to me at from from on the phone budgets than to me from South Dakota, J J, Jerry S, job That's my my mechanics, I tell you. I thought you just like randomly do shouts all day.
Getting India shouted out. Hey. Let me do I I watch this kid raise up from. Like a year old and right now he's unbelievable mechanic. If you are ever in, still more LOS Angeles, California, that's your mechanic I love we ve been through a couple times: ass driving an old then. Actually we shall we had that name a couple years ago. The last year and grit week would be nice demagogues of viable sixty five viewing Riviera. I ever fifty six Chevy bill air they keep them. Things run a beautifully aright, so, let's back up to your present life? You end up becoming a champion box or you get out. You become a boxing instructor to somebody on a movie and was it was at the directive that notice you. It was like I want to put in the background they happen.
You like. I was a drug cancer I'm making a hundred and eighty dollars a week before taxes and and and I'm trying to do this. This extra stuff They give you extra. Fifty bucks cash right, they pay in any case in the in the in the eightys was good deals. Eighty, but with people's gas. We go. Did it come from one of the guys I was working with working, as a drug counselor, you want my kids and he's getting you. Check out the agency Agency, that we are working with Senator. To this movie called runaway drain. End up. I go on this movie and.
I run into a friend of mine, you Eddie Bunker, but I I didn't really recognize him. He looked when they, the the producer take off your should not the producer, the first eighty, take up your shirt and sees the the tattooing so I've stand there without a shirt, and now I'm gonna be like the Joel Guy again with no shirts, and Guy comes up Z, Danny Drill, yeah, ready bunker, Danny, I saw you in the light weight and waterway title represent Quinn. I will hear bunco disguise was. Was only famous in prison because he knew how to write writs. Yeah yeah yeah. What a jail. Any new. That's got to be dramatic, we grant and and in the language of the court and so on. He would make money guy come out a millionaire from nine and he's. What are you doing here and I see them make
fifty blots. What do you think you are still biting as it now I no more than an easier we need? Somebody train reactors had a box, he adapted the screenplay. You know he's a and I what pay uneasy three times, the day and I said, I'll bet you once guide beat up on. No, I thought you know I gotta come on. I wasn't making three twenty in a way, he rightly twentieth day- I I couldn't understand how bad you wanna beat up and how many days you want me to beat him up any normal, you I'll be careful to act is really strong getting him. I saw you at any price, the other twenty blouse given was stick. Are you crazy? I didn't beat up debris, a beat me up or three twenty in the We already had somebody cast to the box Eric in this movie, and I said trade in him and then one
when the two guys Eric and the like, he's pretty his sister, ok and end and the other guy. I called him the pony, but there are spanish, whose real good Can kid slender and end up. Kind of guy you'd want for you shall partner. If you are doing a lot of time in prison and soldiers, and saw it. They didn't look good and and Andre didn't like it, so they pigs meter The fight Eric ass- he was a contrast right right. So in the end, and that was your first acting gig. Now all the acting the eggs in an you talked about the euro being somewhat tight cast, is there ever time we're someone's, like others, Danny Trail like do some bad ass, like be a bad ass? I do now comedians like hey, go, see some funny deserve to people. Expect you to
be this mean bad ass guy when they meet you in real life, no people are pretty respectful in real life. I wouldn't run up to a guy with that Just ask him: you see do some silly. You should never very good points now, turn yes, but but we all got allow above a camera, and I love you. I love you. Pictures sign on other refugees. Such a beautiful way to make somebody day. Just god you mean vacation and so I'll. Just like me, The camera live look act like the Jochen views, yeah. Ok, so you can like flip that switch because you're you're, really nice guy, and you look really happy like really positive person give us What's that you can flip to just immediately get back a director said that a register as do the movie would make it work. Killed about nine people in the future.
Twenty minutes it is me I'm running up the steps and they told me this girl was- was the story. Girl show your flapper some sort, I'm running this democratic rebel. They look like I here with a rifle. She fell down and still but then the director said cut and I went over, I started play with my kids immediately and so yeah. I can go back to being that guy in prison. That then has the look It says, look I'll, kill you and then I'm gonna go kill the guy the dry cleaner, your job. Like I can. I can do that. You know, but I gotta get out of here. Really quick. Is it's a sickening feeling yeah yeah? Do you double the number of people that you ve killed in movies. Is there like a Talley I know, but I died more than anybody in the film industry. I got the record. Ok,
says: hey August, we only dialogue, because I love go to the bank s war. Yeah. Do you know how many times you ve done? No, but I think that we do it Sixty three deaths has allowed God. That's who's the best after you, ve worked with a lover? the Earl I you know what I saw a guy east up. He's unbelievable to watch goodwill. First did he come on. I did He actually push me into another category of actors, you could you Robert Deniro valve a beer uncle bury Val Kilmer Albert GINO, John Bull, top of the list. You know and end up and down I'm working with them at it like that pushed my stock up a little. You know I mean an end to watch
Why didn't you, general. You you see it ass, a God. He is one of a man. Greatest actors, yeah yeah, we're about What about Conor would run a cage? How is he answered me Mickey school? because it was a weird movie all the wanna be job guys in Hollywood and put him on the same plain. Yet I feel it was forty somebody would spit so It was a bit further library. It would surely be every it turned into a competition yeah. For energy and up up there was people, don't know it better produced. Jack people dont be huge bad mother, don't realize it. He's send is is Benny. The jet Benny, the jet with
five time, world Kickboxing job right, Chuck Norris like the real. If you ever want to shut up, you said want to shut up Then the end, though? The tall guy up Stevens again see If you ever want to shut them up, just mention jump, nor. Where do you think the junk you sat could beat up Stevens ago now? You don't realize chuck bit The jet is, is What is the. Dont use acts since it and- What's John, do the heavy day. You're here banks that are there the banks that are all the way down here? The tall once I watch one bandit, so that means Brook red, broken leg, broken arm, you break anything kids and in
based being taught by bear any end up and it was funny is every time every lunch break Benny would come get me a take me away. You know, I mean, and I got up what's up with you Benny, look I grew up with bins, older brother man. That's taught banning end up and is come on it s! What what what is it may well why worshippers L We always sitten is doubly triple. On the set up of guys Because then you grab my brother. I know you. Don't play well with others. Had a good sport, and these guide all want to find out that the biggest beat you, we're all sit around what date. And they were all your talking about this in my just big mouth and and me whose case out of the clear blue skies it You know what all? What do you suppose? I be scared to mean a dark gallons trail by myself. With do I look at doing why me
Nicholas Gauge doubly has of energy. I just looked it up you, you do have the record. You died sixty five times that says on February twenty. Twenty, I'm sure probably done like. Why guess would depend Emma Private dynamic moves, but I'm sure you gonna tell me about you. I got a couple of days right guy sixty five times. That is the record. What is the secret to dine limitation? my death, seen in heat was one of the best scenes of that that was unbounded market is one of the best thing and I remember asking me a Robert De Niro Sidney, daddy. How are you gonna play this, nobody think and issues I think you're wrong. Dead. I think a I didn't you did, but
you just have enough to ask me to beg you to kill me: you kill you before a split sex When is it? What do you think? I want to say now Bob I didn't see it that way. But the Bob did it, I know about the earth without thinking I did it at way and followed his advice in May. I swear to God. We had we have Michael men crime and that Jesse Yeahs, it's a great seen it as a great movie. You have dogs, lots well well, Eight dont? Have you ever do thing where you pretend to dine frontier dogs and see if they come over like try to wake you up. You know what the enemy Jason I got one don't get if you ever empty Ladys, don't try to help you. I got three other dogs. It lit a lot of euro zone, it's like yeah, you. So last year you saved a baby from an overturned car
and you made some headlines and I love the quote. You had you said everything good that has happened to me has happened as a result, the helping someone else and that's a cool way to look it. You know life because but you're busy I mean you, can you could speak to it, but like every circumstance you been into in and we talked about your start as an actor is coping someone else out and that then leads to something bigger So are you just walking around being like? How can I help? How do get my karma points? Absolutely everyone, my friend, has has normal underwear and sought- Anybody that I call a friend has thermal underwear stocks in the trunk of their car because they passed about the homeless here and why by twenty five hamburgers, every other day and just give them people. You know I mean enough, because you know what to say- and I don't I don't- I don't. The impasse it up fool. Hospitals is derived from my restaurant.
You know every other week every weaken on this pandemic stop enough is funny. Every every time we pass up pampers the Ladys guilty to do it. Do Pampers do have pampers so. I bought a hundred and fifty boss of the pamper how you know papers without expensive yet the broadcasts, but but we would pass up peppered immoral, my assistant. He should dear you, good at your weapons right now we go the joint watches we'd get Nick. Like he's, come here, brother, I've been literally They give you a nickname, it would be like your pampers loves, and I mean it's a great philosophy to have just saying what you put out in this world is gonna. Come right back at you and I think I've heard but a lot in Hollywood, that if you are a nice person, your hard worker and you will to do what you're at the beginning
that snowballs and looking at the at the list of movies, you been in an shit. How how many films overall have you acted and do you know you got me a three hundred Jesus? yeah like that, starting from absolutely nothing like starting from no act and crew whatsoever, in building, and I always yard and of course, climate, like thirty, three or whatever thirty, eight ivy, dirtier cheese, the disgrace of the region. All my resume. Its assent. Couldn't drama arts we have made that up, because because standing on the passing of you know. There's gonna be all right. You know it's come, everybody knows and you're standing there You have worried steel in you in your belt and you're trying to act like you're, not scare you're, trying to act like you, those with me I'll, kill you in when you hear.
All in may return to your cell recall a mandatory recall you feel, They got me. You know how to act. We need so, it has been awesome. I have. I have one last question me undies soft question that, they go to me. Undies dotcom, slashed, P, M teaching at fifteen percent of your first purchase, so of trails tacos and Trio's, doughnuts in coffee and trails, can't Tina and now gimme your favorite taco on a book. Rio cycles. That's all of all favorite go and favoured. Don't oh by the way, that's the best care But if you had your own table, restaurant and be like em Wanna talk or shop and donor shop. That's pretty damn good! You would. I told him everything good. This happened to me has happened as a dream
result of help with someone else yeah I bitterly trail beer to ah ha devil. We all my dick. I just put your face on everything. I read that you and I won't break out everybody killed me. A beer is really good. Let me tell you something: My agent, listen to your agents. What you did my want me to do. This movie is called bad ass, money money right there. That is a no budget movie. That means they give you a lunch. I got I gotta, I gotta just do a movie or real robot. Sixty gram end up. I feel, as do this little boy, you no genuine, listen we! This is. This is a good. This is good. This is be really really did no doubt, and I hate smart women anyway. So she says: So we do this movie badass there think turns into a trilogy right now.
Timely and then but I met on this. Movie. I met producer Name Ash Shaw. And he saw that I good food are only bad. Food will be processed food. I, u good food and. And he s getting one dollar restaurant. Jokingly, Azure trails tackles weed, Bad, ass, bad, ass, bad ass is better to, but it s on the boy you daddy Club and- and We didn't better on the by you. He brought me, they brought be brought me a business plan, but he was thick an end. I don't read anything that does therefore killings in the first page and so more action or another. I gave it to them. Smart lady, you agent end up,
And I gave it to my secretary and they both shed women smart women. They both shed a vision, a bad idea to any thereof? they're, not asking for a hundred grand abroad there. Not asking guy just I wouldn't be in them. I wouldn't be in the restaurant business. If it was a smart, blade anyways, I got like said restaurants right now to donors shop. We ve got. We got a restaurant. The airport, like the book, got you earlier. That's what you know you made it. How are you going? and you talk on July, twenty five dollars in a restaurant airport. What you re so much money for your tacos in the airport, but yeah? That's when you ve! That's when you ve made it is that's what you made it and it is that I go there. Can I? mom died go there just like popcorn,
What do you do know screenplay so. Do we oblige women are in our around your restaurants? not in Dover. Donna shop. We don't ice cream and is delicious helping. Everything sounds levy, gazed. If you go to the donor job and you ordered the pineapple fritter just eat one. If you eat too, you you'll need Rehab guy good heads up good heads Well, then, it has been ass, a man. We really appreciate your welcome back anytime. You want sought by the rams. This fall will have you any time right. You got at any time in up. She takes out my men. Thank you. The trail was brought to buy our friends at Zapruder. If you're in implore, you have a lot on your plate, especially right now, but super critic, make your hearing process quick. It can make painless, for example, can
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on Twitter without Eyewear look. I know you are brutal. That's actually I'm varies very way. That's like near. Not everyone knows you're, not you're normal hydraulic of Seneca. Do you never knows you're, not you're normal I'd like this. I'm almost sellers Billina without shorter. Yet, though those are left sealer, where another Alice, the error, like you zoom, seven, twenty save their lives, Curacy slogan. We see that those are not left. Then we see that unless you, my friend these, are that we have the box color. These are standard for these two hundred airline now was in every possible plan a world where the hum I let's do. We are Billy's list bill. You gotta list Where's, your less is reverie we're down the one she sometimes run back, I've Billy's number one The day is Barbie withhold muscles theirs there is an attractive russian women woman who can live more than two hundred kilograms. That is the big story and increase the court and village he died. I love it. That's good
than the bills cut. Stephen housekeeper rejoice my my bout that sucks. So I like really excited for that lucky this as Billy's number three here. He said that Roy Joseph thing, by withdrawing from his highly anticipated bout, but then he said that he never Billy, never said why, using by dropping his vanity, what will you do? They change there, the fight. He doesn't like a change date. I just like The second was at astrology yeah, So Astral he's not a logical that labour or else it s, astronomy,. Now. We have been wrong if he s plans you talkin like I, let's finish up Michel was finished up, shows ganglion. I would actually like this topic on the back here. In Y, see the London AIR Bridge, reportedly being discussed by U S in UK, I like like you, can drive I states to England over bridge
like a giant air, a giant bridge on an airplane. That's also, no, not exactly sure, but you sounded cools. Devlin airplane. Aren't you ever like their conk the concord? Why they stop doing the conqueror just blew up once or twice yeah. That's it got there so much faster than average. If closer, you know can happen. John Madden could drive over there to announce the London Jaguars Games because he's a fly buzz average just what scientists just me remake the Titanic: building its italic put gotta so I could not seek the ship on the bottom of it. Run the exact same round, be like fuck, you, God. I got it here. We go out. Wooes non disabled like bill other titanic. Yes, yes, they did your ardent? Yes good, I think they're brilliant titanic tuning build addressing charges are waiting for it to do so. An air bridge between London York enable travelling to sidestep
quarantine is being discussed in top level. Uk. U S government talks, telegraph understands and then I had to pay for the article which they're, going to build a bridge to help us get past covert. I would imagine that this bridge, I would take longer than a month find a free. I had no idea what it was. Every diverge, our big. That's all it's just look. Ok dad come on Billy Official story a plan for regional air bridges that would allow visitors from low risk areas near see across upon to bring its You just people want to go, get their fuckin meet pies in in England, would check out the last story out. Kelly in solitary confinement following jailhouse beat down. I'm fine with that shit right. He did. Wait. Legal yeah that is actually call iron incarcerated. Get my face. Lacerated David Georgia now reply. He knew he should get beat up. I had to
like it got masturbated. Let's finish. Let's finish the show, with bigger than Ben bigger than really tough episode. One big missed documentary now before we get to it Jake. I had task you, I thought it would be less report, this opt in and it turns out. It is true he is making a documentary. I just love the fact that, like someone in bigs big bends camp, was, I came in late last dance like Brady's, making documentaries think will bronze got some out like the hot, to do right now is to make Our key It was like a man and he made a fortune forty minute Youtube. Video, and it was basically a love letter to his wife right here. I can summarize it, for he was basically saying light last year, was really tough for me. I missed being around my teammates, but fortunately again, the best he made of all my what yeah, I was all those coach speech at the beginning, I, but I thought it would have been far
when we had pulled it up, it was just Like a children's cartoon, they just show things that were literally bigger than bedrock to us, so I had Jake attached Jake with finding things that are bigger. Ben Rafters, Berger and telling us how much bigger So what have we got through? I want some of the cartoon eyes this. I think that people who still do that, give us bigger than Ben Cartoon taiwanese animator. Three high comparisons and three way compares ok, we'll start the height he six, oh five listed. That's equivalent of forty six point: some five football fields: okay, bigger than Ben Forty six point five times bigger than Ben one point one Six Jose altitude is ok, oh into Ben, then go inside of Ben and then Two hundred and twenty six point. Six bans will reach the peak of the empire state building. Does it that's only six and guided
now: that's reality gum standing on each other's heads, yet shoulders right right, yeah right on, but that's just crazy, don't that's! That's very interesting! Living was around fourteen hundred feet. Two hundred and twenty six. Times bigger than back toward through traffic. Signs if he had two hundred twenty six time is bigger than Ben. Their purse, but you know what I've always struggled to figure out a way to describe big Ben's posture, but I think I haven't you the way that he walks round with his head. I perfectly upright looks like he's balancing another been ruthless Berger on top of his head. Yes, he's, like God, Katy the decking yeah too, in the Balkans and the Miller without milkshake Eye and then what our weight. So obviously they play it hides field. Two hundred forty pounds, his listed height, the same as ninety two bottles of twenty ounce, bottles of honey, catch up, so he's ninety two times bigger. There arises out of his way the equivalent to ninety two yeah. That's are bigger than bet
I advise you screwed up the whole, that's ok, that's! Ok! The same size is banned, yea and these are all same size has got to be as big as banned. You don't need that the outer edge of rum, seventy point: five, nine ercasts, F, p, walking, boots, ok and then a four hundred eighty dishes of dynamite, shrimp, RPF shanks, see you You screwed up the whole weight thing I mean I think I threw the entirety of the task. No child empire see buildings. Two hundred sixty times bigger the Ben yeah, yeah yeah, that are here comes Billy. It's ok to make. Mr Hahn, I ruined makes no seriously like delity gas. Ok, that's! Ok! Maybe I wasn't clear. I also think that Billy so mad that we handle Jake MAX not so differently than him know what like hey, Jacon Authority, dude,
and the Billy does one thing right am I pity you fucking any ideas. I just said like it's, ok, there's! This is Billy's way of reminding Jake Teddy Macedonia Pillar listened a Jake mean you you're. Just like me. A fourth daughter thing is it aims. Is I thought? That's ok, that's! Ok, maybe just maybe a tweets make up for small things that are bigger than Ben. I did think it was funny that, like the hey that there were describing his injury when he met with the trainer and the It was like well been. What he told me that I have one of two options you can either not have surgery and not play football again? or you can have surgery and play Football, can you just described literally every injury in the history of got so somber. I thought they were going to diagnose bed with a brain. Tumor he had the trainer it was, great the trainer and the doktor. Both
giving a quote there was essentially like the hey. We need to remind everyone depends the toughest and the clothes like yeah. He told me I could go back it. He never tells me. I could. I can't go back in and then got cuts. The trays like yeah I never tell me can't go back in and then talks like he. Basically he played in Cincinnati where it could lift his arm over. It was the portion of the bigger than bad words. Just like here's. How I've been, is and just listing everything, but it was, It was a love story to his wife to his own pain, tolerance. I would sing and then also I didn't understand the beginning Let's talk about all the heaters and its who is really hating Ben. I mean put out of love. No, we don't arboreal disease barriers that we never see. The big bang Bang, who says he's back. There are battling back from missing the playoffs by a game you're not even to issue by by half again right the they were a tie away from making the playoffs. In big bends. Last scooby foresee
before you get hurt. And so tat there was a season full of doubters natures That was the the summer of like a b and levy on right rag when they both left yeah. Maybe, though, do we did? Maybe this was a story with a target audience of for me you. Levy on Bell and Ebby. Yes, and his wife and his wife his. Why so the ending? Oh, my god, re, run through a brick wall When his wife was like, I talked to bed and I say what are you secure with your feet like everything you ve done? Are you happy with everything you ve done? Your career, which was like insert? yeah Ben One, Superboss bedded this. Ah, and then he, Ben replied to me. Thank you witches how cold Are you to your wife that you say that, like when she's? hey. Are you happy with your crooned any says? Thank you. I promise That's what you ve told me, I'm not done yet and imagine dragnet next week on bigger than Ben
He works out. You could put it very I'm in twelve years in shape and he gets surgery and we're gonna find out. This way second absorb bigger, but the bed will probably be the we ve, never seen an injury like this at all. For sure. It's like three out of five ligaments argon holy shit is our most maclarens would have asked me to just either cut it off or kill them on the spot yet not been. I also think that there is a big part of this, where then was like I've been the best shape that I've been in my entire adult life wearing. I lie lost a long wait, so can we make a documentary mean a t shirt right now, so I can like memorialize this period. My life before I put on forty more powers and October. Yes, yes, and he will be like you said earlier bigger than than now, Jake you're willing to find out how much bigger than then Ben will be in a hit. So as soon as the Eastern gets look a chill in the air for the stellar, yeah. I should call this Lord Knox, Now these are made. It will no doubt ass to what await about. I mean estimate Lardner
What is to be in I? That is our show awesome interview with Kevin Love coming on Monday, awesome awesome interview we're just out there. We spent like an hour and a half with him talked everything very open everything. Also we might be breaking up of Blake Griffin. Bessie had to listen on Monday to find out why it made me Miss doing interviews in person. So motto should do more. Yes, you are more. I hit it Billy had you have a question to ask the machine ass the machine rockwork as we go. Oh
does Pfc love the aid of? U else is no worse it even his yes, oh my god, this is even is eleven, whereas others still doesn't like confirmed Billy. You have any final thought. Yes, yes, in this week s iron curtain, I know actually Holly and this time I wish you d, never leave you this fun faggots an hour s, every word Rick before every ended, the absolutely you guys the fun fact they do this. The largest dromedary camel population is actually in Australia. Nowhere in the Middle EAST, on impact as stupid, animal known, gives a fuck up. It's a camel brow. There's! No! You people want the cables in Australia rate Billy. No one cares about animals like you do what is drama dormant. One hum where
What's it about bye, bye, Doreen, now. I would support enough boy. Yes, I love you or what one more someone put ever pick a number seventeen headed it Billy had it
ever put him up quick to fifty two forty five, thirty June seventeen, thirty two working with someone else Gilbert through thirty, two, seventy three modules age. Ninety eight, while IBM rector, was not used to his guardian hatred. Lady demands must be made to limit the pressure of time.
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