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NFL Draft W/ Ross Tucker And QB Whisperer Carson Palmer's Brother Jordan Palmer

2018-04-25 | 🔗

We freed Meek Mill, not a big deal. NBA Playoff recap, the Celtics/Bucks are in a rock fight,  Russ is cancelled, Playoff P needs to get a new nickname, Melo is washed and the T-Wolves got bukkakeed (2:27 - 19:59). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Mike Francesca and a new surgery that gets you a new dick (19:59 - 30:56). Ross Tucker joins the show to talk about the 2018 Draft, who he likes out of the 5 first round quarterbacks, how the scouting system has flaws, and tells a story about Dan Snyder being cheap as hell (30:56 - 49:43). QB Coach Jordan Palmer joins the show to talk about his coaching of Sam Darnold/Josh Rosen, what each guy can do to improve their game and who he likes most out of the two (49:43 - 65:44). PR 101 for Kevin Durant sucking at social media per usual, Ehhhhh Case Keenum walked in on John Elway and Baker Mayfield, Sabermetrics Colin Cowherd unleashes Manalytics and Guys on Chicks.

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