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NFL Preview With Warren Sharp, Actor Blake Anderson, Peter King Did A Doobie

2020-09-08 | 🔗
Peter King did a doobie and we don't know if we'll ever recover ( 2:57 - 8:22). NBA Playoffs and CFB made Labor Day weekend feel almost normal (8:22 - 21:11). Who's back of the week including Mitch Trubisky and the NFL Shield (21:11 -32:44). Warren Sharp joins the show to preview the 2020 NFL season, what to expect with no training camp, betting tips for the first month of the season, and who will be the surprise team of the year (32:44 - 76:30). Actor Blake Anderson joins the show to talk about his new show Woke, Workaholics, and becoming a contender in Blake of the Year (76:30 - 92:54). Talking Tennis Novak Djokovic throat punched a woman with a tennis ball and way to stay relevant Joe West for bouncing Mike Rizzo from a game.
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On today's pardon my take. We have worn sharp preview. Nfl football is back, It is back this week we are officially in week once we preview, the twenty twenty I fell. Seizing get excited will do are picks in our review and our predictions on Thursday Show Fair, guys. I wish you. We have highlighted the designers up before the actual kick up, we'll do all of our picks. Elections that will undoubtedly be stupid and terrible and hilariously bad, except for like one each that we can stick to we'll do that for Friday show we have worn sharp to break down the season coming up. We also bleak Anderson, hello is comedian actor. You know from work holocaust he's got new show out. He also I'd, be our newest toy. When it comes to break the year we get up now for pack of I talk to one of the blacks and he said, bring it on so we'll see,
they're up for the challenge. That sounds, like Blake Griffin said: no, the children of the Blake's right now portals no Kafka I can't go just doesn't he's it did yoga challenged by anyone. I love it has like fuck it. I don't care. And then we have, a little football little basketball, whose back the weak my go: joke virginal hot water. Let's do all that before we get to that, though, or brought you the cash, our friends to catch up with the cash out studio cash app is number one social distancing up in the world, don't be an idiot don't be gone hand in hand. Cash here going out right now, make sure using the cash app also I mention it, but his vanity for policies- and I still have a draft left to do. People org, those grass in writing or Thursday night. Make sure you send your money to your commissioner, dont be, the idiot who doesn't pay. Until the end of the year. Everyone hates that guy yeah, I'm too
can t you Tommy fuckin hate that guy so go down, but the cash app right now enter their frockcoat partially attend our free. Ten dollars. A species links directly. Your bank counters super easy to use, download the cash out from the actual goop waste or today and get involved the cash out. Ok, let's go last night, its point: nineteen percent
welcome part of my cake- was ended by the cash app go download. It right now use gold bars when you get ten dollars for free ten the S peace yea today is Tuesday September a well I once did Adobe Do we brothers, after a concert in Athens, Ohio, Peterkin, Peter King known, do we use are bad boy. I want you have all back put oh when Peter King admits to the internet that he wants, did a dubious that leads the shell with do be brothers, with that we, that is the most people, do not ever yet. It's like what, if you me Bruce Springsteen, I ask you to put on a leather vest. You do it. If you the do we brothers and ask you to burn down a bone. Yet you know what Peter King, in solidarity with the Unifil? and their long stance on drug abuse were ray banning you from the show. I am not a drug user on the show.
Ok, I'm sorry you're suspended. I wanna get peterkin credit, because if I had guessed how he would explain once doing drugs, I would I've been like oh yeah, Peter King. I once smoked Jane Eyre, smoke. Some grass, you How did yourself Peter King saying I once did do be? Even I didn't think you had that level of lame India, so I think it s your power ranking what you would imagine Peter came to call we'd, probably either grass, or maybe like wacky tobacco yeah. I could seem Santa Jazz cigarette too, like something real. All out attack us six thousand for Kush, yeah imaginative, with him The king was like. I had some White rhino backing my college days, so I host dog system horny, go we I sucked out. I did read purpose the Purple Kirsch. I did read Peters Season Preview today, ok and it made me sick because Peter King, he
is physically and capable of putting his neck I'm alive for tat. No, so like everything that he says it's like, I think that this quasi weirdest nugget could maybe happened right. You really weird, maybe and I his big takes her. I think the bucks we're gonna be good, who do have a Peter king. That's his Peter get that, as you know, I just think the fox are gonna, be a good. Is here the I love you all. That's junk router! I love you too. That's a lame, that's a lame! That's a good and brother, this doctor what you just did. That is better king. I think I'm Peter kings from Ohio. I know that you went to college sir, that's the group yeah, you just did the crude and doktor brother. Arts or for boys. Back though it is weak, one we're gonna get your preview with warrant sharp. We'll have our predictions, like I said on Friday, show we of college football this weekend, we also there. There, like real football is back. Was army go in nineteen yards are sorry. Nineteen plays ninety nine yards.
Twelve minutes and twenty six seconds off the closet. They can't score of the ninety nine yards nineteen plays. That was like all man. This feels good, and I know everything is weird. It was Hopefully we are to have the first labour day. Words like I wasn't just sitting on my couch. All Saturday watch football, but it's slowly, but surely it feels like we're. Gonna get football. The way back- and am I here- are you for like status Jack, I'm I feel like users irregular weak Thursday morning I wake up Out of my mind, excited right right now, I'm like ok! This it's kind of happening. I think it's going to happen. We're gonna get. There is cuz. We didn't get a preview eating my appreciation. Which you would think it. That's like what warms you up. That's wouldn't get your football brain going right now. There are so many players that sir, teams in the off season. That item he forgot about, like TED Gin being on the bears forgot about than to like last week. But what What we would Zagreb earlier was working. Fought.
Like there's no foreplay like the innocent, Roger detail, hasn't got down on me at a dry over here. He didn't races, and he did he give you saw over the weekend was over the weekend. That was like last wines yard, when you put them in his eye was Joe. I was wet last week, but right now, it's like I'm all dried up Thursday morning, I'm just gonna be legs over my head on my back to skin recommended by the very well. I am a very, very excited about data for coming back. I just is it's kind of strange new touched on this, but with Army played against wherever, like kiss mountain state or whatever the Middle Tennyson. It was a combination of that and then right before the game you said like it's. I don't. It's navy run that weird offence is tough to prepare. For I know that's your aid raid on a navy right- and I was a girl of the military academies- are really good shape. Right now, pattern. They're all add on that. I was wrong wrong campaign against the Mormons know their their older.
Their older and bigger and stronger so we have MBA Alot happen, the NBA hey. You died and came back to life, since we last word studio you, we had to the the point five seconds shy. For. The rafters that the buzzer better that brought them back to life and in the Celtics absolutely asserted their dominance. Rights or your back to life. War Shit the bed, though in came forward with even more concerning, says. I gave a heartbreaking, Lawsy Charae one, and then you come back and should the bed I was based, TAT was when we must win territory, whereas they lost the serious parliament own in the moment a texture. Our group thread that it was a series of taco movies right. Where do I wanted to talk? He did the swipe. I didn't yeah autumnal coming onto the promoters in the matter. Tweeted talk Thursday yeah and that tweet.
I ran out of liking relevance in ten seconds yeah. So in the moment your excite about talk of being on the court now are you like. With I was kind of gimmicky. We should all called Collyer coworker, I tweeted in real time. It is the perfect it was. It was the patriots putting growth as the db, for whatever reason Ass Miami like it makes sense. In theory, you know you put your big eyes out there. They're gonna, they're, gonna they're gonna help out, but I want you to run your regular defence has been out there all game right. Ah, so bread savings, but he's like you know, he's an attack. Us he's tall he's the outer time our guy he's knowing is going to cute, other players, ulcers didn't Jason. It was running itself or yet talk. We. Why we're high play depends Argos and he has done the same words off the garage. Yeah. And it was a minus three and a half a second which is vital that we had the Braun go free. The Lakers earn big trouble to oh yeah. The Lakers have guys that are taller than everyone in Anthony Davis Lebron better than everyone and Russell Westbrook. Your career might be averted That was so sad.
That was so sad. I actually. I am sad when Russell Westbrook has bad games like truly bad games like did their given Ben Simmons treatment, where no one even near him when he shoots three but Russia Westbrook being bad, is always especially sad because when you like com well not to pick out Carmel like he got a little out of shape, didn't really want, like trial defence towards the end there. So you do, you could tell you, like ok, he isn't really buying it. He wants to be a start or he's not by Russell S, work whenever he s bag. It's not because he's not trying he's trying harder than everyone Molly does is try issues he just can't you he might be trying too hard. He cannot you eat you. Did you really think they're like he's on oil is not very much the downside of my report. I mean that was oh, oh, I pulled the stats, but it was. It was shocking. How little respect he was getting from the Lakers in a Lakers were essentially saying: do it every
we'll every time Russia westward shoots, that's a win for us and I don't know. It's just. I don't really know He do with him. I mean it. Help will be in the bay for a long time because a freak in nature, but he was yet one of seven from three and four for fifteen any If you look at the picture, they literally words saying like it, it is done only a feeling in the world to be on a basketball court, every one step away from your God. Take that they were giving him, though, like Saturday morning guy just I once you make one right where I come from our respect very familiar with that. The broad James finally did his thing that I've always said he should do, which is just. Just put your head down. It is run directly at basket. Use right hand get it. Why do you say Lebron James? Finally, got the respect Schiphol. Well, so there's house, that's it that's a major story after the fact, but that we can solve the union the Yang of sports. A twitter reverse on itself with skipper thus giving credit
till abroad, Jane for saying the brown clutch and in May Johnson firing off essentially a nuclear missile. For magic, Johnson accounting them okey Box didn't place more basketball. And showed a lack of mental toughness in the fourth quarter: that's mean, is magic jobs and will as yet well boxer whole different story, because they obviously go alive technically or they better without Genus J Ai tree. That people got very mad about that, and then, of course they had that conversation like ten ten minutes later on air. Could you news car, oh yeah, the minute someone gets hurt. You know like I'm, not tweeting, because I think it a drink, as I know what's going to happen, and they did when the game without him, but the quotes did, did you guys the quotes a brute animals or add after they lost game the Rio, I want to say this I actually, I think, we fired on the spot. He was saying that Janius and Middleton they're playing thirty three to thirty, six minutes, a game and that's about their ceiling.
The play off saying about his envy, pay right, thirty, six and then he was also talking about the guy CARE member who he had on Jimmy Butler, whose do good job yeah. We didn't really want him in on in the fourth quarter, like basically emitting is a competence of the whole world after game three and box fans I I don't feel bad for buckskins costs are also packer events, but I will say wash I think it was game three where they watched their team get absolutely is like they watched their team die, and about twenty minutes. They just talk about where Europe has gone next. I think that just the whole conversation now and I feel for them kazakh- does that's absolutely terrible to walk right out. You would rather have a conversation like the box better without Yon us, and you there's like a little part of you. That's like will if he does go somewhere, maybe that maybe this take will be right, that we are better put there. There are hilarious. Does he can bring up that show that the books are better in the fourth quarter, without yacht us, so and clutched time
him and I guess Middleton when it it's mounted on the cord. No George, the fourth quarter, the box, a score their opponents by more than win goddesses on the court. Without saying make it our, even if you want to use contrary. I just feel, like, I think, a dead bondholders like here, always competing against the US. Accurate Nick nurse, because Nurse is like God of Lead The version of bud right, yeah he's like they both have. Likewise, I counted look to them. They both teams in the east and the new. In part the United States end like they are giving all the credit to the nurse for being mastermind so, but also like all. If I'd. If I make these small adjustments in the fourth quarter, It will show that I am actually very good. Go here was the quote. That was, I actually think he was drunk. Michael, ignores or just say this is tin, tin, mob up both tempts said MIKE buttonholes or just said. The box had one six quarters in a row entering the fourth quarter, night. This was after game three.
That may be so, but they also lost the other two quarters and games two and three by combined thirty six points. So he was they lost the fourth quarter in game. Three. Forty two, thirteen and he was talking about how they had one six quarters in a row does a fact that's your man is on it. She do the math on add some fucking crazy. I gotta take an edge wherever you can get all the fog. So and then yeah we're watching the clippers verse, the nuts nuts look good man, for we must were we nuggets podcast for a minute nuggets jazz? No. We were, though, I feel like a while ago. We're like words can be nuggets. I think I'm all real magic pod cower. Member people got mad that we never talk about the nuggets. Then we dropped. The word nuggets into is many times. We couldn't like a five minute segment, ass, sure, yeah, Liver Ignacio. Add we sit. We talk about the nuggets Assholes within a year ago, which I, for the night Z clippers just day. They came out, flattened game where I had no idea, like wit, worthy even doing to get ready for that. For that
because in our own now came to No, it's a game one clippers, gave jailer young nuggets game to over the weekend right. They they just like it was a completely different team. All these games have been weird were like They they go back and forth so often, and then there's just so uncompetitive. For the most part, I used games. I admit, of the rock its success. When voters was the Rockets in even the Rockets when they went fuckin What what what drugs word when you try to say bazooka is absolutely. We went bazookas yemeni, what position statement bazookas on the Lakers in the third quarter and that the Rockets is frustrating an annoying as they are. I fucking love pda talker I wish that he played for any other team cited reform because he's he's like he's the guy who is smaller than everyone are small in the guise using mash up against, but he has like per
boxing out form and always hustling- and he is the- I think the rocket said after game- wonder why they don't like height, doesn't matters The dog in you That's Pga talk boys also way older than I had ever known. How will do thank you I think he's exit already early tat, thirty five yeah shit. He play you paid for like five years overseas before him- the India so want to save your artist because he's been own only around the classic, five or so years right and realise how all the actual jails isn't Sabre radically he's not that short, because he's got the wingspan of seven footer, so you like deepened with all his colleagues and rounded everytime, Grano yeah wingspan absolutely vanished rondeau by the way, was born here illegally. Now we know he had a good for. I know I know he was toast, like ever. Don't count them out because game one. He was very bad any actually play off right might be coming into force. I'd sit, I love I love. I love any guy who's like
play our version of me wishes just is implying, like I don't actually try during the regular season. Like wait till play off. Rondeau shows up and I actually start given a shit. I do think that team should be allowed to wear, alter interested in the playoffs. They use castile homely way? Why would he have against Toby? Nothing. I mean point, however, is more like nuggets like, as you know, the plumbers agathas like Urim and recognise attained their wearing. I do like it better when there's like distinctive colors, I get that like selective colorblind, is that you get during some color rush games where it was like the jets first, the bills, news, red and green, uniform NFL would never do that in the play yeah now I what else we had that he conducted derby, I lost, but it was cool. Although wasn't cool began, the horses don't long, there's no crowd. What is the law? Not winning was kind of a bummer feel bad form, and it was just out of the whole thing was kind of a
homer, and I saw the ratings after which a market of trying to be a clay, Travis rating Sky, but it was like half the amount of people watched which makes sense. What is our one must social. I am September ideas like so weird the horses got woke zealous yeah, I saw horse kneeling before They have had a police force in raising the regularity and a hundred years very varies done nothing to do with the fact that in September I must get to whose back there, he can, then we will have worn sharp on before do whose back the weak all is actually hearts equal drawn, so But what do we back the weak, but it's also huts equal- throws brought you by public sector whose back the week is brought you by but light Seltzer, whose back the week is bureaucracy with sports being back our friends but light. No, you can't miss any precious seconds of the game. Had you bud like got consular delivery and get ice, cold bud, light and bullets delivered straight to your doors? You dont have to miss any action. That's bud like doc.
Tom Slash, delivery, Butler Dotcom such delivery, beer, funds are back for whose back, ok, Hank, whose the weak. My hot seat is me how you doing whose back we set on on the text that we have that we are doing whose bout yea I shrieking this answering. This choose back. Ok, cool tones. Also me for having whose back ready the evolution of whose work you have a few Yes, go home, you into this battle. We saw lines that article towards brought you by public seltzer, but whose I can now brought you buy, but but let's item a cool thoroughness whose back one of which is Tom Cruise, Tommy roses and ah filmy another mission, impossible movie mission possible like twelve. I think it is in It basically set up the like that we talk about it with Tony Hocker, though it has a committee but it was one of these mega mega mega ramps off in, like the in the in the mountains of some some country, like it's one of the craziest jump ever seen, he did it
himself, the new system in so that we have just jumped off a ramp. He jumped off a ramp on a black motorcycle, but like it's like the the ramp is, is falling off a cliff so than he had a parachute. So it fell off more cycle. Parachuted did holding a village Tom cruise. Just does that when you like, remember there really clever him him out hanging on the right airplane, like one up at once. You reach a point life where you ve been like the most attractive person. Hollywood for thirty five years, the only Russia's. You can go just coming close to death, is possible repeatedly or maybe Tom Cruise just wants to die, because he has that dog. It is a billion year. Contract with Scientology is at Yale locked up for, like a billion years, he's got to Bobby Bunni of religious contravene. Hood, like I think, if YE energies, probably sane What does it matter if I die got a billion year? Contract he's got like phaetons waiting for him on the other side. Already far IRAN Hubbard spaceship is gonna, come down to earth and pick him up. Personally, it's perfect
I hope they show from over the moon, hope he puts his face ass in this move. Again, like you did it wasn't. Valkyrie where's get us to just Easter hams, hang out the back Ah, yes, the my other cool throne, of whose back is hilarious, break up temper. For a special support like you, Doktor Dray and his wife were getting divorced now and his wife ass for two million dollars a month in temporary spouses, sport The breakdown wandering cleaning: ten thousand dollars a month, clothes a hundred, thirty five thousand dollars a month. Education, sick, two thousand a month there who her for her why I'm sure, I'm guessing the kids in Asian entertain nine hundred thousand dollars a month? Charity. Doosan two hundred twenty five thousand dollars a month mortgage a hundred thousand dollars a month telephone cellphone email, twenty thousand a month, email twenty seven. However, only now telephone call my cell phone common email does she know emails free,
apparently not ambitious goal. If we're going to cause, you got those you locked into four for her cell phone as well. She's she's cute is probably on the yellow protects. Yes, she keeps operating on Gmail. You know when they're like hey, you need to upgrade your gigabytes. Then you go to lead a bunch of emails like no. I dont pitchers provide as a shitload of radon, obviating she's buying half the ring tones. She body, She has a car making personal ring for I also echo nine hundred thousand dollars and entertainment and then a hundred thousand on mortgage yeah You live in a sweet life if you're spinning, like almost ten times as much. Children as you are on the place it you chill in that's an incredible incredible budget yeah. What's also more would have you know how you view the part of the deal guy, but let you start highlight and a pension will end up with no one really address that that's cake, very smart, verse. More ok is that it her haughty, also mean he if you're single out there and looking for a shorter mama You could do a lot worse than marrying into that budget. Pfc
your eye, my whose back in a the shield, the shield back in the Unifil for a while we lost it, got remove from the fifth yard lying down and Carolina when but the Panthers logo there right now. It's only enough in the metal is about life. With a judge, as play. And now it's going to be the washing fourteen fifty hardline. I so respecting the showed this the Skeptical people out there would say this dance night or trying to butter up. You Ruggedo said the outcome of any investigations that may or may not be taking place right now, into sighters. Ownership would be more favourable, I'm not saying that it or is it just because they don't have logo ever Washington, never w that they could. You were yet also has to do with the fact that they don't have a little really have logo right, but the sceptic would say that your buttering up the commission by saying nobody's bigger than show by do love the shield at MID field, others back the week is Ryan Fitzpatrick. Its budget, one starting job down in Miami over to a and
you thought that its Patrick was going away any time soon you don't many, but for now she's been going strong for what sixteen years, Josh Recount like right after she saw Josh recount getting twelve thousand dollars a week. By sitting at home in Texas and going on zooms and being the emergency backup, quarterback and he's like you. I got another ten years to my my deal here in the edifice yeah I easily inches is one of those things that will be nice to see on Sunday, you'll be comforting, yes or no people understand, but as long as we have like rivals, magic in his bushy. He modified frizzy beard poking through the holes in the face mass. I will not. That's! Ok! Now I will be happy levels. A couple gaze, Regos, crazy. It ever like holy shit right Fitzpatrick. Should we give money, sure my whose back I got two Nicky, respect. You go see this clip now. Oh my god. This club
we will all have you put the simpler and clearer decades always go to some really crazy places like how do you amp yourself up foreseen like that? Are, as you know, what does a term over the top even register? You show me where the top is, and all of you know what I design were the taboos Brian could speak more to this than I can. He knows how spiritual acting as we move towards more. I don't play like someone. I don't act. I feel imagine soda case back. He doesn't act, Hell yeah channels. He feels he imagines. It was our where's quibbles clippers from it seems like it was a new movie that they're doing publicity for but yet in cage is telling everyone they. You don't tell him where the top is cause. He designed the top, and just we don't act like a country appreciate,
a cage enough. Oh, I love an occasion it in that club. He sounds like Owen Wilson doing an impression of Nick cage on Saturday night was incredible. Yeah I get round the cage was is own Wilson doing oppression to engage in a West Anderson Move Nick Cage had to give back like a dinosaur skull to Mongolia because it was it was stolen illegally in like he, gnats is a real headline that happened with Nick. I think he's just becoming he's realised that the character they plays a national treasure is like that. Cool is personal in history, the earth so just and become more more like that characterise right, my mother, whose back his mixture risky Kubi. Why, Mitch risky. I should say he is back. I'm ready, and I have a little perspective for you from coach matinee, so he said Here's how I look at this thing, We are in a really crazy world right now. There's a lot of bad stories out there. There's a lot of negativity out there. So here we are in a profession where there can be a lot of good stories, and I just think to me, like you,
have an opportunity here or to have a really cool story is going to happen. I don't know but you have somebody that has been through a lot and sports world some highs and had a lot allows. Sucks he said had a lot of He has worked highs and have autonomy. Lotta left the latter. I well overthrown Israel left oh yeah, he had so many years he has worked his tail off to win this job and have an opportunity to prove a lot of people right. If you stop, good to see that an understanding that Then that's your own opinion, but here we are in now he has an opportunity, let's see where it goes. We as the ball is able to do what he wants with it. We are gonna all reports round him and give him every opportunity have very happy in itself all you haters out there make fun of Mister Bisbee send me all mean tweets just now. There's a lot of negativity in this world and you should
instead be rooting for cool story. That's right, Rudy would have been such a terrible movie if you didn't sock as a football. Exactly it's such a bull shit that anyone is sitting here and brooding against, MR, but you know it's really met, you know it's really easy Rebecca to watch Patrick MA homes play who, incidentally, was selected behind. It should and say that guys good. I hope he wins yet and then you end up being proven right. Inevitably, you know it's a lot harder do is pick a guy, that's terrible, be like maybe while his eyes it he's asthma in these had some rights lot. Allow us blows not any laughs and say: I think that guy's good and have a one percent chance right hit. It's crazy. It's crazy look the way socks right now, twenty twenty socks Rufus! I'm crazy mixture risky twenty twenty! I bid. Ring something crazier? My he's back the week is Nathan Peter meant
yeah, really Marcus Mary Yoda has been put on the eye, are and be sure to say, Marcus, Marianna, yes, injury, a yes or a no vote. In LAS Vegas. The second shrink Iraq is now Nathan, Peter Mink, Hell yeah, we all grew loves Peter there's a chance there is it. As we see another nation Peter you wanna, get real fucking crazy. Would twenty twenty yeah gonna Nathan Biederman tattoo Vive La Superbowl? He you should do the gambler piano, computer and tat. You know why just: do it for fun, I'll gamble on Nathan, payment with Syria, listen Nathan Pyramid walk so that James Wincing could run last year. He really change the NFL. I we need it appear, may again just dead that will be, they should have. They should, they should have a clause of the all NBC in yes should have
in case of Nathan, Peter and starting a game flex clause like it if it causes, firstly dig about it like if car gets hurt and you have. I don't. Some would say. It's the Monday night game words like dolphins, verse, Texans, but you also have the chance of maybe now having Nathan Peter Mink start in front of the world. Come do you wanna take maiden biederman if you're gonna it would rather lose like twenty one to seventeen and have their car back to her throne, for, like one touched on one interception, twenty thirty yards or would you rather have Nathan Biederman going out with his hair on fire yeah, throwing five interceptions in the first half it just having it seem like the apocalypse is occurring between the tackle box that, because that is that you know what that is, that's a game where you say five years now, seven years now, I remember where I was when
it's an Peter men, imploded right and that's all you can hope for out of a football game right. Just remember, Nathan, Pearmain beat Clemson in Death Valley with pit just remember that but that is gonna pyramid. Tattoo is a fact. And then clubs, and when one the national title also I can tell you that our national title, I think we did yeah, I think so did usage. I cannot Kelly signed with the practice God for the cult bow guy, so I think I don't know. I love that. Suddenly he's back, future Kelly. Just never like moved out of Indianapolis aegis, they stayed living in an apartment, downtown and was like showing up bars, no like well yeah. I guess we need We need emergency, guileless fuckin. Have it s to know they brought about a Shackelford reenter building that he is not allowed to use It was gets. You are individual. First, we have worn sharp football preview in there. We oblique Anderson pity you got
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his pen tweet, he actually was awesome. He did a all the proceeds to who are grit weak stream for during the grit we so everyone who bought during that time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you worn for doing that great to see you, it means forepaws back when we see or mustache must. Extra mustache. Let's start here you got a lot not want to get to get everyone smart and ready to go for Thursday night, Obviously this is the weirdest year that we ve had oh pre season, know I'd, say: seems like teams, you don't built, the teams are playing some some contact wraps, but not a ton. What do you think the biggest fur? oh out is going to be in the month of September in terms of quality of play and whose, at the bigger disadvantage, officer defence onward Ok about the start of the season, Wolverstone guys happy to be back and I do want to tell you that nobody asked to buy anything the book, I'm giving away for free to your
a sinner. So if you go to the website will drop analysis now, com, it's it's free, it's up there, just click the banner ad and you'll be allocated for free. I don't want anybody have to pay for that. Right now is still great stir. Don't get me wrong, but only pay anything I think it's a drug dealer thing where you like, I'm gonna, get you hooked on all because twenty twenty season, starting so he's smart, is more when he knew and he's get you have done it after the act and the next year, you're gonna be like damn. I really should guard at her own, ok, but it certainly worth if you want to pay, for it is still worth the price. Yes, thank you. Thank you so so this the only thing that we have that even closer to that only twenty crises in it off season. I went back and, but what they did in twenty eleven, of you guys, remember, you probably do. That was the year of the lock out where there were disputes over the Sea Ba and they tried to come up with a new Sea ba and the players sent from the Superbowl onward were unable to even access the facilities K. No, this too the facilities and the
made. An agreement made their deal back at the very and the July they all came back in but there are two main differences that similar timing to what we're dealing with here were guys were able to come back to the facilities eight July and do nothing prior to that, but the two main differences, the first one was that That year we had all the preceding games, except for the Hall of Fame gained. So all of the hitting in all the contact in everything live reps live game. Action was taking place just like it was planned. We clearly did not. That this off season and then. Secondly, the lack of common an occasion at sea. In a lot of the team, still got together themselves. You had different units getting together to work out with one another here with the pandemic people or just at their homes. Doing some things with a couple guys from random teams of that not even their own team is very different from that perspective that season first, two weeks out the gate of twenty eleven overs. Why
Seventy three percent over went seventy three percent. What a lot hot this part but yeah go ahead. I want to kill the get her better than we put this argument funny. I got it so the odds makers still set the totals right around the same number that they did the year before and twenty ten and even in two thousand nine, they went up, appoint a couple of points but vit. What all still had about six points more- and it was actually know season on record- has had moreover, the first couple weeks, then that two thousand love and sees it. Nobody else is really discussing this. I think there's a couple of things. It will happen this year that the teams need to take advantage of number one is temple. I think they can further wear out these defences. If they get a lot of reps in get two lines, scrimmage quickly, it's not necessarily mean you have to go fast, but if you get to line of scrimmage quickly, you're prevent substitution for the defence and then I think by the third and fourth quarters
we're going to see these defences get worn down a little bit. I think that's one of the bigger things that is going to be evident from her, having the lack of precision games. Now I know from some of the cultures that I've talked to that on the often cited the ball, They are worried about their rights, in their worried about their conditioning in the chemistry between the orphans of lime in four eggs example, you are going need to monitor, in which teams have a lot of turnover on their offence, in which too, We have a lot of new pieces and new play collar, new quarterback, etc. But I do sir overall, the fences are having those same exact things on their side of the football and the often two guys get all hyper about it. But He are having the same some sort of things we are going to see some sloppiness. We are going to see some problems, but I think getting to launch scrimmage quickly is going to be a big benefit. And, of course we got this crowd noise in the seventy decibels limit and all this type of stuff coaches are really worried about that as well. Ok,
This ensures that you say that because I feel like it, in my mind, it's always like you hear. The defences are a little bit ahead of the offices early in the season where they can just lets a lot and maybe take advantage of the fact that the offices have in practice a lot of different protection packages and kind of confused, throw, but just like that happens, you're saying it's gotta opposite that the defences just gonna get tired out because they're not in condition, so I guess Second, have poured, total is even be bigger than the first half. I think so. Look when, when and this is just a suspicion. We don't know anything. We ve never had an off season like this. You have to betting on these games or if you're thinking about them, you have to do your research think, logically, okay, what has happened? Two thousand Levin is the only thing close to this. What could we see this is where I'm falling out on this argument, will who is going to be a head weak, very well see defences have a little but have an upper hand? I could be wrong here, but I do think you there are tied. When I'm betting, a total and I'll bet the first half under, as
So the full game under this is the perfect week to do something. That. If you like a game- and you think there's going to be fewer point, I think bedding it in the first half when the defences are at their freshest is the smart thing to do if you like, an over bedding it either at half time off The full game is going to be smarter than trying to combine embed the first half over eight. So, let's a transition now to the different conferences, LE started, the F C they have see. Obviously we know you know the chiefs Dependency role, Champs pageant homes and credible blah applause, the Ravens Ito, envy P, Lamar Jackson. Give us, though, Cosette happens every year and obviously there's a different play. Our structure now seventeen from each conference give us. The team that you thought last year was better than their record and you think they have something they're gonna be built holding on here and in going surprise and people. So if I
ass. You guys, you know the teams. You mentioned a few of them, including Eu Dimension, the patriots, but throw the patriots in the mix of the teams that weak through. The gate halfway through last season, the number one seat in the area of sea, was the knowing the patriot their underfoot, You got the time eight. No, who do you think was, number two in the F c halfway through the season, I think o was it the Buffalo bills now now, is couldn't because it could be the to cede. Was it's always at the Texans? now it was actually the Indianapolis call, even though they were led by your set. There were six Two they had been Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City, had the patch Mountjoy second homing logs me up: went in and beat the Texans also add the titans. Earlier on and not season
then they go in the second half of the season. This is a team over their last nine games of the twenty nineteen season. They lead at half I'm more entering the fourth quarter in seven of those nine games, but the only one to the only the two of those ninety, despite all these big leads in the odd saying the history says when you have leads at half time or entering the fourth quarter, you're eighty two plus eighty plus per se, chance that you're going to win this game and they blew one of those games. I personally think that Frank Reich is one the most underrated play, callers that we have in the NFL think about this. Twenty seventeen he wins, the Superbowl in the in Philadelphia as the o C4 the Philadelphia egos. There they obviously didn't want him indeed tried to get Josh Daniels. They ended up getting frank right to come in there that off season, he's working. With Andrew Luck for the first time in his obviously he's a brand new coach Andrew LUX during ten balls that off season like we don't know, orphaned, relax going to be all play, he's throwing a college size football few weeks, but
for the start of the season. We don't know, we're. Gonna get out of Frank Right dial up in office that played to Andrew Luck, strengths as he was recovering from his surgery and end up in ten games that first year he gets there and they go to the playoffs last season he to with any luck retiring three weeks before the start of the season, Oleson boom he's got a cold place for Jacobus reset all year and they use did what I said. They were the number to cede halfway through the season. They have it's gone out. They ve got Philip rivers who I've of Philip Rivers as a competitor and I've always wanted him to beyond his way of unwarranted. I stop you, that sounds to me, like you, don't think Philip Rivers has much of an arm left because saying I loam as a competitor is a telltale sign. You don't love him as a quarterback anymore. I love his moxie us at all, but what you're right? There are some questions about his arm strength. But that being said, I do wonder what he's going to look like.
Behind a realistic, often of line the charters bout year after year. Try to bring on often sublime and draft often sublime in. None of these guys seem to work out the he is playing behind the best off. Of line or one of the best in the entirety of the NFL right. Now they all so broad on new players at this scale position and are going to help him. I love their three wide receiver set. They get back Paris Campbell who base we missed all of last season with injury. He was a high draft pick for them, but couldn't play last year. They go draft another wide receiver high this season, they get Jonathan Taylor, you boy from Wisconsin coming in there, and I think he By the way I like him over seven hundred yards in his rushing yards prop on the seas and be cat, but I think Jonathan take with more le makin there is one to punch, are going to be actually phenomenal. I think this is a team that a lot of people, brought about young nobody's really that big on Philip Rivers. I think that thing that weak
not underestimate. Here is just how good of a coach and play collar Frank Reich is, and why I think, he's going to stamp his name on this football team in there going to be a lot better than people. Think it s. It is also interesting, Frank right when he solve the problem of blowing. Fourth quarter leads by getting quarterback, then always trails in the fourth quarter, so That's not gonna happen again. That was an last year, but you think that you think he has enough left. Take with a good offensive line to like actually be a competent quarterback this year I do. I think they ve got enough underneath and and look What do we tell what Andrew lock in twenty eighteen Andrew LUX arm strength? What's going on with Andrew Luck, I think they're frameworks going dial up something that works to make. The quarterback, Philip Rivers look a lot better. And I just think that the office of minds that we're out in L a the charter's were adopted. Not even hold a candle to what Frank Reich is as it play collar, and so I think, we're going to see some optimization
of whatever it is Philip Rivers has left I think we're going to see that this year in India, ok I am very curious to hear what you're in F C dark horse team, because, as wanting that everyone's picking I tell you who it is, but if you were to kind of put that same courts, Prague prognosis on a team from the intimacy. Who would it be? Ok, well, I don't The team you're talking about is the Euro zone the cardinal knocking, talk about the cardinal, because right does too easy to guess. Alot of people talked about the cardinals, the team that go with on that. Actually, MR play off last year. They are favoured this year. It seems like a slammed on two. Probably second, most talked about team, while apart into Carlos it and make it is the Dallas cowboys, I think the Dallas Cowboys offence is going. To be significantly better than a lot of people. Think, but here's the interesting thing guys that that no What he's talking about yet and I'm interested to see if we start to see a weak one Sunday night football? I cannot wait for this game.
Out in allay against the rams, but the prior coach we see influence lie, thinks you didn't call all the place, but he influenced the lot of that office and Jane Garrett. Had the die us Cowboys Dax, bending the NFL for four years now, They were the number for most run. Heavy teams teams on early downs in the first half of games, they ran the baton. We knew this a couple years ago. They ve got a little bit better, but they were still top ten in rush rate, the past couple of years, even with that Prescott there. I think that the new coach might Mccarthy is going to instil a lot more aggressive nature and a lot more passing to this offence. Think back to what did with Aaron Rodgers back in like twenty sixteen twenty seventeen season errand got her In twenty seventeen didn't play the false laid against her against the vikings. Then he played in twenty eighteen until Mccarthy got fired over that speed. In time no football team
asked the boy more on early downs, then the Green Bay Packers we're going from one of the most concerned. Run. Heavy coaches of Jason Garret to deem MR aggressive coach terms of throwing the football down the field in MIKE Mccarthy, passing, is more efficient and running. The football is, I think, we're going to see, higher ceiling because they're going to be willing to pass by love their weapons? First of all getting rid of Jason went nuts addition by subtraction right there. I liked like jar when any ways, but just not We throw the ball to a guy who cannot move after he catches it is going to benefit the down. Cowboys and then, of course, seedy land. You can't see enough good things about him. Hopefully he catches on pretty quickly for the cowboys I think this is a team as a very good outside shot. You can get a four plus six, seventy five winning the entire and see you can hedge, some things late. If you need to I don't love some of the early stuff on there, often of line via they ve got the
possibility of of putting things together and making a run this season, they when I think one in six in one score games last year, one of worst things about them- was the Red zone performance, and I think, if Mccarthy can approve that this is it. Is it really dangerous to they're, also playing like one of the the lowest strength of schedule this year right they've got a bunch of cupcake games on there. If you look at the other teams that are supposed to be good going into this year, I think, like head and shoulders the cowboys have these road. Yeah Dallas. When I look at, I do a lot of strength. The schedule wrote about it in the book Calot in Dallas has the Pentheus schedule of opposing teams in the NFL this year, so it's deaf it more beneficial, then let's say the Eagles schedule and those two teams. I think guy was How much is it actually like? I like looking issuing schedule to but we both. We all know oh, that once the season starts, you can't have to throw out the window like, for instance, Last year the Packers played pad the cheese without patch of my hopes, you I mean like there are different. You know,
being a team at the right time getting a team when their when there are on the up its human there on the down like there's there's there is definitely a difference in playing teams differ. Parts of the schedule, we're strength, scheduled I feel as important No a hundred percent you this ring a schedule. Precision is just our best guess as what at what we can expect this year. What a lot of people don't do, big cat that I think a big mistaken. It is something that I focus on. A lot is looking at strengthened. Schedule in season a lot of people use it as a tool before the season starts. Then they just forget about it, but they do Then college football is also very valuable. You know it doesn't really matter as much in the NBA or baseball where their such high Paypal, sizes, lots games being play, but didn't he I fell where you only play sixteen opponents, and allow the marine side of your division who applying outside of those opponents in who you're playing compared to whose somebody else's play is mass. In terms of being able to you,
tat the help, forecasting, prognosticate efficiencies and sword, something that I rely lot on, whether I'm betting games or whether on health, in teams. Anticipate you know, caliber up using defences when we look at all this defences really good yeah, but they just played three of the body ten, passing off in the last three weeks. We don't have to give consent covered. Him say: let's run the ball lot against because they look like they ve got a good past events. Let's go past the Balkans. We think we might have an edge right so are so. Let's lets you the reverse year. Two teams from each conference who made the playoffs or were deemed and maybe misapplied by game who you could see it, falling off a little bit and maybe not me He was, it may result in a house of cards, so to speak I think in the annex c. I like this guy's a coach MIKE Zimmer, but I the Minnesota Vikings are due for a little bit of regression that entire division? You know you're you're division in the annex Ii North is really interesting because every
but he, including the odds makers, have forecast that the Green Bay Packers are going to progressed. This was a team that one thirteen games last year only has a win total of nine games, you that their there being for ass, the wind for fewer games. This coming season finish in second place not the vision and- and I dont think that that's unwell, guaranteed. This was a team that got lucky and had a lot of things go for that they were not, in my opinion, a thirteen women team last year, but we all or look the Minnesota Vikings in the same context. In the same conversation, some are things that we could say but poorly about the Green Bay pacts in terms of opposing quarterbacks that they face last year that made their defence looked better than, then it was. We could say about the Minnesota Viking, but nobody is doing Minnesota finished top ten in, like injury, lock, fumble recovery, feel good luck, feel good luck is a thing it something that I tracked say it's your ability to make goals and then also like are the teams it
going up against. Are they making or missing their field goes cuz, there's a certain rate that you're supposed to make on a forty five yard field goal, and if you face a bunch of teens at it happened to well, above that rate than you're just getting unlucky from the feel. Good luck perspective Minnesota just had a lot of good things going for it. And this is an off season in particular that we noted ahead of the euro at the beginning. The first question you asked me has allowed at a change, allotting move in pieces on that defends a lot of new players that are coming in there and, I think, that's very different, Minnesota, went out and spend a lot on draft capital this season. I think they drafted twelve players, a ton of new rookies to come in the door, just a bad. You're too, have to enact incorporate a lotta, rookies and expect much out of em, given the lack of an off season. And then you lose digs. Who is one of your biggest play, making threats offensively? I think this is a team that I will be regresses a little bit on on the annex ii and over an f c. Look I guess I'll just say this- I think
broncos near an exciting team. A lot of people are big on Andrew lock it up. So this is not a team that I think is going to unilaterally were grass, but I think won't live up to expectations more so drew lock everybody talks about how he went for in one down the stretch and one all these games late in the year and it so those are good things going for him, but they played some of the past differences in the NFL during that stretch, looking at some of the Einstein Analytics, he was not good, throwing the ball deeper down the field, anything about fifteen yards step, the target. Very inaccurate on and he's got a bunch of wired receivers out. We did a good job of bringing in some good stud. Wide receivers got a lot of Ruth receiving threats there, but I, I don't know if I have confidence in his new office, a coordinator and his bill, We have a really good season. All the way through counterpoint he's got it. I think lock out he's gonna moxie, I larders competitiveness, weren't How has the EU took the moxie thrown from Phil Rivers and yes, he west
So, are you guys lock fans, I'm really big, lock, believe I've? Never even ah, yes, mostly just because poverty is set to my brain. I actually, whilst I I don't, want to live ill, but I think I might make my boy, he's better my life on the Broncos week, one because I dont understand how, at with every that's going on with cold and the lack of training camp in the lacking conditioning. You can have Team go mile, high and compete week. One and not just be up they destroyed and the problems are always good in September week. One September in Brok. Endeavour In Denver gas or those two things going for Denver that we did not a lot of people are aware of the first thing: that's going for them is exactly you mention it's a we know. These differ. Defences have not been a lot. They haven't tackled a lot and when I go and play weeks wine weeks to out in Denver at that elevator. In the committee have there they really
struggle to get oxygen aghast, and so you couple that element with the fact that they didn't do much this pre season. I think that is an advantage for Denver to jump on this team and to have some success in the second half against that defends, the other thing is really interesting. Guys look at what time this game is being played Not only is it a Monday night game, but is in Monday night ten, ten p m eastern time kick off on the not in the west. But then varies a team that has the advantage of the the body clock. The body clock is bigger element in a lot of people realize Usually in this game we have a game, like the the raiders versus the charger right couple, a West Coast teams and EAST Coast playing at this time their body clock, it's going to be significantly messed up as compared to Danvers Body Clock and that typically does Ella called the circadian rhythm, which makes the second
alpha games. These teams tend to wear out bigot fatigued because mentally there less, bake, then Denver is whose playing at an earlier time locally that their accustomed to so something else to consider. I love that. No, I was my brain is Saddam that when you said that is at night. I thought you gonna say it is less oxygen even at night, because there's like the sky around that? Syria to keep down the back of my head and maybe bring that up later. But I want to touch on what you said. A second go about feel, go look. What teams are like have the worst feel. Good luck. When it comes to like their opponents making more kicks than they should against them. And isn't Isn't that argument to be made that, like maybe there's something that contribute that fuel go luck weather, as you know, not having a very good. I like rush on the kick off
finding themselves in the situations where they have very makeup of make. People feel goes on playing the ravens twice a year, yet there go yet no on. I don't have the numbers right in front of me, but there are teams, for example, like Dalai Rams, whose opponents average, like eighty percent, make rate against. Then last season was definitely well above average was seven percent above average are based upon a disk since of those kicks. I'm sorry we're a team. I wrote about it in the book on one of the pages it towards the end of each chapter. I list out. Every single teams feel good luck, net feel good luck there own make rate and their opponents make rate are some calculations in there, but it does. It deathly does factor in what, if you, after by a team like the ravens or teams that have that division where there is good crackers. There you're unlock a team that have got the play. The advantage, Terry Right for the Indianapolis colts last year, who just couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, literally Youtube.
You're gonna, be in much better shape their teams that one gains against the colts last year that should have lost them for sure, but voluntary kept this crap in the bed every time. We got out the get. I'm also curious about the the effect of new stadiums are stadia, as Peterkin pointed out early today, that the pearls actually stadia joy. In LOS Angeles, you ve got two teams are playing a brand new stadium, and then in LAS Vegas. You ve got the raiders opening that stadium up, whether it's like from the kicker perspective are from just an officer perspective. Is there anything in history that you can go back and look at statistically like What how do new stadiums perform each year on? Well enough, I just feel go kicking I dont know in terms of feel go kicking what I can say in terms of outlets part. This into a little bit a crowd noise discussion, as well as devastating stadium itself, so the surface from what I have read and seen the server of the Rams New Stadium, extremely fast, extremely
fast, ok, watch hard knocks too I saw the hardness of the sword. I also did some research on the field on the surface analyze. The rubber pelts steady inserted onto the artificial surface there and they have a significant bounce back rate, just keeping the play fresh, like a spring EAST springy track for them. So I think that there is a good chance that we see some points in that my Sunday night came Dallas how and allay rams, but in general this in terms of the stadium. So let's look at the Minnesota Vikings, for example, they got a new stadium built in twenty. Sixteen and those architects came in built that stadium specifically to have a roof on it. That would refractive crowd noise back onto the football field and since they built that say They have to be number one best. Eighty s cover rate in the NFL since they built that new stadium to help with the crowd noise there.
We're going to have that advantage this year and is one of things we did discuss? We talk about the Vikings, but they're not gonna have the advantage of the crowd noise. I was. Recent research when the NFL announced they're gonna have seven decibels of crime, noise tailored to each other. That's going to be played in the Pierre this done throughout the course of the and they're not allowed to tokenism to some coaches they're, not are the cycle that offer on their just so it doesn't which team has the ball, that crowd noise is kind of always white noise. The background playing some effects in some chance, it of that nature, so Many decibels is not very loud. That's the equivalent of like classroom chatter, and I think some of coaches reward? What are you able to get it get to line scrimmages here? The here are signals? Will the quarterback have to screen? There are practising in a lot of different ranges of decibels? Seven he's going to be ok for the quarterback to communicate with the other players, but it is going. Did this Eighty aims that are,
more designed to reflect reflect crowd noise there. Those teams that play in this and you're going to be heard more than teams that are used to having no fans like the charges were yeah. I'm just thinking now you say seventy decibels. The Seahawks are for sure, going to find a way to make it like a hundred and twenty and cheat their way through it all right, so are you a believer in Mitch, the greatest comeback story of all time? I am a believer in what they're looking to do there with Mitch. I will tell you: that's the roundabout about yes, its around about yes, but I will tell you this soft season made it very difficult to hold the quarterback battle. Let's talk about force, for example, coming in there, even though we had a little of familiarity with it very difficult to perform well and to beat out a guy who's very common Well has been playing in this office for several years. I think if there was a regular off season. The result The battle may have been a little bit different, but always
agree. I think there's no transforms was ever gonna win the starting job just because you can't give the starting job to fool and then bring michon. You go the other way, Maybe we can now lose it and if you like, I'd it's over, but if you give the job to Falls week, one. Mitch has never coming back from that like it's over. So now you dont have a back up either. That is a hundred percent correct from what we think the outside, but I can tell you that, for the inside they really were hoping that it was going to be a situation where falls would just look really I mean you go out and pay a guy money and hope that he just gonna sit as your backup. They were expecting. More than what they got out of him, but their realizing we're not going to stress it too much on an eye kind of ways of the mindset like Why announce it? This role? Why not wait till the very I make that Patricia they're playing the Detroit Lions weak want? Why make bat Patricia prepare from both guys, not know who it is? But
they wanted to announce it as of internal vote of confidence in some of the players needed to know and what what the problem, the other problem with having a quarterback battle with this type of off season. With so few practices is, now, you're splitting wraps, and so even Mitchell is going to be. The starter did not get as many reps as you would have if they just said foliage rats and watch Mitch you might play later Mitch is going to take all the first team wraps. They were unable to do that so he had much fewer rights than like Tom Brady down in TAT. This your drew breeze anymore and so I think that going to be all I'm hoping? I do? comes out looking pretty good week one. I think that they're doing some things that are going to make this team a little. A less predictable and more exciting I'll. Just say that I think this is a team headed in the right. Direction, with some of the things we are going to be doing from a play calling perspective and I've got high hopes Mitch has had big out. You know
Bitch is done well against the lion so carefully. He gets the season started. I really well week. One eleven times on the field at the same time is, however, is that what you're looking at? What? What for very high value without be like? Oh, Oh one, one, one personnel. Actually Oh, oh and then you'd have to get rid of all the alignment to won't you not you not have quarterbacks either so yeah. I don't know, I don't think they're anybody's ever tried that left home, that's gonna, be fuckin sick. I know it. Jimmy Grams washed up whenever yeah, That's the thing I mean you bring in a guy like Jimmy. You haven't used him a lot, this precision, what you gonna, look like that's where I think there's a little bit of Miss communications. Are things of that nature play or to here or there, but at the today, these guys are football players and I think that they're going to be able to to do well enough offensively and I'm curious to see the lack of freedom. Clarity on the defensive cited the football. I think the Detroit lions are starting five new players
the defensive side of the ball, including three new players in the secondary. There is the potential to have a lot of, communication on these defences, especially if you stay at a high temper and you're using a lot of misdirection, whether its pre snapper postal, like play action, type motions involved. I think there's a good chance that you're going to cause confusion. On the defences of wood about in in the F C, the number one overall pick our good friend Joe Barroso, don't trash em, we don't really know what Zack killers offices gonna look like with job robot. I guess you could probably make an educated guess of what they're going to try to do them. Are you optimistic awkward? Rocky Caesar, as it's gonna be one of those same words like he's on it, add team he's gonna do his best he's gonna have to get through it and I don't expect too much. I I think anything we get from him is going to be a positive, like, I do think, there's low expectations of the bangles in general, just because of who they ve been for several years, but I think it s a team that could Surprise a little bit they did.
A poorly and wants war games. Last year. The thing I most concerned with with their coaching staff. There is the Her tendencies last season to just throw out eleven personnel out onto the field and not really make adjustments, even if starting wide receivers. Your number two wide receiver art healthy, aren't up, aren't active Vegas continued to throw eleven personnel out on the football field instead of making adjustments. They're, all, a way to predictable. When I Tyler Eifert who's, not on and Jackson. Also there will have to worry about this, but would tie the rifle was out there. Zack Taylor was calling passes on over eighty percent of the place just when he standing out on the football field defences can pick up on. These tells them is that this is a defense go wildly giddy when they're getting a town That's like sixty five to seventy percent odds and when you get when you throw him out there and eighty percent time your pass in the football, is way way way to predictable. So I hope Zack Taylor does some things that aren't you
Oh Adam personnel, all the time and and being predictable with his tight ends this season, but I have a lot of hopes on long term. Obviously I think his career is going to be great for jobs oh and that receiving corps that unit that they ve got. There is actually sneaky good on that point, too. Tough division, of course right so can expect to many great things, but is a team that I think could I could go over there when total, potentially Ok, so worn sharp everyone go farm sharp whereby one last question I you're gonna have to do. Thus the prediction I want to go more than just the Superbowl. Can you give us your championship games then Super Bowl and she wore champion and, of course, get it wrong would just make one of you a little bit yeah, no doubt ok! So for him from the and F C, let's start their first, These are tissues this early, I'm rooting for, but where I think we're going to go, I think
Alice is going to be there and its tough for me there it's going to be the saints this Knox or the Niners so, on thrown out three teams there, but I, like all re those teams relatively equally no box I forgot to mention what we talked about, that you dont. Are you not buying the buck? Super team dream team? I really like Bruce areas is a coach, I'm so super interested to see how the depth of targeting is going to work for Brady and his top receivers, and I do think that defence is phenomenal one of them. Underrated deepens is TAT, boasted a phenomenal job with them. Last season. I just think that its heart in this type of an off season and while I'm not bedding against Brady like I'm, not bedding that they don't make the playoffs, my bedding, that they can't win that division, I just think that I'm not betting on him this season, I just think it's a tough season to do that, and I some things is the saints did. This off season are getting overlooked as well, but some the peace
they added there. I figure pretty good. You do have questions about, drew breezes, arm, etc. Any quarter backers that old you're going to die a perfect world? I would love to see that see Russia Wilson get a shot to go back there, but I'm worried about some things in their past rush, but if you're tourism I guess I probably will go the Seahawks again the cowboys and then over an f c. It it's tough, but I think I'm gonna have to go. Just the two best teams. These are the two teams that her head and shoulders above anybody else in the entire legal analysis and I the bill bill. I do like the bills. I have high hopes for them. I like day boy, like Georgia, Alan. I think that they're going to be fine this season, but I'm going. With the Ravens and I'm going to go with the cheap, okay and the key is got the key to who It is going to ultimately win that match up is number one. How much is your Thomas missed but number two
who can Lamar Jackson, make those types of throws that our by wants him to when the defence stacks the box and they need to open he's up a little bit down the field he was making knows. On occasion. Last year, Kyoto, phenomenal passing season last year I was on him. For this reason, even started as being an M Bp candidate, but I will him to be able to do those things when They need him to do it as opposed to just you know, ban big play band big play, we're up by twenty another huge play like these are in must have situations. I want him to be able to hit those passes. I think he's worked on it we ve got some receivers there I'll go. Easy did you say the chief, so I'm not gonna go the chiefs to to win. I think the ravens may have a better record than the Chiefs, and that is going to be. Difference having at home field advantage with other thing about the ravens lateness season. They have a mini by so they play on
Thursday, I believe, is the Thursday either of them giving a right after Thanksgiving against the cow boys. If I'm not mistaken, and then they don't we again until the following Monday night, and this is like we guarantee. So we have a good many by, like a nice little rest heading into that Monday night game, I can win more games in the chiefs or at least hold the Tiber acre in to be able to be. That number one seed with only one tee. Getting an eye this post season. Having that any by and then having a first round by is just such a massive edge, and I think that would give them the slight upper hand over chiefs this year. I'm gonna go Baltimore in the super bowl and- I said that they had some value so I'll, stick with it, but love I'll change. My I'm going to go Seattle, I'm going to go Baltimore and Seattle, RUS Vs, Lamar Jackson for the c, while you are right, so it's cowboys on on or no one hundred and twenty three
No you're raw wait ye. They have. They have cowboys on a Thursday afternoon s giving and they have the. Grounds. The Monday night after that save eleven days off by the way you'd you did just like fuck. We up- because I forgot about this this, seven, even though I mentioned earlier the factual, one by this year, because we are sent home feel there's like what the fuck you talk about, what that is monumental. Now, for that he did not have to pay an extra game. Is it is such an advantage. The season, because only one team in each conference gets that by its gonna is so big for whatever came, and this is why I think, usually we get. I, like the last of the last Kevin Heart, was calling that weak seventeen game where the the Dolphins upset D. Patriots in New England and allowed the chiefs to have Humphrey other than she was calm, achieves game in common the pages given save time That was phenomenal, but we are going to see very
competitive, weak. Sixteen weeks, seventeen games, because only one team gets that by go when what about the patriots, the other side of that whole box equation? do you have any idea what Bela Jack he's gonna do with with came new in this year? gonna use em, the same way that he used Brady and then there's also like to question mark about. I guess, came health is a shoulder. Ok, yeah, a hundred percent I think can is, is healthy. I do from what I've heard what I've seen what I've read camps, shoulder is back to being totally normal so that Should it be an issue. I think that there maybe I'll do a lot more things this year with him than they were able to do with Brady. Obviously, but the thing is going to be really interesting is the way that defenses have to play them because the end, and not people are discussing the fact that they don't have good weapon This year they did have good weapons last year in camps, not as good of a pure passwords Brady's. How could this often be anything but but good? It's gonna be much worse than what it was last year, but
on the other side of that, because you Tom Brady out there. Any therefore runs the football defences play him a little bit lay and against the loving personnel they tend to play. Dime alike. Indeed, these out in the field which is put in Layman's terms like Debbie's out on the field they tend to play down. I like seventeen percent of the time, but when you're playing scam Newton. They can't throat many gps out on the field. They only played dime, seven percent of the time they have. Extra line backers out on the field. It gives more opportunities for came to fight, and targets in mismatches, pre snap and hit these guys. And secondly, the one thing about the patriots when they had Tom Brady here so good at audible in them into run, plays against white boxes. By that I mean the number of defenders that are close enough to the line of scrimmage to be involved in tackling a defender. They called at the box and typically it seven men inside the box, you got for down Lyman three line, backers or three down and for line backers, but would you
run the ball very frequently against white boxes, six men and not box, and they did really while they were like a top to orphans. Running the football. But when you put seven men in the box or even eight men in the box for next offender, they were just merely average, with can't Newton the weight that he can run the ball. He and still have success, whether there is a seventh man in the box or an ape man in the box, with the way that able to run the football with red options that he is able to do. They leave the defender. At the edge is completely unblock. Look at what the guy's gonna do admit an and hand the ball off or keep it based upon that. You knew of the block that guy is just a big advantage s why they are top three run orphans. Newman, how many men are inside of the box in twenty eighteen, when webcam was actually playing the full season? So I think they're gonna be able do a lot, but here's my concern, p of tea, The issue is all the opt out from covert they hit this team, like a landslide and that defence was not
good is what they look, the first half of the season. If you remember back to last season, I reset about all this as team light, statistically overall history everybody's talk about that. The fact was the airplane crappy offices, play the Dallas cowboys in monsoon. They played some teams in windstorm. We saw once the weather turned it. Quite is bad, and once you started playing good offices there we're getting lit up. I mean the ravens took him to the woods shed. The chiefs had success against them. So is a team I think, on that they're gonna be very competitive. Don't get me wrong. I am not suggesting that their only gonna win six or seven games here, but we just have. Limit our expectations, because of so many issues there, dealing with from a different society the football unjust to lack a talent offensively. They lost last year in they lost Danny Vitale. He was an opt out. There was probably one of them was a retard about the the off again weapon for back the full backs. I'm telling you if you look at the teams, I mean I know you retweeted there. So I know you saw this, but
We gotta get it on this episode, the thought of that six teams that use the most full backs last season. Five of those six made it to the play off like very backs, are very very valuable, especially when defences you're a little bit lighter and think about this. We're talking about teams, maybe not acting quite as well, maybe being winded alone bitterly think about that Does it have this full backs out there to start the year? Where, down those teen, albeit not amend into the second half. I think there could be an edge the year before that car without twenty twenty pardon. I will warrant. Thank you so much, I'm sure we'll talk to again throughout the season. We appreciate you doing this with us and everyone. If you're, not falling worn, already sharp football, odd twitter. Do it right now, because it is a must I am here, a website that has some great stuff you wanna patron the year, he's always got updated stuff great, some bedding tips every so go check it out at sharp football warrant. Take you
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just five dollars when you choose monthly plan as get Roman, that calm slashed take and now are good and a new, perhaps Blake Year like aims, ok. We now welcome on a very special gas to use an actor comedian producer. Fashion designer got a new movie out on Hulu. It is Blake Anderson. The new movies called woke it's out on September, ninth correct! Yes, it's a Series SIRI sorry series awe and I I start there because I wash the trailer when, was this filmed when we This, like God, created I assume a year ago, I mean we originally shot the pilot like almost two years ago, but on weak please filming far. This season right,
around the beginning of this year. So have you Watch everything not to get like too heavy, but everything that God has gone on in this country been like woe. This show is now becoming. More and more like in the times in, what's going on by the second yeah- I mean you know, part of that is is pretty sad. You know that worries me now, but also I mean just the fact that this was a show that was production and being made back, then it's just, I think, a testament to why you know these conversations our having have needed to be had for quite some time now my brought. My questions are mostly based round her hair because you and I share- we share a look kind of I get I get a lot of pictures, of you online. I can't grow the mustache. That's one big fault that I have yeah. I undressed curious about about the hair what kind of a product to use? What have you got?
volume that I struggle to get some. So the width is tough form yeah. Sorry, my here's a little wet, that's my bad was swimming Who I usually say that the secret to the volume of my hair is, I have a jeep with no top the poor I use is american wind? I love Yeah you such a blow, drawing your hair all the time whenever you want there you go How often do you get stopped like going to airport security are checked for drugs or profile, because the hair. I was not as much as you would think. Put we filmed woke in Vancouver and I definitely felt like they put me through the immigration processes in I took a little longer than the rest of the people yeah. I find it at least for me, like I have people who approached me if they dont mistake me from a woman from from behind approached me, and it does happen. You too
yes, I've been mistaken for a woman in over three different languages, which ass polite sounding won T get mistaken for one minute ah in Spanish, yeah for sure and also for some reason happens a lot at the Cheesecake factory? I dont know why what we had it p of tea added it. We went to a brazilian stake house in that was in all time one when our waitress came up and said Miss are you: are you done with this and we just thousand He knew at that moment that the rest of the night was over for young because it became roast, but did good to know that that happens to any guy with long air. Yeah- and there is a that's like- A major reason that I have this weird mustache on my face is just to help old people with gender identity is very true. I died. Intentionally keep a little bit of stubble going on at all times and there's never like any real questions, as if I'm a baby face than is
the most embarrassing partners. If somebody mistakes you for a woman from behind around than they have that second of pause, were there I totally sure whether or not they should apologise yet like maybe he's just a really ugly woman. And so I feel like this. It stops alot of conflict before it starts. Yeah. I've had I, an old guy. I was like at like thrift, store Ok now and he was a cashier asked. Who is next in the old I was like he, she I, don't know what he is like point blank wow was also a moment to remember that wherever they may be, the worst part about the brazilian stake House was the they give. Cards. They have. A green side and a red side, so there is really no need for them to come over and see if you're done eating or not because I'm telling them with a color coded system, but dispersing Movin was just like hey. Miss can already done with your like we ve ever seen a woman, he dismissed state. What the hell is going on right now
so Blake. Obviously get into work a holiday in your entire career. But I want to start at the beginning because we're fast by this. All we have someone on whose similar age at your thirty four thirty five Thirty five, okay, so were also thirty five and it's always fun, talk to someone in that age group were kind. The last generation of people who were member life with out social media, but then get the benefit of social media. When we're like eighteen nineteen, twenty years old, have you had that? like realisation that, if you were born to years earlier. You might not have had a break, you know come upon you tube and being able to make comedy or if your born Ten years later, I ivy like stock, making tick talks. Instead of you know, it's comedy maybe thought out a little bit more yeah.
Definitely think about that stuff all the time, because I man, I feel for some of these, like tick talkers, to Gideon, like The business now would be think rough Yorkers, I know like allow the way we came up. The Abu like executives. Comedy central, saw like sketches. We were putting up on Youtube, but that was back when you know is still relatively like small pond to choose from like the cream, rose to the top or whatever the fuck saying, is but like with like you Tik Tok and is the grand twitter like there's so much content being made it like tat to be. Discovered, I imagine, would be so tough it, and not only that, but I find myself suffering from this. Put like the attention spans of everyone has completely Gleich been evaporated so that you know even thinking about. You know like early two, thousands when you
go on Youtube and watch Ten minute comedy, you know, scatcherd, timid comical. That doesn't happen anymore. Now that I mean to meet those were kind of like the glory days when their used. There was actually like sketch groups like putting out like really hilarious, stuff like That's it. That's kind of how we saw like we saw like Lonely Island do in their thing. I mean there they're pretty clear about being like tat. We were the guys that kind of like put Youtube on the map, but they really were. It was like well look at these. I would not like original sketches git. Attention and then getting personnel it was just like mine blown yeah. I remember, like human giant, was coming up around the same time, the other you would Kennedy you would get introduced by a friend and Maybe they put something on their facebook profile over the wall or whatever you call it at the time and then you'd. Through their other videos and that's how you'd find out the algorithm back on-
those days on. You too, was a strong as it is now so like you, you'd be directly linked to one? the professor. How did you go about like promoting your group You two profile and all your videos. When you didn't have like the ability to go mega viral on your new post, the twitter and it gets ten thousand retreats dude. We were like notoriously hair durable at promoting like absolutely terrible. We got so fuckin lucky would like being seen by the people we were seen by our commie central. We even like, the email that likes the executive that comedy central sent us. We didn't find two legs three months later, because we wanted even check our accounts. Emails guys come holy shit. We have a meeting that comedy central three months ago. That's it. That's so good. So work. All it's obviously had tremendous success in n. Is you know a occult classic more than that, because it was Mr Karas,
when you guys decide ended, though, was that our decision to make, was there a kind of a push in Paul between the group of like someone just keep going in some didn't? How did that how'd? You guys figure that out I mean we definitely decided as a group stop I mean like. I didn't really. We just want to start like getting into movies. We want to get into the next step. You know it even liked. Kyle knew a check our director, like we wanted to get him to that next level. To like what You start to get to the later seasons of a shall. We were always just trying its just. The nature of us had like go bigger and better, unlike bigger stunt, more, better cameos. In television. You can only blow up here like yours, it's so much before the networks like yeah. Can't you can't do that, We should all like movies as like the next step, so
shortly after work ass, we did. We went to Netflix and did game over man, and that was kind of like we were seen as like all this, as this will be. Our next then write some follow up to that their been us anything said or as a kind of a silent understanding of like if any One of you needs a quick cash grab like you can do like a rolling stones when your fifty and be like, let's bring work holocaust back like if Seinfeld came back tomorrow, it would make sense much money that you have, the back your mind like if shit go, if she hit the fan I can always use like drag everyone. A blacklist. You work Alex again for one like worry reunion sees it well We have always been very adamant in saying that work, a holocaust kids like twelve times funnier when we're all fifty or like even older and still living together, and I'm just bald on the top of my head story lines for days
Ok, you gotta. Have it so happened it all? It is not done it's just on like a twenty five year height twenty five or thirty to forty year. High love for throughout usually observers careers going the worst at that point. Will lobby the others three nice, like price, one day is gonna really asked Lauren Hill in and Y Cleft, like reunite the Fuji yeah and you could work or you could also like. You know, if the other guy don't want to do it. You can just get close like villains and have it I am pants. Do that all the time you did Still touring Jerry, Garcia has been dead for twenty five years now. Come You know our allies in chains. Is they ve never stopped or you are you can get like? I was a filipino kid that sinks for journey right now, right yeah you can just like mix and match littered Skinner, I think there's only or no, whose I know the arm and brothers is like only one arm in LA or one person left yeah. Then he keeps its mandate. Is their legislation one even if it's like
nephew of one you're good. I like that ban name to only one woman. Let me one old lover: thicker might appear the omens left. You guys are needed. You did a great job of like nailing all the small stuff about the the the sorrow or like the drear, the hopelessness, Sometimes it comes along with working office, job like a dead until marketing job in your early to mid, twenties, enlightened did a great job, making fun of all that stuff I'm wondering which one are you guys had the shittiest job gave you that insight to be able to write that stuff, ah well, are just reach reason that we worked telemarketers in the show is because both Adam and Anders were telemarketers at work one point in their life, so we're like because we were like man. We want these guys to have like a shady job and there, like We know just the job. Ok after a little bit dishonourable
starts its full stop right. Yes, it's I must now and I'll do the only job. I left in the middle of a shift because I made enough to cover my rent and I'm not coming back. It's like a large portion of the job is like deceit and lying from old people adjust its just stare, telling people literally a dinner. Obviously I know you're a dinner right now, but that's kind of my job just give me your credit card in this- can all be over and wit, when you're not lying to them actively you're calling, up and just getting hung up on instantly. You deal with reaction. So much and in detail marketing it we consider doing like area a method. Thing where you embedded yourself secretly and tell mom, firm to learn the job absolutely not absolutely not. I have no desire to wait where did Anders tell a market He were, I think he was like doing some clean for like a sailor
a democratic party back in a phone by outlets. You would use like pounding the pavement furred, I don't know who the hell it was. I worked out of place one time and on the second day, when my coworkers brought in his own phone and people like what What the fuck are you doing he's like yeah? like mercenary brings in their own rifle. I bring him. Phone to make my job and I'm like this is not going to bring it in your own pulsed yeah, exactly Oh yeah, I would work as I was intimidated. Fuck I was like I can compete with this guy Also when you're coworkers talking about mercenaries, bringing their own guns? I did. I would be intimidated, good, we're good reason. Walker, yes! So speaking of our collective age of thirty five, you got to voice Michelangelo was that was that, like the coolest thing ever because, even as a thirty I've rolled on my colleague, shit dude, now Raphael Guy, but still you got to border Michelangelo,
out for sure I'll. Take it yeah, yet it was actually for this really. Like weird subject like I feel like it was some kind of anniversary for the ninja, the turtles and like Nickelodeon, was like getting all these different artists to. Do like a scene in the night, turtle style, like the person who did our animation was the person who did like invaders. Em so it was like me, there's an atom getting to voice the turtles for this one scene and I was like damn do give us a series cause we frickin killed. It yeah that's gotta, be like if you're talking about a kid growing up and you're like if you like, when you grow. I want to be Michelangelo. I be the cool party due to dance pizza, and then you got cast. Is that there has to be the greatest accomplishment of your life,
right. I was ready to retire on top yeah. I was like ok, this is it I'm done you gotta cast as Michelangelo. Like honestly everything I've ever train for it all games that's got me a big mind fuck for your parents too? If they, if they grew, are you grew up and they were raising you watching. You watch Michelangelo on tv and then, eventually you become Michelangelo. That's actually figured like. We did an awesome job too. Well, it's a lot of me just shoveling it back in their face. Like I told you to buy me, the Michelangelo toys me, I was right or a pizza that you said you don't want a few, because I was getting chubby in your face. I do that. I support you Jellybean pizza checks out, I was really you're a big, they area, sports, guys, etc. Yes, I grew up in the EAST Bay, so those are I squads I'm kind of by sharks.
Es Niners Warriors Van. Do you think that, mark. Jackson would have one like six more titles if he had just stayed on as the coach, the worse I mean anything is possible with the power of Christ. Ok, guys alignment to say it is clearly. Does Katie's total count? Absolutely me, too yeah all day they count but I mean you also realise, like everyone hates you guys, although now now Katie's gone and like step, has, do it again. I think people will start getting back on the on the warriors train. Everyone. I mean first of a lot of asthma fans, especially nowadays are so petty, whatever area, but did we, all the smoke where's people going to look back and be like goddamn. Those boys were some really cool champions. They
cool man that was a great squad. Do you think it's kind of bullshit that Riley, curry and she'll come out after a win, but she won't be there to face questions from the media after a loss, I mean you know she's not on the payroll? So I don't blame her dude I want I want I want. I want to do that, though. It's got to be so hard to do, especially after a loss. Damn you imagine, What about what about the Niners you strike used? like me as somebody that Gregg Kittle George Kiddo, weaken Gregg would really appreciate you. I like to think so. Yeah I kind of when I was grown up, is glad that Niners glory days. I was pretty much Our fan, through my dad, like I, have a bunch of baby pitchers, just head to toe Niners gear some pretty high gone that especially that there, their decent again yeah. Absolutely so, um you had a all time draw. Injury, which I know wasn't probably funny at the time you fractured your spine.
Roof wine or beer palm table. So to two points, Why sure? What is looking back on Are you like TAT was sick, number two you, invent bills, mafia, because you you try to jump through table on a roof and like that's kind of their whole deal. I mean I liked it yeah, it's Blake's mafia dude, you ass, my in that I deem over there did they take suck right away, because I always like I always love stories of drunk injuries when everyone's kind of been through this where you get injured when you're drunk you like up good. I think I'm good like this is not about deal and the and you start to sober Apulia like oh fuck. This is a big deal. Oh yeah. I definitely I mean I was deafening. Like Cross baited. I have things in my system. It happened her very, very, very, very bad, but I
definitely stood up walked up the stairs tried to keep party and tried to dj. Another song was that I, how Party- and I just noticed that I was like loud really bad. I stood up great and that's when it was just like. You know like in a movie the violence thing. That's like yeah, that's my body felt like it and others like ok guys I'm going to bed. So that's what- you have to do at that point. You you fall asleep in you, like maybe I'm sober all this pain will be completely gone. You don't think about it in the hospital in that moment No, I had a you know. My whole thing was on my tribe sleep it off still. I I think I took some Nyc will it has tried to pass out? whether it was there any video footage of this incident. Oh yeah you Can you do that? Don't do it much causa I it in her. There was that it was definitely aren t in the least
I love the pass out because I've had that too. Where then, you also wake up in the middle of the night in your like, I think, I'm doing, ok and then I'll fuck it still Let me go, let me get some more. Let me get for more hours. Sleep in my spine will be better and then you, we again you're like the first, like few steps you, like, I think, I'm healed, then the pages starts Russia like now. This spot yeah, it was definitely a crazy night I had to like cuz, I did wake up cuz I had to take a piss. I've been drinking all night and I had to like Army crawl to the bathroom and like maybe, if I sleep, a couple more hours, I'll, be cool and then, when I woke up- and it was like still really bad- that's what I'm like all right. I got to call my dad yeah. What's your dad's advice, Well, he got there and even decide yeah. I think we got a call, nine more death. I. What do you mean confirmation
well. What was wild is like the party was that me and atoms house so, like My dad came in so early. There stood a like people passed in the house, were all right. You, like all shit like somebody dad, here, that's not money. That was the work all its house right it. What does house up like Adam, and I we did together in the hogs house, but then we are like shooting there, and there is also infested with like rats and stop. It was just like too much of a mind thought the live there and me an atom work done, Bein Fund ass roommates. Yet so we're like yeah less, like kind of cash out on like a help will like Hollywood Hills, house and now was the one where all the ship went down that's very reliable to be, unlike those last couple years were like YO. I think we should like just keep living together are being brought in parting? All the time like we gotta come our years in this run, yeah. We knew that this was probably are
our last stand and were like, unless I drop some of this season, one cash on my dear little crib, now it makes sense that you got that injury, like that's you added all up you, you dropped the cash. It's your land stand. You gonna have to jump off that roof, not to mention that party. Spoken. Sick is like flying. Lotus was like DJ, like all of odd future. Was there I think, like men detailing rat randomly showed up? It was crazy. Yes, dismissal analogy for what you are saying about work colleagues which is like you. Every season. You had to build a bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and so too I recall it called wash probably jumping off the roof in that moment might have been the like? Ok, maybe we should get her own places yeah, I almost took me getting paralyzed realized partly down upon the brakes. So you go. No, it struck me in a like early seasons. There was always like there's always drink involved, always parting involved in the work holocaust.
Would you ever right scenes being Yet we should have like a party scene in this one episode just just so you have to leave your house just you could like film, while you're sitting in your house drinking a beer Well, that was like a running joke in the first couple. See when we are still living in the house. We would like you know we we'd party, once you wrap shooting or over the weekend we play thereupon all weekend or whatever, and we would you throw trash around the house and tell people you can grow trash anywhere. We be like you that set that a second set decoration, don't worry about it that's, probably why we have rats has also living the dream. Word ology becomes part of like the bit yeah totally. That's that's incredible hum! Do so I know that people have always you that's kind of embraced. It put people say like. Oh, work Alex, is always sunny rip off. How did you what you do you guys country like? Listen,
we're fans of always sunny we're not ripping anyone off like it's not bother us when people say that I mean think we ve been pretty open, was saying like Always sunny is a large reason of why we even had the shell like. I know we would definitely watch always sunny, be like while these dieter frickin kill. There are, even, as the seasons went on people, We like do you guys got a call lab or whatever we like went over the sunny deeds and because they were there really good alike. Contracts in money and we're just like damage. I want it comes to that cod stocks we kind would go to them for guidance. There is even more like a patties luxury shirt in one of our episode, so it was, it was never ate any b I mean they're they're super different shells were just like a group of committed guys, I suppose you know. I love that, though, because I feel like the as yet
progress is people get very territorial and there is very much like a disk. I add a fur she can't do this, and people are funny. There's parallel thinking again. You guys aren't, even though you not the same show at all, but I appreciate like embracing it in in looking at the positive. Sort of like this negative cynical cycle that starts on the internet, won't you No, I think one of the your duties as a comedian or whatever is to be aware, the other people within your comedic circle, especially its people, you respect. So is it. There are definitely multiple times in the room where he d be like they are. He did not answer the right kind of like enough or South Park worried that, like just is part of it, you can avoid rockers. Everything has been done, but as long as you like try I have to be aware not read people off it's, it's all good. What what The difference between a sketch comedy group and a sketch comedy troop.
What I'm asking is. What is a troop? I always hear that word. I never know what a regroup is like some renaissance bear, bullshit man, I don't know who's running in troops in I know, but every time I see like a comedy group online always refer them as a troop and ITALY fox in my head, for a second, because I'm what madrigals I don't blame you. I yeah. I think that just some shakespearean, hoity toity bullshit they're not allow this. Be what you are. Your damn group of yourself did when you were coming up with a name for your group? Not your troop! Did you ever have like any self consciousness about it being like we're, Kommeni group we have to have a name- that's like really really fucking funny, because that's their first impression of us would you say Why are you talking about like mail order comedy? Are our internet collapse yelling at any time? You come up with a name like that for a comedy group. I feel like that's a decision that you can very easily over. Thank as you have to try to be like super funny with it. Yeah Like US network
terrible with marketing and all that stuff back on that it's kind of a rose from like we initially made this weird wait too long legs. Thirty minute pilot for you to wear the whole thing behind It is like always. This sketch show where people send in their sketch ideas, through the mail. This is wasn't even email proper, through the mail, and we take whatever letters we get. That is a sketch like that like that's where the, namely from the just stop. We never rebranded. So I had discovered dumb question, but I'm curious about in Hollywood. I assume you an agent and you were in you been in a bunch of different movies, but in you're starting your career as in in movies your neighbour, which I actually have like us, a soft spot for the movie neighbours. I did one of the worst advert
eyes deals ever I played beer pong with them. The other Franco Brow there and MC loving. Universal of put you played Pierpont guy. Number two in the yes. Does your agent call you up? Unlike YO, I got you a huge part. Beer palm guy number two. Yeah that that is like a weird industries. Name were like I'm sometimes you'll get like cause when you're writing a creating a caregiver somebody and they make you, rename the person a name like it'll, be like yeah, he doesn't want to be sexy. Guy seven can be about a name again. He play the part of Jesse but all the same it back long right fuels bird having aim, though yeah.
You know what that something I'll bring the table? You call me beer palm player number two, but I have my story as a actor I bring all of that you might get when, when Europe when you're filming your seen did, were you aware thereof who beer pond number one in three and four were Adam made it very clear. He was beer, your number one: okay, ok yeah, because that's gotta be like that. Definitely has did there's gotta some like turf battles over whose purpose number, one first to upward curve. It's it's a complete ego trip any still residence at death. We actually drinkin real beer during the shot Ah, I don't worry sure I can recall, probably not if I had to guess, but if we only had to film like that one like flash back saying so. He probably should have been drinkin real beer away again. Bring your own even if a sap provide two on set in a really really enter the method situational now in use. Just role with a keg on every set yeah we're not now cried. The way
I also read that you are big fan a little be the base. God have you, Madam I have I've had him in my home of yours, and put a curse on anybody. Ah, ah, you know that That would be like asking a deity the curse, something I don't mess with that man alive. I let it figure itself out for sure. What's he like interesting, I definitely was like a nation. Trying to light collapse, with him. But yes, like really out their ideas, one of the poor things now is when he did come over to my house. He this kind of like into photography at the time he's. Actually the guy you took my I'm the bead photo that I news. Oh wow, on fast sat on his. I am Debbie that's my mind. Nobody him take! the photo. Oh yeah, I don't know
I don't even know lobby has I'm gonna make it and just have a b. The only thing is: he took Blake Anderson's, I m d B photo see- I know you didn't ray job super. Proudly, you ETA, I have to know the answer. This a euro quote talking about how you dont you're out, like a son. Sweden and write a script guy. You can turn it off and you said if your smoking, you want. Are your brain to sizzling want to beat a game that can a video game you can beat with your eyes closed what game is that control? Ok? Oh, I asked just like turn it on I could I can get it done without the up up down down code. I got that all right. What are any other games that you feel confident that you could beat like very very easily ah likes bull. Completion weep the it's.
I mean the all. Those Mario's are pretty easy for me as well, since, like I'm, I'm I'm up would then tender my whole life. So I'm I'm I'm good arguments and ok, yeah yeah, that's it account was conscious might go to like. I could not that one part zone out and just dominated and feel like a god we're just he'd go wherever the game just reset endless loop so I had one last question: is the bark box question go to bark box dot com slash, take to get a free extra toy in every box. Six I value when you sign up so we're talking Like Anderson he's, got a new series out on Hulu September, nine called woke IRAN. Watch it. So we ve got We spent this entire interview with an elephant nor room I had no idea. We have a competition
That we are now, I think, in the we ve done it three years in a row. Some extra be the fourth year in its Blake of the year. Is the competition. I've got wind of this yes, so pass last two years, awfully Griffin has one point portals one. First year we also Brooks cap. We ve made an honorary Blake use a chill ass dude, so do given so you you ve heard of it put, I guess how we figure out. If he's like, I think, is actually a Blake anyway, Yak Aziz Chill work. What was less time, that you got really upset and what was that about, I don't know it's been a minute. The US out who flew off a handle on. Somebody is harder and harder ruffle. My father's! Ok, what about that? You plenty sport ports- I yeah, love sports. It's been. What do you know the whole broken back things learning when a basketball for a while that is Annapolis,
a pretty Blake move. I just take it or leave it. Jumping off the roof onto thereupon table work worry grades, like my group You got the got worse. Ass time went on, but I was I was kiss or I know I've ratings of the silk road. The sweet spot had also sounds like he's lying, which is like Did you actually have a half hour? I think he's line the other way. I think he was like a threefold Oh now run online. I failed mass once Blake's don't lie, so that's good. Do you care? Other people think of you like in general, In my core, being no not at all by the public as a public figure there, I do have my responsibility. Ok, art, so that is the the like. Tat is the biggest site, of Blake is just be like her. I don't care
Does it s a very bleak? It's I don't care, but I have to pretend, like I care for other people like it's, I notice societal, nor and say that I have to be like I care. You know and I care what you are about to Bob Mentality, care, ok, ok I think, more, about the well being of people pressure. Now we talk so much about what you think about me. Right, that's it that's also pointing to now. Would you would you want to be part of the competition? I the ice have felt the little slighted by not being included because I've been to parties were Blake Ribbon and we have come together as lakes and done a cool Blake cheer before. Ok. What do you want What's the Blake sure. I was pretty hammered. I don't remember the here, I'm actually big. You gotta have a little too much to drink as well, which was really awesome. Conseil asked me in that kind of the mines theories,
then the pussy can really drink that, but that's actually the Blake Cheer is that we worked so fucked up that we don't really remember the Blake Cheer, yes, sir, I think once we asked get together again, it will just blew an organ in Rome, who would you say, your favorite Blake? I mean Blake. Reverend was always a super cool guy to me. That's why I'm never to upset when he wins is like It's like a professional athletes takes you under their wing in isn't like giving you a wedge. It's like I'm Height Jessica. I think you're in velvet. The competition. We might change it next year, but as of right now, it's been, This call each Blake and whoever picks up fastness winds up. Ok, I dont think you pick up very quickly. I mean pretty linked to my phone. So what it did it if it,
If the number isn't in my phone yeah yeah, I'm not answered that always has been an elaborate way for us to get your phone number. Yes, I will not. Accordingly is allowed and cut. It will totally pressure. I shouldn't I'd nine one. Why did your in? I think you're? The Blake are Blake Contingencies, grown stronger and we are pretty much if you have a Blake there like the chills deeds. Well, you know at least let me in Berlin once and night, see, let's just age and see where I in right cause. If you lose, you don't really care your boy, Never in the grand scheme of things and means not, Russia is actually show Blake that we don't even ever have to talk to him again at our entire life. Reply gum in that competition is a war or you're like a AAA Blake right now, you're lookin for a shot, you're, P, L, a k e and you are can we shot like. Here
and I'm all about the minor leagues baby. Let's go us I will play, This has been awesome, created a picture next, you absolutely I tags man propitiated. So much thanks guys. I appreciate it well thanks for talking to me in view of Blake, was brought. You buy butcher box, but your box is back. That's right. It is back is sponsor part might take again and you can get butcher box. Delivered to your door when it comes to meet. Quality matters but there's more to it than texture and taste there's hitting com? that associate with low quality meat. You get first flavor. Sometimes you have to cook more of it to overcompensate, for the fact is, was tasty, theirs, the environment High quality meat humanely rees, mate meat is way back. It's worth it for yourself, good a high quality stake. Instead of buying a cheap cut of at the grocery store not. Everyone has convenient access to high quality meat. It's hard to find.
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Out of the? U S open, ah, ah, ah, for throat punching a line line judge with a tennis ball? what I mean as the goat. You would probably think that he has the most accurate Valley easily. Oh, he was sniping around the neck picture clean. She had to graduate that she was gonna die first idea that was at all times cell job by her. I'm not saying that he should have hate her in the neck. He clearly wasn't mean to do it, but holy shit come on, Lady Alice cell Georgie, I think she's, probably a cousin of Roger Federer, something I think the tennis Blair's lead the world in making this gesture where they put their hands together, like a prayer or whenever they do something bad extort airplane requests. Even we not. Bad, like just Missis, Shaw, young and the old man, the airport either way. I was crazy it's great I've, even though those rule hats Tennis has some really good rules. I guess readers can what's the rural. What's wrong.
Take. What's? I would you noticed? What's gonna happen? The many here not condone Peter. I think they shouldn't dish just make a new sport where the ball is always live, and if you hit aligns judge, you connect your point. Yeah you're, dodgeball, tennis, hybrid there the Bayer wrought Weathers young, appoint penalty game game penalty. Even I'm saying you should get a point added on like how you go before launching any moment you can just turn around. You start talking like ripping shy. Disagree at the first, you called it on my twitter feed the human d say, human ass Paul said we wanted to avoid human dogs affects ass. I authority thing. I think you should be respected. If I'm gonna make a thin white line flag for respect,
officials, I believe, because of covert there is less line judges this year, so they're real there is or die or targets as they all your duty of having their own purpose. I think there is the frustration was on purpose advocating her was an ax. How much do you blame her reflexes or lack thereof? I think if he he it and there were six inches of the right of her. There would have played on what about a recreation your neck, not a giant needed. A brass lady like like wrestler in coming out in a wheelchair me, though, I would have a lot of pounds on anyone down around in a row. Was the throat the thing that did it in yeah it was her social agencies lay walked off. It's like rife is the face. She could even have a bloody knows. You go back to where I was watching the throw. Could anything can happen there all such funding, unlike some modifications on you, think you ve been like some guys, maids.
Made Elijah's longitude gushing one got dickie. I love a video because it is one of those litmus test of like how serious you take your life. There you like. Oh my god, this is horrendous. Put this poorly Of course, I like she's fine. He wasn't fire have a different tone, but knowing that she's fine, you can now after the fact say that walking Larry? Could you also make the argument that she proved that she was actually the best lie judge in the world, because they're, not supposed to move their head when they're, watching the line right you're supposed to stay watching the ball watching the fragile it will not meet the ball he'd, but she's trained to just two, not move out of the way of a ball is actually jobs will catch it, what does want to catch it hands behind your back whither model, nobody back all the time You have. Does the ball voice, Oh she's, not the lodge Bob was a different people.
We not do like a gender neutral term from all boys, now ball person and maybe offers our counsel for the Ebro billion skin cancer of bills he's a good guy, because that is due to a joke of EC was being a bully. But, nerd sport, oh yeah, So I saw where yeah I've actually changed. My two non tennis. Oh we have because you don't have any friends you are applied with Pfc, Hank and Jake. You have no friends right so that's the only reason you change your to match me in the guy that Watercolor, whether over and sets now on my god. Wait so Joker which actually use an accident right absolutely I apologise for Zimbabwe that the idea that you and you are driving last alike- ass, lantos- it s going to argue for an avenue on the pot hake that would that is what initially it occurred to me. Did you actually have a better?
and I came here if you know a union that I can imagine that monopoly you know he's better go on in ending the heavy favorite short as one of the original mylar money yeah good bet on his opponent in that game like seeing that disqualification been all time we're all this is a great career would see this from Billy's list he's gonna the bad guy, the rest of his career says John Mackerel, Novak joke which macros like like fingers cross like People know him is the really bad guys hennis? What got a clue like he's? Gonna go around so give me again That's really some bad that, like A lot of people are saying he's a bad guy. Why don't you just saw this like other Templars, where, if you do something bad you just let people do bus up on you. You should just done like five concern. What's up just serve at me sure? Let just placards year, cracky tenants, racket over his head downward
there. She looks terrified of em in this picture area, but absolutely terrified I than the other wheeler same thou so generously. The other thing we had was We see relevant Joe West, so Joe S kicked MIKE Rizzo GM of that's out of or tried to out of the game. On. I think it was Sunday, now? The initial report was because my group wasn't wearing a mass. That's not true. It was before My group was heckling. Joe West and Joe S said he wouldn't take out from players. Yes, I have quoted a very Joe was quote. He said wouldn't take it from players managers are Donald Trump, but I'd still vote for That was a quote. Thousands, copper fastened. There arose a politics. You I want to make sure quarter correctly. Is Joe S stick with rules, I wouldn't take that from a player I wouldn't take out from a manager, if it Donald Trump. I reject them too, but I'd still vote for
I did that quote. People say like Joe West, Thanks are people go to a baseball games to watch your? Why do I think he's right and I'm I'm angry. My absolutely watch baseball games for jobs. The acts as an on power, another litmus test. We have these great litmus s online words like Joe West? Does bother you to the point. Actually angry. Or can you see the humour in a guy? like Joe West thinking that he is literally bigger than the sport? Yes, because if you can't find the humor and your west up in the game telephone. Up and kicking the GM from the sweet out of the game. You gonna fuck dump your. He would barbecue Becky on the Braves yeah. I called the authorities to have this programme kicked out, I am in favour of Joe West doing whatever the fuck you was in fact. I think your has got a soft and his older age. I haven't seen doing as many of the theatrical says he hasn't pass. Spend at least eighteen?
nonsense, you got hit in the throat with a throat a second base and I would like to see more Joe West involved in these guys. Do not actually Joe S was the lines judge Joe. That would not have stopped that tell us round actual he can take a tennis although the neck natural pattern here you'd for, can take a barrage of balls to his neck and just sit there and Tosh Joe West does that after every baseball bodies like Happy go more going to batting cage, he just step feel dislike. Hit me in the throat I'll get some practicing I want to get my heart rate up. I do we have anything else there, driving cars on the tides, that was by the way that a kind of which the saints had been able to pull off the move there were doing. Did you guys see that they're trying to assign in trade where our team would sign deviant clarity for fifteen million. And then trade into the saints, and Five million of the contract in the saints retrain redraft back what can you do that, so a player goes to a team with the understanding that he's gonna fuck over another team, but help
The team that he's not going to nose helps everyone, so it might have been, the browser might might not have been put it. The browser signs, avian Claudia, knowing that they would then immediately trade him to the saints and the sea, trade, the Brown the second round pic. I love that basically selling your pic the brown within five million dollars in the saints or pay ten soldiers. I will get his fifteen cents or get under the cap, so it selling your pic. Some House and Bradford is gonna, be sold for a first round. Put us on the way is going to figure this out and he's gonna fuckin sell all of his pen celebrated salivating. I need that aid, so that is our show you good Billy. Oh, do not always turn turn on student. We Billy's list to ever pick a number,
yet we got a bunch of it. I pick your number pick. Your number pick, your number. Seventy, oh shit. Twenty, eight, thirty, five, seventy four! Seventy five, the winner, please tweet us the winner, please tweet us. Seventy five Five is the number seventy five still alive, or we have our tony hawk on Friday, but, more importantly, with Fuckin football, footballs. All right is Paddy no review football whose vaguely football does not. Yeah. It's about you back also propose back levies, spillage your phone fact. I do. I do octopus. His can open jars That was our job, yeah I was open joys,
Therefore, in fact I'll give I have another one.
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