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NFL Week 1, Recap Of Every Game, Fastest 2 Minutes, Plus Deion Sanders

2020-09-14 | 🔗
ootball is back. Fastest 2 Minutes Week 1( 2:02 - 7:48). We recap every single game on Sunday, the Jets suck, The Bears and Washington Football team may be back, Let Russ Cook, the Aaron Rodgers fuck you tour, fat Randy Bullock and much more (7:48 - 84:05). Football guy of the week (84:05 - 88:56). Deion Sanders joins the show to talk about the big stories from Week 1 (88:56 - 102:11). Who's back of the week including the Nuggets beating the Clippers in a Game 6 that no one watched and chain snatching.
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On today's pardon my take and I fell week while the fuckin one were back, we are so fuckin back with so much football to recap, feel it love it. It is so so good was incredible. I forgot the experience of just having my eyes feel like going to fall out of my socket of watch. Football for twelve straight hours were back, we're gonna recap every single game, every single game, Senor teams, gonna get talked about. Maybe
gone away you wanted to be, but they will be talked about fine another show that does that we have a deal sanders for twenty minutes. Talking about what would the big take away from week? One we have football guy the week we have whose back in a week and of course we can start with the fastest two minutes before we do all that part. My takes brought you by the cash acknowledge the easiest play, send money to your friends. It's the safest, go right now download the cash app its super easy to use it links directly to your bank account we love the cash out there also giving way, money left and right on twitch on its grim on twitter. You can find them and the cash out will hook you up and, of course, when you download the cash epigram Oki up right now, download it use code. Birstall you get ten dollars for free ten dollars. Free ten dollars goes the ass pc. It is that easy, so go
download the cash app from the app store Google play store today and get involved with the cash app. Thank you, cash out. We love you. Okay, let's go violence why not my dear you by us
Well, pardon my take zenna by the cash app go download. It right now use code. Barstool you get ten dollars for free ten dollars. The Aspca today is Monday September 14th, and we have week one one week: one football, What we start in hot Lana, you're, gonna wanna, Carlos hide, your kids hide your wife, because Mr Liese- and it is in town talking to you future. Ryan Marcello got quite an arm work out today, thrown fifty four passes and Calvin We really wasn't so silent with two touchdowns at a hundred thirty yards surprise surprise. Decay, MAC half ran a straight line, is the crow flies to pay dirt in this bird fight good? Damn Quint was wearing a mass because speak Carol, dropped alone,
on the dirty birds, in a touching tribute to Jamal Anderson, see thirty eight falcons twenty five one was from New York. Frank Al Gore took as giant balls onto his private jet, and landed in the alcohol. Everyone in the Josh Pit as Marseille and let the parties at the floor running fifty seven yards and touched the judge, often look terrible but the one guy they couldn t platform as Jamieson Stephen crowded, who had a love, our hundred fifteen yards and touched our heritage. Yahoo. First time all year, No I'd circles are wagons like out Buffalo bill cells, twenty seven tax sovereignty, go West to Detroit where David fought gunnery was a great ball courier and acted like a times new roman swipe, helping the Bay finish after a full. Sixty minutes, a pounding down. Ray Taylor, Swift, said so day, be dropping
a game waning, t d and all these hands will ever be is beat Jamie. These collins acted very inappropriate for his age and the video so. The incident have no place on american television. The bears are back twenty seven lines. Twenty three some spread taking in the inner, see Norse Aaron, Rodgers and Matlin floor has for Ngos, but they should be hashtag throws before prose. After putting up for Three points: Bessie domain are Johnson, tried to work it, but the entire Vikings office would have liked separated, reverse it. When it came to the scoreboard, you lost The cause is the then that cars and the land use that causes the now. It's gone gone gone oh and one one and one one packs forty three, the Viking starting point:
box world, a new look patriot, served up a bowl of New England, came chowder as cruel Bela check and James Great White Game plan. A bunch of japanese fishermen looking forward to a fish but slaughtered a bunch of dolphins. Instead Ryan FISH, Patrick Flopping, around and MILES Gascon Robins Wade like thirty one flavors of crap as the dolphins fall to the Pats twenty one. One more Now, ninety five to Washington call me read: kids. Some call me warriors: Call me right, wolves, that's not my name That's not my name. That's not my name you gonna came out hot. What don't play with Spotify in the second half Joe Logan Thomas and their team, put out three hour log back and forth on tape. It don't Carson, which eventually tapped out from tomb Party plows like Phoenix Sancho TAT Room, the Eagles were exposed. Eight sacks Lee wash injured football team, twenty seven eagle savagery
Jacksonville, where gardener men Shooter Mc Gavin, continues his quest for a gold jacket. Its wide receivers, Paris and Hilton, we're out of focused. I might as well have been picking up phone calls when they were trying to score. Stop me if you heard this before teach, but rivers was down late in the fourth quarter needing a score and Marlins man. Mac had no watched from the front row. The court's fall short do twenty seven twenty.
Steady corner jailers went down the no side by side to see its tv. Looking like a port may return to mix in a strawberry answering to see these hands. I pay my Chris guarded, like you're Z, Saint Skull, marching nerdy, poor twenty three westward Kyle Juicy Jussac engine what follow got caught in the trap, Can you their dialogue, drugs made for a small driving experience for the upstart cardinals? All the Gradually, this week was about Oda Backgammon Pooh Pooh when it was p p. Patrick breeders that came up with a big place, making the cardinals look like their number one.
Pointing loss to start the season Carter's. Twenty four knockers party we finish in tinsel town, where coach might Jenny, Mccarthy, british intensive town where coach my journey, Mccarthy, look like an anti dax or refusing to take shuts down, feel Jared Hassle, Gough, that's a joke! Teach you get it! Jerry Jones might be needing his own life guard of his own after this loss, the cowboys go down too opening night twenty. Seventy, all right, we won Sunday in the books holy shit. Football is all the way back. It felt normal it felt norm. I know that it's weird, but once the once, the ball got kicked off and whatever turn on red zone there, like seven hours of commercial, free football, it felt more grain, It was great about football. Is that there aren't that many shots of the stance, so you can suspend disbelieving. We like we're fine everything.
Good. I was a little rusty at first because dealing with my new cable service. I didn't know what channel threads on package was on. I had a hard time this morning. I did. For my tv amateurish sit down thirty minutes early get my doctor, I'll get my computers we hold up. You do not want to miss, say a single. Secondly, action. I had a great time today: fuck yes, footballs back and we ve got two games we ve got to, Sergio dip game. Yes, tomorrow, the bonus came a hornets around even done they should always have to money. I can propose just knock your stop. This you know they should always have to manage. Gives rights are going to go through every single game emphasis? If your new to the podcast is, I would you are, Monday. Football mondays we're going to go through the entire schedule. Talk about each game, I'll say it: we only podcast it does that maybe there's others, but we're the only one, we're going to say some things about your team. You're, probably upset, sometimes you're, probably happy other times, but it's football Monday we're going to have a great time and we're going to start so we're going to start with Sunday night and then we'll go back to the
the clocks Sunday night football fast, turf, cowboys, rams, rams, win the fucking turf is a fraud. Let's just get that out of the way, I'm not so sure that it is. I think the turf is to look for it is the fastest paraffin termite Mccarthy you dumb fat fuck well ok, we're gone right in that Ghana to say: I'm right and duty is dumb. Any is fat, but I dont think area sex. I asked please dumping at virgin. I actually don't hate. I will never like say, don't be aggressive because I think most for the most part in the interval, there's Germany, coaches, it or conservative and being aggressive in situations is I'm always for it. But I don't understand what, like you have DAK Prescott you drafted Ceedee Lamb. I get ito as you go, it's creepy of Amari Cooper and your third and six, if you're going to go for it on fourth, throw the ball on. Third, you probably get it because you been throwing the ball night you been getting chunk, plays.
And then also when you have poured down don't have a route. That is a yard sure yeah. That's that's football one, one he's been added league for a couple years. There was no precision so for microcredit, One bonus for Might Mccarthy is, he is not Jason Garret, so he just he said, He sits on a sideline. He looks like he's in bad health. He never collapse and he always looks pissed off He looks competent at times yes, so he is the opposite of Jason gear in every way. So was a little shy. I can that on the sidelines. I don't think this is that that of a loss for the cowboys dorani- road. I think drams also sobered how border Randy Serbian very good. I think the rapporteur be pretty good this year. Put you not learn as being on the road to do. The other road has not you re more, but this is travel this round. The bigger than greasy. This is exactly the cowboys from last year. Words like oh everyone's home, How great you are your office is unbelievable and then you just you, know shit down. Like when you need it and oh yeah, you lost again
could want in Almaty gazing away from the ribs. They look great new uniforms. I love those helmets chaired. Gough needs an asterisk on his one. Interception should not Yet I was hands to the fate of Austria, throw flag on you saying that the new Rams uniforms are also I like the gray ones. I like they just look like their dirty I've, like their helmets either. I like their home, I'm not I'm. Ok with Helmut. I really only that you re uniforms. It's like come on now I like, like a wrote, you look like the pod rays on the road and nineteen ninety two, which is a great uniform. We re actually brought those that nowhere now it's Nokia uniformly I don't- I don't think was that battle ass. I thought that the rims I thought I think, they're gonna, be in your team- will not timeout tunnel its precision for everyone. We have liked the hope for the cowboys losing is you have to be like that the worst loss app. I think I'm just in Jerry has to get in stand in the hallway and and not say that he's going to fire MIKE Mccarthy after one game, but at least imply it. So then we can talk about it. All.
And I'm not to the cab, was because they're just destined to be the world's best eight Nate team every single year right and sometimes make to play off going. I need them, but we will be like well. Maybe this is the actual time they put together, but I think that this is a classic cowboys, Jerry Jones, before the game put trying to put trying to locate his heart so that he could put his hand over. It was very funny than they showed stand. Cranky who, by the way is not Craig anymore, he's E Stanley, cranky awesome, tube regime, which is a great two yeah he's a great you pay a guy and that I think he was upset because he's, riches richest owner and the Unifil, but nobody talks about em like he's the rich so he's like. I have to come up with a name that sounds like coal mine in eighteen, twenty, so Gimme that first initial and then put Stanley in their right. He went to war with the Rockefellers over, like who who can control the railways buried Vanderbilt. What did he pay for its own sake and no heed
denial is billion air denies April so far I it so. I really do think, though, the cowboys you you're right it. If your cowboy fan you shouldn't freak out, because his guest sounds stupid, but they always core seventeen points, put their offense, look like it works. You don't even know there's times when will get to the bears, but they scored twenty seven points and I'm like that was hard. Now it's hard to get like that that didn't look pretty where's the cowboys made. Nineteen points, look pretty data very the ass. They had a very good looking seventeen points, and then this is like the classic mid. Two thousands cowboys seems where they ve got like three wide receivers, who are all six two two hundred twenty pounds like big Isaac and run really fast and their offices can be fun to watch, but there still gonna find hilarious, interesting ways to Lucy's close game. Yes, who told is equal then he should get that sets the belly football. Tattoos had feed me. Yeah feed me on your stomach, yeah, I gotta, like is cool yeah
to a minute it that seem to me That was why he unveiled in a law so that one sock lack rate and when it when he showed in Africa Alien Zone, it looked like looked like a six year old. Going Pierre Urinal, where they live just learning felling. They lived there sure all the way up to their nipples competing like a big boy. Yes, so he I don't know about that. Tat too. I think that one was amiss step. I think I think, when you put on a little weight in like thirty years, may retires he's gotta play for about thirty years, but- and he has a feed me back in your like at the each year, and now it's not like it's. It works. When you have the feed or feed me tattoo, and you have a borderline six pack when you let go it's not it's it's not it's funny. You know he's gonna be like I'm, not bad riper counterpoint, I think Zeke as a great fat guy named I think, he's gonna workforce or more in his old age, when he's like three hundred policies or you're comes big Zeke, but you know he's given like no, not that right,
doesn't seem like that. Guy might where it like you to be happy about. He might just get a six pack tattooed on a summer that would also actually precinct move so congrats the Rams again we're not counting that Jared grow. Gough interception does not count idle. Everyone update your stats couple things about the turf out there. It is fast its sabre magically proven to be fast. The green zone is greener and allay. I don't if you notice that in the EU, green was oh, my God, whose it was sexual. Also Alden Smith, is back. I didn't realize that non after five years, that's crazy, Chris Collins Worth maybe not using the best choice. Words when he said Allowance Mr Strike drink it all in the absolute truth tat you just like you didn't just connect that he's trying the bomb on his return ups, but that's crazy, five here were Jerry was like. I can't get Gregg Hardy, so let me see phenomenon and we can all share, could still get Gregg. Think some yeah.
I think Graham R is having the time of his life, kicking the shit out of people for living or illegally meaning people in the. U S, that's that's! The views have been a great time he anchoring hardy. Actually socks now. Will you can lose by disqualification? he put his record is like one seven in one and all his losses are just from winning to heart, from just being a total asshole in hitting someone down I'd so ramps, when calm. Next games will go in order, just when I read it off paean Seahawks Falcons, God, damn it's. The same old fellow well, and also Russia. Wilson is oh yeah, no Russell, I'm the crab and corner right now, Russia, Wilson. I don't care what it s, whereas there he gets envy yeah. Let Ross Cook worked because they had thirty. Eight drop acts in twenty run plays their finally letting Russ cook. Thirty one for thirty five for touchdowns. That's, I think it's a I dont understand. Kubi are no wonder but also pass rating. I'm sure it's a perfect pass rating, it just
guy like need silver soon, you know, like a sound proof room, and you just like put some decimals in there in an in college. To be higher than it was in the pros, but you I was a perfectly. I should actually backup it. You and thirty. Four thirty, five for three hundred twenty yards. I think the way pass rating works as if he had gone thirty, four thirty five. It would mean a pervert passer right. Khazar is the point that whoever decided pass rating is such a mad scientist. There's like a demand, diminishing returns, where the more completions or like well. That's too many completion. Now you getting some points, Reza gesture allotted you're doing too much dank when needs to chill out a little bit too because he's breaking into the dank when bag of tricks a little early after the when they asked him about this game. He he got into his like I'm mad as hell and it hurts like hell and there's nothing worse and I'm do I'm gonna do everything. I can turn this damned e Moura. He dropped a lot of a lot of casual swear words that would be allowed on Stephen
dismiss twitter page wrath the game in that's how you know that Damn Quintus turn a panic little but well. Here's the question which I, never understand how this works, but you have a guy Dan Quinn who was on the hot seat all last year. Fights for his job wins his job. He starts week, one back on the hot seat. You don't get off the hot seat, it's not like you just hired a new guy and you like Dan Quinn. We love you man. You got five years to to turn this thing around your week, one hot seat. So that's why he's going right back to his bag of tricks he's basically starting the season midway through last season? Where he's fighting for his job week to week, Dan Quinn just might be the best second half coach in the history of the NFL enough to use job yeah or just be an excellent interim head coach yeah wherever go see. Also, when I sake assembled Falcons, the five hundred and sixty often of yards- and there are over four in on Fort down and just like the the few would the falcons are the best team in the world to put up
that's in points and then always mess up the one or two game changing winning play Europe there. The turbo cable yeah you're, like a really good cowboys. Yeah there, everything that's cowboys, aspire to be, which also means They lose harder than the cowboys. Yes, whereas cobblers will always finnish like eight and the falcons will be, Seventy nine, six and ten, but to put together a couple winning streaks here and there, but they are yes there, an awesome team, the fact these are the best team in the NFL that sucks I have take cause. Everyone loves the patch. Were homes, no look passing. Oh, my God patchwork homes, and I Petros incredible- I still for my money- think that Russia, Wilson doing the drop in the bucket floater, which he did decay MECCA for forty five for touchdown the prettiest pass and four yet, and I don't care who catches that pass. It's always Doug vulgar. Yes, yes, yes, it is DK had title lock your little because their key to lock it is the right here.
Is the new Doug Black Window, the same pot when decay caught that passes like that is dug Baldwin catch, I've balance back is the prettiest pass in all football when he does that are canned like scrapes the roof and dropped right in the bucket right in their hands. I love it. I love it She decay took one step to the side and around yeah he's learning, he's he's like rats or look like when rafters and Jurassic Park figure out how to open doors watch out of date. Figured out how to run anything but a nine rout, the leagues and trouble. Yet the falcons are gonna. Be there. Definitely in my tickler file for pinky teams have taken getting humble wins thing at one win in the next two weeks finger one in two: were they you're, picketing Lasher was at last the year before I think it was last year. What goes louder before was a Texan, so the rule, the pinkies team, is, I asked to be after week, three, it's gotta be a team that had hopes of going to the play, often and had a slow start. Yet. I still think that the falcons whenever that Europeans are going to play off last July,
I've had hopes this year. They had hope stand and they ever one has hope. Because how have you seen? Did you see the often seem that were terrorists wherever team choking between ever direct tat of eleven of their often started first ramparts, That doesn't mean anything tat, girls, no football, you don't affable discord, There was this guy who we are Jones hundred. Thirty seven yards common Ridley hundred thirty yards Russell gauge a hunt fourteen out of the one is not ease the only non first round, Peck yeah and he even got over a hundred, that's well, so he thought of his made his way into being overheard around back. Yes, I so Next up, we have jets bills, the jets fucking sock, I'm so sick of Adam Gay, some so sick of the sand on. Oh, I, through this out on Twitter, and I actually it was a lotta responses, but why we?
we're Josh Alan guys. It might have started ironically, but we are truly Josh Island guys. I love watching and play he's like he goes full tilt all the time. Just everything he does is just full fuck until which sometimes leads to fumbles, but whatever you like. Twitter kills Josh Alan and yet they think SAM Donald, some prospect, and I get it. The jets have no orphans of line. They have no weapons, but still, how can you say like? How can you sit there be like Josh Joshua is costing his team or Josh out is holding his team. Which is a take. A lot of people throw out there and also be like TIM Donald's, going to be a franchise quarterback. He just you wait what the reason! Why is because twitter exist three years in the past, everywhere you. Everyone is stuck on twitter, defending things that they said three years ago at all times, which is why I love the website, which is why lot people think that Hillary Clinton is present on earth to. But in this case, I think that people are just hanging onto this one little theory that they had the Josh outward
not be good right. I fell, and they had a theory that Sandro would be good, and you have also there there busy fighting against ghosts of the past. And there never gonna be right, especially during a pen then the Corona Trust, a guy with SAM Donalds immune system are a guy with Josh sounds very robust means I listen. You could tell me that there's something I'm just not seeing with sand Ronald, but I just don't see it with SAM Donald and Josh Alan yeah, some I'm a little raw. The fumbles were bad today, but he has all this fucking raw talent. That's incredible, and it's starting to you see it starting to come through words can like getting more consistent, and I don't. I just baffles me that anyone in the thing that really baffles me is everyone makes one of your answer so my everyone, but like draft twitter- and you know the right draft which arriving after taste and they make Fun Josh Alan because it's like, why would anyone form over the internet
alma, would simply for the same fucking reason: Disease, a fucking, Paul, a white guy. What do you see well that's any through illness of yours is actually talk me into him. Right now is a just cause. He's come on the show. Does it has a lot to do with it? Yeah dude, I'm too, I'm done with it. I Listen, I'm down out of Gazer. They stay the jets. The jets and will continue to be the jets until there no longer proving to be the judge. That's just day are the jets are never going to be good. Maybe I'm being harsh on SAM Donald here. Maybe I should be more harshly Adam gazed because I dont think out and geese actually practice. I don't think he held the practice in the offices the way the jet started that game. I dont think they practice. I think gazes is right up there for the first call should be far this year
we live by managers. I could also see Adam Gaze, getting like two more head coach and jobs after this. We said it before, but Adam cases smartest man world because he put himself next to excellence in Peyton Manning it ever was like. Oh Tom Gates must had something to do with that. Will a great thing to happen again was last year when SAM Donald, without sick, with motto for what like five six weeks, because he could, you can't count last year, SAM Donald Progress right against Adam Gaze, he gets his whole year did like. I would be surprised about engagement over two thousand made out with him was ok. I just gave you mano. Yeah is gonna, be good for both of us. I actually in in sometimes will will say things on the show where YO you know that, like you're gonna piss off the fan base of that team, I actually think most jets. Bands probably agree with their sick of Adam Gate, their deftly sick about him gazing.
They're, probably borderline sick of SAM, like they're, they're, probably still hoping colleague with me and Mitch. Like you, you obviously hope for the best, and you know you invested in a guys you're hoping for the best, but deep in your head? You're saying I don't know, I don't see it like. I don't see it. Twenty two yards, and for some I swear to God that impact right in what Adam Gaze does so very well as he just he doesn't get any good backup. Quarterbacks of people want to root for to see in the games. The only quarterback he got this year was Joe Flackered, who I think has paralysed from like the shoulders down there, at least for the next two months. He's not even able to play yet, and so gazes is doing a very good job of being like well no, I can't bench I kept and Donald, because I have anybody to put in form, so I guess we'll have to ride this went out and so that is what a lot of smart coaches do when they're just trying to keep their jobs right, did they they pin all their hopes on like
one guy and then that one guy gets to blame. If things go well, what the jets I mean, the jets are gonna, be I will get the jobs because everyone obviously thought the judge were actually taking. The jets definitely have a chance to be the one of the worst hit in a way this also happily in the forty nine next hats off to live. Yon Bell, for you forget all that money going to New York in for some reason, like New York, is the public media but all of the United States, where all the big city jail, live and Nobody really looks into a levy on built, not really being indifference maker up their yeah he's getting paid a shitload of money and out He cares and much of our programme here that much either date. Will everyone knew that at the time to the jet, even jets fans were like? We have we too much cap space? That's not a good right. Like words, assign someone to sign some more news can actually get us win, whatever happens, the rams just did the rams ever get under the cap. There are there. They're just saying that don't pick yeah yeah, though their crypto for sure I'd so yeah, I don't
Ah soften might take on similar slightly in in and lay more blame and Adam cases be. It was as it bad cop. I guess I'll put it this way if so Donald went to a new team, let's say SAM Door and went to the bears next year. You'd, be like somebody like one of a secular you be like he's a first round of my God, he's a tall easy when you watch rosebud yeah due to this guy, concealing it and knowledge, I know a virus, I simply go sooner. Team you'll talk yourself into a second Adam gave way to a new team. You believe what the fuck is this doing I guess you know it. Sam Donald definitely has he's not so bad is not an ice. I still white Josh rose and I still wished like someone would give him another chance, but he's not that he seemed Arnold will have either. Get the fifth year with jets or someone will give him another chance and I'm ok with because again his office one is trash. His is weapons are trash, is coaches and idiot, but
ill. I just told you understand how anyone be like Josh Islands, a joke and sometimes a fucking up and coming Guy Adam Gatesman good for him, you what I'm always in favour. People get money and Adam gases got a lot of it. Just based off what like two years, fail up. Yes, very good, I bears lions. The bears are all the way back kind of. I listen. I know deep down there. What I watched today was more about the lions and it was about a bare, well arab, fantasy stud Mitchell trustees, whom he had he had more points than Patrick HOMES and Sean. Why? Yes, oh yeah, ass, yet Huey Lewis, three touchdowns zero interceptions. He was six hundred and forty six and eighty two yards and two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. The last two drives when we needed to touch down I just know: I'm not gonna go crazy, he's alive lions Map Patricia, is unbelievable. Blowing fourth court
yeah seven last year and member the last year, the weak one when they tied the cardinals, and they were up point forty, seven thousand, always I'm essentially just a repeat of that, except that they lost the game and like going for a fifty five yards, feel goal, which was crazy and, of course, the under a swift catches up all eminent different conversation right, I mean give credit to the lions and they find out more heartbreaking ways to lose em. Single week. It's actually I've on one hand, I feel bad for lines fence, because I mean you ve gone through so much hidden in the ways that they find it just blow in the last second are endless, but on the other hand, the very entertaining to watch and come up with these new creates, like art, there's a real saying in Detroit same old, lions, yeah they s- oh well, that's actually something that deadlines fans will say, will modern themselves and you get it like you get. Our friend world of Isaac had a tweet. It was like it was legitimately depressing. He was like this team. It's unhealthy to root for them like the they cause me pain.
Heart ache like we, I deserve better of into amplitude zero. It would be pretty learners, if Adrian Petersen retired, to Morrow to danger Pearson look great. He tell you what you want. You gotta go he's gonna play forever, so I liked it, An egg still ran the ball. They did they committed a little bit more. The run. I understand like I'd Mitch. The first three quarters any had clean pockets knew just missing throws I dont, maybe it's just. Maybe she had to tell him that its fourth quarter run away and like we're gonna plate of Temple, I still don't understand why were the bears are always going up tempered the first twelve scripted plays go on good, that's bad, so they went. Three now And I want to say not good yes, so I know I'm I'm realistic. I know that there are big problem. Still all say is as a fan, all you want is to be able to keep the hope alive for as long as possible. We talk
but all the time to in the hunt graphic in December so going one hundred in that fashion was awesome, felt so good and it keeps the hype like next week. I'm legitimately excited to watch the bears again. Where is it? They lose twenty three two hundred and sixty two, the lions on week. One on my car fuck? This is the worst thing of our watched right and we always say like if the season ended today, which is real possibility this year. If the seasons I'm just saying cause more so than any other year it. This indeed, in today the bears, I think, would probably be first or second, they have see foregoing based off point scores, typewriter, which we are in this discussion right, Faded congrats on your horse quarter. Point scoring fourth quarter points when I type of actually Mitchell bids you, you are the number one seed by far too soon map treasure said after the game they asked about his coaching
they should, and they asked him about there about blowing these fourth quarter leads in his response was, I think I've got one of the biggest plays in the fourth quarter in history, the Unifil, where I think I did a pretty good job, so I dont think that It's my coaching through songwriter, Malcolm Butler, Snapshot, he's taking credit for the Malcolm Butler Interception to do the Superbowl seven foolscap already he's got the petty wasn't even for NATO and that he was a defensive part. He single handedly won the Superbowl from outcome. Brown mats not for national centre. Lions vans are better. Mass average deserves better, but I'm not going to apologize for the bears pulling one out of out of their ass today and in keeping Club I was open. Yeah up was back on the road. Again, actually backup Ryan Pace of men Nagy gave the entire team appear a new pair of Jordan force. So we got some team chemistry.
Goin we like it's a ball game you on the road they will once again have you noticed that, yes, I can't take anything worse for somebody to hand me when I'm already getting on a plane fully dressed in another pair of shoes, but this is what you have to do when you try to save your jaw. Had they give I paced? No, this is it so there like will work We do and then everyone if anyone she everyone's getting on the plane holding to box. There is no room in the overhead copper. Then you just have to take a flight with a shoe box near the bear. Gonna pay their players in best buy, gives your and watches o headphones. A head, but it looks like this and it gives her to figure out back eyes or great shouted. Jimmy Collins for forgetting kicked out If her head budding referee went fools, indeed on attitude that rough was so saw. The wrath of the revenue stand its ground level, but now she was like initiated the contacts oh yeah
we have gone over to a house that has to frisky of a cat like a cat that comes to greet you just bounces. There had that's, basically what counts it. Yes, yeah just kind of train nozzle up in there, um I had so much about. I mean I was already back in, but I'm all the way back in guess what I'm all the way back in and also I I know, there's probably new people out there, but I had to do appear say I treated my heart, not my head. So where do you think you got me when I say the bears fucking suck in the second court? They did sock them and then, when the Brac there all the way back boss who prepared like what he would say that's doing with my heart: that's being affair, he s eye if you're the lives, so you never. You never tweet. I like that. My answer is this: is it Superbowl we got this because you are reading like Don't know that it's really that Superbowl about yeah it is. This is the way
you do if you're at Ike Iconic count the bears the lions would like theirs it there's a whole group of fan base is that what you have to do to get yourself through life and cope is, is kind of the false bravado enjoy the highs too much, because you know closer coming in they're gonna be abundant, even though recent years fillies in that category is well yeah yeah I should like today you see it yeah you got. It just gets so over the top pipe about a win, a guy. So happy about this win, and I was so like a text that everyone's a holy shit you were back. I know one falcons run their group too, but I wanted to say I want So let me lemon live Louis, say at least when the lines lose they lose. Hilariously yeah and in new creative ways that make I feel a little bit alive as, unlike like I can't believe this is happening to me same old lines. Same old. You always talk about score. Gummy is deplore, gummy, it's the worst ways but being created with yes, I
Here's something about me out. The packers kick the shit out of the Vikings and Aaron Rodgers. I was very afraid of this. I think he's going to go on the fuck. You tour this year, if pretty much could have worked out better for Aaron Rodgers today in the fact that he torched the Vikings and MIKE Mccarthy look like a fat bumbling idiot on Sunday, night football so nice day for Aaron Rodgers. He he looked very, very good. The vikings defense has some big time problems and Kirk cousins wow. It was it it's so funny when it's so transparent when it seems like we have to do everything in the bears all time like
Do everything to make sure our quarterback doesn't throw the ball comes through the ball five times the first any would have thrown about four times, but they fucked up by mistake, so they they ran the ball in that last drive and first act before that last arrived. He was too for four for thirty two years before half time that was established and then they tried to kill the clock with a running. And they actually got like seventeen yards off in a lower than throwing. I guess, we'd better, let her credit through, what's worse, things going to throw intercepts at the fifty with five seconds left. He connected, I think, was like a twenty five or thirty eight hour passed and then they end up kicking feel go, I think in the first half, which will boost stats up to like three four five for fifty seven yards or something something along those lines. But it was the perfect her cousins game because they were never never really felt. Like they were in it but in the third fourth quarter, cousins got to go out there and through a couple touchdowns, for they cannot long and they are giving up touchdowns. I, the Viking, you're gonna there miss their government amiss digs and that differences is young, not good, like right
I'm not. Obviously they have some guys injured. Coming back and I I trust my Zimmer being very good defensive, head coach put when you get torch like that, like them, it felt like when we're watching red zone. Like the white, the package, we just go deep, shot, deep, shot, deep shit. Yeah, I mean bad news, for you is, I think, to Packers. Further deepens thanks kind of but Aaron Rodgers pissed off, so I really hope errands the year that he saw errands got those two moods disengaged and then added everyone, and he said was to be an matted. Everyone mood right, speaking, ask origami and appallingly forty, three thirty four, and we're gonna, know very cool Jake. The very clear One thousand fifty fifty unique final scorn fellows. We have to run out of you soon right how we know nor can there be in the union by the way we should it be talk about numbers because when the rocket scatter, but what does weaken, I think that's the official name. The coffin of combining numbers and sports yet there are you're not allowed to,
talk about numbers. He should not be allowed to own a calculator you now when you get convicted of a film, you can on a gun anymore. The up they should not. Let Durham worry operate spreadsheet. Regime. Randalls brother being named. William, is also just the funniest, great only around yeah yeah when they go a cool, interesting name, and then Russia fighting with rage on run his brother, William Larry, Rondeau, Jolly repayable IRAN to get the Rockets argue their dovetail IRAN get em outer James Harden is how could anyone be a James hardened, thin anymore, honestly, Are you if you like numbers you? If you in the regular reason it's it's a laughing lefties their cells himself pause out there that they identify air, put its create like Russ. I could still understand because rust he cares and his hearts in it is going like balls the wall, even if he is not very good anymore or not at that rustling and BP partners. Just you just know, he's gonna in the black sea is gonna.
Loaf around. Look that now shorten it is pretty sector way. Does a thing: renewables between his legs twenty times in a row and indeed ass. It has and they get the ball back right away. Here are issues like a thirty five footer too. Is that not the most predictable thing ever, though, Do the Rockets like meekly going out of the play off the gentleman tweet tat by twenty five, a prediction all games like here. We were just. Will you yet again for your lakers? I think that the Lakers might go through the entire play off, losing the first game and then gentlemen sweeping we'll get it. We had a bit on them against war, gets nuggets or other clippers game. What we had a bet against them Vermont remind us. Do that I'm. I pity you you want you, three jihad, real quick, our and your back to the games. Three cheese awesome. I just got a new pack of three key gummy last week, dipped into them a little
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I salute tweets say: hey fifty appreciate the heads up on three key: I'm not a drug guy, but I really enjoyed their delta ATP. Ah, ok, let's get back to the games. We have pagers twenty one dolphins, eleven canary camp in the yellow, tuxedo knew little curious. Drawers yeah. He did you act like the mask Jim care for the mass getting on the Mayflower youth. Everyone should have seen I've been like okay, well, communes back, because you do don't wear that if you're not like feeling a hundred percent healthy and have a chance of losing the up, I was shocked with how much Randal fifteen times and am very excited, you know it's coming Phd. Someone in the media is gonna, say well. Josh from Dana's did take
If you go to the play off, so I think we just says yeah. I think I love address. I don't believe I dont believe it, but he did not. He didn't dorani passes. I think, on the outside Rand. Above fifteen times he's a lot better than TIM Debo, a former bp, but some of the sailor. I mean well Camden Start overtake owners of Florida trailer You tell me your laptop yes laptops getting down, but how did you tat. Somebody suck me, That's the line that the mask said no. I was watching on the wheel. Dickie showed Dave this weekend and he drew he'd God in his show. He got dressed up in the year but soon from the mask and an like in the show is identical viral somehow super on that score and stood up in those somebody sought me open and in the shower goes viral Bobo. Ok, I gotta sir That makes sense, although is hoping that you thought that the mask said somebody suck without, even though the most far reaching see camp had a great spike. Today, and it's actually got me becoming like true third, because I think that there's there's something
a turf in New England and makes a balls bounce higher, which is why saw grog dominate despite all its home, it's faster and now it's not it's bouncy turf have already been hurt why it's bouncy, turf and I can't go in there, spikes it. How did it go? Ah, twenty seventh- although there is a chance that math is incorrect, so Hake, watching that game. Patriots are really really good or the dolphins suck. I think the patriots are as good as they ever were. I think there is regrettable, Yes, we're contenders, no, reason why they will win liked. What ten between eleven and fourteen Games Fc Championship, Superbowl contenders, barring injuries and such I also by big takeaway, was I wanted to start taking the under because of jasper deals. Have Cameroon run? The ball in Cameroon is still you know, all the injuries and everything that happened
he's. Still, probably the scariest guy to tackle a thing is the biggest gas fields. I say it is the biggest gonna feels the size of deepens events. When any always ask lousy. How would we wouldn't want to touch this you didn't say, did look a hundred percent healthy today. In fact that I mean the Patriots office, look better with Cameroon into Tom Brady. I'm gonna take the under because it feels like they're going to do a lot of ball control play defence run the ball and yeah gimme the under I don't love. They have led to the weapons it like explosive office, but they definitely have enough to win these gay They got jewels, which is nice they're, doing a thing where they run like seven different running backs. They just get everybody touch back there and thereby to try and make the keel Harry happened, despite all efforts to not make it? How about this? Now only very rarely may have done the one thing that can get you benched on the patriots, besides sleeping in what would it grows. Yoda night, I'm Pierre was his name gray joy,
Joan is re export operator. The bus sports illustrated Goldwyn three touch somewhere, I wore if we're target and the courts or so the one thing. Besides sleeping in that will make Bilbil check. Want to mention one also marked mountain butler for whatever reason for yeah we're not going anywhere you? Can you can murder? Somebody and Belichick will wait three days and be like. I don't know if we're going to bench him yet, but N'Keal Harry humble the ball and like the two yard line, and it went at balance for touch back and Belgic Fucking Hates debts. All the worse ruins bored? I disagree. Its islands I really twanging ass. They should we. We ve moved on from my hoop idea where they have many hopes, but I really do think you should get to keep the ball, but you go back to the twenty five year old on weird Enzo rather favours the defensive. Stupidly Eve you fall without their benefits the defence and their special rule. About controlling the ball in the zone, if you're on often like all you have to do- is to reach out and break the plane, you don't need to get to feel anything like tat, so everything
the office! Why can't there be one weird zone where that favours a deep. It's just stupid the eve you fumble out abounds anywhere else in the fields she's out about you haven't plays never over. I hate dazzle Ets also overcome I like it is downright like. Yes, because it calls you overs. I think maybe the reason I do like it is because everybody else hates it. Ok, I'm glad I'm glad we're all putting rivers and we have got it out, not great Fitzpatrick, just just put to it just put him in there. I won't see to lead to a Cook Fitzpatrick TM that led to a cock gear, we're just our tween. I think that Fitzpatrick genuine do anything finance its path lucky enough to make me want to see. No, he didn't he didn't even had a chance to when they were driving late enthroned. Intercept he's got a pretty cool to point. Conversion but it was only cool because nobody expects from its budget to be able to run. He didn't even the thing where he picks like the lightest defender and truck stick somewhere,
loves doing. I hear you do that it is one thing I want from amounts if it see if you're in there Do that? I'm sorry, I don't mean to be mean two. Fifty because I love you, you per. I don't even think you listen chauvinism, Put it on the universe that I love you fancy, but just you some stupid to some fun. We actually have to get him on the show. I have I have a number yeah from the from the room which New Ghana yeah wow. I didn't even we have never. I think it would be weird that was. What do you know? Sometimes you get put on a tax. Put. The other person doesn't really consent to it. That's what happened without one, whereas hey we're linking you guys as like, but he didn't really want to be on a text that was never tax. It that's attacks that you can just ignore right in perpetuity through that guy yeah. Listen. I watched the too weird documentary slash. Bio picks. Laddie did Bob story that they put out honour on Saturday night. I was sobbed. Storing data. Did the house even got his family? Was
Only will they had thousands able to pay taxes on house that saving back here, size is a pretty tough because his appreciate how, but I want to acknowledge, Gummy, hyped up, fortuitous, awesome and he's going to sweeten those candy ass Miami dolphins. He actually will make them less candy ass because, though, just look sick, they often being candy, has been turbo also to a low key fat. Ass, yeah, real nice, ass, big time fits he's, got a fat ass to hear, but nothing like that regulatory wherein mom genes yeah. I've got that fat ass from washing all the cars every Saturday morning, right to adjust. Gotta pick it up to nine kids. Who too does the Instagram videos where he just doing like a million squats wines with the leg? they should marry. They should make a ruler. They allow to his entire family to be the only people in the stands or again so be like a basically what Kansas City had. This casts. Yes, Subic. Thirty per second, I next up.
The Washington football team with a huge win? Excuse me the what I'd forgotten, reboot wrong, is officially back we'll get to for football guy the weak, but going for it forth and or under six minutes when he could kick feel goal river boat RON Baby and that the defence of line now the Eagles had like no one on offensive one like lean jobs, are being outside. Tat was bad for the unemployed. Still eagles are also that's like midseason form for them where they have already been there started. Running back was out. There left tat was out now I would look, I'm not gonna passport apology, AL except when you don't have to give, but I'm accepting on your behalf. As I told you that my eagles pick was burglar this week. Put them on Bernie. I remind you that for one bird team every week I decided ok did washing differences fucking, asked he there are there really really good and I think it eight Saxon Carson whence anyhow I you know that was possible, but at some point whence maybe it's on you
Well, don't waste time. Carson once is definitely good for, like two or three spinning the wrong way. Sacks again yeah. Where are you? He took that sack out if you like, to get him out of your range. That's a sack you take if you're this your second game there You bet Indiana vote for a long time for a while, now Carson once you can't take a sack, they get you that four out of fuel range. I also I was thing
about this, I'm so happy they Carson whence exists in Philadelphia under the circumstances that he exists, because when the Eagles won the Superbowl they eat out, that's all that was a franchise that was so passionate than had been waiting so long for that big moment, and you will always worry when a team wind, something when a french or families wins like that that deal change who they are, but the fact that they did, it would Nick Falls and then Nick falls out of town. So now they still have the quarterback, who is totally on team who one games that year, but they can still hate their quarterback in their quarterback, instil divide this because if, if Carson, whence it one that Superbowl you kid, you can't in the city of Philadelphia below Carson Whence is a bomb right, put it so perfect that they want a super bowl and they still
it's a have quarterback conversations every fucking day in the fall about whether or not Carson wants is good yeah. If Carson Winston Nick falls walked into the same born, Philadelphia, Nick Foreskin or the drink spot for yes, and so the Philadelphia fan base having to have have a super bowl and still have a quarterback that they can be like on? Given that, given the how the game goes, they want to kill him or they love em I just love yeah. I've noticed this about Carson when she's very bad at following. When he's getting tat. Yes, he's they spinning island regions are wrong was yet sometimes that, but also when it gets caught from behind very awkward foller. Some quarterbacks are really good at following some aren't Robber Griffin, I would say, is like the all time worst falling quarterback everywhere, like he'll dislocated kneecap, just taking a sad vetoes, she really bad to Teddy Bridgewater yeah. Every time he slides. I think he's gonna Papas near me to Collar Murray.
Foller unbelievable cider rate for us? Well, so good sly, arrogant slider, but yet Carson whence when he falls his his limbs kind of splay out, and he always keeps the ball away from his body. When he's falling down, he gets a lot of fumbles when the Baltic an inch off the ground. He was not here. He was not good and its It's especially cruel. The lions had this. The eagles had this to start the season red hot in the first two quarters and then have it all fall apart, because you have that brief moment. We're like we, the best team in the world eagles we're thinking now I've. I might be severely overreact into this because I think that the Eagles loss to the former are words when it was Mc Nabbs First game, what team does as we serve? They always start out the season, yea, somehow and then we will like ok, I think they're good, I think the eagles bad, so this might be just a really shitty tall airport
the evils, are probably end up being a pretty good team, but right now the washing football team. That defence, like that's it, that's a very, very good different. I aids, the Eagles, often of line is needs, get figured out. As they emanate leaned Johnson going out the minute that happened. It was like okay. Well, that's huge because he's having a day just can't Ford that it's hilarious, seeing the the ins zone in Washington? Now that says wash football team and in whatever the NFL like in racism, sponsored by Verizon Wireless messages, so much letter, but there's so much letter. In the end, some people are saying that the football team was coming up on some of the score bugs where it was just listing the logos or the mascots of each team,
and then offer washing age said football team on it, I think it's great I've reach the point where I'm like you know. We play football. We're Knocker Namer are football team for some candy as bird, we don't need a cartoon, mascot tenacity here at your for football team. The place football next week will be a real test again stopped the cardinals and Collar Murray, who I am now full believe rum done, we'll get to that. But, yes start for the Washington Football team. I next up the raiders in the Panthers Tebrick actually wrote a downturn Bridgewater every single time. Besides, I think he's gonna, where his knee sockets out which is where, because we never actually saw the video of his initial injure. Put someone peut, someone pure can forever imputing the raiders their running attack us. Yes, they have an awesome. All thoughts of wine. Josh Jacobs had three touchdowns but
I think, the Panthers you're gonna, I'm circling the Panthers as my scrappy, underdog they're gonna, be in every game team because Joe Brady's an awesome coach. What is the real issue and Teddy Bridgewater Teddy. Bear drawers, not lose you games. So I'm circle in the the Panthers is a team. That's gonna be like they're gonna, they're, gonna fuck, someone up late in the sea it also like ten point under that rule he coach the big twelve. So we can score. That's all I know about marrow. He does look very funny on the sidelines. Did you see his like look today with a giant oversize sunglasses? Yes, he looked like I dug Barone if you just shrunk his body but kept us closely exacts. Yet they look like sunglasses that you'd be for fifteen dollars into gas jet, which are actually like on coach. Yet I dont want break like two seconds after you, you pull out rightly cliff things very. I dont like his sidelines. Look where you know I think that he owns looks like it cost five hundred dollars
agree that rule got dressed on the way to the game that day sobbing in various rest, John John Brunetta, one of the worst visuals and Simon ever what area his hair was like. His hair was like blowing in the wind and it looks like you bald the same as it was bad. It looked like you got run over by a lawnmower. Look this! Oh, my God, I look like someone just took a weed, whack armies, John Bruton, shuts overdue to head, had dare car them Derek Carr is just to be living. His life in one week's first trying to make Jon Gruden not want to kill him good news. Next week's going to be fun because they open up the new Vegas Stadium Monday night football against the saints defense looks very good. Today, Derek Carr is going to suck and it's gone Gaston wash younger and tumult. Number four points can be great Nathan Pyramid, but yeah Marietta's hurt right, yeah, oh, if human is next in line, but all Derek our has to do is just not make John Group want to kill him. So don't play very concerned
audible to run his hand. The ball yeah just give the bondage Jacobs. Guess I guarantee you good and will not been shoe fur heading the ball off too much. He will be achieved through single interception, yes, and this is all so now they have a couple. You know a couple threats, a deep threats. They have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. I don't know if there's any. I think it's just I'm pretty much just talking to David Car right now, but this is as close to perfect situation as you can get with an offensive minded head coach like this. Is it for Derek Carr? This is it. This is the best Do you know how we are often times? Do it with quarterbacks reads: did it with SAM Arnold, we're like I well the situation socks. So who knows? If you get everything right, I feel like this is just about is right, as you can get so David Car. If this doesn't work out for your broad shut up yeah. You know if he is talking about, but there was no real dare coffins out there. I don't know how kids. Are they added you're right
think back to hard knocks largest oil sum up. What is it without suntan lotion. It's something about dirt car more than it is about quarterbacks had just through interceptions, because what could it be that John Groom keeps bring back Nathan? Peter, because he is the exact opposite of quarter backers workgroup. I think it's like he's here one wild stallion. The grid would like to tame the one it throws. Peter Cetera sacred. If I could just make him change his ways also strikes me is not like he's not boisterous he's, probably slightly beta, just sits there and you know you teacher's pet likes it there and just taking the information, not really talk a lot, so that probably got a bother Derek Carr was you have a guy who won't talk a lot just sitting there being like I'm just here to do my job, like I'm just happy, thank God that I'm here, but actually think God that's got drive,
such as I'm, I consider myself lucky to you after on Sundays and throw for interceptions ravished quarter is what the fuck did. You write, grinning, probably can't be upset at a guy. Who's attitude is like that, where, if it was car whose whole thing is like he wants to be that leader so very badly, yes, that he will oil himself up and get I later tattooed on his eye. Lashes were speculating. That group we'll get mad at that guy for making mistake, but a guy who admit openly, like hey, I'm way over my head right now, that's gonna, lovable free! I'm just happened to be here. Like you Ve Gardner men. She was the back up for the raiders. It wouldn't work, no cause. You would be what you being like. I'm gonna have my shot soon on the guy Nathan, Peter men, everything morning when he posing the facility. He shock that is key car tax he's just like. Thank you, so much shocked at he wakes up More yeah he probably won't allow this is ass. Bright washes some dishes at the facility just a chip. It them.
Help out a little bit here, a clinical toilets. I called Jugs Phil. They really gotta make the colts games in the afternoon cause it really. I thought it would be ok, but when he went down in the fourth quarter- and it was during the true witching hour didn't feel the same because it was. It was like half focus just too much stuff going all right, yeah you're right there in the afternoon games when it's like him and then the cargoes playing in somebody in maybe the raiders losing to somebody else. S reactions then so much fun to watch, but it gets swallowed up in the excitement of other quarterbacks doing the same thing right. So I think the two interceptions and one was called back. It was also very bad, but this is the fifth rivers experience. This is what you get too. I helped and had had some drops he's in credit to the jagged day. They are by by every account tanking almost actively taking and they
in this game and garden. Mitya was nineteen for twenty he liking for joy. Looked really get to take root in Cuba. Was I wrote down? I'm only do one thing the government she makes me want to do in its this week. I wrote down. He makes me want to catch a squirrel with my bare teeth and throw molotov cocktails moon, but he, but he's son, become a game as such. Dial back. What do you want? You do, but he still makes me that's why I wrote one thing yoga its first one there that's totally so that that will be very weak. We but Philip Rivers. I dont want to exaggerate some just gonna say what I truly Alexandra exaggerate. He makes me believe, in God, Philip Rivers makes me believe that God exists because happy inexact ride, not exaggerating because it he's so perfect. I just love em, so so very deeply.
Seeing him on Sundays like this is just it makes me feel alive inside it gives since to the world it. Everything makes sense when Philip Rivers is doing his fill perverse. Fourth quarter thing: there are very few things in life that you can be absolutely certain of and set your watch too, and this Philip Rivers struggling to win the game and then getting upset when he doesn't it's it's just nice to have something that you can depend on and he looks normal. The cold. Uniform. Yes, very, looked weird in the box uniform its. I think it's a combination of the charges have blue in their color scheme and he went to a blue team and also the colts just always have big tall white, immobile, quarterbacks right, so kind of works. I saw him as an all out that looks normal till result. Would you think filled rivers would do if, if you wanna Superbowl, I don't. I kind of
I think that he would like many wouldn't he's not going to put you wouldn't whim hot and right that some say air, but if he did, I don't I'm not so sure that he would really truly love it because he lives to get pissed off at stuff. Yes sure as hard to get pissed off when the king, the world, he would view deadly, retire and havoc for more kids that night and then come back like six years later. He's not he's gonna, be a great we're. Gonna get a story about him. Twenty years being like the best Highschool for block ocean like north girl are like second best like you. Here is the stage happy. Every single year gauges loves, Browns Ravens, it didn't seem like the browser can be good again. Well, they are playing is the Raven servants, very, very, very good. Mark Andrews is so good. He made so catches but the other reasons are really really silver lining, though this is the exact opposite of how they started the season last year they beat the ravens in the first week last year. Today, yet
It was one of the first early to arouse our one week once others as its height. They lost its eyes and then they beat the raven yeah, but it was essentially the same Ravens team granted that they beaten week, two sorts. Maybe we the opposite of last year. I do like with which to fancy did in the first quarter, when he tried the dumbest possible fake ever off from their own white, like fifteen your lines so brown, something that's that's Rubezahl, yet, Ruby, swollen punter wasn't rugby but player. He would not have tried because they solemn our jobs and do rugby pass earlier in the corner, and there like I'll, see you Rugby I'll raise you rugby, but I kind of like the fact that he didn't even those dumbest shit and executed even worse than the because it was one of those like if you go to jail. You gotta do something crazy: try to fight the the biggest do there. On your first day, Stefanik is first week he's like ok, we're goin up against the ravens were really good and special teams and a great team some,
do the dumbest possible fuckin thing so that way, every other week from now on, coaches are game planning. For me, they're always like this dude is liable to do something. That's just insane shit. He yet know your Europe's right, you just setting up wherever ones like war. We saw that. Don't forget you can't game plan for saint, yes, yes, it's true I'll, do silver lining for Browns vans, they can run the football and if you can run the football you'll, these being some games, I mean you play the ravens, as did the best team, not name the Chiefs, and they have seen them very, very clear. Ah I also, wow, those big of you. I know I said you did even come close to the F word: no they're, not dare not this year. I don't think they are this year, although you know you could be talked into your yeah, tailored to the titans, no return
to lie. If, if, if the ravens have a game where they have to pay from behind in their often doesn't look like I'm not gonna, say the effort also different afford their front runners. Ok, they play with their great with elite. I wouldn't to see them down Lee and see what looks like you? I may lay down for tv the lead in the third quarter right. The chiefs have a totally different gear where the chiefs are never out of a game either back shatters so that that would be my only thing, but their very, very, very good harbours one of the best coach, the NFL Lamar Jackson, though He is going to buy pure lock. Someone is going to get him when he does. The like jumped stepped back move. That's eventually someone's going to get them. You got to try to hit where he was not. Where he's going to get that food makes everyone look so stupid, and I bet you someone's going to be like I'm going to just sell out for that move and not even try to actually tackle him, and that will be quite a hit.
Are you gets everyone on and also when he's running out about any he just like sticks the ball forward at the very his last like step and a half out of bounds is very slow of note on faster than Lamar Jackson. In that step and half between like two yards away from the sidelines and the sidelines so yeah Lamar Jackson's awesome. The ravens or awesome J K, Dobbins of sick additions, Their team they have like set seven running packs, Morgue Andrews running everywhere. Hollywood brought their good nor very, very good, but I I the browns, don't so down on yourself. Yet if you lose on Thursday, the Bengals time to pay a lot can happen. If you're o Dell Becum, you have to come out and have a bigger game after a week of people talking about you
just do it on. You have to come out and have at least fifty yards yeah. Oh an especial fuck you to your co host on the dozen on serious and also to Saint Thursday on Youtube in Twitter, Jaffee, low rounds fan, who tend to six muttered earth. It was ten sixty browsers, who said ah this. This over is crews it and they then they miss. That's a very mixed. It's very Jeff Dielo word to yes as well. They miss the actual point as cruising came out of his mouth and how you can't make those mistakes week, one can't say in overall ruse you didn't have a priest and gamblers and have a precision brutal, brutal he's on the hook, for that, when you only want you ft la chargers, Bengals, I have a question so we'll talk with your bro, but did this game proved? The Philip Rivers is bad luck because the Bengals lost in a tree.
Years. Why does it chargers loss yep? You feel there is no longer on the chargers, I think so we have established that just the Phil Writ Philip Rivers and as follows: Philip Rivers right like if you said to me a week ago, the chargers are going to get a pass interference, call against them on a game winning touchdown and then thirty one you order in weak one, you like Europe and that's it that's already how right has now that's a very charges way to lose. Its is completely there from a way to lose currently aligns waiter loses you have the touchstone. Ready in either by force, Roderick, Adele or the laws of physics it gets taken wave. Yes, the child, They always lose on strange technicality right.
And so you I was a reversal and then Randy Bullock went out there miss the like thirty one, your dirty money order either take about pickers. I think that the pre season, or not this the whole lack of fans are think, is going to affect pickers more than is going to affect anybody else right, because sometimes takers pick one person in a crowd to try to hit the ball at yeah, given like pickers. Not have those precision reps. I think it affects them way more often having like actual under pressure kicks. There are a lot of. Yeah a lot of mistakes today, ready but also make the Andrea Assume, which I'm always always fair- that move. If you have something embarrassing happen, we hold on Put this, in my hand, is Lily was sitting right here. You kill the key, so Billy football handcuffed himself. He found a pair handcuffs and was the first I know you do what you find a pair handcuffs. You see if they work by putting them around your wrist Billy didn't realize they were real handcuffs, so he's just stuck in the
is really about was similar to ours has just started playing with this with my hands out a year to this was sitting right here, Billy two caught his way out of handcuffs. No thank you heard not tell him, you had those billion cut, villages broke the handcuffs to get I do I didn't this was sitting on my desk. I just started playing with it. We can go back and watch I am glad that you enjoyed watch me struggles and Billy. This we'll find that will find the clip of them with that I saw just playing with this imply my pocket, who sees handcuffs and just handcuffs himself. No I did not think you'd be real handcuffs. Was it I've all the rainbow of always a fan of a player who fox up and then immediately fix it? I think it's a great move. You can make it as a fresh life and especially the kicker. He had the best instincts ever because the second the ball left his foot.
Just grab down towards his MID Shania has dizzy heights. Oh, I think I pulled my tibia there's something here: doc, yeah I'd love to see profitable doctrine to analyze. What could it be working for? sixteen hours out what's wrong valuable. Do I bet you the fact is. I would imagine pickers. Dont have the utterance, though the team doktor they like it seemed It doesn't look at a kick now. They ve got the water boy. Looks they ve
soccer train that has have that wet brazilian sponge. In the bucket I bring, I'm doctors got way, bigger things going on so like did the though the ball boy came over and just looked at it and ready whispered, Jimmy's like just just milk. This first news like look at it like almond, go down rainy bullock. Also. I hate say this as someone who struggles my weight, but when you make a mistake and you're fat, it's not funny anymore. You just fat, you just a fat kicker, it's not a funny fat kicker like the Georgia, tech pondered. You see that guy thick boy thick to her and eighty pounds wearing shorts, That's that's funny. He fuck up Navy he up now just fat Rennie Randy is a thick boy to also just the name Randy. Is it so perfect? few higher anybody to do a job correctly in their name is Randy you fucked up it s place is this was such a shock for Joe Bureau too, because going from bad ruse, where every game felt like you had? Ninety thousand,
people living and dying with every pass, every run that you made and they going Nobody understands and just natty yeah since now The Ohio must have just been like completely bizarre were but Joe play good, especially the second. Yeah. He played really good and I drive the end. I guarantee you that if a green went to a Sou instead of Georgia and he did that little push off. At the end, there is no chance that the roofs com for that in death Valley, because they are not going to work out a death valley live so I think, having no fans actually lets the reps get away with a lot more hanky panky, true that's good point. I am no one likes to get food. I do I will say the only criticism is not of Joe Borough. It's it's of the coach Zack Taylor by the way he could coach in the Unifil for seven years and will say the Bengals coach, Zack title
I learned, the competence in my voice was it about twenty five percent. When I said his name seven seconds left over thirteen year than I know, you have no time output job euro. Can you can trust your world he'll give him one last shot seven seconds. You have enough time for one last shot and Joe Burrows number one pick and he's a smart guy like let him take a chance there. Instead of playing it safe and trying to kick a field goal having fat Randy show a fat Randy, what waddle out there and then and then tears trivial plots. Ass Randy here, dammit, Randy rain, I saintsbury is ready short for anything. I think he guy Handle battle, Brando Randal Bullock, he I think he probably just when he. What age you become aware of your name only once he became aware of his name is like I've? No, I have to eat and unfair
you can't be hot ruby and also our Raby doesn't work. Also, Bullock is a good fat persons. Last name, Bullock, Bullock, Bullock, Sir guttural embalmed, really, I'm right. And he bullock, I'm an inscription know that doesn't work like I just imagine. Second grade fat, Randy Sittin there and there like doing roll call, Randy Bullock in his I'm ready might as well just start eating Cheetos. Now I'm Randy Bullock- and this is my diners dive ins and drives episode about different meat cutting stations at Golden corral. I'm Randy Bullock joy knocked hears giant, actual kicking me in the boy he ran around a book and Stephen was going to fire you, sir, and filled with baked potatoes Emma we already book. We got a slow model because slow MO cameramen wash my fat ripple, as as, as hit me with a sledgehammer in the stomach. I'm ready, I'm ready and I'm going to do a three slash. Four Gaynor Office, Diving Board into a kitty pool full of gravy.
Make it clear that are not laughing with me? They're laughing at home The grand rarely got ready seeds, box egg. Yes, how do you think your boy, Tom Brady, what? Ah he looks pretty old museum word the truth. Did you look. I no longer have to know mask I trust you oughta. Let's do the exact same game happens last year. He's on the patriots they lose exact same way seems that line Hank often wants them you think he does outlets all. I wasn't his fault
obedient, rather about x, ray you're asking me what I'd be saying, you're saying wasn't his father's Europe at once, the pics six was touching tribute to James Winston, like seven yards behind the receiver. It was nice to see that coming from the box little little since it like a throwback to last year, but yet he he looked, he looked pretty all too well. It is actually prove the times are age of reason about you're. All right I am, I am officially Teaism Hills, the better quarterback there, maybe even Seamus Potassium Hills, electric true breeze. He had one good deep, all put the average for yards, a play which fresh on passenger rights.
Dolphins, yikes. He figured out every single possible way to throw the boat and two yards had launched the first that has done so Tom Brady. I think officially, can convince America of anything, because I thought all the Instagram pictures and everything they pose. The off season of him practicing with the box I said to myself, will Tumblr has basically been working with these guys, nonstop it it's gonna, be that he knows. This They know the system everything's going to be great, I'm taking the box turns out. That's not the case turns out running around in a field in Tampa is not the same as playing the New Orleans saints in the Superdome without teeth. It also shot out to drew, breezy broke another record there. No more. There can't be any more records left residues. You too, to break other. Like Errand Andrews, had a
Paul and they're, not even giving out the shitty paper play towards that guy last year it was just a football. Would like a sea vs receipt wrapped around yachting, you ve had the most attempts of passes of congrats, robberies, you're, decent suck for ten years he's an award. Some at some point has to have the right. For most records in the NFL right and I think that's I think he's second range will explore he's in can place we're out far vs is come up quickly. I so I Tom Brady didn't look great, but he also clearly didn't isn't like in tune with his wide receivers and often of law fine. I don't know I mean I don't really know like I did say before this game. I said whatever is going to happen, this game, the opposites going to happen under that circumstance, Tom Brady's new. Look yeah, I'm just the overreaction right. Absolutely I'm done very glad that Tom Brady lost and that the Patriots one like we talked about, I think, was last Friday. I needed some some sort of opposite thing, relevant widows- through teams that I could make a bold take on who made.
Right, move either. Leaving are moving on from Tom Brazil and ravaged by hard to be off friction. Yet we have friction between between those two franchises wicked subject. I just command asked the and they fell. Individual records and breeze sixty two of them and who s most. I can do research, probably Samuel via Farm semi Bob. Probably fur like points and enter options are of around forty, oh so might be without paying forty six who were already forty nine. This is really good. Look up! Look a bar Sammy BAR Ba Eugene Age. Fourteen chased out, I'm sorry, look brandyball that rabies Randy! Ah! Yes, so I don't, I don't think the
Take the boxer going to be as bad as they look today. At times they are pretty hilarious. Weird play a very. I don't know if it's a weak one weird play, but they they had a face mask on that standard, such down here and then the resulting kick off, which is taken from the fifty they just gonna put it up. In the air and the guy wasn't supposed to run it back came over in and grabbed are tragic, rabbit turned it over, and Bruce areas is probably like: you're you're staying in rural and yet not coming back with a to those who plays Tom Brady Heston. What what has happened that doesn't? This never happened to my tea key as easy Used to those type of thing, research Bruce is probably gonna leave himself an oil spill. It I'm gonna spend an unbearable. Are Billy as the number one. Robert housekeeper fan in the world. Are you worried? I am actually low worried. He won. T in Rome at the ball well to his blocking, was sub par. Blown lagging wrote down the zone I'll. Have I now many plus. Why did you have on blocking will?
yeah drew back up times so using the by feel lot, you deftly the weight loss, wouldn't thinking I do to fix it. I'm not sure leverage guy get his. Are those pants called and kick overs Zulu pay you, and we need you to be that the grant film guy every single week I will show you just watch the box and just watch crock our. Did he get things we today? No nothing has come of the ceiling. That's a bummer yeah he's gonna be bombed out about that huge slightly odd safety valves. Awesome looks awesome and I don't know, I can't wait, we go boundaries, gonna just disappoint them in the play. I can't wait to listen to all these take, so we haven't six, which would be like while we nailed everything here. Do I last game is landscape cardinals niner? I'm on the collar hype, train, I'm unofficially I will.
I want to see a once this year because I always am wary of the team that everyone talks about being like. Oh, my god, I'm picking the cardinals we had even the this. In turn sitting in the gambling cave all day like over my shoulder just chit chat and any was like. I love the cardinals, assure aid there, my dark horse, I get it you and every one else. So that's not dark horse, but I'm still on now. On the contrary, taxis fuck, I'm not yet. I'm leaning back in my chair and I'm waiting, I'm saying cargoes, do something to impress me. I think I think I'll Amerika shorter the sauce. He might have to look shorter this year harder, the tackle yeah, that's true, there's less of them to be hit, but yes, he's very fast. Yes he's a good quarterback, but I don't still, I still don't think he's good. Yet so the two big takeaways add from this game, while three actually think God Greg Kittle is not hurt. I was very, very scared for him he's a beast built different Brian Baldinger.
You think he has stopped coming from Detroit Williams, walk. No, he never he's gonna, be like sting and just tantric, nothing for the next ten weeks. Yes, that's just Schwartz's sitting there like this is this is the greatest Diplo low concert of all tat. It was an awesome hit. If I were the forty social media team, I would like the queen something yet and added screams on it. It was just like it look like shot out of a giant like boomerang that wily Coyote would build for himself and letting up Rock rollers gaiety gas went directly at this dude and laid in the fucker. That's what Trent Williams does probably like five six times a year. And I don't want to talk about how he how things ended in Washington, because it makes me sad Africa when we should get at least the first round pick form but yeah. He is he's. Probably the most fun left tackled, watching uniform, incredible, incredible block, that's gonna, be there's gonna, be a lot of
ex pens pointing at that be like look at this year, a lotta alleged alot of videos that are shot from a cell phone of someone's computer screen ass, free sea like all the smug marks and dirt, and then a pin pointing at the screen tapping Billy. I love this guy. We have this gap, yes and then my other big take away was I don't want to just make this Abash Houston show, because we too, draw the rockets, have its pull that up, but Bill O'Brien. The reason why you don't trade Deandre Hopkins, even if you hate him, even if you can't get along with him, even if you know you have to pay me, don't want to pay him. The reason why you don't get rid of him is every time he has a good game. You get dragged because he had a career game. I think he had fourteen catches, four hundred and fifty one yards, and everyone was like Bill reminder: bill brains are fucking more so that like Dat, should be reason enough to
Never let a guy like that. Go just because a constant reminder. Every time, yonder who's, gonna dig clearly Macro shack. Yes, clue macro! I mean this is why Belgic is Belgic whenever he lets go. He knows there on the other end, so he does that to deal with that you let the other Hopkins go when he has years left and every single game that he plays for the cardinals that he does well you're going to be called an eighty. How awesome decent glared Fitzgerald feels that he knows it. You have to go out there every Sunday and die, and basically at I, so that they can lose by two points. Yes, I know is that he's like. I got this due next to me and I'm gonna chill out and let this guy go off and his heirs and his hair kicks ass. He Gallagher, mohawk of dreads, it's incredible. It's a miracle. How you do know I'd! I could not pull that look. I don't think we all that money by Sir said her like that Are you? Are we worried about foreigners? No
I have given you worry about Jimmy granular. I'm worried that Jimmy. What's going on what? What are you afraid of you need to settle down? You can go to counselling. You can talk to somebody using ghosts a little bit a little bit eyesight. No, I noticed he looked uneasy at times pocket. I am also worried about carcinogens. Hat is getting bigger, o is bigger than it was last year. It looks like the pretty the cows wearing the dad hats that it will be Now they have the cargo short on the side, because the girth on that dome. It looks like when your pictures of Joe Buck yeah, just when it straight on on good news for the forty hours they get the Essex. We your blessing best medicine, the world own back dammit foreigners back there could the gens ok. That was great. Third. All I made one more note. Yes, for it is important that there is too much red on the screen. Yeah is too
a lot of racial out with the Roma to read with those two other jobs goal. I we inserted smash myself. I those role the games. That was fun. That was great. Let's do call the weekend we have Dion, then we'll wrap up with the couple whose, whose back and Billy's list so football guy the weak week. One percent-
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react! You do the research you get the shine, weren't a start of what, in Mississippi with Brendan Brennan Pew he's a high school coach. You rented a lift, watches teams game, while in quarantine now ass, he sick, he was quarantining, so you their contact racing or him. This is the guy falconer avail one. He said football guy. Oh yeah, hold eyes. If I saw tat, I was like that and I am I got into with prevail because he tweeted football guy thirty seconds before I tweeted football guy has acted, and I told him this not your content, Dern and then he response Then some nonsensical fashion he's too busy like collecting Abraham Lincoln Pew drinking, not alcohol. Eighty one thousand dollars reaction for Abraham Lincoln speed up their dials weeded out a picture of Abraham, Lincoln Hair I don't know what it is about. This guy in collecting, like pieces of presidential here, would brain matter on them, but he's fucking like putting up a
am Lincoln Trading cards on Twitter. On Sunday morning, Sir I'm trying to get aunt upper for policies, shut up, revolt Almasy something nice about dear Novell. On Friday, I was pleasantly surprised that he didn't put in hd for K version of the twin towers coming down on his twitter feed that you did. I Q Durned expected that out of you, How was the average ticket prices on american airlines that I fully expected? Turner daredevil support this all out like there with J K assassination in hd like seven thirty, morning, but I do wish value to show restraint. Dude back to Brennan Pew, the football coach. I like. I like his resourcefulness that Are we not turn rented a scissor lift a cherry pick. Better lives there? We're gonna have voted. I left is you can say more. Is why scissor? Ok, it's Hata, but you can't look. I would say I want to the S words I do think that we're going to see a football coach at one point this year? Do you like them,
answer and balloons thing we're just eyes a shitload of yes of like birthday. He goes up unjust, hovers above the football the other boys he can watch you freezes so mad about this move he's good at it. RON, Rivera, probably the favour in the swiss contests gotta planned ivy at half time all fighting cancer in order to continue coaching in his debut with the Washington football. Following up with an upset. When MRS do you could hey guys. You want, if you like, a pussy this Monday morning, run verse battling cancer and winning football games getting ivories at half time. He's? U stubbed your toe and complained about it for a week yeah I mean I am telling you this this wash in football team. I don't know it's all this crazy! stop going on at once, something going on there Peter a Gabby, the universities? before he linebacker for showing his excitement ends insane fashion before kick off the pompous, even team up. This is more of a visual, but this guy
You think so warm goes against. The world wants thorough again, he lost his mind like ours are like a dog rolling ran attraction is going to strike anywhere. They bounce on their back without like using their arms, and there was an overriding programme is at cropping. The current crimp. We can see that. Well, we can't what scrubbing gang shit. Oh, what's what's the thing the Czechs do their hair flooding? No one, There had been cut to scalps another kidding. What is her shrimp, cramp ya, think Billy can't say that Billy Goddammit cancel Billy article already sorry. I then our final nominee similar terms, I'm Pew Denny Sheridan a seventy one year old Fan in Cincinnati, who put up a ladder on top of his pickup truck in order to watch icicle football game, so good, Sir adjusting visualize! Well, yes, I'm so blog. We'll be at night. I am, and I we will treat out for you
state of yours to pick you up together, wickets. Thank you, Jake that was great, its greater football guy, the weak back. All these things, judges makes me feel alive. It's so nice, it's so nice to just have just so nice. We have, we ve got two games. We got to go by the way to show you two views. If my Tomlin doesn't come out wearing a welding mask as his personal protective equipment, I'm gonna be very upset. I forgot to mention to you see in the pre game: they talk about my exam or has a tinted face. Mass any red face mahogany couldn't read the play cards where was he carried the play cards any right yeah? But it really. He looked like dolls, throwing girlfriend member one yes round. Yes, when she was right higher from the paper out in as yes, it was awesome. Now I get through the uncertainty of the centres on for twenty minutes talk about a week, one before do that body, armor body
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looking a little old. What was your take away from watching that game and how Brady an breeze looked added thing. He lived all think they didn't execute no, what Brady demands from his receivers and nobody likes from his offense and with the lack thereof up running aim in remember when you were here, I told you: no thanks corners. Those two corners are really good. In Jenkins pay dividends. I knew He would he is. They have to number one corners man and an immediate articles, receivers outside from the box. Ok and saw a follow up question which I thought. Maybe you didn't look old put. I thought an interesting part of the game. Was the box making mistakes that you never saw the patriots make and you probably played on teams that, were you know, buttoned up and didn't make the small mistakes you probably played on teams did make the small mistakes how's that affect you is
player, especially one of the best players on the team. To maybe see those mental errors happen. We sought on the kick off. The mental errors happen that that kind deflate, the lock Roman deflate Thea, the momentum you try to get going, but one thing about it: we neglect. What's that three hundred and fifty a sixty mins and one and one rule is going to be some stupidity. That happens. I promise you. You go see some stupid stuff that happen. The betting did. I am alarmed at the most is. Where was wrong you have anybody seen wrong. Gives them out of my rock please, because is no way you don't make him a viable asset to your Europe and specially in game. What these guys and deal with broad, he did a great job blocking, but you didn't bring grant back to be adjourned. Put another laminate data. Do they led growth, be growth and, I know said almost right off the bat they got two of my governs and MIKE Evans's Ado that he's got into fights against the saints before that's kind of his past rear perspective
as a as a defensive back. If there's a dude like that out, there are you think of yourself, like I'm, going to try to under this guy's skin early and make him commit a dumb personal foul. Well, he's gonna get one of the probable tat corner as well, and these guys have a personal about. They plays yellow twice a year anytime, you play another person twice, that of a caliber like MIKE Evan. You got to try to get in it because you don't want him having a middle aged like a man, I'm a whoop you for the rest of your career twice a year every year on the year and that's the kind of battle that they have. I love it. It is disrespectful, but they go at it each and a I am a leg as each other. They go. It's always pointed because those guys they are, they throw punches at each other while their wearing helmets, and I always laugh when I see that have you ever been hit like with closed fist. We where are your helmet, a partner blows? Whenever you see me, have you seen with hands? Look at me that put them handles and people my leg,
pretty good these days we were able to ever injure somebody. Just by punching I'm through their helmets dead, don't because you didn't tell me, you gonna, break your head on Massa, some like that, unless you real, accurate you real, accurate, if, under the chin, Mayweather like yeah big story, we're going to have Tom Brady's old team, CAM Newton. Look good, ran the ball fifteen times, though, do you? What was your take away from that game and do you think like that can't be sustainable? It's good to see if healthy running a fifteen x means he's healthy folk, fully healthy for the first time in a long time, but if he's running a fifteen The game- that's that's a lot of times in sixteen game sees what I saw the day glaringly was deep in the pages. Deviants is not the deviants of last year that what I saw offensively, I love what they did with camp. They allow can to play the whole game between the hash marks. He barely through the outside the had barely two.
That's vertical can play everything safe and sound right between a hedge marked, and I love the great game, but that does not look nothing similar to the old patriot off. If that's camp newtons often dinner running it, I'm happy they made that adjustment for. Can you actually think with cam noon? He places, We haven't fun, and so you get him go and buy. Let him run the ball, I do it on forth in one when they had Tom Brady up there. They would just call that Cuba sneak over the centre with Can there like ok, we're gonna snap of deep to let you get a running start hit somebody then you can start to be comfortable. Then then maybe we can expand the passing game once you start playing with us for a confidence, a juicy can start to like
come alive at the end of the game. For example, I came to our appeals run as options. Man is Emily. This'll top, you know blocked the Indian had to go back. I got stated for camp Cams is written. What is a one guy red and they did they executed it perfectly. Their camp was candidate as what we want it. That's what we thrive, don't as was gonna take distinctive. Level, but I pray to God that deepen steps up even allow more deeply good, but not like were accustomed to seeing the play. Right. You- and I are strange, some stuff out last time that we talk you you are. On the record as being an elite tattler, Sir Oh you are faced with Cameroon coming downhill at the answer there's a man who carries his stick in his pocket. How are you taking out came but most likely above playing against cam, I probably be on the best receiver. That's what I was paid handsomely to do one on one, but if you want to take me off him to elevate my game even more, so I will try to just blow his kneecap out. That's what I would do
I saw what was your other bigger biggest take. What you want to say that you were wrong about Mister Bisbee. If I say I was wrong about Baker Mayfield at least for one man, cars upon those a garbage gave no, those tresco wins ones at that gained it. You just mentioned Detroit Verses, Chicago Great came, Miss a fourth in order, but it fails me like scoring, deepens the guy like honest or great game for mature beast. You say I think it was a garbage game. I think bolting shouted the guy who could out stink each other sandy ego that that was the quarterback, they leaped forward Taylor. What does he break? I'm like tat? I really do as a person, but I've never said this man. Ok, what you see directly they make. Does he make them better. Why? Why wait put the other guys like the dolphins were put the guy yeah. That's why
waiting. What does Patrick met with joy, Edna Gay? What a away now? That's can already ain't nobody in a crowd. What we're gonna be! That's true! That's word, Fitzpatrick Two wrongs do they are there are like the perfect bridge quarterback? Well, you look quarterback is learning a system for the first like three for games, you put to ride and then you take him out and then now your future. That's what's rods, don't for last, what like three and a half for years but are you not all wine is not like- is not exciting, call Receiver the mad because they're not getting their numbers and not getting a stat big enough that you're doing okay. That was a bad game. The ravens are really fucking good they're, really fuckin good. Why don't you say to re was a good? Can you say that guided his ban? Sentner, can you please say: he's Big Dobbins he's very good. I like J K, armaments now our gas. It is very, very good baker. Baker was not good, I don't I mean the browns
I don't know why- I believe- maybe you know that's a tough- came to put the point to get the best team outside the Kazi Chiefs in the area of sea right. That's tough. Women were not not from what you guys said other day but you didn't want to ride with me. I had a horse and buggy signal. You know big mon second levels. I concede that yeah I was in welcoming you did Joe, I want to do, I know hop him with you now can I hope, is that seat still? There is still there. Ok, it's still there. What what's so so the the brows now play on Thursday night Why? Why would we want to see them as well? If we have europhile re idiot, they put the basketball players against the universe,
I don't care about best boy anymore. Right now seriously. I had no idea that game was even being played out when the nuggets one I was like wait five hours later than we do now gets one that was crazy about you, idiot inside to go against the inability we want. I agree. I agree it's a lot of sport there's hockey goin on everything I'd. So what other? What are their big things you know mean overall. Did you think that the level play was was like a pretty good, for no training camps is good. It was really good level. Play was really good it when the latter this bad football. Good football at TAT. I love the bills. I told you, I love the meals, I love what they bring to the table. I really think they're gonna win division Shoot Russell lessening Wilson. Did you read the book? Yes, when you'd like a shot of forced down forty five, they took a shop, but six.
Oh, my god that was beautiful. He had the guy running across route on first step. To get the first time he took a shot deep man. I love it that they're going to be stuff to deal with the Washington Football team, Gonna heard you speak a little disrespect on the washing and other parties, you very satisfactory. You are also disrespectful to the eagles to be fair, but but as you will be well, I I do see why you see why. I also think that the football team has football players on defence agent acts today is it am? I am. I gonna hurt myself by getting my hopes up, because I'm thinking I'm thinking seven eight and one minimum, maybe even eight Nate, so I've got very loftier recreations not stay right. There have an aim, one state right there were at. I told him about filling, and I told him why I would not redwood Billy unless our illicit brain falls back
ride were fairly and you know why you're used Carson when it was a very bad magnetic eight set who sit like there's a cup stagnate tat yeah. All away now tell you take my phone is bound to bouncing man. Right now would receive. Is I saw I have one last question: do you talk you talk to Odell after today's game was it? Did he say it was? It was similar to getting shit on your chest. Anything like that I'm gonna be the same wheeling? The can It was the way a man like really bad leg is persuading when you constantly losing it became wants to win out. That's all I want this close. The kid really really wants to where it hurts. Like I'd, really hurt. Now me he's got. You the different, maybe if he hasn't been getting his chest, should on maybe now it's time
everything you noted from the all. You know so like that you hook Ashura accurately something like that may help one of the other night so we're about to so on. Thank you for joining us we're about to watch cowboys ramps. I'm going give you one last chance to say that the turf out, in fact fast, were you in there I really think my pigs are really going well because I don't know where we stand, because you know so used when it never gonna where we stand, but I'm pretty sure my pigs are really good, will write well, Diana picked it I lost both loved you d on has the older and if their network thing where he doesn't pay against spreading just picks yeah and then when it gets like the top dog? A word I dont. Like I mean I know it's five season realities you and you know, he's got a girl race like that. Do are its own paper you're on the record.
Then at the turf is not fast. Is that what I'm here yeah? He doesn't that it regards the hurt, ass turf, ignore you'll, understand an existing studies on this earth Dionne. They know the type of rubber pellets that exist in that turf. It's faster. I thought it was from tears. Like oh, oh good, you, yes, yes, fast Irish. Yes, my risk Arthur Ferris grazing you front yard, I might like just run, run lapse back and forth and show off. You should do the bigger the express. Why didn't you guys disclose their forty then withdrawn? Did I saw oh yeah, we'll he d on hey NEWS, flash the UN's faster than every blogger ever yeah, could have one common quizzing with what You said a running for Give me that take before you go teach us how to run. Ok, you ll teach us, I don't need any help from Deanna fast. I we're going back. I would like you to teach me how to run the anti. You may will see later this week or anybody
idea on the map
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for free at Super Gerda, complex, p m t that zipper Gerda com, slash, p, empty Islas, wrap up. We have whose back in a week and then we will laugh in a shop pry, runnin long great, have Monday football Back Hank. You aren't you whose back the weekly quick shark and a bunch of whose backs how it we talk to quickly, but I came seven basketballs back people for whatever reason inside the schedule game sex at one o clock on the floor. Following the year you get out the Nuggets charter nuggets. Really open a window looked out sock that, as far as I'm concerned escaped in happened to a very confused if the nuggets, what, if the nuggets when they deserve it, neighbourhood sock. Why Lakers clippers everyone wants it yet, but if the nuggets beat but perhaps they have now do they have the right dude the nuggets have the right to advance if they just because he beat clippers seven games long enough for the knock. It
That's right! Now it s a virtual guarantee elsewhere occupy game, gentlemen sweep here, no, no, no yeah! That was crazy. They did that game them. How can you? How would you not do like it would be better do that game? On Monday, the afternoon, yeah million other times also with NBA. This league, just like Janius, JANET controlling all teammates on Instagram Rostrum trying to fight regime on his brother was distrigas back. This legal. So back, I actually had this league as well. That was not about this league. Puts you guy see arm dinner, Orlovsky tweet the other day, I sent a moderately dynastic was ultimately ok. I mean I, I only notice it because it was the ultimate this league he how far I gotta find it. I've never seen someone tweet inks dear, like teenager stuff, was about house no high. Note. No one knows what it's about it was. It was the key
thick tweeted, everyone replied like someone got. A radio show that he was. Why are the only like tat? Is they ever let? What are you talking about right now? What's going on man, I think I think it was like. Don't ever forget those that lied to you or something like that. What let's go dance, yet this league immoral, ascii, yet Credit Dan. This league baby. I haven't they too are why they may have made the one o clock aim: basketball, the Karnak like this. Now the US open final was slated for four p. I gotta hear such tennis governors came seven the tennis is not alive. Oh, never forget the ones that lie to you. I won't a whole everything. Ok, do this mother fucking! We, are the mother last court, whose back is melatonin our sitting here in the studio earlier getting ready for the show Nanos even talking Billy just said
That's not even answer them or said anything to him, but I just wrote it down cuz, I kind of want to wait the follow up. He just he just goes. Currently people waiting melatonin now I'd, I was scared, otherwise agreement, only one loses Graham ads in their like they melatonin get take emails orange your brain in fashion a pill together, vapor Although no tone is one of the greatest hoodwinked, stat, so ya, like fire, vastly foreigners of it, but they give you fucked up dreams ass, you can vapor, you convey, it did and I definitely can falsely blotted. Put I tell myself, I can I've never enjoyed it. A single dream that I've had on our turn. It is why is despicable, Juliette messes up your hands, is tat. Some humbling, really three tree must better much. That's right, yeah sure! That's it they. If
if a company wants to really get the product moving off the shelves in their sleep aid just say. Like ninety percent, the time you have sex rooms on our problem every night, every sound like an during the day, you're just be. It's just turn you into a thirteen year old. Do its virtual reality sex. I pity Hoosier, whose back my whose back of the week is drunk ideas. As I had a drunk idea when it wasn't even drunk. This is if it is actually hope you guys weren't drugs, no sit down over I've, even forbear I drink. One writers, who am, I sounds like you more than I had to mine their ideas there? I've islands I'm alive, I'm at two on the month, but the one that I had on Friday was thirty six ounces, but it was what it was when bottles for blind with my my one on Friday was three high news I that I drink what matters is ever clear,
one of my favorite types of beer, but my drunk idea from Friday was I'm getting learn to eating full pints of the low fat ice cream, all the time what is called Thirdly, seven different locked up- that's one of no doubt will not totally. I only tat. I met you and fragile. Doesn't take like shades. I hear here's where my idea was. This is a perfect, They tell me how it could possibly go wrong. Come out with a low fat ice cream saves like two hundred fifty calories per pint, but just put realized criminal and people can eighty holy shit to states amazing others furlough. Yet it is who did that sat up in what one episode that froze NEO croziers observed. Oh, what I'm talking about the new low price increases where it says that this ice cream just filled up with real Why screaming? Then everybody be like hey this tastes like real, related this I've and nobody would ever catch you yeah at the sight, I'm sorry
motorcycle, very go I'll call you want to. I don't like these. Also what you're describing because it looks to let you utility ever was its recently, Scotland has got to clear the clearer it looks like ice while the books low mind. Ok, yeah! I have seen that mine was briars low fat. Loco! Yes, blood, you don't even say, Lopez, localities, law, books, classier sue. You assume that it's not as you can see the ice cream when it gets you like all I can't be able they wastefully water. Yet right and then it's like pretty much benefit. Ok, yeah! I have seen that have seen that your yeah, that's the athletic. Ok, I'm in I don't wanna device could see regularly yeah. You can also do the same thing with non alcoholic beer. He simply like I love the stuff precision not drunk but drunk. I can drive better on it feels
it will save for no time. You guys. Can I remind me, but the sawdust Kennedy, equipage Tesla per tables, so there is never any wobble Tesla. What is tat I'll, explain later testing? a new Pierre to know for tables. They're gone, can't just think on us. As our university education we napkin the electric sewed, always bounces. I hear what it has like tests, look and feel the road. So it knows where to go. It's not like it goes right or goes. Let it feels feels like it surroundings, adjustable tables but its technology. So it's like not like just what tables. Where are you can raise it or you can lower at the time Will it self deals the surface around it and then adjusts I so that there is never any wild? Ok, I don't want to be evident. Restaurants are having restaurant has table hurry, all those able wobble all the all the ways that you how to fix. It aren't as good as mine, but I'll be about who will be able to poor here, but
once you have a table and you put it on like you, don't really is there, so you can fix it. There is only one. I would you Dr Weir test. So you're driving new roads. All time like if you buy a table, you put it down all this. Isn't this isn't flat? Ok, let me fix it. Then you fix it with that. It will be flattered Ex bitty, talcum, every restaurant I go to I've, sent a wallet tabled league. I got a better you gotta go to better, yes, are bringing your own sugar packets with imposing anything the legs of how about invest in Tesla, hope to stock goes up, and then you can afford better restaurants. I've no fixes night, I'm taking power or next time just enough to cargo, telling beef sandwiches all time and use your elbow judges scale of her elbows standing if any eat it or how many restaurants, you know somebody that you have tabled only seven restaurants of tat, my head: five guys Chile's Dave, ambassadors. Rest too.
Soon after him, Jason Golden unless they have these tables. Get a now about just a macbook, or that's all, that's that all that the old man way or work. How could I mean? I can remember this in parliament the thought of the pitch ideas you gonna poles into it. I think that I've sufficiently protocol the holes in it are a test for tables done. How much is each table cost depends on manufacturing, ok, workin on it's not gonna, come equally able, you lost your company, will hours in the hours and its hit him. They all break right away, now, truly be Tesla, my whose back is no hitters out bills through no here for the Cubs today, and no one knew because there are no headed one symphonies downstairs. We are sure to laugh and because it was the most the least swing in MRS Feur, a no hitter or proper game since Thou sprayed five, which is such a
backhanded way of saying, like you gotta know, hitter by economists I was really lovely hair, but grotaut mills comes back and I no hidden and other bodies whose back is american into warrior being on tv while we're getting delirious at the end of my says. Yes, yes, where there is no way that they're making new episodes that right personally, I have never seen on and she was associate our no. You seen her voice. Oh, yes, your parents, More others said: there's Zeke. Now I just here later on Sunday, night watchman runs and runs. It looks like you gotta Fanny Pack, tattooed across his naval globally, whose back in a week is chain snatching, there's been some. In setting the NFL Crabtree Talley. If you remember audio Noonday China, Canyon, take your tamer whose backing who try to rouse remain Hank. Here I was waiting who tried to know
yeah back there, you, okay, so him noon say: try statues chain at the end of the game. I was annoyed at work out, yet nothing take his chain. He said the two chains. And there you know. That's why I came here was going nuts there, the game. If you saw and use gang they try to fight half the team and his colleague. What are you doing, but Sancho snatches change? I think I'm on the side of the dolphins here because of carriages runs over your face for sixty minutes like you to lease Wanna take home, something to remember by not graduate every can so good ass, one who is actually good job. Ah I that is our show. We have Damn Patrick on Wednesday finish. I did it shut balls back the spin honour and a pleasure. I feel so reinvigorated guys feels fucking. Great God is real! Oh thank you! Oh yeah! We gotta pick one number one number Billy can have a seven sick amputee appointing a today yeah we're playing out and get what
one of the three thirty got it villages animal fat. Yes, so sharks never sleep when they are already so I dont believe we had their brain and they use the other half way and they shut off half ties, so they also can never stop. That's bothering seventeen. I believe, said all my god. So that's a short seven of them getting there when you first Bob your bag?
back both camps which are getting when you first Burma. Not cleared bag which
both of which.
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