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NFL Week 12 Recap + Sean Salisbury

2018-11-26 | 🔗

NFL Week 12 fastest 2 minutes (2:28 - 8:12). Breaking down all the Football we watched the last 5 games. The Browns are in the hunt, Big Ben had a classic Big Ben game, Hue Jackson remains a doofus, the NFC East is heating up and Chase Daniel is the perfect backup QB (8:12 - 24:19). Done Chain update and is Jim Harbaugh on the hot seat (24:19 - 36:59). Whos back of the week (36:59 - 54:15). Sean Salisbury joins the show to talk about the Texans, Baker Mayfield being a grown ass man, what's wrong with USC, and who we has making the CFB playoffs (54:15 - 90:11). Segments include Football Guy of the Week, Stay Woke the Dwight Howard thing doesn't make sense, Humans vs the Sun, Lowman Trophy update, and Embrace Debate. 

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