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NFL Week 4 Recap, Minshew Mania, Chase Daniel Redemption, And We Create A Bansky

2019-09-30 | 🔗

NFL Week 4 fastest 2 minutes (2:47 -5:40). We recap every game from Sunday (5:40 - 72:20). The Falcons are a clown show. The Lions aren't bad? Raiders finally won in EST. We say something nice about the Dolphins. The Browns are back to being Super Bowl Champs. Is Jameis Good? Chase Daniel redeems all Chases, and we discuss if you can have Zane as a kicker. Who's back of the week (72:20 - 85:06). Football guy of the week (85:06 - 93:12). Uhh ya think, and a Monday Reading about a guy obsessed with Virgins vs Chad memes (94:19).  

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