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NFL Week 5 Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes, Deion Sanders, And Lebron Blah Blah Blah

2020-10-12 | 🔗
NFL Week 5 in the books. Fastest 2 minutes (2:26 - 8:07). The Seahawks played another insane game. Dan Quinn fired and Teddy keeps winning. The Raiders blueprint game. Eagles/Steelers for the Battle of Bwentzylvania. Alex Smith's return, the Dolphins are going to make the playoffs (we think). Dak's injury and the Browns are actually good. Deion Sanders joins for 10 minutes to talk about the biggest stories from Sunday. Football guy of the week (86:11 - 99:12). Who's back of the week. And Lebron blah blah blah
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on today's pardon my take weak five the nfl season we re cap a weird day i ve been novo's there's some bad four bothersome good football was weird day and who is finished off by well that's always we are to see i've never play a normal game and that's what happened will talk about that is well tat got hurt that socked i we have everything to recap there's owner airspace while class baseball players will talk about baseball class m alas there miss sport i will just rancho person figure skating qualifiers ranch open the figure skating we'll get it all will hit every single sport you can imagine when we start before the law and start in the emir that's true that's true free agencies and that's the real season for some of us parmiter this brought you by the cash app not the this place and money to your friends it's the safest go down the cash up right now use code partially get ten dollars for free tender
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its parent said goodbye well the heart of my take agenda by the cash out will download right now use code bars till you get ten dollars for free ten dollars so the s peace yea today is monday october twelve big what careful elizabeth
we started pittsburgh where the battle of when slovenia is renewed in re ray you you get off of macleod help the steelers rushing attack vinnie chase claypole and eric branch garage did internal from the spotlight as they help pittsburgh to oh yeah travis scott for portugal as it gets oh yeah
the sky for them said send me a cat is jack real i want barbecue sauce because we're not going to catch up and they did it steelers thirty eight eagles twenty nine and use and we're romeo cornelie said o brien seat was hot and her but who needs a common mask on you can put out bandy on the season brain and too many cooks kept calling on and on and on and order was pretty funny vinegar boring but then it got forty again stephen psmith hausa has the jaguars bottom reading the fc south going off or two from pure gold and fell below moreau is trying to find a way to get his guys i stop playing like a cloud posse before it's too late texan tardy touch i part forty spread up to kansas city where henry lockwood rugs came back from his latest too weak vacation and is finally producing again for the raiders josh jacob sartorius instant jammed the ball down the chief throats as the raiders climbed the nelson agro crap you are reading the superbowl chance and getting all up into andrey reads gots to to do do you have it though writers forty chiefs thirty two in the meadow land or downright four thousand often said can you drink it trick tracking turkey turkey like polaroid picture but all the instrument voters in the world can make lay beyond bela dig look like he'd at five years ago to walk a flock of flame when hard in her paint hearted detain because his deep pause make him look like an asshole we will respect hippo loss but it looks like out of a chapter gaze is better than dead as the jets fall to our fine the cargo started down new york football checks time lana where fleetwood matt ryan said now here you go down when you say you want your freedom as a falcons head coaches time in atlanta is tick talking away mike anthony davis and the los angeles lakers when their seventeen title on sunday night against an injury depleted team in a fake a u turn of it and that is your part of my take mba title recap that's an asterisk boom verbal mean for arthur the aardvark point her as a focus for five twenty three sixteen very topical take turquoise one where the stone it became the teacher s karim pie art for their shocker pounding the inside all day stealing one a fillip river signature moves the courts are feeling edgy now as the cleveland coach said i'm stuck fast gay you already know as a proud blacked our flag as a commissioner in the area of sea without foreign ones start part of forty five pound in san friend where less miles gascon was eating up grass and preston lacy williams look like he was being chased by we man the forty nine or superbowl hang over as reach oh my god i'm never drinking again territory saving dwight howard got an interception in an mba championship bring and that was the point of my take a title recap bobby john mccain brought his lunch pailin and got another pet forcing cash in hand to say i like my quarterbacks that don't get intercepted the sole bright spot for the forty nine hours was roughly kevin whites twenty are kick return i've got my eye on him as one of swans throw bowlers the dolphins trounce said friend forty three seventy but what you in that zone back in the game but with a young tom brady at dwight clark raid the catch but it was more about yet although here back than boom and then the big day whether cbs truck said i don't know how to tax or motion form it slow motion for if we don't need to see that both even as a fan of brown university football i feel awful forbidden prescott diaries rucker slate and said hold my hand today no joke as they let the quarterback to over half is passing art on sunday and even or done has been promoted to enter a manager my present mark mccarthy who warned that crooked to charge don't drop to solve don't drop the soap as he's scared grids airlines last kick straight com or thirty seven charge thirty four we finish at seattle where steely dad bailey and the viking said are you fail and in the years caused draw picks it now in a touch it should each of my good friend at events helen cagey right now said i might as well jumped off swinging her cousins over his shoulder like he was six brenner girl dizzily helped to let us put as even after cause a shadow aluminum boiled landing for the sea ox seahawks twenty seven vikings twenty six
oh right baby money and choosing football we got monday tuesday night for poor no winds in football guess yeah it could happen week five in the box where are we however gaming ideot on for about fifteen minutes or that they always give roger get a lot of credit saying you know roger does the right thing and he will not put in ethel football on friday night competing with the high schoolers this year we might get frightened i football here we might get forever but i still don't before we get to sign for by still don't understand and maybe this is i know you know what this isn't even the hindsight is twenty why in vienna fell just schedule the extra weak in the middle of the season to be like ok case scenario everyone just gets an extra by weak or pesky scenario we skip this by weak for the league wide and we go to the next week we this case scenario like that what's happening the team that as mr game can make it up in weak eight point five
yeah well we can point the only problem that is imagine going into that weak if there was no football on what's or is that apple pickin weaken is that when you go out i actually my entire that we had actually is where we should like that the future is that we need one week where we basically all freeze football for one weekend just do a bunch of can we stuff catch up on your sleep do everything like that and then you come back here like yes the tsars fancy to have time to this second probable for i first half probable right i suddenly football the sea hawks have never played a normal game in their life and the continued tonight i guess we'll start with the end because everyone there some but who disagree we actually want henderson agreed together we watch the game and we said mike zimmer this is a good move yup essentially we didn't even do it in a math way we said well do the seahawks want the viking sir do they want to kick
we want the bikers kick a feeble cause they haven't stop shit all night and then my zimmer of course he goes for it doesn't get it at once that's the dumbest thing ever you gave russia wilson the ball back to win the game he then wins a game cause he's russell wilson and i were left with the viking saying how the hell did we lose i can't dk met calf went the game less is first and foremost legally and then caught he dropped it because you want to give the vikings that much more time left to drive back down the field so excellent awareness by decay he at the ball in the inzana twice dynamic at the bonn one he actually he caught the ball on zero yard lines who is making progress he d unlike the half inch line right we're getting closer to being able to catch the ball before you cross the line for decay but yet mike he did i recall because you do not want to give russ wasn't it all back and yet like people are saying what you d given the ball back me turned it over i would rather be in that situation if i were the vikings that you went for you could have into the game right there
i would choose to absolute russell allow never has the ball again you also you also make them go ninety four yards which of course he when did but verses kicking the feel giving them alter them they are really gonna go seventy yards and then everyone says well they the worst happens you tie russia wilson is as good as we all think he has any is that good he's probably better than what we think he is a too conversion should be pretty easy form of course people play the results not the process bill say will they didn't get the two point conversion at the end that stupid were actual analytic sabre metric skies also the play call like david gets out first out he gets hurt matter doesn't bounce outside he's got no vision there which he actually played a nice game but it would do that exact same thing a hundred times out of a hundred times because i do not want to you can win the game the raiders did it which will get to the ridge did earlier where they sit we're going to
make sure than patrimony doesn't get the ball back getting making sure russ wasn't doesn't at the ball back me you have to go for it on fourteen in the sea ox deepened stock they all night all night long stop nosebleed i think that has led to do with the uniforms the bright green i saw if you look my zimmer he's got like a quarter of a good i left right he said what like seventeenth it might summers eyes are the alex smith leg of the face and he's had so many surgeries even he can see the defence out there and he can tell where the guys are he can make adjustments because there the candy s uniforms i think if you have like a ball hawking secondary those breaker uniforms of swedish hell if you if you want a hard hitting defence no elections an austrian around it those no you know those uniforms looks we know if you're picking off pass no if they go if they go full color rush highlight around four nor was it the two tones tat no one had ended they without i said fuck i actually peace that i've been on the sea ox when i saw those uniforms
because they just looked ugly they when half assed on the uniforms for sure mike zimmer is never going to trust a number as long as he lives somebody's gonna come up to me like well the analytic say that you should go forward here on thirty one may no you know what i'm gonna upon i remember what math did to me last time for me one shame i don't even let me why you in my shame on number somebody i don't want any went up to him and i was like mike summer you have if you go for here you're going to your winning percentage is going to increase needs like no not not gonna do with math anymore math four losers i'd rather just go in my god i don't you i don't think this is a math call i think it was a we're too for two on fort down already we two hundred yards rushing all we need is six inches cousins i mean maybe even fall forward i like to call i like to call of course it didn't work out for the vikings and again that's a game that they should win like a million times out of a millions because they know they dominate in the first half the only up thirteen nothing you let the sea come back i was
rosa wasn't is incredible and maybe one jamal atoms is out there to see us what better but from what i saw from the sea oxen watching them you know watch every single one of their games if it doesn't fix that they can they can't when a point like kick deepen the play often that defence that was theirs the vikings had five drives where they had ten plays plus yeah they ve got jineta for safeguarding the first quarter the vikings had the ball for like ninety percent the time a marker colorado ever us wealth but i think my zimmer actually did her cousins a huge favour tonight by i'm getting all the conversation often we're not time are cousins losing primetime game anymore because he played overall he played well but i add to the list of things that he can do primetime bright lights play ups and rain those those are the four things that we know for a fact the peasant was bad here he needs wear gloves i think you should rock to gloves but i think you like shown off their wedding ring being like yeah i
like a virgin but guess what i've had sex says it right here my finger up in your face but rather the see elsie ox defense was they looked like a bunch of more security guards were in those bright green like two guys in that in the parking lot let's say i actually we know what this spots for ex expectant mothers right now please move to the next spot they didn't look like a professional defence they may today we are clearly as well yeah i know you're an opt out from all items yet they dominate day they rose the twelve they wear that everything was everything on their defence looked back tonight the twelve i mean chris college worth was actually right i think when he said mike summer probably would not go for on the fourth down the stadium was filled with people screaming if like michel to four it was down on the sidelines holding up like a picture of a jumbo jet being like its latin this i don't know i disagree no former though is that there is a way i think though to bring up being like the crowd the lack of crowd i think well
i think he's right now because he has been so now i use of your listening earlier in the game they occur collins were said i was talking to pee carroll and we're talking about defence and how maybe the deepest does have an edge cause i don't have that crowd so he was trying to find a way to rework his research into the conversation but ok at least from a fans perspective hearing the stadium that loud when michel to foist screaming at you ll find it hard on you when you're among the lawn i don't wanna hear i still would have gone for i would to my he would have to i don't know i actually the vikings like me even in a loss they look like their fight which is can all especially after the start that they ve had tat same calvin cook if these healthier kiss they'll do they have the falcons next week so guess what they're gonna win next week i think that the vikings or fraudulently bed just say something nice about about the vikings they're not there the at worst criminally right now i don't know about that and still take the falcons known
our definite focused thousands of terrible thought a truly truly terrible team i'm look real quick i'll give you and i like the chargers member i switched it i'm down i would just an urban i'm i'm a permanent ban on him on monday night and i we'll get to the forty nine hours but it can figure out like a couple things i don't know yet there are there in their it's like the forty nine the cardinals the i kings but i'd say the foreigners in the cardinals are like but there too and administer like they're like you good horrible to their good average teams i think the vikings are a good bad team i'm just looking it will not surprise me the vikings be any team in the charge of our answer and also the eagles the eagles were true also get you because you know indiana seized absolutely there therefore when the season ended today know there s no other cowboys gamblers yes cobblers what let's get the rest of the games will start
panthers how dan quit as officially been fired his life ass play call as a head coach for the falcons was a feel goal in a loss which is so so fitting and here's a fun we we at the browns always firing their coaches after the steelers loss and this is now a trend for the falcons arthur blank as far jim more junior mike smith dan quinn which might with dead quitter are kind of the same guy like in your head the cottage plan together with one does he might smith is easy act i like silver fox and they have the same blink stare they ve got the same same pacts writing breasts after all them were fired after losses panthers so why i thought the blanks little like thing he does i knew was over when arthur blake walked down on the sidelines in the fourth quarter just kind of hovered behind and lake like the guy reapers henchmen or the other guy they
at the grim reaper since your door to collect somebody then bring him to the grim grim reaper yet like you just gotta hovering back there i knew was over when they ran todd girly in the first five of the game and tugging at fifty nine yards and they went right down the field scored and an intolerable for the rest the first yeah that's when i knew was over when mike's dear queen cor the falcons the way we think about the falcons he's always thinking what we have all these wide receivers and number picks we have to throw the ball all the time he just forgetting the they met ryan has quickly become like old good old quarterbacks that don't you the mobility they re your point where they just become the like tastiest treat for the defence of line to sack like matt ryan is just the easiest sacked quarterback ever burlesque credit teddy bridge waters while tom ridge whole teddy brazier bridgewater was great one thing about the falcons
i heard somebody say bill o brien that's not happening am i would i might have said bill break as if also farther gm and their gm was is much less weight estimates our fire toga he's pretty much rasputin he can convince any any owner in the lee like hey i've got to pedigree i was around i smelled ernie adams forts fur a few years there there's a period where i just kind of basque in his glory and now like ok i know what i'm doing you have to trust me enfranchise moving forward but i don't know i don't know who the falcons get i want them to get my liege because he be perfect like without orphans you'll be so but i want to watch the falcons at least lose entertaining games i mean my they scored two points of south east europe as a good day six interception seventy passes to point they should try to war that is the very heart said p passes to port the falcon should try to get a first round pick as their head coach also that would be great byron left which yeah done was evil yeah but i'm pretty sure
nine procedure left which was it was a first round we go there are ingredient yeah that's that's perfect and get back left which enriches first rounders everywhere i like that that's very john bruton jungle and got traded for a first round of sorting he's as close to that count a third round yes yes exactly your buyer let leverage seventh picking the draft didn't pan out the way well he's ok for a while you might as well right after the game he said the standard atlanta falcons boilerplate line you have to say this after every loss we're going look ourselves in the mirror take a long look in the mirror we're going stare at ourselves were put mirrors edward and replace every wall facility with mere so just looking at ourselves all day and then that'll sort self kinky is fuck smears on the ceiling yeah what years on going all sock he's
matt ryan just want to make it a crunch fitness yeah there it's tough to see yourself and mere if your goes like arthur blank maybe that's for me the whole place bigger arthur blank can't look at himself in the mere yes so teddy bridgewater we got respect chamber georgiana my goals and he too gloves the of eye when looked it up of the active quarterbacks the nfl right now forty minimum starts best winning percentage holmes one tom brady to russell listen three ben rots before era five teddy bridgewater six sixth he is twenty five twenty five and fourteen twenty five fifteen is started one of whom was ec seventeen for the sake of the back up when they already sealed the number one scene twenty five fourteen is a start at all he does his went and all he does the wind is an underdog he's twelve in ten straight up as an underdog that's pretty impressive teddy bridge wasn't wonder appreciate he's good
tell order is just point blank a good quarterback in unifil guys like a guy a play with them in matt rule me funny last week i think you might be a good because you do not have a good roster andrew players out and you still when engaged three three three winds in a row it is crazy to think that the christian mccaffrey was what these typically sixty percent of that often yes are more sometimes s and without him there still winning divisional games is it we should come up with like there's gonna be like a thief like when you lose your best player but you keep me start winning would you get better in spite of her right put that always jake will think of that some other day the christian doctrine the kit the christian doctrine i liked ok we'll all workshop it though it it's bates basely when you have the best player on your team gets in you're traded in your team gets better
and maybe it's usually when that player went to like a really good academic school right like we're on our own standards or want to like think about ok i gotta just throw it out there ah yes oh falcons dan quint who's the interim too know we know yet let me limited wants you wouldn't coaching staff through the interim felt rich mackay no was will be the interim gm where he morris www moorish yeah remorse jerk cutters also on the staff grateful paul named or cutter love that guy he sucks head coach though he was tat yeah i don't i'm looking at that roster right now and i mean where he morris's the obvious guy think he's gonna before right he's been interim he's been hold your cars but it had closure has been an interim coach i dont know what it is it's always very dirt like this the problem with having a former head coach
we must work on head coach yet he was for the box right making than it was during hard knocks gives you the admirable sudan's easily icy eater cutters the guy that you might recognize you like oh is that one of the people from the nation wide commercials where they teach you how not to be a dad right he's like the dad coach he jerked cut you don't want to have their color beer interim head coach and then the falcons wit enough games we have to hire not always a dangerous thing like that guy's not a good head coach don't do maybe do maybe have you deepen of course later coats deeper no head kutchin dazzle or you know what there's gotta be some guy some football lifer specialty he coach quality control strengthen conditioning whatever it may be who has zero aspirations of being a head coach make him the head coach knowing that no one's ever gonna be like hey he should be the head coach and british arthur blankets head coach yeah that would work out be amazing haven't play man
bring michael vick to play be the head you knew that arthur blank was in firing mood today when you saw suit base all the different accessories that he has on like some people get dressed up to go to a job interview when you're an owner of a football team you get dressed up when you know that it's firing there also is you know people should be wearing masks you ought to hear me say it you probably follow jon rothstein on twitter but there are certain people that wear their masks too well and you're like that's a mass you want to wear to till i cut someone up you know and like its guy we're in a mass like it's nice to nice of a mask you feel a little too comfortable in it i'd actually prefer i take off the mask risk me getting the cocoa and push aside you like kidnapping you mean cutting me up in your base we are not saying arthur blank would do that no he's got you can pay somebody did at hormone like it is the tools he on home depot for like forty years he's got several circular zaza he can bring over but when he had that mask on i think
he was putting the mask on not for public health issues but because he was so happy that he was about to far dank when you just stay behind grinning on the sidelines are like licking his lips he up like now's the time i get to do this and he won't america to know that he was taking such pleasure and oh yes i got the guy got the head coach jeff albrecht jeff over should be your new head coach he's asleep it is a lie backers coach assistant lie backers coach that's who you should get that's who should you should promote because he's not re to be a head coach in that way don't have to worry about him like winning some games then being like oh shit now we got a hard scared this guy definitely gives out over he gives a bra he gives of big big dang campbell vibes right yeah bob sudden the defensive analyse who looks like he's ninety years old there we go you know i've suddenly think use a coach mac yeah just have
just have all your strengthen condition coach be the head coach because you ve got all the talent right you just need to work harder job does have some like little fire plug of a duty on the sidelines kicking everybody's asked when the screw up yet so i could look to the falcon swayed ago you fired when i'm on a mission dan quinn you'll find doubts you'll find the meanest coaching is the one job oh yeah you're gonna be defence coordinator product pickerell hurry back and respect any bridgewater more ok next up we have raiders chiefs the real shocker of the day the chiefs this is so pfc i will talk about this with with d on but the firstly a kid my mind when the rate we the chiefs i said to myself blueprint game so i went on twitter and i was trying to find out our people chat and above this being a blueprint game and i have something even more disgusting for yoga people were chatting about it being a blueprint game but the raiders giving a blueprint bilbil
check the blueprint last week he just didn't have the horses to sweden yeah raiders got the blueprint from the patriots executed the blueprint and now everyone else has the blueprint which is essentially have the best offers of line in the game run the ball really well make a few who plays with henry rugs who is electric i can't keep track of the difference between henry rugs jury duty and cd lamb her like in the end there all jail in water who still alabama might be the best of all enmity yeah matches gazelle so it's but that's the blueprint and also just have from dogs have slightly off day are you worried about the chiefs i'm not because is there a car i think you're right by the way that that they got the blueprint from the patriots because john bruton absolutely sector cardon like it was clockwork orange opened his eyes and made him watch that site
the brine horror took like if you do this i will kill you yeah i'm not gonna leave you on the tarmac unless i might like tie you down on the tarmac like an old time cartoon villain ties someday to railroad track and instruct the plane to run you over a termite that's how it will have marked avis try to save you but he so inapt that hill he'll die too yes i cannot stress this enough i will kill you if you do what hoarded so i yeah i think it is probably something to that there are things she still really deliver the blueprint is there a car had his best game by far as professor well it was finally it paid off seven years is a seven year bumper dirt car and in more than that it's like having rugs hysterical the big knock i dare car outside of his very tiny little hands very very small is an oily very very small you started smallest hence is it here and take risks will you take the deep shop when rugs changes that form any was taken deep shot and he was
making the whole often kind of work better when you couldn't when you can take a top off running game in the office of one is legit so yeah blueprint game i think it as a blueprint came i think so too i'm gonna withhold any judgment on the chiefs off into line because they played like shit today but i'm not gonna talk about mitchell short until i see just words comment on twitter that it wasn't my fault right so this is me as case actual respecting someone who's played the game i want you to help me how the rather did how mahomet is drifting out of the park yes the offers of lines for example not biased i'd not because he's a former opens women and his presidency means just telling you armstrong side do you actually do a great out yet he is right about that i do want to say to john bruton you should not have accepted that penalty earlier in the game patrick behalf it's true i think the ball went about seventy five yards out of the air and i recall out of who caught it there was a hold john bruton you love football i love football ice opting that penalty
now you just a prize future generations john bruton integrate jogger if he was ingredients quarterback cap if he was watching that play i'll just be nothing you know your tantrum you're missing it p of tea this orgasm go i've hours only be john bruton except their policy not because he except the public as you want to give up a touchstone he except the penalty because now that play becomes law for real football guys who can say you know that throw i've ever seen didn't even count yeah it's like a fable that you you know you whispered a people indeed eighty years you're sitting at a crackling fire in your like i want some man throat seventy yards and it came back for a hold on sort of those measures every every real fan has to have one of those plays there will never be featured on highlight four main right it might be a play that gets taken back in fact i can tell you the best play of jews campbells nfl career was the cowboys he rolled out to his left through across
this body at the goal is like seven yards out and i it gave the the our words at the time a lead before point lead with maybe one minute left in the fourth core something like that and then there was a bullshit phantom hold on the right side line but i still remember that bright so they do feel like i'm doing art like yes i stand correct yes thank you john grew longer no lights the football community ireland real i'm going to remember that you'll know poser zat is patrick mom is best throw by for he was get at it pull through opposers will tell you the pageant homes throw against the forty nine years in the best throughout no it was weak five twenty twenty on a plate it didn't even count yea one minute in thirty seconds to the cave was in my mom saw that thrown the suit application could tell me that was a good thrown not watch this week five gear in a law derek car probably want to hear the hits play where we ve been watching this ban for a long ass time i made one note about derek car here i i think that he just
looks better when he's playing outside of inside cats indoor cats and outdoor cats ya think their cars in outdoor cat he looks way better when he's playing underneath the subtle usually does play outside is now just recently started playing yeah but i think you do something about the natural son is programme scared like an arrow i lack on the oil yeah i have so i threw the out there one were watching the games i would taken i'm working on a not ready yet but essentially if people want to help me with this try to find some film i think defenders are not hitting the homes as hard as they possibly can because no one wants to be the guy that hurts my hopes interests eight feet like when he such running there are times in a game where he'll scramble and he'll like though most all agree to give up the play at the same time you're gonna fall into a defender be like art the place over like we're good here it's over
but there are certain quarterbacks that get teed often right you can tell the defenders liked to him largest smoke in the homes is not that i think everyone's like moms is so light so loved so exceptional that if you're the guy who small up people blame you forever precinct quarterbacks are they get hit the hardest intentionally i would say eli manning was j cutler j color got at him he took a few shots yeah you know what we need is a just because you know that it's patrick's gonna run urals now you know jamieson oh my god you many loved hitting james yes yes we need like brine cushion the commander retirement to settle this
because he was the one that would just now you yeah he wouldn't care he got hit he'd hit moms so you aren't brightness come back in detail in his head hunt me i tell everybody ahead i saw patrimony drinking a pumpkin spice lots of what the forty four consumers our of five point two million dollars man is driven fucking cop old starbucks bullshit arts of the chiefs got state may our blueprint games i should not like that we can also say what we said dns while that it's good they lost girl i want to say this is a wake up call gap feared she said with a day further with the chargers they floated with the patriot centred happens weak five than weak sixteen i've there's hearty infallible maybe maybe it's just you can't you could probably put it under the category of you're gonna get the best shock issue bull chance because what did the ravens makes you think like ok they have that gear if they want to they just don't want
we ran and travis kelsey tweeted that he s do better which thanks to you trust elsie did he have like a hundred some yards sure prager game i also isa that's on me to do better tell me like this semi walk in some paraphrasing here he's in the cold but after the game he said everything happens for a reason i dont care or what that reason is i just want to learn from it and move on so he's acknowledging that it happened for reason but is also saying like doesn't matter that it happened he's like admitting that reach he's do make things happen but he's also not letting those the reasons things happened influence how he's going to deal with what he wants to learn from it but he's once he gets i think it's i think what he is saying is it's like a reason once squeezes everything out of the reason he authorities it's a basically the reason is a grape in a raising the reason becomes a reason and then he does neat raisins ok and
if that's inside the reason for a squeeze out he why the irish drones leaving that behind i think that's how reasons get made right i think you just leave mound the sun for while so what had unlike their car yeah pervert he's the raised so their debts he is the reason for he's a reason and the reason you all i know sub cardinal jets we're not talking about this game the cardinals proved what they are she's not a bad team member who said this on friday i know you're not fraud yeah the cardinals don't win this game convincingly we officially are just like the cardinals care be taken real i the only thing i had was the jets in the most jets like had teams just find ways to have com errors pull through the game and the he had had it where they got there weren't like first and ten on twenty so there in the red zone they went for a fourth and one didn't get it back
three plays letter they get a pic so they're back in the red zone on the ten and they fuels they run run eight plays the red zone and get three points like that's why the jets of the gentle they suck yes i'm sam donald i would just add milk this injury for awhile yeah i got mono again right sorry didn't learn the lesson that we now club in hoboken yeah made a couple sixes you're gonna cocoa yeah if our if our seminar there's no reason to come back right now absolutely like joe loco joe i do actually pretty good today i'll give you have like a credit here you look better than denver joe flak oh he lays better at sea level he's like whatever yeah it's just that's good that's all i want is for georgia's hang around but what he's another quarter back that differences actually love to hit yeah i think he's got a big and a little bit soft anywheres though solar pads have like the big boxy played on his chest eighty eight he's there are certain quarterbacks joe
black oh you i'm meeting my right actually is one of them to wear every now and then they ll try to run and they'll too only forget the third the slowest people on earth so they try to get it going and then you'll see a linebacker like doing quite jog running six times faster than them and just punish the yet your flock would also he used to run out of his neighbors sometimes that you were sculptures make that thing exploding slide by yet the jets so adam gaze i don't know i think i think the word the punishment that the jets could give adam gaze is too i can continue continue to come the judge throughout the rest the seas i would say no i don't know why i'm cases even showing up money show up don't even to a game plan yet so stupid i mean gesture you can just recycle game plans at this point noble he's gonna tell the difference i should why an nfl coach like adam guess who as a to head coach job so you have to imagine what he's got it
like five six million dollars probably in the bank probably little bit more maybe a little more dependent does this money went up if i were out in case i blame there's some out i'm going to coach high school football and have a nice life like dominate ice the football i have an idea you given in moldova tonight right i did say dollar dotted dominate has worked in college you worked de three i'm saying highschool football maybe maybe go out like montana do what they don't have enough kids in high school play seven on seven yeah that in dominate that in just live your life keep him away from march manning maybe that's his grand scheme is like i'm gonna go down to new orleans and ruin arch manning's gas that is like the final boss of adam guess like if i can if i can destroy this absolute stud dislike this kid that everyone thinks it going be the one one in three years time then i will have accomplished my full form of adam baseness is he's back he is really bad ok next game eagle steelers great game
we got a my tom unquote alert he said the game the strength of the pact is the pack which should actually get tattoos with that strengthen the pack is parents like a fist you have your drinkers where the strength comes from well dude it's the pack so figured out but this game so what i want the eagles the steelers first chase play pool was incredible energy remind you them tom when and kevin colbert the gm they fine wide receivers no matter what it makes you realize just how bad lima swede must have been yes and how bad martinez bryant must have been well he had issues he has good he was really at issues but i so i went and i looked through it they have so they obviously have a few mrs but they ve redrafted a guy in the first round in almost every time they drafted guy he's like the sixth seventh or even later why receiver off the board so choose
claypole this year the anti johnson is pretty good it was good lashes like sixty catches in over sixty yards james washington in the second round two thousand eighteen june you in the second round into doubt seventeen a manual centres in the third in two thousand ten antonio brown and in in two thousand and six round and mike wall the third round into does not all they do is draft great receivers their average i combined them all their efforts you're picking the tent tenth receiver off the board and they find these guys so nobody like every time they pick a receiver all these guys got off the board in front of them and their like now we found the guy we want like claypole was the eleventh receiver pick this year and its italy's off is still weird to me thinking of pittsburgh is being a passing to re i still think like they're just go patrol by respecter at grind out like three point three yards precarious beat you know the difference they ve still got a really good difference
what is it i can there is not so great there is not not great right now black issue ass russia's good europe but do priests out their slinging haunters t j wot yeah so they also this is big ben coming off of not real by this is actually big been battling back from last week not getting to play football because another team macaroni viola let's wait you're pregnant lightly is big bends personal holocaust not be open football in not being told that he's not gonna be all play football until the last second right that was really like yeah you want to say like two hundred thousand plus americans dead whatever big ben how to buy we can't even those who have a by weak and desolate this week alex miss got in me bends comeback player the year for which he made a documentary for your consideration consent the big then for this warrior he got up age by alex smith so been like if i'm not gonna looks like come clear the years off the table
maybe maybe i'll just try to win the envy pig an dec our big verify watch like games like tat such a pussy i guess i even our injury he's like other that before i talk to my doctor you said there were five other quarterbacks that have the same injury art so the eagles i actually this for eagles bad you lose the steelers pot you have a wind today like overall has the child i still very bad the washing football team is very bad and then prescott goes down and guess what course whence look look he's kind of figured it out like he's kind of fixed whatever was happening first she weeks where he was god awful because he still got no one to throw do besides travis full them who shot him he's like a star now but one get a few guys back i the eagles either
we talk about the eagles unlike five weeks we like to look at this team dealing so much better there's also something about once when he runs his body gets longer so like when he's diving forward he gets like extremely has on collar murray's body its wide yeah get yeah you're right he does get older senators ie does this year he put his arms out to this house he looks like one of those characters from mario brothers lagoon bus ride carson whence he grows out so he turns into like the inflatable man guy goes always going and then work i've directly for it for what you want about carson whence but he's i guess the exact right amount of dumb where he hasn't realized like oh this is how i always get injured something to keep doing this and it is what makes them good bye he's looking like he's like eighty percent of what carson once used to be it but you if you are eagles fan you're freaking out in the first couple weeks like what the fuck is going on i yet fixed everything one is hell merrymen wasn't really his fault so he's i i really do think of your and eagles fan sitting here on sunday night after week five year
you're waiting this division neo mary mary competent saying he'll mary was another one of this place i feel smart play because i was like they should abandon that down the because like a sixty yards sweating rights dance fourth down staff should not of intercepting should i hit the ball into the ground but its staff you haven't i felt smart when i write he should not a pick that off so the steelers big test next weekend browser to refund but the overall that gives me this is one of the best games we had today zero sum games it were really does mean the cardinals jets the ravens game like there's this one actually back and forth fund a watch and the eagles they were dead third quarter and they came back and scored fifteen points in a row and i think if you like every it's kind of fucked up for the eagles right now they have so many injuries are the only thing that has injuries though the only team the forgot to turn injuries off before the seasons nodded so with everything that's happened to but the season i really
you think you you're sitting there saying we're in a good spot yeah i was suggested rule change they came out of this game so i think i think it was carson whence the through pass the ball like not to the ground it bounced twice and then got picked up by the steelers defence and return like it was an interception fumble if you do that to an opposing quarterback in the ball is very clearly intercept past the the quarterback should be allowed to kick the kind and nuts for running i feel now everybody think that it was interception are fumble or so like that when a very clearly what i love those guys get too excited i feel cheated their moment i feel cheated right and they looked back and otherwise no one chase me like well because the whistle blue and the ball hit the ground five time you know what you can sell that's that's a whole over from a well coach team in training camp writer like any time there's a ball you run to the indian show judge run all the way through or else you can we run away i see ass you feel its joe judge leaking through there is also the teams that have their entire kick off team spirit through the ins five
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there is not a hand wringing people were very nervous forum i was happy form because there is a lot of people like projecting like out with you have so much money why are you doing this he clearly wants to e one proved himself back it's a great story now i yes my question you phd like at what point can we criticise play not yet ok now yet perfect i wasn't going i think he had thirty six large passing they were the thirty six most glorious yard i wasn't gonna say only that around twenty six plays of them and they will gain a twenty five year no we're not going the fact no one complete was over six zero yards zambian cat the most important saturday young healthy heart the heart his heart was off the charge was incredible eighty spent maria it is possible to feel good for alex smith will also feeling extremely comfortable watching him get back and the first time like watching a russian bridge walking video right like you watch you're damn those guys that is fucking credible meanwhile your hands
sweating i liked it was hurt i like the russians climb up to that of the buildings from saying is going off get those yes that's the video like it felt like alex miss first couple beckoned should win sponsored by redbook because they were just like is extra as for watching it you don't know what's going to happen when errand donald like jumped on its sixth i held my breath so that's all i know you're actually the best part of the day for alex media is that he got sacks exxon could cause billing nervous about rouse more talking to people like why are you doing this like this is so stupid this fucking idiot football guy look is doing this for good i know he loves boy like you i wanted to get back it is worrying over too it is very wash in football team that to feel good store their day was that there are their quarterback didn get another massive or his leg after having seventeen surgeries he also the joint ask using is so weird yet diarrhoea big cats who twin asking
that's why wasn't there is no other reason it's yet it's a stomach virus kyle island ok he score to touchdown use fine put out smith again great story very happy form he's not a starting quarterback anymore so your basically saying like you can't make the argue dwayne haskins haskins is worse than the other two so what's up he had diarrhoea today as i already said in and watching him out there with diary i would be more uncomfortable why man going through bubble got than i was watching alex smith play on like half of the leg is wages uses are because you said yourself like outlined are doing for the end of sea east it's all its everyone socks wherein evaluate i'm already said that the reverse and evaluation of this which means that we can lose every single game it doesn't make a difference because we're not plainer way think but it is in perspective probably wasn't a good idea to do after guy because your owners son was friends with them
these are the cowboys have done by it's not it's not a proven track record and i'll be us i wanted to ask if i was very excited when they drafted mostly because like he was a good quarter back in college and because he was local guy in dc so my reasons for wanting and drafted were not call myself a like a draft nick milk hyper get mad at me for my reasons why monitoring but i think best case scenario on hours i just try to trade and try to get other maybe with josh rosen i think he had a second round of our chosen played one year yet but his i would say it ass it is now in a second but he i don't think he's played sixteen games yet know what i'm saying like it's too true it's another year and whose contract i'm telling you by year by games right but i'm saying the contract matters like if you're gonna trade for a guy who you're hoping becomes a guy yeah like a guy becomes a duty bright you like and josh rosen would probably be yes you got me a second year going to send you maybe and pick up bad habits clearly to it
it has been on foot football team for too long if you were to get more that's really how the market value says like how long were you on the football dry and your value decree to appoint you but i think dwayne haskins is played like yet this five games into your two so if you went to another team and played a little bit this year might be worth a second round pick if if if football team get a second round pig for doing haskins i'll be happy with them i wish him the best that's really was there another thing that's the story being a football team fan is like my biggest highlights have been rooting for guys it used to be on the football team here to do well when they get a new form of using the changes it in i might be wrong put josh rose in like like all they're gonna draft kyler so like maybe the cardinals are trading not not because he's bab because if someone else whereas redskins ever officially just been like he saw
yeah we don't like so yes where they live they ve sunk their own their own equity here yeah well that's what we do get me have done that repeatedly so what you're saying is his trade value would increase if we draft another quarterback that would be as replace gave you i didn't play in other game right and now you might be ruined because french them for alex smith who will know in reality we bench infer carlisle and reaction played well when he was agnes and the whole thing like you needed to draft a guy while he was still the starter since gonna shock you to realize it but to football team is mismanaged yet another quarter back at this political backs week one when you are like this steam might be good listen where a game and a half out of first through its true in the hunt and right right now and this is and you never know i don't want to defeat is phd not thou this could be some special we'll be crazy like if we win if we went ex games this year we're gonna be in the hot working in that throughout the entire in if the eu is going to be in the hunt really
how can we everybody's play off picture because your ass you like the the one twelve giant still being mathematically arrive at right here medically live that would be that's you for me as if a body for yeah of course always talking about the euro be if you can be in the graphic by evil after thanksgiving dinner hugh jihad is huge i do want to say like i've i've dawn mentally as more sharp advised me to have moved on from doing asking i'm focusing now either entre lance i know you like tree lancelot right like the name it's cool i just said tray lancelot pretend berman's for three years now here are i wanted the pound tighten from auburn yes he's sick ass thou while kennedy was running kyle pits is who you really want from florida he's an awesome tightened de rams i feel like they played these coasts every single week so soccer them looking at the schedule right now did you have
we need a dolphin so unlike three weeks so i guess i'll just be back we need to talk about jerk off spike yet paragraph is raining chaired we love you despite would hank might say are you it was raining you got to be joan yeah you know i'll say their say something nice but you have you got in tom brady my fancy team and jeered as my starter ok oh yeah well tom no doesn't know boiled in losing was i actually think that tub radiation is more sooner than we think he tat he was about to be the start of the fourth quarter that's why put the forza p forgot that porthos probably got like water borne by our guerrero after that game feeling you need to drink more water yet our brain doesn't work and we're gonna flood you know we're going to drive you it is our internally perjured say something nice but jerk off spike d like tat he had were basically like through the ball straight up into the air
a better than her cousins fumbles that yes it looked slightly better than those yes it's actually just pull up the game is gas tt run is much better than a celebratory spike damn it was raining wet style guess what you got the end zone you knew every want what you get the ads are next up bengals ravens this game socks it was just the ravens weren't cruise control i feel bad for job well you scared the shit out out of them a green quit on the team that highlight we don't know i don't see down oh you didn't know he jobs through an interception eighty green how are we gonna call it but even try and then marlon everything was one who got it was running it back in asia we were standing next to him started running almost like he looked like he was looking to block someone to free like he had no interest whatsoever tackling him when he was standing right next to like it total i'm good
upon this season i'm giving up on this team i'm out see later i'm your blame the football crowborough said last week he didn't you want except the gamble because that football had to me good plays left in it i think got a bad bolted i watch this watches tell me tech guy yeah groom seal you see how we run ass likes just run ass it all up it was so so bad so i dont know what the hell that's about probably heard ankle beget he listened he just start running right next to him it doesn't even want like he he turns like i don't want to have any he was guarding it's the lateral here he's not here that iranian traveller looking the other way as well yeah generated irregularly running let's play you was the rough for avoiding market has a large acta here's what we're trying to hit lamar jackson
fell down to the side because this would defenders do when they were they try to tackle in the open field where are you like this simultaneously turbo through patel tonnages crumpled to the ground thousand that was highlighted the game was the rough falling when lamar jackson ran by him yes hake by the way if you wanna get your swag back as you know came newtons been out the pigeon played they lost last year to the chief you better start like patriots fan of thing of whoa ager green we're in tray for asia green is your game we look at the patriots because i think he does want to be traded rotten baby here have ross radio this gave sock though the rivers but again father the ravens will ship pump inferior import upon this was never in doubt game where joe bureau had no chance because the ravens defence like date thereby the ravens are boys i think that even there's also liked to hit joe borough yeah
well because it might know how do they might to test and yet they like to tell them they might just it might be a crime of opportunity because it off into lined it's just absolute atrocious how much is it sucks like i think patrick queen picked off joe borough yeah how much this sucker like oh um i want from a national champion to achieve it can it be in the class and like a one or two seed and you're on the bank how do the raven they all work after ravens always draft a player where it's like oh yeah holy shit how's act i still haven't sets a great pick from them yet jake cheeky dobbins awesome be this game who their suited the ravens have our when you start as for the eagles next that's that doesn't fall under my think they certainly little to free i to be like completely inferior in that respect i think they're gonna be the eagle sexually they don't play some bad teams until later in the season next up job where's texans we wrong by the way
we are a little tickler her about four particular file on this we will he bash romeo coronel as an interim head coach say he doesn't have the possess he doesn't have the call to piss in vinegar i forgot you thanks what is he's three and one thousand interim head coach so he's close he's teetering on being like we sarpedon romeo produce an interim head coach too forgot when he was the chief censure med coach he beat the packers broke their like eating game when shriek nightingale when shriek romeo what might be a good internet coach you might be a bit o brien one does i think in this case it was more just like we don't have billow briny more could have been literally anyone well in more than that i think it was there the jaguars because the jaguars they were playing like cited from action to combat the jaguars arm action there miss kicks they they miss to kicks then because they missed you kicks they had good they went for a fourth and like i don't know forefinger
from the ape and it was that hilarious mumble that was what was this play what is going on there just it's gonna get sand i think there's a pretty simple metric that you can look at when you're figure out if a team is just like woefully bad just a franchise if its being run really really badly and that's how many consecutive years do they haven't off kicking situation yeah the opposite seems a good teams good franchises at the minimum keep a kick over three years right but teams like the jaguars are the football team going through kick their there there tickers they could have a jersey like the brown sat for quarterbacks for all the kicker that they cycle through were the jaguars i think is like their fifth or sixth ring kicker this policy it's pretty bad how do i do think that that just bomb philips hat and a set could probably one this game like i would have played harder i great for a dead head coach than for belabour i agree i agree so near the this was a
stinker forget my again we heads of a few weird stinker games and this was one of them i really have anything else on it besides the fact that the text and when a couple games now maybe taxes are running for the best worse team yes my power rankings are the best worse teams tied it number one vikings and texts okay i took the charter should be in there i dont think that there were the worst seems a put there and three yeah that's better better than the windlass i like a where are they have won wax davies to taxes rankings or come screwed up the vikings loss today the texans one today so you're still tied in rwanda yeah the taxes that big there's just weird stupid team in addition watson is incredible half the time and then have time he'll throw a wide open receiver right at their shins at a million miles an hour tractive of a head job head coaching job do you think the texans are compared to the falcons i don't know i think
there there more attractive but you also have to i'd say more attractive altar boy doesn't fire people though like it took him forever to fire didn't kill anybody creeps you out all the time yeah put i would i would always take everyone says that you need a franchise quarterback even owner this is way too stupid and oil that always can play for the images i'll get to whose pumps hanging out next arthur blank imagining could i smooth more in the in the meeting with the owners cause if you get the if you the owner in your back pocket as an edifice head coach you can stay on forever yeah i don't know it really is the key peep ass runs the honor he'll never fiery i just would not want to be best friends at arthur blake now they'll be worse now being created here but also private sea like cool shit they need radical book afterwards he'd probably ghost story you know what he probably does like when he's pull out all the stops he's here he doesn't give a ghost tour of mercedes benz superdome he's a check this out i know it's sunday but i got there
but he cheerfully brightly goes and makes some chick fuller put their actually not chicks lace like the their ghosts through actually poisoned and now you're under my spell right and you're never gonna u ever gonna go foreign fourth down from the ten your line ever again it's actually there there baby fetuses include on his right out the door i can see that yet hey i tol forty nine fits fitzpatrick like should the dolphin straight to a i was wondering i mean i'm joking but through for three or four years and three tons of dolphins go eighty eight our union starts to an excellent bits ravaged energized quarter battle think that you can fuck he was so good and i what's going on with the voting honours like that their hang over is officially the worst hang over him well jimmy droplets stuck out loud today and think bodies coming back from injury you can be like what we brought him back to fast easy can that was not yet
if you can do that he's not healthy we rushed back you can save a little face because man receives i really don't see difference between jimmy grapple oh nick moments in situ bath but there why i sent a letter was bad to turn their all you can start either one of em in any game and i don't get the lines like home how many points you think jimmy problem is worth a good starting point jimmy grab law i probably appoint their essentially the same quarter very deferred both arrives and they organise your car that's really what's killing them as their differences just ravaged by injuries and i do not mean the debt and if u s a miserable a miserable division play apply because every team is good or above the competent level so that was asked i can now forty three seventeen was never even close ryan floors might be good had goat i think he's a very good catch i think he might because echo at coaching doesn't have a mean a building talent there but there they
they are competitive in every game like they might lose games by a lot of them people and put it's not you know when you watch a blow out but like they're trying in there in their fighting in there are giving up the when they get when they lose badly there still have that and they ve got some they get a shitload of draft pics on fair the budget this year be yes i think they have actions traffic's yeah they did last year they the mecca fitzpatrick trade and also the who's the bomb guy murmured cancel their it actually asking ottoman project i discovered he so the day and they do i think they do have it and they have to they have to which i don't take me to double down trade to get even more picks i'm looking there ya mean the i have been in every single gate therein that guy gets patriots week what they lost by through the bills
they are in that seahawks came to the fourth quarter yeah data whenever it every game they were taking last year there were still a team that was like ok we're gonna become but we're going to make it look like we're not tat there are some games are sure they got the ship we asked for the most yards every act worthy teen that's perfect attacking measures to dolphins makes us not just the dolphins was fitzpatrick perhaps we can only be so lucky seven teams in may have the jets twice they have the bangles that stick the valley the patriots in the chiefs it's tough and that's where the ramps fuck we need like two more bad the broncos they have the gets twice broncos and the bangles slept four winds so now there sit kin they get i wish you the rest of it can they get or say eight nate maybe yeah i need my knocking no programme the f c i put lets us of their needs three more wins out of these opponents rams cardinals
charger visa cardinals cartels are a candy ass team up rams at cardinals chargers chiefs patriot at raiders bills two more wins out of that the finnish aid me yeah i think that the good news is actually i'm getting excited from fitzpatrick may make the pleasure is a fun thought experiment to be like if you dolphins and you clearly love amassing draft pics like you got rid of you're always rebuilding as long as bilbil cherkis coaching that division you can get away with being and rebuild mode four probably like four seasons without anybody really starting to figure out like can you not early making any moves yet so if you keep fits patrick as distorting quarterback and the just get like a shit load a first round draft pics you could probably start fancy for another like year your ears i view the three years and then maybe draft another quarter back behind them that guy out because there's not a there's no ricky that's gonna show up and people
but be rhine fitzpatrick on training can't because i'm convinced that fits patrick knows how to like act like he's being a good mentor right of the youngest but secretly train them wrong as a joke to fuck em up and you have to trust me because you at harvard exactly so there you go prime fitzpatrick in the plans for the dolphins let's make what's actually find that bet on the parcel sports vocalist going on the dolphins to make the playoffs like it could happen i could see i could see now say bed in every game yeah nine seven might not get them in the area of sea so tough thou raiders games gonna pretty much better decided because you look if look the afc right now the entirety of sea north has for forward except for the the bangles there's three teams are therefore one or better and then you still here that the tightens the calls the chiefs the raiders the bills the patriots dopamine there's fuck come on dolphins we have become a dolphins podcast pretty fuckin for
now i wonder how the european project is formed a watch go out and throw six picks next week that's funny yeah but it's gonna sock for adult dolphins future that we have put in your john bruton where they wanted ills what dogs and they have ceased here we liked while the bills are the bills are like our greyhound dolphins are much like the bills are our labrador dolphins our little fucking but that we found behind it a trash the rescue hank yet though the bills are beautiful you know what happened beautiful golden retriever with beautiful hair that we just brush all day as oh yap and dog comes it shows up like you got spunk will let you hang out you know what happened we were just fostering the dolphins for a while and they grew on us we're trying to find a good home for him try to pass them off try to make jake really fall in love with his native dolphins and realize we love him too much to let him go and then also i like the steelers but whatever before we get the next game
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i assume that games left rounds colts course court coding nike doing went in did you see cody party after e after he kicked the ball he was watching it like a hawk it hit the first operate and everybody else extorted celebrate because they knew that it was bouncing off and going in cooties eyes were locked up all making sure it did not hit the crossbar and it was made by like seven eight yards sawhorse mobility we where was needed and put our yet the browns first form one starts and ninety ninety four when bilbil checking nick saving were on the coaching staff it's crazy scrape the browns might be good they look why don't we get steelers they look really get well here's a fund that i saw this from new cars on twitter he said baker mayfield has officially surpassed been ruthless burger as the winning is active quarterback at four
energy slovak cleveland there we go even back how yes finally so that gives gonna be awesome would i dont like is the sad brown stats that are starting to become normal again so the sad brown stats that we're all used to like others the first time that the brown of one in october at home since eighteen seventy four whatever your they always have these ones alike were way waiver worn wants is ninety nine if yet today the big sad brown stats we're like oh that's the first pick six other given up sir arthur first pick six if they returned all the way back and weak fifteen of last year through shorn become normal right and i missed the sad brown stats are gonna hold on this will have any goods sad brown stats police in them more way because i need aid to hold onto that for little but yes i agree so the browns might be good they haven't emma we talked about it last week they run the ball they had a balance attack baker made him couple mistakes but he also i think through rover two fifty so
guess what the in miles geared is so good their deeper the breadth events is not great but miles garret is one of them players in the nfl yo it like i would rather have a defence it's not good with one exceptional player then a deeper so just like air all across the board there is at least miles garret you can you can have a game words like oh he's gonna yes last week the difference of scheme that their running had basically your standard for down linemen for whatever reason they were double teeming every single pass russia except for miles yet is it the cowboys gayety i was in their double teeming everybody except for miles garret today they said let's get fucking crazy within they brought this weird formation a couple times where they all their down lyman way after the side like starting on the outside shoulder of the of the guard and then just had myles garrick gulp against three guys we're going
force you to at least double t mouse garret maybe even frivolty so we can get like one of these other guys you get something we vile of air vernon miser what needs to feel respected and after the other seething end of a double team every now and again but you're smart he is he's really good stuff ascii i think severity is a smarter more he's a smarter person knows when pretty kitchen yea smarties wastewater them ranging so i e the browser good browser good the court's i don't know i mean that there are various leonard whose young you can't go the cold defence algeria leonard out there i he's a culture decent but feel river still his bill rivers result he's forever shoe screamin i if you buy if you to buy one team and i obviously were playing just the results from this this game but if you had a pie one team higher ceiling this year i think it's the bronze
yet i would probably browns is their division here the revision self in this game against the steel door and certainly place right now huge huge huge you would you like to press the browser another one of our teams yes now we ve got twelve there they have see player half of the sea and i feel confident we just please get philip rivers macduff forever game you can put it on a live stream because you know he's not gonna cost up he's knocker seizing inappropriate in he might i he's probably like talkin trash o dell becum like a bunch of messy how'd you like to get messed on your chest her you like her do you like the ladys it definitely oliver you saw you're sorry no way he knows that story or eat us nowhere does it because philip rivers now re trashed honour not know he's not online enough there's no way think that summary of ran along it now i don't exist or in front of phil rivers out of respect for a father twelve for style me sit there and shakes his head like doesn't it well you know but i bet you fill rivers can't even imagined
wait on want shooting on someone chastity tastes like all the joke like a tick tock say that some tik tok me want each other he makes girl just take stinky on your nipples that's like weird man dosage oh jerry jones john bruton this weariness s weird man he said to me make the only thing i always political rivers screaming i just assume they say you're sorry we all sars we are and play its always end up either jerry jones my agreement with chile or jelly orderly is he again to be shed on its way cowboys giants to finish off dec we're not even cowboys fans and we feel bad as a foot baltic thin we so we went i found a say like i'm room for doubt yeah we found the ultimate thou because we ve been making a show for many years about
people whenever there's a horrific injury they have to tie may say listen i refer the eagles but even i feel bad for tackling thank you for qualifying how high but it was freed up sick human emotion to feel bad for someone's ache but it was sideways on national tell within about five seconds there were the representatives from every single tee i say packers fan coming into these here kid not is wrong to say i'm very sorry i wholly also recovery but i found the ultimate d we reach a new level i said myself yugoslav people who have been taken a stance in the not watching sports anymore and there were i served retreating people who don't either what football anymore but they heard about dac instantly and they feel bad yeah they want to send their prayers listen i don't watch
the sports ball but even as somebody that doesn't pay attention ass letting it it's your god for man whose hurt ever since colleague capitan cup lack bald or ever since i started kneeling you get both sides yeah i don't watch this sport but i i happen to have cbs on it like five o clock this afternoon i saw dax ankle go sideways but you know say my thoughts a person skip aliases like listen i'm not fan of mental health but i still feel bad for jack press has hurting are like skipper resource get bayliss was he was all over the map today he didn't know how to handle his most well he had become wrong yeah yeah he was thinking ahead to later on that other skippers what we really want is tweet was like you thought jack was depressed before yeah he was not going to get in trouble for this but dallas cowboys quarterbacks can't break the wrinkles that's what skip pointed yes yes it some sort socked but eighty dawn came in and eighty odin
happy aliens back in our life dalton should be decent on this count misty like eighty dollars the bugaboo with any dullness always he's one of those guys and we ve talked worms liked her cousins you can lose a bunch of guys who you based they make the argument if everything's right they can be good everything on the opposite side bar maybe they're off it's a lie but he has every single weapon he's got the best weapon these ever had running game everything should be ok for any gotten to actually thought any made a great pass integrate catch to by michael gallop whose the unheralded star there cowboys or to know in any don games here is the perfect might mccarthy quarterback because he will all the shit that you throughout my regards again can scream adam and treat him like a pile of mud in any dawn will never publicly go up against his head coach madge like a spot you measure on winning a sou cowboys i still think he looks weird act
i was just say looks wherein the helmet devices it's pretty slick on it yeah that's it as any dawn to point oh i do feel bad for jack velvet socks yeah it such as because he's a fun player to war patch and then yeah being the cowboys their defence they made the giants look competent offensively it is very hard to do giants turn to you guys i would say by two minutes in the second quarter the giant at seventeen point that was the most points escort all you're in a game two minutes into the second quarter that's what the cowboys do for you joe judge i'm sure he's gonna look in the mirror and i active blue collar ways but the new york s new york eyes first time ever their combined oh intend to start sees joe he's gotta bring the launch pill does which will judge us to do here your issue team lunch pails and saw one of those clocking clock out things at the facility bring back to the blue collar ways i will complement daniel jones he is an incredible in
throw away quarter bah when he's with airmail fifteen twenty yards of the golan and he doesn't like his first read he's put it better the approach that while he's doin it nine ten yards up we'll just because he also his clock is internal clock is the worst water he'd he stands there that's why you always fumbles so i'll stand there and ever we covered for a good eight minutes and then it was okay now i'm going to launch nothing there's if there's nothing that hits quite like a daniel jones throw away he is he's probably the best quarterback in the nfl at doing that he's got a rock i did see a new species on the wild on twitter related to the deck injury the person who says i just are the dac injury but i'm not gonna posted here yes sir do you gotta reposted push wants you know it's true i just watch the dac injury please don't tweeted out yes i'm not gonna we post thank you for your service i've smashing the retweet button on a guy's fibula poking through is like tat was all time
with tony roby unlike maybe just a cramp and then they like we we all want to show this again as they showed it again in slow motion you're gonna watch we have had this discussion but the first one i vividly remember will spur gay men one must regain the canadian have like replace like they do now so that was a oh my god how the fuck today urban areas like the year two thousand so nothing in it but they didn't replay it from seventeen different ain't no we we like we were wanting listen back in my day we got one reply of wills and we like to say this i don't know no you're absolutely right but with a deck prescott thing yet they they showed issues i think that people should watch replay too are they should watch it because if you enjoy football you need to know what they do go through like what what can happen if somebody on any given play to understand and they like it puts into perspective
his his contract discussion there he was having like oh you do like a human thing i'm saying like you should watch it no i'm watching it because i like to watch gruesome thing ok i'm saying you watch escape orders they break their legs that's that's it i watch those video way funnier when somebody gets their legs broken for free then it is like on sunday at that point i take it very seriously the arriving jerry lot travis do a real grand and like stop sign splits opened scrotum that's fucking for listen neck injuries no thank you but any type of broken bone pew video impalement non law is threatening a watch ah replay shut up shut up to mike nolan removed the silence yeah so like no one who moved out of sight in werner didn't although they won the game is move back up they won t be moose the other sideline now onward my big questions it extends over the opposing offers of corridors shoal as you say coaches the opposing defects that would probably here help our lot
but how bad most earl i must be how bad must is the current situation be the cowboys have brought him and yet he asked me pretty bad because they brought in adam smith they brought in gregg hardy well he might be asking for too much money tab ip that may not have enough money that's it that's actually not about imagine that's pretty was he's probably didn't pay this year by the ravens right to assert our i don't work see that we're not for encouraging there's there's a chance a jury jones doesn't know that rural thomas's available yet so many times because if rural thomas showed up on sunday just wearing a cowboys uniform during those years ago we had a ballplayer good worried when i left get you d on before we do that quick word from our sponsors whoop yet whoop what we and where my whip are you anyway i'm where my take you anyway
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take and you're gonna get fifteen percent off go to warp that's w h o o p that come in from a could take a check out save fifteen percent has gone through the charity five guy i'm out i do thirty five k longer is who knows depends on what day the wickedness one days ago monitor if a participative two's ineffable wednesdays its waiver wire day thirty it's thursday football fridays drunk saturdays and hung over sundays i find it i'll find a time that works for me i'll do the job five k for what for the empty anderson cancer centre so check him out promo code take it check out when you get a whooping dot com you can save fifteen percent off sleep better recover faster train smarter enjoying our to help raise money for india anderson this october are we now well come on our friend colleague coach prime in the gym sore we what are you lifting none i'll just gesture i try to make a call
back as your falcons are god awful why you know what i know what i did i know my mistake i believe and i bet you guys do sometimes all my pigs i think the way it on a football show i picked another way kind and i what i want the new to say back when i call it is more as it get out about a week ago we don't do it and you told me to stay qualities in anything like that i wonder what happened what changed between earlier this week in this morning you just woke up with a feeling you like oh it's sunday what am i doing betting on the balkans right what am i do a pig in a poke who use what am i doing is no way to go away the gives danbridge mr consistency yes and dan quantities of fish we ve been fired wilhelm has he got there no there there were like some report takes a likely to
i've been on monday or too they said like he's as good as fired but you're gonna nada he has fire i wish here but you know i was coming it's almost worse than they did this way words like hey dan far yet you can come into the office and make all your arrangements and of that long sad commute in knowing that you're about to be fired while so what is the right way i am also yoke is i guess dank when still has the job technic technically as this moment yeah they're saying now now people this this is my favorite part about the media today is that no one can wait till officially fired so the report is all but finalized that he is going to be fired tomorrow enable just running with so these violent acts yeah yeah he's got let's talk about the biggest story though obviously dac prescott the injury terrible terrible injury feel awful forum your wife
that game what what were you thinking went when you see him go down and then the cow who is being resilient and winning that game with an adult the first thing i was thinking about was i know when you're on a cart all those emotions do you mind in your taken to yourself man i probably should it took their long term view because how's this gonna really play out yet although stupid thoughts like that go through your mind i've been there done that its goals or you might like what's next are you gonna ever be the same are you going to rehab if you're going to be as strong as you go to be are you going to be as good all those thoughts are going through his back you know jerry jones pretty well i would imagine i had either thought jury is at least stage in his life he seems to have come to become very much a players owner it would not shocked me jerry jones still made deck a big contract offer
this off season showing that he was not die deserves a bit contract over first and foremost he'd ease earned deserves it but there's still but you could have got more you you always get more when is enough enough so basle they he's got the blade anyone of the finnish does your strong yeah it's some probably south sounds callous i saw people on twitter been like now is not the time to about tax contracting his input europe's we human the human element of it is that's going through tax mind right now play what if game the hindsight showing twenty i will say this though the one part of two day and as bad as dax injury was ah what alex smith play house to give you like a little bit of hope a saying the injuries are not like they were thirty years ago this is not
russia is going to be back playing football at some point this isn't a career under he will be play again elders there's almost like a kind of a beautiful you know you know once you get hurt put a beautiful like message in their like you saw out with come back after horrific injury when deck has a horrific injury today the alex smith is one of my favorites in to see how it played out and he get back in there i was i mean uh like yes yes then is wonderful i love it and see how this thing is playing is gonna play out with that didn't you big in all the crazy don't go to management in hours my i like it the the cowboys finnish aid eight six and ten what are you do you do you go in the draft that you love every evident what what are you don't all sculpture gonna go to circulate yeah duking you got away every
do you think that andy dalton a guy they're gonna ride with amend it it was yard in rhetoric back for them to go out and get an you know he has been started quarterback for it seems like thirty years in the unifil but based the small amount that you saw them today you think you gonna take a ride with that or do you think you're gonna bring somebody else's well what are you gonna break into the back of the adjacent gaze andy goes down but there was a great move like when you look at how it played out you say you take the job steve jobs done a great job anticipate what could possibly happen happen in steel get your team to lay a guard that started on numerous amount a game that can handle the attention of being the dallas cowboys quarterback and get the job done salmon tanks you're from up from a player standpoint if you haven't seen made suffered injury like that how do you move on from it does it take like you have a short like quick discussion out and then you say okay with that aside will deal with it later how did it
get your focus at that point without note thinking too much about the fact of now we just saw starting quarterback go down with a severe ankle injury or because your leader is it's such a guy did you have hoping got it did you follow a guide in the face of your french ass those looked upper when is that gap but did you got a girl buckle backup and played and exploit like it never happened that's the thing about professional sports guys get hurt in practice they gas get hurt and precision guys get hurt onto disregard accidents and incidents all the time so does show must go and estimates it out it yeah the arm the other big take where i had from this sunday is the forty nine is your other team ah now they have a ton of injuries but it does feel like the superbowl hang over or that you know the curse the superbowl kind of feels real here where it's a snake bitten year you ever
you want to bore you want it pot do you believe in in getting there falling short and then the next year having a hard time getting back up to that level no no the thing about it whenever you will even have you then when insuperable which one and made it to the superbowl you loose players you you loose candidate that hunger and thirst some guys because some guys blow up in all season and they start getting better deals and all feel endeavours and they get us real estate book the nucleus of your team as a state book there that they have a lot of injuries man and tell me what happened would grow uploading betsy yeah yeah he threw through with a word on her cousins division yater that's why we gotta be careful would put seize on these guys chest how did you get a captain
well you can say i would imagine caution in its not a benchmarking of he's benched going forward it say he's coming back from an injury is just my my guess he's coming back an injury or down thirty points or what for twenty five points knock knocking let him get injured more let's sit him down this guy he was a wash let's go to the next week that's my guess the average number thirty you down but thirty some do it yeah anderson ever thinking as a team me how can we pay a got twenty to thirty meal and you bitch him and he's the captain and idle and you won't be looked up to now how in the world is that fashionable why in hockey it happens a lot if there's a got into this having like a bad game you know like sometimes you get you got to europe's you had a bad day but in football it's like with that position
it means a lot more if you take that person of the game you're sending a message to that person saying like we don't think that you're the guy that can get it done and then it becomes a big question who's going to start the next game hockey i think it's more like ok we can accept the fact that players have add days sometimes but if you're jimmy popular like this is is going to be sticking your head like that's it's embarrassing what happened to him today and i don't know if he's going to be able to bounce back if they're gonna have i an open competition between him a moment and in seeking a better next week but it makes you think about ok because last year i was talking to all season did they did entertained the brady situation they entertain some other situations now you're taking ok however displays out are you gonna entertain other situations in conflict situations and also because it seems as though he had not one hundred percent so do you got it back here
no way you bitch eight twenty to thirty million dollars waterway yeah yeah i know it's true it's a weird spot to be and now for the forty nine is like that locker is going to be very interesting on tuesday whenever they get back d i have one last question we joke about this all the time she closing the raiders is there such a thing as a blueprint game now really devil does the match up gang like some people just really match up good in other team some cultures have history against other themes just like alabama miss right ok you know because you got history man they just match up well grown grown as history they would any right it's true it's a good point in they do have the office of line in the running game they can you help take the right of the game against patrimonial move so
the blueprint gave just a match up came this measure gulch is being very familiar one of one another scheme in the timing of man that that's what happens sometimes it happens weight so as a coach yourself do you if you know you know that opponent if you know the opponent really well do you start playing mind games with yourself or your like i know them they know me they think i'm going to do but then i will do the opposite but then they think i'm a do the opposite somber do the original thing now you beaten yourself you just go no that's how i would do it it's like when i presented to you just get paralyzed with thought you did you go and i can't do it i just gotta go demonstrates i'm excited for that takes it are gonna come out saying is it a good thing that the chiefs lost this early in the seas and that we now have to worry about going sixteen o everybody talking to him later on in the season oh yeah to perfect season gone gives any starting
that too much and then that place my games with me what about the dirt dolphins router yeah come over their girl they're good feisty the dolphins are good and good day private forest good coach that's a failure he's easy armor he's got a bad roster and the rebuilding and he's it feels like the dolphins every for weeks there in one of these gains words like whoa what are the dolphins during man they look good is bits magic baby drake still go have you ever been pumped ached out by quarterback like thirteen it's down field like fifty likes to throw that pump vague like he's going attempt to four patter hacker is already gone the virginia as a final note book yeah a blue you wouldn't plan that would you be brave men men anywhere would come up anyway this idea on take you as always get that lived in
appreciate it i must try to find you getting pump vacant posts there was one of the name see how we all abroad how do you know there's not a gate there's no bass walk he keyser mortar ran out i'm saying right now the game surrender heat by twelve i didn't even others basketball game on gave all right now now that's not right i got baseball and ban football that's all i see your black sea god crucial catch oh by the way as being crucial catch does i tomlins what should i know went to bring this up and in the steelers recap every he puts out like their version of the cancer awareness raising money for cancer charities sweater and they all say different things on a says like for example with washes wash in football team is like the type i colors on it pittsburgh just add pittsburgh is stronger than cancer oh they ve got it for a while yet that act as such an officer s i imagine that early probably through
therefore dozen users that travel abroad every year and they like in paris and others where sure this is pittsburgh is stronger than i am i imagine there are few users who are unfortunately get diagnosed with cancer and when the doktor says it they're like put your sent him from cancer is a jag off he how like there's no way my idea when i came in there is put on rum pit in drug while we have this great treatments and well i guess provided for i can just put on the sweatshirt i've side preference rising my sandwich i asked if they don't worry about it doc i let's get football guy the weak but will gather weak thereby philips roca one blade the only tool that can trim in shape any like the hair especially march one blade partial pack nationwide where you could win of two thousand dollars the marshal store aid if you have your football guy look we will see them tweet your funniest game the official or body here looks to part of my take upon my take using tribute to win it a chance to win a special plea empty experience like playing a round of mario party sitting in
episode recording or watch a thursday football game with us which using a new winter once a month yours style made simple philips norelco oneblade make sure you vote in tweet us trim it to win it have to trim it to win it at pardon my take you two philips morocco are philips roca one blade football guy the weak jake give us the nominees take sorry about your heat seven through the night bigger thing why you gotta be watching game seven tuesday night or game three of the elsie s which one will be unmade tv i'm going to be prepping frauds sorceress ping pong furthers the awhile i just got you ain't even got him doing the plugs over four i just want to say like the real winter we should give credit where you can talk about the champion when everyone do but bigger than basketball this point they didn't have a single confirmed kronos
this test for the entire time there when the bubble no co i think that that is more noteworthy than who ever happened to win the title does worry we can all agree on that right like i would almost be selfish a team to want to win the championship and take the shine away right from the leagues effort ryan batting global pandemic i wonder job forbore guy the weak starting auto stroke steelers won right i'm advance mcdonald who said he'd rather here he said how block all game and catch one ball he is north thing to say love it noted aim often of tiny the lawyers hard he poured the same person we can agree on that to know todd he know because sought heap we got introduce german in it hard knocks great all time neck heap but they were those injured here was a warrior heath was out there for well yes yes mcdonald every time you see him you easy like here nobody coffins attack ilium eichelberger bouquet
it will be the saudi continue to plan the irish has gained versus forty three despite suffering a brutal i enjoy isn't i won't weekly shot how many beers no i really well no one of the eu die like taken mallet to your dick to get it in the house how thin of a penis would it take it would have to be a piece of paper micro penis yes right here is entire face it when he gets smashed with a brick it was clear any played will be couldn't open is is entire left eye georgia letterbox sets in bennet for georgia's went over tennessee he said quote i think we covered tonight so that's good and quote furthermore guy i can imagine the compliance of civilians so nice but yet i did cover recession headed excellent quarterback them yes and i'm pairs of fort too i think
panthers though siege aubrey brady he tweets wonder now after every carolina went and nothing else and citizens start at long last we swedes lost that is what i like twitter as our full backing but he only uses its we want to know i like that so the eyewitness vote on nepal i'm trying to think yeah sure tat they were like the present agent and i call you know your coat european social media while agreeing aren't you are more prudently on social me like i'm just gonna tweet i would say they work it's like i know about all rather have like a hotels while that high where twitter account and all she was tweeting every week we just one found dacia ran yeah joe brady foundation and helps kids in something that's it i hope kids when national championships analyses yes whose back the weak dewey shall we i saw my talk about the lakers winning the nba my my whose back in a week we did you that we already talked about it
everyone you know people been saying whether non he's the goat up i've had some personally some not great things to say about him he wanted championship today i think it s an undisputed lies the goat i saw congrats are often a doll one the french open a day number thirteen number thirty doesn't around you i'd clay roaring ring here among us in a bubble here any other service besides quiet she code form no he's one of them used only in other areas twenty he woods all the fuckin place a world championships a world championship unless what happens in the bible had one of those that have the joker do he lost edam the ethics was most of you seven five young oh my god straight sets began doorways radio that's you hop bottles raphael doll all he does his wind for his clear rude he's just clay click i now go awry corona poorer and ask you to go lay he's
do he's one one too many major there's one more thing i six seven eight thirteen i rolling out thirteen out twenty emerald it on clot you'd want to only heard in two is his record whatever type yeah it's a gene code for he owners as has been it seven major does nothing to scoff at is more than seven please twenty total will have arisen joke which have now collect nine yourselves not less than seventeen by these light and years younger this is the point you guys can keep saying all you want but the fact is joke vision matter its own against veterans prime yeah or are you just doing that this below its true and young ladys ain't none of every time they all and they don't let her hands heartbeat each other on whose one the federal now know this that this that i do not know this that could
against me twenty nine twenty seven joe knowing the ok thank you know against better in our championships in jug and major chair made shaughnessy chiefs files wherever i this could go against me i don't know my tennis only then like joke fish gosh one wimbledon and i decided that i like that guy and i like the two they didn't rougher when they the grace way which is that today magic obeyed is why women like tender breaker like the debate one always talks about that debate is all i want an urgent rough ended the debate today he now unquestionable go in talk to these five years i my whose back in the weakest shortlist aerosmith surely jurists miss back i'm not sure why shortlist but he hasn't has assured on for twelve hours now so i shot out the shirt was jar psmith how are you win something now you just happy so how how big a party do you think you're smith is gonna personally have upon getting to exit the bubble
i want to go fuck and nuts for what he's gonna be celebrating not being in the bubble anymore out yes of your fellow gonna get a bomb a bubble are made to recreate what the bubble looked like the disney wild words were wide world of sports and just haven't permanently installed where's five place should be i agree i whose back to one is jason kid being a great coach cause i don't know who one tonight but i know jason kid was on staff so you in the final soon clearly a mistake by the box to fire that i absolutely is he now has a ring as a coach not a coach put a coach still s got pissy blah lags flair for every year energy on us his brother has won two yes that's right that's right my other whose back is teams not being back big began for the teams not being back texas and miami lose maybe get the shit out of texas key furiously back and fell short against oklahoma will have
just wait till next year we eleven six joker in grants i'm matches or not and therefore i neuro near not so patty unjustly had it starts interests this rod eleven once just setters brain all our line on television i saw ambrady why stats by beating him so although every so before that it will drive when a really counted wow let including this year's aussi open straight sets in the summer five how there was that what was that there should not be sixty five outriders other so start tea for tea in the lifetime hooker fed be joker which in iran slain was twenty twelve oh wow so twice jeanne roger federal or those living or thirty two years also to say that as far as prize like thirty i shall appoint note that such eyes that thriller wimbledon finals when it started in a row
that's too bad yemen the lakers one whatever do you have a whose back brooks blake what it would have always ban is physically but yes a masters coming up what are you disable your he you gotta get somebody predominant i was telling you was with some of the heat it really one yeah me no one expects them to get this far jimmy is a story is not going anywhere for the rest of his career is literally probably not going in israeli not leaving the bubble he's gonna stay in the bubble until he makes three hundred three pointers and lower than i am genus come and thorough people that it is for our time with the emir files but honestly tartu uniting have to and i also like don't know how to feel about the nba finals until chilled ratings come out once the ratings come out and i can see how many people watched in how popular it was then i will tell you if it was a good follows you know how many people watching person zero right so lesson was redesign more ethan collars and these are but i'm a raving sky like i can enjoy a sport
unless i know a lot of people are also watch leg if there are less people watching it than last year i'm out hank as much as i hate them i did this is fabulous conversation is is funny but ass rp adam on braun after and the debate is now woods thirty five year old the broad p twenty eight year old the brown let them fight each other i say well bronze had thirty five would but well yeah i advanced innovate she age i five year old leubronn would definitely when i say yes i fucking x men at this point got more dad strength tuesday and is happy for crucial aunt kate my man they see yeah white dwight current guess how i just never likely to wire like dwight casey p kuchma fuck nodded i love kuchma
block that whatever liberality began when it was with fans that's all i got to braun probably it was easier knowing that fewer people watching at home i really just wanna a game seven like maybe we get a four point four maybe we can get the bachelor i guess that segments comeback yellow nowhere in april on tuesday with the bronze save like he once we have that animals you act or something like the nfl gave vienna for game have as we will work we want a more robust i want my damn respect to who is giving them respect no one seriously like later no one no one's you people do little braun hater do the leubronn lovers did what does it brought us actual they know that were we ve never would like we got p i still think andrews better but like the bonds and credible one for titles
what did you say king funding in seeking say kings palace immediately to write and waited in geneva and like a million later than signs leubronn yeah i'll leave seven at her mother i liners like two years ago when they beat celtics nationals fuck yeah it's been it off it's kind of over four why once he won the the the ring in cleveland without after the vote for me i can sell this is like a kind of the big three kind of like he was back and forth you have a little and once you came back with the calves in what i ask her skull fuckin someone suicide once you wandering in cleveland its i ve been over since then like using its all is the second best player of all time that's really nice honesty lou daybreak gaiety go into the warriors thought what could have been a potential they run
i agree with that mother he private a lot he brought his appeared again say here is that you want to get a man but he is yes also if prolific movies like no roger federer of the mdgs leubronn noise leubronn enjoys losing the finals why would you do it so much he's done it six times is only one for finals he clearly likes doing one more than the other takes his foot off the gas at the show is got number you gotta we got a ah fighting billy did i love you i can't say now that i go yes living at helping the lakers wings you kept saying seventeen every time you said seventeen twenty two seventeen y know twenty she started to take in june twenty three inject fifty through some random guided said railroad what to look i was agreement which has been taken at eu level guys my fun factor the day or not i believe you it billy what
therefore i am of active today guys i animal fact of the today is sometimes when you rob toads pussy enough it will turn purple it died comes to dry old school love you guys said again hey you upload it to at the end what dickie distract he wrote a distract about me last week we talked about in the interview so i wrote to distract on him to motivate them to greatness in summary football guess think that a worked can we say that work is like george kiddos dad writing a letter on on any false sunday to motivate and might have to do this again some time to get out of my take it
did you get my point of mixing the south sea can bring her cousins heart like a creep our power guided savagely online p of cheese being made destroying actually essence inciting the planet biggest gonna look alarming i guess six back purple sandra crumbling your hollywood translates to editing seized and get your problem like nineteen seventeen better twice at risk as you can draw this affords repayments yourself when you are on a path to keep on your problem studio jfk it's only pickled you finished was passing gravest danger dog duration
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