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NFL Week 7 Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes & The Bengals Are For Real

2021-10-25 | 🔗
We start with the Fastest 2 minutes for Week 7. Recapping every game (00:02:27 - 00:08:10) Colts/49ers (00:08:10 - 00:14:55) Bengals/Ravens  (00:14:55 - 00:24:59) Chiefs/Titans (00:24:59 - 00:35:40) Packers/WFT (00:35:40 - 00:43:00) Patriots/Jets  (00:43:00 - 00:51:46) Falcons/Dolphins (00:51:46 - 00:58:51) Giants/Panthers (00:58:51 - 01:06:08) Cardinals/Texans (01:06:08 - 01:14:25) Bucs/Bears (01:14:25 - 01:23:22) Eagles/Raiders (01:23:22 - 01:29:40) Lions/Rams (01:29:40 - 01:36:32) We finish with Football guy of the week and who's back of the week including playoff baseball talk.
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But these pardon my take weeks, seven of the NFL we have fastest two minutes, we're gonna recap every game. The big storylines, maybe not the best weak, but we're going to make the most of it We also have whose back the week we have football guy, the weak, highschool football guy, the weak was playing a video in the background. That's ok, we're brought you our friends at me, Andy's me Andy's, with adventurous prince to choose from and plenty of ways to match every one in the family give your gratitude, some attitude, this skimming season with me on these. They have unease in lounge were made at a soft breathable. Stretching fabrics. It are perfect for everything from pre dinner activities Post inner nap seriously, you won't even care if the turkeys little dry with undies. This call trouble available in sizes. Extra small through four excel in tonnes,
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violence. None Its point might take this reform wasn't part of my take tail. Justified me on these today is Monday October. Twenty fifth weak seven
in the metal lands where Son of SAM Donald was seeing ghosts in talking to his dog and got locked up by a judge Daniel Jones and me catch me, a football Mister Jones believe in me help me believe anything, because I want a boy peace. Someone who believes who believes that was our good friends. The count and Kroes to real red Chile, bearers of the giants are fighting through scarred tissue to get in the wind column. Sam Donald saw the football in his hands and said, given away given away given away now giants, The five panthers three now observe tomorrow, where to Two in Romania, one wonder as come on champagne and up and go out right. Engage against the machine. Said fuck you. I won't do it. You quote around me at all Spanish wanta like themselves on fire like a buddhist monk after Watch
escape the Vulcans Authority, almost Pontiac some spread. in Fox borough, where MAC Man Jones got into a fit fighting, didn't need security to step in around the jets. This time, Michael men can't job has its owner Woody, Harrelson Johnson Lookin for the nearest ledge written You gotta know when to hold on no wonder bald in as Kendrick Rogers, born lit up the scoreboard all day, Robert saw LA la wait till I get my money right can't tell the patriots. Nothing. Has a jets continue to live in a beautiful, dark twisted fantasy. Don't stop the jets off patriots. Fifty four jets party what grumbling whose entire drop the Washington football team sang
I was gonna win the game, but then I was going to reach out and break the pipeline, but then I got now our two and five, but I know why why? Because I, because I got because I got a key partners. Before the watchword for voting time, job where, where Germano Chase Book and the bangles are rebranding into a positive for society as coach Mark Zuckerberg, Taylor is looking thick on his surfboard riding the way to the top of the F C North Sea, the drama, for example, as the bangles tightened, scored twice and talk to the hands. John Harbaugh has to work the word bongos out of his vocabulary as he'll be eating sad urban Meyer pizzas. After this one Bengal, Forty one ravens gee The very man.
nice, where MIKE that shit break that shit that's a rival has tightened balance. All our other partners want to find him today's Brown caught eight such a balls, and this loss is tough to swallow for their chiefs. The chiefs losing my party for shows you that China hidden given Sunday anything can happen. Tartans twenty seven, the Chiefs not bad, poor baby- and let me be the first to congratulate a young Tom Brady on his six hundred touchdown pass congrats on six Leonard Skinner for net broke the plane to soon boom. Blount, clip of equipment manager went up to a fan and said, give me back my bonus for Chicago. They call just in. Why do the bears even take the fields? Because man do these guys bucket sock box? Thirty eight bears three LAS Vegas where jail, and I will let you down
I will make you hard: follow the ball IKEA, nine edge nails, the bacterial produced for the writers, as both Jacek Communal Imo, Schmidt and Kenyan eighty drinking heart, both found the Ngos and the other I feel sure enough to Boston Stock came in for the departed miles, senders who might be needing a wooden leg, so I came entire pervert broke out between rich percent year and next year. Reality eagle fans hoping to remove their coach from office for his perverted use of personnel week in week out there are thirty three years. Twenty two we finish out West, in LOS Angeles, where Steely Dan Campbell call for a freak. Pont then said Do it again, as alliance showed up to do dirty work against Errand Donald Fagin in the Rams deepens but ultimately were only able to score hey nineteen Point Anderson Cooper CUP
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if you're, trying to refinance called them, go to cross country mortgage our complex partial, to learn more about your future home by experience or refinance your current mortgage country more jealousy animal S, three zero to nine all loan subject to underwriting approval. W, W W and Emma less consumer access dot. Org, Ok, we're gonna start as always with the summit night Football game, Hank Weather you think it exists. Would you like to apologize to me from Thursday Hungary over did head? There is chaos with some of the plays. Ah the courts. The forty Niners, the courts. seem to have realised at their best offices to just judges, capacitor It is down. The field, is very smart orphans and wage or try to Glasgow off again and wait for Jimmy G to turn the ball over and that worked out perfectly so their culture Qana there.
I must say the rolling a little bit of Kosovo are good for the last couple weeks. Carson wince, add in all time toy plate ass, inform us whether such an inner interception of JANUS Winston would have been proud to call a zone in his prime Yos Vintage JANUS, and it was like He's gonna get sack from behind. It was like a wounded doktor through from horizontal body position which arise. to a linebacker. I think and then he had another one that hit a quarter back in the face. You know he calls once thinks sit there every play. He can make something work, and I actually I liked about about women in I know: Colds Finns, Blake he's only thrown to pick this year and that's true is going through unto picks this year. here. He does have that hilarious, like I can do out of this. I can make a play here, a maybe being sacked them on the ground, but I can still make a play for the colts win
sloppy gross terrible game in Santa Clara which, like it was some of those plays just so funny that we had the fumble and then we had the kick somehow wasn't a safety. There was a back just cause us everywhere with that fucking game yeah. They kicked it back words. Apparently, if its upon you have to pick it up and have like it's like reception, yet tat, possession and walk where that, otherwise, it still consider the active upon which it in the ins own. I like that. Felt like a safety to me. Yes, my problem with it. I felt like a safety and it wasn't so after the change that will probably not cause are stupid, but again. Hank doesn't believe in whether does believe and when I was proven Europe clearly where a leather shoes or whether affected the gain weight. So it's just rewind this also from cars and Thursday around I like the over, and you said whether think the weather visualizes happening, Carson when wet means under what happened
well. There was one play at the end where Jimmy G through a terrible pick, the guy you the over. I was our idea spoke. I would rather than the gate positively further overtake hers. Yeah, I respect what Hanks doing right now, which is basically saying that that weathers for the mentally weak. It's like astrology, forbade a male ninety two percent of people, but to undercut their sheep, they don't think about whether the way I was thinking about what the ninety two, you don't think about, whether period no. I was seeing where we have no matter whether even the matter, when does not matter in ours, raises three matters a little bit what it was like torrential downplaying for like five minutes. That affected place. There was the common currency Fuckin ball was besides, you think, because it stopped rang like you, scored, allow the points when it wasn't raining at the beginning of the game, so that shit, You that, whether matters it was like TAT, seven in a second and then it's our reining in its thought and like points
tat. I just a lot of understand your arguments when the whole argument about the over under overhead and you're, trying to tell me that you are right when you think that, whether like we watched a bog kit like Korea, off someone's fort in like a million miles in the other direction. You're like that that wasn't a weather related play got to the point where you just denying that whether exert like numerous articles like a receiver would just drop a ball. There was they place in their hands. Anybody like that was just a bit play, it had nothing do at the rain. Yeah you're like you, get paid millions of dollars. Cats. I gotta catch that ball, which is true, but you will write of the Oslo process, Schuyler Youth saying that whether just doesn't exist. Is crazy, no you're trying to get me to factor whether in my over Peck and I was like it doesn't really matter for the over under, and I was right in this particular I would like to ask whether the brown cardinals two weeks about whether we never showed up ok, yeah either, but the weather didn't. I
did the game further over, which was my entire point. it did not even know send out of the over. Wasn't was not the right place. You didn't make the oversight one when you knew there was whether you you you weren't even looking it. Oh, I listen to you my trusty colleague you tricked me out of it. I listen to you. My mistake will not happen again. Oh ok, I've slick did that. You think that, like rain and wind have no effect on again, not on over overlanders ever know, the group will gain at Cologne ate up there, the play a game, and now he said tornadoes. Israel went tonight's game, eighty one percent chance or in which one and I thought I said what you go over in Seattle. I I look into the numbers in the weather is going to like there's not going to be. I obviously have a lot of the lot of numbers in a lot of data points. Can you gotta check over those data points is now whether got it
by just like there's a couple plays that we're just like: that's because their soaking wet and the ball so slippery in Europe that has not. He do your player apologists. These guys get paid millions of dollars, Goodwin a good one for the courts I don't really know what the Niners are at this point. very confusing team there very if using day they seem like theirs, they should be able to still out physical. Opponents right, but yeah, I don't. I don't think that Jimmy Jeers would Vanessa Jimmy, is not a geology, a yeah, just don't they are very confusing team because it feels like they're. Not they don't have the quarterback they want long term. No out anyway also needs time to say they need, then he'd kill back then he kills replace great furnish show we love everything that it does once gets back a few like all the pieces are in place for years and make a run go. Ok! Next, stop the big story of Sunday that so it was.
Sunday, let's just say I feel like unifil- owes me for this Sunday. Do you know what this Sunday was it's. When you ask apparent like who Jeffrey four kids like I'll. I love them all like this. Listen you gotta say that you have to say that, but really this this Sunday sucked UK every Sunday is an equal, it was a bad Sunday was there were no real close games, except for one or two at the beginning we did I'll put it this way. The big headlines from this week is the bangles are good though, but some are actually a good team. No longer are they just good in terms of grading on the curve of being the Cincinnati bangles. Now they are actually just good as far as NFL teams, they are so the first game was do it, because that is the headline of of the week to bangles forty one raven seventeen. If the plan started today and I think one week seven, we can start doing that like we're. We're ok doing that. If the plow started today
your number one seat in the area of sees the Cincinnati Bangles. I love acting. I rather any no achieving slap bang, lack clambered up with a bank and somehow Jill Boroughs hearing. It looks better at the end of the game than it does at the start. It was zalm so, actually like. We were locked in on this game. I in a weird way like the Bengal second half they absolutely torso ravens, they were big, plays down the down the feeble talk, watch marches in a second wooes crazy was I thought your burrow in the first half was like you he was playing at a level where I was watching it and everything play. He was nor pressure. He was like a second away from getting sacked everyone. was covered and he was able to like manufacture a few points and not you know The ball over not give up that huge sack, fumble whatever it may be. In a weird way. He is first half, even though the numbers weren't great in the first half was like super impressive three, because he just has ensued. Poison, the pocket iris,
I can hear guy. I think that if you were somehow able to run the numbers on plays where Joe Borough gets hit, he probably the best quarterback rating of any plan league right now, it's almost like he doesn't see. You know that it's coming, you still able to deliver like super super hard pass. The tough me like a very tough mother fucker in the face of pressure they were all subsidies, scored. Twenty one unanswered points. Yes, I want to know when the last time the bangles scored twenty. when a unanswered points against. A division leader this lay this using some pressure- will be one of the stats words like now. It was the eyes and Howard minutes. Yes, yes, maybe with Boomer, yeah yeah, is it was just it was a ship pumping. I think you know I was in the second half. Definitely what's yea and I saw This is where I wouldn't freak out. If I were a raven span, because yeah that's a bad loss, because its its arrival in the F C North, but the rate had been riding like crazy, crazy, emotional rollercoaster. We even starting with the chiefs, win
and then you have last week where they they actually kill the chargers. They win. The money came against the Colson, dramatic fashion. It felt eventually was gonna like slow down, and it did in the second half does not take away from the bangles. But I'm saying more, if you're ravens fan, I wouldn't freak out about this game. This was with the team, looked like when you, when you thought at the start of the year after all those injuries, yet there are losing running back sector spinal tab, drummers your this is going to be a tough season to get through. until we get healthy, fortunately there in the by right now but This is what you time have bought great time have to buy back to the analogy we had on Friday. Yes, this is like it's not. It's it's eleven early still for its approach, while the ravages like, if you come into work, hung over, you skip breakfast and you take lunch at twelve o clock on the dot. U S and get healthy. The bangles also have a by next week as a play. The jets so the I've got news for you guys, but look at this
I took a look at the rest of this annual. Greece can be of sentiment of psychiatric gonna. Make that same joke. I'm gonna get I'm gonna get some nasty deems men greening. But I, if you look at the rest of the schedule, for the bangles I've, some breaking news for you, yeah the bangles are going to have at least ten Windsor yeah, no, I mean I could have eleven wins areas layer, the number one seat. There are very, very good team in their defences, really fuckin good like they are now. I would I dont know advanced stats and all that stuff, but just the eye I'll tell someone say their top ten defence I'd stay Nineteen sacks, a farthing they Sakhalin more five times today, SAM Hubbard GUM, twice load or two and a half sacks forms that yeah there all over the place, so endanger marches, who demarcation right now, he's on page three at eight catches for to undermine yards in a touchstone he's on pace right now and obviously seventeen game season. So you know everything change whatever he's on paper. It now for eighty five receptions
one thousand eight hundred and thirty one yards in fifteen touchdowns. That would like crush what is. What is universally known as the greatest rookie season of all time and rainy, MOSS Rainy, Ma had sixty nine catches, thirteen Seventeen tedious seventeen teaser insane, but he is on pace to have what would be the best rookie wide receiver season of all time, and they got some, Obviously the league is change. Bahraini mosses rookie wide receiver, like is what you had to be. There are moments when he was so fucking, good and so different than anything else. Chase is on pace to surpass that just opponent, There are a lot of football guys right now there are looking at their tweets from the draft being like you should have taken. Penny saw, you should taken the line and because Joe Boroughs gonna get killed and he won't be able complete, is tat your marches, if he's getting hit on his back. without realising that job euros, a tough mother, fucker, yes and he's able, if you didn't, have enough its line, he could still thrown up to chase and be like that.
cash. Yes, I have a foreign fact about marches. I write it myself when I say that, like I'm pfc, particularly with the You want to have a fun fact much marches I will give everyone in this room a gas and I guarantee normal get it unless actually already know it it your mar chase committed to this school and they D committed after eight days rocker hand Yes, Billy Kansas. How, while does that damage currencies, was a commit Kansas for eight days, you know even like he woke up, was like what What can I do as clear? I think more cases just a troll. I think it is destroying people much like you told us with a whole white stripes and football thing he loves fucking with people in the preceding, but it's just so funny. Reading that have I e g marches DE commits to cans. Who is the coach Kansas when you is it when he committed there far? I don't know. I don't know my Kansas is less miles why those Wazir programme might have been less mild checked in clear here. Yeah though
probably was less miles. Kansas have had quite a weekend because they were thou. I'm coming as when you those Olympia, also hilarious move, they just invited everyone to come at there's tickets, our real their doors are open. Please try to get this wind for us and just a heads up to Oklahoma. No, we talk College Football wednesdays, don't ever David Beady don't ever where those uniforms again Oklahoma, those are upset. You know they're bad uniform. They have those stupid like that. sleeves maroon and the white? It's such a ban unit acute either way since he is rural for real forum like us, officially for real. We said that going into this game. If they win this game, considered there. They were retraining towards good now. Therefore, real now exe patients always are dangerous, but if you're back his family. If your bangles fan right now you are? We ve talked about this many times in the show, but Your bangles fan right now, you're can Europe are we taking today off and consume
every piece of media that you can can conceal, because this is the best you have felt very long time. You can't even say that, like in two thousand fifty I think they went like twelve and four, but that was still Annie Doll. My Ma Marvin Louis they have won plant like you know there is, I feel, like in those years there was the shoe, was gonna drop like the Bengals were good you knew that it wasn't gonna, be anything real. This is real telling. It is real, is probably as good as you felt since that the Carson policies and yet where they was a camel Jane, allow often held into his leg on first touchdown pad out with game right. That was real if you're asking is, as bangles team smoke and mirrors. I love that phrase until I got another car smoke and no no real the real, not smoke and mirrors. Yes, this is enjoying your moment because bangles fans like you, should be reading everything you shall be watching. Sportscenter nonstop like this is one of those days as sports fans. You don't them very often, especially if you're a van, where you can just be
like I'm going to I'm record sport centre and watches, highlights over and over and over again It sure that I don't leave my like I'm, going to watch the pre game show on Monday night football because talk about the Bangles slayer. All this stuff is what makes being sports fan great, you know this, as this is like where your bangles jersey to school sees yes on a Monday yeah, because your happiness celebrating I'm I'm happy for bangles fans, because it obviously has been bad and Joe Borough, such a likeable guy any so fund a route for so Congrats Spangles fan. That's a huge win Obviously, there is a lot of season left what this was the big story of the day to didn't just when big it, the shit out of him, the rate agenda. Twenty one answered for unanswered points in the second arrogance rave, it's pretty good, yeah. Alright, again the ravens I wouldn't. I would We Marlon Humphrey here. Never he got torched. He had never
more than a hundred forty three yards, anyone and then Jabbar Chase came along and just torched. I'm also Hollywood update. I think he's still Hollywood today, yeah get a nice touch on catch in the back of the UN's. Oh yes, he did no bad draw yet yet a couple. more wasn't great. Many wasn't. He made places his feet, but, like I don't know the Benghazi, thus it a pretty good job like, I think the ravens I'll be fine in the long term financing it was the coming out game for the thorough. Yet for the bandits, it's the NFL, like hungry dog, runs faster idea that a tea like the bangles that are on the upswing and again it's an emotional rollercoaster. The ravens had been writing so great time for the by weak. I secondary, story from Sunday is I can gain, will discuss cheese titans titans, twenty seven chiefs- three, yes chief, scored three points. Patrick HOMES left the game late with a what seems a concussion use cleared Ok, no concussion out! out of the injury, late he's broken Don't know what you couldn't there there's theirs.
things you can throw out there like. Often of line is, was was very bad like detect, titans in amounting anything away from times will talk about them in a second, the organs of and was bad patchwork homes. I kind of have to do it all with their defence, like you know that you have to be perfect I think there's that extra pressure, but throw that aside, like he didn't does not look like Patrick. see MRS throws he'd here. Not seeing things the same way like he's too, hi guys he fumbled interceptions like it's. It's good. I don't know what it is. I'm not saying that he's socks, but it's definitely Boston the above, bigger we're in that weird spot. Words like if you are saying the path from such you're an idiot up, but if you're saying Patrick HOMES is totally fine and it will like it, there's nothing wrong. You're also need. This was a game where I was acting as will correct themselves. I thought it was going to let down game for the titans because they had that big went against the bills. Correct, and I felt like this was all
a little bit, because last week the Chiefs played against wash in football team, which is great. you need to get your office back on the right track. So I thought like this was gonna, be a game with that. You should come out, look like the chiefs and they don't. like the chiefs at all, there's something wrong. I personally think I'm a very easy problem than I. With the chiefs? Ok, I think their weak yeah physicist off no physically, I think that they need hit the weight room. I dont think that there is a problem at the chiefs have right now they can't be resolved by lifting more waits cause I feel like they're. Just there not a strong football team, they get. Surround lot there. There linemen aren't great blockers right now know they're there they ve got like This is the game that your right like he was coming This game is like the cheese you gonna win this game, and that was your blog chiefs. Were fine, we're going this game being like that she's not fine, there broke in their three. For in oh yeah like sweet. They pay money for bargains giants. Who you know. Who knows the giants
can do anything and they can also lose by a million, but then they have a thing week, stretch where they play the packers at the leaders and the cowboys so We could be sitting here in full. weeks in a month's time and be like hey, the chiefs are five and six inundate. What's goin crazy if we get a graphic for the play off picture in the chiefs, aren't in the hunt there that that we could be looking at a world where the bangles are the there are getting a by right and then the chiefs aren't in the hunt. It's crazy is in its it. This was the first game because we ve all watch it and I think, because the cheese or so explosive- and they ve been so incredible to wash the last few years, you just expect we talk to her before that. Stop what you expect the touched on play to happen. You expect The figure it out the new start firing down the fields like, oh they scored and in forty five seconds is not there right. I actually think that if the, if the chiefs and the lions, where trade coaches do wife swap for weak and bring in Dang Campbell, Yellow put him through practices. We did. She say
author and lighted up yeah. They need to get tougher than get stronger date. They so bathrooms had sixty seven yards in zero points in the first half, that's that's crazy, and when you could the chiefs like who they have played cause? I think getting food a little bit by these games because they beat the those team which has a mass, they beat one in football team, which is a mess and they the brown week, one who remember the browns kind of bullied them and they were. Able to win the game, but whenever they to play like a good team from the F C, the Ravens, the chargers, the titan, the pills they ve gotten, exposing I think that obviously give credit the Titans and rebel has done something. Oh yeah. The signs are incredibly like he's a very low key, dark arts, coach guy so he has. He knows how to push the right bonds at the right time, and you tell that his prayers, no wind like fake an injury at just the right exact time, so they can get but more seconds review play. They might want to challenge, and then there too
We after they take a look at that happened day and age brown catch like Fr able does weird shit like that. Spell check has good gave. It goes back to that play a game where they just went back and forth finding liquor. time or they like discovered thirty. second set of thin air rebels are really smart guy, he gets a rap is being like her had goes because he is but cut his dick is also a very smart meet head coach. Yes, no eight in the titans deserve a ton of credit. Their defense was was great. Their defensive line was awesome. On Sunday, like I will they weren't even blessing, they were just beating the chiefs and the chief sovereigns vines, a problem, but the titans deserve credit. Because Every time we talk about the Titans right, but their defence while the reef showed up and also like the scariest team in the world tat to have to come back against because that second half we're just running, Derek Derek Henry. and getting like first down than o every now and then ok, we'll just run, play action and hit a J Brown. Who is awesome and there are not
You can do when, when you're down against there can be with an all time. Bad Rita, quarterback, oh yeah, but I tell you lied open. They had another guy in the corner is wide open you one with his first read gotta get to progressions loop, faster Derek when he throws a football. It looks like It looks like he's going twixt such small looks in his and it doesn't look now well, that's just a giant throwing a football our country. We keep waiting for Can we slow down on things? we have honoured yards to day, but he was still effective and yet Derek Henry had more touch on passes and Patrick mom said I did she called out the dumbest thing in the world. The chiefs called a sad feasible yet well, It was kind of wasn't so pretty sad. It wasn't sad because it was in the third corps and it was the start of the third quarter. And also the math actually make sense. I think a sad feasible has to be in the fourth quarter or down by Forty plot threw down what twenty twenty seven percent of their family score the kid to feel to be down three touchdowns next enough,
two point inverse it's kind of sad. I haven't rank like a four out of ten. It was. It was ten minutes left in the third quarter is just the start of the third quarter. So I don't think that's that's not sad territory like that was, possessions where you could be like. Oh yeah right the chiefs. They could score some touchdown, two point: conversions that can work I was Kelsey had a great rugby offload in this game. Only last couple weeks, Travis Girls is looking to pitch the ball back all the time when he catches at about seven to twelve yards off the Mai scrimmage and was Pat, it was. It was like a fuckin laser beam out to the sidelines. Might also fumble doing it because he try to do it later on in the game. Was almost a families are not staffing at a house. Kelsey definitely starts feel himself. A little, but he guessed he is the guy. That's like remembered National tightened. The ass, which can I permission to go there here. I'm done with actual tied in that all giant me very happy, love Kittle! Now you don't he's he's project. I Israel! Yes, I thought.
He would even bear he would be buried alive. He would be embarrassed by how much shine and spotlight titans are getting out the whole point back to the basics. That's why they did it. I'm just saying I can't go around inventing holidays for yourself It is a little ridiculous of people like you. I was actually on custody because to be fair, I will make a giant deal out of that. I wanted an end Stephen chair coworker was like hey Justino, its national tightened, as me, I want I did know into. was to say something: that's no! That's it! It's a classic Stephen CHE! He could get really into that you'd, probably order Commemorative shirt a month, invincible would arrive by national tightened yeah, unlike pick it out just where take em all at school cambric yeah yeah. So I hear me, I'm not gonna say they, because it's our kettles creation so I support our well be that the the bag. I support her friends, you the sounds. Were you I don't like it. I, like I love Kittle. I really love em at some point yet
yet and work under cover darkness too. We should believe she just make it national blocking, tight and locking title catch balls. That's cause he's busy wider sepia, exactly billion. Tell you this dispersal forces work and so once they they don't need credit, rebellious. Yes, but yet the cheese or broken like I've fischler, their broken, if you think otherwise, your career ear deluding yourself because it like, I said, if you just go through their schedule and who they played, they played for of the outside of the bangles who are the best. He may have see right now and say it again. They played the next. Or best teams, nay, of seed, say right, like the ravens chargers, the bills and the tight are those next for they lost all. So it's it's a real problem Had some people want the chiefs to be your new pinkies team? Now, how have so? That's that's a terrible enough. Absolutely that I have I seen there. The courts are not doubt would be insane.
The ball is in the homes like personally just be the player of all time. I mean I do like that. Everyone's, like Patch Mahomet Keys Abbas, these are big time. While the regrets radium the allotted she's fancy, they were tweeting, Trackball trust, yet I mean listen. That's gonna hamstringing for awhile, that's a la less. His brother does a tick, tock, dances and stuff. You guy like that, but it is certainly the next for games for that. She if they lose the giants and I think officially say that their done. I would do I would do ridiculous things just to get Patrick homes. Nineteen, let's pointless, declared mortal awesome. I would personally film all Jackson. Homes is Tik, Tok dances for the next. five years just to have Patrick homes or my tea Hague. Does it make you happy all this yeah yeah? Well because people were anointing. The chiefs and next great dynasty native say, yeah and it's kind of it all comes back to Tom. You know,
I just thought I'd really destroyer is. Whenever you lie to you Is one Tom's broken like ten. I have a feeling you didn't. He has broken like a few teams falcons. Never there. So many teams that you know without Tom Area, they think they would have had four championships. The Angus achieves, I'm ready would should have, My my really sure that is true. Tolerate he's gonna play until Arch Manning gets the Unifil just so we can beat him and, I should say back again hold. I am bailing out off that on it. Yet I stop. actors wash in football team to ride. He said Caesar yet He is right about y know. I can't I gotta think artillery anarchy is he. Throws the softest ball. Maybe in the photo he's drunk big Egon run, led him yell yeah. Yes, he can to every. If the, if the for field ended, five year deadline tiller He might be the best quarterback in the unfortunately. Doesn't it goes away? The way zone,
and he had some major Doyle place today. the one where he does I mean, is that the ultimate doin you do for the engine didn't the plain before he landed and they changed the rule. Couple years your cause, I remembered fucked us on the football team than the Redskins when Robert, Griffin Dove one time forward, and they stove and landed on the phone fumbled in everywhere and then, after the is it gets a stupid rule, but I guess it through They change it. I guess couple years ago so now they said he gave himself up before the end zone, but then he just he also had interception wall either the Lambeau Leap Yes, you did the lamb or weep on a touch on that didn't count. He went into the current. Do that you can only you can only at the major Doyle play. You can remember, leapt a non touch, doubtless what you have to have at least been excited that Celebre you touched on is stupid, Whaley scene and give himself a concussion and get him knocked out for the game. I guess for aught near by way. breaking moves. Real quick,
We can then this is the wrong. Was soon Desmond being from the grizzlies fell on the bronze leg and he was down real bad, it's yoga. No, he got up and find a guy. Yeah, but that was a sports and are alert. I got a guy that Liberace landed on Brown, was able to get up and play after Jasmine Vain fell onto his letting warrior saw Kiyomori. I don't know what that's all you want. My software Sunday would run embracing degree of national tied into this just on the ground before it would be, Oh yes, it so the washing football team so Taylor Hierarchy they had fought. hundred thirty yards of orphans, they had twenty five first towns and their ten points. Yet we have the right formula to be tat. Reset tells you every day was right, formal we had more yards and they did you too much of a gun Slater he's towards slinger, not enough gun, AEGIS all over the place, a he doesn't
I just I I stand with the fact that, like once rife its boundaries healthy in Georgia what teams defence wasn't tariff? Nobody is pretty good. Today we got after the quarterback a little bit. Get a gamble leap. I know that my landlord, we can't you can't do that, lie with its back the pact. Defence, which stop going into today, was pretty good, They were the only team without a red zone software we going into today to your highness, with the help of which, with a hot and assist from Taylor Heineken, the drought ended for them and they get multiple redstone stops also fourteen times four times into the red zone. We gotta feel go out of it for Taylor Hierarchy for the end of the game when he like he had a shot to just take a shot in the Amazon and too maybe get a miracle cover any just ran. The Bonn went down Damas play ever ever. Gonna wanna play run of the mill I he went from, like seventy five yards, rushing to eighty five yards, rushing on the day, man, I don't know what he's dry grew the now. I think we ve
Sperience the full Taylor, Heineken Ashley. You know what the most it like this anymore, this magic Israel to a full Taylor, Heinrich Aigner Hortensia, because he had fumbles. He had picks. He, the Lambeau Leap for non touchdown and actually the play of the day, was when I don't. I don't remember who fumbled potato China. He was running down the field and blocking any was able to recover the fumble. Like thirty yards down the field. Tat was the tale her I'd give lay off it was it was the rosy ethic number one of your team and around and all studies sprinting on the sidelines and then you I looked up and then tell your highness he's on the ball and what the fuck does happen. I thought I didn't, sailor hierarchies and around
and it was just hit. He wishes that heads up that he was down there trying to recover fumble, yet the announcers we're saying that that he reminded them a lot of bread. Far from this came running round- and I was like mine- is not yet myself talked into rose again its rays, we're a number for using Green Bay. He's use play like the breakfast like painkiller breadth far, yet he that's what iraqi he's like he can do everything put score touched. Will he loves diving for the ins may have been saying this? He you give him a pylon and he'll market over but he found himself in the middle of the Azores and he didn't know how to reach out correctly and in brief the plane. I really jury different game. If he scores at touch I've, I've like not to pat myself on the backbone keys he is diet. Ryan Fitzpatrick he's right if its project, everything why Fitzpatrick is but like without we scoring touchdowns Chaos whenever ease play. Yet it's funny. Guy is times then he doesn't actually like rife with Africa. That level word like when you're drinking the the true and Fitzpatrick. The diesel rife in Nazareth. He's win.
The gay gripe died but rife its project does everything that right Fitzpatrick does, but he doesn't actually when the gate yeah tiller hierarchy is a guy that will like he will cover the spread in the most entertaining way possible, and yet he gives you bang for your entertainment dollar, two right. That's what Taylor Heinrich us. You feel like an you watch, something you don't know what but you want so yeah I had an experience, is like I got drunk and hung over on the span of three and a half hours. I just one thing real, quick to the Packers. I thought that the Green Packers would have been above resorting to kick it's like putting on their fake throwback uniforms job. Just two soldiers is, I thought they had tradition there and round. It seems a good image. He is really good and you know what the morass rose. Adams today in the worst parties, like he d, he's like not even try have the time he throws he's like barely trot. He doesn't care right, he is still better he's most emo quarterback and he just like so good at it. I fucking hate, Derek might be more EMA. He actually looks like he's in the derisory nuts. I just want to say also.
Why would we sign a kicker name blew it. I know I remember bluish college queered ever him very well, can't It is now a blue quarterback, for example, these knave got they ve got bad Jude you going on there. I don't, our trigger wasn't bad enough. Doesn't Hopkins wasn't bad enough to reply? with a new guy who's, never kicked in the fell whose name is also blew it, but here's the thing: can you really blow if like? If it not going anywhere. He carefully blow it yet, but it just adds to the circus environment. If we got a guy who's like last name, is actually clown and he's out there, pick sexes daddy, pretty bad? I think you're, the washing football team their season now, as is truly like you're. Not go anywhere. Let's have some fuckin fund, you, my driver's practical god. Let's have some thought good. Let's have some fun and silvery some fun games watching for body will even have Heineken still the quarterback it's gonna be fond yeah we're just not gonna win many of them right,
oh yeah. I actually think that the reason that the broad fluid and was just because Rivera wanted to send a message like all accountable here on care. What your name is, if your starter we're all value. Eddie you it's like day one and is coming to cut the kicker has really easy way to be. Like hey, I did something I caught a started. This shuffled the chairs ten exactly, but yet it's not looking for football team grandma goods Fitzpatrick Here- and we couldn't one this game, it was winning two yeah Hank knows Hector. Like you, without tailoring without erotic, if we ass, if we were to Roger if we brought in a backup quarterback inside the tenure airline, yet I think it was a winnable game for Serbia. We did severely out gain them. Yes, sir, just much much better at every detail, yeah I next game, Billy, Hank page. It's fifty four jets. Thirteen I just want to say also for people who are wondering yet the jets actually offer by Olga. Yes,
and beat the by they thereby beat the scenario. Billy has different terms for the games are curious. What this one falls under a very trusts me ask thing to have someone drop of fifty baronne. You have thereby yeah, but tell us, was a ship pumping or clowning this was a clowning double back doubled, trickery Nor is there a clown music. They clan them There is a highly clowning of if distorting quarterback, it's her. They bring in a guy named MIKE White who, just by the way happens to be the one time winner of the policy scheme, Zeke Awareness but correct for electrical talking. They hardly gents phantom. Upset, wasn't stays out. His are reported back to the future. I think he is right. He's got a sudden.
pc how the MRI has not come back yet, but there is good news: Zack Wilson hasn't thrown interception in the past to weakens very nicely. I've got it erect ligaments thou, not yeah, sir, but real and all the by weak, humor, throaty girlishly border, told me during the game used. You thought it was just tweaked. It was merely a tweet. I those too it's what I think I think he's done so he sent his knee was loose. Oh no, sir, you gonna produce. I like his knees. Loser the jet sees us on the jets yeah as, like my knees, loosen till we use a couple tat by the way he was getting mass. Stop that gain. There was zero. You know protecting the court, yeah the leg he got fucked up on the like he would sound to place after he got factor is a kill, built yeah you. I don't think you realize how fucked up he got until his news lose yeah, so Billy it'll be high, though jets to beat the patriots in the playoffs.
For me that we lack Wilson at the how God, ok, change material change area I added the patriots. Kick the shit out of college, renew our cultural who are you? I got the debts, get him cylinder No, I think I like the regular how draft can another Friday they need offensive Lyman. This point: what else I've your jets? Then feel like they need a deep threat. does rattlers tales Seahawks, so the other sea ox traffic in the back off into my boy. Yes, but boy, you that's crazy. Ziegler. Two years ago, Jamal items is like I want to be trade, and the judge like ok, give us three. First rounders yeah. Ok, no now there are multiple suitors. He girls like this will fix. Aren't evaporates boy, I think, entrenches sign, came Newton in the meantime some national about it just given that we know about the Oda yet vaccinated ran ass. They carry Irving, who, I guess, I'd like a big protests and banners. There's nothing aliases alarmed
They saw the bar divisive said it yeah, yeah, guess came. You might appear terrible idea for the just right now, because fuck you, why not bright mean to do what is the body scheme awareness, Balkans? I guess that happened a long time ago, plausible Nobel game. It was in so there's a few ball games every year. They don't have a sponsor. We do so it's just sponsored the Boca return. game. It was western Kentucky verse. No, I meant yeah yeah and we did a whole show. We did a half time show kill was down in gave the trophy Jaska kicked off the field. He was lie that again, I think he might have given the trophy to MIKE White yeah. Nicky might starting quarterback for the jets resorted to their true. They brought to their training eyes, they have it. Yes, oh it's it's burning made off. While what be ponzi awareness book or a tolerable? For my part, I take prison by parcel sport. Yes,
so the whole thing. It was great one time only yet one time only it was- and he has raised- is that's worth a lot here to me in the record book five hundred dollars areas it, we did every showed up like you. We get that back now that we know that is worth a lot of money will give you some sign. Jerseys anyone was lost. We have of interns like Russell at half, yap grinning, yea, cut his hand up pretty bad at twenty five dollar. If car back, it was a hundred dollar gift card that we had spent like ninety one hour's wage inner before we went out back. If you do that internal ass, it was like Robbie Fox Glennie Balls Tommy's Hobbs Hobbs and they are like Russell and they just wrestled in in a box that we taped up on the floor. Oh my camera get time, but yes, shadow MIKE White Good to see some alumni that prestigious improving themselves. Although I to be asked what you can lately forgot about MIKE White when he came in the game, it felt like we sign up like a
book account they give they give you that, like black or light gray, fake avatar of just the silhouette of ahead. Yes, that felt like that in a video game here yeah. Third, quarterback MIKE White from in school. Here I didn't know I didn't always thee. My quite would just say that thee, my quite until Western Kentucky Football Programme DM me, now I got is the White MIKE Mike White wow. This is crazy, The jets think man there their coach has also become early front runner for the look in the mirror guy the year yeah. He said after a little. I need to get a new line at a hearing on my haven't b E. Might I think, exercise will be a good coach. in the long run, he's definitely like a great defensive corner, but learn some more lines if you're gonna be coaching, seem like that that's or the football team or bears any these bad teams to learn how to say things after losses, so you're saying the same things but different words. Each
Week. Here he's become big time. You know what I gotta look in the mirror. It all starts with me guy, he wasn't. Any coach just get in front of the media. Is like I'm fucking depressed like my team depresses? my you know, I'm depressed, I'm doing a great job. My prayers blow yeah like this sucks. I not ok, yeah, not! Ok! That's! Ok! It's totally! Ok! Ninety! Ok! I need better players. Yeah I reiterate that worries there. Everything I want to say here right now, patriots back the patriots are. I dont understand patriots at this point because they play teams tough he lost the dolphins day, barely be the Texans. They kicked the shit, the just twice unlike should it be, they have, as should be, the catalyst should be the box there There are yours, I loved you, see a patriot on your schedule and of the season. You are not looking forward that game Jani might be. They might be a team similar to what the bangles we're a couple weeks ago. Words like they're. Turning towards good, they have to go. against the bills in December.
To know in those two games. What what do people missing or even want to want was today little bittersweet, though, because you dont anymore jets games, they have something that is kind of like every year and every year. Well That's the point. Through I think it's six three years they swept the jets tat. It was a day they had eleven straight. It honestly felt like it would be more than last time that I have been having season. Billy was like sixteen o man. They were there are five hundred fifty nine yards against jets with jets defence. I think people were like other, not so bad actual, just don't bonds. That was, I have it here and it's like plainer varsity. When the gravy teenage get there run the players. You might be too scared to run in the game the up, but you can get the get the reps into that way when they real game comes next week. comfortable, the jets haven't score in the first quarter earlier yup there. Isn't it ain't? What oh yeah? Well, where are you spend a larger defers? Every coin? Flip he wins silly. I remind the house that happen. He's wonderful
three. Ok, I, but so just what are the oh, so you know they never start with. The ball will also get the ball back at some point. What are they playing army? They don't get the ball in the first quarter. Goods steady drives yeah. Another defences, good references happens today that has more like foreplay is further. Today was the first day I liked you throw fourteen nothing given first on yeah, I saw a rookie quarterbacks, her own. Thirteen against Bilbil check in Fox Barroso, remember That now exists last Sunday jets bit we're goin on two December, twenty seven, twenty fifteen What a depressing almost out of what I would have loved to listen apart might take listeners clowning Hank after they lost the jail in twenty five days time ago. Flock that was closure, not nowhere and authorities that was closer european world. Now
So I was a little baby. Just gonna drivers itself is closer to the year twenty ten than it is today, yeah well time. Well, fuck you up like that next stop the Basque. the day, which crazy to say begins in the dolphins. They played the mole. exciting game. The day was that out of a region these Sunday. Sometimes where did this game? Our close? We look up and it's the witching hour. It's like wait, there's only one game. That's close! The falcons beat the dolphins thirty twenty eight zero Samuel touch on the up. Debo Samuel Tyler S which we already talked about, but the he the Falcons like I think the falcons might be frisky there. There carpets is awesome. Carpets is really really good, that Ryan was an all time? Decoy like you're, not you're, not my!
vector. What do you do in running down the field with the fumble that almost costs in the game say so I spoke to a he had two very nice strives to get them back in the game. Why they down, there is to it one of the worst interceptions of ever seen where the Falcons through a pack. The they're down. The dolphins are down twenty fourteen. They now have the ball The falcons thirty two first play to adjust like out even know what he was doing. He just threw up in the middle the field easy Peck, but he did have to know strives to bring him back. so there it is dolphins, vans napping Superman too, even though I still don't the geese. What I thought this game was gonna. Finally Crown who is this seasons falcons? Isn't the falcons again for the fiftieth secular season or is it going? The dolphin and dolphins are more falcons like then, the falcons on this point? The dolphins are bad, falcons always or the Falcons three, the
falcons? They have to be a little bit, but the dolphins falcons this game away to the falcon. Actually, the Falcons Falcon the game to themselves. Do they felt they falcons due to the dolphin through their intervention up ass it back to the falcons without actually was like the ultimate falcon move because they have to the couple to be the falcons. So they Falcons to the door often so they could falcon a good falcon back to the whip, showed their saving. The real focusing very later there, the true, if you want a game. The auctions are still the falcons. just were able to have one of the good falcons like if we did the Billy like the Games, China, wind came to transpose the Balkans, have when a few games, and they still were the falcons in there when we got away, they gave up. The game was very falcon. Even so was I sent allows like their falconer this and then they end up winning which they have to do to keep pure form of organs, because a pure form, a falcons is a team. That's just good enough to make you believe, and then they,
fuckin shit on themselves in Latin again right. But are they good enough to make you believe when they beat dolphins, their frisky I would add, the vigour frisky team for sure to three and three and they liked the losses like I know they got killed by the box. Protects aim was closed, you're in the fourth quarter, and then they sort of falconry they were they were gonna beat the washing football team than they sort of falconry. So like there the Eagles last week, one who the fuck knows. I actually think that the Vikings or this year's falcons they might be if you turn into this Parma, take taking that you were not going to get a shot as the Vikings phantom started. Yes, look that in their design advisory, five minutes made no sense. So can someone transcribe all? I think it. I think it makes a lot you cleared me up on your house, ignore the Falcons the door falcons into the falcons, but I know you're, say domes ass. You bad society disorders and write something that they aspire to become right. Do indeed it would be of great if the dolphins were the folk. Yes, absolutely because, if I could have to, if you ve gotta be the Falcons, you have to give just enough hope.
every once in a while to be like out just like what I just said, like others, are the Falcon frisky, that's just enough hope for them. pure Falcons Z. I think the falcons are like in above below average team right there, the best of the works. Yes, yes exactly there, there, the king stinkers India, the dolphins over the last week, or so I think that You ve been leaking the two, a news about like how many teams are interested in trade. Ojo, because our dirges, hoping that somebody Arthur had the occur to them maybe we should trade for two or more and they hear that too might be going somewhere else. I go shit. I got act now we're supplies are limited. Let me give you to call. I got out I'll. Send you like a second round pick right is not the kind of like hoping to beat out some of these offers at my like lying dormant. Now. I think that anybody would want to trade anything significant for two right now, but maybe something more just hope. The change of scenery, anxious I'll, be ok with changes, inner yeah, I I don't hate
HU. I just think that the two there's this weird tool, believers out there, that at every turn We throw something, does something bad? It's like the coaching socks, though playbook socks, this x x, that secondary assumption today was just what are you doing? finger couple things that go into the two: a belief system right now. What people that are still to a stance here thing. One he's gotta call name absolutely looks, go and ask uniform, very cool and the uniform nice guy very nice to he's he's very easy route for very and he's also a guy that you heard like four years ago on the net, boards, sometimes like usually are taken for to a right now he was that is being like. I can't miss type Andrew Luck Prospect when he fell start starting on on Alabama, and people still have. Then there has been no. This is the can't miss guy, we're not gonna, miss
we can't miss on right. So it's it's is dragging down to like along defence thing, which I get understand. No, I didn't know you understand, I'm not, and he also like you said he had some good touch on passively. I think you, through four touch ass. He was, he was good at the end of the game like he ate the falconer the dolphins needed to touch on drives, and he provided that. So I I they're all moments run like maybe I'm wrong, I just I don't Then they then that interception have liked what is going on here. So often are gonna, have probably get to shun Watson soon, the out and then which again all gonna act like it's normal for to shun, wants me playing whatever my prediction is that Roderick Adele is gonna, go God mode, oh, it's been a while since Roderick Adele's, gonna God mode on the league, but here that power to be like? You know what you're not plan ever play like I'm putting you on my secret list that I keep in Aceh
behind my eminence yes, and he and his bill it can apply in this year and Florio's gonna loses fucking mind looking for an explanation. Why think that Florio wants get out to go? God? Will you buddy? I feel there is an asian yea. What's explanation you want, he will demand for them to explain why he went God. We feel it is doing so. Floor is advocating for Godot to go God mode, but then, when Fidel takes Florio up on offer, for we like way way way way way, we have a sea ba here right. How does this jive with that right? Designs? No sense was gonna, be a fight with the union and then Florio gets right. Forty more articles about the legally is behind the fight. I always you're doing Florio Jaap ghettos clicks up. We see you, we see you you're gonna love this year, love so yeah Godot is absolutely itching to just be like I'm, I'm your lord you're not allow you're not allowed to play absolute and, to be honest way like I probably wouldn't blame in the circumstances. The minute he is traded grows can press the button up like not so fast. I
next stop giants. Panthers, SAM Donald was a three point favorite on the road. This was my. I looked at it this morning. I was treaty about last night because, like late on a Saturday night, when I really start be, unlike our. What am I gonna bet on, and I said like you made no sense in the Panthers. Sam Donald was a three point. Favorite honour- and I know the giants- have no one right now, but the Panthers or not in SAM Donald, I say How bad you think Sandra wishes. You could freeze time after weeks ray it be like this was this is the real Sandra him in Teddy Bridgewater there and the Broncos like to freeze time to three- and I were good SAM dolls. Passer rings could be my princess. Ask start and weak one one or two, ninety nine point one. While ninety five point, seven five point: five. Forty four point: five, fifty five point: six and fifty seven points just basically halves enforced.
Off a cliff any assembly. I dont think that any where people actually like yes, seemed almost completely fix after those. Firstly, we all, I think we wanted. I think it was the perfect combination of you want EU. I think at the end of the day, no one, really, unless it's your rival, no one really roots against. Like these guys, these kids, because our kids it drafting drafted. Two too, like fail and so you have that and then you of the jets combo wherever one wants to be like it was the jets not SAM. Darwin wants to laugh at the Jaguar, like look what Adam Garrison and the jets organization did the same Donald justly the town you get. Your quarterback rating improves by forty points run once you step out of the state of New Jersey. So that's. I think that was why we all we're, a case in Donalds, fixed yeah, also the Panthers this this I was looking back at the saints or a true like Kay steam this year, because I was like why did. I ever think the Panthers were good. This
AIDS went week, one they beat the packers. Thirty three like that, alone years younger, look back right, wait what what happened and I came and then two. They lost twenty six to seven to the Panthers so the chaos team Day day cemented in mice stupid dog brain too Leafs that are now even close to true that the Packers Sock and the Panthers are good and its take me all the way to weeks. Seven too, like shake that out of my system, yeah up I was watching the recap before setting out for this game, and it's never good sign when the very first thing that they show on the screen is a picture of SAM Donald and then the highlighted word and the top corners decision, making right and then they proceed to shuffle like four throws and that they never bring up that graphic when you're right
a good decision maker yeah like Derek Henry made, better decision, Citys passes, salmon or December Donald decides to drive after four for drinks Sand MAC Jones, yes, M Donald decides to get like pizza delivered at four, a m yeah. Don't it's never positive? When sounds like, we had sought, this guy's decision maker Sandro annulled books himself, a six m flight at the end of a bachelor party. Yes M Donald! I just didn't use condoms when I guess it feels way better. If this is this is SAM Donald, just base level- I mean it get Mano, so he does have perhaps like he is the same. Guy right is decision making is always been an issue. Tommy link Ricky in the bed, the bad part, as you can't even rebranded name. He can't become Sammy Donald because Sammy Donald make Sandra look like he meets outstanding descent. True, he may be, should just be SAM D, Arnault, similarly, our colleague Frank calls in the actual french tool,
Donna Bismarck, great, not great. For four Sammy SAM D, Arnault Lincoln Sammy Donald he'll he'll be fine as if he wants to be a backup quarterback a thing called he'll be ok if he comes in these still got that, like you is a first round pig, he played those couple sweet ball games in college you that Sir by one wasn't so sweet one get his ass kicked warehouse state I remember that was Those in night, where I realise that I don't think I can ever cut the cord, because those watching with a friend and it was buffering- and I was losing all my money on USA, that stuff and I was very upset and shut out. Your judge. He gave the impassioned speech earlier this week is like to the fish thinks from the head down. That's what that's! What Robert Salami lie elsewhere in different ways to say. Look in the mirror the up saying this: the fish thanks from the head down you're saying the exact same thing correct, but its way cooler groundwork of football thing to do. You know that the giant so like they are, I put him in the first category because they also there so injured and
like I, maybe they could be the chiefs next week. I think the cheese for that broken. Then. Maybe the giants go in there and just do something crazy. I've got my eye on the giants. Cuz. I think they're going to finish second place in the beast this year. I think they're going we'd like seven whence that's my prediction: ok, seven wines, look real, quick That's all it's probably not out yet. Do you think it's out the whose lies it anyway, the cheese first, the giants, cheese, press giants in its insanities, any kind that yeah muttered I football in Kansas City, Guess his light is anyway cheese. First giants where you say Billy think that's clowning game for no, I think it's the chief Signa bounced back and clown. No,
real. I don't know about that. I don't think I dare not hard enough to do to clear now that the chief swollen clowning themselves right now if they try to clown other. I dont know if there came hurrying clowning they are, but if you ve been paying attention recently there just their put the clown shoes themselves will Kelsey with that pass. If they are winning that I wasn't clownish, I was just Superman: Laddie Smart for pilots cloud designed down few lateral closer the game. the giants have a tough schedule, eight having might not get to seven in Ireland or would you are. as I have said enough enough now have Guess who's lies. I love the giants. Napkin They might not have said that they have a tough schedule, but there the I've actually have like a good red on the giants, went about one not to their just like wait until they're playing at not a good team. I guess this would be the chiefs, not a good team in everyone's, like damned the giant sock now the giants beat the chiefs in prime.
At that point, panic button smashed and gives us at all. smell is idle aids like I think it's I think appeared button is already been touched. People are asking. Is this a curse of x factor? The presence banning him from the same rights of way. Probably didn't on my way played very well. I'm back on any dimes. I can't quit him he's having a nice season like he is. here it is all right. He is usually he's takin care, the ball for the most part yeah it last game. Was it against I was a bad one, but you like. He ran the ball, while he that he has no one to throw. Do he caught an unbelievable pass? One handed yeah, daddy dimes, I'm back in autumn, I am. I am. I know I can't quit this fuckin guy. also said Diana was, to fifteen sorry, seem d arnault with two wrist fifteen on third down. I don't know it's like French yeah, that's that's a good waited suck. I
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I find nothing Alexandra five, nothing I was just shocked. Gigi walked and get a touchstone pass yeah. I thought that this was going to be one of the greatest game things there are all the revenge went to nuke too Hopkins and J J. What was just, he left the Office of Game plan pretty badly they up. This was like you. Could could have convinced yourself in a way that the Texans worker in a convert trap game because they have the pact it's Thursday night. What should be great that would be great theirs in football game, but the in any sorted five. Nothing like! Oh! Maybe the cardinals are in trouble and then you remember that the Texans are borderline, not in professional football team. And yet this was like a total snoozy. The only big thing was like Backards, it's the card,
had a tunnel weapons, and now they also have Zachary to looks like he wants to play. Now. Yes, is Trot Taylor coming back or we just saying I suppose you get a year of Davis Mills no he's supposed to be. I think he's returning to practice this week. Actually, ok, thank God. Yes, thank God, and you know what that means. I'm gonna bet on the taxes this weekend yup. So I'm looking for that. You have to watch radical, probably get hurt again Fortunately, I just kind of how it seems to go with them, but don't worry taxes fancies when Toronto means at the next sky. Gonna, be your guy. The future Davis MILES Davis Mills also this admirable where this Stupid is robbing the past or penalties ever because Kyler Murray his head is at shoulder. for everybody else, and he there's no way to sack em when you're running a prime example well to either to hit him in that strike zone which is like below his shoulders and above his waist right, it basically doesn't exist. He's got the smallest Thorax of any NFL, quarterback and so
He also, whereas these I got you where's the town that hangs out and it looks like its flag. Football whirlwind Furthermore, if you, if you pull a towel out when he's the pocket and thrown on the ground that counts as an absolute against collar, because otherwise you're just gonna hit him in his giant helmet or his knee Yes, calmer. Also, this in the memory machine here, Jake Collar Murray is Mr September October. In his career. He seventeen in six against the spread in October. In September Monday the well on Thursday, but also next year later come through yet long? Yes, but those that we have our last chance, that's pretty great I'll, yet its grey. I love those games between Pakistan, the cardinals. They always remind me of that Aaron Rodgers yeah Warner game. Young thou on Europe, which was incredible yeah says: can we amend Betsy overrun our fears, and yet the Unifil owes us this. You owe us a good gas or bad are really two weeks two weeks in a row of
PAR Sundays. You owe us a Thursday night shoot out. That's a fat rivalry. Cardinals are also seven in our last undefeated team. I think I saw TAT there was like there's like a ninety percent chance to go to the play house. So I don't know that's cool- seems high seems I would also like I was looking at the list of last teams on defeated pretty much every single one of Ngos, the class if they get paid like weak five. Yes, Let's look at the scheduling predict their first loss underscore say this Thursday, Ok Packers. I will say so. I hope they beat the Packers. and I'm sure then I'll just say that whatever the after the Packers let down spot yeah for nine years, that's perfect! they're gonna, win a shitload of games on looking at their schedule right now, they're gonna, when they still ought to play the Soviets, the bears the lions, the pet, the Panthers therewith allotted caps there there it's gonna be like if they beat the Packers on Thursday, it's gonna be
off for them. I guess I still have only one loss right, so tat they. did Cardozo really fucking good. I don't really know what else to say this game sucked in the cardinals are really fucking was right. How about how about us in the national media? Stop saying that their soft and just say at the rear, fucking good, really fucking. You really fuckin good J J Yankee in Bali, yes, and I'm very sad about like I'm, not sad about it, but I'm a more sad that I have to be have to watch the taxes. like I've been is it is it's very sad, very, very sad are they even gonna? Get fancy short for these games on there's gotta be a million better things to do in Houston. Absolutely with. Adele London's area.
I would rather to those I wanna how're. I would definitely rather go. Watch rockets gave the Astro scare going on about the Astor. You'll go fall asleep in Russia's manage our swear. I'll go for some cheaters. Will you say there cheaters ere, you will get in touch supplier. Facebook proportion that is, as the Porsche Speed Depressing or Ujiji Omar thing from that Gambia. Oh, yes, yes, you score me, I wish, I could swap brains, you Jake, because you're Sundays, just so much more pleasant, the mine. Now this is your job. Every week, Gambia heads think of all the ones that don't write true too, and I only have all the seas elegant, fathers Jake. I think it is. The next item is the great want nobody, you wouldn't like it. If it was in every we can thank yeah.
you and why we came to go gummy, not the excitement, rainy exact at that point, this out even score. Gom anymore, we're through to the score gone. We would become again that had a similar score as another one, but I just can't imagine a world where, like I walk out of my house on a Sunday, it's like well just there's a guy me Again, if I get one day and was that a great sunday- and if I don't it was also a great sound. I love the picture that Jake took next to the tv that score gummy. I like he was wilt Chamberlain holding up a hundred yards away. He was equally good idea. Is again the polar gave born a perfect game here. Wanes is, I refer you guys yeah. I know I do no, I mean, I know I'm very, very much work, I'm happy You gotta go me, I'm just it's a good thing. What I'm saying right now, you ever you have a much better outlook on life in general. you're, had hired healthier Europe mentally alot, healthier than I am on. we given Sunday
I'm in torture, chamber and you're just room for the Gama, saw I speak of terrible football boxer. Paris. Three. I there's. No, like a monkey get mad, it was That game actually give me a headache. I got troll by Jim Nance and, ah Tony Roma for four hours. The box kick the shit out of the bears Joseph It does not look good, I care There's only. I can really say about it, like you, look good I'd, say maybe the fact he didn't know his starting right tackle, wasn't playing until he showed up to the stadium. That was probably not and all just snowballed, maybe if cork MAC catches, law on thirty, eight
on the second driver, the game, it's a totally different game, but that's just the way it goes. This one was a big time Bruce syringe revenge. Again he was like use pissed off still, writing get that job when he did the interview in that was out when they hired trespass, yes, ozone, the late pressing, in her view, that more press conference that he refused to do entrusted by the way did you know it's a bad yours can tell the bears a really getting the shit kicked out of them if the the trust me, sort of trend on twitter and add the arrows turning often in Austria on now, and there is major like Bruce Arians Vibes were hee hee drudges against every by earlier in the NFL, so he will find a reason why he's gonna run up a score on you and shut up by the way to the guy in the front row that got the MIKE Evans, the touchdown ball from Brady six hundred career touched impasse and then their equipment guy from the box walks over
Ok, that's that's a pretty poor boy, mind just handed back body and the I just gave it up to him. Then we find out that that thing is worth six figures. Easy, easy bullied that man, yes out, of a huge paid at what might governs what what a fuck up No, that also that how many bosses Brady need. Does it just Brady, actually hang onto every single ITALY's mouse on both because he's just gonna throw seven hundred pass easel and then the six hundred one is going to mean shit correct, nor I agree like would have Isabel five hundred after this, That's what the stooge demand you should be like, if you throw seven hundred You need to have all five hundred, though yet drawn that phone sex that's true, etc. We don't you backed ready. Yet personally, you mean personally, like I want handed to the ball boy. I'd be like Tom. Now I know you are you should all welcome. Given you ignored did I can stay over for a few weeks month? year knowledge and whenever becoming an editorial around
give it up. It was bulling. They bully that guy that bar there was in four game now. It was terrible that it was an addition to the replacement game ball. The box gave fan, brought Bryant Byron Kennedy, a one thousand dollar gift card to their team store. now I was casual sports lawyer right there, not any regional Christ they give store credit. While too you have a lot of money. Give him give him suffer. That's. Why would you give us the equipment? And I know you won't lose my governs fucked up. Like my given you gotta know, you got an you gotta understand the moment and not give away that ball there may be legal precedent that, even if you did keep the ball, that he couldn't keep it cause it like a lawsuit. Doing I stated sizes abilities decided I like there was the brother like Greece is right and what is the legal present means? It's happened before I think, when the present day, if you take a quick meat from animals, it in President President, what's the precedent that if someone were to take. When did this happen? It
for, I don't know, but I think the Red Billy's, anticipating that has happened. Blatant, however, run Europe means, but I think that means that presently into tat your abilities, you right in the same way as high as it got a clue, eliciting private view like what what is so controversial about that you'd yours, it's like you're, saying as legal precedent, but President President haven't I'm trying to find it. But I think that's. Why can't just walk out of stating with ball? I think you can't, I think, once it once you take possession and you make a football move, that football become because it's all stamped with property of whatever team, all the ball, but you're like the balls. We have any these? Are all State Property Buffalo bill in other years, a logo eyes, but it doesn't say property does. Oh, you sure why what you like about yours is making its lily a silly. I'm on your side. There. You are sad history. I think if you, if you take the ball, and you holdings as your body, and you don't give it up
I'll be right. They can't take it from me, I'm on desired result if they justify ride brow scale yeah anyway, this game sought I dont appeals, not look good, I don't know I'm People are gonna Tell me he's the worst, I'm gonna wait till He has a real coaching staff, and I know you locating you said about to a yet that's how thin vandam works. I'm in a wait and see because I have no other option. If he is not good, then things just terrible normal term. I think dead. This season, you can't judge which us and feel too soon I haven't Statham, makes you feel better about him. Now he's inside many times the recorded thirty one David car. I still David car could be good after you another suffer you the last. Lucky to have borne using daily. Yes, yes, you sick arm, so the last rookie to have three interceptions into fumbles
was Joshua I still don't try frozen goodbye goodbye, so I'm not giving up our just feels, though, I'm fucking, you stand our ground. You can't Georgie thing just feels. Does this year because obvious, the situation with bears, could be a lot better right. Now, probably saying that that is an understatement. By now you can go into next year and we like he's, got it he's yet corner that will take advantage of a skill set and by skill set, I mean plays that work well in, and it's a very bad combination of an office of wine that can't really block just in fields processing, not being that quick right now are we. four receivers to get open and it's a receiving corps that never gets open. So That's how you get a result like today were the wheels fall off in it looks terrible, The only thing I can opposite many gets fired soon. Put us out of this mess. I think you ve gotten worse. You might again far this week. fitted gotten the real or is it again real real around three wasn't bad you have to if he had one play that he ran like towards the game that was apps.
clown, show not and Billy since but like if he did it to himself like ran a fake, feel, go that gets year to pass that got, intercept return for sex if there like some signature, Lee comically play though he ran, I feel It could have been this. We I mean if the boss and wanted to, they could have one that game sixty two three, sixty probably like it was. Did they bay I'll put the bears out their misery by not really running real, often in the second half it was it. very, very bad game. The bears are not even call like a real like the real teams, how about Tracy Wilson run a five year, my raising, so they dropped the disrupt that honours out of nowhere. That Tracy was Wilson came in sight, in places like the Tampa five k that they are in your warning yard? She runs a five minute mile over the course of three point, one miles: is that of icy? trace at any point in the Brok asked. Did you say Tony Roma you're unstoppable
No really, I have not. I hate him, though, there are drawing. I know that everything I know no their terrible. I did say their trolling us they were trolling. So, Dave expanded the repertoire no longer just about like golf jokes between to them. Now if they everyone I'll get the other guy skin, these a common about how rich the other person, oh yeah, they Jim you ve, got the houses in every state is a thing, though these taxes, this game, you like the Roma and Jimmy. Its trolling, bears fans like I can't get mad, because the bears were the reason for it, because by half time They were like what we gotta run all of our best material him, because we now have a game to talk about it. Was the entire second half. I had a headache watching it because it was like this isn't even football. The bears can't do anything in the box only even trying, and there should be a running clock in the second. It was so bad. It was so bad. I just flush it out.
worry about it next week. I think the bears private before nice next week. So Marty back we'll come back. This yellow young exam. What's the weather gonna be like next week is gonna, be in Chicago, probably Should I foreigners were Billina the foreign Honour Lavie, then maybe. what wiseacres verse girlish were three points. They have gone, I think, like every year this year under two hundred yards passing so like going backwards and supplies I mean it would be great if it's three nothing came out of it. Yeah I'd be found without Windsor Wind Foreign forward convince myself. There plotting yeah, they think are eagles raiders so mixer onto your time. I look yours look in the mirror guys he actually is he dissolve he says now, so to the game. You said anytime, you lose like that. Everybody has a look themselves in the mirror. It just good enough, it starts with me. It wasn't good enough. That was nick superiority basically open a code
cliche handbook and started reading from page want. It starts with me is a good one story. I would have liked to better if he had said it starts and ends with me, yeah, that's even better. By the ass reality. He is he's the opposite in every way of basic here, Yet we are now in Syria. not a fox or guy. Now, not a factual guy he's got his own foxhole yeah. That's got weird toiletries lotions in here, promise. Just great eyes by the way does have good eyes is a good looking man. Yet he is a good looking. Man becomes not good football. I wouldn't want my football coach to be good. Looking I just tells me, you haven't, played a football Jonathan crews like the best looking for poor coast, Belgium charm agrees pretty good coach cliff love cliffs gap at all, like I just where sunrise doing really he's. Actually not that is raves ribs, terrorism is a man. Is a hot man, smiling alike. You know it kills me to say but metaphors good, looking dude nears like
We do Kali yeah, like our dresses, psychologist He's going to allocate Zelaya is keep a lesser man would have died, just a myth. Great looking guy really, looking guys goods resurgence, Lorenzo my favorite color, the Bruce respond to my talons good, looking guy Zuzu good, looking girl, but a serious I'd next life here, Jimmy Grapple of had gaseous. I gotta you need to get up a little debra. He also that came with It was so the Eagles B the committee. It was seven, seven game. The raiders went on ninety six yard. Touchdown drive to make a fourteen seven than the Eu he fumbled the next play. Raider scored them start, the second half the eagles do an psychic that doesn't work rate, score so is like seven seven and then you blinked, and it was twenty four seven
de the onset kicked it sort of second half. That seems like a play that should work every time, issues middles always there by. But then you have to remember your counting on your kicker to recover and no Alec Inglewood, the full back special teams, captains waiting on more than that rich procedure is she'll deems coach was now your head cushion. He can't let any of that happen ever it also. I got one thing that he can't let happen as the new head coach to have. A special teams fail yet, and so here's what car said after the game up a secure He has the ear the lock room. He has the pulse. He has the heartbeat, I think same thing, his pulse. And he's our leader we would love for him to still be our head cut off from the future. Gonna have southern at least, given that interview yet know there were fully honour face till I could see, marked Avis being charmed. Yes, absolutely easily. Charmed also pointed out the pen that much which motive little more people change from a huge bona here dare call by the way your car fun fact is
actually on peace, now, seventeen game. So it's all different, cars on pace right now to break paint manning's passing single season passing worker, which would be us. Yes, you heard it would be so awesome. He has to do so pay many adverse father, a foreigner and seventy seven yards in Sudan Thirteen with the Broncos dare COM is pretty close to two thousand yards through seven games. Yes, average three earn fifty three yards per game to break it. I think we can agree at that point- that if their car does break paint, Manning's record, which I'm right for I have to write, it would offer make every step meaningless football for the fund, but I want I want. I want him to destroy the game yet listen. I want that- and I also think fund narrative we're going his daring, Waller bad for their car. Oh, I like sound without their car was thirty one for thirty four any had stretch rid sixteen straight completions, I think Dern Waller makes you think I think
John Bruton was bad for daring Waller because it was just like what are you gonna go. this play just more dern, while area organ of fear, Waller more turn every single every single time. like a narrative, I think that we need a legal, but one thing we usually have the conversation. I've also of the eagles are kind of the backdoor kings non terms of covering but in terms of making blow out feel like they, less blow us and they really were because this happened with the Chiefs YAP and with a box, and it happen again today where they got there. kicked out of him. But if you were to look The final squirrel, like TAT, was a marginally entertaining those game, it was competitive. No there's someone! I saw it when I was scrolling through too Before did the show Some one had a it was next year. Jani an jail and hearts in the fourth quarter of a blow out, and I'm just a picture of Radium Bela check yeah exactly exactly. Yes, they make data. They'll do something like that.
for the last touch out of the game and go for two for no real reason. Why just to make the score appear little bit closer? I was right, they always have weird score. Very weird, scoria estimation scratch your end, but I call that must have been kind of competitor they also have the eagles have so many plays that are just demoralising. Yet, right efforts over the Gaelic walks back towards the Hellenic well we're gonna lose today have neck like yeah we're Yeah and even their last touchdown was kill. Her. Just throwing a ball that should have been picked off like hundred times out of a hundred and yeah, I don't know, eagles fans can't be very happier, and I think we have a shitload of traffic. So so, just due to look at them, We first round graphics key, find that former Jacob sure they did. He had ever dolphins, the courts on their own, so there you got right now, just three of the top nine, while so that's why they're ready to build you? Can you can sock? If you have three first raindrop actually get three wider, Sears I'll catch. You can tell yourself the doll things going
dirty they're gonna, get a one white received that also played lacrosse, he's gonna. Think one guy, that works part time. As me, M t he's gonna quit after a year garbage garbage guy who can there could be a garbage, kicking feel, go picker. Last up rams. Lions us call for the line could you try to win this game? I would say Jack Campbell when hard and painted a he went so hard in the pain he fucking left everything on the field to fake pants, on sidekick, going forward on Fort down and still end up losing by nine points. I think there are the best windless team in history, the at this point in a season yeah. I think it they're gonna turn every game into a street fight. What did you do they're gonna play like they have nothing left to lose because they don't and Dan Campbell is just gonna. Like do crazy stuff.
and eventually is gonna work out, he's gonna. So what he's doing is obvious I'd, be as aggressive as possible. All the time and there's gonna be one game where every single aggressive play that he makes his gonna work and then that'll be there one went on a season, it was it any everyone be happy and cry. It was armor. They they did did everything they could to try to win this game, and I know that sounds very stupid to say, because they're all proposed are out there trying to win but like if you want This game the lions were. They were doing every the dividing the kneecaps that actually happen there trying so when this game they were stealing possessions and industry out there just way talented than the LOS Angeles. There were getting into fight. So, like yes, all went after Donald, they are taking on that mint out of it was right, it was not I'm going to I'm going to be dirty as fuck and we're I just try to shove, each other
and, like I said Dan Camel. If he was a cushion achieves, I think the Chiefs Emilio rebound. Yet all their problems will be fixed. Yeah. Just hard knows, I must play a game called. Let's try to find the lines win, because I would like, to win one Sunday. I think it's coming Sonya ozone that who they point the birds Oh ok,. At home, which bird they could win the Eagles, they could win game bears bears on Thanksgiving have already lost the bears, but yes, absolutely loses all for the bears attributes, maybe at the browns, depending of bakers. Back, Stana season. If the backers or bunching rod in first ever weaker year running before that Jake Chill out, I want them to win very bad. They are wanting cable to get what you know. Everyone shoulders walked off. I think two thousand. I think that the deadlines are gonna win two games, ok,
I'm taking the overall when I was five one now be nice for them, but yeah they are. They fought their asses off. I do have a, very sad stat, as you know, democracy among US eggs is our friend during our front jack and look like Dan Camel turned the keys to the office over journey red. We did. The rains have also never lost a game where they ve been leading at half time, which is crazy under Mcveigh. that's an insane thing and then The oil said I had was the My parents are boys, have eight plus touchdowns in eight hundred yards in the first seven games. A season is Cooper copies. but to do that and the Sioux boy, that's insane he's got he's gotta I had what to touch on Sunday. Honour for discharge is like on fire. Also is the same route. Every time it's starting on the right side. In
all the way across the field and that suffer getting him while he goes up the field and then he swore to touch. It seems like cheating to be able to put a guy in motion before the play yeah and then use his speed to just continue having him be open right after the ball snap, I know it still. Illegal put, it feel Is there a lane on pretty thick today I lights having one game, Sean yeah, I like how Stafford afterward said he's relieved to have the lions reunion over with, as if it was like? You know, Brady going back Fox. like was Did anyone really. While there were so many differ revision that in this game, but was anyone like man, this is a big story. I was a bit was like if the verbal mean we're everyone's shaking hands and middle everybody of different stripes and raises wearing different church. Yes, it was like all around the same revenge game, but you also had obviously jerk off going back to the wall. still show Mcveigh, yeah laid it on pretty thick.
The post came hardwood Jerry Graff yeah, often really similar. Don't you. I too was not in a hugging mood. We don't that shit, that's bullshit click on random, mad celebrities that you can't believe are still alive. Oats leveraging realise or stole I've Ed Abner yeah yeah. I love so I am very white. What's that, as from I don't know, he's a bald guy right tell her, is still alive who she stanzas mom, no yeah, she thought puzzled, renewables, overset right, no oil shales confirms this for him is a great slideshow. Robert Wagner Bobby Y yeah yeah do or more easily blogger. Yet we knew that now be a national terrible day. Its tragic when, when Barker Cox, all neutered in space will stay as long as you are still live technically,
would tells you about how this NFL Sunday, what Angelo lands bury. I can't really she still her dead. Angela Angela Hank goes ahead or alive, celebrity William Daniels. It's it's I'd, probably getting us terrible virus. On my computer right now, as well as random, adds at the bottom of an article, ok, dead or alive Sidney Portiere Is this the aid alive? Ok, first the debtor librarians dead, his dad yeah, Walter still alive, oh dinner, Mister T dad no he's alive, woe to clean diked as alive now he's dead, wolden there's no he's alive yeah. I think I think Dick Vandyke, I will definitely no when Dick Vandyke dies, because Ruby many jokes that I will not be allowed to, may male Brooks he's still alive, yeah still alive when this is great site. I doll
fell Sunday. What would you say? Why are you so you can't do that they should get you the for Hake face where your little now rocks died of Allah on our second, I'm really wanted yeah dynamic Gee modern G wilder, Jean Eichmann retired. From acting and he is La Hague. Just did the face. Yeah did You do popping out of a whole look like as a clear use. These Gina how's your weekend good fun. Now bonkers, awesome deity yielding Colorado, add Veronica. I'm fine in Indiana? How can I can ask you anything about it? We can ok thanks. ass, you anything by yours areas how you'd how's your weekend tee and say how was your weekend, Canada, it was awesome. Papa, was great lots of fun punk does rock my let's get. You are for both as the weak brought.
You buy party, got it yeah great friends over Chevy, you guys know about Chevy the brand new Silverado, it's the most advanced silverado. Ever it's the strongest silverado that, if ever made your award winning lesser you know at the shabby silverado is the strongest most Vance truck on the entire road we're truck. I and so broader was strong and is the greatest that you can possibly life of a ball season, because its purpose, four tailgating scattered six configuration multi, flex tailgate. It will give you a step up on your tailgate game. You have the primary tailgate, which opens with pusher button on the key five or inside the truck the energy It falls to a large step for easily getting in, and out of, bed costs become a desk or sir, for your tailgating meal, small. advance, auto ever gold. Give it a test drive today into the dealership and say: hey, listen, the guy's a part my takes. It me and they will give you a cup of coffee hundred bucks off
and what would also to giving a cup of coffee hundred bucks off on the gas? Sorry, I think for tank, a gas and kiss on the cheek Yup so go. Ask for the Service of Morocco is awesome. Truck I've seen the new silverado. It is a boy You will not regret again test drive. You pray want to drive home off. The lot go down to your. heavy dealership today, yes, Billy Bob Guy the week this week We have a great crop of nominees. Yeahs week was little scars, but we had a big winner in cars bring ability to pronounce words. Scar scars. I said what I can say in german Jello Landsbergis shall Gregg Long term it was late Purdue. So you Last week's Werner this week we have our first nominee, Malea Jackson, defensive, tackle on the Brown who said that ball, isn't a ninety five job in that they had to think about it.
all day. All the time, even on a date with a girl, is a twenty four commitment in a state of mind: refuge football guy. italian way, life are second Domini is MAX Williams, tied end for the Arizona cardinals who email We had a season ending me injury soon, and watch the game from his. Ouch woody, Full Pat Lee doing right now what Well, it doesn't Anna fell, look, there's a bat crop last week there is a great crop this week. I can't you. I just can't make a football guided the high school football. The weak argued gone. our third nominees Dawson Knox bills. Today, what what are you doing? sir. I fell players, those people were actually in football guidance as everybody that doesn't get paid millions and millions of dollars. Sport is just as it for the peripheral regions,
I do not actually ox we all sometimes touchdowns Josh Alan on Monday night, me Irish out he broke his thumb or a finger. DR before any through that you saw was Halleck shop. Put in a town like a good patio. You, like barely got outta, turns idea with a broken hands. That's pretty either at Osborne. Ok, so in our last nominee is a gene pool from Calvary Christian Academy, offensive linemen phobia, These issues over which he had so James horse was coughing a blood before his home coming. in order to play he bit his lip and convincing trainer that the blood was from his bleeding lip. Scoffing applaud is required to die. Did you do the barometer redesign out if he was dead? do you know he did not die on the real and so
so those are football guys. The week was wrong with my was coughing a blood. Yet she had some sort of pneumonia. I think the real words pleurisy he had you played through Player Caesar's home coming across a huge football guy. Move purring really try to keep the other team. Actually. Finally, I'm kick out of the game, because their complain about him coughing a blood during the game kind of an apparently like hey. No, it's my lip and using jumping down there when I checked it out, but the effort was there that's for poor guy move. I've also actually added a little caviar too for boy the weak and we have so far the weeks when is it crop of football guys We're gonna do bonus, throwback football guy, Bulgaria, the weak, define bad crop. I mean look week there weren't the football guys want realising these. How do you find search on Twitter for football guy. I know you
also other stuff, yet look through what we want. What are the resources arguments? You have just find the stories to find those will sometimes there's not that may submissions that many football guys go and look at last week. There wasn't that meeting as always Billy heat- I don't think he realizes, went into bad crap until he says them out loud and then we would like to tell you, can tell what I have to really dig into the bag in high school stories. Like an hour of all, why, like the old school, because, like one old school weak, that's what I'm doing ok purposes! This week we had a fan once called my dick baby on a call in a radio show in Microsoft. By giving the guy he's off his address and tell him you tell me what time and went off with your so just an old school forgot, I always so. Where do we and those in every week? Yes, Sir local, nice beautiful, thank you Billy s pleasant. yeah sure for the high school kid and I ve only got only through pleurisy, the
old school one and won't beyond the voting. Ah fuck hurried since bears came when I say less than a shovel whose back the weak brought you buy the cash app stock market back investing through cash. As back buying and selling, Bitcoin Download the cash up, enter their frockcoat, partially received ten dollars. and they will now send ten dollars, airspace yea when you download the cash out from the actual or Google play store today go download the cash up. Ok, Hank, back of the week my who's, I was. Rather, we live together back people getting matter than going mad about with oh yes, the enemy, airily sire. Seventy five grace players of all time. They added current players to the always I think they put out and like a nineties, yup People are very mad about some, the selection, some people they make the list Clay Thompson, probably met about academy cool about it, carry was on the list like out of you guys, saw this there
NBA on their website put out. They made that they made highly packages for all seven five players: and they made one for Tiree. But then he did, make the final list and then on the website, the the linked to the videos gone oh listen, shady, should going on there Dwight. How I didn't make it even though he has a better resident, Anthony Davis who did make it? Oh that's why they each other s coincidence, I think not so we go back to the Cairo, something that people are thinking that he was going to be on the list of thirty five best and has taken off at the last minute. Peter you two are not even like report, I'm not your own resolutions hurrying there is I, but I I mean you tell me fifty through the NBA. Why would accidentally like that. If you make your heart, the package is that thing? I was like calendar it. No, seventy five highly back is James James arm. Seventy five package curving seventy five- best by our highly package, while Jamaica, honestly, I would do it unless you did it before the season
right, then all the chicanery decision, but I would like this fucking Ivan the Seventys and no no. We can all agree that this is funniest that it had been a library there like they did it get. If I were in charge the NBA, I would do stuff like this all the time to carry so they carry like they're all out to get me where I had to be a guy actually amount to get carry, but nobody will believe you belong. Unbelievable poem thus called boys what I'm not that MBA here exactly that he arranged that's what I'm saying when we analyse it- and I realized you wasn't Bp Wanna Title- is pretty good they really need to do is I saw some people getting mad about like old school players. You need to make it like current, only because, of course create legal viewpoint Clay Thompson in a Jim in nineteen fifty they built whose is alien he's better than all of us They got so that the argument people people post highlights of like guys from like now Fourteen bang look at them. Do you think that you think this
further inquiry who you dumping on like this all sports events yeah exactly the USA, you can be, Well, if this guy did exist and carry Irving wouldn't even know how to play basketball, no imbroglio she'll be way way better match. Georgia would strike out Babe Ruth, like that. yeah Babe Ruth strike out measures other problems. I think you good, I don't know how fast we throw we don't know, we don't know where are they have read? Our guns is funny whenever they show like people like. this guy socked again, of course, it was two hundred years ago, yeah it, but it just really despairing conversations with add just going to be mad about every look at the list. Meal. Ok dad servant talking, while who the fuck is that back, do yeah, you just need to every now and then you gotta, remember that the lists exists, so the You can have made an hour and a half to pass. Your time and in in a work it's like whenever I start a discussion about the college football play off like
doing that rocker solve anything. Nothing is going to know what's going to come to an agreement, but we get to basically waste an hour and a half of debating resonates online, and that's all that is my. That is my like view. Of good will spent morning is to get like in argument with people about college football recipes online? Is a mere dizzy, MBA put out a different list every like two months yeah I get a million of these MBA is this list. This is like officially sanctioned exists? Is seventy fifth year yeah. I just feel like we go through this conversation. All the time you I mean I mean MBA, probably is the league likes to rank the most The dramatic scientist I think the matter today, like tarnished football fans, don't like to get mad. They the actually get angry and argue NBA fans like to get mad about rice right. I pity you whose back my, whose back the weakest Rugby Rogan back as USA lost. I think a hundred and five to fourteen to New Zealand swiftly.
second place. Ok, which might mean that work replace next week is bad and is bad bad game are we barely avoided? Being the biggest margin of defeat ever in the history of international rugby, oh damn so sport the second most sport, the future? Second, second, most second, most second singing and widen everything. Yes, so it was for now I got to go to Fedex field and I'm sure the few won't be absolute. Torn up. The next harmful volume game One gets you two hocker up front close and personal does is intimidating, see those guys get out there and you did the tribal dance and shit. I don't think so. Who is actually terrifying? The game was over after that happened. Yeah rubies back, congratulations, rugby, my, whose back easy Atlanta Brace congratulations, the Atlanta Braves for making the world Series so happy. This happened because I did actually start feel bad that I said that on Friday, as first report, I put my take the brazen and make the World Series
we're all rooting for the Presidency Astro slowly, but it's fun to have the Braves back in the world Series been a long time that they ve since they made it and I yeah that's. My backlog in language. I'd say anything about which is due that's lose because last years now there are they lost control runs day. They wasted all their homelands and grants lands. The first couple games so Did they went on aggregate? Probably maybe not I think they, my ass, It might have president that they could of they might have yeah. There would be funny if it was just like total runs over seven games. I like the braves other funding. They I feel bad varied out. The sport of them will be caused by let's be honest is ass rose, doesn't Get the needle moving for national bodies. See Don't do that you did. I'm off it did. I did that the air you that all of us are dumper rings, and now you can get the ashes of the needle now
the cheating self deadened. once more like to stay with the tuna everyone loves villain, I move like won't. They called it ruined the fun of Haiti masters a day. Dear dear you're right, I didn't get their proper although the hatred tour were now not at all, I'm very before brace fans, though it would be nice for the city Atlanta to have a win win if the Braves, you start being the asked rose in the World Series me like this, is for cheating, for all those life's physically beating him up. No, like being now be sick feeling. This is your come up. It's gonna take the biggest platform in the game we use every day. I will lose the world series just to exact revenge on new gas before well, love it, and then or dodgers. Also bad, so sad S, image as MAGIC Johnson said s h, tough, their magic Johnson. He did not actually tweet. I write like magic, Johnson and estimate personality or each person, but the person they text. I feel
They added yes, we're alive link. It was like a little flare that ok, Billy or Jake than you wrap it up. Billy my whose back the week, our next fence, o holy as HIV viral video from their opening night win over the south You haven't seen it and I did see they were gone. ray craze. Podcast Jake There was one Jody Joe. You regret, not trouble got it.
It was great my adviser, craze. I love it. I hope they don't lose this stamina. I hope they can do this for every every single. When that they have an home. I want, all seventh avenue to be shut down. fires it is to be just like a constant season. Long thing. I agree, Hague you're you're out that game. I was at the game, was awesome game experience, atmosphere. I've been to nets next Celtics aim like three or four times since we build a New York. Tat was the first one where I felt the gardens live officers opening night that provide some do with a lot of scoring over time is crazy. Foreign aid for three by himself, the southern, somehow mash them, and then John Brown. This a wide open, Dunk Schroeder, miss the lamp and sell this last saw having the next like they're gone crazy because they are lucky whatever
no one of them, but in that they are the magic tonight or Billy wrappers up my whose back is MIKE Tyson. So over the weekend broke it MIKE Tyson is going to fight Logan Paul sometime in February. Not a fan! Yes! Colonel I don't like Logan Paul because he works for that's right, I'll, Logan bidest I mean this is come on. You Thyssen's gonna, like personally, to do so. You fight like, doesn't know because he's actually dangerous. We argue it all in Denver. several of you Hank reverie. We also Taiwan ewers bigger. Now we weren't there I'm retired summer I mean be down. If we don't have to train the train yeah to show up and fight yeah. That's like this! I'm gonna fight
I know you want to find what you are referring alley. Profit rowdy might have you say: ok, Hanks, a lover nylon ammonium anyway. I fought for proud Billy. I remember you. I thought one of my bride, yeah girl, this thing I'd! You can't fight big cap because big care would just have you fight yourself and you. You always. I heard you get a shit. You gotta fight yourself would be. I don't push in that spot. Principle of general dead, dead dead Bitch, although he was a big interview. Absolutely love affairs, you fuck latticed, but what we are really lasting. police cars, hippos, have been classified as humans under the core law actually saw that that's actually occurred. Four can stand here that, as nice forward towards recognising frogs is being vital to verbal me, verbal mean dogs,
Domino people like cocaine, they domino Pablo Esquires Both are classified as humans, hippos human rights. Oh they buy Number six. Ninety seven m Hank
I will say it once you get the gun.
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