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NFL Week 9 Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes + Football Guy Of The Week

2019-11-04 | 🔗

NFL Week 9. Fastest 2 Minutes. Recapping every game from Sunday. Lamar was on fire, Minshew Mania might be over, the Redskins can't score, Adam Gase's impost syndrome, the Bears gained a single passing yard in the first half. Jameis is a HoFer, the Packers can't deal with Daylight Savings, and we debate the merits of Matt Patricia's football guy status. Who's back of the week. Football Guy of the Week and the revelation that Dan Mullen is a self cucker. Hurt or Injured Nate Diaz and a recap of UFC 244 + Washington Nationals Parade Math. 

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On today's part of my take week, nine we got football, football football and more football. It is our Monday. Football only show with a recap everything we're to talk a little Brown's dumpster fire bears dumpster fire. We actually a lot of done chains. I think this week. I think this is the done chain week, so we got a lot of done change. We get some mma we're gonna talk a little I, whose back football guy the week we are packed, show for you and it's all brought to you by the cash up cash Abbas, symbols, we descend and save money and now simplest way to try to grow your money, introducing cash app investing unlike investing tools it only let you buy whole shares of a stock cash app. Let you purchase slices of shares this way when your favorite company stock is just a little too expensive. You can still own a piece with as little as one dollar and because cash app is directly connected to your bank account. There are no forty five day waiting period for inbound transfers, so you can start investing today. Brokered services are provided by cash, app, investing a subsidiary of square and member sipc. Also it's Monday, and you know what that means. Today's bad beats Monday cash app is hooking up a w elves who suffered over the weekend so treat your beats to at part of my take an act. Cash app with the hashtag bad beats Monday and don't forget your cash tag in order to get partially made partially whole again. Don't forget the whole hash tag or you'll be cursed for next weekend's games. That's just science, don't question it download the cash app from the apps store or Google play store today and remember tweet, your bad beats. It's bad beats Monday, so hashtag bad beats Monday to part of my take after my taken at cassia. Okay, let's go
Electric avenue alive church, Welcome part of my take presented by the cash app. It is bad beats Monday, so tweets, you're, bad beats, hashtag bad beats Monday to the cash app and buy a pardon my take, and they will hook some Aws today is Monday November fourth week nine what's up. We start in foggy London town where Jacksonville meets Houston at Wembley Stadium, the Jaguar Sherlock home away from home to show
elementary. My dear Watson was racking up the Scotland yards on the ground and through the air and Texans linebacker Brandon Scarlet Letter put a let's see on Leonard Fournette Chest for cocked anyone can be a gardener if they got a two foot long hose speak. Although oversize hoses teach Nick Foles is instructed to be back week even after the bye. That's a totally unrelated fact, Texas, twenty six, Jaguar three well totally good. out in western New York, where the Redskins game plan was to help their rookie Qb Twain just hold on to the rock Askins seven samurai MIKE Singletary was slashing the Redskins defense all afternoon, as Josh Ray Allen was getting dark. Switching back between the run in the past. Tom Callahan said I can it could look in a terrible franchise my head up, but I'd rather take Bruce hours, work. Yeah it
no one circles: the wagons like the Buffalo bills, Kansas City, where Tyreek one Tree Hill gave. Damien Williams, a Sophia Bush push into the end zone on a long score. Kirk cousins continues to feel most comfortable playing at home in his mom's basement. Like your typical millennial, quarterback, okay, Boomer the kids are saying: Boomer, okay, Boomer, Sawback boomers back. The Schwab is back back back back back It feels like the crowd as saying give. Give me more give me give me a map book yeah, that's right, teach Britney's back to match she's twenty six vikings, sorry,
remember his hyperintelligent. They feel joy and depression. Sometimes they commit suicide. One time myself. It was in a sexual relationship with a trainer when the trainer was caught. The dolphin killed itself communicates with sonar. The military also uses sonar, so they use it real loud when it hits a dolphin dolphin spring. Twenty six and the still city where Jacoby briskets need needs a dry rub down, because his name is Ryan Georgetown, Hoyer packs up by you and Terry. Yet again, as not only are the colts punter without Andrew Luck, but
powder without Jacobi Bressette? Even though that's not true the line work way too well for your swamped to pass up make up. Oh oh Fitzpatrick you know what I did. Miami. Let me go as a second year player could go all the way, scored a ninety six yard pick six and in the words of my good friend, the sheriff Manning he must as so often happens with the Steelers by the cold. The game was a sign or a lot, so I could get sorry go Then they kicker MIKE Banner Jack Is it going to look her up and walking through that door? Still twenty six got, standing on the corner, Jameis Winston Tampa FL such a fine sight to see it's a follow. My lord in our jobs on the floor staring at the tiny handed Cindy we will say thanks he's tired of him.
He's never seen that before J missed. It is a lot. Forty bucks, thirty four in Carolina where Ryan raising Brenda Hill made the titans look very regular and kind of city, and the Panthers offense continued to play well, making it more and more difficult for RON Rivera to picture himself. Switching back and forth between CAM Newton and Kyle Ray Allen. Sister Christian Mccaffrey was MOTO, read his way to three touchdowns, as I Panthers running back every game took flight and dj's more was a sweet piece of chocolate to Mccaffrey's cracker mean MIKE Mayock boom. Yes, the sweet piece of chocolate Mccaffrey like may I have. In the win column, thirty, twenty so right.
and certainly I go where the unstoppable force meets the immovable object as Philip Rivers no nut November made Aaron Rodgers quit no shave November on the very first Melvin Gordon Hayward made sure that daddy's always happy scored two touchdowns for bullet the quarterback. Fall is here at Mikes, William Sonoma gobbled up the Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak, accentuating the charges, false static and two game win streak? Carmelo Anthony led knows a hoodie season Fox and was white from three calls: or five field goals in a win. San, Diego superchargers twenty such great, by packers online. We finish in mile high, where the Broncos quarterback of the future branded Ray Allen wanted to LA la la la la la la la your friend, go ahead to your trolls switching back between his tongue in his as he throws right, I will
not throw out? No, no, no! No! No offense to you do bozo. Dell laptop was wearing a clown shoes, as the browns season continues to be a circus, and it looks like Freddie kittens is actually a big pussycat as a browser running out a as quickly Broncos, twenty four little brown. She, Alright week, nine I'm not going to say it. I'm not going to say what song we talk about hangs on I want to lick you from your head to your toes Ludacris Loot, uh? Oh spaghetti, o alright week, nine in the books we got cowboys are playing on Monday night, whatever again so, as always, we should start from Sunday night and then we'll go back to the nine hundred and thirty game which I have a take on that I want to hear what you have to
to it? But let's start with the Sunday night Game, Lamar Jackson, who sheesh the New England patriots are no long undefeated, the 49ers or your loan undefeated team turn over luck. Didn't work their way. That's a was version of Babbitt yeah I'll turn, I'm so sick of Babbitt, the the Collinsworth. It was shades of when Chip Kelly revolutionized offense in the first half and that Monday night Game Collinsworth well very excited, maybe a little over his skis when he said in five years, we will look back at this night and we're Amber what Lamar Jackson just did to the NFL. He did that when they were up seventeen nothing now they did win and they impressive all night,
Maybe a little ahead of where we were about thirty seconds away from getting an Amazon web services on how quickly Chris is Dick filled up with blood every time a mark Jackson ran for a your game, he was plucked, but I will say this is the playbook out how to beat the New England Patriots CAS by my estimation All you really need is a transcendental quarterback. You need dental transcendental quarterback generational talent at quarterback, you need, Ed Reed entering the ring of honor halftime, which was awesome and you need a switch of strobe strobe lights in the city state members on the score, touchdowns six strobe lights- they hit those too fast. I listen the fire. Works are awesome, the strobe lights too much in every stadiums. Doing it now yeah whether copping the college game. Much like the ravens offense is copying a callous office. Now they are on stop the ball on offense when Lamar Jackson is able to run the ball like that
to learn ten yards rushing. The only problem is Lamar is going to get hurt at some point. Well, I I every time he gets hit on by guys as to time. You're gonna get ravens fans mad at you. For that I mean, hope that he no no, I know, but the actually, he will know ravens fans will say well, he doesn't run like every other running. Quarterback ever he's doesn't get hit. He is probably you know at the top. These are the top three, give all running quarterbacks in terms of like how smoothie runs, how does he's very good and he is good at avoiding hippies phenomenal. But just if you look at if you look at the history of the NFL vigil he's going attack yeah. This is the I've made this point a few weeks ago, and then I got ravens fans up my mother's. His your also con fraud. Well, I mean I've I've. I fix that two weeks ago They were no longer frauds after the Seahawks game. I told you I laid it out if they beat the Seahawks. If they beat the Patriots just had to beat one of the two, they would no longer be fraud, they beat both. And now look like serious, serious contenders and Q Chris Collinsworth. By the way also just ruin Lamar Jackson because he told his tell he said that if
wipes his owl he's throwing a pass and if he's doesn't he's running the ball This is all just totally nonsense that no one cares about. We all just want to hear our great producer and great friend his spends on Hank the floor. yours, no spin zone. I mean the patriots lost historic, defense, I've I've talked many times. The show about how they've been wrist. The receiving end of their turnover luck. You have you been consistent on that against them tonight, but that happens in the NFL I'll be excited to play He was again and in the playoffs, where there was a good looking men seeing ghosts, the it look like they were tackling themselves the patriots themselves. They too many penalties, turnovers turnover ounces go their way and they have announced since it's the bounce is that I don't, I think, the ratings, but a good game. I think Lamar Jackson's very good, but I think the pictures be themselves more. The Do you think, there's an element of beat themselves? They beat themselves by having the electric dual threat: fumbled water back her so still undefeated them, because
they haven't lost to an opponent. Well, there are five hundred against the Patriots, yeah yeah, so Hank my neck question is the one I've said on the show from the beginning of this year. Do you have? Do you think there was Do you think there was an element of Bill Bella? Maybe try not to show everything knowing that it's just a regular season game, like you said on Friday, Does your pre spins out yeah, that's money that season yeah now go sort of pretty mad. I mean it was a beautiful game where the patriots had enough ups about sex in a light into a ball yeah yeah, it's a good call their mistake. Well, I actually agree with you on that. They, I think they have a bye week. Then the playing the eagles they're going to they're gonna kill the boss. How long is it going to take for somebody to get the word to Bella check that Lamar Jackson was doing that thing with his towel, because I don't think Belichick watch. Is the broadcast of the game We probably have somebody in the stands that is tuned in and then radios down to them telling them what's going on. But if that's not the case, I think that will take a couple days for some
so who's, not just watching the film to get Bella checks here and be like hey. Does this thing with the towel, but you guys would admit that the patriots like they didn't they weren't noticeably out of that game. They could have They lost by three touchdowns here down the regime. I Adam Informal, seven, definitely, the difference that was when it kind of tilted there I they were. They were definitely coming back there, but then you could say the same thing for the ravens fumble on the on the point that brought the patriots back when they're down seventeen nothing. My my biggest takeaway Hank is like. If you're a patriots fan, this team is obviously still good. This team is obviously still going to be the one or the two seed. I would put my money on the one, but the ravens, the ravens keep playing well, they would now have the They end up with full two losses, but Is there a little element of you being worried that this was the first real test after playing pretty much no one and they failed no okay to good. I I in guess what I kind of agree with you 'cause. I think what will happen is everyone will react,
overreact, because that's always a way to get a ton of news is to be like look at the patriots they sucked on the first big test bill, Belichick's still going to too much going to fix everything it actually in a weird way. Like your ravens fan. Are you happy that you like show him stuff it's like the chargers game. Last year the Ravens beat the chargers in San Diego, and then they play the playoff game in the chargers had everything they needed to beat I. I think that if I were you, I would just go with the the zone on that. If this game were played in New England, the patriots would have won. There was a lot of ring of honor magic between Ed Reed and Ray Lewis in the building I was boys or even should have held onto that for yeah bigger game. They should have wait for save that for the playoffs yeah yeah Ed Reed is started. Kiss me off a little bit and I love that read, but he makes me mad because no matter what he does, he looks cool doing it yeah fair, yeah, he is going to be if he's smoking a cigar, if he's just like dancing on the sidelines, if he just walking through final, doesn't matter if you sitting behind a desk next to it.
Rich eyes or whatever Ed Reed always look sweet is how it's is beer disease gear at beautiful salt and pepper yeah. I would never die my hair, so Hank full final thoughts on the game. Moving on good game, tough loss excited to play. When the there you go. I have noticed that Stephen Belichick is getting a shitload, more facetime on the cameras. This he's calling his what's going on with that he's, allegedly calling plays reports coming out of New England that he is actually the defensive player. not Hotmail or so close. I hope you will miss out there every time prep Elamite seem on the sideline. I just chuckle a little yeah. I don't know what he's doing all right he's like mimicking everyone else to try to try to get in the good graces of bill, Belichick, you know is really really good, though, on the rave side is Greg. Roman, your offensive, He is really good. He was a coordinator for capper, Nick back in San Francisco, when he had those like two electric years back to back
the reason I'm Cabernet they probably well they've got RG three Debbie, something if they had like this like how are these three stone team? I think so I'm not gonna fact checked out, but yeah he definitely is enjoy the cool thing about Greg Roman. Is he installs these offenses that are kind of college like and like very very flashy, but he looks like Rex Ryan's lawyer is last best way to put he's. Got that mullet going he's got the gray and then he brought out his own chain at the end of the game. He had this chain. That was stuck and they brought on this like this, my victory chain. I like that. I like that change. Your back. Okay, let's get into the rest of the games, will start with the London game, Texans Jaguars, so I think I'm officially off the early London game. I hate it I'm over I'm over it. It always stinks and it always feels like it's almost a burden, and I love football so much, but it is, doesn't it feel like a burden? It's like Sunday morning. You need to get your wits about you. And then you're sitting there watching a shity game that you don't really want to watch and if they had just stuffed it into the regular slate.
it would feel a lot more normal, but man. I don't some about it. I just just put it in the water: They need to do it once a year yeah great to have once your is something new to spice things up a new position to try once in a while they're in a file. If you get tired of this same old, same old, I tend to agree with you Sunday morning is when you wake up, and if there any chores that you have to do around the house, if there's some Rob Lowe's, you gotta, do you gotta, take the there's no window virtually for me to let Leroy out here I had to wait until after noon today to go outside and he didn't care 'cause. I was sleeping the whole time, but yeah. It was a. It is going to be a handful, and I don't mind sacrificing my son, for the you guys so I'm being honest, I'm being an honest person, I realized this morning. I love I love it once a year when it gets. Here's the thing! If you're going to have the jaguars play in their annual London game. It should be the first one they should kick off London NFL season with Jack. What also the this game sucks. That was part of it. It sucks. So
I was watching it and being like. Why am I watching this? This game is terrible, but I wish it would just be sandwiched in with all the other ones, because then it doesn't feel as terrible when you. Standalone games that suck they really kind of ruin. Your mood, especially when you lose a bet to, and you start the day off own one of your like Falk, this sucks like now, I gotta dig out of the hole, but I'm just being honest Hank. I think people enjoy honesty. If I were to be dishonest and football hours. I prefer not to have them the London game start at nine hundred and thirty I would absolutely rather have the London game be played on either Saturday, yes or not night need us Saturday, because college football Wall to Wall, but maybe saturdays when we get to later in the season, but then they'll be travel things I just I need my Sunday morning to get my mind right, I take a walk, I listen to Norah Jones. I get I let my my.
and chill, for a minute to win run through your hair, a little bit yes watching Gardner Minshew suck. So that's a big story coming out of this ready to go to men shoe for making an easier decision for Doug Brown he's such a team player like I'm going to end the game on three consecutive turnovers so that that's the last thing their own saw and yes just say, I'm going back to take full, so he had four turnovers total Nick Foles is supposed to be back week eleven. I think this is a no brainer. You have to start Nick Foles, an that's, not Gardner Minshew, isn't a quarterback in the NFL going forward, but you have invest in Nick Foles, your four and five and we'll get to this later, because the AFC playoff picture. there are a bunch of teams still alive and the jags are one of them and I think Gardner Minshew like made it so we
We said this all all season, long with Gardner Minshew. Basically you hope either plays so well that it's easy, no doubt or or he shits the bed right before Nick Foles came back and guess what he shipped the bed right before. Nick Foles came back. So, if you're doing wrong, you have to start Nick Foles I think he will. If I were dug Marrone I would. It would be a tough decision, though so I don't think it is because of the money that we were talking about. No here's why it's not a tough decision in my mind, because you basically had Gardner Minshew look good for awhile. So if you go to Nick Foles, Gardner Minshew is still commodity, that you could trade potentially or make him the starting quarterback for the Jags next year. Nick Foles needs to come back. Look good then you can trade either or so. You can then make the pic if Nick Foles doesn't come back and look good. If you sit him. It's going to be really hard to go to move on from now. You have, I think, thirty three one dollars in dead cap space next year to Nick so you basically have to get you have to like. raise both of their stock simultaneously and Ben
garner meant. You right now would actually raise his stock 'cause. He was that bad, I'm just going to miss gardener miniature right. It's just that. I would rather an NFL that has Gardner Minshew starting on Sunday, then one that doesn't, but I can your point, because if you are still trying to make the playoffs, you could probably say Nick Foles might give you your best hope to make the playoffs this year, and they have a schedule. Do they can they can win out? They have act cold at titans, Bucs chargers, Raiders Falcons call, so there's wins there. Yes, the end there for five right now, the I think ninety Seven will get you in that six spot in the AFC is going to be a lot of teams, but Nick Foles is the guy You need to have. now, the other side of the ball. You had a quarter actor Sean Watson that is playing as good as anyone in the NFL right now I have a bone to pick with him, though yeah After the game, he credited Popeyes New Chicken sandwich the return of the chicken sandwich for helping him play better. But here's the thing it wasn't back until today, so either. One two shot Watson is a liar. No or two he's been
chicken sandwiches with is even worse because he had, I've been sharing those with other Houston athletes like Justin Verlander need them. No, I think what he's saying is it's his victory sandwich, so he wasn't going to eat one unless Oh, he was saying that that was his motivation. That was gouging scarce angular back yeah when he got back that was going to be the first meal he eats. So ok that would make more sense. Is the Texans defense better without Jj Watt people are ask, I'm not necessarily asking, but I've heard more turnovers. They had more. They they more turnovers than points given up yeah Gigi. You can talk about your team, winning yeah. So he was on Twitter and he was like. I don't know what the rules are telling me that I am not allowed to say right now, but I would rather have nine cups of coffee. Then three cups of coffee They were up nine to three as a judge you is like talking about gambling yeah. I think you've got a fuse. The like, you cannot bet on your team, but you can talk about your team winning
yes, I think Jj was probably under the influence of some post surgery, pain, medications and Jj. It's kind of bad influence be tweeting, while under the influence broke yeah, better soon, Jj all right! Next up we got redskins bills. Oh yeah, one more thing: I should we put it done chain on the jaguars. Yet no, we just talked about how they were both schedule. Ok, yeah! No Nick Foles is going to come back. They have a bye week, they're, not done. Ok, you can absolutely still get back into it. Redskins bills so uhm Dwayne skins, not horrible. he didn't turn the ball over yeah you. There's the wind. He no don't listen. We gotta say this about when you're playing in Buffalo is a windy windy day and having turnovers against. The wind is very, very impressive. He did. he had. One one time where you almost dropped. The ball! Basically, no one was even near him and he fumble the ball in.
own hands and then recovered it and then started high stepping like kind of kind of like when your dog eats the trash is like what I wasn't me running, like maybe maybe get something else going on like. Let's, let's talk about some of some of the high step, not the fact that I can't even hold on the ball when no one's near me. I thought I thought it was more like when you trip accidentally and then you start jogging afterwards, pretend that you didn't trip yeah. He was just like I'm just it's like I'm playing basketball. Do we'll skip to my Lou out here. It was Jameis asked yes asked but his hands are big enough to recover from that. I've got a couple: fun stats about yeah, scan. I noticed, I know which one you're sauce that nine points today yeah we've had three touchdowns in their last twenty four quarters of football. In addition to that over their last six games, they have all
we scored one touchdown against a team: that's not the dolphins. They haven't scored a touchdown in thirteen quarters and scored touchdown three straight weeks, and they I'm addicted to ave addiction on Twitter and we'll get to it. With the jets game too, I'm addicted to terrable teams tweeting out when they score field goals down by a lot. It's so awesome. The Redskins were smart enough to only do it once on Sunday, so they had three. Vehicles only dated for the second field goal when it was seventeen six, but the replies to field goals when it is down and terrible and hasn't scored a touchdown in three weeks: they're just they're. Basically it's I'm going out roast me like hey, everyone, come show up and roast the fuck out of me, I think, for the Redskins are such a poorly run organization that their kicker probably is one that runs with social media. So he has to get his flu.
So, if they're good, wise to it? Yeah yeah so yeah three field goals, which is better than zero field goals against the Niners, but they do your touchdown again this time they didn't cover, though well score a touchdown, so you could say that's trending in a bad direction counter is: Callahan's run the ball Adrian Peterson. No one who has benefited more from a coach change than Adrian Peterson, because Bill Callahan's, like hey, let's just run with with a he. He had a twenty twelve Ask game where he had over a hundred yards rushing in the first half and is running all over everyone, so he's going to get like four more contracts, just from the fact that Bill Callahan I don't know that it's yeah he does. This thing is it's so pointless for the Redskins to be running Adrian Peterson, 'cause they're not going to re sign 'em. Someone else is and we saw him after this they've got young running backs. Don't know someone would yeah somebody might, but why is it pointless because it doesn't make sense to be just like hammering Adrian Peters, it's not good for him. It's like a
five year old winning the lottery, but are you saving him for anything? not really saying the Redskins aren't doing. The Redskins are not being morally correct here by basically running Adrian Peterson in the ground and that's weird how they should make a switch from from Adrian Peterson yeah I mean I don't see the of course they're running them into the ground. yeah and you know what I think that's region Peterson wants. He doesn't want to play football. He wants to play football until he can't physically run anymore. I'm just saying you might want to give the ball to a different player in team. Somebody that no It's a great filter. How hand is running an offense. You know what he was eighty years ago. What last time, that's that's a little as long as the red skins been around eighty eight years and they've never had three straight weeks. So it's great touch. He, just embrace this and just run the single wing yeah just say fuckit. Why not shut up Devin Singletary 'cause he's a dude for the bills motor is this
nickname, also, five, seven so he's one of our new. Like short king suite, yeah short king running, backs he's taking the reins from Frank Gore officially, and he was awesome. Yeah he's really good Josh good job by the bills. You needed a comeback game where you beat a really bad team soundly, and they did that. I think The bills. Defense is still really really really have all the again like it see. It happen last week with the Eagles one mile sanders running all over them. Injured. Peterson was there's a few times where he was just like running wide open and no one was tackling him. So I think that the bills defense is good, but I have concerns good, really good defenses don't give up, like forty yard, run they just don't. So I think that's a little bit of a difference, so I think I think the bills are there going to be the team that will be solidified in the wild card spot in like three weeks. I think yeah, alright, barstool gold, Google dot com, slash pm too, you can watch us right now, personal goal, dot com, slash, P, M t. Next up we have the
vikings in the chiefs. This was the classic backup team win where everyone on the chiefs, if you read their quotes after they're like this, was just a good old fashion, team win and you need one of these one homes again and the chiefs LAS three in a row at home, so four in a row would have been really really bad and guess what he had Kirk Cousins, the US that stuff for show up and had throw three touchdowns. But if you watch this game he talking, stinks yeah, here's a look at here's, a little fun stat from Evan Kaplan, Kirk cousins when trailing in the fourth quarters of vikings, quarterback, LOS at chiefs Paris LAS at Packers lost for spares loss at seahawks, loss of patriots, loss of bears. LOS for a saints loss at rams, loss for spills and they tide the Packers that's ten in one, that's a little crown jewel for Kerr and It's really spectacular. Is the chiefs won this game on
light savings time's day when Andy Reid had an extra hour of clock to mismanage true, which is like playing Jay R Smith on four hundred and twenty. This is like Andy, Reid's, crib, night and they manage to pull it off. We We do not Kirk cousins. He had the I think he actually, if you had to ask yourself starting quarterbacks, who is the guy that you would least want to have the ball in the fourth quarter, to bring a team back to win I actually think it's Kirk cousins and I know people are probably listening right now. They're, like dude, you root for mister risky, actually think Mister biscuit would be better in the two minute offense Well, he put it in the only in this you only time he actually is good is when they're down trying to come back Kirk cousins. He had the ball twice at the end of the game: three and out three now an and not even close, and he also had one of the Most hilarious, Kirk Cousins plays where he Flid No one around him on a third and six two yards short like No one was going to touch him and he,
two yards short of the first down and had to punt. That should be. That should count as an interception I mean that's Kirk there's a reason. Why he's gotten what the franchise tag twice and then he got ninety million dollars guarantee he knows how to protect him. So he's I'll put it this way. He is in no danger of having the little more Jackson Tag put on a note as like a quarterback that will be injured at some point. Any read deserves more credit for being one of the best coach in the NFL, probably in call history. I hope he wins super bowl at some point, because this is the 11th season. Where he's won a game with multiple quarterbacks. He made Matt Moore. Looks like this is what this is a classic case of coke Matt Matters, because you have a guy Matt Moore who has not played. He started five games since two thousand tired. Last year we've gone, he wasn't in the NFL and he was on the. before that in terrible and he looks halfway decent with any Reid. His coach he's not he's not incredible.
After the touch on a Terry kill. There was a lot of tweets being like Patrick my home system QB. This hundred- maybe that's a palace, that's when you know you're doing good enough to this. System or skip skip. Bayless said he did the old, I'm not going to say it, but Matt S. Offense looks better with Matt more than it did with Patrick my host, and then he did say, though he did say in the eye, and then Patrick homes came sprinting out at the end of the game. T l He was going to give a chest bump to hear some bakir, yeah and Bakir pulled up at the last second, which is probably pretty smart from to do by the way. We don't laugh enough about the fact that the guy's name is Harrison Park here, since Kicker name Parker in any is good yep, it's rude also not not only any resolve things but having Tyree kill, helps out a yep, because I haven't seen a small guy play that big in along, but it's like, Santana MOSS back in that real nice cliche right there, small my place real good displays. Big he plays, but he does play plays a lot bigger than his side. He does actually don't think. So. I think it's the opposite. I think he's so fast. He doesn't play
no. No, no fast knows both. He does play big because he times his jumps just perfectly is really good. The last like step or two when the ball not to land in like a cornerbacks jumping up, for it will take a little cut. inside and step in front of men grab? It incredible watching him, but do you think those fuckedup him showing up his pill? No, I didn't think it was awesome. I think it was a running back this morning. That was awesome. He outran his running back to the end zone. Despite spotting about a ten yard head start, an earlier in the week I think was Miko Hardman was saying that he's faster I actually. I re Killin so Tyreek because, like I'm going to show off put something on tape for you guys to watch, I kind I was thinking like kind of a hi idea when I watch that I was like why don't they just have Tyreek Hill play safety in like any game situations when you just need to like he could run down a hook and ladder like different times. You run down anyone yeah yeah right. He just zigzag around the field just going after every.
I would much rather have him than Rob Gronkowski playing safety form through ok, speaking of the dolphins, let's go to the Dolphins game say something nice about the dolphins. They won a football game, Brian floors, kind of Gatorade bath. It was incredible: dolphins, fish! partying, the team is trying to tank won game, and that speaks all to how bad the jets are Holy Lee. they're, really bad their fans traveled. Well, though, there There are so many fans at the game that were just staring in disbelief like. I can't believe he yelled at a legitimate fire. Gase Chan, yeah, in Miami Adam Gase, which actually could have been Adam, gave Miami chant just like out of habit right right now, good thinking of it's just people in Miami that don't require such bad sports fans that they don't know that they know are have Adam Gase after head coach. Yes, that's actually good possibility and the jets this site this week we're talk. Into the Steelers about possibly trading L'Avion
go back to the Steelers right, so things are the wheels are off. The wheels are off in New York. Well, Adam Gase is going to get fired. Yes, of course, he is because the jets, entire system makes no sense at this point because they have a system well. Barely put. They have a quarterback that the GM didn't draft in the coach didn't sign off on right. They have coach that the GM was hired afterwards, so the GM didn't pick the coach and he pick the quarterback and the coach didn't pick the quarterback. So they all hate each other. It's basically no one. No one will defend anyone in that building I would assume Joe Douglas would be the last man standing because it usually works the GM is the longest leash in these situations. You gotta give him a few drafts, Adam Gay, This is probably gone after this year because Joe Douglas didn't pick him. and then SAM Darnold. I do
I don't understand how this guy beat the Cowboys, because what we've seen since he is football follies, he's old school football follies the safety that the jets took today Needed the Yackety Sax music, because it will so amateurish and the. I don't understand why they also don't just run that we've talked about this before, but the script SAM, don't looks awesome for the first fifteen plays every single game in and then it all falls Apart- and I saw this Adam gase in the eleven games that he's coached he's scored ten touchdowns offensive he, but he quarterback was possessive thing the evil he's he made, Peyton Manning Awesome, yeah it was paid many than he had like a good season with Jay Cutler to all right. Yes, he did. I actually wanted to miss the bears coach for while I was like you know, you got to pay out of gates because you can't let him walk out that door, who is at the cocaine guys the cocaine eyes on Adam gase. They just they don't quit. He's got these big pupils that are always dark and all around the place he dead in the water after that opening press conference when yeah when they brought him out and he was just
staring at invisible mosquitoes buzzing around his face. That's not race, that could work in New York. I actually think if you're looking at the front office, when you've got all these different people that are all blaming each other. Who last person standing is going to be, is probably going to be mostly based around what MIKE Francesa says or what? would talk radio says in New York, he didn't have pull anymore. I don't sports, no page number, one plus you he's not number one anymore right. That's true, someone's going to probably get mad at us for that. But it's facts are facts. The other guy. How about what the other guys that did you lose by who's? The other guy K, Michael K, he lost by what I think so I mean Pope is done. This is what or finish this is what the Pope and Jane. This is. What the pope was was made to do, though, is to talk about the mess that is the New York jets are at, in case after the magic MIKE Princess. If if every team in New York was playing very very well all the time now, I don't think you know what to talk about. I'm Adam Gase afterwards said
it's the nfl man. You can't buy be embarrassed by this by talking, obviously about giving the dolphins a team that is actively tanking their first victory of I would say you actually can be. You can definitely be embarrassed by how bad your foot Yes, I think that's actually a very common emotion that people who aren't hi on whatever he's high on have like a severe embarrassment. This bad at my job. I want to take you back because I don't want to say that he's on cocaine, because you don't seem like it's cool enough to do cocaine. No, I didn't people, don't invite him to the coke. No Definitely, I think Adam gays just high on his own brain. I think that his own brain is just like a natural fuckedup. Sudafed and, like I just like bikers he's probably high on imposter syndrome like how did I get here? How do they hire someone else hire me after I did that and yeah. He did go to the playoffs with Miami, which is crazy. Did he know?
I think so did he? What was the year that they know? That was a that was paid for that yeah. I think for the Florida with the plan yeah, I they were like eight need me I think I kind of agree with you 'cause, if you just take a normal person with no discernible talent and keep telling them they're good at something right, giving them millions and millions of dollars while they keep failing Actually, your brain is just going to be on LSD, like a natural form of LSD, the entire time like what the is going on your eyes, you I'm what's going on. I am a coach right now in the the professional national football again Oak. Ok again! Ok, I guess I'm living my life in the Truman show you know what keep happening. Let's just we should just tell Adam gase like yeah bro. This is the Truman Show, yeah camera. Where we've been watching you, your entire life, we've it's a so experiment to see how you'd react and you know what acted in a very entertaining way for all the. So thank you for keeping us in paint for the last twenty five years. My question is- and I love to do this- to put jets fans on the on the spot here. If you beat
often see now are second to worst record in the NFL because the will still have no wins, but you have one win. The dolphins have one win in the dolphins. Have the tiebreaker to be? You know the third pick. Whatever am I missing someone The Redskins are the Redskins. Have one win too yeah so did the Redskins jets play each other yeah they play coming off the bye week for the skins to jets were somehow to get the first pick. Do they take to a I love doing this because now, when you have a quarterback that is Everyone saying is the clear number one you can basically just like put it to fans and be like hey to a would you drop everything I think you, good day. I think you, SAM Darnold, I don't know, what's happening with him, it doesn't look like a quarterback anymore. I don't think they'd Joe Borough, because Joe Borough looks like a skinnier version of SAM Darnold yeah. They looked like to make. I think I would yes,
you got you gotta get star power. You got to get that name that pops in in the big apple baby start treating everyone. Alright, let's go to the next game. The bears eagles. Let's talk about So first first half stats. Let's do it twenty plays in total yards one point: eight yards per completion point four yards per play. The point four four yards per play at halftime. That is what, like one point, twenty five feet: they had one one one. Yard in the first half a your yard, one. single yard, they had the fewest yards in one slash, two in forty years, so they had, they had One yard of passing our yard. Not they had let alone many a yard at in your yard.
Solamente say so moment a trace. This is this kids ghosts are like Matt Nagy is probably doing this to the pipes like stop talking about my shity football team that can't coach competently. They had it. I know that the passing offense sucks so I don't I know I have I have I have staff this is that from myself? I am a masochist and I was like you know what I'm going to go. Look it up there were seven teams this week that had more yards on their first play from scrimmage than the bears did in the entire First, half it's not great. Seven. Nine yards of total is nine single yards house. One average Dame Lillard three point shot of offense in the entire first half, oh, my God, as long as you not good, but spin zone.
turn around the second half, they almost one, I'm so so sick of this team. Right now I don't know what you have to put in Chase Daniel in have to this is because here's the thing Matt Nagy does not trust. Mister, Buski, Matt Nagy, doesn't image. Sure Bisky can make any kind of throw an whether he can or can't. If your coach thinks he could coach. But if your coach thinks he can't he's going to coach that way and it's absolute coward play calling like, I would rather lose and have Mitch risky, throw the ball down the field forty times and throw five interceptions then get a yard. in the first half off your yard, if they just take in the NY like ever for the first three stops and pointed every possession
that would have been better because then guess what your office is rested for the second half in my point from last week proved to be exactly correct. The offense the bears offense is so bad. It has murdered the bears defense because when you look at the second half when they come back in that game, the offense Starting to look alive Mitch started make some throws and the defense started to look alive. Cuz they're, like hey, we act We have like a team on the other side of the ball that can maybe help us out a little bit is complementary football. It's a fucking mess, The only positive I took away from this game was a Matt Nagy, didn't say anything stupid after he just said it and you don't miss a field goal. Indian Miss feel he just said it sucks. When you know what he's learning, because I was expecting him to be like- I thought our play- calling was good in the first half No a couple misses here and there and we would have had maybe two yards yeah! Well, why don't you? Why? Don't you just let Mitch play for the rest of the season because you're not
go anywhere. You put the you put the hashtag done on him. which there's no coming back, but I think I have the I think the problem is the defense going to get to demoralize? I is you have the problem of like guys quit like guys are going to quit on this team, because it's such a joke. It is such such a joke. How do you get one yard? It's pretty tough, to do How do you get one yard passing? I don't get it it's crazy Matt Nagy does not know how to he needs Stop calling football games he needs to hand over the play, calling it's not for him. It's not working. I like everything, is broken. It's Working to do the same thing we can week out is fucking insane that's it. You also are missing, join Howard a little bit. I think yeah Jordan, Howard revenge Game good for Jordan. Honestly good for him. I'm not. I have nothing against Jordan hours he got a raw deal. He was awesome for the bears when he was a rookie in his second year. He got a raw deal. This is,
this is somehow this offense is worse than John Fox's office, it's going backwards in time I mentioned because I was at the Eagles bears game two years ago when they, thirty one to three to the Eagles and in that first half made me think it was a worse bears team than that one and that team was terrable. They did go backwards on three of their first six drives in the game: unbelievable negative yards, there's so bad in the Eagles credit to them I mean it should help. off I don't know this is, there's could have won the game. That's the craziest part. They actually were in the game. Many get into his mouth right, which shouldn't surprise anyone, but he wasn't able to correctly figure that one out when they were down. I think it was nineteen nothing and they scored a touchdown and he kicked an extra point so kept it at a twelve point. Seven hundred and eleven that way, if you scored two touchdowns, you win yeah right. You missed an extra point right. She might do right, that's probably what he was thinking actually is like we're probably going to miss one of these two slash three
so far, they're done they're so done. Hashtag very done done, chained everything all of it, but not to had a seventy two yard. Punt today, yeah great, that's pretty out shout out to him. He did again. The silver linings. Many said nothing stupid afterwards, so we're making baby steps in the right. You know direction here. All right. Our c key question, promo code, take see geek promo code. Take you get ten dollars off. Pft yeah. Can you name the old, for the Indianapolis colts, the holder for the colts and the guy that did laces in yeah. I know I don't know who it is unbelievable name. His name is Jim Irsay, the third Rigoberto Sanchez yeah. That's sweet wriggle bears over to senses are not regarded as an awesome I've. If your laces and Rico I with that, are you ready for this? Yes, I've been Terry has been missing on purpose for the last four weeks because he knows that the patriots are not happy with
eventually signed him for week to read. I actually had to your pod segment for this game as well, and that was that, do you think it's going to it's going to help his chances of going in the Hall Famous Patriot, because he's been missing, so many cancers are cold, but he made a game winner last week. He did. That was a mistake. Ok, he meant he was trying to hit. He told Rigoberto he's like yeah. I got an extra couple cannolis for you hold it laces into regal. Bertho man, tough, tough, to be an top to have my name cuz everyone's was going to remember it. If your name was Dan Sanchez or or know. Mark marks on the mark. Sanchez would know Steve Sanchez, Ruby, like okay, whatever Oberto. I'm remember that name forever ring bear I want to give a shout out to MIKE Tomlin for never learning anything about anything in adapting his in game coaching strategy because he kept challenging pass interferences. He loves and he loves it. So much like the mouse. We were talking about that when we were interviewing Matt Patricia but he's
the mouse that keeps getting shocked when it goes for the cheese, and he just keeps I love it. It's like Steelers, don't switch up their their ownership, doesn't move on from shitty coaches well MIKE time and doesn't move on from shady coaching decision. It's going to work eventually, an guess what winning ugly is still winning 'cause. That was an ugly ugly win, Mason Rudolph, not so great Jacobi, that that sock, but I think he's fine right. Like he's going to be week to week, it's it's an mcl sprain and see Mcl ash, Brian Hoyer is pretty much a sprained Mcl Brian horse first passes touchdown. You should just bring, I feel, like Brian Hoyer. Has that he's like he's, like a really good middle reliever, where he can. He can give you like eight pitches to get one guy out he's a specialist, yes, so bring him in he's a third quarter. Pittsburgh Steelers special bring him in interest. Behavior in Jacober sets hurt and then Jacobi Bressette comes back in yeah, for what will you know three plays in hill
give you everything and then they'll throw a pick six to make. It fits Patrick by the way in shut up the Steelers. That was a hell of a trade yeah like that's, you don't think they like they give up or one which was what make. If it's Patrick was, and now I've been hot on the Steelers are going to maybe make the playoffs they have. So I looked at their schedule for right now. They have we have games, they should win Browns Bengals Browns Cardinals jets. If they win the games. They should win. Those five games all I got, do is go wanting to against the Rams bills and ravens and they went win ten games so yeah, it's actually spend until season yeah, he might come back. I think and for the c o here's, here's the agonizing us or to make a point break. You know going to understand if they are in the if they are like in the wild card picture. He will show up week. Seventeen be like put me in coach. Yeah
I still somehow rosters work bands like Ben. You can't move your arm. He throws his arm, hurts it ain't gonna get surgery again haven't jacked off in two months. You can't do this by the way in which is like pop, because he's like I got this coat on on Monday night football. I I noticed- and I can't believe it took me this long to notice it, but he looks exactly like to do from meal time. Remember that guy, the bacon, strips and bacon strips guy looks exactly like Ben Roth Lis Berger. Yeah. I could see the Steelers make the playoffs I their defense is very good and Rudolph is not very good, which it's almost nice, the Steelers in a weird way. This season is going to be good for them because it could still make the playoffs, which would be a miracle given how they started. Actually MIKE Tomlin said we will work forever, trying to get that September stink off which is like really yeah. I know wherever about the September score ever, but if they, so, if the Steelers make the playoffs or just missed the player,
and Mason Rudolph is the same. Guy he's been the last few weeks. It's actually great season for them, because not only did they show that their defense is real and they can. You know they had a season that was lost, but then came back, but they also probably. Read off, isn't the guy of the future? Yeah is better than letting Ben retire being one finding out got yeah I mean that's one of the situations where we could have just told you that he was a governor. Looking ice facing that face. He's got a big face. It sold big big, but it also looks like a six year olds face. You looks like the kid cartoon that was like running around with the cool aid circle around his lips, the entire time she was facing a big face, big for not the guy, not not a add player Well, I always not two guys out the guy he's a guy with a with a lower case g. I actually was going to do like a whole statistical analysis of why they should start doc, but now it's just it back. It just boils off shot up. Here's the here's this is this is this is going out this? You ready
he went on sale through four touchdowns against charges that, like nope, that's not here's sabermetrics and why you start He didn't miss a single shot, playing big buck Hunter at Dave and Buster's. Sure that's pretty fucking cool, that's true! We still gotta get duck on all right before we get to the next game dig into a fiesta flavor with the new burrito bowls from Duncanville, add some spice and flavor to an otherwise average morning, full of delicious ingredients like eggs, cheese, red peppers, onions in either fire roasted veggies or Chery's. Oh, it's all the delicious things you want to eat in a bowl and loaded with flavor new burrito bowls from Dunkin dig into something new for breakfast. America runs on Dunkin price and participation may very limited time. Offer we've been eating these bowls at the office they're awesome three trees and one that's my tip to you. The new burrito bowls from Duncan are delicious. The chorizo bowl is my personal favorite. America runs on Dunkin Price and participation may very limited time. Offer okay, Titans Panthers
I didn't care for this game as he care for it either not care for this game. That's all I'm going to say I'm really careful Christian Mccaffrey, is fast, it was just boring and then enjoy Jacksons also fast, hi. My now sis there is like I just named the two fastest players on on the field today's game, and that's really the only thing that you need to know: here's here's the titans they come I'll. Let you know pretty quickly. If it's going to be bad, titans are good titans, so you can. out of tune it out, like you knew was bad titans. Almost instantly Ryan Tannehill turns out when he can't do drives of seven yards in ten yards for touchdowns. Isn't that good so We bad titans and there's nothing worse than watching bad titans knows bad tie ins and as far as the the Panthers go really the only interesting storyline, besides Christian Mccaffrey. Being really really good, is CAM Newton's the case of mystery foot old fashioned case of mystery foot, where it's hurt, but doesn't need surgery,
They don't know how long it's going to take for him to stop. This is every cam Newton, injury, yeah, so he's just going to have a case of a bad foot for awhile so Kyle Allen is probably not the future in North Carolina, but he's not terra so going to go like seven and nine. He even got no they're better going to better than that are two teams that are going to stick around in that graphic that they show that has playoff in the hunt they're, going to be in the hunt. Just kind of hanging out non threatening, just kind of pissing me off. Stick around besides, it's like the races are five and three there. Better than seven and nine there they might go to the playoffs fuckit. They might go to the place in the NFC yeah, because the vikings are now the vikings are frauds they're frauds agreed the packers, though
are the packers fronts get to them later? No, no they'll win the division, but I'm saying like if you, if you look at it, that that that second wild card is going to come down to the Panthers. The The rams I'm giving the Seahawks a second wild card, so the There's the rams and the Eagles Eagles and the Vikings and Panthers could definitely be the best team in that group. that be something we could yeah, they absolutely could and I'm sure they've got games against the Falcons left. Probably the falcons like his no. That was it. I was thinking that really today was like he's. He's really has been fired at some point hole. but he hasn't just realized. I go falcons and play this week, but I looked it up because I was taking their on their bye week, so they obviously made that move. Monday when I wasn't paying attention at some Arthur blank. Is your date, Arthur Black might be dead that he's playing the respect card a little too much. Like date, the team respects Dan. I respect Dan he's a family man. You know we have so much respect for him. Do he's
things move on we wanted to wait until November hits. He and his family could get health coverage for the end of the month. Yeah we're trying to get his kids all the way up to the Christmas break. shut up just get him. Outta here fired his almost his friend or I would say it's worse for Dan Quinn to have spent past week, just sitting by his telephone in my car every time he gets he's getting the the phantom vibrations in his leg yeah. I think I had a game planning for the next day, yeah. No, he probably hasn't even and began playing because he's like there's no to yes that I'm around next week! so tomorrow morning to go in the office, be like holy fuck, I'm way behind on my week, yeah yeah. That's exactly right! I would definitely rather have gotten fired that have to sit there all week being like soul. When are they going to fire me? This kind of socks are the Panthers. Do you have to play the falcons to more time so the Tell me what with and then came will probably make it all by himself and try to take over the team back no way week, seventeen this young, you say it I'll say it was hieroglyphics Instagram stuff and all
I do have a. I want to see him on the sidelines wearing his his normal street. Clothes are all right, so the the Panthers have two games left against the Falcons in a game. I forget saints, that's eight wins, guaranteed, they're eight wins, so they basically change. What is the guarantee? Not a sergeant? I mean saints, Redskins. Sorry, okay, yes, Falcons operates the right. Sorry right and wise as scenes is right before that. So it's falcons to gets falcons won against red skins. They have, it wins, just need one more: okay, nine seven could get you in there all right. Next up we have the box in the sea hawks Jamis, what a great game for other James Weaver now show Jim is one of one. The tree, the I almost a troll count. No, the guy who has written a book a four hundred page book about James Winston, who is accused of being Jason white. We mention our Wednesday show
turns out. He's not he's just a jamus believer. He thinks Jameis is going to be a hall of fame quarterback. He has all the makings for it. He is a bunch of advanced statistics that no one, if you could just look up a bunch of make up a bunch of statistics. Look a bunch. Is this six and just say them over and over? You can beat anyone, an argument, that's what this guy does. So I'm James believe now I I've or is that the reason why this guy is so all in on Jamison is trying to like pump him up a little bit because he's got a load of James Winston rookie card as might be Andrew this world, which is it, which is a great great way for him to I'm not trying to pump up the value on those donruss is or whatever they are. Let's see, if he got fired James tweets today, they're talking about how awesome he was, we had Jameis, It was a classic James Game where it was like. He showed everything good and then he fumbled and he actually did get. But mine is a lineman
I don't know the problem. Yes is I will I'm going to call the cell strips that he kind he got hit by it? Yeah! That's all I'm in with in it, which is the elbow, but that actually just more more proof that his hands, just it was an all time. Jameis Winston game, two at the end of the game yeah when, when the Seahawks were attempting the the winning field goal that eventually missed and then at the at the first drive in overtime you just stare at the jumbotron squinting. He does he contacts. He has a prescription for I've done some more digging on the whole James Squints, the narrative he does have a purse. inform he wears them. When he's playing baseball, but he doesn't like wearing them when he's playing football. They just need give Jamison contacts and feel or the rec specs, and I guarantee you his stats- will pop does. Does James one of one? Have
I Baltics all we got some stats astigmatism. So you know we have some stats James Woods. What's a what's a n Y Slash, hey any yards, Eddie any any average? So I guess it eight point. No, he and why slash a is a very good game that most QB's when are very bad defense or bad luck to lose J Swensen, is ninety nine. When he has an eight point, oh a, and why slash a or better, which is unreal nearly missed, adding it. Today he had seven point eight and then it this everyone's record when they have an eight and it's like Matt, Ryan's, twenty, three and seven Kirk cousins is twenty five and four Russell Wilson is two hundred and twenty seven and three drew Brees twenty three and six times, twenty seven and one so basically James Winston is the unluckiest quarterback of all time. That sounds incredible in his team sticks, that's what we've lost, so he just he commits turnovers at the worst possible times just out of pure luck. Yes, so, okay, that
yeah. You know what I'm going to go ahead and buy it can buy. It sounds like this is a good stat. Eight was eight Very wide yeah, just a lot of in what she missed, had his twelfth career loss from having a one hundred plus qb our performance. Today, and Russell Wilson's. Ten Tom Brady has nine. He plays well, they lose. He plays bad. They lose okay, damn. I was hoping it forever. James believer, I want the bears to get Jameis. Now I I would love that for you. I really do. I think this guy, this fucking crazy guy she. One of one who has the book is his book James wincing didn't derangement syndrome how the media cause us to overlook the start of a hall of Fame NFL career. This guy has me convinced, I mean the stats is this that speak for themselves, so and also James's O'Leary's J Mobile was hollering, would much rather have a guy like James once and then a a boring court James was will never throw for one yard and a half, no no I don't know, maybe give you five. Maybe if you take into account the return, your jobs, interception, then yeah
she would throw for one yard and a half right, but he will let it up. It will just toss the ball up to your tallest receiver and get at least seventy yards on on one bomb like that But he's never going to play a boring half no, and you know what did you already said after the game he's an optimist? He was talking about the half idols, Hama tryst. You know he has an optometrist needs an optometrist. He has one that he ignores, but he is an optimist. He said you might say that the glass is only half full of water, but I see the glass as being half full of water and half full of air so yeah. He this someone told him that quote, if it's inevitable yeah here to reinvent inedible in Seattle, yeah speaking in in bubbles, so I'd I I'd throughout their the Kirk cousins. This is the last guy. You want to lead your team back in the fourth quarter. I think Russell Wilson is number one now in in the NFL. I would agree like he is the guy who, if you had, if you're down in the
or if you want him to have the ball, I would agree with that and if you guys just staring daggers at me right, name one quarterback that could beat Russell Wilson when Russell Wilson has the ball late in the fourth quarter, I'm not a game, I'm not saying all time. Hank, I'm saying right now at this present moment, given there like right now, listening audience. I have not done anything I'm just sitting here is when my language, you NJ. Looking on and winced at almost seems like someone's a little guilty and they know as they're saying it that there are purposely omitting someone that is actually better than them. But while would you ask me, you started students working I'm. I might see this position to be looking at. You know how it for those of you at home. I have no delight have but a look, and I look at the person doing so. If he, if he's talking, I stick, but I usually either and then, when you talk, I stare stare. I will run you know if you do like you know, what you do you do. The the dog head tilt like when your dog is confused about something
when we mention a stat that could possibly go up against Tom Brady. You hit us with the garage door open, what is that is that is that the can opener human. What what is the thing? That's going off right now I don't know I was a loner he's unreal, real any everything he does with his feet and then you know the throws he threw he's got great soft. Hello. Softball ball drops from the Heavens, it's like a from the clouds it's so awesome to watch. He had five touchdowns today. I think that was his fifth comeback. Fourth quarter comeback this just this season, He's got thirty total. I think I think that says I would take about Chris Carson, who I like I like. Carson running back on the Seattle Seahawks. I think it's very good, but he is the best. Running back in the NFL that sucks that will drive you insane he's the greatest who sucks
I think Leonard for NET, might be in that category too. Now, ok! Well, it's a suck off between the two of them know. I agree with you. He's definitely get more stats, though yeah, but he sucks to know don't Chris Carson's been getting stats for the last like two years. It's just that. He sucks, yeah. He is really good, but he sucks he fumbles. The ball. Like so frequently he's got terrible terrible boss, but then other times still have excellent ball skis. Just I don't know, he's gets For I, like him a lot, but he sucks that's my style. Chris Carson. Thank okay. That's a fair stat! and I actually I agree with you. I think he's in the running. I don't I'd, have to do a list of guys that suck that good, also, good, yeah, yeah he's definitely on that list somewhere. So Hank, we, you wouldn't take Russell Wilson. Fourth, quarter drive okay, that's fair, I think not. Was this map of the oldest coaches kind of ever each other. Yes, it was Bruce Ariens shockingly peak Who is older than Bruce Ariens.
really not in the liver but yeah yeah, PETE Carroll, just he's you know what he just he's very old ages. Well, that's really what it is. He just said: it's all the aging so like gum, it keeps his cheek muscles nice and taught you know: PETE Carroll's twin, shut up, yeah, identical yeah. I think so. That's amazing, most positive yeah, I'm almost positive back in my Crossfit days, there was a guy at the Crossroad Jim who was the son of PETE Carroll Sprague that you did Crossfit, yeah. He looks kind of like PETE Carroll. Maybe was his twin. That was coaching at super bowl. When Russia will share completed for twenty nine I might have made this heralds old enough that his son should be a lot older than you. Well like twin brothers son should be older than you to know, no because he's wins twin brother that his son, his twin brother, could be thirty. Four yeah, if you had, he was thirty. Four.
Not all of us, have babies. When were thirty. Four Hank some of us, some of us age like a fine wine and at a in our professional and personal lives, where we feel that it's time to squirt one out all, I think I made this thing up so yeah. No, I made it up his older brother, but he looks just like you made up that he had twin. You can't do that to me, like I will catch up with wrong twin. I think what happened was when I saw the picture of PETE Carroll's brother, like damn. They look like twins so yeah. That was that's fair by me right. You can't invent a twin out of thin air umagine if you have too, and they have been so cool would be great, just to see him standing behind him like that would be. That would be like the the fish market and PETE Carroll has a twin yeah coming out exact, Cialis speaking the fish market how cool would that have been if they had gone to pike place and they were like throwing dudgeon crab legs and just said Jameis Winston intercept one and run out of the market with it. I would like to have a pretty fun
I one of those Sunday Night Football graphics over the money. I yes, I can't find a fucking picture of PETE Carroll's brother, who I think is twin houses, not eggs. I think when you fantasize that PETE Carroll has a twin brother, which is kind of a cool thing, I would love it if any read had an identical twin, how cool would that be? He like the picture, you always have the right of MIKE Tomlin with his twin on the sidelines. Yes, look at this young picture, pique your life and that's funny. That's working for me. It's a good looking dude period given off some like Jay Leno vibes in that one yeah PETE Carroll, PETE Carroll is a good looking dude, I think Carol is very good. Looking dude, ok, Let's go to our next game, so Seahawks good job Box. Although We should say if you bet on the box, that's an all time los if you have plus four and you basically hung tough the entire game and then get the rated overtime to miss you on to miss our new goal. You thought that you were good. I I bet on the Seahawks, so this was a lucky when man that saw
It's should actually make it so that if you score a touchdown in overtime, you just smione. you're, just saying that, because you lost your mind, I actually didn't have this one, but I'm saying that should be the fair way because you should never lose if you haven't doggy shouldn't lose in overtime. I disagree. the other side, and so this is the outcome. I was rooting for so you got very lucky as long as you as long as you say, ahead of that into the drive like. I hope they missed the field goal. So it goes in over. If you declare that right- and you know enough about gambling to look that far in advance- that I think you're good. Ok. Next up, we have lions raiders. Uh. These are two other teams that are going to stick around in the hunt. Yeah Matt, Stafford Mvp season. He actually had a good game. The map Patricia coach defense who for that's what I did a little quick, quick search for my lions fan, friends, teacher it done and people are not happy with mattresses defense. Let's just say that not
at all, so you did twitter search form. No, I just follow him on Twitter Just look at what you said. The show there are happy he's. Not the treasure has begun to struck me as a fake football guy he's strikes me that way like he. I think he, no. He loves real football guys. Thanks give me the heads former patriots, defensive coordinator, Matt, Patricia, I, he likes football guys and he aspires to be. Football guy that hangs out a lot around I'll put it this way so Gruden he lost his virginity? Thinking about the Notre Dame fight Song right, Matt, Patricia lost his virginity king about Jon Gruden thinking about the Notre Dame Fight song when he lost is you guys what you mean over people, guys guys they like, Yes, we're not saying that we're no What you're describing that Patricia is not Roue A you're saying that he's not a football guy. He just he, he idolizes football guys correct,
but he's just like, but you know better invite. No, but he watched bite studying film and coaching a football team he's working very hard to become a football guy big, I aren't working to become football guys were secure a status as football guys guys, but Paul, guys, guys move. This sounds like thinking of Jon Gruden thinking about Notre Dame I I like to think about Jon Gruden thinking about Notre Dame while he's having sex, but I would not think about him having sex while I'm having sex got it interesting. Are you guys are sort of be twin drive me insane If we go, does not interested to search too, and I can't find his twin, I'm just going to say that he has a twin. Alright fine will move on as it take Carol has its way you care to weigh in on what map Patricia thinks about when he's nutting I don't know rock picture, that's not! Okay, that's David Bowie,
Oh sorry, I'm back on track! I'm back on track! I'm sorry! I got track attract, Because of my brain away. I think this is Kayla David Bowie's, I don't know I'm I've made this whole thing up. I am my brain is so melting from each. I thank you Carol, brother and then to Jim Carroll. I click Jim Carroll. It's just pictures of David Bowie that's a wild wearable, I'm not giving ok, so mad Patricia was the question. What do you think about when he jerks off? No, you wondering in like pretty late to this conversation, guys what's up to bona fide the core of this conversation that we're having is whether or not Matt Patricia thought about Jon Gruden Nutting, the first time that he had sex no did agree to disagree. Is football guy he is, but he's got to get more results. I don't know. I think if I think, if you, if you do,
don't win and your unit looks bad but you also is a culture you do the whole or in the hunt they may like Robert by the referees, as I wanted to try to get on the get on the you. Do the whole ballot shack, ripoff thing that he's doing Robbie and dresses like shit and all this stuff. I think it's add account. I think you probably be doing that anyways. But yes, I agree with high, I think that's bad. I think you have to have results to be a true bona fide football guy. Otherwise, like he's been, is Matt Patricia is like he's been, he like I've. I play football guy on tv yeah, that's yeah, yeah! Yes, exactly! That's what you know what you know. Well, you know what my Reddit's learn tables. We are now going up for one of your guys, yeah Hank. You know what my red flag was your guy after the game against the packers that they got that the Refs technically one. Yes, is that I'll admit that it's not a good as an owner? We did not win that game, but I don't recall reading a single story about Matt. Patricia sitting down at his computer and
together. A dvd of all the missed calls and then mailing said Devita the League office and that would be a football guy response to getting absolutely hosed by the official and he I do it. I should be a basketball guy response and you just for shattered an interview that's coming later in the week, but no I disagree. Okay, okay, hey! okay, I get mad about all I know, is one of the best. Well coached is not one of no football coaches. Do that all the time the alliance soccer right now on defense, Matt Stafford is I'm I need to start a Matt Stafford. One of one book, the derangement syndrome- he's been playing out of his mind. On the other side, Jon Gruden Derek Carr are kinda back together, they're like about to make it official, because I look it's high and low and Jon Gruden did not compliment Matt Stafford after the game at all. He has come in the past, but not after the game. So I think there and and John sorry dear car was like this is just what coaching looks like
played really well and the raiders there's something about the black hole. Such a fucking. Shame that they're leaving Oakland Jon Gruden gave everyone a hug after the game. It's the first time, they've played there since, like we, Two and the raiders. If you want to both teams that are going to be in the hunt I'm looking at it, though raiders are in the hunt. Going to be hanging around in the hunt because in the AFC, if you look at the Bercy picture right now, it's the patriots at the bills, the raven whoever is going to win the AFC S and the chiefs at last spot has like six teams that are vying for it. Dealers are vying for the colts, the Jaguars, the Titans, raiders. The chargers are back in the mix. It's actually going to be as bad as the AFC has seen this year, because it's the pain kind of running away with it the AFC. Going down. The stretch is going to have some fun games trying to get that last spot yeah. I think
next week will probably see Jon Gruden talk a lot about Phillip Rivers, though yeah I have a lot of really cool yeah. Well, that's just respect. It was awesome, seeing that graphic for the first time, the in the hunt and the somehow every single network got together and agreed that the for the terminology they would use in the hot is in the hot you're not, and when that graphic shows up, that's like the first real bit of autumn. It's like autumn is here the apple pies in the air. It's about to be Cornucopias is about to be snowflakes on the score bug draw, down. Yes, it's just about to get real, it's about to get real and by the way I did write this down so Matt Patricia no, this actually more of a Darrell Bevell thing, but Golden Marvin Jones weren't on the field for their fourth down play. How is that possible? That's not good! They through it's like the third time. and I don't understand how that's possible it's such a lions way to lose. And, I really think that's average playing so well this year that he deserves better than what's happening with their team, basically
we can we can out. I just did a search for the e S. P N playoff simulator it's too early for that right got a little over my skis with that too early, but I found a playoff predictor one where you can go ahead and do everything at the e r e s, P, N, Aptos Yep and the first thing that pops It's just a button that says I'm confused that you can click on immediately hammered just having nothing to do website I'm just if you listen to the show. We are very confused about a lot of things right now. mostly PETE, Carroll's twin, yes, P, Carrol's twin. I think I made it, The whole thing. Now, I'm really I'm really starting to doubt. My own brain right, Browns Broncos, it's over for the browns. This is been a disaster of a season. I don't know it's been worse than their worst. like if you were a Browns fan sitting there in August, and you said yourself, how is what's the worst case scenario? I think this might be worse because
Odell Beckham looks like he doesn't want to be there. The defense is bad. Which divas should have been good? They were just not tackling guys, bakers, taking a step back. Freddie kitchens is an absolute joke of a head coach. So I don't what do you do? What do you do it? grounds you got a fire freddie you have to read is gonna, be one done. He is also used as a kind of I like him as a person, but he's in way over said head. I think we said last week. You just need to demote him and tell me still His job is just the office of quality. To be fine. With that told me, he was like you but you're right. I bit off more than I could chew on this five trips. The red zone. One touchdown Freddie kitchens had the not only the coordinator face, but he also had the rosy cheeks 'cause there's a little cold in Denver looked even dumber than usual and he does have that body every time. Every time I see him his body just kind of goes out further and further from his cheek. It just doesn't stop. Expanding from the bottom of his jaw looks like
just always wearing a Mumu MOO. I think we need to start doing- is rocking the utility belt on the outside of the sweatshirt 'cause, it's a problem when it's just that that taupe color that he was wearing for salute this month, hoodie that goes into the same color pants. Yes, this is a bad jersey game by the way, awful fact that they did no one where what whites was so weird and just like both having you know that Orange Brown Mix, IRAN's our address to Schefter tweeted it was like at the browns, are question yeah. This jersey is long and they got kicked out for where, in there, they'll speaks out for the dish cleats. What? What was that by the way Dell was wearing Joker shoes in the first half and then Harvest was wearing shoes. Is that we're a non regulation shade of orange? I'm a big I've been a big like Odell Fan, I think he's so talented, but man. What like when you're bad and you're wearing Joker Shoes yeah. Did you really clown shoes? How can you deal with,
clown. Tonio brown stats like gaining one yard in the first set, clown clown. Edlen browns, clown, Lynn, bread there at least bronze heard are used to it. yeah, but they had hopes this year asked tough. It's a always. Expectations of the war was a usually don't really have it's so much better to live life without expect. Usually, there's like if we win six games, I'd be kind of cool. I guess yeah I was like we're. If we didn't share gains, are browns fans and high hopes going the bears yeah oh you're, going to this well this year, Browns fans realistic, like Browns fans Brown's hopes were somewhat unrealistic as they hadn't done it. who won the NFC North last year. But expectations are the worst because if the bears are just sucked last year and again. This year, I've been through many add, bears years. You just kind of just sit there and just take it.
Can get punched in the face over and over, and eventually your face is so numb. You don't give a fuck yeah it's when you get the sucker punch that you didn't see coming. That's when it really hurts agreed. Yeah but shut out to Jermaine Whitehead 'cause after the game he kind of did a little misdirection. Oh no one's going to talk about the Browns and Freddie kitchens and how poorly play today, because he is suspended from Twitter for threatening to shoot multiple people after the game, allegedly we're saying that he got hacked, but it being hacked would be very convenient excuse for for this I think one of the guys was like a journalist and then- Other people that will respond to music show up, ask the browns Facility- and I will shoot you so this is a full time which I mean if you're a Browns fan. I would almost take that it's like. Yes, please and they're going to have winnable games down the stretch, and it's like it's a dumpster. Here's, here's bakery, here's, the bigger in after the game, we're still bigger guys. Yes, she three times you shave three times the three times hope
They would they would change something. I actually had that. I was in great move by bigger calling towers. Gonna say it's a clown move. I think you have to use keychain, it's like it's. Basically, Baker did what what any fan would do change their position on couch try to get the most job yeah, and you know what if I could grow facial hair like that I'll just say, I would probably save a lot too. I would switch it up. Change minus some cool, my mustache around. Let's also also, you look so sad. The fact that we're talking about him shaving he drew a lot of attention, the Movember and men's health, and if you don't like you like cancer, yeah yeah- and you know he inspired me to do I'm doing a a self exam on my testicle right now, so that you don't have to do this? and I don't I'm cancer free, but he said he might have saved my life and you can just save one life because he Actually, then good on you, we talked about. Let me check my other testicle, while you're talking, we talked to see, don't do that. We talked about MIKE Grable's wet mustache when he's standing in the rain. Bakers. Sad must.
men when you have a sad moustache, is just so so so much significantly Sattar it Justin. I mean I've had a sad moustache many times. It's just there's something about it. It's a it's a built in front yeah, and so I will just looks in the like. Damn that guys really set, I think it's it's it's the difference between like if you're, if you're, sad without a mustache, you're, just sad guy, if you're sick, with a mustache. You look like your wife left you your house is underwater your kids you your job socks, it's it's the whole, like these guys are on the Cleveland Browns. Yes, this guy's life is falling apart. That's what a mustache looks like when you're sad, that he did all like the GQ and in modeling pictures in the preseason, because now they're getting compared like old Brown's current brown yeah he's yeah himself, the tiger ever I meme yourself and if the clothes that he was wearing after the game.
like somebody, liking them to home alone, like the robbers in home alone. I think he looks like the Pringles man if he was on board the Titanic and he was standing up, behind the microphone- and he was just- he did- look sad, it's sad, it's sad, and then the brown or the sorry the Broncos. Now what is convince ourselves ourselves that first time ever that three three players at the same surname one as a quarterback Allen, all one Kyle Allen, Josh Allen, Brandon Allen! There's better than the guy. I starting a game who should starting a game and the shots to his family in the crowd. Because they have shitty seats because he's you know he's getting paid nothing and they're just going nuts on every single play. That's the peak, that's the peak of like family, that really is Roger Goodell's. Football is family yeah there it is, but here's something that you can look at Broncos fan or if you're Browns fan
and you want to spend on yourself into thinking things aren't that bad. The broncos defense is actually very very good right. Now. The browse defense is number third ranked in Dvla with this rock, because our rock the Broncos yeah they through the browns. You can take some, knowing that it was a very good. Do you think it be you? You can't learn those, and it was also Brandon Allen, ST you, you stick around also. Theory about John Elway new theory about him. Obviously he does try to tank games by hiring quarterbacks to be starters. His emergency quarterback. Just third stringers are all is just guys that are as friends that are like sons. So it's like Jim Kelly's kid or nephew. and then just bring it out or not print on Brett Ribbon is our third string quarterback. A second
right now I think John. I was just like hey if you need a favor I'll put your kid on the practice squad, no problem that I like that. I like that. So we need to get some more suns out there. I don't know who else quarterback right. Now it's going to be a Kosarek it out there yeah! Imagine there's at least one Kosar, there's, probably a Mcallen, that's about ready to make it to the f yeah there right there. Oh arch Manning is going to be really good yeah. So John Elway, I'm not sure. If he's a threshold of easily winning games and everything, it's crazy, the packers chargers, I we'll stand here right now and say I up what what Hank I up yeah well I have the reason why I didn't do my research they're in the can't lose parlay lost, guess what this is from historic Packers Twitter account the packers have now lost their last six games on the weekend of daylight savings.
wow wow party time doesn't account for that. They cannot handle the change in time. I wish I had known that before please mark. Shut down for next year, that's an insane stat. That is crazy. How is it even possible? I don't know or minus next year. Someone needs to remind us. The packers do not do time change well, that is fucking, weird yeah, I see that's the thing I would expect for Andy Reid to be a step right, but it was not crackers so MIKE Mccoy, because it kind of looks like yeah. He does. He yeah he's comes from the Andy Reid tree. People in general don't deal well with change. S itself, like you, we don't do change. Well, you got to keep everything the the the bag of chips needs to be in the same spot in the I would think that that would be something that would suck up Philip Rivers to yeah kids, they get up early. No, I don't know that the clock changes. Yeah, kids, don't have the internal, the internal clocks, I think that's true,
they wake up in, like five kids, definitely wake up early, not on daylight savings like I think most kids have. I think you get it what time do you get a search that when do you get your internal clock, so kids well he's got like a wide variety. if you have children, I also think you probably sleeping at a hotel. The night before point yeah. Did you see the kid that was at the podium with yellow peppers after the game Pool Security, yeah yeah hold on like a football was a jacket was asking. If that was his kid. Yes, he was like. You got a new kid out of nowhere. He all right. I think that there's something to that thing fill purposes like a fire house where, if you have a kid that you don't want, you can just drop him off yeah with rivers and he has to he lives on a river. No questions asked he's like Moses. Yes, that Moses put your kid in a little asal little bassinet. put a bunch of river, I'm gonna get to the Phillips House, yes and then fill burgers house. So the Terrible, reminder when Bosa and Ingram are doing their thing that they are unstoppable.
Aaron Rodgers shaped. He did you shave before the game. He looks totally different and holy I'll say it trouble in Paradise. Did they get into an argument afterwards and they must probably had one hundred and eighty four yards total. Friend went live sling it today hundred eighty four yards. I have a question: you big cat yeah. What is the name of the chargers Home stadium seek seek? You can now is dignity. Health, oh nice Dignity Health park. Nobody knows now he used to be But then it changes name change its name. What is it dignity two things that don't describe the chargers, franchise and their players or the health care system in America. That's true, that's true! Get deep! Stick to sports yeah so yeah,
This also is a sign that the best way to get better is to just fire someone 'cause KEN Whisenhunt got fired and Phil Rivers like a new man, who's office, offensive coordinator, not doing on who doesn't matter, yeah Phil River go rivers go rivers with a twig in a sandbox That's who zero just drawing some weird set up. He could do it yeah. The packers offense looked weird. It must be daylight savings out as it did not foreigner roster hitting each other they're doing verbal meme. It took awhile but finally hate each other and I'm finally right verbal mean that low floor and battle floors family as The two older, ladies that are cry screaming and then Aaron Rodgers as the cat, that's hissing at him, Okay, can I leave you a I like a guy in the arm. This is this is Aaron Rodgers Mvp campaign done finished. It is I don't know about that yeah. It is, I think they, I think, you're in Roger Russell Wilson to Schama,
that's in Matt Stafford, Jackson. Sorry Aaron try again next year, probably not. I was just happy. The packers lost everyone in the NFC, at week and every home team won every seven one except the jaguars didn't win. They were the home cleaning in incorrectly every home team in their home stadium, one which Hank good thing. You got off those money lines right soon. They were, although there's a couple road favorites, so yeah the the Brownsville Road favorite wait are tomorrow. That means that we're betting on hoops- The cowboys giants giants ok well, depending on the giants tomorrow, night shirt, home, ok, let's get to who's back and our football guy the week Pft gotten add first real, quick. Yes, I do I want to talk to you guys about pellet on. I love my palate on big fan, but it's in my living room right now. I've got my pallet on bike
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Matter. I love to look at Leroy gives me when I'm on the pellets on he just kind of here's, the humming- and he just looks at me- he does the Hank his hey. Are you over there talking trash about Brian florist 'cause? He used to coach for will check. One subscription comes with multiple profiles. The whole home can use it from pop rides to metrics rides. There's a Check out that every member of the family will love and this holiday give the gift of pellets on for limited, get a hundred bucks off accessories. When you purchase the Peloton bike, go to one peloton dot com, that's one peloton dot, com use, promo code, my take a check That's a new promo code, one peloton dot com use promo code, my Take all one word my take at checkout. Okay, let's get to who's back of the week, Hank who's back of the week darkness I believe in love the darkness dark. I don't know that you are a fan, darkness,
yeah so you're going to do. Are you going to get sad, you're going to get seasonal, affective disorder? Hank? oh, you need to song you move to California softball Bich. Does it mean that was really mean seasonal? disorder affects many people. Big cat is not something to make light of, get it it's just. I just I'm, never understood it up with northeast my whole life. I've never understood it, but the weather is miserable when it gets dark at five. They're coming today was, I don't use the work over or do I need to come and it's already paid start. I agree: there's nothing worse, there's nothing worse than driving to work. driving driving to work in the dark, and then, when you leave work later in the dark, you can't do a chore if you working, it's really dark out. You have to go home, you can't stop it. grocery store, shooting can find trouble. You can't go to the gym, it's not out yet human beings?
yeah you're out on the street, get into tonight flights at five hundred and five forty five pm right now, suck it up. How is his pagers lost just out man? Who cares? You start rear, does same thing, it is gods way of telling you not to leave your house yeah. It is what it. What it means is con side. Winter and then you know it comes March madness. You, that's skipping, that's the calendar by you're skipping, an entire season of grey trash know that piles up at the corner. Witcher happens, then March madness happens. Yes, that's it alright, as at it anything else, yeah yeah. You are kind of bummed out you're bumming me out and that's not fair. Don't put your sadness on me I guess you know your money on my part. Moneyline dogs didn't give her the biggest hug ever after the shows up he'd member, he touched his ball sack out
No, not. I was outside my sweatpants. He was masturbating while we're doing is outside the sweatpants and I'll have you know that I was performing a very important medical procedure and I save my own life one two. Yes, all my who's back about the week is urban Meyer rumors. Yeah and more specifically, just coaching search season is back because Willie Taggart got the axe at Florida, state and now people are speculating. That they're going to throw bag at urban Meyer, who is waiting patiently for the USC job or the Notre Dame job to open up shut up, Alex Hornibrook, forgetting Willie Taggart fired. It was that way, I mean he was pay, was very best against my everything, so it so now what we're seeing is like a program. That's in complete disarray and the delusions of the fanbase thinking who they're going to get for head coach and I've seen rumors thrown out there. I've seen Nick Saban's name mentioned I've seen urban Meyer's name mentioned. I've actually seen Jim Leonard's name mentioned a couple times
I am honored is going to get a job, so I saw Dan Mullins named or mentioned so it's like Dan is going to leave the job at the University of Florida to go to Florida state. For some reason, I don't really get that one but go off. King. and what you got hanged Lane Kiffin season, yeah yes, Sir get higher should once we got regarding files that I don't fully understand. I know it's like one was in fact losers out, like a booster like. Text chain or email, where it's like they literally just ate so from what I've heard and understood. Yes, he's throw in like that something. So it's like a group text look like. one million there being like hey hi, fi, yeah I'll, like you know, there's a bunch of no. I don't think they have a group. Taxes are so rich and they don't have like. No, they how do you get twenty dollars to get the call? I call ' on like old school phones and someone that has that much money, five mil. Oh, yes, sometimes more. If you if you are a booster, if you are a coach and
One guy who doesn't like you once you out and he will cut the check you could be out. I think, The majority of these deals are put together. In either country club. On a golf course or in like a steakhouse like a back table at a steakhouse they actually all the rich guys. You know what they probably do. They probably do crack. Card roulette to see who's going to do this by out yeah. They all just put their mx blacks. That someone needs to probably someone on the athletics going to do this, but how? If we do hit a recession, what the recession will do to buyouts, because if the rich guys lose money, they're not going to buy a So every coach is safe, so you want to be a coach coaching is the only job. That's recession. Proof was Indiana Funeral homes our homes. 'cause more people die, it's actually the business you want to be in general homes in coaching I've also heard session, but the makeup salesperson, yeah 'cause. You want to look better if you feel like shit, yeah That's it if you're sad, because it gets dark at yeah in my
I liked it I don't like to seasonal, affective, Hank, shame. It happens every time. you stunned. That happened. No, but I will say like I was I was your I was a little shocked now, I'm now, I'm now going to be made fun of outing hard. Well because it's ridiculous. people need the sun which were just like plants. We need that vitamins are tougher than the sun. The cat get one of those fucking blocking sun sunlight things. Oh, we should get a sun lamp actually speaking of recession, when I was working in real estate and the whole world went to ship an and in two thousand and eight one of my bosses got one and he was like yeah. I just I was just looking to get some sounds like too it's probably because real states is a shot of making nine times less money, but yeah I got this. Can I got the sun because son that I put on my guys? I I agree. It's like coaching make up. funeral homes
probably like missile sales person, yeah tennis, star wars. He has out of recession, yeah that those are the industry's you want to be, and that's it art my whose back at two marathoners are back with the New York Marathon today, not damn my there knowing yeah, that's pretty much. It. to watch for like ten running between the London game in the you went outside no, no on tv really was on like a CBS walks or whatever. I don't know ok I was watching they did. It was great I I flip to it and they cut to The interviewers were the interviewer was running So she was pretty cool like a horse after the Kentucky Derby, so that one video where the dog was running. Umagine running for fucking five hours and then having like a dog run and that everyone's, like damn, that dogs awesome I think that dog was even just lost. I don't think it was in the marathon. It was just like that the course of its that, like that dog, is so cool. All you idiots who ran you just can't ever be cool
shut up. Teslin, Indore, occuring gas, recurring Oxford dictionaries. She finished in, I think six place now. We don't, we don't associate with losers, six place she sixteen place. No, she was actually and then my other who's back is business decisions, because Ramon hurt his hurt. His finger hurt his finger and everyone on the warriors got hurt and all of a sudden he's not going to play for a while as well. Did you see the warriors starting lineup for the night? Here's the names Ky Bowman hum pool Glenn Robinson, the third arrow Pascal Willie, Cauley Stein,. that's their starting five damn life comes at verbal me, Warriors with Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson Dream on Green and it's a picture of Baker Mayfield in August warriors. sky, Bowman, Jordan, Pool, etc, etc, and it's a picture of sad Baker with his mustache is it time for
Steve Kerr to have a back injury. You might now is your time to take a break until curry goes right. He learned from the bass another verbal meme, just a picture of the roster record screw, you're, probably wondering how I got here. I can, am I happy. Are you happy I'm happy you can't say you're, not happy. That means that you are saying that you are unhappy. you're very I am happy. I'm pretty happy is pretty it's pretty awesome. It's it's happy, it's listen! So do we have enough for years which finger was it for dream on green. That makes a difference the middle phase is gouging thing. No use use, giving the Middle finger Kevin right when he's on first take was real yeah. That was it and they heard it. You just gave it the whole time come on the podcast Hank. I text him. I can't text you text your boy, Kevin Durant, you got his number. Would you get from K'Nex? What had to text you back
nope the less thanks to them. That's it nope a Texan. Those like you know it's the it's. The baby back Bay so will come up to you like come on the pottery near I mystery and then like. six hours later? I liked the message just just in case there's just something yeah, but the thing is it works. Sometimes when people text me and they like it- and I like all, forget it and then I'll see the like a big. Oh, my bad yeah Liam does that to me when I ignore him when he asked me to do stuff right, was like big catch. I like it and he William does it snowing, but I usually response was like hey: let's see what happens still didn't answer, so we left you on read, maybe I'll hit with exclamation point tomorrow. He Kevin Durant, ' Got out Kevin Durant 'cause, you have played this so well. You've made us look like absolute pitches,
and he goes on first take. It goes on everything, everything, Serge Ibaca. Everything did you actually text me, or did you hit him with the Instagram di actually kind of cording to Broussard? It's the same thing? No! Actually, no we've done. We've texted him in multiple platforms. 'cause, I've, DM two yeah, he's actually more responsive on Instagram, yes, but he's a direct tax and is not alright. Let's get the football guy that I have one question so I just saw this earlier but I don't know if this is a football guy moves or what's your opinion on this is Dan wife kisses. the player on the lips after they get off the bus of the game. I like that too yeah. Yeah. It says I'm wrong with that, that's great because she probably is like Dan. You know that I do this with every player like this is I'm like their mom is like, but you seem to be really enjoying
definitely color miss and then whatever her first name is yeah Miss Linda yeah, yeah, alright, so football either. We've got a good week this week vote for it at pardon. My take first off bills, head coach, Sean Mcdermott for being asked what he was for Halloween and responding a football coach fact that is so great because football guys no sense of humor, no, they don't they don't get dressed up for anything Holly, my weight. Why would they get dressed up hall mean might be their least favorite holiday. They probably I mean they eat like It's Halloween every day. Anyway, right they sustain themselves in, like a couple of milk duds spread out over the course of the day. Correct! liberty, QB, Buckshot, Calvert for being named Buckshot, Calvert, yeah and balling out so yeah. You have to become a football player for names. Buckshot, Yes, you can't be a nerd. Yes, you absolutely do. We have
Florida head coach Dan Mullen. So should we do both of those for the letting his wife him with team, but that's name. a strong, recruiting technique to write like you get to make out with my wife, get in a single file line. Yeah we get the free, so shadowed him because he be he's literally a cock for win yeah, I'm looking at the picture right now. This is an absurd. This is an absurd thing to happen. I think we gotta give it to him. Miss Megan she's, all the way kissing every case is Megan come on. I got I like it. over arms around a player's head and she's got a he's out of here. She this Megan! I love it. Oh my god.
she definitely to like when they get when they do the spring game. She's like well, you know I do it, for every games like honey to Spring Spring Game been she's been like savoring that tastes like we got it. I got to do it. I got to do it, you know I have to kiss every single guy steam, alright, so general, and for that which would you rather have? Would you rather get paid to be a player one of these big time. Schools are to be allowed to make out with your coaches wife, because if I'm mad at my coach the ultimate thing is like well guess what I'm going to go, I'm going to go on your way out after press, hey guess what Saturday morning coming quick coach, Melinda Humvee making out with yes Megan in no time so we tap in my wrists and on my invisible watch a practice your time. It makes your own sprint yeah. You think if you like, if you, if you had some guy who should be a starter in the benches them that guy goes or really maybe does it dip with Miss Megan like I got you
and like do the world war. Two soldiers yeah yeah right with this right here in the in the at Times square. Alright. So then, the letter than turnovers and demo, and for for allowing himself to be talking for wins in- also, he said he learned to multiply by sevens, be by before learning any other number, so he could learn how to count touchdowns, there's no way. This is true. Yeah well just go with Miss Megan. their mom for being a willing. and able all right and then last drew Brees for his awesome pregame speech to Purdue, who then beat Nebraska? I got to say I'm done making fun of Nebraska it's sad, but I'm done it's not even fun anymore. I feel bad for now. I genuinely feel bad for for the people who are die, hard fans and listen to this podcast. This is me coming in peace there, no more jokes! I feel bad
It is tough, I thought this was going to be the year two thought I thought it was going to be here. Yeah he work process fucking awesome, because I thought he was because the height machine got behind a four and eighteen and rank them in the top twenty five insane, ok. So, let's football guy the week vote for it vote for it football guy that we get pardon my take Pft last dad before we finish up the show. Do you have I have one more idea. I want to talk to you guys about policy genius if you're a homeowner in how tough it is to find the right home insurance coverage that I don't have to you anything about that you've already look for it. You've got confuse you, don't have to compare the rates in even if you've got home insurance if you've got home insurance coverage and your rates start to creep up over the years, the idea of replacing your policy can seem exhausting. That's that's going to be like a top three last Things that I want to do when I get off of work and I go home is trying to change my insurance coverage.
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Twenty dollars per year on home, in auto insurance. One hundred and ninety dollars per year on average on home and auto insurance. So whether you need home insurance for new place or you want to reshape your current policy, goodpolicygenius dot com today get start. On your smart phone right now. It's super easy, genius the easy way to compare and buy home insurance. Okay, let's wrap up with a couple segments. Real We gotta hurt or injured Nate Diaz, that was awesome, W yeah with the rock. Was there You have see, except for the fact that they called the fucking fight early, and I know this is crazy to say, but Nate Diaz is the type of guy that I ask I like his chances, the more he gets. The ship kicked out of him in the first three rounds. It wakes him up a little bit right, absolutely. Does an it. Looked like his right I'd taken like a slap chop to it and yeah these two cuts above it and below it, and the doctor called it off
Little nerdy doctor was like no, this guy can't fight and when did Nate Diaz was like no. I have not yet begun to fight. I take his side in this because the fight was just given us an accent of weird. Did you say just give him an accent I have not yet begun to fight. Ok, that's for Nate Diaz. It was regular accent when ideas, but I take a side 'cause. The fight was for the baddest motherfucker. Excuse me: baddest, mother, Effer Filter, they couldn't say the word on the broadcast on the broadcast team. the baddest Motherfucker belt is what they were fighting for. You need to have a bad mother, Fucker doctor a special one, broad you need. Basically Jack Kevorkian brought in to be the official doctor for the Bmf Belt, because you can't disqualify for that you're, not a bad mother. Fucker. You have the kid who kept on getting arrested for pretending. He was a doctor boom. sixteen year old. Yes, who just kept on saying as a doctor, he should have been. The doc are just James Franco from toward a hundred twenty seven hours. Yeah exercises are lost so much. The big question is
and it was a very it- was a good card. Except for that ending early is the the other. Co main event wasn't great, but there were some really good knockouts. The big question is: can the MECCA handle the USC, because there were some word on the street that that fight doesn't get stopped in Vegas in New York? Isn't really used to mma the way the Vegas is and that fight got stopped too early because 'cause. The mecca can't handle UFC. Well, actually, I would say, after you is having the Knicks play. There, they've probably seen a lot worse probably seen a lot more ugly and most recently big fight was a Tyson fury fight in Vegas. When his I basically fell off current. He continued fight would have been stopped in New York. That's interesting! Take on it. I did like the prelim between the black beast and from Bulgaria, the dude that had the hole in his sternum from when he
got stabbed in his heart. I thought it was a bill, but it was like two two got stand got stabbed, so he got into a bar fight in Bulgaria. Stabbed in the heart he pulled. The blade out of his chest walked outside Hilda Cab, God cab went to the hospital checked himself? and then basically passed out for three months. That's how you think you could knockout. Kimbo slice videos back in the day, which is like the ultimate street cred like one of the original Kimbo slice, videos, yard, yeah,. If I see a man that has been stat, that has a stab wound on his heart and I have to fight him about I'm out see you no! No thank you. You had such a fucking Ironjaw too. He was just He looked at taking guys He was the best board with how hard he was getting hit. Yeah yeah or during a UFC fight that he was losing their. The best see I was good card should have stopped the Nate Diaz fight that sucked but yeah.
We're all good card. Last step. We have parade math, the Washington Nationals had a parade yep on Saturday they had prayed, it was the biggest big assembly of people in the history of Washington DC. Forget about the forget about the aerial photography that shows that they, but we have had more people after parade, this had more people than the capital's parade. This you've saw fake news photographer the million man March. I I I don't know about that. I haven't looked at the satellite imagery yeah you just made up. I just know that it was as big as capitals. And one of the most synergetic championships celebrations between teams that have seen district champion grass for that they should have done on Saturday, though that was stupid. Yeah. The worst part about parades on Saturday is that when you go to him, you're not missing work on that and everyone's watching college football and don't care Yeah! That's really you need to if you ever pray during the week day. That's all it's on ESPN during the week day in so everyone talks about in the clips go viral, I didn't even realize there
yeah plus, then you get like a note from the mayor saying I give you permission to miss work today. Some may say. If you have a parade on a college football Saturday, did you even win a champion? I would say that I don't think so are probably right. I don't think you have to probably right what is or isn't it we we did have the trophy. There were care of that. I hate that stupid trophy so dumb it is a dumb, dumb, trolls, so so dumb we like it read talk about this. You I'd like I've always like the world series. Trophy call me a baseball purist, but your your you just love it you're. What is the scene had the same end thanks all right, that's our show. We got some big gas coming up this week. We have the fan favorite John Ross, the end of preview. Some college basketball
some hall of famers, some hall famers, coming up, yep multiple hall of famers, also famous streamers who's at resetting Hall Shamar. Once they would that be Wednesday. We don't have any interviews on Wednesday. Hey Hall of shame are on Wednesday, with patriots losses driving here in small shame there was a person got shamed, pretty hard. What oh we're not going to run that Wednesday? Are we okay? is in the hall of Fame come on the show, maybe Wednesday. hang out with us, and in and out of the studio yeah that might be cool too, I'm sure going to win football this week. I bet you we could. If we told Dan Mullen were like hey, we will be Florida boosters like not in the money sense, but in the like, hey we're going to boost you up. He
fly, Miss Megan up here and she would smooch us before every single part. they would even go past that now it wouldn't, we would not get to the second. No Tri STAR that are strange right right as they walk in the studio, have a good show, yeah one and then a smooch afterwards on the way out to a little bit longer so long as well. I love you guys yeah check your testicles, no way anyway today's another day to find you shy away Ok
a say so Life is okay I see better to be safe than sorry '
A a gun in the a.