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NFL With Pete Prisco, UFC 229 With Jon Anik + Fastest 2 Minutes

2018-10-08 | 🔗

Fastest 2 minutes for Week 5 (2:27 - 7:19). The Texans and Cowboys played in a game of who can fire their bad coach first (7:19 - 8:56). The Browns won a game on a Sunday, Philly has a Super Bowl hangover, the Falcons are done, the Bengals are good, and Mason Crosby lost his mind (8:56 - 18:20). Playoff Baseball and UFC 229 (18:20 - 29:31). Football Guy of the Week (29:21 - 35:02). Who's back of the week (35:02 - 43:58). CBS Sports Pete Prisco joins the show to talk NFL Week 5, why Bortles is fine everyone relax, how Defense will catch up to the narrative of an offensive explosion and more (43:58 - 70:35). Jon Anik joins the show after being on the Call for UFC 229, talking about what it was like to see Khabib go in the crowd, McGregor's future, and whether or not this is good for UFC (70:35 - 86:38). Segments include Take Quake for Peter Gammons, Embrace Debate is Darren Rovell an athlete? Whats the Beef? Kings stay Kings Ryan Lochte, and Whoa 

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