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Nick Swardson, Caron Butler, Mt Flushmore Of Cars, And Duggs Goes To Texas Tech

2020-05-06 | 🔗
We start by picking a Korean Baseball team and get EXTREMELY lucky with our selection (2:27 - 8:16) Coach Gus Duggerton is headed to Texas Tech and PFT asks Duggs some Big J Journalism questions (8:16 - 16:58). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Elon Musk and more fear porn (16:58 - 34:43). Comedian Nick Swardson joins the show to talk about his new movie The Wrong Missy out on Netflix May 13th, the Vikings, whether he believes in Kirk Cousins, getting expelled 4 times from high school and stand up comedy (34:43 - 65:35). NBA Champion Caron Butler joins the show to talk about his career, being addicted to Mountain Dew and Straws, and how Jim Calhoun recruited him to Uconn (65:35 - 84:17). Segments include embrace debate, Mt Flushmore of Cars and Guys on Chicks.
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On today's pardon my take we gotta too far for the people. We have comedian actor Nick Swartz in hilarious, dude, bigtime, vikings fan. We have a great conversation with him and then we have legend tough juice, Koran bottler on the show for fifteen twenty minutes. Great talk with him as well. Some awesome stories. And I never knew that anyone could have a mountain dew addiction, but he had it and straw and straws, and we talked to him about that before we do. Oh sorry, we have also hot seat cool throne. Some dogs talk some guys on chicks in Mount Rushmore of Car, so packed show for everyone before we get to that part of my take is brought to you by the cash app. Not always the easiest place to send money to your friends. It's the safest, we're in the cash F studio. Right now we love the cash at the cash app is giving away free subscription to a twitch channel every single night they're, the best app in the world did the number one social distancing app. According to me, they're also the number one app ever according to meet. Those are both
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and then yeah pardon, my ten percent work on the part of my going to about the cash app download right now use called barstool. You get ten dollars. Three ten dollars is peace. Aspca today is Wednesday May, sixth, we must talk or Tuesday and security, It was the greatest witted nice. Who shall run there. It was the greatest confluent confluence of of thence. It was the usual bronze, perfect storm. We streak yeah yeah. For sir, I mean the bronze, yet let other stuff go on his life right now, he needed a day for him. Yes, I talk or Tuesday and said mile that's Leubronn stay
he's too busy not talking about the last dance, but only like tweeting out as items highlights. Why what has been done? That's only thing he's really: that's the only thing he's dead Since the last it's been like had a war, tweet about how good I say Thomas was, and I was basically did he also Did he tweeting thing out about him dumping on as it on the other? I say it's on us all to accept. Think you might have said some interests are using adjacent everybody's, been doing a lot of retreats of just stuff about a school about how good Schools so just change the conversational yet get the narrative gone. So we don't have sports, but we have fixed. Ports and some real sports. Actually, let's start with that korean The ball is going to ESPN or is already obvious, be another games and middle the night, but with the new baseball season and real sports being back, I think we need to. We owe it to our. Selves? To pick you pick a team for the whole pot, everyone? Okay, I was wondering if we're going go individually, let's get some gear. Let's root for this team. We know
I think I'm in a list them all for every one right now and then we can go. What will do This will eliminate. It will get down to three just off of just like instant reaction, so here they are think about it. Ah the n C dynamos. I like it deduced on bears this I'm song lions, the low tee Giants Loki yeah, I like that. We algae twins the cool heroes, the key tigers, Es K, wives earns in eagles the Katy wishes and the hand I unicorns. Ok, If the bat I'm gonna eliminate, I don't like to unicorns, I will because I, like the name. I don't like the logo. Ok, look, It's very my via lies finite. So ominous say my three off the top are going to be the o t giants the dynamos and the bears just cause, and I can just read the bears about
I'm going to say: I grew the Lahti. Ok, Thirdly, I look. Look it up We can pronounce downloads each year. Two giants. The incident knows- and I like yes, K, wives, yeah, ok, Hank, anyone diners, goddamn down. I want. I think we should go with dynasty diners, dynamos I mean that's just that's like it's gonna be. Like seven years old and be like you know what I really wish I could do is roofer team name the dinosaurs. So the end see dynamos that's going to be our team. They actually have a nice logo to some good colors looks like coils colors. Almost let's look. Real quick window little. Ah, sir, I think them. I was and for a dinosaur. It's a go well robbing Dinah guaranteed ever dinosaur, mascot yeah just just hold on. I don't don't start. Like that right away, you ve been around for seven years. It looks like oh expansion. Team are we stolen expansion team? I would say that would make us still an expansionary right finishing last place,
why lawyer no examined over ten years ago. They were right the middle last year. No one could say we're front. Runner lost the wild card to the to the twins. Last year. They Let's see. Let's see did the diner, Sir Dinas. We have never won a championship, that's good, so that we can say we got it on the ground floor easier. The light Chester City of Green, basically guys. We can recognise off the top Aaron Arthur now soon Burma. Logan Barrette, I'm pretty sure he was a pitcher for the Rangers last. I remember Logan Barrette MIKE right, ok, so were empty diners, guys, ok, It dynamos mass got. This was thrilling. If you owe whoa whoa I'm out time out. I tell you the name of the mass got up soon. All that yes arise. Assignable as additives swore daddy sweet.
Daddy is his mask opponent picture swore daddy right now. Holy shit is coolest shit anyway, located on the it's. The Loch Ness monster on steroids. Do he's jacked as Falk? Oh, my god did we, lucky on that want. This is the mountain of dinosaurs, swoon, Daddy com at us. We need to get all the gear we problem. When I say we need to get all the gear we need to do is have welcomed. Create to gear force yeah, maybe even get just a giant swore daddy inner studio, yeah Man, this guy's cool he's, got a huge fucking neck neck for death it's gonna neck and he definitely he definitely swore oh yeah and he's got is getting sick. Dependent on his neck like a chain, Iraq's a chain, Outguess say he's a smoker, and that's probably the long box that he's gotta, tracheotomy yeah, put swore daddy he's our intubated, wherein Swell Dat fancy dynamos, I like you, go I'm excited now yeah
how can a watchword unexcited were wont to know? Are we willing to get help in o this one's cue to get a little Dinah Dinas Fan account them fall right now the and see Dinas fan account. And that's so cool icy, dynamos fertile and see dynasty fat boom done number one answer, I knows podcast our joint Irian. This could be confusing. Yet we could do translation that transit are other news. You had Some questions for girls, dogs, who, went on Monday night. He won the rose, bull and then went from you, a c o c to attack Texas Tech Head coach Requiem can go wrong congrats on Rwanda had coaching John and make sure you do it like the otherwise its loser. Yup off Besides, I mean it's a big step for you yeah, so coach Doug though. The narrative raincoats dogs has been he's a career coordinator,
by way of anyone has know what we're talking about as it might not live on the internet. I started and suitably dynasty with a coach, and I created named Gus Duggar Tin, whose very obese loves to throw the ball love. The blame is defence for fuck ups. Nana now in season for started Toledo went to fetch. You won the festival, no big deal against Yukon one. The rose bore you see. Against Michigan State, which was based international title and now I'm a Texas tech. Ok, actually these very impressive. What you ve done with coach ducks right now coach dogs is, is hottest thing in sports. He's you die buzzing. You ve got Every single major college football counters talking about goes dogs ass, the Texas Tech Football account. Welcoming you to love with open arms, Patrick MA homes? excited to have you as a coach, even though we don't think that my homes in the game he's not he's not. He got there in two thousand fourteen these rosters from two thousand thirteen, but I might make em so its remit
What's remarkable that worked, coach Doug's has done in such a short amount of time There are some narratives and as big J journalist, I feel like we should dress with these emerging narratives, are before you lose control them. Ok, obsolete, first one that I had is that coach Doug's does not care about the defence of South Ball and he's gonna get exposed. Fact: ok, What was the big twelve, so you know exactly the leaflets isn't gonna be worse than bail or listen to one nice thing about being coach dogs is, I am very honest about my shortcomings. Defence is number one and I will still boy my defence if they fuck up off, ok, nerve, number, two clock management is awful again, facts so or cannot manage. I've cyber philosophy with clock management. If there's time on the clock, you score points, no matter what the distance, no matter, what the down, if there's time on the clock, you're going for the end zone and
in Europe. We gave it if, especially if Europe were exiled point us actually, what's it yeah Bessie S, voter pc. If that's what you look ass thou points now for actual clock banishment at like the end of the first half again very bad now, I think of myself as the reverse. Andy read in read like suggest, burn time out early and doesn't have any. I like to see. My time out still there's like an ideal coach. Doug situation is eighteen seconds left with all three: your flexible! You rather have em and not need em the neuron not have correct I'll. Take time Lockerbie. I dont care. Ok, next, one his weight makes some loose energy is the season goes on also fact, so he gets lethargic by the time November. Rules around you, ve got your? U susceptible to trap. Yes, yes, yes! Well, we lost one tram, yes, boilers, one track to attack Georgia George attack is the definition of a trap.
It was the easy chair badge of Game for a spy. The ninety bought was could again that Georgia terrorists are trapped anytime. I am of the mindset that any time a team loses Georgia, Tech, it's a trap. You don't see the triple option, control our conversations behind the scenes. You're completely had already what passed he how spill? That's like now. Listen George attack some residency doubly football game. They just love the triple option, because if you play enough years, Army Navy in Georgia, tech are always at the top of the carry it's crazy. I will a hundred percent own up to you see I being the biggest trafficking. Of all time and I walked right into the trap. Ok, next one code dogs wasn't even the best coach on that Toledo team that he debuted with also he hasn't really earned. What he's been given he's a system Oh you rode the coat tails of the head coach. That's LEO team! who just one the national chairmanship at
U s e now versus South Carolina now. Let me ask your question: would rather have a national championship or three highs? Mintz and civil conflict and civil conflict, easy three eyes. Yes, we have won the Heisman every place. I've gone. So that's a record well yeah when a husband come combat with coach dogs, because guess what? When he's up thirty points, he still gonna pad those staff? you're the coach cow of, incidentally football- we gotta get those guys jerseys framed in with behind you, add yet ocean I'd, also like it on the record of what has been as a running back twice in a quarter back once so I'm flexible on my trying to go fuck it that is why reason: receiver, our defensive Non, nodded Pittsburgh now play defects, and I like I might just let them score just so. I can like last guidelines Yep nother merging narrative, you're one can go type. A guy armies, you overlooked, be you You know how to be naive areas. Eight arose, ball rose Bobby on fire. I scored five touchdowns going to be so whoever said
Maybe he's always open. Thank you for that, because I did at one point look past be, but now I do not look past. Anymore. Now I actually you could accuse me. The reverse works only bought for just one game. It's just one game, though I got beyond my sites. Ok last narrative, that's out there is that coach dogs has rabid years listens to. Chat too much yes gets thrown off is gained by the chairs at least one interception, a game. That is that there is one percent because of the twitch chat Nokia and they will they. Got me into interceptions right when I can't have one. I do think, though, that logic in Texas Tag is a perfect environment for coach dogs. Guy because, as a small enough town, where often immunity or sovereign immutable. No, they don't have that no we're gonna fight down and when I like, when you leave any your contract and try to take your money from you. Yes, there aren't enough people. There aren't enough, like capital, J journalists in that town, to really put the spruces you can play fast and loose with with recruiting. You can play
ass, a loose with practice rules. Yes, you can lock your prayers and equipment. Shaver acts. All things and no one in loving is anything as long as you went one that was the blind play policy as had coached. I also draw still maximum. Nobody knew by plays actually like you do blind plays on defence fucking Emily controlling one player. I don't I'm gonna be a Texas set four year. I'm gonna give it my best, maybe two years, but I've sent and I'll say it again, coach dogs is a guy like losing the national chamber, either ramble in man. Ok, he likes the road he likes to be out there. He likes to get in on different campuses. He likes to make sure that is past doesn't catch up with him by staying one jump in one of the unseen delay is MRS dogs. In the family coming to television industry, obviously they like it there. He had been language and here and there I got focus. Example, football I gotta focus on football. I'm very part. I It is so sad that this is the state there were in that like game days. I get so excited
Are you guys rankings out twenty five precision to attend lashed? No respect come! That's why it's just that! total turn around job. If I can win week, one against usually, which is tomorrow night at nine o clock p we'll be singing my praise. Lot: oil money through their nine o clock, maybe double hatter against floors. The case our own too Floor to say no You see allay revenge game. Forestick Billy are playing with the cod League professional Card to declare before originally having that's how they have gets clocks gotta, be something busy fact heart nor playing with him. Oh you guys. Gonna fuck people hell yeah,
let's get to our hot seat cool throne that we got Nick Swardson and Quran Butler coming up hot seat. Cool throne is brought to you by our friends and bud light seltzer. Try it for yourself and see why great tasting bud light. Seltzer is putting every other hard seltzer on the hot seat, drink a bud light seltzer now try to drink, it says: try to drink Budlight seltzer in the time it takes to the ad read. Fear me Cells or me, ok out I'll start again on pan. Does this work when you tap tap under hold told not to hold on fifty there's a lot of shit. This office are ready. Three, that so get my K. I damn it says refreshing three. So too,. One huts equal terms what you are from the privilege to try for yourself. It see why greatly Zimbabwe tells us putting ever their hard hard seltzer nazi no did into its. That was too fast.
You certainly holds only busy bone fifties where it is but light seltzer and was sweating through the sure whether so I I was wrong. Thank you bought lights out, so we love you. We have so much but light seltzer. Here, it's the best hock. I had my heartiest teachers. What They all important Elon musk and was the guy of nerd someone say: trendsetter of the Nerd Community occupy Mars, occupy mom. He had his first child. Any named it. A twelve. I say: twelve, ok! Is that what does that mean means that he is for growing, is setting a trend. I have no idea. It's an ex. Do think that they did. Like a middle name. Like Frank. No who knows. Maybe they that's naval, nay, is toil at its. A mathematical always looks like I'm new to sign that gets like not even
It's not a little named Steve anyway, so that my point is a tedious hussy, because this is going to start a trend amongst the nerd Peter community at all, we didn't have to name our kids real names. We can, as we This do symbols and codes, and so imagine being a teacher and going me like hey SAM Joe Ex Accede. Well, well are its or two things one: is it the boy named Sue for new nerds right, like you name, kid this new are gonna, be a nerd because everyone's gonna just like what what does your fuckin name was born in. When a boy named so is the exact opposite wages, nor, I know They put the nerd I'd, say it's pointing to for the nerve. What I don't even know. What point way was a John cash song. He did all this on those that he was named sue because the dad left when he was a young and because his knee Mitsui, had to fight all his life cuz. They were made fun of them and then one day he comes it up and he sees his dad and they get in a fight in a bar fight and he's like you're, a tough son of a bitch is like
no, because I need you soon, because I knew you'd have to fight you right anyway. I wouldn't be here. So if, if you name your kid accede, great wealth, then that is going to be your kid a nerd, no honoured its keeping them pretty alive because they won't be able to just be regular right, so it's it's forcing them into a nerd into being inert. Yes, saga is the opposite: Zoo, Cosu forced Mental being an awful right ray it's it's the boy names you we're not gotcha so ex a a dash. Twelve like you on Moscow will show up to the Sloan Conference in twenty five years and ex age well will be like well actually think that you're wrong here here and here and you must have like I know, because I named you Ex eight twelve- I gave you everything you need it so well, exactly a twelve. It's always Elon Musk, did the guy we'll hunting blackboard just for life, just like named his kid that a mathematical away,
it looks like an somebody's gonna figure in our day, yeah, it's gonna be like IRAN must disappear and then like they tend to go on a mission to try and find them back and then, like twenty years later, it was the power, Code, Yeahs age. While I have a question, I think it's just Python code, for I can't leave my dad had sex with my mom. I have a question for every one: do you think someone has already named their child cove it yes, yes, it's Alex caught. It happened it out in an area really yeah. What about America? You think anyone's done it. You think someone's like. I don't really think there's a big deal kind of a sick name? Probably yes, probably happened. I would say that somebody's, probably already in their kid, exceed a thirteen who ok on a different planet
no here guidelines. After hearing this name, there, like I'm gonna, go one better than you are most definitely name this kid thinking, like you know, when we have the battle of the galaxies, this is a name that will actually be able to be registered ocean. I got another haughty. Does this just came across my red by weight My second point, which I lost. You on musk actually bought a home which is now selling to make a school for him in his rich friends. So those teachers of fine, he literally created a private school form so up it's a home school fields found himself at a different play: its home school, that's staffed by people he hired currently set or teachers for Africa. My other hot seat, which I didn't have until one second ago, is the Chile's and play no Massachusetts. Oh, what happened or boy scouts all act just send out a tweet. What he said on ever go get curbside pick up. A chile's
Plainsville, my wife has been sitting in parking lot for one hour and twenty minutes and backed up order of that's. Why I got. I was getting tagged. Go to small, go to small places. Are pizza shops locally, how Chile's is still Delicious Scott and its worth wait yeah our new can't rush greatness. Yet did somebody part or non Michelangelo unease? Painters, testing chapel was ok. Can you heard? My wife wants to come in here, take a picture how about? If, if you set something free and it was meant to be a comeback, set your chile's order free and if it lives there. It was meant to be me. It sounds Achilles adjustment doing too well financially Everyone knows that the product is that there is a weight for ships on deck. Giving Chile's has a similar situation like when all this happened like oil lighted.
Many chips to, although we do the chips, it shifts come another door, the edges went down and we keep getting orders chips and no one's here to order free chips. I don't think so. Cars are two delicious free re accustomed to save their, giving they probably give like free refills. If you order Chile's to go deprived, give you three work, voters were the chip. It's like off offload yards like you're, getting a five guys order and they just fill up the bag with rise, yeah yeah, that's what they're doing to Chile's Ready announced that actually the best time to get you? Yes, so Scott him you'll have to disagree with a resounding yes, the more he follow us anymore. Any market he's gotta, always fall sixty nine people, it isn't what You don't call me now you follow me and then he until cycle see cycles catastrophe that sixty nine damn odd Michael there was the lads o the lads. What happened there is just a tick talk of a bridge. Guy sing in the song like about when we go back to the pub it's a savage garden, truly madly deep deeply, but it's like
british remake obey your name. Obey always shall bear your fantasy I'll, be all right I'll, be your love! Every thing you obeys degrees, Cornwall Times been stuck in my head, mixing, Miss lads public were thrown off. Replied with em,
people in England sing three songs at bars. It's this song its that awaits a song, don't look back and anger. No, we sing thou and that's when it goes Exo Sally. Can we and then they promising we're the champion one. I'm coming home, I'm coming home come on. It's common home is one of those hours. Where else so, there's only one color Magritte row with its that's Ireland, its car, it's cool, Men who foot Paul's what was at home? go. It was so in order. Just like away clay home, I get balls? Could I get undergo. Drinks house. Sorry songs, savage garden, truly madly deeply, whereas the solemn tik Tok with the british people, sing it in the lad, saying that electric, the Savage Garden version Socks my my playlists and I've, just like the savage conversion and how they should do Reaganomics make everyone savagery me fuckin fire
they should do rather than making anyone savagery me fuckin fire. The electric saw, oh, it's called man home four balls common home, that's that's one thing that all summer until they lost like they always do the World CUP, and then they also have pulls common ho ho its main home for what common home. It's pretty easy song nowadays, they, the champ yeah yeah I feel like they just randomly break into that. Although England team Julia to wealth, shaving slick, although they did, I think no Liverpool wanted I will focus on. The key is ok that it only this year on equal terms, my hot seat. I had go my hot seek, as I was gonna have em just read the equation that was that was Elon Musk child.
I'm pulling audible, I'm gonna say that rivalries or on the hot seat, because taxes athletic director was asked When were you guys schedule Texas, aunt, em again in football? Is everyone Missis? game you, he replied worth interest, scheduling, games against teams that have one national championships. As he said that they don't have a rivalry with them. Liar actually could make the argument that the rivalry is back on it because he said that they don't have a rivalry with them that some kind of plate himself into rivalry. That's big time language here, because if I had to do gun to my head right now, I would definitely say tax. I M going to international tunnel before Texas, you think so, yeah, natty, yeah, Assisi, the roan, they got tougher schedule, they got, they got the road Jimbo. I think I think neither team is gonna when ya know, I would say I've either revelling later. If I had to go like in the next hundred years, I would just pick the team that playing yes. He say because
even if a name doesn't when one day can just like put it on the southern border of Amazon how'd, you hey, we ve done this. Hot seat is Roger dough. Turn down the NFL on the hot seat. There was report that came out today that said that there were doubts. Committed three documented cases of covert done in Florida back in January. That got covered up that got buried that didn't get released, and I think it's pretty clear that the ETA fell Didn't want the Superbowl to get canceled. That's what you guys aren't ready for that conversation, but I think that Rodger Goodell had to wait. Why is he on the hot seat, then he's really cool to run. For me supposing it can wait. Yet he did a good job on that. But now, but this leak is just came out right. Somebody's onto got somebody is is entourage. EL, the amateur, say, good job last sporting event. Ever it was great, it was great. It was was Michael throne is attractive girl, so uncovered masks and tweet replies and if he has seen this yet oh yeah so
You know anything about medical device, sales or pharmaceutical sales. You know that they like to hire the most attractive women possible or d1. Like friends of one dead. That's really here. Only eighty pounds are yes, somebody that won the Heisman as an option quarter bearing and now the his ground play golf play golf many old medical, but usually it's interactive girl girl because the his people America or middle aged doctors, as if you get it and attractive girl in the door, doktor will buy whatever they want from them. That's been into the internet. And now we ve got attractive. Girls are just replying to all sorts of tweets from it. Verified accounts non verified because I don't know whether getting their their prospect list from They're all over the place, just trying to sell these masks and it ex because I think Twitter reply. People are Horner even then doktor. Yes, sir
oh yeah, I I wanted to. I was bought a master. Absolutely I've seen a bunch of them two distinct spammed within the spanish and much of the budget. By one. Do you get a stop? They start this That's where are my hot seats is my face. My faces Mama hot seat because I grossly misjudged the weight. I need to be asked to shave my beard, Ray. I missed. I don't mean that you look normal, I don't mean in an asylum begat. I lost on the scarf That's around your neck, constantly pushing on your neck into your cheek. Listen it doesn't. It doesn't help with scarf. Is there because I forget my mask all the time and I'm trying to be a good citizen of york and I make sure I have a mask all time so until I can beat it, it's a good supper. Sunglasses right does
I'm right away! Yeah, I'm just saying that you might want to take it off occasionally, when it's it's like a turtleneck just pushes it makes her face like a force. Skin gets pushed up over you hell, yeah by way of most reliable thing ever like first time at my son was really my bro. Was on Sunday. We bottom sunglasses and we gave him to him and I think we walked for about a hundred yards before they were gone, lost, more lost him As I do love you already too hard welcome delays, fucking lost those son. You gonna lose us about guy a shady raises: that's Wotton! Ok, my yeah, I just I just misjudged in pounds. Lighter data must you'll get there. I did it and I looked at my self and I was like you fuck- that up dude to stop snacking. Come you know against us now, my cool to home is fear. I had to fear thing on Monday. Well, fears fighting back because Since Monday we ve had
stories about a new mutant, strain of grown. A virus that are getting You getting really on no sign out. Ok, whatever it's fuckin would. Transformer X, men but whatever it is, and then there is also the the corona virus stories are going round that your toes fall off. No, that's the most Therefore I am saying no, sir. I take all listen to the doctors, take precautions, but do not let the fear poor take you down, because I saw those stores back back you a usb shitting me mute corona already know exactly what they're doing that. Putting the word mutant in heading Indeed it is bullshit, because what happened was the virus slightly changed? It always say if you same virus stood the virus, always changing. Ok, you're, not the same guy. You were two days ago raise growing rights, taster developing right. It's big! It's a teenager! Now, yes, study says, mutant corona virus has emerged in his more contagious. Tat is
boy, my shit, let's scare, the fuck, I like saying it when, when it kid finally doesn't hey process browser, it's a mutant, now, no more fear so stay strong, and then also Michael, throws J correctly like we're. Gonna get a good deal off. This are now your problem. Go to Marshal. Wasn't there's something else, letters or something I don't know where it was. Big department, store them where business a couple weeks ago. Oh, I don't remember, We should. All else marshals is on the come up because they get all this sweet J crucial year and also that it was a Niemann, Marcus, yeah thing, uneven, Marcus is given or so it is fucking hook ourselves up with the sickest button downs it every mail white male over the age of thirty. On soon I called dibs on the blue picking table one God, dibs on the of the Green polo shirt, but also the
again that wraps round the waist and the extra pleaded Khakis nice nice. Ok, thank you. I dips thing from Jake grew: no, not your style. You'd been like a quarter quarters at pull over. All I get the vessel Gimme the vast. I want the best. What about the best that looks like you're, squash pillar? Those appreciate the attic that is well I'll, take any type of s: puffy skinny first Gimme, some loafers? Is it true, the bigger the vast more money you have in your private equity funds? Absolutely, I think. So. That's what I've been told ya, don't yeah! That's, the right. The skinny vesture like day one nudes, actually know what I was thing if a guy doesn't have pockets of his pants because riches, fog or Michael Scott, where new european suit women, women's whereupon kind he thought, was european I, let's get you are interviews, we got mixed words enough. First, then Koran Butler before we do Nick a word from our very good friend.
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so much so that I went and look back at our conversations in DM, and I just found out a shocking fact that I've forgotten about you, you're fucking, Duke fan yeah. How does that? and God. Why? What's goin on man we hate Duke we hate due from Minnesota. We hate, Duke, you should be Wisconsin Fan rats under TAT. I was Scots A few minutes ago I went to a costly makes joke about reciprocity because politics, its then? How did it? How did you end up a Duke fan grow up and Minnesota? I do fan since, like the eighty thousand,
fan before they ever did. Anything I was a fan back, would like Johnny, dont, inciter, Danny fairy Robber, brick ye. All those guys I just want to mouth like these guys are fucking dope, and then I found my cousin went there, and I was, I call on the right sort of watching them, and I just I just became obsessed with dubious about going like ten final fours. I've seen a minute twice and yeah, despite a dialogue with them, did you or did you go to what was the year you last song when it I the last? I saw them when it was two thousand and ten okay, so you weren't at two two thousand and fifteen that never happened I like the year like all my brother, went to Fuckin Madison, okay, so yeah that was fucked up. You could Duke winds too much, but I don't wanna make us do podcast. I do like, though, that you are basically like the guy who bought Microsoft, two dollars. Renewing I like Duke in the eighties dude
got all the do. I always at the outset that the state, I guess people jump on like do a piece of shit immediately it's it's. Basically, when you were a Duke teacher anywhere, it's like you immediately to get hated Amber any whenever I hope is, that is yet another fakes injuries. Whenever the chips guy, you know get when things get tough ease, and I know my first person that ever be dramatic about an injury I mean to be fair, they did go to three for us in the eightys there were exactly chop look out. They re then went on ninety one yeah through let's find common ground, the packers. You aren't you that how much we the packers. How great was her draft
ongoing leaves out. Pretty saw everyone's. I hear your site about them in a sort of Europe as a gang, and I saw those picks those picks coming, but I just don't packer draft I was like who or what is theirs part small party you who know like thinking like fucked, your mobile, probably a whole family. Cuz, that's how it always works out for them. Yeah I mean. Obviously you never know how it's going to play out it. I just like that there and you know it's just discombobulated for a minute. So that's just the drama over there makes Raise me joy. Yes, where do we stand on encore cousins? I mean you know. I like her easy he's, a good compromise that was, it was waking. I have friends or vikings vans in your response. There is every single vikings fancy spots of deep sigh
and then you know, he's a good guy, that's that's all you can say about him and I rooted it form for I think three years when he was in DC and that's the best compliment it's like is. He seems like a guy, that you would trust a park. Your car, you you do the thing where you have to like actually talk yourself into him repeatedly when, when asked well, I mean what I do not feel that like area here, it's like you under harm is waiting for us it's not about horrible line. You know the thing about visas is not mobile. I mean it's. It's almost comical when should hit the fan
the site, ok, yeah eternal. Have you noticed that his head definitely got bigger when he became a Viking in what he had to wear that purple helmet like it looks bigger now yeah we enlarge the home. What about which rather of her cousins or send Bradford, occur cousins? Would you rather have her cousins or Stefan dicks, I'm either different? positions, but there's a real problem. That happened I mean I would our probably rather have cousins is great. Hookers This is why we are doing what I've done with IRAN. Should he bears quarterback rounders like do what who also you gonna pay. I mean the bears the other attacks ride with the law to make his lotta comedians come out of cargo. I mean I'm fuckin billion some,
attacks road with a lot of those guys and its literally ten bears fans, and then me, and I just watch the scroll of parking meltdown and others as a bystander sit there, not China a couple times there like Europe, it does. It does all kind of gravitate towards hating Packers yeah. That's one great thing about anything earth is like you can always go cable, those guys yeah yeah. So I have a question about your vikings, a game de ritual. Are you do get drunk, for every game cause the way you tweet you tweet, like a madman like a true fan, I love that about your twitter, but I always imagine you're just blackout drunk when you're tweeting in all caps yelling at every year. It depends there was one season. I worked hard in the pay, I'm twitter, where I was completely
lost my mind. I mean alcohol is for sure. Involve I mean nothing it was thanks to his like. It is just such a shit, storm of alcohol that I mean that their schemes for Games Ivan do no recollection of being there. I mean the pre game region, was the tailgating then into the bar then into this stadium and then throughout the game. Maybe it's a site and win or lose does know why they, like those knows, saving greater. Yeah well it's about. If you lose you like by world the other, I am, I gonna get a drink because I'm happier among a drink because I'm sad, that's that's what you have yeah it's. It's always insanity. Are you guys big tailgate? I used to tailgate yeah, I used to tell you before games, but then it became an issue where it's like. Ok, when you tell me, you usually miss
quarter at least know you get any. I started the second quarter and then it's a pain in the ass to get in pain. Ass. He get out. I just stop going to games, gives us so much better at home. Watching on tv I mean at the end of the day. It is you know, just in terms of just watching a game. I mean you get so much more when it when it's alive, you don't really know. What's going on the inside, you decide what the others will replace neurons follows you see here who saw you're like you're in the bathroom. My dear I now do
Yes, we are just a shell of a human, the perfect. I actually think the tailgate is better than going to the game. I would, if I had perfect Sunday would be the tailgate, then go watch all the games because there's something about a tailgate when you have that vibe, where everyone's excited for what could possibly happen and everyone's in a great mood, and you cut that like cold. Have I pissed myself, you know everyone's passing around booze and food, there's nothing like a tailgate vibe before big game yeah and there's also, should I piss myself, Yes, I've felt like a man's latticed flip the sweat Cheron Tabby warm up for about ten seconds and then an infinitely regretted further for the rest the afternoon right. But if a liar asked. Hence I earnestly
How about I believe it was an open minutes worry about. It was bears fans that went to a packer game. It's freezing out and their goal was to pierce and shut themselves. So much in the stands. They were completely disgusting to be around and that was there a goal latest just beer and piss as they currently income, Leaved Africa and soil themselves. To such a repulsive way is there win or lose we're going to ruin. This experience for everyone around. I respect, and I thought that was really really I've noticed I used to go tailgate. I get you
in the parking lot and then I just don't have enough money to buy a ticket for the game. So I'd stay in the parking lot and watch the game on a tv again, the back of a car like eating out of the back of a truck or something like that, and you could hear the endgame noise from the stadium on the outside. That was legal yeah, that's cool there, I'm ready to show in Indiana once and now my body that I was with us like hell. It's gonna Notre Dame Football Game and I'm like ok had ever been before is pretty bad ass and we went, and people. Think tailgating I mean I was always I gotta get. You know card saying, do it Dame tailgate were people in their aid. These all noted and fans and they were ribbon. Jameson at fucking, in the morning like it was water. Yes yeah I was. I was in my twenties at the time as I o. My Lord yes says that does the guy
the tale get it noted aim is like any other just because it is the oldest tailgate put. It still goes pretty hard and you have like a bunch of all deeds with her class rings and cigars just having a great time so yeah you're. Absolutely right on that. I had a less lift your little comedy talk: I owe you don't want to. I find this just talk: sport, autonomy, joke! I remember the night I saw a video Nick member, the ninety nine vikings. The night meantime yeah play out and I do not have a year- I saw a video about that. He met him, a good man. They should want. It woke. The other was horrible. The ninety eight season was talking with disaster. The fifteen in wanting yeah
probably the worst yeah, the worst thing ever than we lost at home, yeah to Atlanta yeah? Gary Anderson had Mister king Oh yeah yeah. I wouldn't Anderson, he nailed. That's probably. I can't imagine us out the worse moment. I mean in Minnesota. History knows that was a nightmare without yet it was one of those where it was almost too good, where just didn't even was cartoonish. How we were beating people was that that just set the precedent, precedent of just heartbreak and varlet awful. Feelings for a long time because had Randy MOSS Ankara's Carter, that's pretty cool! That's pretty yeah! That's crazy! That Eurostat game now really get actively. What about Blair Wash where's the collar.
Part of the set up there is no more. He say what is wanted to join a open. I got about AIDS in you read into the Bay ok first past the way. My way I will, I will say a Blair was godless. Loss is a sweet Sweden. I deftly lost my mind about that and it was kind of understand Oh, but you know, I that's what I digress from kind of you know going after players and being so mad, but you know when you're missing extra points on the regular. It's got to be like ok, what's it like just copy guy, because this insane- but I do you know I I digress from shooting out of it. They know it's hard sparking you now I'm hammered in a bar and some fucking heavily. Why have you ever broken a tv over the vikings? Now I'm not broken a television set, but I have come
pretty close. There's times were, I should not have been in public. Ok, I would get obliterated if I couldn't go to a game of our stock in a way, I would go out a lot of it turns out that they too should be out bright, but that's just I've cried and public. I've cried a bar stats, most mainly thing Do is crime public football game? Yeah? I got a couple times. I wept then they went Blair was Miss the twenty something I feel go against Seattle and weed and gonna play ass. I walked out of the bar and start crying yeah, you're so drunk that was the plants.
Yeah yeah Bulgarian walked down a few and before the game it was like, I don't hurry, gave us the clock had some every games where rights now that some company right there, you cry over Football league. So I want to go back to your youth, real quick cause, there's some stuff on Wikipedia about it that you probably been asked about a million times, but it says they. You got expelled four times in school. That doesn't really seem like an expulsion if they do it for if they let you back three times and keep kicking yeah, when we discuss it ended alot hit certain be there was talk of expulsion. It was kind of like ok this getting ridiculous. I'm like I know right I'll just I won't do that again, and then it would be a different thing and they're like what is gone Out of my I don't it's we're right. I m analysis
some of talk, my way out of it, but it can also just centred around drugs. Like the name, one where I was really that was. I smoke a blunt in school of transport, the insides climate, the rapid now to go to court ordered rehab, to rehab for pot yeah. I had to go to a a fucking rehab saying and I had to take classes and it was super dumb, but yeah. I got a blunt in school and it was fucking insane my body skip class went to the auditorium or, like I would smoke, this blood nets high school in the nineties. Doesn't like Cyprus, I want everything, so we were just ripped the blood and if we just carried how to the auditorium in the end of school and then the cops kicked in the doors and handcuffed does and we walked through lunch just reaching like weed, so it was. It was pretty
so as to prevent and consequently off, but then you have to go to rehab and you're, probably in rehab with people who were there for serious drug issues. Music, I smoked. We was like, I smoked a blunt and other people like I poured drain o into my dick. I leave now I'll always what curious this, because you started coming at such a young. One thousand eight hundred and seventeen seventeen. I started improv when I was seventeen and then stand up when I was nineteen. What was the moment where you're like I'm actually good at this, like this, is going to be my career. It was probably will, when I went to re, have I had it clean up and my grades were such garbage, and so I was I need an easy air sounds like automatic feeder. Am, I bet that's an easier so took feeder, and then the teacher was like you're really good and only get our school play and I played a comedic role and
the crowd was laughing and using a bow. They the do everything it was so hard to keep her attention. I just remember that moment that that kind of power of an entire auditorium of high school kids and they were losing their minds laughing and I was like oh shit, and so what I did was basically replaced knowledge.
What I was doing so I was like oh and I just got that high from that, and I became addicted to that. Essentially so then I start doing improv and then after high school, my grades are still so. I was like I'll. Try stand up, and so I tried stand up and that was it was insane and I became fully addicted to fully addicted to it. I just threw my entire life, and I slept in my car. I drove cross country- did any gigs I could. I just was so focused and dialed in and it just took over my life. I also read somewhere where you were not discouraged, but the people you're doing stand up around in the 90s were like it's. It's the stand up booms over there's no money in this, and I feel like that's kind of similar to right now where people are trying to make Weatherby podcast or whatever it may be their own content like what was the thing that kept you going when everyone's telling you dude this is not a livelihood like you can't do this anymore.
I mean it was really the love of doing it. I mean that the cop rights I came up here and that time dust really loved doing you know I was that good, that's what the driving force was. I mean it. I didn't have the grandiose I'm now is hoping it would lead to something. You know, obviously, being an actor and doing bigger things, but if it was it so hard explain. Stand I don't know, I don't have a pike s. I don't have any of that type of stuff, but you know anything. You really believe in are passionate about. If you, if you do that- and success comes that's great, but I mean if, if you are fulfilled, doing what you love, you can't really put a price on it So you were really good at stand up and it was pretty clear that you were get out of you enjoy that you were talented and then you try to make the transition into acting via stage actor. Luckily, I had acted before that, so I had already done theatre,
He done all they always plays and done all this stuff, so annoying dear improv, and then I did stand of sustainable. The last thing that I had done. Me and my buddy, who are my best friends in high school, the same as Colton Dunn and he's on the show superstore on NBC, so he blew up to and then we used to make videos all the time and high school and we would make sketches and I'll do all the shit. So I already had so much of development of skill set once I'd gotten into stand up. So the transition into acting itself. Wasn't that difficult for me right, yeah, like a baseline there. Already I get it when you're. When you were writing your stand material when you're performing it. What was it they got? You addicted was it hearing laughs and the audience or was it like a moment that you would write something any would make yourself laughing you be like ok, this is funny I like this. It was kind of both I mean when Europe, when you have a great sat instead of its decision
nothing like it, and especially when you're not known- and you know you don't- have a fan base and you just make fucking three hundred random people. Laugh, you know it's just it's it's just a feeling, that's insane there's nothing like it, and and once you get older and start doing or stuff you appreciate, you know you asked about a million tv shows a drop films of shot. You know X Y, see all that stuff, but should be able to write a joke. Go on stage that night and get an immediate reaction is ridiculous. You know, there's no produces only tell you what to do it as everything I felt funny. Does that it's the most pure organic thing ever and something that you don't comics. We always have the outlet in minutes what, when people going over there, you know some of you that soldier,
a good, accurate cycle, yeah well fuck. You like its debts, is different. Skill set a means to be able to make somebody lap on stages so unique and price a town, I'm always curious when it comes to creative people, when you have something that is hilarious and objectively hilarious, but maybe doesn't get critical claim. Does that ever discouraged We would all like obvious. Grandma's boy is a hilarious movie. It it wasn't a blockbuster movie, Reno nine on one is in my my one of the funniest shows ever they didn't get like the just deserve of being like holy shit. This show is insanely funny. Does it ever discourage you when it's not the cross? Over, like transcendent everyone loves it. Oh, you mean, like the Movie Bucky Larsen, that idea that guy you grow son on raw intimate.
I didn't say that I was goes a pixels, but we could go a Bucky Larsson, what you ve done, such funny stuff, but sometimes it's not like No, it's it's a we now. I know you are a hundred percent lawyer says yeah, I mean it's discouraging by. At the end of the day you go, you know you did your best and thought I mean the thing, that's hard, it's when you do something and it doesn't get the critical acclaim or or box office success that allows you to keep doing stuff. So people will be like hey. We love grandma's boy, How come you didn't do any more movies like that? That's like one, nobody saw it, so it doesn't allow you to keep going so you know it's. That's the only tricky part mean the final product is the final product. Whatever happens happens when we were making grandma's boy, I remember very distinctly. This movie is going to bomb This does not make any money. I just knew it, but I knew was hilarious. Yeah Simum
came out. I was like our kind there like a tanks, and am I gonna shit Amy? How do you market a movie like that, and I was like when this hits dvd. This is gonna fuckin explode because everybody will find it necessarily what happened I met. They said they gave me some number back today. What it made on DVD thousand was like fucking, like Avatar MRS Lepage, its yellows guy. What other heads of block buster said? It was one of their most stolen movies them. Why that makes sense, an idea that to come across his like. I was I'm a huge fan and no shows that grimace. While another, though I knew what do you say to yourself, and we do not want, like I didn't say anything We don't I'm on. One should be watched like democracy, the office, but pretty closely. It should be work. We watch like that. It was that phone yeah rhinos fuck it amazing they avenues he's a real out. You are not on it, though. By another new season,
Clearly I bet yet scooby. So I read that you gotta call when you ran away from Adam Sandler. I don't have. It was from directly from the same man himself was from his people, but when you gotta go was a k wants to talk to you wants to meet up talk about some projects. You can work on you nervous going to that meeting or were you like it? Had you heard already that Adam Salaries, the nicest person planet earth? I had never heard anything bad about, and it was one of those things my manager called me, and it was pretty surreal to the point where I didn't even think it was real.
I couldn't put my brain running and remain so. There were like. I want to sit down shit shit. She had seen my first comedy special uncommonly central, so I just went in and then just shot. The show without me- and I was in a was obviously a fan when the clouds I started. A New York was one of his home. Clubs will be a common ground just from that area, but I yeah it's just. I just talked to him like a regular. Do you now and he's a such a normal guys? That's why we ve always hit it off his cause. At the end of the day, we're not ass halls, Elsa like just guys talking shop, and then he was like. We have this script, grandma's boy because he knew I was a writer I written the movie Malibu most wanted was the first sweetly I had done and he was like when you look at the script and make it radar and crazy. It was abroad. Peachy, thirteen, romantic comedy, that's a groundless boy was, and he goes me
talking and saying right yourself in the movie. Whatever part you want and just make an insane when I was like I and then I sat down on Culver and went over a draft and he was like yeah fuck yeah right. Did you write the the scene where the guy accidentally nuts, on the way that walks in the bathroom I care remember if I wrote that, because I feel that's a really easy way. If someone is like have got the script. Can we punch it up? We just need to push her over the edge and making it are. It's like yeah you're, going to nut accidentally on your friends bomb. I care about that was mine or not, but I did bring. And like all the robot guy and a monkey and lyin another race, car bad, and I mean almost all the dialogue in the road, a guy was the trickiest. I conceive that whole character and people like what is it s, like he's like thinks, he's a robot, so he goes into like it like a split personality,
I put the FARC, and so I was the only one who knew how to do it. When we were, I did the same actors. We would see who would understand what it was and then I would have to be no kind of culture and we like now at ethos and then goes back to talk in rural roads. Crazies I feel like Elon Musk is not far. Where from their character right now. You wrote Elon Musk into existence. Yeah I created them. You created, I found they should have Tesla. Ah, everyone's got check out the wrong Missy may thirteenth out on Netflix. We I have one last question. I think you will you probably heard about it already clear. You are really very good friends with with the sand man, I don't have you noticed what we call the salmon cause, we're good friends with him or are you what which schedule look like her, you open to being pitched movie, yeah, ok, there's a diver choice. You had no choice, you have no choice of remedies,
This way, you know how King Lear Garden by Shakespeare during the evening during the plague leaders come back back, come back about Adam Sandler, David, so from their all in it. No later pay the word of God. We ve been hearing all ill or Dan Patrick they're, all in it. Signed on usually attach a tool for grace loosely attach it's about a dog sled dog that has a boner He gets lost in the words and he uses its called boner dogs, and have you any? He uses the trail from his boner to get back like a Hansel and Gretel meets rude off the red. Those ranger type situation he's does boner and the irony is he can't fuck he's neutered, but he has a boner, so everyone makes one of em all you look at your little red lipstick on run. We were, but it's actually owner. Cause is new cut. His balls off here, also we they certainly other powers. Can you put his bones early? This can't work, couldn't figure out a way to get the dogs heed to give consent to each other. It
crazy is he's a really good. Wrestler and he loves wrestling, but nobody will wrestle with him. Cuz obviously he's got this boner all the time, so they don't play with him and it's really sad, but then it turns out that he saves the entire. What do you call a many of the pack of dog Patty saves the entire package of dogs because of the bone and drag the snow. We have the jury, will feral Adam Sandler leave a trail dragging its. Yeah right, it's Gretel meets rude off the Red Nose reindeer zero seen, whereas boner gets frostbiting, they might have to cut it off. During their counters room, rejection should not now it's nor gave a thin David sprayed us a warm up with his mouth and save a yes. He gives mouth to mouth about where we ve actually given away a lot of parts, including Adam Sandler, to be the producer. We I don't think I've bought. Am I on the other we ve given away the part, the the voice of the boner. We Not you could be you be greater boys of honor also have you ever been atoms boss in a project?
I know not. Where would you like to be able to fund it? You can be his boss, you be executive producer, he's Jaipur fund Agar around it, but you get to be his boss. We would have to play some real shenanigans judge trick and doing all we ve already got your early if Doktor Museum, Hemming, cagey or both at a sedative uncut gems, doesn't when an Oscar get nominees gonna make the worst movie ever well. We came along we're like hey dude, we got it bottlenecks, opportunity, meat preparations, perfect moment in time together. Also, it's ok gonna, be an animated short and were doing all the voice overs on the island that they made fire fast on its growth bomb, yeah, there's a little side treatise drug. Right at the end. So is this a yes that we can put your name on the poster? Yes or crackdown done? I think that's the first,
don't Zack! I brought you up on using the United told us that there in, for us too, their name, and the already is other than we forgot to put Zaka runs name on the postern when we made the initial Rebecca decided the hitching this movie for last three years, trying to get people to firmly commit so that we can attach them to its do. Go up the ladder. I see. I see how this place who's next on your left, while thou but I ask you so discreet this opportunity we have for you. If you can now and to more people die in it, then you get a cut of their salary to her and then, if they find two more, people here to our aim, is friends get them attached and then we will give you producing credit. Ok, I'm intrigue perfect. You done You're, in also met- I just don't- know, I'm and applaud Bucky licence about his euro per cent. They project. That is a glaring example.
Project that I love, I think it's fucking amazing and I gather worst reviews ever people them of his socks. Like you see any like now, not like what you can't to save our eyes. Stand by that movie. Sawyer equality gets a hard, are emerging. It's like hard artists. Are it's pretty hard? all right. If I go watch, but you I tell you, I go watch peculiar certain reviewed on Ryan tomatoes and let's see if we can get it up to one percent, yeah Obi nice. Thank you, guess, perfect, and now I thought we were walking football season. It'll happened. Yes, yes, I Nick. Thank you. So much really appreciate ever go watch the wrong meciar. Netflix thanks. Yeah she's got to talk to you any that interview Nix Wharton was brought to you by dude wipes and the dude brand and general the dude from dude wipes back to save our asses from toilet paper again this time
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Pre order, your dude wiper one thousand today dude products, dot com, while supplies last and now Koran Butler novel, something pleaded different. Ok, we now welcome on MBA champion a fourteen year. Career is Chrome, Butler, a k, tough juice. You can listen to his podcast, the tough juice podcast Whitcross Butler. Thank you for joy. Us and since its because, since we are living in these weird times, I thought the best place to start. Is I'm curious from your perspective? If you are still lying in the Lee Great now and Adam Silver CALL. Japan, said Heyward
go, live in a bubble or live in a hotel and play the rest. The season would you do it? Would you leave your family? I mean when you look at the observation. You could take two perspectives from it or even watchful prospectus, but the waited I look at it is that the they're they're gonna go to all the due diligence to make sure that everyone is safe so to be in a bubble, but to be doing something that you love and no everybody's antsy to get back to some. Since a normal, so I will, I will be open to it and then you up the also got to look at the financial situation. One is safe and is a healthy environment as great to be unable to forfeit that time. With me, a family at the were coming off fifty fifty days and count being with them
and a controlled environment I mean, I think, is like the yen and the Yang like us, give take situation. It is something that you have to be open to sell your pack. Ass is called tuft use its unique your nickname. It's a great nickname that nickname ass tough juice. Is I mean it's unique, a kind people know hey. This is not a gotta be fucked with. How did you get the nickname, tough juice, I so crazy Bureau, because in the course of my career always play to injuries in you know whatever linger in shit, that was happening a boy and I remember one time. I think that I was supposed to be out for three or five weeks or whatever woody injury I showed the shoe around in war and walking through and Coach Eddie joined with washed wizards at the time he was like you player and I'll. Let you plan to use. I thought you were out like a baby, my tough mother fucking, it s. The name is kind of stock from various eleven
of tubes circlet. Any joint gave me the name- and I know, was real when a plan and again both the boss, Celtics, the big three reality appear scant regard it ass. He was, I answered, you used a file KGB light answer. You say it has got to stop It was a household names ballistic. Would I like it yeah those wizards teams? They were. There were a couple user where they are actually sneaky good, like really VON team and you guys hasn't battles against the Cavaliers Leon and Leubronn Square in the play off. There actually think that, if, if you and Gilbert were both healthy in two thousand seven that could have been the year, they took him out of the play off by going up against him when he was, I guess what was your rookie year. I guess his his second year. Was there something about him in the playoffs when you're going up against when you're like this guy is going to truly be great he's going to fulfill? You know everything that people have written about. Yeah, you know abroad, us great question. People always say,
You know it whatever the case, maybe I'm like you're. All I knew is that whatever it is, he had it and we like to use the term as professional athletes. You know cuz, if you, if you make it to that level of being a professional after everybody's light off made you special, but we were all special, but he was different and he was part of that different cloth and Lebron was just. I remember the first time I made it. Maybe the moment is too big should aspire to sub? There was not the case he just ass. It had become so you, our schemes bear every year. The first year replaiting is still like fucking make my ass. We found out that he can really. This then, the second year of why I make score. We found out figure really score. It was. I I make them do all the other things like force into his left hand forces he did at will
so we found out that he was a complete basketball player and I think, a lot of people in association. He put a lot of people notice because he's a hell of a talent show feels wizards team. You were front row for the famous Gilbert Arenas gun instant. Would you say that was the overreaction of of the like the century? How would you classify that initially. I spoke on the gun incidents and you know, and it was, it was a misfortune, the situation for one to bar. I said it also Gilbert as well, and you know when I found out how a pathway worst brother Gilbert and what what what it did to him. You know from his career stand, for I told him you know me personally, I wasn't going to speak on this shift. No more! I was like being this knows your story to tell you know what I don't feel comfortable with you not comfortable summer.
Sperian. You know Syrian it out there, so you so agreed upon you know leaving it alone. Let him tell the story the way he soon cease bit image of ours, and you know let them tell their truth. One day you know, but it was meant it was decided to grant fortunate that whatever people have should happen. Any life I'm here talking to you, because I got a second chance right, I'm hosted in shows up. Don't some magnificent things in my life because somebody said you know what this shit Eddie did before you know he paid is that a society must give him a fresh start and hold them some boy. You know we remember Gilbert, as you know, the great island which he was because when you talk about basketball, prolific scored, you cannot tell a story Basque while without mentioning ages zero. So I hope that a glorified will boarded when his hat. That's it s a great point, its great lesson learned I'll, give you eat.
Your question. Some little different was last time you had some mountain do that? No more road lay our no cure full blown act where I was full blown addict man with the Mount Dude Bro. I gotta do like withdrawals with seriously You will understand why I say leader, like just in my locker? coal is broken. No doubt the Ricky Hazy, like ISIS interviews I buy now give me twenty, draws air, fullest laws and about booted about do. I guess we'll get him out. Do and watch me score twenty, about evaluating mountain. Do you ever clock like code red? live. Wire was always just straight on mountain. Do straight up, I do like that shut the article. Although the issue of the regular
How do did it for me? I don't know why was it like a mascot, but it was some shit because bro I was. I was a mountain dew addict and I had some of my best season drinking that What's the hurry later, flavour called mountain, do tuft use yeah? Would you drink a full leader before you played a game, wrote so sometimes our dream, like half a leader, if I had to leader, Obregon F way right and it I'll have like the boys equipment guy, bring the mild do, engage array cuts because it looks like catering go out. I will have them half cups in a straw back of the bench third quarter, curves ban mowing do no cranks. Fourth quarter CUP bail out do give buckets, underscores it s tat, you d to actually be graded. Your entire career, these be graded on a curve like let's at a couple, more all started.
Another title cause you're fucking, drinkings cat carbonated bubbles, while you're playing a game. Like a kid I mean I drive around do before we did a three point contests and I only got a hundred points so, like a dog has an effect on you, you mentioned something interesting right there you, which I will go out and get me some mound, do also bring me twenty straws. You had a straw, diction long time used to just you used to go through what twenty straws game easy isolate. I get a good fight for this shit like that embryos are finally for jewish draws. Its life is part of one of the weirdest bans in sports history. I cannot have a strong about and read the last start, jewish browsers, because you know my apartment grandfather he's. A fixed cars is always up to pig in his mouth and salt seal wanna to pig in his mouth fixing car another day. I'm ok! I can't leave the two big, but a strong and hot you'd also attitude it a little bit in us our plan with something
I thought I was his ball and it is like a help me what my merce it like the I have no desire to go to court and you don't ask my best gaze into this. China became utilise all scores, athletes nobody's or you may entertainers. Anybody walked like you get a routine and you stick to your ritual and I had a routine were were, must draw. We're must shot amount due where it is indeed not went out, and I put it work at straws, arduous straws, Angeles user difference like if you had a powerpoint straws, do Mcdonald straw slap different and a burger King STAR Windy, throw em and battles process different, like I felt like like the seven eleven ends or the big groups in burking straws in August. I like the texture, was different like they had like. It was like a flavor like some of the convention like tasted yeah like his light.
It almost feel like is toxic like you, but you feel yourself. If you join all over it, I got my taste parameters, different wire, a taste for why? Yes, a likeness Somalia, the straw say, wait almost killed me sore use you're off straws in off mountain do asked are still too straws here near I, e mails, gotta have a vice Ah, I grew that is windy. Straws there too, big to too wide anaemic downstairs. Just look cool. They look. They ve got that red line. Yellow lie on it. Yes said, that's a champagne of straw, yet this might be a random question because you pride, I get asked a lot, but it's my favorite clip. Did I use all the time it's the famous Jim Calhoun I fucked up. Rant when he said that we, like I fucking, love this guy for life anymore. I loved him
way beforehand, but I fucking love that clip so much the I fucked up. I took Chrome butler tobacco before they're, not bad You also sought to equip us it very. Such a G Loya jirga, disagree Where light he kept straight up and down like this, but you wouldn't lie used by look. I also thought me for ticket grab a loser. Lottery ticket back over like over apply that is, I like a good awry goals of former team. In my life. I go away like a caparisons was just differ in ITALY, the elder player, but Kaboom care. He cared for him for the selections that he may like. They walked away with chapping issues because it addresses. You know a lead, aids and biggest titles, and you know we had lucrative careers and stuff like that. So shut up joke our whole for standards Browning, jack and whatever held a report was that, as requested able, I lie
that I love it ran so much. What was it like? The recruiting process, when Jim Calhoun came to visit you and said I want you, come to Yukon yeah. It was. It was crazy because I was not come already committed to UNLV committed to unity. My prep school coach MAX good and Bill Bayno at joining forces forces there and before my my prep year at empty, I oppressed who go to less so immediately. People thought because he was my coach couch out, following which I was an outsider. I about the signed a letter attain firmly committed and jumped out. Ok, I gotta tell no one ever asked is Jill Council came to
he came to the hood like he came out to Racine we're like I got into a lot of shit at and he sat down and talked to my family and I'm going to tell you the decision. Wasn't even my no more like my grandma and my mom she's, like your ass for him, I like him like he's what you need and that's where you going and I bought into it, because before all the social media stuff esp plus Stores Connecticut Bristol now was the hot for basketball. So would have whatever you did on the cap is a u cant dash. It was be seen on at national level, so I saw Richard habits in us, our daddy Marshall reality of what you want to be part of that fact. The court also keeping yeah De Las Vegas you grandma, was probably like Yahoo. I would run They have to go on living in Connecticut and lived down on safety at sea over the fire? Yes, Yes, if you go to Yukon I've, always
about about playing in the biggest hermit, because at times I know this. This seems like a wild take, but the incidentally terming can feel almost anticlimactic if you're a huge big ease fan and you watch a great big ease tournament. Was it too to get back up and into get your energy going after plain all those games in Madison Square Garden and then turning round and having to play again in a bigger term later so crazy us great cause whereas thank you. Thank you. I will tell you what is like people out here know what I'm talking about. If Turkey is playing like these club teams or the traveller circuit like a u basketballs, just that you may go to a city respectfully for a weekend right, you may arrive here on a Friday, you gotta
late night games to play and then you're playing back to back to back to back to back every hour and a half to two hours, you're playing basketball game. So that's good about the three or four games a day, so we got accustomed to being a custom. So, like the Big EAST was like just you know, shit. We were creatures of habit. We got accustomed to that flow and it didn't bother us and then, when you try to pay for its idle me, whether your body heard or whatever the case may be, all you see is what you go is in which, as I said, we will hold a Bishop protestant mission in MR that all that you know battlemented the biggest. I know you got a girl. Could you get some you gotta host, but I have one last question for you: what happened with the hair? on tv. Viewed it uses, didn't, learn your lesson from Carlos Boozer. You showed up one day tv with fake hair. Bell
that's my guy, but he painted issue. Yet I know you you. I don't know what you put you astroturf yours. So there was Doin it studios. I don't know a lot of people ass. They liked earnestly you're like a huge fan and they had a heart of your grand he'll security. Allow these guys a grand here was doing a video. A commercial rather with I think feeler and he was planning, is its farmers is younger cells, so they put the box on no do but the high time- and I thought I was like she is ill. I was I l, cracked, his my did at the meeting
but peaceful, a bull in Albania, where an issue that you are not wear, that old tell a bit about watch it prior. Just the day before I had a complete all he yes, this is why I was so crazy, so I called my wife ass it turtle celebrate as they watch me on Ebay, television, optical lot. She she turns on law, be old here, so I hear that she is went viral quick people's like ill. What is going to address my real here right here, this ok, some people go robot shit yeah I just kept growing like achieve paddock had grown in one day. A whole areas picture that actually make sense. That explanation makes perfect sense. Did she like it? I wish you like what the fuck is on your head combination about what the fuck, what kind of coping with agriculture you ok abided would like. I did it just for that.
Get a reaction to see what people really watch it out like damn like lobby was watching, show it if they wasn't. They start watching, because this food is pop. That was dim here, yeah yeah. I know you gotta go. Do you have to go? I think you do yeah. Do you? Ok? I owe this been so awesome. Take so much crown really appreciate the time man- and I was do this again- most most heavily grown got loose gave man. I gotta give you also more talk of hosting Aviate virtual round table bandwidth offered about massive aspiration people behind bars. You know the covert outbreak. So it's a lot of stuff happens. You know something passionate about our because I was incarcerated. I've got family members is still in its struggle. Right now and clearly on out, you know, a lot of people are not can forget about the resources. Were people behind bars, argon resources that they need
What has brought a brain awareness? Did it at last spring ass, awesome, good luck with that, yeah hope helpful on people, thinking that reshape cement, that interview with Crime Butler was brought you by simply safe. All the uncertainty in this world feeling safe at home has never been more important. So I want to talk to guys, but simply safe home security, their long time, friends, Parma, take and for good reason, simply safe made it easy to finally get comprehensive protection for home. There's no technician. No sales person needs a common disrupt your house. You dont, need to pay any outrageous monthly fees or sign up to your contract. You just order online. Set it up yourself and under an hour and your home is protected. Twenty four seven with emergency dispatch for break ins, fire and more all for suggested, since today and were not the only fans simply safe. U s new! Who's in world report name simply safe, the best overall home security for twenty two There is no outrageous multi fees, the monthly fees.
Some of the other guys, can be super expensive. You don't have those it simply safe, need decided to your contract ordered online. You set it up yourself in. Now, when you had to simply saved that calm, slash, p m t, that's s! I m p. L, I ass a f p dot com. Slash p m t my losers, get free shipping and sixty day risk free trial, simply safety com. Slash p m t make sure that they know that our show sent knew from simply safe and all this year wishing you safety and, most importantly, good Ok, let's get some segments. First up, we have embraced the bait them we're dormouse flush, more embraced the bait. What was the actual debate we're going to have? this came from mark on Twitter can spurred this in our brains. Here. Is that what has a greater impact on wanting to play that sport? The last stand? makes you wanna go shoot hoops watch. The masters makes you to go outside and hid gospels. So let's do
Stu an all encompassing embrace debate amongst all sports when you watch a certain sport on tv which is the one that makes you want to go out and then play that sport, welders, there's there's a couple things here too, because I think all agree, no matter what, if you watch a sport, you immediately wanna go play video game that therefore on like when the World CUP happens, I play people without doubt yeah. I was actually going to say like watching. The World CUP makes me want to go out and just kick a soccer ball, but I do want to play for easy number one for me, snow football makes you want to go outside and place, no football. That's a good and I would say my number one would be March. Madness always makes you wanna go play hopes or whenever March Van Ness, when you get like the upsets. Those four days seeing basketball in your face and, like you know guys maybe not the greatest, because not the NBA you're, like fuck, I wanna, go play some hopes and an relive. You know: thou PO and all this shit when also because the
the first day after that weakened. You know it's a Monday, so you and me as you know, there's no basketball and now you're going to through withdrawal. So you might as well just invited bodies at your shoe. It's something about March managed makes basketball more romantic. So you just wanna go plant, but are you hang you got one a golf? Is that the number you do. Is it masters because for me, I'm more likely to go to the driving range after the Ryder CUP anytime? I want offered. Isn't that often so if feminist take an hour and wash golf like you. Can you better believe the next twenty four hours on? Probably thinking about tat and play golf, although in New York I don't wanna, take a trading or put off no now a snake. You want is Wimbledon tennis. Now they are I will go watch it, but I wouldn't want go watch in a cellar replay. It I've, gotTA, Wimbledon, I'll go to Wimbledon we're going at go I'll, go to. Maybe I go to New York and deregulated chicken in in the coke. What I bet you out force for Wimbledon be screaming, yet I would love Wimbledon, eight or strawberries and cream dressing.
White defiling get a second. My sad is India. We, that is the word. I'd be the outfit for me to wear to supporting a bastard stain from the from the soft pretzel right away. I'm not they himself. They probably don't have soft brown, since they probably much the gray Pontiac icy dieting muster. Did you see that club of spite ball led? The fork is pointing out that I haven't point by point two years: I've been thinking about Skype or what so? That's that's a prime example like, since I saw that clip I've been like damn like. I wish I could go on play spiteful sneaky one bowling. If you see any bowling you're like damn, I forgot how much fun bowling is cuz, it's also not hard, so it made it hard, but it's not hard to play it. So I When you see boy you're like amicable darts. Tv is the same way. Artsy up pool bill, Words on tv makes you wanna go to the table. I suck so bad a poor. I just that's one of those ones or I don't even try
home run toward the problem with pool is, if your average, I pull you actually sock running, because if anyone spends any time on a table, their amazing you look like a company. Feel like you're wasting everybody's time. It's rare though, like darts, I love shuffle board. You're playing both bubble hockey, like all these type of things you can play at a bar, but the minute someone like you want to play some pool. I was like I'll sit out August. I'd, say the the number one sport that makes people be like man out. You know what I'm gonna try that port and then they never get around doing. It is curling curling everywhere, because I'm gonna get into curling always had ever did come up. Yeah yeah, then he realizes nerds, like all fuckin PETE, Are the sewer, mouthwash, more mouth, more of cars, mouthwash more of cars, we ready Edie. I right party right off the bat Peaty cruiser yup Peter it's easy bad cigar, really bad card Michael Scott drives one which is very, very funny. It's pretty bitch, ok,
go. I actually thought so I tell you gotta go pity cruiser or this one and this one has had too bad admirations the we is it. Is it fuck? Now I can remember the name is in receipt of. Oh, it is the fog or the beetle which Is it the bug the buck to bad admirations one it was? large car to when they brought about Can it was like this cause? I know it's not. I think no one is the beetle. The old one is the bar. Whatever the fuck in Kabul TOP Volkswagen, our eyes lit member had a big come up in like early two. Thousands up and people were buying it like this is so cool, had a flower pot and yes lane. I was on my way to small. I would need a there's something back. There's something kind of cool about the old punch bodies, the Hitler ones. Not one! The younger over.
Ah, one I'll go with a theatre. Okay and my number two I will go with its one- very specific: staying like the most generic muddling mustangs Dell, Alba, like the I guess, I gotta, find it note, not Mustang dodged charger, Oh ok presents go that's good quality charter that not I A similar car combing out, so I can't paid on that, I think out. Joy driving it, but I think it's just more when I see people driving them, I use don't like you, you ve driven, are seen a fear Ok I'll! Go with my next one I'll go with the original homer when they, the hummer out and it was the ultimate small, Dick Energy car because if you ve ever been an original homer, literally were the original hummers, they were not comfortable cars, they were terrible cars, gas guzzlers. All that shit and you basically just bought one
to tell everyone that your bad ass, which actually means you're not about yeah. It was a tactical that you get his old driving around four to eight miles per gallon. If you're lucky, here's a phantom bout comers, if you see a military homer, that's parked in a city they don't actually have ignition keys just get in one drive away: that's Gus, yeah, Sweden, steel and the adult her brow. Saying that you have the original hummers, though that was another early, two thousands. When the hummer came out, and people like yours, I sit. I met the age too, is I I know, there's been whatever the hummers, the hummers and as cars, that people by catch is put down his homer The aim is for the aged three on here: cassettes like debate, a beta version of homer, the aged three my wife compromise and said that I can buy a human right and this, but this is the one I can partly the complex, but Second, one is gonna, be the Pontiac Aztec Can I remembered from breaking bad economy to cool? Is wall scar yeah? Did it ah
say this, it didn't make it less cool scholar drove at some time. He had a pretty it already wasn't cool. It didn't have a negative effect. Yeah when you he'd Reno that guy there was furnished you Jesse yeah, that's the coolest supply a cool, I got stuck his never look better than when it was used in vehicle or manslaughter. Yes, my third is going to be. Go with the disappears in old play nineteen. Ninety eight toiler previous during the electric yeah, before they made a cooler. Come on. Man help the world out. Now you can never made it look cool. I I'll go. We, the Nissan, cube those cars or. It is pretty bad car actual cube Why would anyone body weight? Is that the weather had the Hampshire's in Germany running round him and letters ass may be seen? Is busy save thing? It's the though we
his car that you, like I'm gonna, go, spend my hard earned money on this. Yet the Nissan Cube was somehow a worse looking version of that silent. You yeah, just a terrible car. My last too, I will go with Subaru in general, what makes a Soongoora Subaru judges in general, the address like all over black cars as well as they were understand like it's like I just never eyes away. Before you understand financial. Stop you're, just like looking at cards like Subaru Black does a black are yet black we're about the back when it was the australian guy was in advertising using Siberia back. It was first book, play wagon wheel, the song. What makes a super Subaru is banger thousand regional thing, Europe as our commercials, but it slaps women don't talk to reserve regional suit soup I've got a nice come up, though I feel like they had a bad rap put it maybe
Maybe I don't haven't seen super in a long time. I don't know, I think it's because you're just becoming a family guy and you like Subaru's, saints row, yeah yeah, like a Volvo how to drive a Volvo when they were fifteen years old, but yet scored out a couple. Kids. You like I do this. It's true like I understand what you will have it in this day and age. When I was a kid I was like, while the why the fuck would you Should, I feel, like a subaru comes with a dog. I gathered edge it s like some. Moderately dirty border container. Amsterdam, anonymous very, like my family members, probably having like two out of three these cars of names, Everyone have remarked on a subaru. Actually Washington State Wash, if they are on a huge card watching state, my last one and not less unless you live on the beach or doing like offloading on a fairly like average based. Oh hey should have a drought g bring you're gonna get dragged for that. You should have a jeep wrangler counterpoint like
Jeep wrangler, not going off roading tires and like it. Maybe you played lacrosse in high school You wanna put so you want to add ass, tired on the back that says, if you can read this flip me over and then you go to cheap camp You spend five thousand dollars on That tells you how to refugee cheap rang though, of your driven, a energy brain or at the top downs. Pretty awesome in the summer they're nice. So if you live in a b town by area that element in all of those things are people people buy them and they use it like a jeep brain Refugee, Purringly Massachusetts, it's nice like what ten times twenty times a year, you're going off road like you're, not doing Getting that use out of it that you need to Jeeves, rang it for a status symbol. I agree with you in this cheap ring. These are the most volatile car, because when it's nice, There are actually is Nannie, but any better car like there's no card rather be in in eighty five beautiful debt. But
You had a g bring or New York. Yet when that happened, it's also a lot of responsibility have to wave at somebody everytime, you pass men, they haven't jeeps all of us. Also, the soft on a family friendly, zip everything up yet yeah. I know someone who has one: they have two fucking, it's it's it's like ten hours just to get the car. The rogues or zipping. All this random shit. If you get caught out, an array of honesty is still win just coming right. Your fate is still the best way to tell like your girlfriend's dad. If your dad- and you see your girlfriends, different pull up in a jeep wrangler, you're, not letting her go on that day. Yet know your basically saying: hey your Dodge come suck. My dick was cheap wrangler. It's ok! I mean a finger banger to Dave, Matthew City hope, that's cool! You, like my poor necklace, hum my last one, this very specific, but it makes me so mad. Don't even if they run these anymore, but the war car in the world is enterprise. Pick me up card, that's wrapped in a fucking wrapping paper, practical. It drives me knots how why
because it's a present ya, no it's coming packages Miguel, I hate that car enterprise or with the rapid paper. We do here a car, you gotta have you gonna. If you got a car a play car four year for your son or even a rapid up he's come back here go here. You got two has struck one hundred percent, Would you rather have, though, in my eyes up car defiling to have those little like. I never had power wheels kid. I'm gonna get em all that showers. Sofa he's gonna have every reason to like a card. She had the worst part of our power. Wheels was going over to your friends house that had power wheels in your taking, we play power wheels. These ignored sick of power. We I'm just like I'm, not sick power, we'll stay at my friends with this is one of those. You know how you know you live by carefully to your children. I am going to live. I carefully through my son with power, real love, it we're gonna model where you everything, probably the jeep, literally every the g power will was fucking off, I'm gonna be the drill tweet my finances hundred dollars on tv. Three hundred dollars on food. Ten,
thousand dollars on power resources within a J Leno power wheels. My last pic is gonna, be this is tricky, I'm going for Ranger Ford regime cars and it's not it's the tiny, tiny little Ford, pickup truck. Ok, Ford, Ranger, tutor, two nor for Ranger The only thing I would say is eight a truck yeah. I pick up. Trucks in general seem very impractical because you just then have to help everyone right, if you're, the guy, who s to help everyone at home. Deep, that's the thing about afford. Ranger! I could see it if you're getting us. Bravo mid you're, getting an F one, fifty if you're getting a bigger truck, The ranger is good for nothing except helping your friends move exactly yeah yeah. If you drive a ranger you're telling me, I don't have friends, I'm looking played so badly that I will do your choice for yeah, no,
That are what are we miss. I actually thought of this when I write down, but it just pop my head: sobs suck sobs trash. Here's your basically buying a car- that's like you can't get this fixed anywhere. You have to go to the foreign auto shop, sob bad ob sock. I would add Gmos GEO Tracker, the Bosnia Miata. They dude if you're gonna buy a car like a sport car just go all the way. Mercedes suvs like way for over. If you get it breaks, Alan, it shows up, as one was big Mercedes. Yet Oh you know like those one eye for not just that a Honda Civic with spoilers hundreds of yeah we I oilers be like, took my race cards like dude. It's a homicide! I got my racing sees. I've got my seat belt that has the pad on the middle of it. L e g under Hatch, whatever the fuck its colleagues, Ninety second car mufflers, all the white Jeddah, the drug dealer car to those swag
car. That's a drug. You a garden like a high school drug dealers, lack that to me Jerry. Just your girlfriend, scar, yeah. Or a drug dealer Highschool like hey. This is an expensive, but it's got a nice, but it's not expensive. Any I'll wheat. I would actually say that probably thirty three percent of part, my take listeners have either date The girl, the drives agenda are bought marijuana for somebody to transact fat. I wasn't good marijuana, you know any chopped it super lifted, that's douche bag, small, dick energy. The Dodge dart is bad one. Two and I dont noise. Nightrobe, Dodge DART, o member, the Amigo oh yeah, the assuming you go, I think, can actually might be cork. Aren't you may go and sidekick me Go Amigo. That was the course of those who, like many many Eddie, go Amigo, it's fun. For a fortnight. Hybrid power. We suvs yeah, those things amigos. I gotta find me
Now. What about Toyota? Yours? I just hate the name, Your yours, the treaty. See it's that makes you want to throw our erika their driving it down a fuckin stairs me go me go me this course from ninety ninety eight. These guys look like this The seventies, doughnuts on the beach. Is that Does your letter, I might be, free gasoline actually go of me they'll? Do they look like power wheels? You put your back pocket let's finish up guys on chicks. We did a lot of awesome interviews today. So we got some great interviews coming up. Hank doesn't show us a friend got a dm for feet. Pics. How much does she charge I guess you get all your browser. Milosevic's convertibles you, like convertibles
you know I convertibles you'll, like mustangs, that really hurt you you'll, like Mercedes Suvs, our right at Pft's heart. Doesn't look like rats vice versa. Mustang thing started your you'll like rap music, videos swim here for me, how much you charge for fixed, I think yesterday start high to like five hundred and see if he says in their neighbours, has now ok, I just wanna hear as real price just wanted check it out. Young farmers are checked out, so my feet picks all the end. If you're rich, if you're rich in your into feed, pixel, absolutely shall at five hundred any tricks. Listening to this, they want some gross ass toes and a big toe. That is way too far. Apart from the rest of the toes hit me up, one of my big toes is tat dead. I've got ones like: u turn and purple. I got hit a boy, that's a dad thing to get. Having one stop you, when I am gone, fucked up Tom, Hagen, gotta L, fifty and Enrique my older boy
their twenty two that my younger brother, eighteen, that he'll be able to dump for the younger one has a threesome for reference. On five nine and the other is a virgin. I think they're will happen. Wire so rationally, confident we're holds given the age twenty two and eighty twenty two threesome eighteen don No twenty two dogmas, yachting threesome results virgin eighteens version. Twenty two's pardner actually think two three who's gonna happen because there are a lot of weirdos it go to college. And they have a threesome whether Buddy Yannick, thereby the girl. No one said what the ratio exactly I mean he does a circle jerk, you could argue down. Liveries plays Ookie cookie threesome. Also if he's just in the room when his roommates fucking ingredients off get us so I was just going to be in the room if you gotta you gotta, come to, you also have to come here. I know you do all. Three parties highly recommended now, while the girls not gonna, come right,
well to abolish. You looks over. He sees the guy has taken an orgasm. Yes, you can take an orgasm, hey, big, happy of tea and healthy Hank. I've been dating. My boyfriend for over a year now We are extremely close, as you are all well aware: quarantine has taken torn us it. My boy from this kind of new aid. Cope gambling on the weather is no secret. These game on sport in the past and I'm never said anything about it but his obsession with the weather is getting out of hand. Here every morning and watch the weather channel, whilst areas laptop as the day goes on her free, we shout and screamed the sun clouds rain anything every which are broken up. He insisted I have normal speed because I never had a prominent betting on sports. What do I do? I don't know what the problem is here. I don't think that you have to say anything to, I think he's found up productive hobby he's learning about science. He ike. I fail to see the issue I also, though, can I just throw this out there and you guys so me from crazy. I'm nervous
that the longer sports are gone? The the trickier it's gonna be to reintroduce into our lives in terms of partners. That's that's Valjean, sir! I'm very concerned because establishing a new normal right. My normal everyday is just watching sports. Every single night, no sports games or on If we go long enough, that's why I too mix in a full day of just watching horse racing on sand. Will it also is a kind of keep to keep the training wheels. MIKE, oh yeah, you arduous just to generally bearing on this or that from nine until midnight. You also play sports honour of inheriting a good progress here good, so people need what it's about a schedule. Anything it's about rescheduling, think so just block out sometime from seven to ten o clock every night and just like watching old sporting event. Dvr, just right sports on a piece of paper tape it to the television and just stare out for
yeah, so essentially just try to your best to ignore you're in it could go both ways. Maybe your husband doesn't like sports. Whenever partner doesn't like sports, try to just ignore them for three hours a day to get them pray Who is your favorite car dashing? Why rob? Because they fuckin kicked him they that he couldn't fit in the suit in France before the wedding and he just flew all. Is China Black one? No, no! Ok, black China! No hurt them. Same has to Courtney Yulka Corti, because you know what courtiers like fuck it I'm cool how are you don't have to became our group tabled here? Really is without arms like music and non fact, because our shameful that's fucked up is to reject out no knows got some blood, no Swat team. My man lives for the. I will try harder to Morrow speech.
I do men love false promises. We need insight Olivia that's our entire life is yet from its future. Us just tell me why you know telling yourself tomorrow. Diet starts tomorrow, that's really what it comes down to. You just keep telling yourself. Two miles can be the day that I change everything about myself, that I've done for my entire life and become a better person It's great about telling somebody else that you're gonna do better. Tomorrow. Is Europe Europe taking positive outlook and if they say! That's what you told me yesterday and guess what you why, You doubting me for tomorrow. Why do you not believe me now it's your problem right and now you have your knowledge as you're, nay. I now actually not as you are having cleaned up the bathroom and seven months, I'm gonna do it tomorrow, yet mom going be the cleanest person in the world. I last question for tonight. When you p, do you take your balls out or keep them inside boyfriend takes his balls out and I think it's totally unnecessary. The internet has an attentive fifty put so I'd love to hear your takes.
Usually no applied supply. He's, got see, what's going on other guess what it with his dick. You gotta do little yeah it's gonna take and when I think my balls out yet take inventory, What's going on, I didn't I it's so reflexive. I didn't know. If I did not, I just do a little scoop sky when Paul. Now I never go through the zipper with it, Never you never put the balls through the gate. They might not ever come back hold on, if it's a waistband, sometimes a pull down below the balls, sometimes just drop all the way to the ground. He I think I scooping Paul every time you pull your balls us no incited up on over do enough, and over and over the waistband. Yeah yeah, I'm saying like through the teeth of the zipper. Few willingly, pull them through That's the gate of Thermopylae right there. That's like two: three hundred waiting disappeared nuts, the second they go through those teeth. Yeah poem up, I don't know those weird telling us not where to set fire to fit, is ok,
I'm in the fifty part, I will see every one Friday. Let me guess you pull you're nuts through the zipper, no,
today became available three, better to be safe.
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