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NL MVP Christian Yelich, NBA Playoffs, S8E3 Game Of Thrones Recap

2019-04-29 | 🔗

NFL Draft recap, Josh Rosen traded, and John Elway got himself a tall quarterback (2:29 - 11:51). NBA Playoffs, Hank is thinking 18, Big Cat has a theory that the Warriors are only playing the Warriors and he's rooting for the Warriors plus Kawhi is amazing (11:15 - 24:06). Who's back of the week including Coachella and a new made up festival (24:06 - 36:44). NL MVP Christian Yelich joins the show with teammate Travis Shaw, talking about how hot he's been since last All Star Game, being in the zone, and why he shouldn't do the HR Derby so we don't have to eat each other's asses (36:44 - 76:25). Spoilers (no actual avenger spoilers) for LeSean McCoy, Talking Soccer, Monday Reading Sober Free Bars are the new rage, the dumbest Game of Thrones recap (starts at 97:33). 

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