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OAR The Band, Playoffs, + Game Of Thrones Predictions

2019-04-19 | 🔗

The NFL Schedule has been released and even though its the dumbest thing in the world we break down the schedule and the things we're looking forward to. (2:18-9:44) Is PFT worried about the Caps? (9:45-18:44) The NBA Playoffs need a rule change. Fyre Fests of the week including Jeff Fisher being a coach for 10 minutes Thursday. (18:45-26:40) OAR joins the show and talks about being everyone's favorite band in the late 90's, selling out MSG, their new album, and all the dumb questions we've ever wondered about life on the road. (29:43-1:06:21) Segments include PR 101 for Gronk,(1:09:42-1:13:16) Real Men of Genius for Blake Griffin, (1:13:17-1:15:14) Sabermetrics, (1:15:15-1:17:18) Thoughts and Prayers the Lightning died, (1:17:19-1:19:28) FAQ's (1:19:29-1:14:14) and Game of Thrones predictions. (1:14:15-1:27:21) 

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On today's part of my take. We have the band a are you probably know them, you probably play beer pong to their tunes, an interesting. Interview that was a little different than what we normally do. We ask them all the dumb questions. You'd love to ask a touring band really You guys odds any guys who were like yeah, we've been in a band for twenty years, there's nothing cooler than that. So we have that interview. We have the NFL schedule release. We have our personal fire fast of the week. We have faqs Xan be some game of throne theories thrown in there before we get all that, it's time to talk about the the card from the cash app the number one finance app in the app store for real in the cash card, is most powerful debit card in the world and the only debit. With
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it boosted, download the cash app from the app store or Google play and order the cash card today, you're not an award winning lister, unless you do so go download it now. Okay, let's go electric avenue
by the cash app today is Friday April 19th and the NFL schedule has been released. Football is back It is very back I was saying earlier today. They need to make that show even longer. I need to be like four five. Six, a pay per view view it. The dumbest thing in the world to go through the schedule and pick wins and losses knowing that the NFL first, we haven't done the draft. Second of all, there's going to be injuries and third, the most important the NFL is a week to week league fucking knows who's going to be good who's going to be bad, so to do that experiment. That exercise is so stupid, and with that said, I fucking love it and I love doing the schedule.
picking wins and losses over and over and over for every team yeah I have five big part in my take aways from the schedule is one here: okay, okay, yeah! I got a few too. So first of all, the box got the Tampa Bay buccaneers. They are away from home for like two months in a row yeah you're, taking like a semester off they're going to away games by week, London, two more games. That's a lot of probation officers that Jameis Winston has to notify. So let me add to eighteen thousand miles. They they have to travel between weeks four and week nine. I also did All studying of the schedule in the Tampa Bay Bucs have to play for big cats. This
isn't that the most in the NFL they have to play the Panthers twice, I think they play the jaguars in the lions. How birds do they have to play? That's I don't know about the. I don't know about the birds. I got some bird stats for you, but you go on with your second one, I'll, throw in I'll sprinkle in some bird stats. Ok, my second stat that I'm going to take away from this is the NFL was like. Oh you like the browns. Well, how 'bout you smoke an entire carton of browns, because we're going to give you all the fucking browns you can handle this year and it's going to suck if they so they have. They have back to back prime time games where it's the patriots and the Rams and if they lose both those two games, that can actually be like a killer of your season right there and those are two hard games to win to get started with. But the fact that they're in prime time means that losses in those situations will mean a lot more
will be more deflating to brown, so be careful what you wish for Cleveland fans 'cause. They gave you your prime time games, but it turns out that they're all against really good teams yep. That is very true. The NFL always goes like a little overzealous for one of these teams feel like last year, we had the vikings on a bunch of primetime games after they went to the NFC championship. Game sign, Kirk cousins The browns also shot out Louis Riddick for picking sixteen and now now is it's a bold pick, but for him to pick sixteen, no on ESPN in front of the nation, my hat's off to you, man, you are a bold man, yeah! No, you can't still second with her foot on first, I think that was in like Ricky the year, one of those movies, but it remains true to this day. My third is: this: is the year that the Patriots dynasty is officially over. This is the end. This is the end has got to be the end. This is the end. I can sort of okay. Okay, so did you see
schedule. It's pretty easy. I know they have like later teen in three year. They have to play. Josh Allen twice: you know how him that's true, maybe four times if the jets take Kentucky Josh Allen. That's true, speak speaking of the AFC East. The dolphins have to play their first four games against playoff teams. I'm gonna do a related r. I p to fits magic. I don't even know if it's about just can get off the ground this year fits magic is good. That's the magic fits magic, you're already counted out. This is what you're doing the thing that everybody else does. Every I expected more id big cat. I expected you to know that the second you count fits magic out is a second. He surprises you. It's called the neck. It's called the neck, I'm just getting the most fits magic out of him. There's no way that they win a game. They're gonna go on for Damn fits magic's dent your peers, not even that good Ryan yeah you get a beer gut because you've been drinking too much. You been eating too much
earth day cake by the way, just as a side, Ryan Fitzpatrick is in a total it. I don't care mode he's on his like billion team. He knows that he'll go out there or throw one game. Four hundred and fifty yards in the next game, five interceptions and nothing tells you that more than him coming to trick to o t a's and be like yeah, I'm pretty fat. I've been eating birthday cake and his beard. Let me just say the beard is going to look very just in that Miami humidity, I haven't even really set. thought about that, but I'm going to start doing that periodically until game. It's just like think about how bushy that thing's going going to be all number for will real quick. I want to add to your point about birthday cake. It's a miracle that him and Phillip rivers aren't fat as shit with all the birthday celebrations. They have to have all the chuck e cheese pizza dinners they have to go to for the kids. It's true, that's a good point Number four is titans. Jags color rush third Thursday,
right as the leaves are starting to change in nature, we're going to get to see those mustard uniforms. Hopefully the titans like I don't even know how to describe it. It's like split blue on the Titans Jersey, so spleen blue against, like baby mustard. That's always a real treat to watch. Yes, that's I'm very and for that game. If they don't give us color rush, we riot absolutely not or five is teams got too cute with their schedule releases online, oh embrace debate. I actually thought a few of them were unbelievable. The Panthers, by far one it they just dipped right into that, like twenty five to forty year old nostalgia with all the video games, I liked the game of thrones one someone had to do it, and I also really really liked the cardinals one where they just pretend it. Josh Rosen wasn't on the team, even though they drafted him tenth overall last year
the only one I kind of liked was. I think it was the chargers that just use like stock video images of all there, but overall the teams got too cute with it, like whatever happened to just writing your schedule in a brick and throwing it through Peter kings window. Yes yeah. I listen. I think this. This was the year where it's going to be good next year, when they see the reaction that people had to the Panthers and the Falcons, and the chargers next year is going to suck they're going to go away overboard. It's going to be terrible, but this was the last year we can enjoy it because it kind of snuck up on people like the Panthers did something that was unique, cool and fun, and if there's ever a lesson to be had it's when something unique cool and fun on the internet, it will get ruined within a matter of hours. Yeah! No, that's that's totally fair. I I think that there were a couple decent ones, but yeah you're. Actually right is going to be driven into the ground next year for sure our I, sixth and final one I'll add on is the bears, have six prime time games and that scares the fuck out of me. Yet so I'm going to say, that's true
So that's a lot of time, a lot of time in front of the nation for people to make jokes and it's like there will always be in the back of my head, even though the bears are good. Six prime time games, one of 'em is Thanksgiving game way too many yeah and one of them is what is it the second Monday night Football game is against the Redskins third week third week, three, okay, so we're going to do a mirrors bet for that one, but take some consolation in the fact that the r word something like one in one hundred and nineteen in prime. I'm game since two thousand, so we have a worse. Then the french Army, you guys, are good. Yes, yes, alright, right so gone from the NFL schedule release we gotta couple things I gotta do before the fire fest. The first is the Washington capitals losing two to one against. The hurricanes of the series is now two two: has the panic button been taken out and are you hovering your hand over it? No, no! I'm not worried, because the series
start until visiting team wins the game and so far it's just been to a two at home. So. at a three game series and people laughed at me when I, when I made my first production as a caption to they said you have to your many act, it's not possible to seven game series, guess what it's a three game series now, so it is possible for the caps to win in two games. I am Barry, I'm not going to say the w word, but I am concerned about Tj Oshie because he's going to be out for the rest of the series, if not the rest of the Stanley CUP Playoffs, because of that dirty play, he got to the boards broke his collarbone separated or something like that? Something stupid like that, and so hopefully yeah, I'm not I'm not going to say his name, I'm not going to dignify the transgressor, mostly because I don't know it, but I'm still not going to say it, but it was a dirty play is bad hit. He should be out. I have I have a mic grinbergs dumb rule about that, because they only gave the dude a two minute penalty. It should have been five, but in the
seven agree. Just penalty like that, the team that got the penalty committed against them should be allowed to put their enforcer in the penalty box almost like a reverse seven minutes in Heaven type thing so, like you put Tom Wilson in the penalty box with the dude and just let him go to town it for two minutes. So if you can survive two minutes of getting jumped in by Tom Wilson, then yeah you serve your time for the penalty. Ok, so I'm happy! You brought that up because my question and Hank and I are in Welch West Virginia. We barely have WI fi. We have no cell phone reception, so I didn't see the game. my question: is where was Tom Wilson, the dreaded enforcer for the Washington capitals? Your rule sounds like a great rule, but it also sounds like a little too too little too late, because Tom Wilson wasn't doing his job as the enforcer. If people are taking cheap shots at TJ, Oshie Home, that's almost have to go, take a cheap shot at the whole entire L like he's been doing for the last five years or does not take all shot and no- and everyone knows I think everyone knows the capitals can be had now. That's not true! So
What do you want to listen to like just float inside the blood of everybody else's beating up in the past like a precog and know when someone is going to take a shot at one of their star players and beat them up ahead of time? Is that we were saying? That's actually fair. That's actually, probably perfectly listened. I can admit when I've been bested in a debate, and I think that you made a really good point there that I can't refute I'm good credit yeah yeah of Tom Wilson should be hovering over everyone and when they go and try to take it to cheap shot at Tj Oshie there, like Tom Wilson little like cartoon bubble, should pop up in their head, and he just be sitting there. Dikembe Mutombo fingering and like don't do that, but guess what Tom Wilson has been neutered he's been you act he's like varies little little game of thrones straight up there of the NHL. He doesn't take cheap shots anymore, the capital's. are, dare I say it soft? Do we have to wonder? No, do we have to wonder whether or not just been out in force on his own team by Alexander Ovett, skin, oh It's only enforcer well he's in, for
of teenage kids yeah. Exactly I mean you need your afraid of Callie teens, who love to hang out to do with Alexander just to beat the shit out of anybody wants to see and with a one in front of their number their age. Yes, exactly so not worried. I really am not worried. This is sincere because it's a three game series, like I said we got to at the old barn the capital one center. You know the nice nostalgic place there next to Chinatown and we of a Gipper to win one. For so now, we've got a cause to rally around which is Tj Oshie. So we're going to be playing with we're be skating with little emotion. That's what's going to happen and it listen. It's the Carolina hurricanes. The moment is too big for them, this
experience the washing capitals, our story, winning hockey franchise. Okay, all we do is win Stanley cups. I think that we're gonna be able to handle a three game series against the Carolina Hurricanes. Okay, all right you're, not worried. The other thing we have to talk about. We have talked with the NBA playoffs round one. It feels like everything is just coming to form. We obviously had the roaches of LA clippers and that's that's doc, Rivers term, not my term, at least in the la steam. I had that thrilling win on whatever night it was Monday night, but other than that. It feels like everything is kind of fall into place. Our magic fell
to the raptors, the the Sixers kind of found their footing up up to the the Celtics are up to also feels like everything just going as planned. The only thing I want to throw out there MIKE Greenberg's, dumb rules. I think there should be a rule in all of sports, so not even basketball, but in a playoff series, if a team wins by a certain amount and we can figure whatever that amount is maybe in hockey at six goals in a game, maybe in baseball they ten run rule in basketball if they
beat him by thirty five plus the series is automatically over right there, which is fast forward, and we save everybody at the time. Yeah yeah. If you get beat by thirty five points, it's just the kill switch it's in it would make blowouts exciting, because teams would be having to try really hard in game. One 'cause they're like we, don't want this series to end and I feel like that would be great for the NBA playoffs 'cause. You have games like the boxer killing the pistons, I feel like the Rockets, even though they didn't win by thirty, that game James Harden was on fire. They have dominated the jazz and it's like a lot of these games. We just need to move on. We just get to the good stuff, maybe go nine game series in the next round of the good teams. I like that. Conversely, I would say that if, let's say five out of the first six games all end within three points, then it becomes a nine game series. Yup yup I like That's it over supposed to be like this progressive forward thinking, commissioner, and if
wants to really. If you want this league to take over like he wants it too, like I think he wants it too. He should actually look into giving fans more of the games that they want. Most of the games they don't like customer is always right at him. I like that the having it in baseball would be exciting because you basically would get like in one game. You have to bring in your game two starter: to try to stop a rally. 'cause you're, like we, don't want this series to end another. Just little add on rule. If the takeaway from a game was someone farting on the on the bench and everyone covering up their nose like it was for the Sixers tonight, you also get illuminated because basically that means you're losing so bad that the camera is just going to show that, and that will be the story of this,
here is that there are two concerned they're more concerned with farts in who smelt it dealt it then the actual game at hand. You know that Joey Crawford saw that and he was like fuck. Why did I ever think about farting on the spurs? Yes, that would have that would have been an ultimate Crawford move right there. I could have given TIM Duncan pinkeye yeah. That would be something Adam Silver. I think he I wouldn't put it past him to have an option of just like putting it out on a twitter poll, like hey, hey, hey triples, which series would you like to see me extent because he is, he is so in love with Twitter Adams over Would to twitter bird? Yes, yeah! It's not that that's not the logo anymore
It isn't just changed it, which is almost over I'm silver kidnapped in his fucking. His basement right now. Well, I was going to say Jack, probably changed it 'cause. He was like losing his mind. 'cause he only eats dinner and doesn't eat on the weekends. What is it now speaking of firefights? I think it just changes like a blue box. Ok, so let's go to our fire fest of the week. So wait it just changes to a blue box and we confirm that myself possible. Alright, they might have tested it and they didn't Another thing they would definitely do just test it out and then be like everyone riots and like haha, just kidding guys it was just a joke. We tested out with only seven million people and we found out that no one liked it literally no one liked it, so we won't roll it out. I love. I love how committed jacket, ruining twitter yeah. Yes, it is like every decision that he's ever made has actually made it worse. It's been pretty fun to watch I'm looking at right. Now, it's literally blew Lock box, it's just a blue box and so Twitter says
Wttr. Maybe he just wants people to get really horny and have them think of I ghagra. Let's get rid of all the valve. That's his big idea. He spent seven day is tripping on ayawaska and subsisting on just like nectar, an water and his big takeaway from that in Mian, MAR wherever the fuck he was was, let's get rid of all the vowels in the bird? Yes, alright, let's do our personal fire festival week. Pft wants you start? Ok, I actually have a couple personal personal firefest here, my first one, what's that which I don't like your Coachella you're, just doing three weekends: no model season for you, you're bouncing around yeah. My fire fest is actually turned into your fire fast, because I have too many of them correct that didn't take long. Okay, my first one is that weed is too good. My my first personal firefest is weed just hot.
So, as I mentioned on Wednesday, so I'm going to be doing a live stream on Sacramento on Saturday with the hard factor boys from the cannabis cup. I think it's like three to four Pacific. Seven, no wait at seven hundred and thirty to eight hundred and thirty pm Eastern do the math. If you're, not in that time zone, I'm I'm still coming down from Hong Kong, but my fire fest that we just do good. I don't like smoking, really good weed. I think really good weed has gotten so good, that it sucks you're you're sure I got you like the like the ground up not like to see. I don't like to see like only a rare. No, no I got you know. I like I like nice kind. Blood like a decent k b is what I'm about, and I don't we don't smoke too much of it. But if you give me something that you that you've like cultivate, you like check out the red hairs running through the red fibers, give birth to the orange
crystals, you can see it. It's actually like very it's a segment of an Afghanistan strand, I'm like no. I don't want to smoke that because I feel like I'm on the moon, and I don't want to be on the moon. I want to be like in the clouds. Is that too much to ask just for exam just normal, decent average? We you want to smoke a joint, a meds and then get a head It can then have to fall asleep, so the headache goes away. Yeah you next time I get home yes, next time I get some kush, some white rice. So some dank shit I'm going to make sure that you don't get any of yeah, I'm a pass on that. I'm a preemptive pass pure Nard Lee. No, I listen. I don't like getting there. a cake, you're inferring. All these weird things I just like average we'd. I I think that there's a lot of us out there in the silence in the silent majority that have kind of like going along with the flow of like that, the the cultivation process of weed and like the modernization of of marijuana and cannabis throughout the like.
Last twenty years and I think that were sick of it. I think we're just like hey. I just want to get like a little bit baked and watch a movie and not forget what happened three minutes ago in the movie that I'm watching that maybe you're just smoking wrong. That sounds I mean. Maybe it's just all the Cbd or smoking you supposed to swallow right, yeah, exactly exactly what your next one. My next fire fest of the week is Cardi B, not responding to my tweets, because it wasn't me that was tweeting. Her we mean she's, my girl. So if I tweeted tweeted, she probably would respond. I doubt I doubt that highly I gave a really nice compliment yesterday said that I wanted her to kill me in a really funny way should respond to it and I've been torn up about it all day. Basically, so it's. It's kind of says I can relate to you on this fire firefest, because we made this choice. It's kind of at the same time to stay unverified and while it's cool to be the bad boys of twitter
sometimes when you want to like we did someone, and you know that they check their verified mentions the right! So that's one thing Carty be, would definitely respond to me if I, if I wanted to if I wanted to, I don't want to, but if I want I mean I literally gave away my blue check mark, I said, take it back to order and they did yeah? Well? So if you know what I'll hit her up for you, ok, I think no, no, at the you know, yeah I got you, I got you bro. I got you I'll be wingmen for your. Is that it you got another one yeah. I had a couple more, but you guys can. Just I don't think you go my for my personal fire fence. I got a few as well the first one last week that I could say was a game of thrones thing. We went over that yeah. I forgot, I was going to say: ok, so this is being like now, the worst segment we've ever done. I hate come here. We switch to MEDS bro yeah I'll pick up
here and I'll go with Jason, La Canfora FIA or whatever the fuck. His name is saying that the Jeff Fisher was going to be the Houston, Xfl coach and then Jeff Fisher, going on Twitter, using an emoji, very cool by Jeff and saying there's a really, no truth to it. So I had about three hours today, where I thought Jeff Fisher got a job. As everyone knows, I have been village ently going after Jeff Fisher's next coaching job trying to get him a job anywhere, so I thought it was mission accomplished. I was big George George W Bush, with a big mission to accomplish that my thumb up and I was like we did it guys. We got him and then of course,
turns out to be not true, so that was my fire fast yeah. I think this is a big stab in the back to the city Houston for for making a move to Nashville a long time. I think yes Jeff Jeff Fisher is he knows how to play the game. He's a very politically savvy. Dude he's basically like. What's his name? Are the dude in in not game of Thrones House of cards yeah. They got canceled Kevin, Spacey yep, it sure is the Francis Underwood of heard football. And he said: where is he he's been on all sides, yeah yeah yeah, just the guy that got canceled. We don't even know if he ever in a movie. He's he's been waiting for the last three years to stick it to somebody and Houston was that was the on lucky recipient of Jeff Fishers wrath? Yes, all right! My last fire, fast
quick. I've been on the road. A lot do you know. What's the worst is having to take a shit in a toilet, and you don't know the flush levels having to take that chance where you're like this is in a low flush. Is it high flush? Is it you know two wipe flush toilet? What you never know. You know like the rhythm of your own personal toilet. You know exactly what you can do, what you can't do it like a very deep relationship that you have with your toilet, to go somewhere else and trying to figure it out. It's fucking terrible. It's like it's like base, if you were married for fifty years and you got to go on a first date, a blind date you're like what kind of what I do here yeah. I always play the game where I get I I'll flush way too early on a new toilet, just to make sure I can get the first part out. The second part out. I got flushed three. times on a toilet. If I'm not playing a home game, and it's Just for that reason that you mentioned like in in hotel room water conservation,
matter, I'm hitting the the. If it's a if I the option to the number one or number two flush after a p, I'm doing the number to flush, I'm flushing and writing down. I believe in the shower on for like hours at a time, I'm forgetting that I turned the water on hot and forget and and stepped out of the bathroom for a while, I'm playing all sorts games of their water bill there. It's actually is a backwards way and I think Hank was about to say, but when we're in Minneapolis, I had to ask the front desk for a plunger three separate times. Did he just say all keep it this time? Who should I tip, though, the one time. It was. The room service is coming to make up the room and I just handed her twenty dollars and I was like I didn't even explain it. I was just like. Oh, my room is ready to be made up and I was like here: can I tip you? I was like halfway through my stay. I wasn't even leaving and then she went and found it and it was like all right now. You know what the twenty dollars were not worth. It yeah asking the front desk for a plunger.
Gonna, be a pretty power move all like do you feel good about yourself and you did it? No. It's like a dog with his tail between his legs are just like. Hey you, kind of look around make sure. No one seeing you like plunger to room two hundred and twenty. Please and then you just walk away and did you have to walk back? stairs without plunger in hand it back. No people, no, I know they send it up. They have someone go. Do it like it brings up in like a room service. Cart with a platter over the saran wraps over it, takes it off he's like here's, her plunger, sir, would you have Hank I was going to have in my personal firefighter was having to go to the bathroom after you before we recorded. Well. Yes, that's your own fault. I told you that I was going in there poop, so yeah we're on the right on the road all right yeah. Let's should we do our interview, yeah. So alright, so we have our band. That's been around for you probably heard of them. We ask them all the dumb questions that you've always wanted to ask a band who's had the highest highs. I don't even think they had a low
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turn you get a sixty day. Risk free trial to order Now- and you have a your home protected within a week- go to simply save doc com, Slash p m t to get started today. That's simply save dot com, Slash p m t be sure to go there, so they know we send simply safe dot com, Slash PMT, okay; here they are the guys from where okay, we now welcome on very so gas they are a little different than our usual gas. It is two members of the band a r I'm gonna start with want to play a little game once you guys pronounce your last names. For me, hello, this smart, I'm Mark Robert Robert, so I was thinking I I don't know how to smoke. Yeah gee. Are you just the p p self. You nailed it. Yes, I shop the Italian Youngstown guy who's like yeah, I box. No, to F you also coached football. There are no football coach, yeah
so two guys from from what we are very thank you very much for coming in. Thank you LISA a little different than our usual interviews, but we want to talk to you guys. You guys been. Do you know part of a band doing music for what twenty twenty plus years? now it's insane. Twenty plus may we started the eighth grade. Talent show hell yeah, and that was it. Did you guys when they they? It was early No winners. It was funny, though you need ok, so you want awful tip. You gotta say you lossed little Michael Jordan didn't make. Our c all right so yeah we lost to this this other band and never made it yeah. It's actually true! You didn't win right, yeah! That's true! I like that we lost to another bin and then make right to remember I. What's on your plate, yeah we played porch by Pro Jim, yeah and uh, a rock version of wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton. There we go. Let's set up a little bit. Exactly is very sexy.
for eighth graders yeah, and I I forgot the words in the middle and start talking about how she so drunk and I got to drive and all that I I've never been drunk or driven. I lost my eighth grade. A talent show too, we played smells like teen spirit. My singer forgot. The words hey ever for and that yeah I was wearing plaid shorts combat boots. I was like I was all in and I'm I'm was. I want to be a better that's what I want yeah yeah so so to twenty plus years, and you guys are still doing it and you're still together, which is insane because I feel like that- never happens in in music and rock and roll and bands how the hell do you guys do I like? How do you stay together? How are you guys not killed each other at this point not count each other that stuff yeah yeah. Honestly, it's we just try to talk stuff out. We don't keep it inside. We just talk to each other about things and work it out, and you know it's a fairly simple thing to do, but you know it works.
Do you hate the most it's clear, I'm not like I'm kind of joking, but like there's a pecking order, yeah right take it down? Let's get we hates me the most at times and that that keeps it moving as one person right, so you know use that he that he moved for most of the tension guys now now I think, look what it is is sometimes you just. We all remind each other. Like hey hey. Do you remember all the all? We who is make songs right right and then no matter what you're bitching, crying about whatever, like yeah yeah. So do this ship together, we just make songs and that's what we do and drive around in buses and planes and ships that takes away any bullshitt really quickly. So if someone is giving you the business, you can eventually get to the point where aren't you happy to be here right, we're in a band yeah. We could be working like jobs that we hate when it at the end of the day. You guys about a pretty successful career for again, so it kills in an awesome, awesome profession. Also, you guys all live in
same city as each other. That's like you know a marriage having separate beds. I guess it could be good. right, it's like a marriage having separate apartments, don't right and it works out famously likes. We each have our own thing got studios each got all that stuff going on. So when you want to work, you can work when you want to you're in town. You want to stop by and have dinner you stop by and have dinner mean everyone's gotten to the point now, where we it's just like a mutual respect thing at all times, and then the second. If that ever slips, that's when you give him the old hey, aren't you happy that we're doing this right? So it's kind of a simple formula. At this point I mean we made complications out of.
Maybe a decade ago, Ed and realize that it's just not worth it. Man was there ever a moment along these years from nineteen. Ninety six till today, two thousand nineteen, where it was like this might like be the end of it. I think you come across that you know there's a lot of times like that. Yeah be honest with you, because it's hard the right office at this tough. You know we grind through it and I think we just keep moving forward and keep grinding and we work it out. Yeah get it done. Yeah. What's the song writing process like for you guys being in different city? Are you guys the two primary songwriters and in the band had in moments where every single person in the band is offered. Something like bands on base could play one little lick like this song. We have laid down and then a song is born with just one little thing, so everyone has that potential to bring it to the table right now. It's working out where one of us or one of the boys will will start an idea, and then everyone takes it on their own and eventually you're. Coming back with, like your best, it's
itself filter that be four years ago, you're in the studio like what about this idea. What about this and every stupid idea? You have you put out and to the group now we all know you when you got some good, bring it yeah and it doesn't get rejected because it's good yeah. Do you guys ever struggle with? I guess twenty years you guys write some really really catchy songs. Do you struggle with like coming up idea and saying hey this, like this chord progression, might be too simple or, like we've used this one before and you like, try to change around a little bit? Maybe it might not work and you like? Do we go back to the simple way or do we change it up with something like a little more? yeah, you know that great like twenty years as a songwriting. At some point you got to be like you know, I can go back to the well really easy. I know what chord progression Oscar.
what melody sounds good right right right. We never do that. I never kinda go backwards. I barely listen to stuff at the second comes out and kind of like IRAN was next and that's not because I don't love it. It's just because I'm I'm driven by walking out in the streets and something hits me I I know you can relate to that. Were you just walking down the street and it A song comes an. I just hear it in my head and I can immediately put it down. I don't sit there and go. I gotta write a hit song today. I've never sat and said. I want to write a hit, an had a hit. It's uh always been seeing some dude drive away from his house real fast going I'm in writing down how many times can I break till I shatter because it just comes. It's the weirdest thing, honestly don't know where it comes from, and I just I've learned how to harness those ideas throw to him and he'll come back with, like a horn section that he just fucking came up with. I don't know
is that mutual respect thing it's like knowing if something is good or not, as you guys, definitely know when something is good or it's, this is not going right, yeah and then also so dumb it down who's. John who's, Paul hello! Well, it's good Chris, I don't know if there is a John Paul, I mean you're. Actually just ring goes right. That's funny! Yeah, the one that uh Are you Rango, Shitaye, probably M ring? If you don't know the near the Ringo right like I like looking at like damn it, that's may have been a song where you're like this is a fucking hit, and then it just hasn't turned into him Yes, we had this song called piece that came out a couple years ago and I'm watching it climb the charts on radio it's on TV is doing all these things theme song and everything, and then you get a phone call from the label and they're like yeah. It's done,
and it's like number fifteen on sorry and they're like well went backwards. Two weeks in a row and and dug in you'll, see in a couple weeks it'll be gone and you're. Thinking like this is pretty going along, pretty well sure ship me and it's just how it goes like in this? It there's. No apology, don't give a shit about you or your feelings when your songs are on the charts like when they they're dead, they're dead, and you just gotta swallow your pride and move on if you're going to dwell on it you're in the wrong business yeah, you know one thing: I love to talk about successful people and people have been doing you know in their in their profession for a long time is there made it moment and I think a lot of times like people ask us that a lot of times and were like actually there's a bunch of am there's a bunch of small ones. So do you guys have a few made it moments where you're like oh shit? This is it only to then have it be. You know, five years later, like oh wait! No, this is it
Thank you awesome still waiting for that moment. That's a good answer. Honestly. It might be right now. You got it right here right now, but, like you as it's a lot, a little moments in things along the way a ours just steadily built, climb, grind got it done, and you know there's been some great highlights. Like the first time, we played the garden the thing that made that great one is sold out fantastic. We didn't really think we're on that trajectory. Quite yet, but all of our friends, all of our family right everybody who helped us along the way get to that point, came to
How many times you played the guard thought three that was very smart, Brady say the first time we played the guard right now yeah. I would point to the star like putting your jersey up in the rafters like Billy Joel. So then I got a funny story about that. I go the garden all the time I'm big rangers fan. I love to hang out in that in that building has been a metals, the MAC hi, the pandemic capitals, but I I just I was a season ticket holder for the capital, so I'm I'm real fan and it yeah I think I've been in a little bit, probably yeah, but I was so yeah. How does it stop and the So my story was the first one was when I saw the the soul, outside on Madison Square Garden. I thought I've made it and then your your brain starts to creep in and go like all. That means we sold out That means this, and then you start you don't appreciate stuff. So then we went to the bowels of it.
next to our dressing room. The second time we played had a picture of us on the wall like next to Jay Z. Next to this guy. Next to this person, unlike we've fuckin' made it rush it I'm on the third time I go back in. pictures gone yeah. It's like no matter what you do. The three steps forward to says, but yeah just gotta keep growing. That's great yeah! I mean that's a perfect way to put it to, because it's like you every time you feel like you made it your some yeah someone's going to knock your knee out. Yeah yeah. Do you guys support urban Meyer? Both Ohio state guys loaded question? I think yeah careful careful it good point but I really enjoyed the I you don't have to actually have set off by. I think the mayor of Cologne is. Are you guys do you guys are the real question is? Are you guys still like Big Buckeye fans? Yeah? Absolutely I actually. I live in Columbus yeah. So you know it's really it live. You know, live sleep, brief, Buckeyes,
it's great for the community, everyone loves it. Do you think your coach? Again, I mean is that he does the fake, I think coach, again, yeah yeah yeah Notre Dame yeah. I know memory, you I'm sure he's got a they'll pay him antidote to go somewhere and I'm sure he's got a couple circle. Yeah he's going to spend like six months, pretending he likes doing the tv thing and then ok, actually I hate being a person. I want to just get back to being a coach where I don't have to tell have to have emotions, but you got anger. It mean you guys own own Michigan. Now I was that we were at the game this year. That was a fucking asking. It's awesome yeah. I love that. I love that rivalry between We play these events, you know and you play around the stadium. During that weekend, an at Ohio State were driving through our own crowd and they're launching full beer cans at our bus, launching full beer cans at our entire stage. I'm getting hit with you
like I go to school. You know I went to school here. They have are all yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, it's like it's! The couches are on fire. Every five hundred feet allows the because harden they got married mills real. I don't want to go back real quick. So when I first started you guys, I'm probably like a lot of kids out there. First order, you guys, when I got to college, so you guys were able to Chiva levels of success without really much radio support right. how your? How did that happen, because I feel like most bands, the the like either make a bands. They go the traditional way. You know they come up on the on the radio yeah. You know, I think we got pretty lucky with the file sharing. Napster. Are you did you leave on your lungs like that hey? This is crazy in poker by sublime and get a lot of leeway, downloader leading label anything other people. Do we have one out there called gin and juice that wasn't even us right and we were labeling on it and it spread like crazy or should spread,
so fast. We just knew as a business minded folks like we got to follow this up and we created a system where we would go to the largest amount of downloads and large and we would fucking go there and put on shows and they were getting bigger and bigger and It was every major college in America, so I think what it was just like. Look we're going to get in the bus and go and that's the difference. I think that's what really made it's like. You could sit back and watch the success and all these things and be like wow. This is really, but we just got in a bus and went what's the one venue you want to play. The haven't played yet good question
thanks appreciate the Roman Colosseum concluded that twice the first time we've laid there actually played red on Red Rocks Helpline Valor Teen times that's been our number one alpine was greater tornado. Hopson tornado came through alpine, we're playing with Dave, Matthews Band and went to write about the bus. Why would happen? That's the Stevie Ray Vaughn crash thanks learn your exit that are the the buddy Holly one yeah I mean there's you know like there's also an ex what I don't. I don't take it okay, so more of a small small plane on time, interesting once in a blue moon once when you gotta get several Is there a difference playing in the altitude yeah? yeah yeah yeah red rocks, do we got oxygen tanks behind the stage player songs like a little bit faster 'cause of thing
because you get hey, I mean. Look you get a little up at red rocks, but if you listen to the tapes at the end of every single show, I'm like saying like that. I mean because you have one or two drinks and goes a long way. Yeah I'd like to have a couple couple cocktails during shows. So when you're at altitude, you don't realize it, that's that's where it goes yeah and it's pretty fun Okay, so I had some like dumb questions that I've always wanted to ask a band, so you can just stop me if they're really dumb shooting on the tour bus, never never, okay, good we don't do we do tort, we do buses every out and we have the same room. Never never know, okay. So it's good that you, I thought. Maybe you had like a nicer bus where we can do it, but you still around yeah, okay, right, yeah, right right, quick fall to that now. Have you never done it or did you learn that rule by necessity, one of our crew guys? Did it once again the middle of the floor and Golden Gate Bridge right you, member that yet Nick Nicky yeah, so Nicki did had to go. Couldn't wait, bagged it? Okay, we pull into the Warfield in San Francisco.
if you haven't been there to really like where the alleyways really rough yeah, I mean just really rough in there he gets off the bus. He puts the bag down on the street as he's getting the stuff. Guy comes up, run and grab bag takes off running down the street soldiers soldiers lyrics crackheads. Oh my talking I was like I do open that bag was not have rude, awakening, darn, happy hotels. Do you guys get like sweets and stuff? How does that work? So normally would say you get twenty room. for you and the crew and everybody they'll give you a couple one or two suites Ann earlier in our careers that we didn't know that as a band 'cause, we were so young, but our tormentors. We knew that an tour to go by and I'm always at. Why is my room, the shitiest room in this building and he was getting sweets, well yeah road yeah. Would you get like full floors? Hotels, sometimes ever like rutted dirt bike up and down, or anything now
yeah. Ok, alright, so good idea that yeah another good idea like removing the dirt no, but it was recommended to me- and I've heard it talked about a lot, I'm going to check it out Machine gun Kelly's in that you probably should watch it 'cause. You probably feel like less of a man or one of yes, so you guys are trash yeah if you guys ever Trachsel to room just like no, your first we're like I guess this was never allowed to rise. We grew up like we grew up. Respect is all respect, respect or some yeah I I'm not anything yeah, but maybe for future interviews. Trashed ourselves story, yeah trashed ourselves in that that yeah this respect ourselves, but never hotel. What about a free show prayer any like pump up? What? What's it look like in the green room before you go on, we huddle up yeah yeah, we take a moment. Okay, we huddle up usually mark leads it. Okay, usually it's a remember. You know we're in a band or haven't you know. I mean we
right, let's go to roadies involved, not a lot, but just sometimes and roadies is to have a that tells sharks act. This is yeah yeah, yeah hi. This is educated. Okay. Does nineteen and you don't okay, it's as if do it as you guys, you got some like the most chill band of all time is pretty chill. I mean I we we we like to keep things pretty level and you know yeah. What do you do on the bus like video games, chill no video games anymore, a lot of a lot of hanging a lot of walking around Just- and I mean just so. It's like this yeah we've got a big bus trip to gets kind of monotonous. After awhile yeah, yet most the time we're driving at night, so usually finish the gig. You got, you hang a little bit fall asleep you wake up you're there you get off the bus do stuff forgotten on the mic. Yeah
Sioux City and Sioux falls. I was like a Sioux city and everybody was like urine, falls decay and while in it yes because young it's none of that, I was, I don't know- either pretty damn cool yeah yeah I'll? Take it easy yeah they were, they were little pissy about, but I was the F thousands of shows. You only did that one ones on there. Yes, you have it like on your set list written down. We are just all all I she's got to be the upstairs. I can't reach it, I'm up there. If you write something down, I'm I'm going to look at it and I'm not going to read it right and everyone is going to tell I just. I can't have so he notes. How do you remember all the words I don't? I said and we have a teleprompter once in a blue moon for like a cover song and if I'm reading it I'll just suck up even more so make up words. A lot of our songs are made up. Worse, I mean half I game our biggest song. I made up in the studio that day yeah, like I say
So where do you say whole pie? Say? Oh you say: ok! So yes, so that started with, I say of you say: aah hey, I say revolution which are name is of a revolution. You say JA, I lived in Israel? I was in high school, I'm in the Mediterranean, I'm like hanging out, I'm like yeah, and then I get home and I'm like that's not the kind of the life I live right so like I had to keep saying it forever and everyone else says die and I'm like that's cool too. So I honestly let him say whatever they want to say. I kind of am a little bit ambiguous about how I say it So no one really knows what I'm saying now they do yeah yeah, cool. I like that. So that's also another very chill thing you just like the audience is chilling with you. While they sing along yeah again
Can't you know, I sing the lyrics to the songs but they're they're, Interpretada Interpretative, interpreted differently night by night. If I'm feeling a certain way I'll sing up a different person song and now sing that Marley Song, where it's supposed to be our songs, his whatever look you like a master ceremonies like a you like a pitcher in the game, you got to keep that going. You got a long game, it's it's not about each MO. It's you know it's a long dogs are like Wikipedia pages, so there's always are being added, always being added in not always buy me. People can edit this one here. Somebody else sing a song like a little bit different than you, like I'm going to steal that guys idea for my song. We've had guys come out like Talib Quali came out one time it was wrapping up, picked up some things that he was doing. I'm like yeah, I think I'll, take that's good yeah, so you learn last dumb question about being in a band. Do you still get the butterflies nervousness as you walk out and maybe kind of explain what it feels like to be in front of a ton of people, because that's something that you know. Ninety nine point nine percent of the
if he's in a band, so he knows what it feels like yeah, I'm just formed a couple songs. It isn't, and I can just explain if you don't want, but if you like, do you still get it or, as a become a little g, a question jerry? I get jittery for tv, yeah or at least used to just having a camera. In my face, I'm just not very comfortable with that being on stage doesn't bother me one bit never has, and I'm going to say stage is my I'm feel like I'm in control of my whole life for those couple hours such as I know what I'm doing we can get a little weird. I mean the first time we were on Conan or whatever Letterman, yesterday call that shit. I remembered right up until the point that they're like and here's oh, are, and I, I close my eyes and I sang the whole song with my eyes, closed and open him up after and it's like a huge, no, no like a huge. No no, but I couldn't help it. I could not open
The red stage fright right is different man. When you see Conan, staring at you like, and he's a player he's Antar player, yeah. Looking at you you're, judging there's an elderly just like the K we're getting in your face. You have to think at some point like there are a lot of people watching me perform this right now and it's it's. Those are two very different things I think is to perform for a camera and form for an audio cameras. Fuck it all up. For me, man Pft, you know like when you're out there playing in front of thousands of people, you can only observe is actually I was one thousand seven hundred so not eight thousand S, USA, the first three rows anyway. Yeah! That's true. True, very good point, that's a great point. What's on your rider, so we've pared, down over the years I mean right now. It's got a little bit of whiskey and a little bit of water and a shitton. orchard. Fuckin' beer, we got one yeah, one of our dudes loves the fucking angry Orchard, what outsiders, candy yeah
used to go. We went to the candy phase, but now I think we're phasing that out we're really trying to not have too much option too many options. That's probably because once you're up late- and you got a good buzz on it- I mean it is going down wherever there so ice cream is a problem. Yeah! There's a lot of ice you put the random thing on the writer to make sure they're paying attention like, but I, like That's a true story was that yeah I'll be able to do it right on there that says yeah I am in, and around Eminem yeah there's a lot of that going on for us a writer so pared down. At this point we just realized at one point: you pay for that. We used to order yeah. It was good that you are right. Are we used to be like Ex Marlboro lights. Right is this years ago, when everyone smokin was like this this and that and and at the end of the day we realize we're spending on a tour hundred.
of thousands right is on the ship so now we're just like literally water whiskey, jewel spot, yes yeah. Thankfully we miss that'll. I look at this like what are you doing what about when you guys perform. Can you do you elevate your music based on how the crowd is feeling that night? Because I always like to, if you go to a concert, be like YO, we brought it and we brought it out of them, thousand percent hell yeah, one thousand percent, one of my aunts control you, one of my favorite parts of an a our show is that we will take all this time painstaking time to write a set list in the third song and it goes to hell really yeah. We never. I don't think we've ever played a set list, start to finish from what's been written down. Had so we call it. He calls audibles. He feels the vibe. What's going on in the crowd and he'll either call it. You know, look to his left or right and I'll speak into the microphone and tell the boys what's going on next, what tune stuff but yeah we're in the
read in the audience, seeing what's going on in trying to deliver the best show. We cancel because we got like this internal MIKE system to which is fine, because if you're in a big band you know so on stage, you does random microphones everywhere and if you go up to one of when you step on a button. You talk into it, you communicating with all the band guys, maybe some crew, maybe security, a few people here and there. So you could be like check out the ship, that's going on in the road six eight and someone doing something over there. You know there's a lot of that going on during the show keeps it fun we're always talking shit the whole time. It's right. Yeah what about if they, if somebody in the audience yells a suggestion for what's on play next, you guys ever take that. So I got a thing with that might might thing is like if you say it once I now I hear you and I say something like yeah. Maybe we'll do that or I just acknowledge it like don't fucking yell at every single song 'cause, I I get you paid money
take it and that's cool but like when you yell at twelve times, then it's it's just yeah Russia, and that happens all the time with microphones everywhere I hear everything that's going on out there. We have microphones lined up. We hear everything you don't have to yell at a much but the people who are doing it the right kind of way. I'm like yeah will do, will do that because they'll say it in a certain fun way. Like my my friend turned twenty five: can you do something like that? I'm definitely down definitely done, but it's like the the okay, as do the room, has got a l for free bird yep yep fifty times and that's his job yeah, that's his he every bird yeller do that he wasn't there like. He might go on tour in a bus and right that every yeah, you probably in your lands, you guys right, yeah yeah. I hear that guy off to like the second, you step on stage that guy's going to yeah yeah yeah yeah paisa, listen, so listen Mark heard you wasn't this don't ask twice wow: what's you guys have rugs on the on the let's you tatian god I love this car
yeah, the rugs it sound, some vibe but in the end I was assumed to sound that I didn't it is down it. Soaks up, sound okay of liquefied is better. You know you can have you know you we we've played on. You know what wooden stage sounds great too. It's a total different type of sound from the stage, but we take a carpet with us that you roll out right across the deck and we put all our stuff on top of that. Okay, my favorite thing is: is every day when you see the crew vacuuming, the rug they roll it out in a vacuum. It- and I don't know why that makes me. I love it. Yeah yeah we're back to washing your hands. I heard that Tom Morello before he plays guitar he's a ritual date. I should be like ok now, it's time to sit down and work on my craft. He washes his hands like very thoroughly so that same thing. If you go out there on a dirty carpet every night you're going to
like taking short cuts yourself yeah I bust Listerine like right before the show. I don't know why, but I like, I have to like, have a whole thing with hands. Take a league call home lister it like it's like you're, getting ready for bed. You call home before every show, yeah, that's the top of the hundred percent. I think that's too much that is I'm telling you that's. Probably more syntactic works I'll. Let her know better. Now. I've got a good question here. How many games have beer pong? Do? You think have been one to your music, great great question in a great video idea, yeah for like old, classic footage of people. I don't even know that's uh, good. We maybe the guts of that yeah. I don't think so. Yes, it I, I can't think of a band, maybe maybe Dave Matthews yeah yeah, maybe as a blind yeah. Maybe but yeah that's about a happening at your guy, I'm going to Mount Rushmore peer phone. I would say, probably late, I would say five to seven million yeah back in
can Matthew love that I'd love to find out some sort of the on you know where we land in the history of like beer. song yeah, we just stuff like people getting walked up and having fun like 'cause. That's well, look. We came into this thing. We grew up in Maryland in Virginia day. Matthews was popping off knew it. We could sweet, knew what was going on over there and we we thought, like they're doing that in Virginia. We can do that in Maryland. We used to go to their concerts as a group and get funked up and have a great time with our friends and all that shit that ensues from there, and I said I just want to be. I want to provide that. I want people to come to our shows an party and have fun and if they want to take something serious from the lyric and stuff that comes from here, that's great right and that's really what we're shooting for, but in the end, let's have fun. So we always really wanted that. So the fact that we actually achieve that and bars close down across America, the song
crazy game of poker like an art in our time. That meant a lot to I felt like okay. Well, you know it's not shallow is just like the whole surreal. It's called. We want people to okay, let loose and have a great time right, that's right right I'm sorry, I had one last question speaking of songs, have you guys ever thought of just doing the general by dispatch and just like stealing from him. 'cause I mean it is. I mean yeah, it's a great song that might proceed if we get that that fight going yeah, maybe that's we'll so off before we started taping, we were discussing rough and rowdy. The guys are big fans rough and we thinking of a way to incorporate away are into the next event and having them fight against this patch, for the sizing so generally yeah. Those are the stakes. Yes,
of that and that yeah, so it started as Jerry's a boxer and when we were, we were when the mighty album comes out tomorrow. We were talking about why the title in what promotions we could do. We said rougher, rowdies, almost perfect, to have banned dudes, be the it had to be chastised who doesn't want to see skinny band dudes pummel each other, and they all think they can fight. You know: well, young son, you can fight yeah, he can fight. You can fight the good fight, coaches, factories fighters, young style, yeah, and that's it that's right before he regrets not yeah yeah. I had one last question here: who's the goat band, who of all time ban yeah, yeah, Beatles apple yeah, I would say no great debate, writers. I would say to be. because you can't touch it. The band band like get up there and kick on stage. It's leads up on it's not even close yeah. Do you ever think it's like unfair, because I got to it first, no, no great, like yeah, but like they also had a lot more to work with or
less. They really didn't have much. I mean they had like the giants. Bonham yeah. I guess I mean it's. They invented yeah. I know, but there John Music right. because it had been invented yet right, which is pretty good. I mean I've seen parts like one night in Atlanta, you know, foo fighters is playing in a torrential rainstorm, lightning flight, they don't give a and they play and they go hard. I'm, like that's the greatest band in America tonight, You know. I see this happening over the course of the years and I've seen amazing bands, but Zeppelin I mean so. Have you ever been the greatest band in America We see this all the time we have would like. We play Boston last year and we thought it was a perfect game. We pitched a perfect game, zombie, walk off and we're like with that's been in America and then that's not because we think we're best man in America. It's because you just feel like I just pissed at a really good game yeah. So you do feel that sometimes, but in reality we're just fans of other bands which is we can never even it's like you, don't
say you're better than your favorite band right, your you love your favorite band right. I don't think it's totally different dynamic than sports and sports is like you always have a winner always have a loser. Yeah in music. It's like hate. Anybody can be great on any given night. If you feel like you did a great job. We did and there's a reason why we love sports and and and after athlete, professional athletes, I'm always drawn to hanging out and talking with them, because I think the grind to get there is very similar. So, like a pro hockey player, for instance, I hockey to me is like the greatest sport of all time. Okay is the greatest arena. Sport, easily of all time. So the grind to get there, it's so similar to what you got to do to get into a career mode man you can't just show up and have ten thousand tickets sold. You got to go and play Bumfuk Johnsonville fifty thousand times. You know what I'm saying so it's like. I love sports because of the grind. I love rock and roll because of the grind.
No, I just like anything or someone earns it. I love that damn casting hog, I was just gonna, say out, and I do my wrists and I was killing Kevin last night outside so those guys last night. I'm I'm twenty questions on him about. Do you realize what's happening here. We are all going here like ya know, but you don't know because you're putting in this is your ten thousand hours right. But it's been a decade yeah. It's not. You know yeah you're, right, you're just getting started, but man I'll tell you. I appreciate the grind so Well, that's why we relate to. I love sports for that. Okay. So let's finish this browns record, I assume you're a Browns fan, Browns record. Two thousand and nineteen even a joke in here yesterday or two days ago? He said he said certain form warehouses as well when it's well when well, when it's gonna be my new, like let's get a little cocky, ideally everyone in like ten years combined. If we have it's funny, we were like for out. We know you read You can say thank you Brad celebrating in the streets this year.
the real winner of the Superbowl was the browse the show when I had the free beer right just to yes, but I would like to use you guys a little bit to you as an elf, then then, and then to get Dallas just yet, like I looked at my phone like this. Real yeah: did you see the video that we have got? Who got the cops? Call them because he was screaming so loud as another that road out you know and if they get the neighbor was like there's something going on in the streets like no, they just traded Frodo. It's crazy man and now suddenly they a line of, I don't know, we'll see what happens. Twelves tolls twelve lot twins. Are you a Redskins fan yeah? I mean I grew up going to these games. My earliest memory I know is that is Redskins cowboys, Rk stadium. You know I'm saying so stands bouncing out there just going to say do you could feel the moving That was the heyday I loved it, but I recently been to some games where I'm I'm just not. I mean I'm not. There's no feel No there's! No there's! No soul is that we said yeah, no soul and I hate to say,
I went to a Ravens game where we played on the field. It was awesome, yeah, great ownership. Everyone was cause held us, I'm not dogging the skins, I'm just saying, like the ownership, there's fuct. So no one feels like a part. anything you're going somewhere spending all your money and you're a million miles away from the field. I just don't know so right. Now, I'm a fan of football and I'm at desperately seeking. I've been to Minnesota and the Vikings organization is great yeah, nice stadium, I know digs, went to Maryland and also his brother went to my high school. So there's a lot of love from like for him yeah and wanting him to do great things, and they they were. Talking to bring that watching for five seconds, but that's never gonna happen. Yeah! Well, good news, I'm going to own the Redskins one day so great when I'm team come back. We need you there's a reason that guy's a wall around his house- you know I mean 'cause people just aren't well he's rich I'd built a wall around
I have a mode I'd like an animal like that cameras everywhere at least river. That doubles a small amount, yeah drawbridge, alright, so album out, when March 29th March, 29th tenth album. Ninth, who knows and I doubt ninth ninth studio, album behind studio, album yeah and how many live elements. Have you guys done like four? on top of that in a like compilation, kind of thing, yeah into sixteen live album that such a smart way to do things. It's ok, we're going to play, kick ass, show tonight and then boom. That's also an album. We got so fucking lucky with that we did live from Madison Square Garden. Five hundred am red, rocks, 34th and eighth Dc Ac, slash Dc New York
thirty. Fourth, in a so, we got lucky with the locations the night, everything and it turned into like our first. When we we're an independent label and we started, we became one of the biggest independent labels in the country and it was because of a live album that we recorded in DC right. It went gold and a live album going. Gold is not easy to do that at all. So that put us on the map, so live albums. We basically, oh so much too yeah. You know it's like people actually give a shit to buy alive. I can't believe that is awesome, yeah, that's awesome, yeah, all right, Thank you guys. Thank you. A lot of fun, there's a lot of questions and always ask the run. Great question blew my mind. Vibe! That's a lot, but yeah just survive great question as an employee who I actually never knew why yeah, I would have a rug yeah. We bring a rug into the studio but for the violent bucket know why I got I bought. I just seen like still shots of Incubus. Doing now would be like hey, I'm going to record now. Alright, thanks guys, thank you
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also brought you guys by rough and rowdy ate big cat in Hank Aaron Hotel room. Hank assures me that this hotel room is not giving him the sneeze ease, like the one in Minnesota, did so that's that's great news for the podcast yeah, but I I I'm not allergic to it. Yeah it's I was like. I don't know who we have we're here, though West Virginia rough and rowdy, eight tonight's paper view by it twenty box. It is the most and entertaining twenty dollars. You can spend we're back in West Virginia where roughly rowdy started. We have thirty one fights. We have a heavy weight title of the world. The W b c will have to come and try to unify that belt if they want to claim under feuded, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Hank were your say, but the cat there's no like me and have you there's no main main card- oh yeah, there is a main card there is there. Is we got she's out? There is at my favorite fighter of all time. We got veto the torpedo, the four hundred pound man and then we have Travis Turman verse Thor for the
twenty eight championship of the world and listen, no headgear, always fun in West Virginia going to be punches. Flying going to be entertainment, I'm going to sing the national anthem, it is the best way to send you the night. Do it can I got that? Came Pft, you'll appreciate this there's a guy that came straight from the coal mines to register for the fight. Today I like that. That's great. can I finish with the actual copy of the ad. Are you guys done? You guys done freestyling you basically laugh out loud nonstop commentary from Dave, El Presidente, Portnoy and Dan big CAT cats? plus the insane unpredictable action in the ring go to buy rn dot com to learn how you can watch the fight for free. Oh, that plot twist record scratch. Pft did you say for free? I did, but you have to go to buy r and r dot com to find out how ok, let's get to some segments. First, we have a pr one hundred and one for Gronk Alex just hit another home run by the way I never thought Fuckyou Christian Yelich FA, Q
so far this year I thought this was sucks, so bad as yesterday he didn't hit a home run on my god. Christian yelich sucks now because he didn't hit home runs in one game. Fuckyou Christian I'm putting my microphone down for one second to tweet: oh fuck, you Christian, Yelich, ok I'll cover for you, because I used to like christian knowledge like I thought he did a good job in his apartment. He was a nice guy. He was very fun to talk. To give us good answers. Had a very enlightening conversation, and I thought we were friends, and this is not how friends treat each other he's basically saying
he wants you to get like pinkeye hepatitis. Whatever else you can get from another mens, but he's trying to kill you that's how we got. We should interpret this as Christian Yelich trying to kill big cat via my asshole and you because you also have to do it and also the crows, but so I added enough already to the tweet, but it was just so fuck you Christian Yelich enough. Already we are going to have Christian College. I think in studio next week, so we'll have to hash it out. Then it's also when Pft we're going to put some steroids into his drink. Ok, good yeah, hopefully doesn't listen to this. Did you say that I have to your too yeah? We said we have to each other's and you never put up. You never said like day. No, not me so it sounds like I'm getting tossed in the jackpot. Some well yeah my house is hand tossed into the had pop by you, Sir, hey it's true. It's true. I see
each other's and you didn't say: hey wait a second, so I'm not gonna, be big cats outside of to me, I'm just going based on your guys when I saw this close but whole. No, I'm not. We are the cats. We were each other's and you never said anything you ever scan for you never said like. No, I don't do that. It just kept on going the conversation kept on going. So it was a verbal agreement will be eating, shows. Alright, let's do some sex. I said I would remove the out of crow all right. Not we are one. Oh one for Gronk Gronk has color is video, maybe the most rock video of ever watched he's holding the Lombardi trophy before they go out on to the field at Fenway Park Opening Day and Julian Edelman throws him a pitch, and everyone in the video is like basically, everyone's like we never thought. Gronk would actually take a swing. He blunts tries the bought the baseball with the wheel Marty trophy. It puts a huge huge attempting to it and, as a last, only like ground, glass and honestly now that I'm just saying this out loud, the p r one, a one is, do nothing because that's the most Gronk story.
time it? Is it that's actually how Gronk autographs things? Is you just slightly damages them? That's it! Well, you don't give you don't give a baby to grok to sign right. You can see it coming back right. I think that what the patriots should have done is they should have given him a fake Lombardi then been like drunk here's. Here's the real Lombardi, it's actually just chocolate covered in tinfoil. That looks like the Lombardi trophy. You can't give. You can't give grog an actual expensive piece of jewelry or anything. That's sparkly because he's either going to spike it or he's going to hit it against something right, but spins on that piece of jewelry now is even more valuable because Gronk has a huge dent in it and it's a hilarious story. Yeah
tell you what just give just drill a hole in the middle of it and give it to Brock and say hey? This is a straw and the grog just gets to go around for the rest of his life drinking giant peers through the Lombardi trophy yeah. All right, we're gonna give this one another try the first time we tried it not so great this time. I think it's gonna be great. It's real managing is for Blake Griffin. Here we go are using parts yeah. No, I know I I do that you do the the talking in the middle. I I start the singing okay and then I and then I copy your or whatever you say, okay, all right, we so you can tell we really planned this all right, Jeanne move! Today we salute you, Blake Griffin, MR to technical file. Gators in Playoff games that you're, not even in Mr2 technical fouls that you play you're, not even in real manatee, knew what I had lived. Fuckin' remix dude, also respond to like dust
alphabet, I ask oh yeah yeah, ok, alright, real man of genius. Today we salute you, Blake Griffin, Mr2, technical, fouls, getter in games, you weren't, even playing in the playoffs. Jenny feels good in the morning. Sometimes, but then it starts acting up at night. You gotta sit out, but that doesn't shut your mouth mister you, gotta sit out, but it doesn't shut your mouth real man, the genius credit to you, Mister, real man of genius, play Griffin for finding a way to ensure you won't get dunked on by Gianas Afok. We need Blake Griffin in these playoffs. I wish she was playing it. Would he would not let the pistons lose the way they've been losing correct, correct it so cheap, This would not be a skunk rule series. If Blake was playing. No, he basically carried the pistons to the playoffs. It sucks that he can't play in the playoffs. Hopefully his knee gets better in you put out there and
after that, get it next time get it next make sure to add in the music, because if you don't it's gonna, sound, even worse actually was yeah. It's not. I don't think any music can save that, but will give it a try all right out wrapping up before we get every cues. We have Sabermetrics ESPN, so Pft what happened with ESPN schedule prognosticators. So that day I they looked at the schedule for the twenty nine. Teen NFL season and they made their picks for every single team and it turns out the is going to finish sixty four games over five hundred next year, because every single team was projected to like, if you're a bad team, basically the basement he was going to be seventy nine. So every team finishes between seven and nine. It's like fourteen into with the exception. The Miami dolphins there beat writer Ste they were, they were the only team where they're beat writer picks them to
to finish with fewer wins than LAS Vegas had at the over under, so I think Vegas, it's like five or five one, slash two, something like that, and I think the dolphins be reporter said that they're going to win four games next year, which, as we addressed, he's not taking into account Fitz MAGIC yeah. It's also just a classic move. To just say: every team is going to be a little bit better so that all the fans are like. Oh look at them, they put the browns were picked by sixteen and oh by Louis Riddick yeah. It's also a major pay for all the beat writers to get their fans or to get the fans of the team to like them a little bit more because by the end of every single NFL season, the fans hate the beat writer in less. Your team finishes like first in the division it with a bye in the playoffs, if you finish any worse than that,
going to hate to be read and say: oh you hate to team you're, biased that sort of thing so that it's a really good way. Like start getting in those good graces a little bit all right, I'm I'm I'm gonna flag! This! I'm gonna flag, this guy the fact that there was only one person that pick their team to finish with a a a worse record than Vegas that mean We have to take the over for the dolphins. Yes, that's standing out to me right now, like I don't know, means. All I know is that the tallest nail gets the hammer right, yep, yep, you're, absolutely right, we gotTA fucking hammer that overlook it. Often circle gets the square yeah yeah. Alright. Last up before we get to Fa Qs, we had a death in the NHL this past week, here I'll just read I'll read the statement about the death, we don't have any words and we know you don't want to hear them. We understand your anger, your frustration, your sadness, everything you're feeling
Get it. This isn't the ending we imagined and certainly not the one we wanted. Thank you for being there. The entire way. Wait. Sorry, that's not a death that was the Tampa Bay, lightning tweet after they got sweat. In the first round and maybe the most melodramatic weirdest tweet of all time, sounds like a girl. I got a guy that got caught cheating on his girl. It's insane! I don't know who wrote this. I don't know how many people looked at it, but it's laugh out loud funny that they thought hey here's. What will make people happy or at least make people less mad about a team that had a historic regular season, then got swept and demolished in the first round of the playoffs, the one verse eight seed, let's send out this tweet that makes it sound like someone died, slash you got into high school break up. You know what it sounds like. It sounds like something that a dude would write in an email to a girl that is already broken up with them. Yeah, like hey, hear me out, yeah hear me out.
I just wanted to be really emotional. In my response to your break up and make it seem like, maybe it was like just time for both of us. I know you I know you don't want this email for me and- and I understand you probably won't read any of it and it really makes no sense for me to send it and you don't want to read it and you're going to think I'm psycho, but please hear me out. Can I just say that, although are broken up. You are still the love of my life and always will be, and I like to think that you feel the same about Maine, even though you Yesterday, I'm rooting for you, what, wherever we land, I just hope, you're happy yeah, but really I'm just a Tampa Bay, lightning little cease and desist, because that's actually the bronze moved to say we don't have any words and then type a bunch of words. That's very good point all right. Let's finish up with faqs Hank once you start Bubba Bubba one of us
calling the righty. Are you guys able to switch from calling each other your real names to your barstool names? Or do you just use big cat and Pft all the time or barstool names? Do we have partial names? We just say big cat pft all the time and then sometimes I say Henry for Hank and then Pft tries to say Henry in Hank says YO, that's creepy, don't say that. Well, no big reason only recently in like in a very condescending way like I'll come into work. I'm like oh hello, Henry. And then the other day I came in and Pft like was like hey Henry. I was like now what I know can't we can't can't do that. Yeah, because once you, let me get away with Dan, is probably like been around you long enough. Yeah. You hear that
Dan's been around you long enough for he. He probably called you Henry once or twice at the start of your relationship, but you can't let me cross that bridge, because no, I will just I will use it. I called Dan Dan when I'm really disappointed him. Yeah like right now, Daniel Damn Daniel back at it again with the white shoes. What happened that kid died? he died, that's right, yeah yeah, I used to be a lightning Fan Fox who's, the most famous person in your cell phone common. You have a bomb. This one number I am I I was told it was a bomb was but I'm in a bar. I used to say Jay Cutler for this, but he hasn't responded any my tax in like six months. All does that still count yeah yeah, I don't know
is with these great that's a good question, except you probably know like it's going to be Jr, Golfer, Blake, Bortles or like Blake Griffin, whoever we have on the show. That's probably the answer right dog Shonda K here I got, I got big cats got one them at the will great we teaser. I doubt during a great week country, sir. Yes, true, recycled Sean Payton She said why do I have all these coaches in here? I got my slack so weird is I just wanted to say that just gotta purge him real, quick, to me they're, clogging up my memory. That's why my phone is slow. My computer slow 'cause. All these texts, I'm getting from Maine dudes, alright, Bubba Next one. Alright, this will be the last one. If be best friends with one professional athlete at any time. Who would it be? And that is a great question I am going to say- we'll Chon Daily
John Daly's good call, I'm gonna to say Keith Hernandez in the 80s. The is going to that yeah I feel like? Is he with you? It looks like its cousin tell you where you could be like a little yeah, but you can't pick like, like you, wouldn't be able to pick a true ow for right, like you can't pick Lebron, James or Michael Jordan, or like any of these guys, who, like being their friend you're, probably just there. Yes, man right, I'm king of a guy who will be like all we're best friends? Let's go do coke and go to studio fifty four right, but what what was the exact phrasing if you could be best friends with one professional athlete at any time? Who would it be Aaron Hernandez? That's weird easy! I need to have your back. I mean Grogram gross gonna be up there too. Yeah grok definitely has to be up there. But, although he's he's got his brothers, you never would be really in, but all right, let's, let's wrap up to read one two game of thrones.
If the I got a couple theories or throw your way hey, can I been talking a way out all right? You ready. Well yeah. Did you wanna? Do you wanna start deal yeah once yeah? I have a theory that do that is friends with the the younger girl that they apparently like go way back to both seem like good characters. Yeah, okay, the guy with the call the hound and Arya who's, a coat yeah, the hound, the hound and Arya. I think that you know, are you talking about the coat? The code is the main good dude that wears a coat? Is that John no other brother sister, so yeah Jon Snow and our area one of those two is going to kill the other one is going to have to kill the other one at the end. Ok, that's a good theory book after they flock there definitely fuqing. I actually think this is one I just got on
in it's all. I don't read this. I don't read thrones uh theories and stuff 'cause. I want to have fun corrupted brain. I think the hound is actually the many faced. God he's going to kill, Arya and then rip his face off and be like ha ha got you bich, which ones the hound it's the big big one with the fucking burnt face. Why do you think that? Why do I, that what I say earlier 'cause I already left already left for dead and then in the yeah he didn't die, but he did actually die and then they took his face. The other one I had was that the end everyone says, like oh who's, going to be on the throne. What if it's just George R Martin's wet dream and he wakes up with come in his pants that be amazing. Yeah, like that was an incredible yeah. My last theory is on. As you mock comes up and she's, like George, we have to change the sheets again, yeah the whole time, yeah yeah, exactly like come on. George we've been over this you have you have to. We got you, we got you penthouse for Re
please the last one I had was that it's actually just going to be a super Oh liberal, fantasy role play at the end, they're all going to decide that they should cross the bipartisan line. Ann rule the realm together. I like, At least we have more in common than we do different yeah. We just talk this out instead of fight. We could probably do this together. Radical centrism will rule the realm. I like that, yes, yes and they're just going to be like Let's just forget about all the problems that we have to be polite. Yeah. Let me forget that you killed my dad. Let's just forget that an I killed my brother an all. This shit ha yeah, let's just all kind of get along, and we could do this all together. The rule of law supersedes the game of thrones. Hey. Do you have one to finish, I don't- I mean minor, minor kind of modest. I was thinking more like next episode. What's going to happen so right now, I'm going off script there! That's alright! It's fine! So tell us, I'm just ready for a lot of flash
Action episode, one was like a big mirror of season. One episode one and season season, six episode, two it's like when brand first goes, yeah does the does the flashbacks and the guys like. If you go too deep, you stay too long ago lost ever? So I think that's a little. I think that some more shadowing saw for this episode. So it's going to go back to some flashbacks, maybe a loss and sauces on what Hank saying is we're going to have to see brands, stupid white eyeballs a lot? What, if brand can actually walking he's been faking it the whole time he's been slow playing it and he's actually secretly, but doing like a shitload of squats in his room and everybody's gone, so he's actually jacked up from the waist down and he comes and kicks every, Zast ono. I wasn't saying he he comes in. He jumps out of a pool boom, Kyler Murray, no longer. First pick in the draft print it yeah. I like that.
yet to I'm just a welcome that you might. I wouldn't put it past game of thrones as as a person, who's watch an episode and a sixty minute recap twice. I think that brand could like consult with some sort of the magic people that they have and get magical use of his eggs like Forrest, Gump yeah, I like that, all right, that's what you know Monday. We have we taped it. This morning, Ike Taylor from the Pittsburgh Steelers two time Super bowl champion. I think I'm gonna throw this out there. He is going to be up there for interview of the year because it was whole areas. Yeah that's going to come Monday. He came in the office, it was so much fun and we'll see everyone have a good weekend. Good luck at Cannabis cup! see everyone, rough and rowdy, buy it Friday, night and uh.
Sunday, we'll see. I just came up with a great Halloween costume by the way, Lieutenant brand and its size, its brand. We like long hair and the chat you yeah. Yes, I like that. Yes,
to do so long as ' a little bit
It should be saved.