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Oscars Preview With Blake Bortles + Prizefighters GGG and Canelo Alvarez

2018-03-01 | 🔗

Live from day 3 of the Combine we recap what its like to be surrounded by Football Guys, Todd Haley at the bar, and DraftJoshAllen (2:10-11:02). Brain Dump Friday with some new business ideas (11:03-18:55). Newly signed Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles joins the show to talk about his new contract and Oscars preview based on Wikipedia pages (20:33-45:22). Prizefighters GGG and Canelo Alvarez join the show in anticipation of their rematch May 4th (45:27-57:15). Segments include Tim Tebow update, Thoughts and Prayers to Wesley Johnson and Concussions (59:51-1:05:51). Respect the Biz to ESPN for their Sean Miller reporting and Stay Woke on Baseballs being juiced (1:05:52-1:10:49). 

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On today's pardon my take. We are still alive from India Recap of combine life. We also have our good friend Blake Bortles, on the show to do an Oscars preview based on Wikipedia pages. We did it last year was a lot of fun. So if you haven't seen any movies, don't worry we're going to do it off of Wikipedia page. We also have Canelo Alvarez, recurring, guest, Canelo Alvarez and triple g in anticipation of their big fight coming up in a couple months, great interview with both of them before we get to all of that wanted to shout out our friends at bud. Light work cited for the college basketball tournament coming up bud light is giving away Vegas experiences to winners and their friends. This March scan a snapcode on Bud light bottles and cans to play a game and enter the sweeps only on Snapchat bud light is always there for you and your friends remember, but let is famous among friends. So do it, like, I said, scan a snapcode on Bud light bottles and cans to play a game and enter the sweeps only on Snapchat, you
your friends can win a free trip to LAS Vegas for college basketball tournament coming up best month of the year. Let's go, No! welcome to pardon my take presented by Seatgeek today is Friday March second, and we're still,
combine a k, a it's basically a porn convention for football, guys like us, it's pretty great. I am I the only surprised that I've had is that Jeff Fisher hasn't been spotted walking around yes, him in, like Bruce Arians. If you told me at the start the week that they wouldn't be able to call you a liar, like like you, know, docks, get born last and then they leave and they instinctively return. If you set up like three cones and have a bunch of guys with dip and clipboard walk, around Jeff Fisher should show Jeff Fisher and John Fox, yes, John Fox. Some surprise he hasn't been here. Just you know, with red face stricken to be holding court. So it is a very weird seen here this our first combine. Ever we had revelation on Wednesday that we can no longer make fun of nerds that go to anime conventions or star wars. Convention. because we are basically at our convention. We stood in the hallway and got excited to see like guys like Joe Philbin and RON.
Look and basically pointed out our favorite football guys around looks not one of them and I'm like oh geez. Look at him. Look at him he's in real life, wow you're right, it's crazy, It is like anime, except I guess, most people walk around are slightly better shape than anime convention. The beetle debate will peak at you. Isn't there so there's no like seizures, but I feel, like maybe a Andy Reid's time out usage it give us a seizure in real life. So it's like we, we kind of we fall the same lines as anime fans. Well, what we realized, too is the combine, is basically an entire fraud operations so that everyone can come to Indianapolis and get drunk yeah, because when you break it down the athletes that their scouting they've already scouted in detail and we have to talk about Ryan Pace. What was Ryan pace on this on Monday show with a scouting and detail a talk to their coaches. They go visit them. They still have their pro days coming up So why are they having everyone get into underwear and run on turf and Indianapolis? Oh, it's because,
apple. This is the one city in America where every bar is connected to a hotel and has a steak house. So it's perfect to just sit there and get drunk with your football brethren and then stumble up on on your room. I also think that owners kind of use this week as like they tell their employees. This is basically a vacation. Yes, indeed, Indianapolis you're gonna get drunk have a good time, but they're also tricking them to working at the same time. Yes, it's not like you're, not accomplishing a lot. You're right, like you've, watched all the tape on these guys. You know who they are. You know I could be like. Oh sick, one Barkley Bich press twenty nine times instead of twenty five gotta, take him in the first row. yeah he's now upgrade to a first rounder, so the down side of being here is that it's kind of burst our bubble a little bit seeing some of these guys in real life. We're were at a bar last night. Todd Haley walked, It really sucks seeing Todd Haley in real life, because in my imagination he walks in with like smoke coming out of ground and he starts shoving people and smashing beers over people head.
real life Todd Haley no longer has a beard and was drinking a vodka soda. We are not a subject. He actually got out of a corvette that was blasting on feel the noise yeah the door and walking suck through a somebody. They go get me a and then he was standing next to Jay Gruden, who is wearing a maroon sweater vest and look like such a nerd, and it's like got damn it. I don't To see these guys, I don't see them be human beings. The only other note that I had, though, was every kind of rolls in a posse and then Hue Jackson just rolls along yeah, because no one wants to be anywhere near him. Marvin Lewis, yeah Mister extension goes on his own he's a lone wolf out there yeah Also we saw Jerry Jones is bus like five times. That's always right there, like seven of those buses. I've convinced it also every time I see it for some reason: I just always assume that Jerry's in there. But then it dawned on me like five minutes. I'm like Jerry Jones is a billionaire he's, probably up in a hotel room. Drinking Shiba San has like high success courts. I think Jerry Jones Boss, like international waters, think it's wrong
on four wheels or, however many wheels are on that bus. Anything goes as we've seen from Jerry Jones and Dean Blandino yeah yeah, he's a massive, the other notes. We had the machine from the combine we have been on the ground, spreading draft Josh, Allen, dot com. We did some good work. There can be a video coming out from that Sean Payton had ultimate football guy comment today, where he said that he was so depressed after the Vikings miracle that he spent two a scouting for the Eagles just out of habit. You never know, though yeah never know it's like. Is it all back? It's the different stages of grief, so right? Well, I didn't reach acceptance yet so he's bargaining he's like what, if I come up with the great gameplay set up step digs through his helmet. That's a that's a penalty yeah! It's a call that back right upon review that game. You know what he said about a protest. Yes, the a in the NFC Championship game should be played approach. It's just so perfect, see Sean Payton just sitting in his office after the seasons and ends in heartbreaking fashion. These breaking down like all right. What are the eagles do on third down?
and then the other night he can. He can stay there like, I could beat the Eagles yeah and then therefore I would been Super bowl champs. And then the other note was Jon. Gruden keep got in front of everyone and said he doesn't trust analytics or statistics and he's going to just coach from his ball sack in his gut, which to no surprise for anyone, because I don't think Jon Gruden like he definitely It looks at his phone as a tracking devices like get this fucking thing out of here, as you want to get some tape, and I want to get out there with my pool noodle and slap Derek Carr in the face with my wet noodle yeah he's. You know what he's going to absolutely hate having to play on a baseball field. Again, yeah This is not football yeah! I want to take this key. If Jon Gruden had his way would probably take things back, he said he's going to take it back to nineteen ninety eight. He would probably take it back to like ninety. twenty no for last letter home, it yeah no Ford, although he does love the quarterback position, he likes it, but I think you'd, like it even more for rinsing away. Yeah true
So that's our in the hockey hall in the update. What do you guys think overall it combine? We go over to come back next year lot about on the ground by Josh, Allen, blah! That's that's all. I can say lot of scouts. A lot of people go out and I saw this website you've changed. My mind saw the giants owner a front office and gave him a little piece of the draft, Josh Allen- and they looked at me like I should be arrested. Is this religions do. We just start a religion. Like start a cult yeah, we just went door to door basic like Mormons telling people about the book of Josh. I thought I said a show, but I think with what we're doing for Jack Josh Allen. He might sneak in and get all the way up to number one he might just for Matsu. You know what my favorite part of the week has been so far immense yeah head number at him measurements and also when they break it down to three quarters of our eyes. Three eighths of an inch in Height Baker. Mayfield grew well. Josh Allen is five four and seven eighths, so he's five five sixty five, six, five and six thousand six hundred and fifty that was a big five
that I learned that you guys are football guys guys, which we all know, but I've learned that I am more of a footballs football guys get guys got yes, you guys, you guys! Won't I'm with you guys in these random codes are walking by you guys are not right. Is our leading up to one of the cats who prophetical had is in restaurants and bars. Yes, sir, I was in a restaurant. The cat and some MIKE Mccarthy, don't even blink, stood up and just started running, but my my car, yeah, and I just started booing him as he was walking away, is just slightly Garth Boo, Boo he's faster than anything he's faster than you think. Well, that's probably 'cause. I think he's really really really slow. And also a random guy stood up and like sprinted over him to boom, so he probably was moving faster than normal classy rests on my rage on Mcveigh at the bar last night: Sean Mcvay, apparently we're waiting lists or yeah, because the first thing you said to me was: why do you make fun of my facial hair so much and shots because it sucks and have somebody with Judy facial hair? I feel like I will
to say it yeah, N Chansen. She listens this right now watch be man watch your face, music, come on the podcast and discuss because he also said us. He said what is that thing that you say about me all the time I was like, I say a lot of about you Shawn and he goes no. It's are you see it? You see my face looks like it's more used to getting for It shows that giving them yeah yeah. I do say that, but Sean's a good guy. We talked to him for a little bit. He is he's a rock star everyone's like. I need to get into Sean Mcvay's brain because he's like the offensive guru he's he's the hot ticket in town he could probably sell out bankers fieldhouse. Also, I don't know what the etiquette is. I feel like India is one big, safe space for football guys this morning, where nobody is taking pictures of people in bars, cookies are getting drunk and no ones taking pictures. I don't know like what you're allowed. discuss outside like a real lot to talk about the people. That was all I don't know we're breaking all the rules, a journalist. I said it were right when Todd Haley walked in. I like reach for my phone, because I want to walk up to yeah just do the walking boot voice and I was like ship. We can't it
everyone's got a little like you know it's it's an unwritten rule, just keep your phones away and fucking sucks. Unprepared for the next NFL season at the coaches convention. Ladies wearing the Hawaiian Arizona, that's when, if you don't know coaches. After that, then you're are football all right, because Friday we've been doing it recently, we're doing our Friday brain dump going to just spitfire on whatever we got thinking. Maybe it was a drunk idea. Maybe there's a high idea. Maybe we thought of random building was Lucas Oil Stadium on Tuesday night, because of that looks like a football, Good luck we got very confusing. Right is the only city you can't get lost in cuz, it's so small and walkable, and we
from anywhere yeah. We got to see Andrew Luck's neck from anywhere yeah. I think once you start with us, so I did junk idea over the weekend. Everyone's everyone's been there everyone's been so drunk that the next morning you're still in that sleep state but you're like you come to consciousness, and you realize that you are so thirsty that you could bike basically drink an entire like the entire ocean released. I do when I get really drunk I wake up, but I'm not a week yeah, but I just crave water. So it's more of an idea for Vegas. It's only place. I think you could really take off, but they should just build. I mean they and not only that they have the waters in the hotel rooms. That's too far away. They need to build. Those came back hoses into the wall and just so they pop out right underneath your bed, so you can just wake up open your mouth and then you just squeeze it mystery flew all the water. You know what, if we do, that in the Wall Hammer member just suck on this tube yeah, then you drink the liquid that comes out yeah member
three airheads like that. It was white, shirt, white, one yeah, but but we could just have mystery fluid that everyday. You draw yeah, I like that Hank or you could just put into your own mouth. That's how it goes. gave you all the items that you need for it. Yeah no, and then I had this question last night. You guys maybe would save for the show, but we are talking that she was the restroom reading at yeah. They had a autograph full well as just a table holder. They put it down right when you say I want to table they bring. They show your table and then place an autographed football at your table, and then Mercury Motor sits at the head of the table. Just yells at you for two hours, yeah exactly and I was just wondering what what about a signature makes it in value like if someone like general overall for the football is signed. Why is it worth more because God, Don Shula signed football? That's a very good question. I I have the answer for you: it's because whatever you sign that technically becomes a contract at that point. So if I had you piece of paper my signature on it, you could do it after the fact go and fill in the contract upon
my signature yep, so it's actually worth infinity, so you with whatever you want over, we have. We brought brought a sharpie with us on to shoeless. We could have just filled in that football and then, like this dinner is paid for by Don Shula Look is signatures right there, yep and its contract. You have to all right, so it's the most. It's actually the it's price, Yes, master card price. That's why adult male autograph seekers are actually like. Bitcoin miners guns are just generating all unlimited revenue. Yes, absolutely fiat currency. The future have to you. Have a drunk idea: I did yes, so my drunk idea is you guys remember that that video game Paperboy, I guess it sucked your where the heck yeah. It's really only at you literally. They literally made a game where you had to do chores. Just like it's like member sims, we're like hey, this is video game where I have to fucking walk my dog in like cook and keep everyone happy in my family. They made it
video game where, based on your dad, telling you get to get a job? So it's real fun, but I'd idea for a paper boy accepted to late night food. So it is like a slow, creeping car, not just wait to slow, creeping car that just drives up and down busy like bar streets, and this is the this food and it yet yes, but listen it drives, and then it's got like a it's got like food truck a geo, fencing capability on yourself, it's an app yeah and then the food will truck is coming by you hit the button and you are like a burger. They just roll down the window and toss it. They have premade burgers, premade hot dogs made pizzas and then just throw it out the window actually donated driving. I don't want it what about this? What if they get a t, shirt, T shirt cannon to send you? The food yeah, so they can drop by you can be aware. and then everyone walks around with big nuts, so you can catch it. Yeah all night, you just care
hey Joe younger, because matter I'm gonna be hungry later right. So hence that actually, I feel like Amazon, probably already in that. If they have drawn so yeah and there is going to do it from your face in your avatar there, you go implant a chip into my head, so you know what I'm hungry and then have a drone that just that just floats above me, I'm always hungry and drops a bowl of ice cream. In my head, I'm always hungry yeah, so you just have a private drone would be like little puppies dropping. Yes, it's actually just a frozen yogurt pump that just comes out of the drone, so I just did my head back and just eat and just like, let it just go down my gullet. What about this a frozen yogurt camel give me backing off, except in into a hotel wall yeah. You just have five tubes yeah above it Not the problem is here so in modern day, like soda machines, where it's just the screen, and you pick which one and then comes. Here's. The problem the same tube yeah Hank years ago, how going to want to yeah, I don't want multiple, too here's a problem with your idea. Hank, the one problem is to get dirty. You got to cling to clean lines out to get dirty
the other one, explain to Hank that as members to what are the black things in the british filter. Ma'am, that's led that gets taken out of your orders it in water? No, they actually just put that in there. So it looks like it's clean, your water, but it's just a sham yeah, but bucks ever fought british filters or hot the streets fifteen years ago. All right, I had a drunk idea. What would you guys say is the one thing that tells you a restaurant is classy, oh well, besides the toilets where you can pee and then look out over the rest of the bar shut up shut out to the boss of the buses, restaurant, I'm going to say hot bread, ok comes out, it's hot. It's got a table cloth. Ok, that's high standards for you, hold you run, it is pictures on the menu. So you know what the food looks like. So I went to a really classy dinner last Friday and they didn't have pictures on the menu. I think what they need to do. Just like
sure like most places have a braille option. They need to have a picture option. So it's like a. Is there an IHOP but you're eating it like a Michelin, rated restaurant, As everyone knows, you want to see your food before you eat your food. You see next to you like. What's that guy having or they could the cheesecake and roll it out roll all the option, fake ones. I just feel like that. That's an untapped market if we just created, maybe it's even and uh, maybe one after Russia and once he gets drafted, we just change the website where every restaurant in the world and a picture of that food. I like it. We can go the app and we'll just start with starters. And then move on to soups. Tell me that you know me: that's not! I mean come on. You know what I hate is just interacting. With with but he had a restaurant. I just want to point at a at a picture of food and grunt right and then have that right come out, yeah right. So that's that's a problem. There. You go to a fancy restaurant. Some things aren't french like I I I want this placed him in a
tasting menu, and it was like. The big thing was a carrot steak and I was like oh, it must be a steak with like carrot, flavoring or something no is actually a carrot. It was just a grilled care it. nasales that it farm to table bullshit restaurants, where they're like will charge. a two hundred dollars because we pretended that we, you know farmed it from right back in our backyard. This is one of those. If I had known as a carat, I would just walked out, but I thought it had. The word steak in it and there's no picture did you order the currency noses sing menu. That was part of the tasting menu and I was looking forward to is like oh at least there's a steak here and then it came out it one long. Can you guess Crockett should of all time is, is when people try to convince you that marinated vegetables are good yeah, somehow like to listen to save. We pull balsamic on it yeah! We don't really deal for minute, you're, cheating, you just throw something gross in something, slightly less gross festivals. Let's just let's just say about okay, our life yeah. They actually had an apple on our table in at last
I looked at it like it was poison Are you gonna do that no heartbeat and it is poison? Who could point ribbon? Good point all right. Let's get your interviews we've got Blake Bortles and are Oscars Preview, and then, on the other side of that, we have Canelo and triple g talking about their fights, really fun interview very interesting before we get to all that, though, I wanted to talk to you guys about for Hempz gift that you can use it for him yeah. All over my face, yeah you've been using for him. Sixty six percent of men start losing their hair by age. Thirty, five, when you hard to notice here LAS it's too late, reach out and put your hands on your head. How much hair are you going to feel a year from now? Do it hang reach out your hand in your head, your head? How much do you think you're going to have next year twice as much like you might not
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com, slash, p empty. All right is Blake Bortles all right. We now welcome on the newly paid Blake Bortles. He is the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback of the present and the future he's also going to an ostrich preview for us, but we have to talk about the big contract. Our first question, I think, on everyone's mind, all of our listeners mine. Why didn't you send me money on them when I text you and said my vemos open? Well, I love your there's a lot of Texas, as is the case in all at once, so I think, maybe, if you keep your keep your venmo account close by, I think maybe we'll get a presentation on there we go. So we seriously, though, like it's
It's a cool moment, I'm sure to get paid. That much. Is there like a moment where you, just like Oley Faulk, like signing this signing this piece of paper sets me up for life. Your army right considered, so cool such a unique up generally gets click ordering your fortune love to be able to make. You know a significant amount of money. It's it's incredible stuff to put in words, but it was kind of like I go in there. So I get there like two o'clock right hand over there like it should be done soon and I didn't sign the contract until, like nine thirty, like I sat there for like seven hours as they were, you know kind of going back and forth over a sentence on the last page or something- and you know so. I got that done a good sign that took off last thing like on the way all those kind of like holy. I can't how does that work? How does it work when you get like a signing bonuses at in a check that you actually have to take to a bank or do they have you set up direct deposit now yeah, it's it's a direct deposit. I wish it was a big check you can take to the big bang. I would actually I I would. I would request a giant novelty check if I already weak so did the guaranteed money are already come in. Sir, did you like? Do you sit there refreshing your bank account? You know how they do it over. I think it's like three payments are couple payments over. You know a certain amount of a couple different ways follow up. Question Lynyrd for net said that maybe you could buy some listerine because he said that your breath was bad in the huddle. Now they've got this big contract. Have you address that with them law, though it you know it's like upsetting about that is like? I think you know it's just him trying to be funny, but, like I think, a lot of pride in not having bad breath,
It's it's kind of like a pet peeve of mine. So I make sure that my brother always doing all right and then you throw that out there and all the sudden I got all these people saying I got bad breath yeah I have your will have to straight up the record. I have a theory that limit for that actually has bad breath and he's just it's. He who still to delta type situation, right, leaning on you yeah and I think that's exactly what it is. Well he's, also ball. So it's like one of those situations where you guys are just in like a spider man, stared down bad breath, ball, guys right leg of the day he walked in the locker might need it was just like your friends,
so you know that that stuck out like it more than the money more than the the future with the jags. You are bad breath. Blake all right now, and I guess it's you know it's just another. You know another thing and keep our borders bad breath Blake a hand. There are just I mean they're great, I I guess I would recall the brand yeah. I like it too, because it gives you chip on your shoulder. So you have your you're. Always competing you're always are proof somebody wrong yeah press source. You know who has has money change you, you know, I don't know, I can't so I would say I would say that, okay, what was your first purchase after you? What will be the judge that was your first purchase a broader case of beer and some mellow mushroom pizza? Okay, and what are you chat? Yeah? Well, your tip on the pizza,
all it twenty percent on delivering, okay and then what else? And then that was it for that day, wow and then the next day I headed out to California. So we were kind of beer but light. Okay, someone is not change you there. You go! That's right! That's right! Okay, tastic! That is very interesting. We were talk movies yeah! So have you seen any of them? Well, you have to. Let me know what they are. hey, alright. So, let's start with a best actress up for best actress, Sally Hawkins, the shape of water, Frances Mcdormand three bill, words Margot Robbie, I Tonya source Ronan, how fun he said So this year, I'm sorry Bird and Meryl and Meryl Streep for the seven thousand euro is up for best actress. so have you seen our ship water, three billboards, I Tonya Lady Bird or the post. I think three billboard? Okay, let's start with that! So Fred Smith
the whole time I was like God, that's the Fargo girl. Well, yes, yeah, so I think she should win just from that, like she did Fargo now. She does that and like both were kind of funny and dark right now. I I agree I like to that movie. I didn't like how our character kept like making fun of the a person that she was dating. I didn't like that at all, it seemed like he was a good guy, spoilers and sports there's a guy from game of thrones right, yeah, Peter Dinklage. Well, here's a follow up to that high interest she's married to Joe Cullen, who's that often the cold brothers, hello, of course, yeah. Okay, no control, yeah, yeah, here's a fun fact in that in that relationship it must be impossible to tell like who's lying to who yeah they're very good at acting yeah. The call in the Coen brothers say they, oh you mean between friends, were dormant in the in the cone one of the Coen Brothers yeah. Do you think the call brother can tell when Frances Mcdormand's acting and lying about something? No, probably not wait. Did you
see our lady bird Lake. I think you know I love that movie. It's a coming of age story of a young girl, okay yeah our not having yet, but I will okay so, for you guys saw three billboards of someone said: Frances Mcdormand. Would you think that was a guy or girl hockey player? Yet no, I I thought Crocus Fargo, I would So I would say he plays on the Canadians, yeah, so source Ronan from Lady Bird. She actually is a dual citizen she's by she got american and Irish. That's pretty cool two thousand and eighteen, so I don't know that's pretty cool to be whatever she chooses to be yeah. How about Meryl Streep? Do you think that Meryl Streep is like it's reached the point where every time she gets nominated you hope she doesn't win 'cause. She doesn't have anything else to talk about. Well know she could always bash football. Oh yeah Blake! What do you do? You have a personal vendetta against Meryl Streep 'cause she passed football. No,
said football and bad brick bad breath. Blake yeah Parker that they were gonna hold of like host, was also terrible. No only have issues like this issues that you're making like good enough movies to be a recurring our candidate for this every year soccer game is so big this. This move. The only reason this movie is nominated. The only reason she's nominated is because it was a Spielberg movie, Well, no itself was very bad for Blake brings up a good point. Is Meryl Streep, the new Derek Jeter is Meryl Streep, just getting voted in the all star game out a name alone, she's getting their goal of those questions yeah. It has to be at this point like a rain
isn't what it used to be. There were you when you lose your ranger goes quickly, and you know what she won't change positions either. Yeah always plays the same role. She always plays, and activities yeah always does an actress on the screen. What so she plays with a journalist in the post? So that's good for something I can only runs the Washington Post. Why do they keep doing these movies there? So just basil, on selection of posting? Why they keep to these movies about newspapers? Yeah, that's pretty lame! I I like it like that like what? What what's the story there, it's one medium covering in other media right here, here's a spoiler alert for the movie. They ended up running the store. Oh okay, thanks MIKE of so we should make a tv show about a movie. That's about a radio show that's about a podcast news. Radio, alright last one that I had on the list is the shape of water. It's round right, yeah, I think so right. Well, it depends if it's cold. If it's
Then, let's wish it was a water drop tier, two tier that is shaping it. Squirt squirt see it's a ski yep. Actually he gets. Is the official site tell him it's a ski. I think that has to have like some sort of milky color to be qualified, okay thoughts, Blake out. Okay, so it sounds like sounds like Sally Hawkins is the go away? Yeah sort of selling Hawkins is our winner. So let's move on to best actor Timothy. All my god lets. It will just start here that this ticket, this Timothy guy, he spells his name ready for this t. I m o The h e e, with a little nine little little thing on top of one of the ease, an accent mark yeah. One of those actually thank you. Thank you Blake for cleaning up there. I you can't treat you can't trust this guy.
Oh fuck, this guy he's got the city. Americans got to skinniest neck of every. You could floss with this guys Neck Timothy, oh god, yeah him out on him. Here we go did and seller. I don't even okay,
I didn't watch some aid but check this out. His character's name is Roman J, Israel Esquire Mental, like that and it's a little over the top Blake. Did you see about about the Kansas City Chiefs Guide? That's gonna, put M d on the back of his uniform his doctor because he's a what is a doctor. No, I did not. Is that something the stuff we're gonna happen, yeah he's he's gonna try to do it, so I was thinking. Maybe we could give you a law degree and you could put portals Esquire on the back, your jersey, I mean, I don't see. Why not. I think we can definitely do that or we just do Blake Bortles, comma bro cool. I mean what it will mean, except those coming back so stuff like that. So let's focus on your nfl com contract for a year and a lot of money to Daniel Day Lewis is nominated. I own a fourth phantom thread. I don't know what that movie is, but he's a good actor. I like doing gangs of New York Wait, so if he did great yeah, if he's in this movie, that means he studied how to be this person for like a long time right. It's like a method actor right, so I don't know. I don't know what to say. I'm not sure click on it, but it sounds sounds I mean might be super. Is that why hero is that, where you, only
I was like a movie like every year or so 'cause, he has to get in full character, and that takes time. Yes, I think so I absolutely think so. What's your favorite Denzel Washington Movie, oh, this is his last movie before he retired. Apparently, oh, it is Daniel Day yeah. So it's like his Kobe night. Here's the description it stars Daniel Day, Lewis as a cootie air. I don't know what that is. it's a guy who puts buttons on a shirt living with his sister played by Leslie Mann, I'm already sleep, yes,
he did you living with is a dude shooting myself and I'm sleep talking to do to put buttons on shirts and lives with his sister yep wow Daniel Day, going out with a fucking home run, listen Daniel, I know you're a method actor, but I think it would take me about thirty seconds to get into the method of a guy that lives in a shitty situation that struggles to put buttons on a shirt yeah. That's basically my life, hey Blake. Do you think it could be an actor yeah, but like only in a limited capacity like, I would have to play a role. That's like someone similar to my personality. You know like. I don't think I could really do a whole lot outside of that ok Falco. It could be a Keanu Reeves, replacements or stiffer exactly yeah is that? Are you suggesting those roles or like who? I am no? No we're saying those seem. Those are like the rules for you and then we'll get you to like you're going to play Malcolm X yeah. I mean I think that we can definitely dream of of stuff like that,
What's your favorite star small yeah, what's your favorite Denzel movie, ah, probably training day I know you like to get wet good answer. Other guy up for is Gary Oldman. He did he's Winston Churchill and darkest hour, but he put on a load of make up in like a fat suit. I think that shouldn't kill all I watch that movie did you like it? I did too yeah. It was great. I mean it's a little slow, but I mean, I think, that's like some pretty historic source stuff that was pretty like important, and you know how World ended up, you know, yeah, he beat Hitler yeah. He still is not stolen valor, though, if you dress up like like the up that beat Hitler here, so you're taking credit for you'd like a pft 'cause, they made they made Neville Chamberlain's character. Look like the biggest uh see it was awesome, yeah, big cock by the way, Gary Oldman. That name sounds like something: you'd have on your fake id when
buy liquor yeah. Well, I'm Gary Oldman Golden I'm forty, eight years old sun. So me this bottle of mad dog quick. When was your first week id uh. I had one uh like sophomore year, high school. It said it was like twenty three and it says the kid was five foot one id and at the time like, I was like six two and then it like. He was one of these kids like he ended up having to get like legal human growth hormones, so they could help him grow. so that was the figure dear years through high school first name, because I remember my figure, we don't say his name to seize. First, Stephen. There, we go will bleep out his last day. We just got married like last week, so we can graph. Look at him. Look at that
do you think he loves walking around and says Blake Blake Bortles used my id, I hope not. I mean I would do that if I were. If I knew that you use my, maybe it's you maybe he says the Venmo's open you gotta have to pay back. The fact that you use to five one is so perfect and- and you never got in trouble for it, no never got caught. Did you buy him a wedding present uh? No, I didn't yeah. Definitely should now, but ok I'll buy him a new id yeah there. You go five dollars or some of those things maybe stilts. Well, I think the human growth hormones kicked in, so I got like five hundred and ten nice look at you Steven Way to go bro. Alright, let's do our best picture.
the big kahuna here we have a more rattle him off real, real, quick, I'm actually just going off the ones we care about darkest hour. Dunkirk get out lady bird, we're not going to mention that stupid Cocchiere guy and his sister, the post, the shape of water in three billboards now Blake. Did you see any of these movies? I saw the three billboards uh the darkest hour get out and I think that's it. How is get out because I feel like that movie came out two years ago. Have you guys never took it out? That's good! What do you think of it? You liked it yeah yeah. It was definitely interesting. It's kind of creepy, there's kind of it was kind of predictable. It was going to happen, but it was still it still really good. Movie anytime. I watch a movie where you know it's going to get out where an actor or actress
thanks. Thank you can't spell movie come on Hank he gets. I would never do that to you yeah, that's fucked! Also. I guess it is the name of the movie well well yeah, but it's a directive. It's like. I hope this guy. Whatever hey, I thought the post was just going to be like a utility pole. Whatever we got derailed click here to see doctor yeah so Dunkerque to okay, do you want to design a baby that was like Dunkerque and because Dunkerque and the darkest hour, like kind of what was going on back on the whole trial, right well, yeah in England, yeah, England and France? I think Dunkerque is in France Right dunkers in France, correct, okay, friends with front on the right right next, the channel to Channel Blake. Do you want to do a quick re enactment of Dunkerque yeah, hey Lori, Tomahawk Tom.
he just flying across on the plane. Nothing yeah my fuels getting low, but I will continue with the mission number. That's a good thing. Then we're going to make it back. What is this little kids? They can sell for the better. You killed the child. The child is in his head and now it's terriblr stripe. Indeed, oddly terrified Blake, do you think you could swim across the channel
He's strong swimmer, no, what's up with that last well, I flow pretty well, though, like I could swim a little bit and flow and, like you know, recover in the swim again. You know, I don't know how big this colonel is we're talking about what I can do that for awhile yeah transaction. The Stevenson. I used to think that the English channel was just tv station and then I learn what what little dummy it's a idiot. When I was four, I have some some big time news that might change our pic here? Three billboards, three billboards outside ebbing Missouri is the name of the of the film was filmed in North Carolina. That's what I thought. I don't like that. You know what that's it. North Carolina did a great job, acting as Missouri Can we nominate the state of North Carolina for best actor good point that 'cause? If so, I'm writing it in yeah, yeah, so it says outside ebbing Missouri doesn't say
Oh good point Hank everything outside ebbing Missouri. Even Oviedo did you? What do you think about that movie bike? I thought it was good, except like the reason for the whole movie, like you, never found out at the end like not to run it or anything, but you never find out what the whole movie is about. Blake, I'm confused by get out because it's directed by Jordan, Peele and he's funny, but this is a funny movie, so we're not now not funny it is so what's going on. I don't know, I think. Maybe it was I'm just gonna reach in and it was dark side. Okay, I'll get serious. I don't know it was good. I like that. I have a feeling that, with the with Jordan Peele like he writes down so many ideas
that he was like. Oh, this would be a funny idea and then he's like. I actually think this would be better as like a horror movie yeah, that's true. I I think we originally wrote it out. It's like a comedy in just like it, and then it got like halfway through his like this isn't very funny like these jokes suck yeah, it would be easier to not write jokes yeah. These jokes are so bad, it's terrifying that would work. I mean it is kind of like a comedic situation where, like these kids, getting kidnapped for sex slaves, Yes, I! What? If we made this real, is a comedic situation? Is a children getting really into sex slavery? I mean for George yeah. They do everything, hello, hello can recover. yeah. Do you know you, you guys a ladybird right, nope now sucks, you know what I all the list here: women love it because it's like literally every single girl is gone through the story line with her mother.
it's like it's, basically, a mother, a teenage girl like hitting each other. So I did a did. You do boy, bird and it's just that you would like a teenage boy just not talking to his father for two hours straight yeah and just never, even speaking, just king, a forty five minute long showers, yeah not talk and then boom like and like all my dad shooting again, and so we can't use the bathroom and that's the whole movie. Flavored. Also morning at breakfast, Hank told us the boss baby was I'm a for best, but I did of those Roni Espy make those fake news. Yet fake news, Fox baby, the animated yeah you about a baby who's, the boss, yeah turns out, was not not made yes picture, but I was close, is best animated picture? Okay. So, but what do you see? Bus baby boy? I did I put that mean. That's one number, one: animated yeah.
Yes, exactly it was a good movie. I like I, I thought long yeah and I was like. Actually this is kind of a funny movie, so we back up for saying the baby is a boss. Yes, alcohol, yeah, yeah, what that's wild yeah any talks. Folks, that's wild yeah! It's pretty crazy. What alright! So I guess we got a pic. I don't know what we did last year. This is the best Oscars Preview. Your
that you know what I'm gonna go, get out. Okay, I'll go with Dunkerque because I feel like the Oscars loves picking movies or no one talks. Yeah god, I love taking those I'm going Dunkerque as well. Yeah, don't get out Daniel Day, Lewis! Francis! Are you doing all your I'm doing? Yeah, I'm doing the three things that we talked about: yeah, okay, so last question last question: for Oscars: do you guys are like Jimmy Kimmel as the host I like them when he was chunkier Blake? That is always more funny all along. I don't I'm. I hope, he's good. Okay! Do you! I wish you would just do like
just for old time sake at the Oscars like have some girls jumping on trampolines. Did you you seem like a no I'm not. I don't want to hear because I already called you stupid, but did you like? The man show Blake uh I mean I did not like it yeah. Ok, I think we all kind of liked it 'cause. It was yeah man trampoline right and then guys little guys, chugging beers, choke Dear Fox, exactly we have anything else or anything else on our minds here with your second purchase going to be: oh, oh! Well, I guess I rented a house in California to stay in so that kind of counts. Oh we're in la uh, no I'm down in Orange County we're gonna come down. I I just wanna, let you know Blake. I know big cat. Ask you for money earlier, I'm not going to do that. I I in fact I did asking for money. I said my demo is open. In fact, I'm gonna say that you know it was an open invitation,
It was an open invitation. I also had lost every bet that if anybody out there is bugging you for money, just let me know and I'll tell them know for you and I charge a very reasonable rate. It's you know, maybe my retainers like ten thousand a month or whatever, but I'm happy to take care of that for you to take that off your hands free of charge, except for the retainer that I mentioned right, yeah I'll. Let you know that sounds pretty interesting, yeah, just friends helping friends. Actually I do have one last thing, so you have all this new found money. Have you thought at all about investing into Bitcoin two GEN Steve, and I was thinking about it. I actually read a story, though, that, like some guy in New York City made like one hundred thousand dollars, selling Chucky
these coins to people on the streets as Bitcoin, so I'm a little sceptical in Bitcoin, but plus it like didn't start doing really bad Bitcoin Bitcoin, I'm talking about Bitcoin, two GEN, it's the second bit coin in its made by Steven Segal. You might know him from under siege or all of his uh we're all the movies. He did all of 'em they're, all great we're. Just kicking Rosas yeah, yeah, wow yeah. I mean it. Stevens said goals involved in. I think it's definitely something look good too ok, smart are going to buy a car or anything. Oh, no, I'm not. I've never been a big car guy. Like I have a truck that I drive, I gotta buy my Mama car buying her car make sure you do an Instagram video of that
so I wanna make a big scene? Everybody yeah make sure she cries prepper for it be like hey, I'm going to give you a call. You gotta cry all that shit like a big emotional Hagen like thank you so much yeah I'll make sure I get on this setup. Ok got that last line of your contract. Was it a debate over whether to put the word like love or sincerely or yours truly, I think it was just like
women over who signs at first sons- and that's that's a good point. I don't know I well. I guess I did yeah, but because there is a I sent a first and then they took it. They signed at noon. Okay. This is interesting. We never really get into like actual contract signing the only contract we ever had was the S p m one, and we all know that one right, your only bring that up. Yes, true, we don't need to bring that up. Well, here is to you Blake and the contract congradulations. It felt like a win for us, even though we don't get any money, if felt when once you send them all, but it felt like a win loss because I I don't know it just felt good in and here's another thing, PETE Prisco, you know peepers go yeah. We asked them how many super bowls will Blake Bortles when before he retires, he said one all yeah, you're you're heard it from the first yeah. We was a nice moment like how tall are you our six four who ends seventies, yeah I'll, definitely close to six five. I say six four, though, just because it sounds better like six five, it's kind of like are you started like awkwardly tall X, six, four, zero! Acceptable! Number! Yes, disagree! I don't know I mean, like you know, Josh on walks through that door. You look at him. Are you just went a little bit yeah you? I die. How big is it six? Five, six four and seven eighths.
yeah. I think I'm right around there, maybe I'm a little bit less than that. Actually, ok, that works alright! Well Blake. Thank you. Thank you for the Oscars reviewed. I think that was the best Oscars review. I've ever done. That was good yeah of the two we've done. That was the best one. I agree. Alright, thanks for everything, and congratulations again, thanks, like thanks, guys, steal another something completely: all right. We now welcome on his Ristorante Canelo Alvarez he's been on with us before we're excited to have him on for the big fight coming up on May fifth. So, let's start with that, we've had trouble g. He said that he's going to knock you out
What do you say in response to that? Don't let him know that of can okay, yes, bill was going on inside the US. Well, I have a flat bottom. Okay, looked as if he was going on in Danica that immigrants and grandma you can. Okay, that's that's to see. You know what I'm going with the same mentality as he is I'm going in with the mentality of knocking him out. So we can only wait and see. I'm too busy said that he's looking forward to returning to the scene of the crime kind of implying that you're Bandito saying that you stole the fight still the Thai last time we think about his words. Do you think that he is talking too much in the run up? So when was the material that Emma that Emma Heming convicted him? I mean this is a man. Okay, I use on the head with it if the filling up and if I could get in the in a Guinness in the course and and and never- and I mean I can yeah we'll- let the man up and we'll see like I said we'll see, and I'm I'm very grateful.
very happy that that's where part two is taking with a second fights taking place, because that's where it should take place with the first flight started, and this one will and so your strategy for this fight. Are you going to try to be a little more aggressive this time around so that to your? So it doesn't end up in the judge's scorecards. Are you going to? How are you gonna change your training, because I know the law.
Fight. There were a lot around three came out hot and kind of faded a little. How are you gonna get that stamina in case you have to go twelve rounds again. This implement that outlet, because of them, is that they can all be a mother will base yeah so much from the from visa. A okay. If I get a lot of non muscle of that, but I think the thing with that is five thousand items as far as anything tonight and it's that they can't implement this. I got a look with us. You said a sealed, my fate as he was in love, Billy, any of them and they the which, along with that's, that's part of it I mean with the the train, is going to be factors into adding more conditioning adding more punches and and that's what we're gonna do in the fight adding to the arsenal. They say that odd that a tie is like kissing your sister after last fight, were you were you upset? What was the mood like? Were you disappointed? Did you go home? Did you celebrate with with a tech? They are survey, server, reset Favorita Takata or did you
you just angry and upset, but still we says eleven out of this place called enough. You know him into a maybe a quote. I think they are quite active bulletins and I'm into something that is something evocatively known about this, but never let them, as in field focal vocal know how Melissa Brittle one of his his phone on you go to a game at the Neil with his experiences he, yes, this is service and will sell you a case, for you know a lot of that. No one, of course, I felt a billion. A look into life is a little bit. I've been no, no, I would not have it all. I was upset. Actually I mean the you: don't train all that preparation all that hard work. You don't do that for for a tie, but you know what that's going to give the public another beautiful fight, another great fight and that's.
with a price prepare for okay, so we're gonna do our siki question this you can put in they are taking to the sea. Captain you get ten dollars off your ticket. I can do you ever use C. Kick feel good to follow it up with us on this ep now. Let us know all that is. That is when the bus, but let him picking with enough because you don't see but the but now and then we went on only when we went in and saw that he left the nest, see that then it is the one that went: okay, okay, when will collect intelligence to see. So that's very good. That's very good because of the public is going to receive.
discount to to order the fight to watch the fight, then that's very positive, very good for that right, yeah. So all right! So what some we we also like to do this with every gas. Where we talk in Spanish to the gas, we do it every gas. So we're going to ask you know questions in Spanish. If you can translate his, I answers back ready, great, so Como, Estos canal we've been content of this of the left very good happy with the right now. We can't escape put three Us Dental Tada, mother, Mark Wahlberg, well, hello meal CC new well in my sport, of course, without a doubt: okay, okay, CNN spoon panel. Both they took
yes to quell as one of their number is gentle petals, one of them all day, loyal to him out. Okay, hotel and rocky that's good. I, like the iraqi por que es in boxer. Okay, s is, is rocky boxer. They love us as well, not nice, because he Rocky is a husky okay night I'll, be it and when and when not to
If it was a boxer, all right how bout this I'll good of this t- Ennis, okay, you're, all bagno, Duron DE um, now a long way so you're not intellectually into it. The this how it may have a good command a e s fast. Thank you know, but I love it. No! Thank God! No! I have the experience. You know to know what the so that that doesn't occur during the fight yeah, no to pull away yeah. That's what we said. Give any other questions. Don't know us no a soda, but to me okay, Dental Brando must pursuant to us, which is not just thank. You could plus a lock. Thank you. Okay, bye love! You I saw Easter.
Alright, we now welcome on triple g he's, got a big fight coming up against Canelo Alvarez on May. Fifth, let's start with that. You guys have already fought a little controversial decision. Do you think you won that fight the first fight and
is that extra motivation to beat him on this fight? On May fifth, your horrible. The there are two fold public school yeah when you look for love, hello, computer still, because all these new for the bill yeah, because you can wear different deals with affordable. You know I was doing my job. I hit him more and the computer showed that in the judges, so that so that's all, I have to say, okay, what short and sweet yeah what what does it feel like to go? Twelve rounds just beat the out of somebody and then you can punch in the face and then having the officials. Will it tight we're nobody's really happy with that. Disappointment was anger. What were your emotions afterwards? Can you not the sound of it would be a bit more fluid the getting to know, but don't put, if you could, you could not afford so not to look at things yeah celeb within two weeks. Well, my name is mission ambush along with them to see anything that as a problem for me. Please can we go anything on this fall as well: Blue Jays really listening to it once a day
I agree with any of the convertible in these last couple weeks. I don't think it really matters what I think everyone. So what happened? Everyone so the emotions of the crowd? So that's that's all. I have to say okay, so triple g. You are well known for being great on the MIKE. After your fights. Do you plan? He that out or do you just kind of shoot from the hip
say whatever comes to your mind when you get interviewed after fight a lot of will to quit the court postal reporter voice exacted on the conspiracy watching a full glass of the J two, we look at some of the photos with. Let let let that that the the protein it thinking that is up to the other one will be children, global initiatives of with, with both the way out. I think I actually otherwise that I'm not as good at responding, because it all happens after the fight. Okay, I'm we believe on this podcast that the human body really craves contact that it feels good, sometimes to make contact. Does it ever feel good to you to get punched? We let the process to get off the phone George could feel a little bit, except for the b seven. We don't have a phone, don't want to kill and both had to die Lebanese for fun,
it is for the life of both of him, which is a full scale list for is called boxing, and all of this is you cannot avoid. All of that. I'm I read on your Wikipedia page that your favorite food is beef. Is the? Is there a specific type of b for just beef in general if the stock, the Leslie, with the message with the silence of with the scribbler? This is still in the front, the myth of cell, and will you vote with the push in the in house? No, I just like food and I just prefer meat. That's it! Okay, nice! We have our c key question: a promo code take put in promo code. Take for ten dollars off your seek. Purchas triple g. Have you ever used? Seek people? Do the Glen swizzle? Stick it probably she can what it is. What is it?
apt to buy tickets to like so if you want to buy a fight, if you want to buy the fight on May fifth I go there in LAS Vegas. You get ten dollars off you put in the problem. Take we have a large family, so nobody, including a wash locals, I honestly, have no idea. Are we talking about? I don't understand question all right. Well, let's do this, so we play this game with everyone that we have on the show. It's we ask a question in Kazakh and they then ask a question to us in English, so we're going to ask a question: we're both going to ask question Cazac? Hopefully this comes through men and Oct Tellem Calais mark. under here, unity, could you please repeat that in Khazak Tillem Kale
see Rooney D metric much more music at the unfortunately, your pronunciation is not as good okay, the G R said. I said: how is my cats act and then I said I like beef to. Can you say that so that we will see how bout arc are pronunciation as it was? How is my kazakh I like beef to this is definitely Cholesky the end of your not supposed to send a letter from within a short time. Okay, not great! Okay, follow up question. It does also give me, because it says: Junior Alice's by Mark Wahlberg. That's what's the book about the commercial world for
exactly I was I was trying to ask if he could beat up Mark Walberg, I saw that they met the other day and had a picture taken, the other hello world more aware of the they will just give this question as well. Okay, it is. I triple g have a question for us in English one. Yet no, no no problem doesn't have any questions. Okay, no problem, all right! Well, thank you thank you for joining us. We appreciate this is great interview. Yeah sure we don't want a more. We one, one rock not see CZ thanks. So much! That's thank you! Hey on years of it, my wife yeah that
that's good yeah, yeah yeah! That interview was also brought to you by daily harvest. This is the perfect time to break out of your comfort zone and try things you've never done before. I'm not talking about skydiving, I'm not talking a base. Jumping I'm talking about switching up your practice game with daily harvest by sending creative recipes with must know superfoods straight your door like a cat cow and avocado smoothie or mulberry and dragon fruit. Oats daily harvest makes impossibly easy to try something new every day or before. You've even sat down to work and because all daily harvest recipes are perfectly portioned developed by train chaff. It's guaranteed to taste great. The problem with eating well is that it usually requires cooking, which takes up time that realistically I'd rather spend doing anything but cooking. That's why daily harvest is the perfect solution? It's healthy. It does not require any real cooking and hardly takes up any time. That means I've got more time to do things that I want to be doing. Try new things. It's convenient free up time, I'm not cooking daily harvest. Has it all, and I've got some details here for you, we are going to hook it up good, daily dash harvest dot com in a promo code, p m t to get three items free,
Your first box, that's provoke, who p m t for three free daily harvest cops at daily dash harvest, dot com, daily dash harvest, dot com, promo code, p empty all right. Let's get some segments first up, we have a TIM tee ball update. He had another shot yeah. This is a second job. Does TIM Tebow have a a shed problems? You have a violence against, it probably does. Does baseball, have a violence against its problem. I like that the Mets organization is really trying to push this TIM T, both thing by being like which just hit a shot, I think to be in another shot. I think they're just gonna start building a load of sheds on the off field so that they can keep this going because this is I'm intrigued. I want to see what the shed hitting streak is going to go to give. This is he's, got a two game should streak yes, exactly in two different ships. That's an all time record that had to be root. The root to should say, be roof not to my knowledge, never had to show this higher. As we know, Ty Cobb never had to shut either still can't believe. They're doing this to you know they should do. They should get a sponsorship from home Depot and Home Depot should just
build some sheds out in right field. I'm the man for the part put all the winter Olympians working there that we didn't care about our it can get jobs. You know or put all the players that have concussions in the shed so that they don't see light and lock him in there with MIKE Leach outside. I like this, but he kind of deserved it. Do you yeah the end is titled radio? What's his name sergeant sergeant's, yet Craig James Son definitely deserved and not to the concussion Shin hello, but did she was wearing yeah he was, he was asking, was asking fellas yeah yeah he's gotta ask what he had to do with that situation, provocation occasions where he played a he stuck his head in places exactly speaking. Questions will go to thoughts and prayers to concussions, so Clint Russ Wilson, is at Yankees Spring training Camp playing little fantasy, baseball and Clint Frazier had a concussion, and he said that Russell Wilson came up to
it's like hey man, just drink a lot of water and you'll feel better. That's what we do in the NFL recovery, water- that's I mean Russell Wilson is now just giving people. Medical advice is so perfectly on brand. For did it work. Is he no longer? Can I think, he's no longer know what Russell Wilson invented just how make time pass. Just like here's. How you get rid of your concussion ready, drink five cups of water yeah day is six days yeah. I feel better. men sleep in between yes, sleep, get lots of sleep, maybe sleeper and lock up and then eat three square meals a day. Take the tube out of your wall and drink that water and then go back to sleep, and then you will be, can cost yeah and avoid act. It is that will give you more concussions. Yes, and if you follow my recipe in six days, I will of cured you so Water Kerr cures sunburns and concussion. Yes, what can it do? I don't know can't can't grow on Mars. It's a good point: yeah soap, little water, we'll see you. Let's see you try to live on Mars, should also can't it get. Cannot demand
We can't win you. A super bowl bet of what Color Gatorade gets put on coach either. Also true, never not even an option for it to be water. Handle heat, oh anti water podcast you can't handle it handle Cold either freezes up yep free under the bright lights and yeah it does it my daughter. Water water doesn't have ice water in advance. What are you going to do about it? What are oh you're going to come on our shorelines like three inches a year, You know what I literally Pist water out of my dick everyday yeah, my dick defeats? What like, probably four or five times, and then you know what I do with it. I flush it down with more water, so water, water, water, on the hot seat yeah. get real steel. We also have thoughts and prayers for Wesley Johnson, who, I actually don't know if you can play in the NBA anymore, because James Harden took his soul. He took his soul, is brutal and the look on his face when you hit the ground like he knew that his soul was taken, there's nothing that he could. That to me was the most uncomfortable part about. It is just like a look of utter defeat on another man.
and James harden. Do it like it's so cocky, because I think we all agree if James MRS that shot the soul taking doesn't take place. It's it's just an ankle break. When you make the show it's a soul. It's a soul snatch, and so James Harden was so cocky and just like I'm just going to stand here for an extra beat I don't know why someone didn't try to just go ten, though see the source water? Yes teammates? Yes, although the series- and you got to fight that guy afterwards, yes, you can't just little black walked on the court and and Papa's Jersey. I also think that it. What do we know what company which company sponsors Wesley Johnson does have a shoe deal? I don't know because if I was like Nike, I would pay him. I would give him a shooting
But the deal is he's not allowed to wear underwear, big baller brand, it's just like hey as an as a Nike Rep. I will pay you five million dollars a year to no longer wear my shoes and the second best part about the soul. Snatching was the people who, like Doug Gottlieb, who said it was actually a travel and a push off, so that was fun and then skip Bayless who king state kings. I didn't see James harden, pull off a single move like he did tonight on Wesley Johnson in last year's closeout game six against the spurs. His whereabouts in that game are still unknown, so think skip only one play and let's go back to what ended up being an inconsequential series against the spurs you know who else got crossed up will besides, Jesus was basing Crosby's field goal. Attempt in that Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay, Packers game coming out of somewhere there yeah so drab, maybe skip, could broadside by the way I have a breaking breaking news: real, quick. This is important. Okay, over the Michigan Iowa Game hit because it went to overtime no, but somebody
NFL network just said that Josh Allen is going to throw the ball. Ninety yards who I just you know what don't you get a break is going to break the NFL yeah? Don't even let receivers run routes form just have him stand back and just throw the ball as hard as you can like ten or twenty times in a row. Boys we hooked ourselves up to winter. Yeah. Oh really winner is going to the moon ends Josh Allen when he had his wing span. Measured people thought it was like fake news there like that can't be right and be in. There was like an argument on Twitter. Well, people saying well those aren't right that those measurements make no sense. No, no, no it you're right doesn't make sense because he's basically superhero. Yes, you know what what he is he's tall seem from street fighter. Arms can stretch all the way across the ice all right. Next up, we have a respect. The biz- and this is for yes, En Sean Miller's about to own Bristol the whole city. I'm very.
because it looks like the wire tapping time line does not add up Lee. The FBI. Agents are wire. Tapping till like two thousand. Seventeen and younger eaten are committed in two thousand sixteen and and there's no proof of Sean Miller on phone anywhere and essentially ESPN screwed the pooch year and they're gonna get tracked. This is, I don't know how you screw this up this badly, because if the wire tap didn't even exist, they didn't have him on the phone they didn't have that the recruit was already signed, like that. Those are three major major red flag that they should a mess and I'm shocked at the FBI would be involved in something as big handled right now. Do you think we've ruined the media, honest question? Yes, because these guys keep making mistakes left and right there pushing because they know that, like at any moment, we could get a dm same chip Kelly to Florida and we'd run with it, so they have to just start. They have to change. The whole game
they got a run with whatever they got and then hopefully say it's just a prank, but guess what you do? You don't have the prank defense in your arsenal. You know what ESPN, if you really want to break news, if you wanna like cover the stuff, you have to go, install your own illegal wire taps like get in the spy business from hello, yes, paean AJ. I like it like that, like book big had that wire tap on him is right on the head, killing him yeah the only found, about because you read about Kim on the boat yeah that veto with up to you. Go visit, Johnny, Cakes, Miller that well and knows we're swinging the boat member when he took Polly out on the boat. That was an intense up so yeah you don't know what I'm saying it all happens. I think, and then yeah so we'll say it. Rodgers spoke right, but you're not just what was going on the later just turn on the water, because that's where it was closed, yeah I'd like to apologize to the hundreds of people out of reach out to me over the past few weeks. Hundreds well being like you know, many people look to drafter Sean dot com, ten million, no we should close enough. Now we should put a new page like QA, with Josh,
and then we just got it just spread out. It's just like you would happen at the end yeah. We actually will do that. So what I want- and some that are already It will never going to watch a show ever again in my life, though we're done with you I'm done. Watering, water and tv's are awful welcome both all we have a stay woke. This is for all baseball. What happened Pft all So this is also not to brag, but we called it kind of of five hundred and thirty eight Nate Silvers website shout out numbers when and x. Rayed baseballs from the year twenty fourteen and two thousand and fifteen and baseballs in twenty fifteen had different cores after the all star break and that's when the power surge started to happen, that carried into two thousand and sixteen two thousand and seventeen that David Stern added again interesting and they still haven't checked the bats, either yeah. Well. We also think that there's a bad issue
yeah, so I'm ok with it. I actually think wish they would say it. Ok, we chicks dig the long ball people, our attention spans are so short. We need, like mammoth home, runs so to make this be obviously playing with a ball when you have the big fat red that, instead of the the little skinny yell about this is actually this is Peak Nate's over, because this guy loves number so much that he saw the number We're not lining up with a new baseball crush. Always rain, wait a second. How can I compare these numbers, the old with something's? Not right he's like okay, when I don't like it his own in a quest to prove that in his mind his numbers with the right numbers, it's So there's like a squirrel that gets extra fat before a long winter like or like a dog that can like starts barking right before an earthquake. When the home runs go too high. He knows something's up, he goes and gets to the bottom of it. It would be the first pitch of the actually? No it because they're making a lot on it yeah. I want the posters yeah, I'm inclined inherent gonna, be in the whole thing to give a load. It's good for brain Mccarthy, we're not sorry for you yeah all right and with that.
We will wrap up the show quick, quick note. We are now no longer because of former, Khloe of barstool sports reviews going very, very high for some random reason. We are no longer the most review podcast. So if you listen to this- and you want to do- is a solid, you know, Regis five stars leave us a review and we'll start doing now rose against roast me yeah. Could you help us out how we need three thousand a pass route for yet please come on. That's nothing! We have literally have twenty five million people looking at draft Josh on dot com every single day. You know if you're real shame if you left a spoiler for sopranos of the reviews. Don't do that! Don't do that so Monday show we have bears Gm Ryan Pace, our first ever GM or head coach in the NFL, so we finally broken through it's like the last. It's like the last level of like Super Mario brothers. We finally got the end and
LOS up Roger Goodell Bill. Belichick loud says the boss right yeah like if we get him, then it's then it's over and we can just hang it up. The hammer Nick Saban, I met the Alabama writer last night and I was like what are the chances of getting excited and he laughed so hard in my is so someday boy can dream. Maybe coach, oh yeah, see Monday love you babe