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Our Lawyer Mike Portnoy And Dr David Chao

2017-12-21 | 🔗

Before we get to NFL Week 16 preview we have an intervention for Big Cat being a 32 year old man who is addicted to Call of Duty. What's at stake in the second to last NFL regular season weekend plus the Browns are probably going to win this Sunday.(2:20-17:13) Fantasy Fuckbois.(17:20-19:53) Our lawyer Mr Portnoy joins the show to talk about various legal issues as well as a year end Portnoy's Complaint.(23:31-47:38) Former San Diego Charger team doctor, Dr David Chao, joins the show to teach us about NFL injuries, ACL's, and other notable superstars that have been placed on IR this season.(47:40-58:59) Segments include Stay Woke is FSU even eligible for their bowl game?(1:04:15-1:06:26) Not to brag but we called it Apple is fucking us over with their iPhone updates.(1:06:27-1:08:17) Locker Room Talk and Jimbos.(1:10:28-1:18:44) Plus we lay out next week's schedule, no one freak out. 

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