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2016-06-24 | 🔗
The debut of It'sSaturday Lets Get Weird features Blake Bortle's Wikipedia Club plus a bonus Harambe tribute song set to Bohemian Rhapsody
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welcome to a bonus episode of part of my take this is it's saturday let's get weird were in a try this out little extra fifteen to twenty minutes of port might take on saturday mornings free flowing not the usual segments weren't you different stuff from and hopefully get a cup a few different guess but we're starting at the only where we want to start it with the first ever meeting of the
blake portals wikipedia club blake are you excited as we are i am extremely thrilled about this i want to thank you for giving us an extension because i had not done the reading honestly intellect thirty minutes ago but i doubt we knocked on the reading last week have you like where you prepared last week if we had said hey let's do it on saturday no i'm sure glad you said that i didn't actually read the snow wikipedia patient to about ten minutes ago
and had no idea that it was gonna be so long with so many dropped on boxes of different types of lakes la la there is a lot of controversy when we gave people on wikipedia page that was almost as long as a book because we as everyone knows not book eyes and and we should use back up quickly the blake portals wikipedia club started because the andrew luck book club started he shunned us we realize you know what we're not really we're not really put guys anyway and blake you're not really a book eyes well when we first had you on you said he programs like one book in your house i think i've zero so on
which were out like half a book or a household i've got the bible i've got to opaque hague has to voice onward during the annual book club i saw averaging between the four of us we have one book each so that's pretty good but so we started this club it's to wikipedia pages a month can i arena trust me right now yeah yeah still didn't do the reading just like you see i'm glad you got out of the way right up front because we were going to be able to tell him that i was gonna bust your boss so ok so i dont is like a spark notes that you can use for wikipedia well here's what i did i looked up fifteen increase facts about snow that's some level that the asylum has not decide ok but some are incredible do you want a couple
first i want to actually dive into the region that we were supposed to have done it was gonna be greatest on friday when we now that we're gonna have the saturday thing i bet you the wikipedia page for snow crashes because these people are acts the zone so blake i wanna get your take what was your favorite part of the snow page i think my favorite part of the snow page was probably the damage section and you know the the different kinds of problems the snow can cause for people i think was kind i opening like what we mean a fur in the trust tree still i just saw the damage category and read like the first having rights and then was actually too long the finnish and then you guys actually called me says a guy could be ready to go i didn't know i will be giving questioned at my own book club meeting what was your what was your least favoured partner wikipedia page
oh i think probably the whole thing you know i don't know if that was your choice or what but i thought we started this thing to not have to re so much and i think the the length of the page really could just kind of through me first spin and really upset me what will we were trying to do is that we incorporate snow because we talk about that last time you're on the shore and how you were confused when you first saw it so we thought there might be a good teachable moment one thing that jumped off the page it me was the part about lake affects know where talked about how the lakes if their warm they evaporate the water and that's why it snows so much like to cleveland brown stadium so like as it as something that you can take away in practice from this when you play up in cleveland throw the football to the side of the field that's farthest away from the lake to avoid the snow as much as possible ok awesome
huge patent law has a nice little to bring their total debt did they talk about funders normal did you're saying yes yes i read the article i did they did talk about understand i don't i don't know what it is but it sounds like it's just snow well while there are a hundred yards so we were slackers that's fine did we anyone do the other reading the book nineteen thirty six rowing team yeah
i seemed at what point did you do that reading i mean i could pull up right now i'm that why you there was a lawyer pulling up i would say what my my least favoured part about the snow entry will all can i also do a couple from backs gay they didn't talk about god at all in the snow entry and it's like why are you going to leave out the main protagonists in your writing i thought that the author was kind of lazy leaving that part out so i read it but it wasn't my favorite i give it like five out of ten ok that's good ranking a baseline raking blake i have a question for you you know how sometimes all say when it rains god is crying when asked knows that mean god is doing cocaine and then crying all suggesting but ok that was good i like that thick it all depends on what kind of god you believe in a bright civil but i'm sure there's some people's gods
christ no progress bodies and otherwise well if if god is doing cocaine then he's probably not becoming for at least like another hour or two so sure that can happen at the same time for a good point here is a fun fact about snow that i read not on the wikipedia about snow but the phone facts about snow now it's actually not true that no two snowflakes are the same did you guys know that i do not know it so it's like it's like fingerprints like nobody has sent finger friend yeah but that's not true that's railways thought but in nineteen eighty eight a scientist found two identical snow crystals they came from the seems from us the same storm in wisconsin thousand wikipedia believe it but true internet we have gone off threw off the beaten path website are you looking on i'm on mental floss dotcom so what would a nerd scientists like you just went around collecting different
snowflakes to study him to see if there is an area where there is another one snows never this is this applies to you blake snow has never been reported and key west florida that that that seems logical lotta cocaine now you watch bloodline not here yet she would spoil it no known i was in the lively seed all seasons no i haven't either but i wish i was willing to go there for our audience i was willing to let you spoil it to me but i'm not gonna do that have you watch all season two i have other would definitely some some unhappy people is it is it pretty accurate or for life like you know killing your brother doing a lot of drugs all that can stuff yeah that that is endued actually just anything else did you see somebody found that actual jack's family signals out of a public did you hear that
retreated that guy you it s pretty legendary you need to get her suzette agus you need to get our season tickets yes if you won't she i mean she needs to be like sideline pass minimum possibly in the locker yeah you wanna get like you know work on a viewer wikipedia club members but were also coming a pr team you wanna winsome nice me no internet pr go viral let's get jacksonville jaguars lady some season tickets on portals and apparently take shirt and we'll get her on tv every single son i was eating an essay just like get her up in the press but booth in ever do the play by play like the colored amateur while again now be while you gotta meet her we gotta meet her as a collective group one other thing would yak what are the chances she listened for my take i'd say protein ninety five percent i don't think he's got a phone oh yeah sure like she's gotta burner yes you got
few burner yeah yeah it's what you know davies alike daily i also learned that snow is a sound absorber so like if you ever have a game up in seattle i don't know if you can like rent snow machine but to kind of drown out the crowd was a little bit maybe you could just like drop a bunch of snow right yeah just like a common they dump water on fires have under that was snow right yeah not see i'm not familiar with dumping water on fires but it sounds like you know you talk about yeah stiffly an occasional thing in florida soak is can you can snow be used to put out of our metaphysics scientifically it's got to write as its technically water true yeah we people forget they do the rest
did you i mean i read the first paragraph said form of water so i figured you just leave thinking appears one here's one other foreign factory igloos can be more than a hundred degrees warmer inside and outside while that allows us that's that's just a wild moment that unita let's sit sink in for a second ok and we're back she we move on from snow yeah smoking doesn't run from snow other rowing nineteen thirty six summer olympics team now these guys went up against nazis right yeah that's what the most exciting part of it was for me is like when you look at two if i look at a wikipedia page and i see a bunch of nazi flags on it i'm going to read the entire thing because i m fascinated with like that whole part of human history right right your letter
as for the public what would your favorite part of rowing at the nineteen thirty six summer olympics team i effective my favorite far personally would be
that oh yeah the definitely it was just like rather than a team made up of people from all across our country it was this the university of washington steam like the actual college team that went over there in one hour you stole my favorite part because that's the second sentence i'm reading it right now is that i mean that was scintillating wikipedia page entry is good because a little bit shorter yeah so that's more our speed we need to really gonna slowly getting i think going forward further wikipedia club we should probably start taking questions from readers right yet we should probably be a little bit more organizing like how we present this year will this is the first time who were learning on fly here right so like going off the fact that the washington university team are universally washing whatever the gold
was able to beat all these world class athletes doesn't that say that maybe after all like in alabama football team could be some professional football teams yeah i mean i guess it's kind of like the miracle on ice back on the day in i guess there's always a possibility so this was the miracle on water which was a type of ice we already tat was more so frozen yeah yeah we finish the wikipedia and snow so please don't go back we're doin we're going forward not backwards i built a question like if you look in the metal summary section of the wikipedia page and like the event typed worth it what is cocksure cochlear sir cox the cox and yeah it's the little short guided super unasked lennox and he sits in the front of the boat and yells and everyone to rob that's the dew delighted with the microphone the keystone of the young
exactly so who on the jaguars would be the best cox cox's i mean the sounds like something like personality wise along snapper would be perfect for you but long snap is usually aren't that small so i'd probably say it had to be our kicker did when i dug what what's they dug what maroon did he sped on you when it was rapid yeah now he was a couple of years a couple rose away from me but there were separated from their special that is partly my head sign that was really really unrelated can we take a look at this wikipedia patient sea like how many people have been editing this recently is like i was looking at some seven there some there's some shady stuff go on thinking maybe there's like wikipedia battle going on
so germany one five gold medals while the nazis on how on so blake my feeling as i think we reach the end of really how far and this work a pdf age we can dig but i'm curious what what do you want to do for our next month yet you get to pick place you get the next two so it's up to you to decide and we're gonna do i'm actually be reading next time i'm scared how to put out a personal guarantee all right how about i'll pick one and you guys pick ones that did a little research and i found one good one and then i'll let you guys have one where do you do research for good wikipedia pages wicked you might say i typed in were first attacked and most viewed wikipedia pages but those raw lame letter fannys wikipedia pages in those
good ones on their myself you know very very protective of our readers and the length of these pages serpent major to keep her dance i went with the john thomas sign which not to spoil it but it is a kind of saying we're like if you get it mri and you're male jim but what happens to be in the mri is supposed to be pointing to the side of your body that's heart o and where oil at you i feel like you did the whole wikipedia now that's just like the first senate saw great yeah right and i just want you know you guys know that i'm actually a negative john thomas sign candidate so sir european his points away from your injuries that that's correct that's gets a decimal insider information there like do i feel like we can use it for fantasy purposes i saw ass he put first reading that everyone asked you for next week would we have one we can approach
put us on the spot with me you did your research with all the like tat in a possible like that doughnuts my big one well pretty lengthy male pattern baldness how how these male pattern boldness dude i like that one i mean just really all you do is helping you know me impress out by big bringing you no knowledge of people how many men actually get through it perfectly rail
by raising awareness yes i love it so next week herb sorry next month god come onto that was a little scared almost made people read really fast there next month we have the john thomas sign and male pattern baldness fur wikipedia club entries and we want to make a little more user friendly so next month when we meet we will take questions tabled like quizzer something autonoe problematic quiz but i think we could take kwairyo yeah but we know we don't want a fail or audience that doesn't sound like truth may for true any final thoughts words i mean i think this was fantastic just totally unbiased here
there are no i think i think really well you younger due for effort extra credit at their if you have an injury that requires that you get an mri or an x ray tell us if you're john tom assign negative or positive don't show us don't show us tell us also if you are female there's got to be some sort of equivalent all oh i like and alienate audiences here we cannot did with male pattern but if you're woman who's ever also small spoiler forty percent are women experience it what the john tomlinson
melvin abundantly be female pay about ok so if your woman with partners tweezer pitcher and your name and so yeah it will also be found where i pick thank you very much we will see you in a month this was fantastic sounds good good thanks for having a good meeting could learn a guitar learning hey learn on learn on learning to get off the jag off and learning all right that was blake bortles wikipedia club the first meeting we're very excited for the second meeting in a month i will make sure you do your readings let's not have a repeat a little let's just be honest let's not have a repeat next month now we are going to do a little treat for everyone it's saturday let's get weird so that means i'm going to do a few things the box on this show when we do the saturday show here is a hurrah may tribute song
set to bohemian rhapsody it was made by better user freddy de boer sounds french little troubling but pfc is going to play the role of harangue bay naturally hake is the zoo keeper i am harangue bays ghost also naturally and we will do together the protesters so here is hernandez tribute set to bohemian rhapsody archipelago is this the real life is this stand to see cod in that zoo live no escape from the bars for me in my eyes looked down do the bow i see
it's just a boy with me because it he took it in order to go guess the was there a love any way that kid's gas around with me me mama i saved your boy before the gun against the need for much longer knows mama for now you're still a kid is maybe cry baby
make it to tomorrow i can't go nothing really matters to lay my time is com since shivers spell my spine i guess robbing him was secure by everybody i've got to by way of robbers goes just gas your base the true mama we want some we ve never been captured at all as we saw little silver back ok do not rule out that's a good solution seed allow a mile from the congo and then
just surprise my nobody loves me that was not the trolls easy come easy go why you let me go let you go we will not let you go let you go out oh no oh do people
ebay user it i've let me instead you went and put a bullet deep inside we did we saw you jimmy did i tell you think i am a little guy over that led me to return to that did it and i did it didn't you honey the bank in matter
then the baby who me for its part presented by par store sports
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