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Pat McAfee (And Adam Vinatieri) 08/29/16

2016-08-28 | 🔗
Live from Las Vegas for the NFL Super contest the guys introduce the 4th member of the crew for the upcoming football season (1:44 - 7:22). Debut of the Pardon My Take merchandise and shareholding system as well as Colin Kaepernick talk from this weekend(7:22 - 15:52). Mt Rushmore of worst cities in America(15:52 - 24:42). Pro Bowl punter Pat McAfee joins the show to talk punting, preseason and the Colts upcoming season (24:43 - 50:47). Segments include Respect The Biz, Hurt or Injured for Tony Romo, Sabermetrics, Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules, and the wildest Hot in the streets with Hank to date.

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