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Paul Lo Duca

2017-05-07 | 🔗
NBA Playoffs and turns out Lebron James is still really good at basketball. Stanley Cup Playoffs talking Blues, Caps, and the series everyone forgets out west (1:07 - 12:58). Who's back of the week in honor of John Daly winning his first tournament since 2004 (12:58 - 21:33). 4 time MLB All Star Paul Lo Duca joins the show to talk about his playing career, horse racing, what it was like when everyone in the clubhouse was doing speed, and a great Tommy Lasorda story (21:33 - 57:19). Segments include PR 101 for the Mets and Dildo Gate. Spin zone for Kristaps Porzingis getting "hacked". Kings Stay Kings for Darren Rovell and Lavar Ball. Embrace Debate. Marlins Man was on National Television so we called him and drunk idea.

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