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Phil Hughes + Mount Rushmore of Clubhouse Cancers

2018-07-24 | 🔗

Football is back because JJ Watt is in the news. We talk storylines we wish would happen at training camp this summer (2:20 - 8:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (8:28 - 18:36). Mt Rushmore of biggest clubhouse cancers in sports (18:35 - 37:52). Former Yankees starter and current Padres reliever Phil Hughes joins the show to talk about his career, the 09 World Series, Derek Jeter as a teammate and whether he views his career as a success. Segments include PR 101 for Gary Sanchez losing his pinstripes (37:52 - 71:49). Bachelor talk for guys that don't want the Bachelor. Tim Tebow update and Guys on Chicks.

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on today's part am i take we have phil hughes pitcher for the sending of powder is also former pitcher for the new york yankees and we talk about the two thousand nine world series so's teammates what it's like pitching all kinds of funds suffuse instituto shows a great interview we also have the amount rushmore of clubhouse cancers in honour of tee o going to haul fame and white howard's new contract and because it is wednesday guys on chicks before gets all that for over twenty years directv has been the exclusive homer and fell sunday ticket the only way to get every live game every sunday good news and i fell fans directv has expanded the service if you're student actively enrolled in a college or university you can now get any fell sunday ticket without a satellite pluses and exclusive student discount to save your eligible go online to an affair sunday ticket dot tv and stream every nfl sunday took a game this season to follow your favorite team no matter where you live use promo code p empty a check out to save fifteen percent package is also available for football fans living in areas where directv is not available watch every out a market and a full game every sunday afternoon live on your favorite vices stream and fell someday ticket live no satellite required again promo code panty fifteen percent a check out you won't hear some of the place you can stream epiphany yes xbox one i got
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let's go let's not its pardon my take presented by far too well that the party line by sea geek today wednesday in july twenty fifth and you know football is back because there's
not a buzz about j j what not being injured he he passed his condition test with flying colours yes and then he retweeted about said ha ha that's funny they come back i'm so embarrassed you caught me crushing like the old man who told you now was it the instagram videos out even of dna and scrubbed video but yeah j j what being like this here the j j walk him stay healthy all year that means football is officially i'm excited for the whole family my tricked my dumb brain tricks my dumb body getting all wrapped up for the hall of fame game and then i forget that after like the first five minutes the game which is absolute auction
yeah they don't even i don't even know if like mitchell joe flacket will play a member the daylight cancelled at a couple years ago two half year was so bad and that guy the sweaty guy i salute the president then if a hall fame took he took the world by a storm stole my breath with how much less what you know what actually dissolve aim game we're gonna get a shitload of archie three yeah where he had so much archie three on that field that has the paint melt all over and become a dangerous point service that is the perfect storm his colleagues please go light on fire yes anxious daniel javert sgi threat there s actually a prime time match up in two thousand and like thirteen twelve
but chased it did oil is a case study of a guy that that looks apart they just shows up in kind of shuts up every single day right and never gets in the news for anything like i'll be your second third sprinkler by god why not yet got a name that you remember my ears like oh yeah chase daniel he's somewhere ok well he's on the bears ashore and i'm sure you'll be somewhere else i'd so with that training camps are starting to report couple have already reported i think tat always a big day right yet was a huge damage was the big day where a lotta teams report you get all the people come and bow the players coming back hopefully no injury stats my that's the worst part about training camps we also we ve done it every year when we talk about what storylines you're gonna hear for training camp you know i'm it's gonna be like the guy you lost twenty pounds looks faster than ever the guy catches everything all these stories that we they basically just copy and paste there
from last year you throw it in there they are the coach that's taken the training wheels off his second your cubey up opening up the playbook low but does not give a lot of those yet the second year to be ready to take the the jumble rhine ten hills gonna take the next step towards his year so we're not gonna do that because everyone else is going to do it so we are going to instead do training camps storylines we wish were real or we but here that are not actually gonna happen but we're like ours in a hard like to see yes so you throw it just go off just throw out there are my first one this is a big ask but at man o b so nice i'd i'd like to see andy red attempt a condition tests oh i so i also at any rate down there i said just a story about any red running late game clocks scenarios like this any red he's gonna really put in the time and effort this year to learn how time elsewhere work what they should do they should actually just put any reading inside i get in isolation chamber in kansas city just with mad and simulations
on twenty four seven and have him just like do clock management format grant that although he would definitely thing where his finger slips and he like you know any finger slips in you and you hike but you also pass this time when you have called a time out by acts and more sense any red basely for the entire sixty but also the buttons on the controller might be little small for anti chinese have like those old people phone buttons they're just like massive i ask untrue my grandmother had one of those guys how about how this one have a peak karel being like a taskmaster this
maybe pico go the other way been like new team no more fun no more pranks i'd like to read a story about pete like has peak carol turned a corner stop chewing gum and started being a disciplinary and now he's writing for pillar fact check to yeah he's a very straight lace righto conspiracies round yet also like to see that he cares what would it be welcoming internet rumours year what a precarious due for the first stage rank he made the entirety march loose change joe p carolyn note the opposite he switches it all up o p carol starts running for slopes yeah ok that's actually got yea i like that i like that how bout i'd like this so we always see mountain from ghana thrones show up around this time you're just like in various lock rooms like all discuss big let's let him into locker i'd like to seem put the pads on and get a shot to make rosters fallback who ok who says that
brok lesser comes back that also would be one i'd like to see our he's been offbeat isna yeah coffee had kind of kind of a long while he's actually he probably has because in between debenham me and you have seriously we are now well off cycle we all know how strictly he follows those guys yet will know i'm saying like he literally is probably off because he's not like actually actively gearing up for something as soon as he is then he will be back i was gonna say i'm sewed are sweetbreads junk coon hasn't been to active analytics aroused right up i'd like to see make a comeback but i'd like to see make a comeback by announcing on twitter recreating the undertaker still live giff junketing just like in bed just rising up i like i'm out i liked ottawa a lot the browns they're gonna be on hard knocks have of the brown just like now having anything light on fire or anyone get horrifically injured or baker mayfield doing something stupid like that would be cool just one whole training camp or the browser like hey this could work
just normal yet other already there already not normal because or do the thing we have to earn your stripe yes elected skidmore that goes down your helmet ass sir making you earned at this yes i would like to see an owner sexting oh who came this debate which owner would you like to see most jerry jones agency old wives number one i guarantee that exists i bet shod con he's got the porn stars hash bob bob craftsmen in vegas like parting with macmillan and bent summons i am again in the next with the young you bob craft i don't want you to take this wrong way hank but am i guarantees get small penis while age i feel your everything shrinks with age i stand cranky i feel like you do in ice wide shut thing it would be like not so he wouldn't be in the porn but he be watching the people
in the corner yeah getting caught longs long thin cigarette and whose be mustache it's pretty good just passing pa bob mcnair maybe inviting the whole team yeah till i began bank can get back in their good grace you see i have a level of old team show a whole squat yet all squad are the only one other one i had written down was a baby a good name for to hiv ellie squad the hare who now browsers when you make this huge please make sure that we get a cut the houston sections or free day whatever you want the oil is gonna drop below the loss of natural here but that as there are companies i just add one ran down just like a long story about how my tom and actually has control the steelers yes a whole ok this we use he's got his finger on the pulse the steelers this is needed no one's no one's upset no one's instagram you know videos like from the closed door me
none of that stuff might tom and really gotta under control this year in pittsburgh i like to see does brian signed with ramps and i'd like to see odo becum get traded the rams and i'd like to the bread and martial get cup i'd see hawks sign bosnia i just want every every head case yet on the rams i would be happy if one time shall raise gonna have is his little hansel yeah but he's got that nice he's at the nice their desired now we till talk that beard not a football gunnar legal to manicure liked beard but you're no way you have to do some allying rueful togo and care will not just jeffreys you're getting a job we as job but in others a better job real george bush yes just someone bring an end to just be maybe all what if your fisher was he's been the booth some here but what if he was like the wrath of the inter team scrimmages they do doubt would be cool topical yeah i mean someone in their quality control of the entire game jello azure would have jeff fisher was like the real
i challenge adviser from up in the booth but he would just his whole job would just be to tell the coach which pocket he has its flag zia seventeen paddy andy it's in your right back at which right out show ship other one i should do he killed girls do it yet the sooner we get our mount rushmore which is very contentious say right prove oh yes it's gonna get the people gone on fifteen march start right my huts my first words can be the narrative and putting the narrow on the hot seat more specifically the narrative that lebron james doesn't have any good teammates ok because supercool bees michael beazley said they asked him how these lakers are gonna mesh he said well i think it's gonna come together like basketball team so that's a big big spit in the eyeball of all people out there the haters and the losers have said that the lakers didn't have a basketball team and he also said you got fourteen guys
other than lebron james that know how to play basketball yup so also fact also likes beazley wasn't high for this now just as they have been re too much sense he's got the math rave it did anybody actually believe that michael beazley knew how many players when an astronaut now i dont really not well and also his supercool bees while those guys like you above all we want is not smoking he's just like a really boring guy he needs that to bring out his in personnel himself my other hot see is the chicago cubs who because marlins man is he threw her can you guys law have you seen the idea you ve made a powerful enemy and marlins man very upset with the cubs brass he doesn't have it in for the cubs fans he made sure to indicate that he still loves people watching i've seen the empty but they're not do his line outside like it in the open their banishing him to the concourse
for everybody that once come undertake picture of this is embarrassing for us as big jury journalists because you have not seen the up what is the update the update is he got to the bottom of it so he went on a full on twitter tat temper tantrum because he couldn't like you said take his pictures any blame the cubs and then he talked to the cubs afterwards prob we went right up to rickets office and got a meeting with what he's got his own our turns out it was the arizona down backs family members that were complaining about violence men not the cub security so he on he apologized to the cubs any but he took off the curse i think the damn backs family members curse ok so the idea the diamond baxter cursed sorry inherent you might wanna help help help squat out so he is just to be clear at wrigley field he is allowed to do the line of people take more yes but how security will not stop out in the open yes ok i was going to say like what's next like it he s drink from a separate found
like this is some serious discrimination from our own the best part was when he showed the when he's showed the hypocrisy of the cubs and it was just a beer vendor eyes doing his job how come the vendors are allowed to like up and down the aisles but i can't have forty people lined up to take a picture with me in the middle of an any sense you i saw you know what i'm big enough man to admit fact check in real time up the hot seat is now in the years on a diamond backs so boom the idea that it was peak marlins man honour on monday night he he was going on he was going on and on and yet the official official bodies so after game cubs curing ushers explain what happened and we successfully took pictures everyone and so i guess it was the other family members were were
very upset after comedy club security two games in a row to leave my seat between innings to go platform photos cubs fans request last night they stopped that prohibited photos between none of this makes sense between innings at d backs family's request but didn't tell me that until after the game okay so tough tough if you're a d back then i got miles mountaineer s very very bad for you would enough record my call throne i was nervous by the way we are the only only i was like i cannot deal with amongst men no i mean the indians have won the world series since you put a curse on work of true true he also their retroactively engage to yes i ve never one world series even before marlins man prefer that's how powerful he is yes sir my call throne is can be dad buds tom brady had his his picture taken here
rock and dad by again i will put you go in there are people were surprised by that are like how can i get you something really by pooch schoenstein privilege norma he had seen oh hi word i've got i've got a little push to know must sustain privilege for turning the year you're not think you're thin that is approached know you're thats approach this is listening i've learned that thin privileges a real problem that we are dealing with a thin people think that like the world is just made for them well he does have a dad bud and he is like what if yeah he's allows having bad but i think once you get three superbowl how much stronger and humanitarian aid to like those of the world's most successful model it's ok to have dad bod that's a good question his diet there's nothing is diet that lend itself to creating that bad right which i don't after that something have official had it but the picture of him in the combine he had a dead body he's never not headed
had persuaded he had stolen our dad bowed he had dad by before he had kids he turned up top up liability somewhere lookin for the other dad body is recurring guess on the show purple emma peaceably lemme appeal about a purpose because he is now working for the patriots he's got official job i think his job title is like consultants to bilbil i the actual assistance to the travelling secretary to the bilbil giant emma a red flag on this one i don't think brevity my dad not just a house i know you're saying and i thought about this or if he has the ultimate dead but he's got the god but ok that's that's just the alpha dad ok he's got the on the table little league baseball dad dad but yeah i'd have to look at how to take a look at his legs because i think when your cat when you're like ankles
also grow then you lose a dad bod during me the dead bodies kind of have just been eating pizza and basically every day for the last like three years in my body just kind of falling apart when you get the ankle support too and you have like those when you when when when a guy's shoes start to kind of bend you don't mean when they go sideways on you in your car spilling out your shoes that's when the tear pod their very specific one thing i don't know what i'm talking about being i love about him though is he has the the ultimate football guy look which is when he's wearing a whistle around his neck and the whistle doesn't it isn't fall down all the way due to gravity it gets perched upon the top of his belt yes it go sideways their perfect yeah yeah awesome video call off my other cool throne is my fashioned since so you guys may have noticed less like weaker serbian weren't we revealing this already yet it's really cool leave i should call my shot tat morning really cool levi shirt it's actually french is my french value body in america
in america so i noticed that brag i was over in france for low bit honour vacation went to normandy saw the troops where that all the troops were back when the troops to the but one thing that i noticed in france is that everybody where this levi shirt it's like a really big fashioned thing so it's gonna come over to the u s and i'm calling my shot ray i'm gonna be the first one in the u s delay at all so then when you see all these famous people where do i go pfc actually introduce that the united states i i i i actually agree with you because i have noticed that more often put i feel like you should hear your point cards little too early because now it's gonna be like now people they are they wearing it because pfc set it or they wearing it because it was also a fashion trim not for her no i brought it to the island i was the first point in range to say so i have let it happen people a week s p of teacher non away aerial it's my pressure its french into levi's classic started to run
something i would agree with you on deciding that gets a little jealous are honest i'm ahead of the fashion curve that's ok i wanted you to like literally have it i wanted to start connecting the dots and their own a blank while wise everywhere sure i'm the highly it's always why the hype beast of this too i mean i just think that those fashioned trend is something if you don't say it then you're even cooler than saying it disagree with you as a fat i so yet limb would it we think bubba dope shirt thank you regarding my heart c i a couple are the first one is plaintive fitness so
do you guys know their tagline is that their judgment free zone are they recently arrested a guy who walked in stripped down naked and sardine yoga excuses that he does a judgment free zone putty still gonna arrest of their their credit credibility on hot yeah you guys like doing squats barefoot all the time that's like the new things like bear for running barefoot squads yeah he just taking the next level a greeks they would exercise nude overtime really cheap you do that you yourself pointed fitness estonia hot seat is big cats relationship of coach harbour because at a big ten media day when asked about gambling he said gambling don't gamble socio gamblers avoided like the plague don't walk away from that run so what's that live and yeah it felt like he was staring through my soul so ass you know about you
i don't know i might like it if coach harbaugh hit me up was like hey you got to stop gambling otherwise i never talk to me again it would be it probably take me ten seconds to be like all right sorry we'll never talk again but it would be that ten seconds you know i would think about it what i would have you said i bet you you'll never gambling and i've been a little bit of a people and i would add that call her he wasn't he was talking directly india it was sad because like i dont think that he knows the extent of your gambling now but it was he was just like so directors no way they block that back yapping maybe you just talk about kit college kids marriage is basically said we can friends he was somewhat college own socio gamblers is a tough that's a tough line for him in you as a network as had agreed at agree at a great there's nothin i so here are my cool throne is mars and the moon so but the big month for both ma
ours is gonna look brighter and the night sky over the next six weeks then it has appeared in fifteen years so people are able to see mars and then on friday elon musk is gonna big boner he's like i can almost reached on touch up on friday it's gonna be a full blood moon and secondly how long is one in this century that's how yes that's all you know blood donors that just turn the full moon that turned blood red we shipwright taiwan guys on checks and arms that's when every woman i know you think suppers we're in trouble guys hum i my heart seeds is the ramps because they just signed todd girly to a is a four year forty five million guaranteed sixty million they also receive and they also gave brenna cooks a huge contract somehow they have not given their best player and one of like the top five players in the league jared goff aaron donald a new contract so i feel like this is not headed like you got to take care of that guy right
i've been seeing a lotta takes recently the tug girly isn't that great of running back am i wrong to think that he is very good think he's very good i was bad to start because he was not you no injury on news the don't take my coach the ok those things no they move the team that was part of the problem the time zones in fact him up he had a hard time adjusting to west coastal and all but he's yet he is good running back he's very good right back but i agree arundel was a guy that changes the game yes so i feel like you a lot back i up my other hudson who is iu sada for busting ryan lochte for not doing steroids but taking a picture of him with an iv and that i guess is against the law cuz you can't these satellites can have an ivy unless you're like hospitalized like that's there's gotta be a ryan lahti rules like larry bird rural like you have a rule where rhine lock these of course he's going to get drunk in vegas too and i ve taken in scram for you know for the gram let's look the other way and i agree
you shouldn't be allowed to plead ignorance but you should be allowed to plead locked yes exactly exactly my cool only is kevin love so i feel like kevin so you're a resigned with the calves i think it was a contract extension one hundred and forty five million dollar yeah i feel like kevin love is finally like reach happiness he's done he's actually going to look back he's going to have a careers like he was the man in minnesota made some money gets shoot ball i could handle the ball then he had to be le bronze be word for a really long time yup tehran's robin and then now he gets just beyond the calves unlike hang out and not make to play us and shoot ball eyes at ashcombe the perfect career i think to calves are gonna make the class who put that's my i'd take i think they're gonna be like a seven or eight see who ok arabs and browsing the players in the same year even on the come up i could see it yeah i mean kevin love is he's gonna go back to two motive judgment and yet one of georgi needs more shots
are the calves and better treatment without neuron james oh man finally we will be able to show that we shall also be because the east and the west the disparity between the two leagues like if the if the lakers get like this succeed in the west in the in the cab somehow get like the fifth year in the east will be always had the bronze sexual would be very much do you kevin love is going to like become the de facto gm likely braun was i know like this is i am actually kind of like kevin i think there are some people equal i would give him the one i wanna go play for continuing i'm a man you what a ring say uncle is really no pressure after leubronn left make a lot of money hang out you'll put up stats live a good life cacambo that i love it so yeah allowed their love is on the fourth round yes finally i let's do arm out rushmore so we have in honour of
theo go into the whole thing and white howard signing with the washington wizards which great for chemical pointed out that team negative some common icecream gaia bradley b oh i just i just each glue not think about is covered genius move like bradley bill and john ball don't get along what's the like find a common enemy in locker room and they'll get along so dwight howard hunt shows up yeah it known that's actually a perfect analogies like if you want this if you want a country to night you just go to war get somebody rice exactly that's that's its close yeah i so we can still use those two guys thereof eligible but we do rushmore of locker room cancers so hang i go aren't you go for even start pick out i'll tell you what we'll go pick cat hank me ok som ominous just go with it because dwight howard is my number one in like the world took her he is ever
he goes he is terrible you have the stand van gandhi interview which is the most awkward and of of all time when standing gandhi confirmed that white howard ass firmly get fired and then too i walked into the interview put his arm around standing army was i put up guys and then the report said so what are the report is that those reports are true and therefore as i stand being any literally just confirmed yet and his face dropped he's back on the magic the lakers way rocket see you're you're not you not saying a right here he learned man she spent years labour rights allow ireland wasted about usin flew with russia worked with some rockets like a hardened like the hawks gotta stung i hornets and now he's learning magic again with the wizards but he didn't say the magic thing again so lucid now he gets to learn how to be was yes so he's been with all those teams he's ruined all those teams he is like i honestly think like there if put him on your team here just basically ok was put into
here in either you're trying to get you guys to get along like john while a broadly beale more you just trying to destroy your team from within yet that's dwight howard hank go ahead where is quartet surrounded him no gets rid of venus reunion area close to this period in current not nine i'm a number one i guess we'll be at west indian remind allegedly good one but if you put a my life is not allegedly cause he allegedly bang the bronze mom when he was on the bronze team i can't do that you cannot do that against geico yeah don't do that ok fifty you go ok my first one i'm surprised at last this long actually is generally regarded as the number one lock room casual time through loans we ireland the z ozma that's good and don't cultural he's an i love this i don't think we ve talked about how he's not going to can but the fact that he is he's blaming the media for not voting men right away and saying
they give me on fair rap and the way he's punishing it is it is making something all by himself and detracting from all the other guys we're getting inducted cancer is literally a bad teammate on the team of guys that are getting inducted all things and this is classic tito like he is i think out of all the names were going to list here he's probably the most talented person yeah so like he was unstoppable and prime yeah he was such a locker room cancer that you could even have wanted to yeah and he you had the courage to go through its yo just off the top my head you had the time he was doing the crunches in his driveway he called jeff garcia gay he blames don mc nabbs conditioning gun to fight with you douglas fistfight yak room he idee did something with the cowboy just in practice for while he made on word or show up at his house everyday like report and what's gonna happen then it was another who is our stationary bike on the sidelines faking injury for like our citizens are already observed all timer island and then people forget he was on the bangles yeah with chatter
there's a guy who might menu lady honourable mention so my number two is going to be alex square that's good when i had my letter to be twelve method yet never sure is destroyed or as he destroy that patriots locker room up never gonna win that's a good one again as i am not in a locker room oh that's how bad it gotta we'll know ass dear doesn't make sense not in the locker room so how could be lock on cancer my number two i will go with soulis joe jackson oh you blame him deborah yosemite got banned yeah got banned from the weak forever and got eight other players ban as well interesting the black socks decker but you know one without him kevin cost whenever stars and feel dream also true so you really wants to put that on ok locker cancer but box office ok i will go so eager to hear
go where john harks the famous nights ninety eight world cup logistics eric won't know aguinaldo emitted a real yet he a couple years ago he fought his wife right before the world cup and then got cut from the team does an all time like what you do and it s so omnia arab wilder he he confirmed that the i got cocked via his teammate right before the world cup and then my next one is going to be i'm gonna say john rocker the origin kenny powers he basically be made everyone in your kingdom and also all you may take em all at once but then you get a standing ovation we went on the walk yes true that's true i thank god number three i will go with the trail spool good one choked coach probably not good
ro locker morale and who knows maybe coach you gotta ask yourself the question what is coached do in that sector to provoke whither elements provocation mp3 careless mo had that nice bushy beard he probably just looked like the nice fluffy sweated of warm your hands up i you got your last two pfc ok i'm gonna go with gilbert arenas on my left forget he pulled a gun honesty made that's pretty bash room i would think and then for my last one ok so i was i go a very bonds but you know what i'm not because i think it was all jeff kinsfolk yeah go jeff can't as my lot jeff can't thought was venuses faulty he wasn't one out o the money true it was trying to do right yeah yeah acronym went to jail yes so but ok you want to put the gun yeah but again grindin gotta pay your debts right it's so jeff canto good one all time ass i m like one of those guys it ask an ass any ten people now back yet that's a ticket
hey you're last week my last one i will go with mri essay took took three bucks players howard and they had to how long were they out of the block room for like three games or something yeah they were at that was a that was a bad scene there so little really toward the locker room apart and it was also a pin it was in cleveland for a while to the air was still exists always in cleveland likely like helen when it all just browsing around the week that would be a day if i were you on wednesday lawyer you already have too many options you might as well just blame it on mercer yes i my last one is going to be about milton bradley yeah i was a big isn't it kids it's ever walked the earth he had the meaning
i know he was a dick everywhere he went i think played for he had like so many chances where he was like a super dick had that while we got another he got another chance and then he d at just one of them's cubs gave a chance and he thought he bumpo bond to opt for bulgaria thing or faults we know something in the locker room then he got kick off a team with like still teams of those guys who projects like the hump way he's a guy that if he wasn't named milton bradley arrived to kids poor games he he would have done more than four shots but the memorable name in its just like a very innocent resounding city play for i think he played for eight which is like that's almost impossible for a guy who has actually tawny talent to play for eight teams and yet it is funny when you google images but no drowsy put one two three four five six seven eight eight teams who
good job not bradley i what do we mess and that we must have few yeah my honourable mention judas real bad laconia sawdust he made out for gold pieces silver he up to their two pictures i think foreigners category joint varas and carlos ambrosia we're both ok psychopaths so here's where my here's what i want a safer causing brine defence a big see yes he was very passionate pitcher but you could also make the case michael bear it also kind of a locker room below cancer and michael baron carlos embroider when they got to this fight in the dugout the cubs then traded michael barrett sultan probably it was all a contract orderlies almost little it was like a who could be the bigger locker room in a corner cn talent and all that but that will if that doesn't fit my narrative narratives are the cool through us hussy identify my narrative about odo backup odo becum i also have another one from other votes that giants team from last year before
the marshal yeah i mean i've set it long time he's no heed these a guy without much talent on that many teams never been to the playoffs trying to fight of try to fight robbie gold and in chicago try to fight autonoe people i feel like in miami marijuana did the thing where he just for producers at a practice and just like didn't catch the balls you just had em down went to my all time favorite cliffs wasn't it that's when he was in it when he was in denver there was a practical way better yet where he was walking around just taking balls and just putting on a lot of yeah he's definitely up there it bobby benita was so bad the idea you such a locker cancer that they got rid of em and are still paying him now which i feel i probably gets the current locker room upset nix elder father we're gonna go god we was thus in jobs is a real asshole real asshole but now it nick did it
the job rebranding himself through he used to be called nick the prick yeah and now he's ago your lovable guy with a corky acts and we like india the shrew in there is a locker room and income as a tiger major fuzzy's our john mcenroe lou jha oh what is airlock remember what's the coffin and tennis golf the acting in a while ago and a lot of hot air like are actually kind of supposed to be nice to each other tennis i feel like tennis kids are all weirdos lean private school kids don't knock off knock off knock off you know you don't have to go tell us you have two yes we're about bill roman ascii it meets career yeah i punching many high yap pretty pretty high up you gotta have enforced under tat he also was like a pretty noted racist so he would be a lot of things it is teammate error the opposing team i don't pathologist side effects on early tat he was to hear so you can't answer steroids is actually the lot and earnestly times larger cancer i had one that i want to throw out there for embraced debate doll sterling
well on cancer or actually yeah no i brought him together one that last season little bit right but i would say for the previous what thirty seasons he was the reason why the cliffs yes so i would give you that when an creepy very very very very creep did all timed quoting that deposition was which one where i he was a guy you know i really like it when you put your mouth on me and she sucks for me it makes me feel good feels great and the like sir we were asking you like about the color of your suit i read it had nothing to do with a just outside by gonna blow jaya it was like to michael scott deposition yes perfect and i also had a totally is definitely lockerbie daily everything i was gonna say fred acts but i don't think you're going after you just like an asshole yeah using yet ever like whatever fredericks who cares i will embrace debate is in us he was like a locker room common cold yeah right you're like a little sniff sneezing right yeah you take a little bit of emergency and you can get fredericks right out your sister art so
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is a picture for the sending of potter's how many parties can you name the split acting i think they can do about all of em now if you have if it had been my first week ok it would have been drafted is a mechanical on the robber who is there mccann on the ross man roster does that are in trouble but twenty five i think i'm goes hostler yeah yeah ozma was the big signing so i got well myers will myers address able myerson that's one from it if miss no no shoot till he who's the other like give us another science yeah marquis nay thyssen raw so you clearly richer and now what i wanted i could say after when clayton richard i know yeah oh yeah floats might you know kirby
it's in the balkans are closer now traded brad hands a part of that area bread hannah you yet we got dc guy craig stamina oh can deliver memnon whom any tweet city needs to be worried about this gone round with deasey guys thanks ok he did want to ask you one ass the guy's how the unlimited mulligan god can get us on kennicott hours this question that you don't want to face that we of course is a monster so you're in studio i appreciate coming you playing the mets this week it worked out i've been fine you forever and you ve been following me forever as well so i spent a long time coming i have asked the first question you know a quite the first question is gonna be an ethics are you sure think about what i'm obsessed with and then
about your career he started as i gotta go to correct the rod now he i think i know what you're going to our gratitude any censures nosegay asked did to dare cheater ever have sex with you no actually i never i've never received to give back now lasted your inner pinstripes the all important question for anyone who played for the new york e g the yankees virtue of the eye limits oh my gosh like to do you imagine like a guy going out there like after his losses pinstripes in their government all white uniform do that they absolutely urgent matters should tat are in just basically white she also i should as problematic from voters either take that back did you and your pinstripes i dont think i did no i mean no one world cereal layers and i feel like half the people just like gimme a past cause of that but i feel it the other half or two still i heard of me
thank you did because you won the world series the year that jazzy annalisa pisan came out the now your new york so that made that world series like a little bit more like i am even i can't even listening that song anymore i'm times it you gotta listen to that after one like a thousand it was on blue they are out on here that's all i'm ok i'm research out with an easy question for me you're what six four to forty spies and my little plus on the two forty one she player is a real sport like our football well i mean i was doing my first question forbid catlike did your billing linebacker brow yemen except i got arab noticed some guy genes on today but i have a twig legs so it's a blouse i've been told i'm a refrigerator on sticks are basically spongebob body will if you're on defence obey really goes love ya you shrill near the wash rings euro and bringing the painter i just need like my ass is big enough my legs are big enough i don't have the engine behind anything so i would be like like a big ben type though tat hard to bring down we area
well what do you notice have it on the ready he s absolutely so you start your career in new york where new york now did you come back and do people i recognize you or anything like that or you have give good memories are bad memories of your time and you're really good those bright like a few times when we come back here and arts that's cool legged swallowed the city like i wouldn't want to live here again the outskirts of it's gotta tough yeah especially if you're like not doing well it's like pretext sometimes people get on you like wood where is it would would you go and get a copy of that when i fought like normally like even people on twitter you saw me like what are you talking about rather alarmed is getting like i love you but i will hear like no shame real if there is a good on what was the worst experience tat while i was walking down the street like just going to get a coffee or some in the morning and some guys like you fill use my guys you need to pick it up man always
first awesome the fancy you'd have to deal with in those situations or the new york media mimi was easy like us to follow a global be riders from when i was here they're thereon fair like there is public the headline in on the back page like sky blows whenever but like dark some cells rose fair i feel like i feel the fans were the toughest part but didn't when you're winning its tossing rang in two thousand nine probably was really z so you like i was reading your wikipedia doing a lot of research and your career i saw you you're one note you start out you are like the top prospect in the yankees organization you're the fourth best prospect in all major league baseball did the hype ever get tee a little bit we ever reading like the when they report comes out because it's kind of human nature right yeah
sometimes it's kind of a burden like it was it was unfair times did really you know when you when you're high up that much it was like the guy you of iran and double ailing what's he doing knows it was it was pretty like nerve racking at times but it was also cool because i got like a lot more opportunities because like you i pray you understand around the big leagues as long as i have interesting totally remaining about that yeah like you had come up as an unheralded guy right you probably would have been thrown cast off pretty quickly so your second start ever you throw no hitter you tweet your hamstring and i read in your wikipedia and you could tell me this is true or not that that kind of screwed up your mechanics basically for the rest your career in a weird weight so what i like how explained that's me like i'm three years old so
back then i used when i would land and use you guys do this it savary very common by doesn't berliner does it like his layers completely straight and almost like boughs and a little bit and then he like comes right over his top leg and that's what i used to and ever since and i can't do it anymore as i have always land with like a bent front me and not that it's like a horrible thing but i was never able to do what i used to like a little bit tighter yet so i just imagine like your front legs is being completely boat out and then like almost like inverting a little bit like your front athlete comes over like that and then after that i just i just lay like this like cashing bentley dont see that's enough is crazy like baseball pitching mechanics i feel like it so i mean the ets obviously people say the veto at being able to repeat your mechanics is the hardest part was like the most violent motion in sport wrangles unnatural right there's no there's no instance in human history were like a cave man had to go out there and like snap his arm ninety times a day so i did
that actually like how sore you the day after you throw ninety pitches price like equivalent to when you guys like do stupid shit like did sore outside you know like i gotta go if you go and do something that you like not used to rare i play like us off bulgaria site thing just i kind of soreness like that you're not like heard or injured but you dislike not feeling great of eureka and try to pitch on on one day rest what would the drop in philosophy behind us i always wondered this so like the internal and would like get your clothes but i would say prior like two three miles an hour maybe an end i think it would like drop off faster than like the apex would be if you don't owe me like you would just get exhausted like after and do you think that pitchers these days are coddled babies when you look back at like the guys and in like bob gibson was throwing you know hada depictions and stuff do you think that that like mate being extra
therefore with everyone's pitch count has now made it almost bad for the pitchers because i don't have the stamina goes long yeah well like baseball modern baseball's ruining starting pitching like you see guy starting relievers now put that on an old yeah that's outbreak frequent liability also killed yes now it's travellers have killed starting pitching yeah i mean the royal in two thousand fifteen they basically were like our wishes we have an unbelievable plan we just gotta get to know the success that if our started and get us through like five which like you all these like get off my on geyser like back my day you know but that's the way baseball's going and if they expand rosters it's over to be not gonna be starting pitching anymore interest gonna be bunch relievers your best guys thrown out therein orange runs and so what you ve done both you start you ve been a set up guy if canada at all is there any difference in terms of either your strategy or just how you approach a game it as like
don't know if you know you're starting that day as opposed to okay i've got two innings in me today relieving is different just cuz you always have to be ready you know like there's no like i got four more days i go out tonight it's like there are always on calls you would rather be a starter no but do starters i am sure this is true i've always thought this do starters get like extreme sunday squerryes right before their start like the day before your start because i would i always a procrastinator myself today right after i finished my certainly came up the mountain bike party time excellent like i'm never starting another again and then it would just slow we get to the point where the day before and like all my gotta go on do the scan yeah maybe as its like
you would rather do either one you know it's like that these each other pros and cons but relieving is really interesting because you have to stay relax gives you just can't be nervous wreck the entire time but you also cancun to relax goes right of falconry anytime rhiannon like last night we are all talking about like our worst diary as we ve ever had and the bullpen and unlike the phone rings and you're like right let's go be clarity otherwise your worst area i've had a couple yeah game actually had wanted a week ago real again vows backed up sites ok i'm two stools oftener than some milk and eggs and easier thinking like our two this pass and i'll be good to go of course it has made on the phone rings for me are you sure while you were in the open now i want to know how are you not everyone has affirmed the fire like one o clock think like i forgot could be good said the court gave no problem boom right then so those one said
i had a race down like do squat and then like show wipe right back like sometimes sometimes if you really sick the show i possess need could you purcell for the rosin bag like if it happened to you in the middle of the game is there anything against the rules about that but i mean i think you're like butt cheeks would never become unsafe yeah that's right without plug your right up to crap any genuine decline to just be unnatural clincher why don't you do more hidden baltics have you tried one maybe they can little eager dead i always wished pitchers were just as it is an unwritten rule that you now are you not unwritten rules are gone like bad flip sir like me market true out its there's no such thing as european rules i feel like in other days of light dallas brain get off my mound yet another over run all over that mount the earth itself tickets and gets people in the seats like you'd be ok with that
absolutely rogers near walked court lifted his leg undermine and walked why was i then you can do about anymore because there's nothing else how many guys be thrown out because so saw your manager someone a year dugout told you had to i think once ok cause find if i admit it now i think so it's just so say the name no only name yeah will not known will now put so how does that process goes like legislate this way maybe no one said anything but it was like a wink way kay now you gotta bacchus up way roman there wasn't even like that like there was this guy was being an idiot and like our pitching coach came over and said like next any got hit this guy that's awesome then do it i've missed twice i threw on right out of any like some a guy the way and that is one of my cookie i gotta go in a little bit more to get this guy i know it behind him and he was
pass the manager got thrown out he got thrown out i stand again and end with rather the batter got thrown battered thrown out their manager got thrown out you stand i still that even better the heading up you know you can't be fine because the majority ruled on that your good governance i mean the up already ruled on your good year was over time we did it on your own volition like i gotta do this because i go to protect my teammates let me once or twice but i just like back the guy off like not really like trying to like him you know right because like for my crew dr i've mainly like not on it guys on base threatening smart schreyer like i give up enough runs on my own like i don't need to be like handing out free passes through a chance a score that central selfish but like it's fair yeah that's where like i got it i got up the hour i need to deal with it and what was the moment that you because you ever see me now i was looking your high school sats or insane you are there
top prospects you get injured you have like these ups and downs wholesome but where you kind of had this the flip sweating like right i can't get by on just like pure stuff anymore have to be a little bit smarter i have to do things a little differently i don't know if there was ever a let go likewise moment you still trying to get by adjust stuff i mean i think it's been like that like a slow progression right you know i mean when i first came the bigwigs i was scared to death all time like didn't think my stuff is gonna thought i had to locate everything perfectly and then going to the bullpen two thousand nine was kind of like the moment roused like damn i can dislike throw fast bells rang plate and guys have hurt him hello not transferred over into the next year right kind of took it to mentality me the all star team and then my stuff kind of declines and i had to kind of figure it out again and i think it was like yeah two thousand and fourteen had another libel moment but it was kind of you no injury suck right
great can you tell when you throw and ninety three has posed to throw ninety one that look at threat organ usually in print it very much for your allies of one or two miles per hour yeah real it i'm just like that but you can you know your body that while that yeah like when you feel terrible you know it's like ninety ninety one and then like when you're feeling like wrote really like you got it but you gotta know it's like ninety two networks there's deftly those days because always wanted that and from a gambler for sector of life i could but on a pitcher and then just he has one of those days were you wake up sometimes as a starter and just like the up this is not my day or job i'm an ominous go seven headings and no one's touch him i stopped sometimes you know in the bolton that's usually the factor like if i'm it was ever like lights on the balkan billygoat shit it's gonna be good at anna be a bad one oh really yeah
you're wasting your ever to if i'm ever to locked in the pan that was not going to be a good really but if i was like a little erratic and all over the place like usually it turns into for whatever reason but physically like how feeling like backin yes you can tell that right away interest you were you are part of one of my favorite mutually baseball games in history which is the mid game i was there what was that like all seven all those weird bugs randy war in the balkans they're in cleveland off it still needs a different set up now so the visiting put pan was like like kind of an underground cave i can write field and when we're down there you couldn't tell like anything was happening like you to solving the train or running out like job a catholic swatting his neck and like his face and you know there is but how to summon the lights and stuff but it wasn't you weren't affected like in this pain cuz of the bugs were like coming down there for me like a lighter you know whatever yeah so i was yeah that was an interesting
did you guys out like hdtv set up in the balkans where he could see all the bugs on his neck because i was the coolest part of vienna we didn't have we don't have tvs down there so we didn't really knows happening until afterwards it also was like right at the beginning of a she of etc three the game was the first game my dad had just bought his first hdtv oxide game malaysia twenty seven aunt was like five grand yet and i like while this is incredible like look at these bugs problem i think even said like oh we never would have seen these bugs need states like no actually there just like all of a play going on an inclusive and right now admit this is there's never gonna happen again that other our trainer comes out decided it's a good idea the spray bugs by emma yalu these things on your own eyes how is the opposite of what he should have done re like whatever type a bug spray use actually attracted more media while i think i think after that
a tory admitted that he should have asked for like a delay yeah yeah yeah absolute you a job you and job we're coming up i like the same time reserve any rivalry between you guys are were you like a linked together new in this together you know like rivalry because we were always doing france staff at the city and the like he was a star outwardly ruin and vice versa you however that those like new york man like you know if somebody comes up and does while it's like a media hype fest yang ends as a player you just go in and every day like trying to do your job you know and everything else is just kind of noise but in others there are some fun times like good years mixed in there and enormously you know their works out differently for different people we met that there were no hughes rules by day they will limit hira pitch counted eggs
happily sixty two letters he asserts nor has there is every rules for everybody just get his always got arrested i got home like him rabbies coders first when i showed written down yeah you didn't get your rules put out there i know i should do it now what were you rose i think it's like everybody's rules while there are different then because like starting pictures were still thing and so was like a hundred pitches whereas like now it's like seventy five ya got starts laboring after sixty it's like i let's talk about a rat let's yes how what was there i'd like as a team i heard a rumour that he used to buy three suits for every guy called up is that true no it was like three for everybody okay but yeah he would always securely younger city i use it you don't see it pinstripes i'm gonna important i think i think it was like the alec faint
tribes maybe i haven't really like two thousand seven so like suits were awful them yes like baggy was still kind of a thing in other there were like good suits what he would take like new guys every new guide to go get a suit he was awesome whose awesome like that like you'd take early on guys and using a team it was he tat they didn't like was bad with the media so like that's why he has this perception about a man like if you if you play with them is great who is the best he met on those states and unlike the o ninety yo nineteen cecy rail yeah sittings awesome drinks ruin i don't know you could say cancer emerge problematic cleaner i think ok i get more
i'm almost shocked whenever i would ever since you see standing next to somebody just how big that duties yeah like he people realise that i think he's what like almost three bills are he was almost three hundred pounds at some point there yes he has a user user use large human who like other how many words in your life has derek tutor said do quite a few i don't know if i could he had this thing to remember the allen iverson interview where he was talking about practice and there is a reporter and his name was philip and he was like talking like real condescending to homelike was soft fill up yeah that was cheats thing with me like you i see me and like refer me as fill up from like eva allen iverson airbus and end so that was mainly at those were the words yeah so let's see what's up philip three times like it's nice day fur suddenly you're like when you talk to people at midnight i feel ignore eight dare cheater as a team made his pride the biggest mystery in sport sometimes
if the eu had always a captain everard says you know the cap that he wins all these world series put woody talk to guys would he be a club how skier was he did at all business no he would he would hear this thing i too like do like smaller wagers every now and then but he was like such a competitor that if he lost he would pay and pennies that's me why would you get better mobility a hundred bucks some stupid thy eyes college football game it's gonna ran right and and if you lost like he would literally like have a bag of pennies let's amazing acts there and i was like a dollars i got about like a lot of pennies yeah that's a lot of penance lucky you buy prior to send someone like a bank and like a special request and pay and went out love if dare tudor actually himself went personally to the bank and just
question how we address it and just as easy as it was i who is like the glue guy in the locker room who is a guy behind the scenes that kept everybody loose i'd say cecy again yeah as a starting point give a lot of times like worry about other stuff like that you know it's like your job the other four days or just just like being a teammate make sure the guys are good yuck is not an issue for the right now so he was he was good any stella like he's awesome i still talk to him and brick ardor like the two that i think they're remaining why don't you want to hear it while i'm starting by the play then he saw the i do still talking i do you didn't yeah he's accept turkey background is it take for him to tax you back
usually takes me first ok ensures yeah thirsting dare what made joe toy such a good manager he was out of the way like you just let us he let us go out there and that's what's amazing it's like nobody wants to talk about how great these like yankee managers were like laguna teams yeah why two thousand nine thousand all starting right you got in field amuse what catching a rod cheater canoe to share a young not managing honour not like just go get em gas brain all right you have felt a lot of card thrown out there we had a good that's what he ever collins's office do like a sit down so causing overdose like i think of it i think i ve been up for like couple months tops and we had to weaken series in new york and we're going to anaheim with an off day and you can vienna like saturday like my bullpen day it was ok you're from from california mega is i want you here but
when in the day and just take off go home and spend a couple days and like i'd like a cup of coffee of time rain awesome that is also i went home like a flower accelerating i spent sunday and monday which was off that home like while a team of experts on europe playing on sunday right those crazy like useless use good like that like did it ever occur to you like oh shit i might be in trouble like you sending me home already yeah or are they just don't have as unlike me on the plans are wholly like tell me i'm really glad you spend a few areas at home i don't want you to go to farm upstate forelock listed under that we address in the back in their own right they're not in the way back to your daily use back pages like phil use skips game over that would be the thing sure will you an intimidating california teenager you know i have a phobia renewing our aim in what i think your area was point six nine wasn't that syria is correct
i actually over junior ok so you and intimidating like california teenager integrating what way like those we have drunk yeah you skateboard escape or do you surf now hang out i'd like appears some nearly twelve postage wearing black shoes existed susi those pretty like even my wife says she's like you don't like strike me as like could california guy ok i kind of i play baseball like a dinner in school i warlike hurried assured the agony animal genes but it wasn't like over the top like i wasn't like a total i colleague i like i didn't like bleach my hair ok no five never puckish necklace created i think i pride at anyone coming eloquent two shows did you go to zero were not supplies sublime there are probably no bad fish the the cover picture of your actually really i've seen him zero who is
who is your so called ban grown up that you would be obsessed with ngos list mad out when the gown the radio and everybody i realize ever clear you did yeah yeah this is the quality is slowly out i feel like i was in the middle like oh i didn't take it too far i can just see right now throwin like ninety miles an hour in high school where an early shirt and listen to ever clearer their puking necklace that's fucking intimidate did you have a son had i had to ten subs in the back my truck though did you have surfboard in the back your truck no i never served a reserve interest was your town on the ocean not really ok really good it was like a commemorative overly ok so it has ever been beach guy like yours it's like like the surfer kids had to wake up like four in the morning like catch some waves in areas like i wasn't down with you you were too lazy to be a surfer cracked aghast pretty late night yeah yeah i'm not that assertion
college so now you're back in in southern california you like pitching in peck park our love pitching there's like basically there no fences yeah well they moved a man no the advances in its place fair now we have this conversation on a day like everywhere a stadium moving that france's back nobody he should there always moving a man it's like do these guys their bare and stronger they ve ever been in our moving fences and rights going on but the seams raised on the baseball are there that's we ve some so the sands notice anything i have here do you like watching gifts on twitter like what i like when you see like really nasty breaking bar slaughter march with the press of new i can't get that where there are more and more of them this year in its we have a theory hank has a theory as because they raise the seems to make more make to gain more difficult than hand confirmed yet in her very
what we say about he said he thinks it there's something said by those like point eight inch yet he didn't hiram it he said he wrote reddish story where someone had done the research and figure we'll have a lasher like balls were like sinking and water oh yeah that was weird like hired density we're not the bats what your item nea just some in the bats will think about it in the nineties while these guys regan popper corking bats and now you don't read anything about it out was sammy was using his he actually use his bp bat people don't understand
he was told by having a democratic body understanding that is moving in that you put on a show for the people and everyone's like who are and then accidentally grab actually grab that we ass o k alber bill how that would like bouncy balls inside of it would probably your internet ever do that with like your mental bats we're kid like of the cap a report off you could put like tennis balls and knowledge is explode just put even a whiff about you just put the wet tulip papers into it gets heavier and interests pops off but the homeland derby i want it did you well know big tasks as really not really was what's the ash wednesday to hear for the first round will we all that has happened out of eight people saw ten pages in the first round in it a home run one guy at home on we have let you can't just norma derby around i actually hit home run you do not hear homo your first ten pitch it was so how did you get those who did so we just heard it we just do to get we have got to more pitches ok and then i then and i
so i wasn't likely never had the longest not home run now we will obviously all seven went back in this somewhat more vantages say they were very tricky with eighty seven backing got some more pitches and then from that point on a dominant here's a good question why are big deal amongst brag you asked i answered why you guys got so much primaries habit i think yeah i think like you don't hear you're like filling a path i like tapping a desk i think that's like that's our version of it like we could do something you know i'm going to try spitting just more around the office on the floor i like that move for sure there are only the guy's upset i can't use i chewing tobacco stuff in the dugouts anymore began oh you can if you're good rather than like phenomena years you have to have but here
they have like s nobody years we don't always airline or six some like the other rookies you're like hey can i get a little that no can do it that's all capua trodden dat's awesome have you done a special no sir wait you just what do you think i'm out is as high as in his elbow and we re actually took a baseball spitting on it right now to show us how we gonna do you know what that does like you just can't control does it so i do not know when you when you're teams losing and you can just accused the other team are doing it so they grow one on everybody's local come upon the pointers yes yes the spit bottle of don't i at the psyche question put em promo code take you can see phil hughes play with his teammates we named all of them are ah the parties are actually in town they ever noon game when you say right now they ve noon game at city field where you go next back
ok back to san diego gonna pick up our ten dollars off you seek from aquatic smallest aims at noon yeah or today's yet today we his days day news at noon producer must not just be lying to you and you might show up like stone house around like all the other yeah you don't you have a game or about scoggin line you're fine to questions about teammates idle nineteen air kinsky back tattoo yeah a back piece you yeah yeah would you guys ever made in two thousand he had just gotten it gotten like i don't unhealthy he was talking about filling it in whose so massive he they took forever so you'd like just got me outlining as i did on having take us anymore you like he ever going to fill them with color you thought of you ever did
but if you haven't seen on working some right now we elected detracting from red dragon it sounds like a japanese mural yeah it's a bit so aggressively large unlike our control so he he basic at the outlines like i can tell you is yes and he doesn't cholera yes it's eliminators weren t shirt its wild one while one and then the other quite you're talking like a tramp stamp dolphin on the smallest back that's a big a huge debt to the other question was marked sharer woody where jocks trap with suit he told us that he does they were a jocks rapid no wonder where no one has asked she dns that i can't confirm but they wouldn't surprise me who on their own eyes team would wear bathing suit the sheriff catchword said maybe do the old trick where they always have the towel on and they just make sure they always
price wish that you actually that's actually the one guy you can say we're like it has even on the show before now he would actually be good he would do you think he has a job he's like yeah days i worked for the yankees in diesel taco it's been awhile i mean in mixed fisheries devil those guys you can probably bosses balls forever because he bus i'm sure he positive examples yes did you ever see that's who is pouring collection you did i don't like that like the box pots of tat he keep it in the clubhouse yeah first like sometimes around eighty boxes massive india's biggest asked what he was saying it was generally yeah like have those who try to have somebody else help him bring his poor collection in the confusing ozone fifty five
how'd you like higher movement anomalies wherever dat's unbelievable and i love it i ve ever like alone amount was it a library proud you asked dorothy we'll take it the re invited a library card i last poses a real question feel hughes career great your career because it's always is very because professional athletes you reaches insane level of competition and then if you don't live up to the hype that was may be given to you people like while he's passports like well he also played visually baseball for raw decade plus yeah i always look at it that way like two to five wasn't a major league baseball player like a loser yeah you're not a man like we
we can say that it's you i'd be doing nothing right now you even certain i got promoted like maybe gonna college like struggled you know maybe got a decent job whatever but like did i'm made a bunch of money got hot wife like i'm calls you dont want of money made before taxes will know i looked up on sport sport track whenever the website is like before together earnings to capture and you had your concluding next year i dont think its including it's what you ve earned so far through i assure you i think it's like seventy eight million sixty nine million nice boy yes i can we have some money you're way out like a hundred bucks my lord that's why i'm asking you to give thanks man
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huge ursa ground or to shortstop dogged it out of the box and the guys do the rays went to second didn't get the guide second and instil were able to get gary censures at first because he bases din run down the line and on top of all adam shine has taken away his pencil so he is removed his penetrated gary censure should have his pinstripes taken away how bout hustling i didn't realize censures adam but they're gone and if they were ever there before you and i are the passport liked it trickled down the third baseline anyway over two yes and ass he walked over to it a runner scored from second year on the passport also lazy pretty lady i dont have so much were problem with a catch you do that because catches are supposed to be like low squatted bodies right yeah yeah put gale gary's lakes post to be the you know he people talk in hall of fame after his first year why don't they just why doesn't air borne diseases paint runner that'll be his punishment yeah
i everywhere you go you go you and me running everywhere that force copier having just run across the country force comstock style for charity the best part is urban like i don't he's i can do anything you all these my green brcko take away our wounds pinstripes event boon doesn't do something about this he said that air we ve lost a locker room in gary sanchez plays in the next gamewell gary censure should also just show up to the next home game with the road jersey and black here's my punishment yell pinstriped no pinstripes myself taken away himself you think errand boons braces are no gerardi had the brazen user actual pinstripes on his teeth yes yes joe gerardi would take him to it would definitely sent gary centrist take combined with the second does need for assignment in our own inverse i'm a huge astute like i go on the deal get the fuck out of my face he had gone on the deal for being lazy stout being ultimate injury pretty much that's probably what's gonna happen other gonna they're gonna cover form and milk all well use hurt our something at the flu either way pinstripes removed asian
just do a video where he just like hands in his pinstripes and just like goes in aeroplanes officer cure you go boss here my pinstripes i just want the egg events to note notice so that when if if l gary ever has a nice come back and gets a big hit you gotta give him back to him one i designed the year once or twice i don't want to strike at the time we had that's your talk for guys that don't watch a bachelor what where are we in the bachelor right now on a very capillary so i don't even watch a bachelor why never what spots are but i really don't watch it now fantasy sweet ass i sat at the time the bleak are invited to the fence the sweet and then seemed skeptical the next morning what about sex sex wasn't good where it was blocked now the real dounia so he basically want to fancy sweet and then walked out was i won't happen in their while she while she rubbing her son was duff on my desk
this is a big missed opportunity for the further the producers the bachelor if you want a guaranteed ratings you keep the virgin around four fantasy sweet weak or just film everything in the family sweets can watch porn garret finally told becker he loves her and that got an invite to the fantasy sweet nice that's the only full com yet little first say whatever you can say whatever you want to get that fantasy i want to know what he said to a right after he s in his eyes again chemical or whatever what your sister doing tonight and then jason got sent home before getting invited to the fence sweet but he gave becker scrap book before he left what a linen that place grab books yes what girls want a scrap book for being on the bachelor dude when did he have time to make a scrap book on the back
yeah what do they take pathelin or even let him have like phones or why have they not been chronicling disguise creating a scrap book over the last like three weeks since spends on the scrapped or surprise scrap book was actually just one page stuck together with the other pages you get to know the finish here here you go no fancy sweet here's my seamen i feel like that one b that crazy for him that set out another guy think there's like one or two movies i could add fuckin worse he's never suffer batman have you guys want very cavalry at night and watching and eagerly he leaves more personage yeah does shannon is a bad bechamel very nervous about her she like scares me through the tv screen so what's red haired girl yeah have they have they addressed i like vaccinations everything i know now me when they do that i'm interest kids are in the shower they risk that they actually like do a good job like keeping their kids private i want to see what christened isabella other people's kids though if if she's encouraging other people's children to get back
yeah there's always guy worth is worthless veronica you i do hate he's fuck he's going comes from money like all ripley played tight enver auburn thinks he's the man looming worth with ruth forgot to grew man man bonnet beard and nothing else and put on us and had to be made but joe he has the abuja so easy after member with fear that meet the rhine rehire arose or move right thank you we have our trouble in paradise fifty what was this problem nice for serena williams okay so she instagram dirt tweeted or did something online with this the other day but she said i told my husband i wanted to telling food and this is where he took me anxious picture for in so the flock yes or sought big red flag
for this guy wait i is whose trouble paradise for those two things shown paradise for everyone else in the world you can make that argument but i would make the argument that this is such an over the top move by her husband that he's trying to cover somethin awesome i sewer say now i see we're say now a concealed yeah that sir wonder who that who that baby really belongs to well i guess a definite blogs history like a sheet greece she had an it was wheeled out well science can do a lot of we're here is my last up before you guys on chicks attempt debo update fifty year at the end maybe he's he's maybe out for the season with who can hand this is our sugar i am sad i know you are like you we before every show you liked him developed it and i know like eat this is i will
how are things tim people my green burger your thinks and like this is power cup or if we get up not to a great team debo also not to see i don't think you can pass judgment can get up if you ve never seen it before ok i'll have since peace a slut but tebow's spend zone is right hand oh that's hurt so he could go to train camp he can still throw a ball maybe think even with a broken andrews's left any could throw football the same probably just as at your sacks hopefully gets a level this i am a little bump too because they pose a better sport when tim tebow's in it i'm not consider but in the middle of the recent bombed is the mets are such a shit that i think they would have called them august september and it would be good to watch him tebow's strike out like a hundred times in a row if you think tipsy but would not have hit home run the mitchell eggs you do not know tat having all the miracles that's only thus he had at all
to seventy three thus again come back down he was an oscar all right we days later he'll come up he's on the three day dl he'll be thirty two in september thirty two year old rookie it all the time so let's get you our guys on checks guys on checks in the office shot up to them they release their podcast it is out there on itunes for any checks at listen wireless and our geyser listen they want or guys illustrates the armenian friend hosted download it right now subscribe it's on the itunes church you can find it just talking chicks shot out us being good cook workers one is my boyfriend have to prove every hour he doesn't even eat that much he's because he loves you so much we geyser love their whole bodies just get so excited
we discussed it we have to get everything out of her bodies it does remind us of you or you just get mad at him for checking his phone too much yet and so we discuss the vat or cheating on you or is like obsessed with either porn gambling he's got some kind of ice or be one of those stupid games on your phone it restricts lotta coffee yeah he's definitely do and what has our support eventually be cat my boyfriend i live together and only have one bathroom the other day i came downstairs and found him peeing in the sink claiming he was inspired by big cat in two stage water well that might be true it gross me out how do i get him to go back to the toilet before he starts ruining plates and other it is a more this will become a problem and definite don't want of doing it if we have arms over the kitchen sink pull out i'm sick
old on will not u insists european passports and cause you're latham sink woman i have but i like your and our first time or you're probably like doing it just because you kink in the bathroom so let's just back up here ruining the though the plates ruining them ok that's a little drastic it's called soap it's called dishwasher peas sterile there's no problem with this and you're overreacting guess what he might dump you because you're not a cool check let's see line that yeah i think that's very coach s letter guys p in the sick i mean you could use positive reinforcement autumn like every time you catch him being in the toilet given a treat yegg my little dogma school yoga like a couple french fries i doubt actually get i would never be an authority are in a sink again if i got a couple french fries everytime i did a good party in the bathroom some points especially the cat
my brother's recently started dating a girl that could essentially pass from my twin shabby worried about this or flattered that he thinks i'm attract weakened your brother thanks to the irish definitely thet flattered that you brother thinks you're tracked that's norm i have sought a porn and that's that's on the streets of state has kurdish right here in the need to get into some like that i was the yahoo heat i think it was like incest porn ok they liked doesn't that mean that year that he's dating a girl that also looks like him because your brother and sister they can only maybe just in our system so that croatia good point here so ok here all that one pay my name is maria big fan of the show anyways i maria my boyfriend you're not
gotta dude maria my boyfriend of five years they are really we don't rate of start that this is actually the only one i believe was sent in by a woman because no letters stands out so far as one more she did a telltale signed but my boyfriend of five years is for fantasy football drafts the next week in the next two weeks you put fanciful quotation marks he had one last night came home at one a dot m isn't football not only three months to something i know a lot of guys do precision fanciful man either he's ok here's what you do ok here's how you here's how you follow this you just gotta like you're gonna have to do a little you have to pay tat the football for the next month and a half put its pretty easy pay attention football there is ever big injury bring it up and see his reaction because only son it goes draft fancy for ball dress before pre season starts
so you will know right away if you lost a guy in injury and when you bring it up also just any injury that happens if he is actually in like five leagues yeah he has that person in one of her ass sir he owns every player in the entire info per year he's here year here's ears i don't know which ones better he's either cheating on you or is a fucking loser so i guess i would ask our done whatever you get what i'm saying like out almost rather yeah i'd almost rather he be cheating on you then be the do the drafts all his fancy drafts in july that's fair right yeah yeah then it gets away worse move hey panty i'm switching birth control at the moment in a not getting the new one for another month my boyfriend hates condoms because he says there too tight in an uncomfortable about attitudes that's my problem condoms do there's only ass a kid there always too tight note i let them think real no not big enough for me and you rather go without sector the next month and where condom how do i do
two men up slap economy on that thing and take me to pound town now i would say this is a you'd but she put a bit mogi of herself at the bottom the the other thing i see that imago social executive touch but she's pretty cute oh yeah she is what is really what does she reaching for their she's looking up at some guys and i hope you just sit there is lit marks on his feet it is organizing after so much so what disguise pretty much begging for just more blowjobs yes what that's his angle that's what he's going for here because if it when push comes to shove and you ask about the other he's gonna pull kind about yeah here he's this is posturing right now you're changing your batting stance which you know that takes him getting used to from time to time if you switching from pills to the new ring or whatever but the loss of the weeds ok but above all i'm saying is this guy is not gonna stop having such empty throw you just put the kind of moment your mouth there
its aid to compromise yeah hey guys especially you hank hey i hope my boy when an i got no big argument last weekend you sure my boyfriend and i got no big argument last week and when he told my friend that she looks like great mc atoms at the bar i was yelling at it they told me that he loved me for the first time ever pulled down south fighting does he really love me or to say it to get out of the argument now so i think you really likes you i think this is that that sounds to me like true love that actually is like saying your friend looks like ritual got mc adams i think i might be speaker how to turn here but the female watering listeners can back me up on twitter or not but i think that's the meanest thing you can say to a girl because rachel mcadams is like the number one wifey material like she is like you dry you'd rather your friend you your boyfriend say like your friend looks like a porn star like some cool he's a model or something like tat for mc atoms like in wedding crushers hoof moron
think every girl likes rake rachel mc atoms to write so i guess under yes and i agree arise there is actually a guy i know about refugees have nothing that's my best friend is well see that's actually the meanest girl like you said tell us who who would be like worse but i think rachel mcadams number one so no i don't think he loves you i think he just hit this was actually a rookie move on his by this is the easiest way to get out of a fight i would have to little bit more about the relationship because this might have been like a he's been holding this like his ace up his sleeve like listen i fuck up all the time but if i really fuck up i'm going to drop the you wouldn't he's gonna next what he's gonna buy your dog in the next period by your ring and then there's one this idea you pray hausa meaning tell you put your programme exactly exactly last one guys especially soon to be some cat that's tough guy
a moment of my diet on monday hank have a little positive reinforcement know where aids monday yesterday at the cubs game monday i had italian beef but no one you know what i'm going back into kedo sylvia i haven't had a car like that since sunday night couple bright chicken figures for those what you can do you get ripped off nobody ever it's been fry saw carbs been cooked area i walked ten thousand steps on vacation in one of the waiters at the outdoor bar said my body looks like i play volleyball what does he mean by this thanks i think it means you have no but no more players of tall tall lanky no but yeah you're thinking of what's your name you know that guy get carry off yeah i think that's right i think that is rather israel while good job entity which they work
i think a misty mr misty may train oh yes we had him all i think that he meant it as a compliment i think you are i think i think he's just horny that's what that means i think it's better than being my hey you look like if we fall back here's the thing i no matter what a guy says to ninety percent of it can just translates he's trying to have sex with you so just go with latvia and the other one ten percent busy ninety percent of temperature by hungary so pretty pretty easy and their well there's one percent that's like you front ought to have your friendless enrichment atoms i that's our show friday it's happening the topic is the two thousand and seventeen eighteen sixteen seventy seven eighteen take he wore these seventy if you have something if you have a category you'd like to see in it tweet us let us know what you'd like to see represented but we have a whole list we don't we
you are a new ordering listener you're up for listening from the year podcastle some of the year will hopefully they can win their third i'm just going to say it's right now i don't know i don't know which way i'm leaning so i would like to see maybe a lot of retweets tomorrow a lot of hey everyone subscribe hey and maybe some reviews i don't know i just i delicious the jury on who wins listed pocket soldiers of the year i was actually checking online on odd shark earlier today and they had the word winning lizards as underdogs yeah to repeat the toughest thing you do in sports is to have a three pete disasters is mary listeners that a big year they have had a great great year joe rogan listeners realities there almost took away from rise on awful asked me that that's good but either way so if you want to see a different category tweeted tell us like who won this take whatever but
that's kind of us just showing us telling you to do our job force borg i would as well yes he organ george you want to do our job error stolen dollar stapi so will have some guess call in some people accepting a wards and we will see everyone for the take he's on friday yes
its pardon my team presented by stool sports
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