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Wrap up of the trip to Minnesota and the Teddy Bridgewater aftermath (2:09 - 9:28). Fantasy football season and the guys discuss a very difficult fantasy problem as well as Mt Rushmore of fantasy guys (9:29 - 23:00). College football expert Phil Steele joins the show to discuss the upcoming season (24:10 - 38:05). Stingray Steve joins the show to talk about Miss St, Internet Catfishing, and his excitement for the 2016 season (38:05 - 48:25) . Segments include "PR 101", "Uhhh Ya Think", "Talking Soccer", "Respect The Biz", a debut of "Just Chill Out Man" and weekly Jimbos
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I thought you might like to welcome the point of my two. It is right, eight September. Second, we are still in Minnesota and we have held a nation. We did, I mean you're, Welcome Minnesota Vikings. Not only did we offer lotta good solutions for the whole Teddy Bridge Watergate. Can you get an injury, be a gate. I think it is now right. Yes, raise Watergate, is now solved, you're welcome for that we actually, we were at the facility today we park next to Michael Vick scar.
Maybe not, but it looked like it could have been Michael Vick scar. We did have a little fun today we actually went to the game we went to the Rams Vikings game. Precision game. For always electric want to get a good look at the end of the roster guys at anyone be playing, but you know that's what it really counts. Saw a couple. Nfl, insiders, Andrew Sicily, Otto and, lastly, the Sicilian, oh yeah, and see trick about Andrews when he's round here the two little antennas on his right. So he hears everything. Yes, so we decided to do a little classic. Little mischief misdirection will hide drinks. And so we would walk right by Andrew and have a very loud conversation about meadows so causing MIKE at the vote, This was already there wasn't. Vic looks fast. He does. He hasn't lost step. So if you see any rumours on the internet about my victim, Minnesota probably came from your voice over report might take
Nope boys don't look last yes direction, yeah frank! We get! We will put that seat in the White Rainy mosses years, where we met him. That was a lot of fun, also much a fisher yeah. That was a thrill of a lifetime. He was not We want to be around me great thing about your fisher was his shirt. His shirt goes down to below his ass. He can't see what's goin on yes or no, in its actually vet move on his right he's been enough, locker room snow. Sometimes you know you gotta go yeah, and so, if you put yourself in the shirts governance, not nobody's the wiser, we also met Gregg Williams, who he Gregg Williams, thought that a new us. He thought we were someone, but it turns out we there's a truck football guys like that. We do like moths through a flame, and we just be. Ok, Gregg get to see again they all yeah. What's our fellows year has gone, I dont know more about is only this one clean unless you want us yeah, that's right so, We propose that we could be the scrub guy. Some guys I wanna be the scrub guy. Now
next summer one get to training camp. I would like a team to hire p and I to be the initial scrub guys so when a fight breaks out where you stand on the sidelines, ready to jump in the pile were the first ones out there were were grab and people were born where they'll get back as actually you can be a scrub guy can Can I be this road? I just I can just be that hold you back guy, like you, you'll be choppin at the bit to get the Scrub oak state. Stay but stay on the sidelines. We can't get apparently I'm down for other notes for Minnesota. We debut food, a new franchises eleven been called around our offices all, but franchises gotta get new franchises. The milk boys, with z, with ASEAN, it's legit, the worst
do you have ever we ve ever had. Basically the gist of it is the elevator pitch. If you will for the milk boys, is we drink a lot of milk? Would you an activity and we puke that's basically, except you, don't puke yeah. I I wish that you computer is Abita, be great fun. I think I'm lactose intolerant because everytime I chug a half gallon of milk and then like get on a roller coaster and and stick a half cheek of Redman in my mouth I throw up so think there's analogy going on there by I don't have the same logic. You just stays in your stomach ache. Strong stomach is hangs out there. That's a colonel! Allow space about thirty minutes after big cat. Does any milk boys challenge you just turns yellow I needs the late. I actually got the first ever milk slash roller coaster induced concussion, Ezra Hank witnessed it. I was sweating profusely. My pupils were very large as disoriented. I had to take a break in just sit in the car
so that was does not boys. Worse I give, and then we went to the Minnesota State Fair and I was shocked at how milk centric the Minnesota eight February. We have just started milk boys that day walkin around and left and right it was like milk, your own cow. All you can Rick, those living in all. You can drink, Millville, Paria Great two dollars a cup, so we we add insult us great. All this just reminded me that I can do pretty good compression. Oh look! from the clouds are age. No actually list, not you're, just gonna kill us can help. Is those Gary. They will take a couple questions. How did you stumble upon that impression? I think us at last summer camp or something when I was eleven years old and I just got taught maybe like a cat.
Clear something that was your those your trick in the talent you at the end of the camp, yeah! Ok, I out. What can I do? I do something a little crazier, that's not often done in radio or podcasting. I like your little three two one. Everyone do their best. Impressions said Tom. We too want good. I praise I ought to arrive here. I live in a glass eye by everyone all boils down to my down under impressions by part might take, Sorry for ruining your day with that that's the body and I was electric Yea Hank. Would you put that I'll? Just isolate make needed a young s eyes, so that was our many soldiers were back ensue were flying back in New York, Two azure listening to this so where it will be back in reality, so to speak.
What else we any other to any other notes from our trip? Well, one one fact: I learned about Minneapolis, you know they say, but whether here, ok, ok, if you like it, wait five minutes. Ok, I didn't know that that is one common phrase as very fun fact: state bird hears the mosquito too. Yes, the only place. He could say that we had it. We had a good time in Minneapolis we met a buncher, guy's name, Troy Trent CALL Chris Porter yeah Sellers good son good time when he arrives people up your odyssey. The stadiums. Critical very cool is actually one of jury Jones. Built I've been to the Dallas Stadium Jones, built that stadium basically saying look at my huge, dick or maybe he's got smaller get when I This was my daddy ever editors garish in huge the Viking see.
Is very cool, as Mr Wolf was like. Look at my wife vagina and that's what they say. It's like a very nice begun Don T be would discuss nobly that I Let's move to before we get Roma Rushmore. I want to discuss something that was put to me last night. Lou Award winning listener tweeted at me, and he said what is the protocol for a member of your fantasy league dying after the draft. How long do you have to wait until he put his players on waivers, so this actually happened me in league a real yet two years
it wasn't it wasn't like right after the draft, so it s a little bit different solidarity. Where was his team mine mine? Wasn't like weak six? We? Where was the on their understandings? I believe he was somewhere in the middle and it was not up. Wasn't dead. Last organ wasn't last sorry last place. She said that IRAN intentional. So what happened was I didn't find out that he passed away until I two weeks after the fact and then, when we found out we just kind of letters we had to have a debate of what we do with it did. Did someone so you found out. Did you keep his roster active the next week eyes? I'm I'm not going to say that I didn't try to hack into his team and public. Some trades
but for the first week was there a week where he was dead and his rosters act of yes allow us their use dead is rosters, yet that would actually ended up happening. Was we just? Let us roster stay? Ok thinking it was what he would have wanted. Oak ok entity makes blouse no inimical laughs, probably because someone got her something we are probably had a couple injuries like some. There was a thought like in his honor. We will substitutions. Every right doesn't like that's kind of a shitty tribute to pay two guys, like all I tickets. I actually think that's that's the way to do it. You Maybe you all manage the team as a league? Ok, but when you're in a fantasy league with a bunch of degenerates, like me and my friends, you know trust anybody or, if you really want to honour your dead friend, you have
as you know, why, for mother or brother take over little team parents and still talk shitstorm, why he's alive here dad is itself cellphones. Elaborating would like Texan should talk right on the game right yeoman. Why If you start airing fostered, live in such a pussy nowhere and fosters gonna turn him. You asshole, yes It was, it was weird situation is a tricky situation. I would say if the guy passes away after the draft and before the year starts, his whole team goes on waivers. Oh, so them we display a nine nine man, team, yeah I'd, say Ok, it's like you remember after Sean Taylor, Passageway Gregg, William, said the team out with ten men on the field. Yeah, that's what you're gonna do. Now, don't tell you how could almost say right now if I ever died, MID Mid Nero football season with. Let's existed back, because you are going to die during a football. Yes, which is what I want. I want someone to
on my fancy gene for me. Ok, throughout the Cesar Residences income, and I also want someone to bet every primetime over cause. That's what I'd want in our poor rhesus pieces on your grave like throwing the handful of dirt, as is tradition. Thank you just some here. Maybe some chocolate us honour and if you're up money I'll take over your account when money beget, I'm gonna miss you. When you die, hey, we dont say enough can make us were guys. We don't do this, but I love you guess when you die, I'm I'm absolutely we're gonna greatest I'll get him. I love you re safe one eye, and I love you back. So that's I know now with ruin still, for they will sit in this room for us alive. Ah, ok in that same vein, we're doing Mount Rushmore Final Mount Rushmore
we do have a bonus bracket of them out. Rush Moors video that is coming sometime in Nowadays we don't know when, but it will be there and we have to special guests and are doing with us. These are far more Rushmore because fancy for policies, and we are doing now Rushmore of guys in your fancy, weak work or what and then for women I mean, if you're, in fancy league words as yet we have introduced. One of the guys in Europe is fancy with women you, its other women but they're, all just wanna get just there. All one of the gas concerns why they play for honorary, did. Ok, hegemonic, Phrygia, dude card for a whole season shall one day is one day week. The arrows yes, on this number one now Rushmore the people, the guy who bitches about sneaker auction draft young can ever when ok yup snake. They want auctioning,
Daphne was number to the guy who just doesn't updated team at all. Be up. That's you that was you last year as we lost your book. I am also previous champions. Ok, which brings me to my third point. The guy doesn't shut up about being a previous champion. The writing. I think, there's legal or one. If you one last year, you can talk shit the whole year, but once you're one year moved it's like it's right, yeah right, for the guys, like I got three rings in the last ten years. The here that warning note this guy. That back, I exist. What number Similarly, I think that's Hank, I think you're hanging here, logging, yogi cattle to close the quick on our knives, have one things: two thousand nine drug Dynasty Nazis, perhaps like I think it was she doesnt he's, got a tattoo on as you dread locked down, Supra appropriating by cultural aspect, Lilienthal and does not sure yet we all went on and before the gathered.
Won't? Stop trying to trade, yeah he's afraid spammer yup be up Oh, I should have said by the way that, if anyone any of the writers of the league or listen to this show, you cannot have any of these ideas, glamour disclaimer, you go you a mediocre. I got my first one is the guy where you can't kneel down to draft a four year my parents are in town that weaken it's my innovators ruin of my sister died. I have to go to a funeral that I had friends. You moved like every September. First, like Ed sellers, like listen man, you gotta get differently schedule. You gave them Where'd you get everybody else in the league. Ready to go ready draft is one guys like. I obviously can do that, because I have to work on Saturday night, every Saturday night. I can't take it off. Second one is. The guy who's, always in first place in their other league, here
now. This is kind of a close relative of the guy who, is winning his other bracket, but for a fanciful purpose. You know who also this guy its strength, schedule guy the guy who's has most points, but worse record yup loves to point out that he's got most points in my next, one is the guy who buys a jersey of the best pleuron steam. You get so in how great it was that now guess what Antonio Brown is, this favor player, even though he lives and clean that I will also get mad the next year. If someone draft, since only a brown, was my guy, it becomes that guy's property here and then my final one for fantasy for guys your fancy football league that are annoying is the guy who I'd about being a nine eleven,
Every girl like that of cattle Lou, not league there, either. You you guys, can keep that one year ago on surprise no one said dead guy. I I have. Number one rule change, guy kind of like the snake draft, every single off season. I want changes. I think it should be a fractional point less for receiving yards because they receive don't you get an early just shut up play with the same rules that have been there for a right point to five points for every twenty five yards that yeah? What about? Yes? To with the worst guy gets too drunk to fancy draft yeah? That's me, oh boy minute, I always get wait. You drunken addressed horribly dive. I've said this before I draft guys ouch up
probably try draft Tony Gonzalez's year. You see, if he's out there in particular out Thomas Jones is looking at this yeah right. Do you guys do the dress with the actual board, now tried to have time. For that way, I get that route. I sit in front of a computer with ESPN on one tab and then bankers. Similar to that is at the draft, the guy who doesn't do any research that I call him the can. I borrow your she guy, they can't get of yours, wait a second. You just said that you don't do alive draft for the boy I'd I'd want to shew. No, no, I don't. I thought had meant pointing out the name now I've done at the party with people, but I will just sit on my laptop. Oh I've done that I do support. We just busily grab a big poster board and just right really bad lines and then use rather than us, it's rudimentary as possible and then final similar to the trade spammer, but this is a little more specific. The lopsided trade guy
the guy who always wants to trade. Three four one and he's like I'll give you MIKE, all is TIM High Tower and Mohammed sitting, Mohammed seduce always involved in the streets for Odo. Becum junior they gave the go ahead. You get three guys yeah and guess what none of them have the same by weak. So it's basically like I'm stocking, aroused then you end up having to cut one of those guys later, because Russia is due for yet. I know this one counts as a guy newly, but the guy that what did you lose a bet but his happy, because he has one guy on his fancy team. The worse for TAT. I actually work. Murder that guy, I also we also had I forgot to mention- does first guy take defence in and the guy who takes kicker not unless round those guys are losers would have what about the guy that the draft with his wife I don't think I've ever been do or oh, no, here's a major one that I missed out on gay, The guy who every week gives Eureka
and always says, shut the bed. Oh god, I can't believe it does Brian shut the bedroom Larry. I would one Except that Rhine shut, the bed is one that this is shot they shot the bed sharp eye to those or fancy guys embraced. The debate. This is our last about Rushworth. It's been awesome. Hasn't like Ireland, Eliza loved Mount Rushmore season. I am sad to see you go, but guess what it's not special. If it's all your long relic of everyday was cut, this right now, Rushmore, I agree Mount Rushmore season took off, it was waiting, than I ever expected, when we sort, I think when we started it, our plan was to do only things that had for answers and that quickly became a really bad joke by us. We're like mountain. Four seasons in the warriors and wars or lad sneaky best one days of the week.
Because I don't know why, but I was very upset when Hanks had Wednesday. I was tired of the entire thing actually began: Rushmore season was great light. Most things that we do want to show. It started off as a joke. Yes, but then it became like actually were really gonna debated issue. That is so. It became kind of a joke within a joke, but the joke was on a it's weird thing that we have on the show where what we make fun of things, but then we're like. Actually this is really clear. This is voting number one might Rushmore answer of the year. I think has to go to Hank. Barbecue sides sell a cell, I was amazed and make its number two is well for millennial names Yosemite when he was drunk you're very drunk that night. It's not a coincidence allows both very drunk from Poland so now Rushmore Seas and we'll be back it's after the Abbe. Final sense: that's a date: it's like it's like Labour day,
whenever I try Memorial day through Labour Day refugees, so embrace debate on this one send us through you, hate in your fancy, leaguer the guys in your fancy league and look out for that. Video cause. We're gonna have to video is governed pounds stem receive yeah, just as little as also view of if you neighbour, set name some of her army, like It's not original old fashioned aims. Capacity. Ah, yeah guys the unoriginal as you do, Mamsie somewhere over Dwayne, bow. Show me your tedious. All those like there's a lot of Michael Vick Dogs, Michael Vick, dog, pound, daddy's and also like that was a hot thing towards, because once Betty Betty names worker speaking of fantasy. If you socket fancy like me, well guess what draft kings dot com has one week, fantasy leagues and weak one? There are five million
comprises five million dollars, one million dollars to the top prize. The reason why I too play drafting ice, think at long forces and fantasy. I always like I said, drop old, guys it that are way over the hill. The good news is, you can play each week at draft kings, dot, com and guess what I have a problem: before you, big cat be ACC. Eighty and you can play for free with your first deposit- that's called big behind, see eighty play for free with your first deposit your share of five million dollars and total price in the week. One contests one million dollars to top prize- become a millionaire. Only a drafting star come draft kings outcome. Eligibility restrictions may apply, see website for details. Do it right now we have back to back interviews. Today we have one
really good informational, one with Phil Steel, who writes basically the Bible for college football of you or COD football pre. You who to bet on wind totals who you like National Championship, Shabazz breakdown of each conference, he'll, give it to you only legally required to say it's. The Bible when you idiot is vital as vital, and then we have our favorite one of our favorite recurring. Guess we have your mouth rush work and us in our work. I heard some feeling, so they re Steve is doubly on there and he joins us to give us Canada, I feel of of of what its what's going on in Stark Vegas right now with our message state season opening on Saturday evening? So here We now welcome on college football expert, Phil, Steel, Phil, steel, dot com
As a magazine, a football preview magazine that is basically the Bible for college football. I've, your college football junkie, Phil, let's start from top are you? Is it like Christmas Eve they now for you here today. What the world in our work. I want a hundred hour weeks during football season, so I sort of enjoying my summer, but now that footballs about the kick off. Yes very excited, especially this weekend. Right, yes, gonna, be huge. Lotta began aims. We get Alabama planning, it's! U S! C! Alabama is there any chance, did someone's gonna knock em off in the essence, user or absolutely infected last year when Arkansas or when not all mistress plan, Arkansas Arkansas on fourth down and over time they play their lateral play and it goes back and running back. Scooped up runs for a first down. Had that play not happen, all miss would one day ass. He see west last year, so it came very close to not winning at last season and they have the toughest sketch
when the us you see this year, the other top three teams in the US he c r L issue and the sea and all miss, and they play each of those three on the roads which are brutal schedule for Alabama L issue is actually favor in every single one of their games this year, and I know the FBI for European PICS Alice you. So I think that the opportunity clearly exists. What else you start off with a bit of a cupcake against was constant, so that should be a walk in the hours. I went to a Scots, and so you see certain ease set me up to get angry here. What which one of those games for album on their schedule cause they always seem to have that one loss and then everyone freaks out and they always end up in the in the discussion at the end of the year so which came to you have circled as the toughest game or the game to fade Alabama. I must say that two topics ones are Can I see because Tennessee is on the road and last year Tennessee took him to the two minutes ago in a game Alabama, neither touchdown at home to pull out the win and then, of course, the less you
EL issue is absolutely I'm a number two defence in the country letter for NET Mallika, Dupree, Trivandrum receiver. I think, I have received a much better year, thus can be very dangerous game in the toughest opponent. Did Alabama place all your work at at what point do you think our less miles will screw up a game, though, with a trick? Pray that goes wrong did very well could be Alabama game, because that's what we're next savings have is number lately rights. If you're a college football expert, you do everything I want to know your take on TIM Tebow's swing, no opinion. I haven't seen it if its not for power. Now watch. Ok, I like tat a committed man, move into the big ten real, quick, Obviously, people have a kind of is a three way race in in the EAST, with Michigan State Michigan, Ohio state. Who do you think shakes out in that three? I can make it
a case for any of the three? Arguably the most experienced team is Michigan. They ve got the most all conference players returning and I think when it gets to be, week. Seven this year October, twenty seventh are gonna, be seven and no number two or number three a trio dominating often staminate defence avatar, five defence, but once again much like Alabama, You look at their final three games. They ve gotta play Michigan they'd Iowa and Ohio state all on the road. It's a very difficult stretch now of Michigan States, a team I can make the case for because the chips back on the shoulder lasher, they were number five coming into the season rose. Guys number two, but they didn't play like that same Michigan team. There barely again pass teams like or do during the season, but this year ever pretty including myself, picking them. Third niece they might have to Tonia best Defense yet and offensively. I think their new quarterback can put up with similar steps were cook had they get Ohio state at home. They get Michigan at all, so they ve got a great dance, but I want with a high state and the reason is when they play their big games while states the least experience team in the country.
Number one. Twenty eight out of one twenty eight this year did the probably gonna take some lumps we like an Oklahoma, but when they play the biggest games come on. Michigan stayed Michigan It's weeks, eleven and twelve. Now they ve had the best recruiting class in a big ten five straight years they ve got the most talented, the big ten and by week eleven though be inexperienced teams I think they can win those two games and hence when the big time this year, ah who out of the top twenty five. So if we have attached to revive rings, who, out of the top ten outside of the top ten, is your dark horse chanced to one another? we'll title my number one surprise team this year is the Washington Huskies and here's a Tina was four and six at one point last year. These guys, we're going nowhere and they needed a winner last to just to get to a ball. But here's what like a bottom last year's defenceless six guys to the Vienna fell, and yet they still allow just eighteen point. Eight points for getting the best defence in the pact twelve now this year they ve got everybody back
defence policy. Only six Letterman lost on the entire team on defence. I think they have the best defects in the pact, twelve led by ASEAN there are linebacker Buddha Baker, ferry safety. You look at em offensively last year they had a true freshmen quarterback in Jake Browning bear the true freshmen running back Rushworth thirteen hundred yards in mild, arouse Gascon again and they d and almost six yards carry. And then you look at the receiver John Ross, their game breaker their wide receiver kick return or pot return? He miss last year with injury, while those true freshmen are now soft Ross. As back nine of the top ten off its alignment or back they did so I USC Arizona state all at home. I've got to Washington has run one surprise team nature, what What is christian? Mccaffrey have to do differently this year to win Heisman now much. I think, there's a lot guys out there were, after his big rose ball game, which came after the Heisman vote by the way they were thick and who maybe
should have voted for Mccaffrey. So I think all she has to do is basically have about as good buddhist season is low. Sure now it can have much less statistically or the eyes from voters will say the guy had not. Theory didn't even match last year, stats for, I think he just basely as to get back up to last year. Stats eleven exe concerto. All yes do, in other words, is, have liked best season in college football history again, not just break his own. All purpose our record that he replied TAT very Sanders record last year. Ah, he gave us action in for a dark horse national title pick, who is this here's Iowa team that you don't see common whom round the table, probably not the national title. What's gonna, have you no, towards the end of the year, have a surprise season and get the fan base rejuvenated? Why think I was gonna, Chancellor the twelve uno again this year, I think the last year they were actually a team that over achieved they were lucky. At times they were far from a twelve Uno team. If you looked em and regular season,
This year they ve got a stronger defence, and you know when it. When I was talking to the Mai NFL guys we're going over the top quarterbacks for the draft ire originally had. I was quarterback raided about ten fifteen and ratings. They had me move see J butter although we have to number six in my rating, so he's an NFL caliber guy that was planned banged up. He get injured, weak three, last year? Miss lotta practice during the season was never one hundred percent. In there schedule. I love their five big ten road opponents issue at a combined record of ten in thirty in the big ten lassie, and they get all the big boys at home, Michigan Wisconsin Northwestern, so I think they ve got, chance around the table, the other team, author, righteous tc, you think tissues get the best defence in the bay, twelve and if they can upset Oklahoma weak for them,
a shot a round the table as well. A big question coming out of the big twelve is what's gonna happen. Would Texas here, it's basically Charlie Strong, doesn't show a lot of improvement, he's probably out door. Where do you see Texas fallen at the end of the year? I have Texas. Might but one most improve team in the country. Now two years ago I had to is my number one most improve team and bring this up because there's a combination here, Four years ago tissue is coming off a four and eight season. I had my number one most improve team, they change their office and they went from averaging twenty five points per game to forty six. These points were game. No, you wouldn't think anybody can increase their often sat much, I'm expecting this same for Texas, this year they bring in the beer and shoe of Sterling Gilbert. They bring in a quarter back and shameless shall whose a perfect fit for the system to get to two hundred and fifty five running backs Chris worn and Don T format They ve got the receiving Corti off. That's a wine. I think they're gonna have a big change on off. It's a defensively also much
Remember what Charlie strong came in. It was a my way of the highway approaching booted alot of players off with their depth was shy. Last year we had a play. A lot of freshmen, including Malik Jefferson Linebacker, will Jefferson's back. I think that one of the most improves secondaries in the country, the only lose eight Letterman their vastly improved office in defence, and I think, Texas, wolves your big rate. A big change in Russia, and they have one of the biggest change and win totals issue. So do you think they have a chance again noted him yet absolutely in the open on the another, often lines, although banged up, but I think they could pull the upset their wrapping up the big time come. It says the AC see Clemson or or to state, and is there any chance? North Carolina can sneak into that picture it, and when that ac see I can I can North Carolina winning their division. I can't see him topping floor to state or Clemson nice. Ok, I've got a quick Heisman d, of course years last. This is submitted by our producer Hank. He thinks
Turkey has a chance. He admits. The risky for North Carolina would have a chance if North Carolina through your scenario, was twinning B c c, and when you look at your briski last year, he said a lot of action. The last two years last year he hid eighty five percent of his passes. Forty, eight forty seven now that second happen this year, which you look of weapons he's got with them alive you heard bug. Howard MAC Alan's ran Switzer. I've got the weapons around he's from while the men are area right right, my neck of the woods, so I've been following closely since he got the North Carolina but they're gonna need North Carolina did give eleven or twelve when this year for him to be a legitimate candidate. How much do you think that Virginia Attack is gonna, miss the like one or two block kicks a year from Frank there. Probably will hurt him a little bit with the thing I like about the coaching change: is they kept bud foster and generally, when a first year head coach comes in
they ve got to learn new schemes, both ostensibly in defensively, and they also have to learn to play your strengths and weaknesses well, but hawsers been there forever. He knows every player strengthen weaknesses. I think them twenty transition much better. I think they'll be more potent offense and, let's face it, but Foster's defense didn't play like a bud foster defense last year, giving up three hundred and seventy yards per game. I think they'll be much improved. You got two questions for you hear the national side. I need your national title pick also just society I think they should bring back the crystal ball. That was pretty cool. Do they have that? Still that I couldn't tell you, I don't think so I don't think they do. I think we have some awful trophy now. Alright, so now general title pick and then were we fashion ourselves. Take guys, so we're gonna need a take that we haven't heard yet in all these college football previous parts. First, national title this year. I I did go afford estate for states, a team that there were,
and twenty eight out of one twenty eight last year in terms of experience, much more experience issue get Clemson at home, Jimbo Fisher, those how to win at all. He's done that just a few years ago and I think floor state can take it all on this year and as far as the national take a lot of folks say it's not possible, but I think this is the year where one conference gets two teams, and now it's gonna leave to the poor. For five conferences unhappy at the end of the year, but I think this year it happens. When you look at the pact, twelve, in the big ten, both play and nine conference games, I can see the pact twelve and big ten champ both having to losses and me the premier five team.
In the country are floor to State Clemson, Alabama, Ella, shoe and Oak Le Homer, and I think if the committee puts in teams based on the talent and how good they are built, you should now pack a five teams at the end of the year. Real quick forgets address this. We're gambling guys we're in LAS Vegas right now. We need to know where to put our money, so we ve got a couple. Overlanders run through real, Quick Georgia over under a nap. I'm going to go right over when you look at their schedule. I only have a dog in one game this year. I've got him. I pick him in a couple. I'm going to go with over what about Illinois four and a half Lovie Smith, that stuff I've got them about two at the four five level, So I can't give you a firm pick on now. Wonder at that. Probably just the Lovey Smith factor would be probably enough to push him up to the five level, but I don't think they make a bull northwestern sixty!
I'm gonna go with over, even though they plain and a very good west. When you look at their schedule, I only have a dog at Iowa at Michigan State and Ohio State in a minute, Don't I've got a couple, a toss up games against Nebraska Wisconsin, so I'm gonna have to go with over the six and a half. Fitzgerald soon, a great job there, ok and then obviously you you told us about Washington. There total is nine. You, like you, feel confident with that over yeah doubled It went up that you'll, be there first double digit when season since about two thousand. Ok awesome, Phil, steel, come out. Phil Steel, dot com, like you said he has. He writes the Bible for college football fans before every season. Phil. Thank you so much. I was a lot of fun. Cannot quick promo. When for euro listeners out there have absolutely go for it. Now this is only for Pard might take podcast listeners if you go to steals weekly preview, dot com and you enter the promo code, p
the M t I'll. Let you take twenty dollars off any yearly subscription package, but you have to enter the promo code. P M t to get twenty dollars off and that's it steals weekly preview, Dotcom, another something pleaded different now bring back one of our favorite recurring gas, Stingray, Steve Steve. Thank you. So much for joining us. Let's start with your thoughts on Saturday finally being here and how excited you all for this season, man is gonna, be really all some Saturday has some of the best games. I think I've ever seen with you know: U s sake. Burma. Ah, you see allay takes a solely on there's, just a lotta good games out tired, and so I M excited for it and I'm actually go when to distort the quarterback Bob tonight. You're coach, Damn Baldwin talk and then I'm going to cowbell yell here
Nor are they also it's gonna, be a really fun time and I'm getting really excited. What's carbo, you are initiated Yom and they do. You know how likely twelve man does down adds takes a salary and they have a rallying cry. Well, this is a rallying cry with cowbells inside the stadium and emotionally gonna do some twitter and Facebook loud videos. Tonight, candle lit the world see what Cowbell YO is for people outside of Mississippi. You can do any dabs. May I make my adjust the fans on what the atmosphere is lie? Back as last year we broke the world record for war. Most cow bells ringing simultaneously for nanny. Second, not up to me seems like it's a record as just like continually held and broken by MRS Happy State fence right. Yes, somehow and we're hoping to break it again this year. My luck, but last year was work. Ass man. It was unbelievable, nice. Looking eurobonds Godspeed, you go near buds. I absolutely salute me man, you ve got to work. You know you gotta, protect those ears, man. When you get older, you get you don't go hard work
these may why you now. I want to do that man I so I wanted to get like a day in the wife of Stingray Steve Saturday week, one workers through what your plan is for the day, how many games you're gonna watch? Are you gonna go
oh game. Tailgate, just just basically give us the whole run from from the minute you wake up the many go to sleep on Saturday. Ok! Well, this this coming Saturday, I'm actually like I want to start fail, and unfortunately the game starts at eleven, which I hate early kick off. My favorite kick off. Time is to thirty or six now what about licence for end of the day? You know throughout the junction you know maiden, people say in Paypal and just hanging out with friends are bigger than I've met, and so I know we usually come over here. Early in the day, go eat some way or walk round the junction. Do the dog walk and then of course, probably forty five minutes before the game. I lie to go on, go on in and bade the crowd and get my sates and watch the players in a warm up and all that stuff in really kind of get in the excitement of the game. I'm one of these guys that likes to get their early and stay late, ok got respect, are not an offence. Do that these days are more concerned with sir for media accounts and things like that. You're, not really they don't have the commitment to really be a trial, and so on Game Day use. You mentioned the dog walk. What's the dog one for those who, like me, that's basically like every school has where your fan, the fans line up and the players and coaches,
Walk through you guys and you can even oaks, pat him on the shoulder or give them handshakes and that kind of stuff as they're walking into the stadium, and you can only imagine we probably have, I think, thirty thousand dollars each dog walk with cowbell was ringing. Unbelievably man, it is so awesome. Are you a handshake guy artist shoulder pads guy oh, my god that will give a high five is a more gone through nice. Ok, Ivy IBM slap on the butter. You can hit a player. I don't know about that man that that's a little were that's a little too much. For me, that's a little weird, sometimes PA, humble I'm, a private guy and I'm right now, I'm not touch anything at all good point, so talking about. College football landscape over. I know you did Stingray Steve TOP twenty five. It was electric. Everyone should check it out. It was amazing what what? What did your top five it
appearing in hooting every national total Chipewyan, the top five in the in the countdown boys Alabama taxes saying I am Notre Dame in Michigan. Those were out standing games in their head, Arkansas, old, meares and then a course today. I know if you guys have seen it, but I put all born and now a banner from two thousand and thirteen, and I actually did the call myself the last play or Chris Davies took it back. If you do for us rockwork, I'm sure I could hear withdrew it. Ok, I. You may just a second to get it get them out of the ideas on railway dollar. Here goes Alabama further. Why, on the cake is up it is
It is no good Chris Davis. Why, in an early and sound Davis check this out Chris Davies Eyes, intention, As for the page championship, jobs will be lost. Ah I goosebumps locomotive. I seriously have missed one. I know what I wish we could have done. We could have done the nap Tessa. I take a nap animal, throw that call on just like jerk up like row holy shit, some big going on when you know you got a good announcer and then, of course, at the end of that kind of throw it down.
Our job in Alabama. I said not even Harvey Dyke king keep them from violent humans corner Tournai. Yes, let's get you in Harvey Inequality Erika you guys go into knocked again, who comes out probably may yet restraint yeah, but I saw it all now. I'm taking you all day every day off, camera everywhere, right, see hates bring this up, but we're all
plans were big fancy. Yours and we just want to make sure you're. Ok, I'm I saw him of you saw came here. Defence heavily wrote a blog about it, the whole catfish incident. How are you in your now? How are we doing after that? Really good man? Thank you, gas for coming to my aid and backing up all night. I saw you know here in the days of social media. You really don't know who you're talking to other than the course you guys cause. I know you guys enough. You know I've told you guys before, but people who just come up randomly. You don't know who they are. You dont know if they're a terrorist, you don't know who they are, what they want. You ve gotta, be ever so careful and I will say this the best thing about social media, whether rape
book Twitter Instagram, whatever the best feature on that is the mute and block, but the up lobby- and I just want to let you know steve- that the Ito obviously Cat fishing thing happened. You got some people, come after you every now, and then just now that you You got a couple. You got a couple, you know junkyard bogs over here? That will go to war free of absolutely thank. You may also final questions, before I let you go in and we're gonna have you back on throughout the season cause our friends love you, we love you. Do you wash your apples? You wanna do washer apples, we ask everyone this, you do! Okay, what why do you wash your apples? Because you don't know what pesticides and everybody you know cost, and all that you know when you get a minute grocery store man. I mean it's just nasty if you don't, but if you, if you ate apples that had like a little bit of germs on them
you think they'll make your immune system stronger man, I don't know, I'm not, cannot end all that stuff you. She usually play it safe and wash our real quick before I go. I believe it was you guys ask me who the most famous person, s name was in my phone up was ass. You got up those us, ok great. While I have somebody knew that I just got their car outside a couple weeks ago. Ok, wait on Us Pedro Burns, vs, p and sure big time and now I say, attacks a couple of times again and actually had him all my show last week. But as far as you know how you do.
What you think about football at. I don't bother him with that kind of stuff man, okay, and what will let it will let it? I will give it some time then we'll maybe call Peter and future episode. Ok, love it Thank you so much for joining us is always everyone check him out what your twitter handle now. Are you switch it up a little bit about? What is it? Yes, it's at Stephen RE, twenty, eight! Ok, Stephen re twenty eight April followed. I want to see that ten k get to eleven K. Yes, so walk on Saturday, and we will talk to the future. I guess thank you. Absolutely, and I'm gonna leave your mother resounding I love Steve. I love Steve, he's a great as these are really is good about the internet. Yet never
He has great about college, the boy. If I were to meet the person they try to catch fish like I wouldn't kill many people on this earth care I'll. Give you Hitler I'll, give you Kim Jong goon I'll, give you maybe a couple more dictators. Besides that the person who catfish sting receive you killed a person I'm fine in a person's fancy football team and I'm sure I'm sending a bill to that. Guy's wife. I love it. So you still owe money for this year round care not get away with this year, I was glad to some segments first, pure Wanna, one Collins Catholic. Nice little move by him when the whole world did you and says you hit the military put a guy Green Braywick. Next, you turn the national anthem.
But he invited Nate boy. So one thing as important in any pr that you do is the Optics K Optics are huge. I'm not I'm not sure what optics means like by the dictionary definition, but I know that having a guide next to you that was in the military is good when people try to set a you're like the military research or stand he knelt, okay, so hate worse, knelt, oh no eyes now, Nate, I'm sure he stood and saluted override, ok, good. He said that the first I've heard it when came onto an interval. Fealty cried so I'm swimming. Ok, he caught a notion again, but column knelt, so important distinction, so maybe he was was praying people get get cut because Christians are in in league and maybe kneeling improve that. I also should we also noted the sending of chargers did like a salute to the military during their national anthem, when a special sir,
a mony. This feels like we're. Gonna have like a little bit of a mini cold war. Here was calling copper neck and all the stadiums he goes to, who kin salute the military? The most it's almost like a you know, any says: what yeah, so we're gonna get like calling Capron equal, both the national as we like, you're and asked if you'd like annual everyone, please everyone who is a good human being and loves this earth stand now. The Panthers are going to move their game to Fort against forty, nine all bog I'll, be there. How well role tanks out onto the field and the cap and a computer will be like a gentleman square and yeah that'll be it'll, be ugly, but in, although get their point of view, I think I'm excited, for that is a one off one upmanship. Can we talk real quick about socks because that's another optics?
yet so that actually was before retroactive, those retroactive optics right, yet either cartoon pages had optics. I know that I've I every moment in my past. I am very, very dumb and if you like pick any moment our and your like a big cat, look you here have I'm deeply ashamed of everything that I've done before right now now now, when we both at the same time everything out. So you could cherry picking the past. Only one say cows wherein, socks with pigs and police. Ottoman say this is further evidence that he doesn't like the police. I dont know that actually makes any sense, but guess what a month ago me I've carbon asshole.
Now, I'm involved in the new personnel in the past right. Let's leave the passwords the past, we're not here to talk about the past today, Maguire today he had made point next. Yes, so better person from soft, I naturally talking soccer. You got a very interesting one. I've great talking, Saki other gay check. This out. Isis just kicked all the soccer roughs out of Syria because the Sakharov they followed the thief, the laws of the game and not shriller. Oh and now starting side do you think that we would be kicked out of Syria zero? What the assyrian Iraq ok cause? We fall man code, we fall men, Ah, man law, brokering, man, Lhasa Man, larger different things- men we form of brokered, is like that's kind of the situation or thing man laws just
things that you have to do all the time broke out, like hey bro like to fuck my girl from when I'm in the other room yeah broke out, you can I broke out in situations like that and still be falling man. Lorries just because you gotta get rocks are supporting the man law like she was asking for right. I was forty men. What I'm a guy can do. There are a lot of overlaps or think between Sharia LAW and Man law Razzle. I think that we'd be welcome, ensue, yeah. I do. I also just like Gaelic football guys, for I I just wanted to also justice is convent related well. So little related. I saw this title from Washington Post, your manliness.
Could be hurting the planet. Sorry, not sorry, sorry, not sorry, big time, like the biggest ever been a dude yeah nice try washing Persia website far too much. Oh sorry, sir, no sir, here oh pool soon work is a drug huge. A car and spill gasoline gonna write top it off. The ozone is the most overrated thing in the world: yeah, oh without ozone, everybody get really ten and good. Looking. Oh man wouldn't want that yen, your crops will grow taller and more recent property. That so don't do that eight earth needs Roper we have an hour. You think I want here for me. Ok, so CBS Eden they fired might carry this off season moment sounds
type smiles, so they fired, might carry this off season and they said the reason. Why was because people were being too mean on the internet? Barely people being means might carry online, No, do you think there are maybe four or five things that everyone online agrees battering for policies and one of them, carry on sort rockwork? Ok, I told you, I was gonna, get hurt, yap, Archie Threes, gonna get hurt it's gonna get hurt. A gross, can get hurt football seizings, that's usually when he gets hurt early October. The rams haggling over seven nine arena up and then my carelessness group bunch calls that's it and in its way all agree on that which is kind of a nice thing for the internet. Sometimes so we we. I use royal? We we were very mean to make
but would CBS has done here? Is it such a terrible precedent? Yes, because if you gave in to the internet, wants well, that's a lot of power that you give CBS Paisley's that we can get anyone on their staff fired right. It's like a j J. What were the tweet at us? Please stop! Please stop a hedge aging me. I know no, we won't yeah that'll. Thanks then, do the trick his age. I know how bout no sooner CBS come on. Get your shit together. If you listen to the internet on everything, it would just be a terrible terrible world of nothing but like two girls, one cup and goat, see it just flashing on the video boards all day at NFL game. So and Arthur means and arson, don't don't start on us means something through oh geez. Ah I
that that feeling when big cats starts talking shit about Arthur moves are making the fisheries. I have a new segment force. It's called just chill out. Man show up this one goes. To our boy, Jason Whitlock, who this more? I don't know what he was doing. He was talking about life being unfair and it being a jungle out. There said furnaces, the human condition since Adam Bit, the apple we should fight unfairness, its origin is obvious: it's a jungle, and then he got to talking about giraffes and lock. Animals make up world line, eating giraffe, eight fair. It is what it is fight unfairness
expected to go away. I can I can I jump and heroic work. I don't think that Lindsey Giraffes. No, I don't think so either Europe's would just kick the shit out of a lion and strangle them with their next year. He eat double down these lines. Addressed again. Human being tilts came to favour him her. That's differences between four legs and two ok fight unfairness, never give up how bout chill out man like just chill out. It's too Earl is too early in the morning to be talking about lions, eating giraffes and unfairness in the world, just to chill out just a Titus back full circle. You know what this all stem from with socks. Yes, talking about a man's per right and somehow we got two lions slaughtering baby giraffes in the wild and like eating them. She that's what we artist till. I shall comment to chill out as they like ninety percent things that people get worked up about life. I don't
I don't care, will probably gonna have to cancel this segment because rather use it so much registered to tell ourselves suggest chill out, but right now, she's in wedlock, chill out man condom budgets to catch up elsewhere, We finally have a respectable is probably the biggest one yet, This huge J Moriarty went on a little rats a little way. What's he got upset because friend of the programme in former guess. Dan Steinberg says the concurrent get elder. First time he's he had been doing his blog for ten years. J Moriarty said ten years. Blogging is nothing to be proud of, and then he said, YO bloggers we make millions you make Nicholls. We make intellectual impact, you serves donors and bankrupt web goose. We
right. You type, we hit women, you live in your mouse basement. I added that last. Allowing our schedule does hit women, so we should just make allegedly allegedly but yeah so Jamie reality he's just the segment was named after him and is proving. Why? Because is hatred for bloggers knows no end? I like that. Tweet also sounds like the worst verse in making avalanche. Might we write you type? good job J, I mean a pretty much sums up there. I would say that if you can do anything for ten years, if you only do one thing for ten years and you survive for ten years, I think that's a pretty good job rain you're doing something right. Yes, also I'd like to remind you that the Council of NICE ear was pretty much the first blog like dangerous, they adapted Jesus ready, they had Tipp Jesus right. The whole thing, sir.
Oh maybe do that more research. He also be read history. This is also not a new thing for J Mary. He has, since he's been out in the woods. Osity allegedly beat his skull. I dont want a legit, or was it fact while I got it got expunged which is legally is for like it happened, but in a right? Ok, it bullshit. We grace air he a couple years ago, Europe Rick Riley Way too good for bad business. When he s been had here: Rick Railway Stop played rising his own columns and just go to video and good move yard so Fighting this fight for a long time. By way, my favorite part from that com was, he said. Also farming is a site promoting african american content, which is fine as long as I also adds a site promoting asian american content, italian american content in icelandic american content, so Jamie Reality, please please please come on.
Show because you and you- and this in part my take- were really on the same wavelength. I think I think he makes a great point actually like I have yet to three. Any blood discussing icelandic sports, where, where is where's, the blog by Icelandic, for Iceland will like editor in chief, Gunnar servants and lets Let's do it. A man dread. There's a those people call for the J, you will be our senior Iceland, corresponding they done question and rwandan years. Iceland wears question number to wait. I thought that was Greenland. That's it that's it. The dialogue also J hit us up. I know you're out of work, but you are now hired chief correspondent for part. My take icelandic division, my favorite part about his is twitter. Rent that he went on was. He was just talking should about blogs or time
at the end. His final tree was for more see Jamie reality that come right. His blog right, who saw weblog Weblog just log, stopped my thoughts on the web. That's on the internet. Ok, Jim, hey Doc, I'll check it out also see him soon. Put my take icelandic editor in chief. I think you know it job it does work another J. We have again. Ok when you see this, we seen aspects may us it's always sports illustrate has named so and so guess. What we need in Europe will really has been named. Younger icelandic correspondent for porn mighty, ok, ok, it is named we're naming it we're. Gonna
our Lord Draft of a letter demand. By that I mean we're gonna type, something up and tweet it, and now will be I, let's do it everyone's favorite time of the weak Jimbo this past week, and we did our college or union out on the cape one of our but he's got so drunk that during the awkward override home he decide to make things a little more awkward and pretend to get a text saying is Grandpa died and then proceed to fake cry for the rest of the twenty minutes left in the, it's a classic prank here he was just praying you that's not a GMO. U S a totally while just a kid this guy just doesn't, does one I attend generating lacheneur, you know he's got this guy just got prank any stress spirit into Jimbo. Here's! Here's a here's, a tip for you guy who wrote this in price. Stopping friends like I he's probably gonna, keep doing this he's gonna, be the guys like.
You're, weird friend here that you bring around who says it his grandfather guided I'm a grave ass. Yet I have one where it was the friend like trying to give him a test, a request on the way back, he's a go, get it at grandparent, can't make it another cape story, my girlfriend into other couples could keep to my girlfriends place for the weekend. Next morning afternoon, Beach Colmar even once go for breakfast. I was too hung over and stayed home lying on. The couch at everyone leaves, I start jerking off, and I got a text message halfway through from my girlfriends mom telling me that her parents insults care to cameras in the living room after break during the winter after breaking down the winter, in the texts such as stop go to the bedroom. Now up up up up up up nice guys, it. Wow. Oh my god,
the law of all you got, you got some balls. I need to be doing that out in the living. Well planned work well where they can offer. This is said he was another hang overtures that ok, very enough go like go, find a bathroom. Take a shower jerk off wherever we hung over, say that's a little presumptuous to just dropped round the living room, his arms- and I think you don't leave. I think you keep going. I think you finish the show other was actually you know it too smart. This man was kind of bullying yeah. What do you want like buffering porn? Is he goes into the sex he's being set shamed, yeah Sledge, shamed year, this guy's Venus? Let's, yes, a disguise being such aimed throwing hate Mamma. I want you back off its two dozen. Sixteen is looking express their
sexuality, however, they want that's a new segment by the way is twenty six states? What is poverty? Just research bodies responded the tiger with its twenty sixteen rate, be yourself toy. Sixteen law wines and always wears it? Love always wins. Love always wins. That's a third is that's a pervert. Such back love always wins. Let me keep loving myself. How come that a man and a man can marry each other in the United States, but I'm not allowed to jerk.
Of in my girlfriends moms living room, while they're gonna break, while the NATO action may kinetic Anthea nets. Good question makes you think: what do the cubs gave, something that a few weeks back got super wasted, sort a brand out, not something a twenty seven year old shoe and work night work. I disagree. Walk up the horrible hangover Monday called out, try to push for an hour, but her too badly. So I went to the yard: could walk or move had to get morphine for the pain, take a city scan and had the doctors shut her hand halfway up my ass off several times a get takes tool. Samples turns out, after the result, came back out full poop when the worst case, the consultation that ever seen had let the doktor relieve me. Manually Watts, as is not and shit all over the ear. Bedfellows, your eminence. Now our went home. This is this little two eyes in the plot of the next Adam Sandler. This is not a really exists. Wait wait!
and then he meets drew Barrymore in there and they and their families combined, and they love each other every day. The final line at a happy Madison production here, so I got a bill. Nine days later, nine hundred seventy box also found out the doktor works in my girlfriend another hospital and told her the graphic details. The whole thing but she told all my friends that ok, that's settled, violation that was that out of January was the doktor doktor chapter. Ok win over what the Cubs, how to do it? This way, gonna bring the Cubs India and your problem stood guy guy this was, I thought this like. I got you drunk watching the cubs who's gonna. You know I went
Murphy S after went of oh, I went to sluggards after and try to hit an item on our fast while the cages and knock out both might fronty yeah. Ok, dad did I do with it. That story took such a drastic disgusting turn that I want to do one thing that I've never done. I'm suspending this award winning listener for one episode no protective shield camp. Is this an excellent but listen buddy you're Cubs venom comes then I'm doing the right thing in Wednesday. Shell Monday was this Monday yeah Monday's, yellow suspending for Monday Show Labour day blocking from twitter for four days yes! Well, one shall one shown once only don't ever bring us in your poop stories again thing I'm noticing is at all. These gmos are basically about people drinking too much and Puya is also also just eat of Egypt,
Recent press just just from just a quick temper, maybe stick to beer Ok, I guess maybe arisen bread, your grand muffin, kick it too, drunk on just by letters right liquor before barrier in the clear, that's right, drunk drink liquor, ok, good point egg, don't just stick to beer! but like do all your shots before you start drinking beer now, but since they eat some bread stop at heart, lay off the cheese. Maybe lavishes lay out no lay off a cheese mixing approve my governs the third grade teacher and ban the dampener classroom. Now the kids face these excessively, so they can that's that's again. You can't you can't give them the power Ranting, something silence is like drugs. You can't sign a second this. Second, you declare war on drugs. Just makes the kids one or more second, you say: oh, do not let a dab anymore. It could turn into elbows sniffing fools. I pose this question. Do you guys yesterday think I'm too having too much
I think so I won't know. I don't think that you are yet, but I think that you are in danger of having, to my mind the amended thing, I'm in the damage at you, TAT, gun, pm's zone, dabs permitted in the yellow right now here and you're gonna burn ever he yeah. I think you should replace, I doubt boomerangs. Ok,
I'm on boomerangs put I just I don't want to give up tabs. I brought it back. I feel like now that it's back Anita like enjoy the fruits of my labor, but I do have a feeling that I caught myself. I think I doubt about on Wednesday DAB like somewhere around seven hundred times, so I think that that might have been pushing it right. Well, we just gotta see what came noons next operation is hasn't, told us yet, and then we will start with that. I blocked at work and happy hour in Lhasa push contest. In my forty year old hundred seventy pounds korean boss, the AIDS he lived in less weight motor seventy come on man. Try tried, try lifted to forty. Also what why does the guy's race matter in this? I'm scared, like that's, that's a bit: well, Asians or better pushups.
Ok, economic sense, so that's not a Jimbo, then yeah sure. So you ve just work for you worked for man, an asian lad. You get a strong leader. We did you specify which Korea now is it did this come in from from the president's office and withdrew? It is past Kim Jong, IL is like seven billion pushes. Ok, you right. A Jimbo. These guys in Toma, stronger, remarkable fear me it does. I think, that's what happened. Ok now saw its connecting the dots I work in the presidential Palace and North Korea and my boss
he's, got a man with an hour artillery cannon and then did seven hundred putty randomly did seven hours of pushups in a row we figured out. One of my body was binds annex from a guy. He didn't know because connect was out of town. He kept complaining when he took them. Parties you kept lacking out turns out. He is buying roof, reason citizen x and was roofing himself every weekend for a month and a half we? U can you can't can't buy,
I got reviewed one time. He thought his binds annex, but the guy's gonna movies. All only was all I thought he was garlic, CBS Walgreens. Anyone I know he's Murphy's is connect. Was at the kids, call it a connect when you you got a guy, so his annex guy was at town. He had to go to back up back up. Some villa goods turns adders, were hypnotic, put, isn't xanax for anxiety, yeah, so isn't knocking you're out new. When you're knocked out from a roof. He don't you have no anxiety yeah. So so he said you just a really strong annex people forget that Bass agenda Caskey had a bunch Rufus pulled over with. Is it no officers for me? I take from me, which I believe even mirror the Noah accident nor officer is for me I take for me. I can already. Turns out. I can do a russian acts into ok. We're many hats is not rational. Pulse sent these. We russian read history book for motor
yeah, I guess we start a panacea. Sounds says like he got rid of his anxiety, so want you quit complaint. Sovereign wing loser be word. I those are jumbos, my about shorten sweet thirty. One you're all do ya joined milking, he hasn't been Jim's, that's pretty much it right now. Thirty one euro, somebody said to us: your Jimbo is you guys are thirty one year olds who started the milk gang in the middle of August? Yes, sir: oh yeah, railroad, reboot, roller coaster with a bellyful milk and a mouthful chew so Jimbo right there, but it's for content. We also have the shocks coming, which is gonna, be a great
Another franchise forever dogs are ruled out our executive electric. I think we're Africa debate on Thursday next Thursday. Half time of the thirteen I came so calling a shattering get ready for it We are to be the office where this is our last episode, not so the office. Everyone should be excited because we're gonna have an podcast studio with unbelievable sound. We have done all this six months. In spite of ourselves when it comes to sound, so we're excited, usually excited and I will see you on Wednesday
that one guy you're suspended their mother's day away its part by king, presented by far to sports
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