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Philadelphia Eagles Chris Long, Beau Allen, and Jason Kelce

2017-11-27 | 🔗

Live from Philadelphia it's Pardon My Take's Football Week with stops in Philly, Indianapolis, and Buffalo.  Fastest 2 minutes plus a full breakdown of the NFL after 12 weeks with fraud or for real (2:12 - 7:59). Who's Back of the week talking Greg Schiano's brief stint at Tennessee and Christmas trees (7:59 - 30:59).  Philadelphia Eagles Chris Long, Beau Allen and Jason Kelce join the show to talk about the 10-1 Eagles, life in the NFL, Wisconsin's Big Ten Championship chances, and why Travis and Jason Kelce are so different (30:59 - 55:02). Segments include Football Guy Of The Week, the debut of "Let's Get mad online about College Football Rankings", "Vino Chronicles" and "Translating Rob Gronkowski", plus sabermetrics for Chip Kelly and the coaching carousal in College Football.

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state dot, com, slash, let's go, it is Monday November, twenty seventh week, twelve
in the battle for Ohio, aka, the Skyline CUP aka, the Diarrhea bowl sheriff Joe Mixon, had everyone wearing stripes and the Bengals established tremendous border security along their goal line. It's Hugh, Michael Jackson, to take a long look in the mirror and change his ways, because Andy Dalton can be my baby. It don't matter if he's black or white as long as he's not a Cleveland Brown Browns fall two hundred and one eleven three thousand and sixteen the bill, switched their carrier plan back to T Mobile and suddenly they have reception again as Zaytoven Jones caught a touchdown caught a touchdown color touch how cut out a chocolate it's down and the pills are going Sebastian, POK, pok, pok, pok, pok to the playoff hunt and they've now keeping Tyron, because if it ain't broke, don't fix it hate each Kaboom,
no one circles: wagons. Like a golf ball, some spread we head to the Indy Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, where Delany Paul Walker was recklessly speeding all over the field. That's too soon bone way too soon. Adam finitary diesel, tight T Y Reese, Hilton and ludicrous Milton didn't have enough horsepower to get the colts over the home. With all that said, we'd like to remind you folks, please drive safely. This message has been sponsored by Jimerson. Sixteen Rex had what's all real mother for the dolphins all afternoon, speaking of which the mill planner Rob Gronkowski found the end zone and the patriots murdered. The dolphins, like a bunch of japanese fishermen, often fall Adam case first yet again. Thirty five, seventy Sloan spread in the Meadowlands. The Panthers found a date with victory on Christian mingle Mccaffrey. The jets were in prime position to steal this one, but, as the saying goes, heavy is the head that wears the Josh, my crown, and by that I mean Josh Mccown played like an inbred hemophiliac when it mattered the most leaving his body bruised in a deep royal purple. They've got scratch fever in Carolina. Thirty five jets. Twenty seven
pick Nick Pick Carson Wentz, the famous internet explorer successfully navigated. The bears secondary all afternoon, as even Chris Cuomo is googling. How quickly Chicago can fire Fox. It says here that the Philadelphia Eagles are now ten and one
Philadelphia hasn't been this excited, since you are you Hugh, Hugh, Hugh Douglas was quarterbacking. The defense equals thirty one pairs story, standing on the corner, Jameis Winston Tampa FL such a fine sight to see it's a profit. My lord and he's throwing touchdown scores Mohammed to Julio Jones. E Haider cover your offense, so they are above Firass. I'm sorry I saw her. I used to call him a cab, Talequah late, but now he's more like two chainz as Michael Crabtree, into lip to hands in Oakland. As a kid say these days you don't want these hands boom. The lunch brothers Marshawn and Paxton almost combined for one hundred total yards, and they are looking for John Elway's mane and tail in Denver
all my girl is Sean Paul Mcveigh he's got so right. Temperature to win games with Jerrod Golf or Lord he's got no ride. Temperature to turn this office on old Sean Paul Mcveigh is jamaican. The defense is crazy in the NFC, as the Rams throttle the saints two thousand. Six hundred and twenty
a big sauna. It's a dry heat proof. People forget that as the Jaguars Koetina Jacksonville of the Sw Phoenix AZ, where Blaine Yo Gabba Gabbert hooked up with Ricky KISS by arose seals Jones for early touch out, and you have to ask yourself how the cardinals found their franchise quarterback. It was a rare double revenge game, as Calais Chunky Campbell did his best to find a victory, but fill the ageless wonder: Dawson wins it with a locked car, goes twenty seven jaguars yeah, but twenty four and finally my favorite time of the year. We go north of the border to stock up on all those to do do something up that extra kick the Grey cup. We grab your flannel and plaid and don't forget to say sorry to your neighbor, the Calgary Stampeders in the Toronto argonauts who won. We don't care we're just happy they're out there giving their best
all right in that was weak, twelve, that's right, so I'm doing the the mental math right now. That means that we are entering the fourth quarter of the third quarter of the NFL League year. We're almost there and that's very sad Andy Skerries we had a full season, is what we're entering absolutely. We are live from a Philadelphia hotel room. It is, PMT Road football week. Technically, I think all of Philadelphia is just hotel rooms in Airbnbs. I don't think anyone actually lives, I'm going to stop you there, because I actually Philadelphia I've grown fond of Philadelphia. Have you in a weird way, I First, all the stadium was great. The fans were nice because the pair sock- and they basically were like you, hey, you pay big cat, the pair sock and I was like yeah. I know man and there's like okay, cool and conversation, because it you know they would like talk their fist ready to punch me in like yeah, I kind of agreement. The bears think exactly it's not like. It's not like you were a threat coming in here right, Adultos they'll throw snowballs at Santa Claus, because Santa is more of a threat.
Then the Chicago bears are. I did try to do my spin zone at half time. I looked at Hank and I was like the bears. I don't think the bears sting I just think the eagles are really good and Hank gave me that look like come on man like seriously now. The bears are very, very bad yes and get a first down the entire, but they won the turnover battle made. There's half they want, they did an also there. You know people were saying that they did not get a first down in the first half. That's simply not true, they got a first down. It was just off of an interception, yes, that they caused a fumble and recovered the fumble we are so anyway. That is the most John Fox played all time, like John Fox is going full fox.
I think he there's zero fox, given for him right now. Yeah he's just gonna do a thing where he throws the ball like five times a game for the rest of your because he knows he's far. It was a fantastic when the bears were down. Seventeen, nothing and John Fox, like let's just run it right run. It left them like a little screen Prescott establish the run yeah and when you're down by you know three scores. Yeah I'd, wait, a playful plaza fan of Smash Mouth football just moved when you said that say to get run, the ball left run off and then the little screen, or maybe a draw yeah right. So you so we are on the road. All week we are going to Indianapolis on Tuesday were hopping in the rv. What we call on this just football, its yeah, its football road road week. I just like really hot football week- is simple to the point. I think it says it all yeah every now and then as a podcast for like you know what we're we're outdoor cats, we need to be out there with with the people, yes, but football game. So the rest of the week looks like this were in Philly, for the Eagles bears were going to Indianapolis for the big ten championship game review with our friends at par still heartland. All weeks can be awesome and before you get to what we're doing
You wanna say we're doing Saturday yeah Saturday Wisconsin going to win the big ten championship game. That's going to be Saturday and then Sunday, let's just say that the won't, be any tables left in a certain walmart in a certain Northwest part of a certain New York state, so we are going. Finally, we promised it for a long time. We are going to see bill's mafia in person, hills, patriots on Sunday. Science is hooking us up with the whole tour and I'll tell you what let's start this 'cause we're actually we're actually going to do a little frauds or for Realz recap of week, twelve, the bills, the bills they might be back there for real This is for real because they go into Kansas City Chiefs. Team that, I will officially say, is a fraud, their fraud, that's fair
I'll, but they beat wait. They beat the Patriots week. One that's stripper get that it went to the when the week one Super PAC. Your comment. People forget that people forget that so the bills I I'm feeling like this is that was a win they needed and now all the juices back in Buffalo and ready to jump through some tables and probably lose the page. You know people laughed at me currently, but guess what Peter Man gave him a spark Peter at the bills are now wanna know since Peterman started they basically Mcdermitt was basically like in a relationship for a really long time with the girl was like hey. Why don't we like trying to date other other people for a minute, and then he went out and he you know he did a one night stand is like I feel gross. I just want to go back to night rod, Taylor, who can throw the ball lit
It run a little bit and we can finish. Eight Nate right tie rods, not a ten ninety, but he's not like some rando that you picked up off the street, how many bands, and now for tyrod yeah, I think, tie rod. You just go clean. Yeah tie resume Sunday afternoon I write is a nice girl is not if you're not gonna, get it without a quit. It yeah he might get on top for a little bit. You might get on top, who knows yeah, but as you maybe sixty nine one, one yeah. I got enough on your anniversary and then with Peter minutes like you brought home some some really strange, yeah and then your your sheets are like crawling with bugs in hand your crutches blood everywhere. Yeah, you don't know who who came from basically Peterman started, crying halfway through the sexual Peterman, and I was like. Why are you crying he's like I just I miss Tyrod yeah right exactly so the bills were put in for real cheese frauds. I have a few more gonna go through
my San Diego chargers, fraud, fraud. They are free, I'm going to tell you why they're frauds, because they're going to win the AFC W, ok, and so you were saying that they would be the best team. True not make the playoffs through guess what you were fucking wrong because they are going to make the playoffs. So can you imagine, let's just think about the Stubhub Soccer Center, getting home player game, I'm that is quite environment. Mum I like it. The chargers are killed. The cowboys cowboys are frauds yeah. I I'm I'll stand on the chargers like I'll die on this, so I think the chargers defense is electric and filters got enough. He's got health moxie in that old gonna, his that he can, he can maybe get them to to a playoff, got some money left in the gun. We need Phil Rivers in one last like that Saturday game. Think about that. Well, no, they would win the AFC W if they got in, but he got the wildcard Phil Rivers going
Jacksonville tell me! America doesn't need now, my god dude the rematch of that game that were Blake and Phillip, kept turning the ball over the last two minutes. Yes, I would watch that game if they played that single game every weekend. The NFL season I would tune in to each and every one yeah. I think I think what are we comfortable, calling the jaguars the jaguars are tough, because I thought this keep them in the for reals, because I think the titans are frauds yep. I think the titans winning in the colts like that. That's again, they should win yeah. I don't I'm not impressed by that that test as well press the roof was open. That's how you know Jim Irsay is getting desperate. He gets like one or two of these a year where he tries to put a spark into his team. The best that he can besides, like just going to drive them all home and freaking him out, so he opened the roof up and it still didn't work similar to the titans. I think the raiders are still frauds because they beat Paxton Lynch by the way I feel like
always doing some kind of magician trick here where he just brings Paxton Lynch out like once or twice a year to kind of distract everyone, the fact that he used a first round draft pick on packs and late and he in the process he save Jerry Jones from using a classic on pack. I listen. I watched that bowl game. I bet on that bowl game passing Lynch. Socks is whatever's last bowl game once it was there. I know, that's that's, like a that will always stick. Your head was a five interception game. It was bad but I'm really dumb, and I saw that first drive and We had this one throw it was like it was like second and goal, or something like that, and he looked really good when he threw it and got intercepted was really his fault but again intercepted and for a
Second, I was like. I think I think the Broncos have found their quarterback of the future by the way he does occasionally he'll do something where, like that looks like a competent human beings, that looks like a quarterback yeah suck, and then they show his mustache and beard beard that he has and then you're like. No, this guy just looks like Joe Dirt's cousin, yeah Paxton. Lynch is basically like a sociopath like mimicking motion for split. Second, I think tears human. I think Paxton Lynch was in Mindhunter talking about like my first interception yeah, it was a pair shoes and it got it all turned on 'cause I just through it to my brother and then my other brother caught it all right going down the list. We also have the NFC Si think we can officially say is the toughest division in football, the Falcons the Panthers in the saints in my for reals category, and I don't know I like the all. Those teams should make the NFC playoffs, but it's going to be tough, I'm going to I'm going to say the falcons might be frauds who, because they look pretty bad like a month ago and they looked really good now
but I'm just. I know that they are capable of being really bad again. If we're going to go back to the relationship analogy, it's like if you date, someone who like freaks out and like jumps out of a moving car while you're trying to drive away or something like that and like just actually goes nuts and then a month later, they're like hey, I got therapy, I'm ok. Now You still know that that's in the background right. Yes, so I'm waiting, I'm waiting for them to turn back, but the scars, but as long as they keep rocking the up all black uniforms. Yes, I think that they're for real the throwbacks by the way we were talking about this one we're going to the Eagles game. Why the eagles don't wear Kelly Green all the time. Those are the nicest looking jerseys like every single person about a Kelly G, green hat on. I was like that's great: what's the difference? What's the other kind of green, because that's like green, be a pmr murder, green or something like cream journal? Kay Green yeah, yeah, the green eggs, exactly is green. Who are we just going to ignore the kid to leave?
oh crap. Talk about it. I actually I'm not I'm not going to Stephen a Smith on everyone here. Will you know what? However, I am you got to ask. What is Michael Crabtree doing this to kind of provoke? he knew not to wear chain their elements of provocation or chain and his and got snatched again? You know that it keep to leave, is going to snatch your train, it's impossible to get your chain snatched if you're not wearing jewelry. That's a fact I mean. I know, I'm not it's victim blaming or whatever, but I think Crabtree where the chain just to put it in just to see face, and he also knew he was like I'm going to go right after him because of what happened the last time this happened. One thing is for sure. I think This is going to end in murder, someone it's going to kill the other diets. It is it's one of the rare it. You know. It reminds me of Finnigan Court Cortland Finnegan, who like had beef yeah. the beef with that one. No, but under John's Andre Johnson, it's one it's like that where it's like these guys, it's not fake, there's nothing fake here,
These guys really really hate each other. And call the rare, Michael Crabtree trying to get in a fist fight with someone, still wearing a helmet. I think I've never good. I know I I disagree. I think that's now for move. It's like you're going to you're going to jail. You want to beat up the biggest mother there on the first day right, yeah, there's a guy wearing a helmet in jail, he's a tough. It's got to beat up. You got to go after him yeah. I would still put my money on to leave for all the because he survived. I want to see like three years with Mark Mangino. and if you can get through that, you can get through anything. All right choose like that: Robin Williams Movie were walk through hell to like go meet his wife or whatever. Yes, two remaining things were going to mention: Ravens Bengals fraud for reals, who are rare, both five and six creeping in that, like just the toilet of that AFC Wild card picture, there is two teams have to go to the dance. Bangles are frauds, the ravens are neither one of the above here's. What the ravens are there? Not don't look now, but category so, like
don't look now, but the ravens might put something together right if they like put on there all black jerseys and it's like oh they're, flying around for their flying to the football on defense, and then you get that ravens feel and then you're like. Oh, maybe Joe Flacco can put together a couple games. Real sug start screaming at people with this terrifying gums and the next thing you know like Eric Weddle's, just like dislodging people from but yeah there are capable of doing something crazy plus I mean Danny Woodhead MAC. They should actually just tell Joe Flacco that he's up for a contract and just watch him play well. Maybe that would be a good idea, that's a pretty good sign and then finally, the for real for real, so we're putting an extra category, the Patriots, the Steelers, the Eagles in the vikings. Now all four of those teams fairly good, we're recording this before the Steelers game, yeah, so you're calling your shot, I'm calling my shot. I think they will, I think, is wrong with the pact. I think it's about areas in the book is very safe, shot to call. I bet minus fourteen and I feel very confident my bet. Hopefully this doesn't become its own comedy now. Are we ready we ready to bury their pharaohs? Yes, packers are dead
although Aaron Rodgers threw a fifty yard bomb in warm up, so I just have one stay woke thing with Aaron Rodgers. This is really been annoying. You know the commercial that he does with that dog, but they played the believe it or not. Song yeah, it's a very cute dog, no chance, Oh that's Aaron Rodgers Dog, but they trained it to like it loves Aaron Rodgers. But if you look into that dogs, I you can tell that it feels no motives owners right off the off to carry out the dogs, a great actor, yes, great actor, but better after the near Roger. Yes, by far all right Let's go to our who's back of the week before we do that wanted to shout out, seek they hooked us up with just seek when we went to the Eagles Bears game today went on the app found, the tickets we needed. We got the all twenty two. Some people called nosebleeds. I call it the all twenty two and seek is the best app to find all your tickets weather.
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yes, Cyber Monday go to barstool sports store. We designed three new limited edition, sweaters their fire. You can get them today for twenty percent off Cyber Monday age, sex location, arrival a little fun history factoid for you guys the grit Christmas, sweat that were selling that was actually the first iteration of the bar stool. and talk logo? So that's a piece of history kind of a collectors item you might be late it while it's hot yeah, something like. Oh you listen to pardon my take like do you even know this is actually. The first is the original.
This is when Slayer task was in the band. This is our side project, actually our first side project that never really got off the ground right exactly and then you just walk away with partial van talk. A one hit, wonder race, debate, yeah. I think it was. I think it was just thinking. Well, that's good, hang! So so yeah by the sweaters. I actually have one of those sweaters today. I've gotten several complemented store already not to brag yeah, so go to the bar stool sports store and you get twenty percent off all day on the sweaters Pft. What do you got for music? I've gotta couple whose backs not ok. Thank you. Ok, I wasn't asking you big. I was asking Hank Hank. Is that? Ok? Yes, ok. Thanks! Thank my first back is going to be Greg Schiano. So anyone who listens sort of sort of, but he's back in the news. Anyone who's listened to part of my take at all really knows that I have a special fondness for coach, Jana, yes, and how she got a man. Yes, we are she on him and he gets his teams to play through the Ian whistle and he was he was rumored. In fact he was basically he had signed on the dotted line from what I understood,
To be the new Tennessee volunteers, head coach and then Social Justice Warriors yep, said: hey you covered up child rape allegedly, and I guess that, like through a twist into every yeah, I don't know like I got or talk about football. Yes, I ordered a little. I don't know I don't know parcel Van talked. He did he. Those are that's a perfect example. He yeah he would. He was a star on the bus, pretty quick, Well there yeah, but he's still back so like. I think that I think, even if he doesn't get the Tennessee job, he'll probably get another job. Just 'cause people have heard his name in conjunction, although maybe just like you know, he should do it every job that Jon Gruden is rumored to get Shawna should just sweeping cold column. I was going to say Jon Gruden he's officially like Trump Pre Presidency, where he would just flirt with running for president every year I think grew. Jon Gruden is just like flirting with every job in America. Just to get that ego boost know just being like people are talking about me,
John Group, that's one hundred percent. What is he likes, knowing that, like maybe people not even like really chase, save the schools being interesting? He just wants like fans to be like man, I'd really like John Deere coach to live in my town. We should actually like I bet you. We could get Jon Gruden to think that he's in the running for like the University of Phoenix Head coach in June and John Greens, like yeah I'll, take it to the universe, had feet, that sounds pretty good yeah wow John. You should probably take that job. John, the very lively greek scene yeah. I bet you there are cutting edge on the internet, so John. Take that bring your red Sox yeah I'm! So channels definitely back Christmas. Trees are back in a big way. I'm a former Christmas tree salesman, and this is
We can, then you make your money yeah if you're selling trees, I can put your acinar Fraser for before you even know your head will spend. This is so this is the week that bonus comes in uh, it's pretty sweet. You guys have any questions about Christmas trees. I'll tell you what to look for in a tree. You want to avoid the trees that have live birds nesting in them. Yes, number one, that's good! That's a rookie mistake or in New York, or rat nest, yeah or yeah right, master pigeons or anything rule. Two is always by a tree that is too big for your apartment. You can always cut it down. You can never build it back up. True, as matters that's good point. What's the most amount of trees, you sold the season, how many trees? If I flip, Yes, one year, I flipped, I want to say, like seventy five trees, wow wow. and that's just that's when we can. I can wait: yeah Pushin sensors, where, like the big we the big swing in deck at the tree, what a three lot yep, pretty much! Here's what you do! You want people to smell the product rent, because people connected by with their senses that apply with their brains they buy, would like a motion like cavemen, you think of a cave. Man walked to the force to be like that trees too, big that no he go
we stick. His nose in that ring go get a good weapon. He said, that's what I want in my living room smell it. So you gotta, get your yeah, you gotta just crunch some of the needles and then put 'em under your mark. That's what we call the customer put 'em under your marks, nose and have him in like very deeply and then they get they get emotional until yeah, and then you can put him in any country. You want to put it put cocaine on those needles and getting real excited they're putting their hands at that point. Yeah. It's almost not in fear, and my last so he's back to the week is Tiger Woods still going. Oh nice Tiger woods is back. Here's a little stack that I picked up. This is from at vc606 on twitter. Sounds legit, so I'm going to assume that this is a correct stat. He says that if Tiger woods just finishes dead. Last in next weeks, golf tournament he still going to jump to or fifty places in the world around nice? So Tiger Woods is on the fast track, he's probably going to be the person who jumps the highest in the king's next week. He also is back because he golf with Trump. So everyone is like
there was Tiger Woods, Tiger, Woods, Hole and Dustin Johnson was the third wheel. There. People forget Justin, Dustin Johnson, also golf in that threesome, but there are some real locker room talk going on there. You know you know that all right, my who's back on leave one which I should have mentioned this. We should have mentioned this before Thanksgiving, but it's kind of a kind of afterthought people getting mad online about food. So a lot of rankings last week? What's your favorite thanksgiving food and then people yelling about it? How could you possibly like this? How could you possibly like that? Well guess what it turns out that a country or world of everyone sober sinks even right? Yes, a world of six billion people
some people have different food tastes. This will also be known as the year where macaroni and cheese became problematic, yeah somehow yeah. It was like racist, whether or not you enjoy macro and by the way the answer is yes. Macaroni cheese is always an acceptable site. Remind me next year, I'm just going to say my favorite thanksgiving dishes. Just free goes out of the back straight out of the back. It sounds pretty good. Actually I mean winter freedom when they don't have any seasoning on them? I Fritos have yeah barbecue yeah. The barbecue country yeah. I guess saw how readers would be an answer: hey how yeah you're right soft wet Fritos are not good. I'm gonna throw that out there, our home in Bristol Bay. Let's get we're gonna do football guy the week on the other side of our interview, we're gonna have Chris Long and Beau Allen from the Philadelphia Eagles coming up before we get to that blue apron. Blue apron is
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So it's living room. So if you hear a little echo that's why also? We have Travis Kelsey's brother, but he doesn't have a microphone, so he might chime in every now and then Kelsey Kelsey. Would you like to say something I would just like to say from here on out. I would like to be referred as Jason. Kelce so that was Travis Kelce his brother. We might ask a couple questions. All right, boys are we're in Philadelphia after you guys are completed your tenth win of the season. So let's start with that, our. Eagles, going to win the super bowl this year, I'll rephrase by. How many points are the eagles going to win the super bowl this year go ahead and sound like the Philly, our media yeah so you weren't feeling media guys now, so you guys move here and get your fucking credentials and come to our practices that we did yeah, oh yeah.
You say anything. I've heard of that one welcome to adulthood all right, so I'll rephrase it because you guys clearly and don't want to answer that question our house, a bulletin board material how's. It feel to be ten and one and How are you guys, shocked at all how well this season has been going, feels good? When you have Carson Wentz anything's possible, he's unreal. He's unbelievable, I thought about it. I thought about it. Is that legal in the best quarterback that you played with in the last two years, ok will marry Carson the best quarterback play within the last time. I talk in Microsoft in the mic in the last two years, which is the best quarterback you played with huge, wow waycrest in what way just the best man no pass, Carson, Wentz or Tom Brady have to take one right away. Why you can't put it in a single category, so I'm going to say I'm going to put it two categories, best red
head quarterback, Carson, Wentz, best Burnett, quarterback, Tom Brady, so feminine because you guys just brown hair or not dodge that question dodged. It nicely as you know, are you little upset that you don't have somebody with a funny last name that you can be standing next to so it says like long cocks or long Johns or something else in mature, like that, I tried to get Lane Johnson Wendell Smallwood over here earlier. What's up with that, because I'm thinking about asking the FCC to find you every time. I see that on my television. Well, it's! If you don't like it, you could just protest the NFL, ok, ok. Order my Papa John's and not watch the NFL. Keep your dick jokes out of my nfl. I need to ask your Wisconsin guy on Wisconsin Guy, how we feeling about the big ten championship. Let's do a little. Let's do a little badger talk yeah
I feel very good about it. Then yeah we were talking earlier, actually met before yes at the KK, the college club, which I don't remember her, I don't remember only one of you doesn't yeah. I don't remember her right. Is the media guy, so do you think Corner Brook? Are you in the Hornibrook for Heisman Camp or you and manned position, eyes yeah? These are all happy to hear this from he's from like outside. Every time he drops back, I puke a little in my mouth. We're run yeah. So that's just like left handed quarterbacks. Now I like Hornibrook man. I can't you know I think back when everyone was talking about talking about my boy. Joel Stobbe EO, who had the yips, plays the bongos love videos. I used to play that video all the time yeah. So I love You played with Russell Wilson's. Alright, I did yeah is here robot. Have you ever heard him say anything remotely entertaining he he
he's just one of those he's a great guy. You know great guys he's one of those guys that we wouldn't really know about. We might have to look into that, though. Ok, I think he's right. Do you think he's like Westworld answers? Yes, yeah Westworld robot he's definitely right terminator when he's genuinely a good person when we are such bad people that we can't relate to that yeah Carson, in that category such a good person. I look at Carson work. I just feel like shit about myself right. That's actually good night have a backpack about himself. Normally general. He feels even sure you guys are really garbage human beings, so I could see how you would think that. Well, I have a question that you guys have been dodging all of our questions so far so good job. I guess make a really portrayed in the Philly media market bro we ok. No, this isn't the NFL. This is about Bret Bielema, your former coach at Wiscconsin, who was just fired at Arkansas. By the way he did say that he left to go to Arkansas.
get better chance of winning national championship in the SEC and Wisconsin is about to go to the college, playoffs You shocked that he was fired at Arkansas and you think you got a raw deal. Ok, here's the thing! A coach I understand how coach bill is really polarizing and I can't really talk shit about him know 'cause. He was good to me when I was there I think I mean I get why he I mean it's that time of year, work coaches get killed both big, I scan left. Do you were you shocked when he left Wisconsin? Do you think he did go shopping where a man? What was that two thousand and twelve yeah yeah? I think I mean it's 'cause. We just beat the shit out of Nebraska and like the big ten championship game and we were going to the rose bowl, we're stoked about it. Are you looking like that dude you're. Not you are looking like at the camera got talking the MIKE. If you were looking at the camera, I'm Washington Dc Bro, look at big cat, so ok,
so he gets first. One is a lease right after the roof pocket release right after the big ten championship game right, you guys are all shocked. Do you think he handled it incorrectly? I mean, if I think you could handle it better yeah, but. Oh. Did he leave Microsoft that I'm like? How do you leave he? He just basically up and left. The theory is that Barry Alvarez Ego is basically like. You can't live under his ego, so he's like I'm going to go to Arkansas, where I don't have to live under his shadow. I feel like berries,
So how has all the kids you go? He has a room that you go because he created the entire program right, so the I was okay with him, leaving. I obviously had problems with Jen Bielema tweeting Carmen add even after their mothers or state right, and so I tweeted Carmen at her after everything was said, he lost you to sing a lot to me. No, it was very, very, very petty me and I'm still on there's nothing like putting this on social media yeah about a college coaches. Wife. What did years ago did not then a true test of a man in a college coaches, wife have an alias recently yes, Roger Goodell and elsewhere that Chris don't want to talk about this Cabela? Have you ever met the gazelles? I really like Roger actually yeah, so you do actually have a lot of Chris Long, a robot. I had a lot of preconceived notions about Roger, but I hung out with him recently. So what did Roger do that was different than your preconceived, like he smiled just like a fuckin' dude today.
man is not a dudes dude actually be surprised, yeah we're looking Sniper Rifle Rabasse, there's a red dot on Christmas for head right now, yeah yeah get taken out by a sniper if he says anything more about Roger Kelvin. He's a dude, we'll ask Kelsey question: yeah: ok, ok, Kelsey! Do you ever get mad because Chris is such a liberal um, What is the logo of the year? I lived Tucker the year to you, buddy, I'm trying to think of something funny to say no need. I don't think I get mad. That he's a liberal. I think I get upset here. We go. This is
productive, another ten, ten and one in the park. My tape showed up and broke the whole locker room. Apart on the live call in the year. Yeah, it's not raining, I'm also, I'm also a race traitor. Are you really yeah a lot of names online yeah? Sometimes I've noticed that you eat the trachsel. Been you respond and you you get into twitter wars of people. Are you here is that some that you tried to avoid, or do you actually secretly like, enjoy engaging Chris loves it? What about? How like it's a long family tree, hello that as well but Kyle? Does it like he's overboard with it yeah he he he just savagely like just like, but he did that girl with her eyebrows. He dunks on people, oh man, but it's good because he dunks on people and you take like the snowflake approach. You, like listen to me, explain why your rice does layouts in Kyle Dogs yeah right right. Let me try to win this argument online. Somebody's going to be the fundamentals guys tell us what was it like playing against your brother today? It was
good he laid on top of me. he laid on top of me and when that he loved Maine in them, in the middle of apply. Now, just like that's remarkable, he did he pancake you did he like knock harass over or did you end up on? The footing was bad. I fell down. one thing, that's another one thing led to another and he just he just toppled over on me all three hundred and fifty that was nice. Tell you that he loves you yeah, it was good. It was. I felt his hot breath in my area is disgusting who does Howie root for when you guys play Howie my dad yeah? He just no injuries yeah! That's it yeah, that's lame, I don't have any things gotta root for somebody, yeah Kyle is favorite song guess: who's your dad's favorite brother son, that's easy! I'm the favorite brother and my dad and my mom's favorite child is my brother.
okay, okay little. How do you guys decide to split that up? It's just obvious so when you're playing against Samoa here's something that I've been bothered by by you. I got a long list, but the fact that you're wearing number fifty six- that's bullshit you're, not a full linebacker yeah, but it makes a hard working guys number, no, but the higher for number. It's bullshit, your ideas and his number is like affects the yeah, but he's all number it. Chris, a fifty six of the hard working you have every mainly on the role. Okay, so explain it to us. It has everything to do with making look faster. Typically, linebackers where the number and their faster. So I figure, if I put the number on I'll, get faster. That's actually
yeah put a couple years on your perception is reality. You know how that is. You know, ok, so actually here's let me plug my charity. Her boys, Christmas charity is great. Everyone go check. It out. Donate Chris actually hit me up and was like, hey. Would you so she's like? Would you think about climbing K2? Is it what about? No, that was, our only son will kill yeah yeah like you'll, know, hey. You want to climb Kilimanjaro for water boys next year as like yeah I'm in and and you're like, are you sure, you're in I was like yeah? What is it like a day or two and you're like no? It's it's like a six day hike. How bout you I'm official, that's not how it happened. You gave me a soft verbal commit yeah that lasted for weeks, and they had my people call your did. You call me, and they were you know where I among their people and then all sudden you're, like hey man. I don't know how to say,
so I thought it was a one day. High yeah I did. I really thought it was like we're just going to walk up like you know, a couple one thousand feet so water boy yeah. So one twenty thousand feet. One of these days, though we will get big cat up the mountain. How are you climbing up? Let's do that for charity. We just risk. and Chris Long Carey me up Kilimanjaro in uh. I'll tell you what I could hear about the water born like a baby or if you cared about the water board, you just saying just saying the only person leaving care you care, you want to be on Tuesday, what shot out to Wisconsin yeah. The only think Ariana Bjorn would be my brother Kyle. He could so he's a mammoth. Sir. Chris, you are pro water through the water boy and Jj Watt is actually anti water. He raised, like thirty million dollars for Hurricane relief
No, that's. Why that's why his truck at face lit up when somebody brought up water boys, I mean I'm just saying, like he's done a lot of good for people. You think that you're doing good, but if I'm looking at this objectively only You guys can be the one of us is the anti hero. I don't know who it is yeah. I will let the people outside so speaking, Jj Bull, you train at his rustic cabin and the off season. What's the most rustic part of his cap hit good machine, or is it the shuffleboard or the two squat racks about the pond where he puts fish in so that he can just catch fish all day? I never understood the ball around this man, I'm not! I don't want to talk about that. Ok, you want to get invited back, but you are kind of talking to other guys there. I want to be invited to plaque that says, successes and owned it's leased and raise do everyday
Do you believe that? Well I mean he doesn't have a high motor tattoo. Does it not that we know of? Well, I mean you know point you either embrace the lifestyle or you don't turn it back. So you say that you say that you rent this place right. Well, I do so. How often does he make you pay rent is due every day You might wanna change up a schedule. My landlord is Brent. Celek he's off camera right now. So how often do you pay rent rent was landlord. He would make you pay rent every single day, yeah yeah you're out one way so yeah, okay, okay! So let's talk about some serious like eagles defense stuff, because I saw you doing some like elaborate celebration today we did like the Cupid shuffle I did were you. Part of that should have studied the little harder part of that would be found within. What are you bad teammate? I just can't. Do it
Chris was kneeling in the corner. Okay, Chris you've done a lot of good you've raised a bunch, but your donate your plan for free this year. Yes, I would be, let's be serious. I would say that every year doing it for one year, I know I guess. Congratulations again. So tell us about that, because, let's let's we we make our jokes but obviously you're doing a lot of things that you know. I think people don't and the gloss over it when they see you fighting online yeah on Twitter, and maybe you actually in there like go, go, do something yourself and you actually are doing a lot of stuff trying to do it free and where's the money going to my money this year. For my game, checks are going to this initiative called play. Ten not take the air out of the room. No! No. I want to hear about very sad and somber. No, it's ok that some kids don't have educational opportunity
yeah. So all my game checks are going to weather scholarships or after school programs or programs that are in the three marks that played in that are going to give kids better educational, equity and opportunity. So we have raised it's not like I'm making a lot of fucking money first off right, but have you ever thought about just donating to Wika, Pedia and then just sending Thank you. I'm like here learn it's literally endless. It's something you learn away for that man. When I see you, I want to see your little notepad. That's it's got two jokes in this. Listen to it was a great integrate charity, it's great where you're doing, but I don't know what Wika Pedia couldn't do in its place. I mean that's how I learn yet, but it's like. Maybe if I was better in school, I wouldn't have to get home True, that's why I might want to open that yeah, kids don't get! I'm kids they'll get carpal tunnel
searching everything. I wake up everything on Wikipedia. You know I mean so really we're doing it's multifaceted, but you could have serious urgent for you, though so carpal tunnel is not really an issue, so I guess you could say: you're donating money to force kids to go to college that you can liberally. Procter and ate them exactly what it is: get triggered: yeah, yeah, so you're, creating an army ranger. Actually, Chris Long Memorial, Sjw research, by did you read the fine print the donation is actually so all these kids can go to Sarah Lawrence. They all get in degrees and they'll get it and they all get twitters and got about everything The sun is B s J, W J. I have a random question, always curious what you guys favorite kick off time, who nearly one f you like one one, one one is much better than them
You like four welcome to the welcome to the pod. Ok, so you guys don't like night games. No, it sucks! You gotta, take three naps. sounds awful. We actually feel weird when you taking out all we gotta Kelsey yeah. I think I like, my games for away games. One o'clock games for home games that was very is Travis. Kelce's brother, thanks man? No! So what you guys? Don't I that's interesting. I always thought like Monday night Sunday night you get up. It's like you know now you kind of one seven more forties rage for
that's? How easy you? Don't you don't like that? You don't like the Nike, so you I mean the night games are awesome. Just because the you know the entered its electric, the energy, but you want to just wake up and to kind of get wrong with the game, so you don't want to sit around all day. Nothing like nothing like getting back at six in the morning yeah. If you go on the road. Yes, do you guys ever make fun of Doug Peterson for wearing a visor he wears visor? Does he does a lot of mines? Now we don't make fun a coach, so I I know I've got a running theory that doesn't actually have here. No, it's not one of those wacky visors with the fake hair he's got good cabbage, but it does look exactly like one of those those visors that you're referring to it's annoying to me, but he's got good cabbage fault. What about what about your defensive coordinator, Jim Schwarz '
pitbulls ever come through his shirt 'cause that used to happen when he was the lions cut, although it you're talking about it really hard nipples and get excited and they were just cold in Detroit even indoors, even in thirty years, that ever happened to see every little peekaboo never see. I put it on defense today, so I never seen that you gotta head back and check the tape on that one got a little hard today and everybody you know we'll make our singer hello, yeah all right. Let's I I want to finish up with one question for Travis Kelsey's, brother Jason. How did you turn out to be such like a a burly alpha man and then your brother's got like he's a bearings in like like try to be a fancy? It's a great question. Thanks yeah, I don't know, I don't know exactly where that went awry. I think that my brother has just always held different values: yeah and yeah yeah. I had one ear pierced or is it always?
I used to have one here and it was kind of weird. So I I yeah I don't know, I don't know how many years peers ups learn to avoid. Looking at that Do you have a prince Albert he's falling into? What's the Prince Albert, when you get your your cock pierced? No, no, no He is none of that. Well, you know how do you know that's good point. He was so sure. No definitely not! I feel like you would have told me that confirm That's good to clear unconfirmed on that. He just got to Jacobs ladder. He doesn't have to think I'm not familiar with that. I think really, where in like started to be like a noticeable difference between me and my brother is had. I played ice hockey and high school and he
basketball was here, he was or if it is, it is ground, zero, basketball hockey. So you learn how to do a handshake line after games. Yeah yeah- I I just I do I just played hockey my brother do like hung out and developed like much more like at quickly. You can jump, you can't jump, you can jump. This is great. This is ground zero for the hockey basketball. You guys going a mean one of these guys played basketball. One of them played hockey Zach decide you guys 'cause. You guys are close to an actual, scientifically controlled study, as we can get to which sport makes you more blue collar. Eyelets amazing he's great sport, so many sports well, both of you are great. So all right now I wanna talk about you know I was talking about BO. Jason. Let's get before we we this. Let's get a prediction for big ten championship game like score:
for how it all plays out. Give it to me give me your vision. Give me your vision board. Oh man! well, obviously, the badgers are gonna win, ok, uhm! I think it's gonna be two thousand seven hundred and seventeen. Oh ok. I like that alternate line like that, a lot. What about the Superbowl, which do you guys thinking for the? How much it is one of the super bowl? I love this commercial. Ok, I think that will never be able to control we're, never going to get the Superbowl answer out of them. But do you think about the big ten championship? Ok, I think so. I have two I was explaining. This is a car right over. I have two rains one side of my brain says that Wisconsin has everything they need to win this game. The other side My brain says Hornibrook's going to have to make four five passes in key points and fucking cats going on hope, Ipod and we podcasters don't get respect. Hornibrook is going to have to make.
four five passes in a key spot and he's not going to be able to and we're going to lose in heartbreaking fashion. Wow. I'll give you a prediction. I I do think the bad man the batteries are going to win. I'm just yeah, I'm always I'm fucking scarred, I'm scarred. I just always know that like when I get my hopes up, it all falls apart. I think they're going to win two thousand three hundred and twenty, but I just know in the back like this is the creeping you know you just know that it could all fall parts. What do you think? What do I think Chris is? he's been pretty outspoken about the badgers? Oh you mad online about college football rankings I'm coming around on him. I just didn't think I wasn't conveniently nobody. I mean yeah, Hamilton play nobody there yeah, but Paul, obviously not convinced about Bam either. Ok, especially after last night, yeah, I would say you guys, are going to win. I like your prediction, two thousand three hundred and twenty run the ball, run the ball punt, the ball run. The ball maybe get a turn.
Curtain blackball, I might go. I might go twenty three. Seventeen yeah and you guys will get snubbed for the college football. No, that's Oh that will absolutely not happen. It will happen. I hope they put. You see it in there. UCF Ucf Florida meet UCF yeah, no No, but then we don't want. You turned off the game with like two minutes left yeah. They cover your absolutely right across many people are saying that Bronco Mendenhall's on the hot seat. What do you think he's on the hot seat? 'cause that that program programs heating up. Okay, a lot of teen boys with a Texas know that you didn't score a point yeah this. Can we will appoint talk about our bowl game, then score. A point we talk about is gonna Taxslayer bowl I like to tell and there you go actually. No that's a January. First of all, you're not going at beef, O'Brady's munching, bull you're, going to the number auto bowl yeah yeah
You will see their money for social yeah gonna be a romp December. Twenty second me there will go to one o'clock: it's a Tuesday, hello, guys all right! Listen this yeah! Thank you guys! Preciado! It good luck throughout the season. Thank you. Super production here It's super bowl champions, long, yeah and Jason say, the hockey one selling software selling off screen, but he's got that, interview was brought to you by zip recruiter if you're in need of grey. down for your business, but you're short on time will guess what you don't have to get lost in a huge stack of resumes to find your perfect hire. You just need the right tools. You need smarter tools. What? If I
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site that makes wagering on your smart phone or Brees join now Vicki will match your deposit with up to a fifty percent bonus use Promo Code PMT visit Mybookie dot AG. Today you play you win, you get paid, ok. Alright, let's get some segments. Ok, first of all, before we get to some segments, I've got a quick ad lib one. some prayers. First of all start some prayers to LAS Vegas yeah because they had a really shity day today. Ok, and they absolutely need the packers to cover or went out right to know, they're going to make are going to lose money. The quote is from Caesars Palace we're on path from one of the worst nfl regular season Sundays that I can remember so thoughts and prayers to Vegas, but actually I'm sending this into a thought compress for us, because we all bet very heavily on the Steelers and LAS Vegas needs the Packers to at least cover the spread. Something tells me
and we yeah it's minus fourteen in the Steelers are up six, nothing 'cause. They missed an extra point so that won't bite us in the ass. All right. Let's get to some segments, we gotta do football guide. The week coach. Oh did not give us an acceptance speech now or kind of torn here 'cause. There is a theory that a true football guy would never even like acknowledge what a podcast is or wooden award is or really understand that there are people that exist in different time zones from him. But I'm going to say that's bulshit coach! Oh you owe us an acceptance, speech I'll just say it o e, a u x, get an hour speed now an hour. You know yeah all right, so football guy the week we have four strong ones this week. First up is urban Meyer, who
basically in the in the plot of taken, has said that he's gonna find the camera man who hurt GT, Barrett's, knee and hunted down and killed his entire family. Well, the cameraman has to videotape watch it yeah, I'm, I might have I might of made up the last part. No, it did. I is the plot to eight millimeter yeah and urban Meyer is going to make sure the cameraman witnesses at all he's a very particular set of skills that involve faking illnesses so he'll faking illness to get out of whatever previous engagement has and will use that time to come, find you and then he'll eat PETE, in a hallway. Looking very, very sad, I reset so these are his skills are intimidated. I am, I can't imagine, being that cameraman right now being like Urban Myers going to hunt you down and find, I said that
I'm going to find them and figure out. What's going on, I'm just going to say the cameraman doesn't exist, yeah! Ok, that's the phantom cameraman Urban Meyer. He just like what. If I told you there was a second cameraman. I believe that yeah there's certainly wasn't. This is not alone, can remember, think it's some sort of magic camera. I had managed so wait, you're telling me that I know I know a few cameramen and no offense to the vast majority of them, but they're not capable of like injuring a division, one starting quarterback news. So I don't know what all this is no well knowledge just little knowledge, and next up we have Scott Frost coach of UCF for now going to be the next coaching Nebraska. He still runs the option scout team when his team
going to play against a quarterback. The may run the option so he gets, he gets full practice runs it probably like what I would imagine Jim Harbaugh doesn't practice. That's a full football guy playing with the guys. That's that's just catnip to every single university Nebraska alumni right there. He doesn't even have to be a good football coach. All the you have to know about him. Is he still runs? The option in practice still got the option in his heart. He would sign Eric crouch off the street poster football team just so that they can bring back it was when it does. It gives him an opportunity like hey, remember how great that team was yeah and they could talk about. They feel happy for awhile yeah all right. Next up we have Jeff Brohm who's been NOM, put a few times. He is all time football guy, but he said this under someone asked him about what he did. After back to back losses to Ruckers in Nebraska, he said: I'd come the office and bang my head against the wall for five minutes. To get myself tougher. I don't think he's like that's not metaphorical
She literally did do that. No, and I think science will bear that out that if you hit your head against the wall for long enough, you stop feeling pain, at least for a little bit of time. Yeah. This is also the guy, if you remember who was a quarterback in the Xfl and had one of the most like violent, concussions ever and then four days later played and was like I'm still, I'm still breathing I'm out here. I have never seen a woodpecker cried here and that's all the evidence that I need. Last up we have the northwestern strength and conditioning coach who has kind of taken the internet by storm. He runs around. He's, got a whole set of things to jack up the guys he cuts off his Thieves is running around. Basically, the the most strength and conditioning coach you could imagine, is the northwestern strength and conditioning coach.
got to be pretty intimidating for everybody else. On that campus, just knowing the kind of people that go to yeah western that he could just you could run into the act. He probably just walk around just like pulling nerds all this for you. I went to Northwestern it's like the eternal it's. It's is eternal flame, just the the it's just an of millions of nerds everywhere that he can grab and wedgie it's like when you play organ trail and you go to some very fertile hunting ground and just like you yeah, so I want to do the elevation all talk and no, we we're Buffalo yeah yeah rabbits. This is like the garden of Eden for a more like any of the any of the stuff that screwed up by human beings. He just gets to bully nerds all day and so he's never going to go anywhere. All right, though, like if just you or me or any normal person, walked around northwestern people. Probably just look is really are you the strength and conditioning coach yeah because we're Jackson? Alright, let's get to some segments, we get the debut of three new segments. First up. It is a skip metal and the Packers score
let's get mad about college football rankings ready, get mad, I'm very mad, okay, so Bahma in or out, I see you got to put again. This is great because college football, the fan bases, are so angry and they can, twist any argument. One million different ways where you could argue college football rankings for a week straight and like keep set coming new arguments and here's the thing the national media is biased against your team yeah. I don't care what team root for, but they have a well known bias against it. So here's a little stay woke. This is what ESPN and college football defensively is rooting for the routing. Or Oklahoma to lose and for Ohio State to beat Wisconsin. So then the final four is Clemson Auburn or Georgia Alabama
Ohio state. The word go insane for that. Okay, now what you have to start getting into is the fan bases that flip out, based on whether their team is ranked two or number four number one or number three, and all that is she in that is probably my favorite argue because specially to you like this, I don't think that there's any benefit to finishing first overall or long was the second no you're wrong. What you got to put you in for that's a big huge, huge turn on my part College for college kids. That's a huge part of it. Got your unified stand corrected you want that number one! Yes, you're, not going to rest! Your starters! Yes, all right! Next up, we have sabermetrics speaking with us back up for a second ok. So where are you at? as a Wisconsin fan, who are you mad at me? I am mad at no one right now
because it was constant about if I was something that it won't be broke for, probably up the one chance we'll ever have to go to the color pretty mad last pretty mad, just a little bit about that, but the pre med can actually yeah should be just as bad as the real masters a drip yeah. I know about that. It doesn't look like a lot, but that can actually yeah. It's does more damage from talk, radio format easy because yeah yeah! No, I I Wisconsin. If they win their end, that's it. They win their in so I'm not mad at anyone. We're probably know I guess Clemson in Miami and like the anyone who twins, basically on saturdays, is essentially in Alabama. I know everyone loves having Alabama and they probably would be favored against. That's the other argument. People throw out there they'd be favored against any of the other teams in the final four, so they should be in sorry. They look I mean what do you want to do they last here's? What here's? What the issue is? I still don't really believe that Auburn beat him just because
I take one look at Gus Malzahn and I think there's no way that this guy is a successful college. Coach. Yes, like he was a dead man walking a couple years ago, and he just looks he looks like Marlon's men's lawyer- is the this way I can describe yes like if he had. If the lawyer had a lawyer, he would look like Gus Malzahn. I can't believe that this is a leader of men, but I guess he's pretty good at it. He's pretty good he's got a little bit of a mark, trust in it. What do you think about if we're sticking with college football for a second, the coaching carousel yeah full swing? So, let's get to it, so we have sabermetrics will talk about the code. You cares about Chip Kelly has signed twenty years, one hundred million dollars worth of contracts in the past seven years. That's just efficiency, that's that's Joe Flacco, like that, since, and he signed two thousand and ten, two thousand and thirteen two thousand and sixteen two thousand and seventeen. So he is now back in college he's going to make UCLA, so much fun. I think
Goldfish is going to go to an M Dan Mullen's, going to Florida thoughts and prayers. Stingray, Steve and Tennessee Ciano, the shadow get on the Wikipedia is a Tennessee code. So no he was there he. yeah. I know he had a cup of coffee or whatever it is great shot drinks like you, probably just drinks like like cat blood. thank you, Trance coffee, yet a couple of something and then he left, I actually like Mona Lot, I think that moment to Florida's is fun. I like any time that we can just like keep the SEC coaches like just shuffling them around. Yes, that's always if I'm demo and I get to florida- you know bill. Parcells said you gotta change the carpet. You got to do everything like the opposite of your predecessor, demos, gotta, fucka, shark, yeah, delivery. Yes are real short, because I hate that the guy before me he was a suit. Is too big of a push you to fall short yeah, he's a frog guess what I'm in town the shark skin for orders Dan Mullen have to Faulk Fique Dan Mullen a shark.
So we know in my own who a shark that we find that a about freaked and my I think Dan Mullen has to the fake to MAC when HO yeah. Talking to sorry all right have a three star come again. He coached co shows sharp yeah. Yes, some kind typing. No, he didn't he made love to it. To figure out its ways all right, we have a new segment called Vino chronicle. So this is from our friend and correspondent, Lebron James. He is a big wine guy. Did you know that? Did you hear about that? I've heard of he likes? What did he say? He likes a nice robust red? Yes, so he had this to say about wine. Last night was mad real fresh out of Advil Jesus grab the wheel, Sheesh You had to be there to truly understand Even though I wish you were there, so you could hashtag Vino, chronicles PS! Don't Talk to me about wine, like you know it
If you really don't know what you're talking about seriously? Thank you that was chronicles drinks wine once it drinks. Wine once also is the Duche bag. Who's like you guys, should have been at this crazy rager. I had like seven glasses of wine. It was the most wine anyone's ever had. There was ten people an we drink, four bottles- oh man, Bron James, getting emotionally wine drunk, would be one of the funniest things about. So he definitely texted all of his friends the next day and was like that was one of those a legendary night of wine drinking. I don't shoot She says it all. I want to run him to be a sommelier on him to like start curating. What this one tastes like basketball, you don't you know how we joked about how Lebron always walk around like the the Cleveland Cavs facility just signing in people's here yeah. He definitely didn't exercise the next day, be like all hey Lebron. What's wrong, man
should have been there last night, so much wine. I am mad, hung over. I I'd given to you at some point this season we're going to get him to like write an instagram, post or tweet or something where uses the phrase in Vino VERITAS. That's a big time like first one drunk guy mobile, my god, you say what you mean when you have a couple glasses, a red God, damn it so problematic to be abusing yeah true. I had built advertising up after liver. What's the combo Thailand, under that she asked him in a finished in town at eight here's a little life hack for everybody out there 'cause I've almost done this several times but didn't know, is bad for me. If you're really hungover don't take advil, you can actually die. Oh, I thought his tylenol ok, so there's a high hat guys. Now you figure out which one it is we don't know. I wanted, don't take any pills when you're hungover just get drunk again it's much safer. Alright. Last up, we have rob. Gronkowski translations were play. This clip
we got yelled that we're not allowed to talk about celebrations. That's where we got told by kind of want to talk about it, but I kind of don't 'cause I'll get in trouble. So I don't know what to do. so it just happened on the spot. It wasn't planned will just keep it there. That was the most Rob Gronkowski the clip of all time, and so now we gonna translate what the he was trying to settle. So here's the thing you can tell from from that line of questioning it's physically impossible for Rob Gronkowski to not talk about dancing. If you has not dance. Yes, it doesn't matter like if his coach told him what whatever was said. It's like hey Rob, tell me about that dance. You these are on that. I really want to tell you about the dance I did. This is a super sweet dance and he talked about. They talked about it like off to the side. 'cause they're not allowed to talk about it, and then he just giggled for like an hour straight, never was like Rob. What's going on, it's like no, I can't. I can't talk about the dancing that we're not allowed to talk about, and Belichick is so paranoid that I bet you he's mad at Gronkowski for giving away.
Secretly not allowed to talk. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, if you're a good reporter, though, and not going to be a lot of depressed I'm I am upset at this reporter for not doing their due diligence because it would've been so easy to get grant to talk about the dance. All you had to say was hey Rob. I dare you to tell throughout the dance yeah I double dog. Dare you dare Rob Gronkowski do anything he'll? Do it yeah? I don't chug. This rob, don't talk about the dance and then he's chugging and he's talking about dancing. You could say, hey rob! I dare you to tell us about next weeks, game plan and he'll just be like. Well, I got you now, I'm not pushy. They don't give him the full playbook. They definitely don't they just give him his one sheet and they're like to go. Rob here is on a need to know basis, yeah I've, I've thought about him laughing like what it all means that when you just last running down the field like every single things, running yeah laughing and grunting, it's well just perfect. The other possibility is that Gronk might not know what dancing is he just might think
like when music. So I'm I start grinding against people. I don't know it's dancing, yeah it just it. The music makes me do it so work out working at his workout yeah. All right, that's our show. We will see everyone Wednesday from the road we're gonna be in the are
be on our way to Indy. It is pardon my take football week, love you guys