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2016-07-26 | 🔗
The guys enter into their first ever Radio War with 97.5 the Fanatic's Anthony Garagano. Mt Rushmore of bad guys. ESPN's Rachel Nichols joins the show to talk NBA, famous Northwestern grads, and how we aren't very good journalists (but she still technically called us journalists, not to brag or anything). Segments include "PR 101", "Lebron James Free Agency Update", "Is Pat Riley Going To Die Soon", "Hurt or Injured", and new segment "Chip or Chump"
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in tee a k, e twenty dollars. Take twenty dollars off your first to get purchase. Do it right now go to a baseball game on us? Don't say we never did anything. We're let's go. Let's not work on the part of my take today is Wednesday July. Twenty seven and we friends have officially made it were embroiled.
The right word there yeah we're embroiled where engulfed we're engulfed in our first ever radio war, pretty cool like fuel. I feel awesome being in the middle of this growing up. You know that in the dog days of summer you got your Mount Rushmore's. Sometimes sports talk, radio show host that burn. about Rushmore sees a little too fast. They carried away- and and then they gotta fill like two more weeks and guess what the easiest way to do. That is its disorder. the war with competing network, and so we called out call out big time all we got called. Let's play the clear: this is from the fanatic in Philly. I think the accents would have given that went away. Ninety seven five, the fanatic- this is big ants Anthony got cargo. He called this out here is the club, so Pfc Commentary
They can have it. She Q story written about them. That is, of course, in the June a legit feature on those Sylvia as our rights. These are two biggest DE bag I wouldn't be right now there. I heard they looked like when I, when you dad they look like the bags, no genuinely put Reynolds the longer I may come on, I'm like any of it. I'm a guy for pronounces Cobb is called totally out of the blue. I woke up. And I had a bunch of people. Tweeting me saying wherein radio war we just got called out, we actually met, began we're on the show with him when the draft was in Chicago, so it hurts, but What you gonna do in a radio war, you gotta make a little content right, you're, far back ass, you know what I'm, not gonna get caught out, not respond. So we did the only logical thing we invited cargo to come on our show not here, so you may content out of it right. Ok,
you knew exactly how to push his buttons. We said well Dan said: if you're man enough to come on or show y'all, give me a call we'll make it happen and that got right under big and skin, so gotta get Radio war one or one call the call out the other guys masculinity, because you can't back down from that. No EU investors have to take sides to yes, like there's no thin sitting, there's no middle man Dan, I directed to the Gatt Yuki. You can't straddle the fence and this one body so yeah take saddened. Ready were we're lucky enough to have began on the show, so don't hold right now. Yes, so so, basically what we decide. What we were gonna have on the show we didn't really want to have among them, beginning to show we want to have on the end of the show for the segments. So we called him and we're gonna put em on hold? Let him listen to the rocky theme music for a little bit and what
I came with him every now and then so here is our initial call YO itself as it is you air, I wouldn't put on hold your work and their more get on the internet in a minute here, right here to teach them once we get through everything else in the show. Maybe we'll let an come on the show, but we're gonna, let em we're gonna. Let him sit and lessen the rocky for little bet ya. Hear us right now, all these areas, the iraqi troops, are correct, proxies in the holding where amusing,
season of the pardon my take virtual waiting room right now as we speak, let's go because we have a bunch of segments and not a lot of topics. I know that might be confusing to some of you. Let's go straight to her Mount Rushmore. We have a good Mount Rushmore. Today we always have a good route Mount Rushmore. This one is bad guys, bad guys from movies, that's from anything really: oh, it can be video games, it could be a louse and I came up over the. Can we do movies and then, when you do video games later at a later date, now this just bad gas? Ok, this is this is how you remember: you're gonna, get me ok, I you go first, then So my bad guys, our number one Tony Montana. Now I've never actually seen scarface, but I'm told he's like the bad guy. I've seen the clipboard. He says you need you need to point as a bad guy and I'm the bad guy. It's it's actually say good night
and the a bad guy yeah. You need to have somebody to point the finger at seeing the bad guy Hank rank. Hank rate are Tony Montana, impersonations I'll go first, say good night to the bad guy. Who who put this altogether me? That's, who me to take you better than me. You need somebody who say Look at him. Does the bad guy sit say hello to my little friend is a pretty good. what do you guys in the movie? Would you gonna pick out the site advantage gases that last once told the apple big looks. He looks a little bit more part, and I do so I'll. Give you that soap even
I've never seen a movie I've seen a lot of scarface posters. I've watched a lot of episodes of MTV cribs he's a bad guy, ok number to the big face at the end of doom that you shoot your rockets at o, your doom guy. Did you replied to him now it wasn't, a nerd, doo, doo doo, must not hinder gained as a low beloved. You play quake, do not quite so get out here, Dickie, God mode all day and doom only way that you can beat the bad guy is, if I got so also way right from their into my number three, which is God, God from the old testament. Oh can have a bad guy through ought to stop people. People forget that that was kind of artists,
and then before this was for Hake Number four on about Rushmore of bad guys, Tom Brady, Hank software. Don't hang up, don't checks a bag Applebee while TAT Ye, I would say the Tom Brady Ape you're gonna go it's gotta, be Bela check him out one though she never got suspended. True going to find him, I it's! So how do you want to go? You want me to go I'll, go! Ok! I want everyone bag. I board Voldemort ain't gonna. The Harry Potter, sufferer comment on my number to the earthquake from San Andreas does really really retired. For those guys, that's a good one. What was it like? A like an eight point, five nine point: two. I think it was those twelve twelve Teddy KGB from rounders all ok, I feel like that access shut the door. I do not expect around his reference to make yet the action if you're gonna, if you'll be back, I like old russian marks or the maxim doesn't get my kinsman. Can you give us the action pay that
and his fucking money, oh well, believe out the F word, but good one Hank, that's good job. My fourth one can learn at all her. That's it that's. Why is he badger? Is it because he once made fun of Charlie Villain waiver for not having hair or because he told TIM Duncan, which was a tin dogma, told happy mother? I went to begins. Mom died from cancer just yet that it is also the one that told- Remember, that is different tastes like curious. How many Nigeria's honey, accurate mosquito honey that other guy sweeter than curios? That's good, that's it listing, I thought we were only doing movie guys. So many have the kind of shifted up here. Real, quick, but I'll keep a couple of the movie guys I had. I had the shark and jaws as printing it pretty pretty bad guy
I'll go off movies? Now, Scott Hall, Razor or mon, your mother's wrestling? Guess, yes, ok, maybe latticed. Can you say that, like half of all wrestlers about guess, yeah, That's absolutely true and I'll raise remote. It is the basis of the bad. Then yeah yeah, exactly you mean. Yes, all the employees at sea world in black fish you have, to get one. That's really I want my hour are like the guys on the boat, the captured black. Yes, you up, and then I actually, Last one was red dragon. The tooth fairy progress, just correct France, Frances Dollar, I'd great movie that the tooth fairy have. No, I told him that they call them the tooth fairy, but he was the red rag. Oh, he was there. He was elected skinny dude, whose always naked yeah in lifting wise, chilling whole families. Whenever there is a full moon bite,
had like a heart of gold, because he, film of their blind lady member yup, Trousseau Hayden, do like have no respect at all for blind people. It's like I, I all the help they grow out when we're doing just movies. I also had Eric Gordon Brown Billy Madison, which was a great and great picked by me and not to put myself in the back, and I also is gonna- go with all the witches in the witches programme. a girl situation going on it's a gift women's appreciation week here on your pardon, my take out all the cause so many nightmare for me. I wasn't me when I was like eight. It was not a movie for eight year olds. When you know I don't like regular old Ladys walk down, the street can actually be, which is, if their eyes or purple, and they like in her soul. That movie to watch appear quick family story. My mom, would you like a little girl. She was walking with her grandmother and a bunch of nuns walk faster and my grandma or my mom was like grandma. What are those
it is dressed in black and white, and my what thou be my like great yeah, my great grandmother told her. Those are witches sweetie. So for like the fur fifteen years my mom's life, she thought that nuns were actually witches without that's a great practical undercut around it. Yeah it's an old onto heat and distrust religion. Get that right there, Rupert speaking of witches Let's check on began with the alleys doing in the waiting room, air is towards more mature somewhere argue about colleagues, I get, the map done. An animal put your it on.
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ah Jake, which is, as most of you know, the first podcast by men for men, but now it's female, so Rachel Nicholls hosted vs peons the jump before we get started. I think Pfc and I both have a question for you I'll. Let him handle it yet so fat Sup myself. That's that's me. That's actually start, though this is the best way to break the ice here, because we were a little nervous. We don't really talk to women ever. Let's I mean I listened to your bike ass. I know that's true, ok, yeah! Exactly! Let's, let's talk about a mutual friend. I've always wondered this European, the jump three thirty on everyday right, Monday ones. They are monitored during the NBA. If these ok right now, I'm just off and like being fan with Palm France. But yes during the NBA season, we're on every day is Panther, either. Ok, mutual reaffirmed Michael Rob.
or you have him alive, oh, but he did not allowed to swear on your show. How many swears do you have to cut out at the end of the show, his cell good, I'm so impressed because, like weighed up until the moment that red light goes on the camera, I mean he is a disaster. The mouth is just going and and their curses are flowing and he is the MIKE Rap that we all know and then bloom. He knows how to turn it like. Briefly off we haven't first segment. Every Tuesday is like Tuesdays MIKE all this kind of supposed to be like Tuesdays Morey. That book except ours, was like a much more of noxious dirtier version where helping anyone was Nabob like helping people maybe I'll be right? Big emotional moments, re young workers- and I you know I was on the people here. That book was good because I remember Frankly, there are only like four paragraphs, a page so long, higher rates on Tuesdays and Michael segment is just like that, except the opposite.
So he is on, for you know like one segment and that's how much you can keep together without cursing and then boom. As soon as we go to commercial. Just it's all back again, we voted Michael on the show is his laugh. Does he hit you with the ha ha ha ha, sometimes times is usually just going so fast rate like he talks so fast that it's great to keep up with them. It's fun Yes, the job is an awesome show I love it. Begat loves it. Yours on for a while you he went, he went to CNN. I've got a wild unconfirmed rumour about Wolf, Blitzer, it's it's from what I consider to be a very good source inside the building. Maybe you can confirm or deny I here that Wolf Blitzer when he uses the colonel the pants and the unaware, go all the way down to the ground. This selling
reasons. Why wouldn't be able to help you out with that? The biggest reason is that WAR Pulitzer works out at Dc Office, and I was stationed in New York. Otherwise I mean I'm sure I would now but yeah. I have no idea independently confirm that one. Ok, if you re a scene and employ out there- and you hear this- please please help me right away. I bet there's a huge overlap between the sea in employees in this Pike Allister's what it s like. I agree. We break the law This would be probably the biggest scoop of my life if I could get a lesser naked buttocks journal, tweet out there thou be amazing, yet we also what available parlay that into getting warfare Michel. So you let us now. That's! Ok, that's ok! So the move back to ESPN the What's it like living in the Middle Connecticut right again, can
I'll be there. I worked for turn when I was working for Turner, which was like sort of ten t seen Anti BS, Oliver Turner Family networks. I was based in New York, but now that I am back east piano actually based and allay Brazil. Get homeward other than good last utes I got set out clear and by the way this is my favorite prior because you just said I love the. Shall I watched the shell. show us out of our way at every day, Monday through Friday, is very rarely way. We agility reclaiming hired trees ready. He wears those suits that look ridiculous right up up up up up. You know it through withdrew debt off was. I did tell them before the show that you are at a computer in Bristol that IRAN and asked away now today, saga till I jumped in and take the boulevard me up. I guess I'm gonna. Do we rather there that's a true friend. I hope that you guys give each other man love later we will, but certain
in Bristol right right am. I am as we speak. One thing we like Above all, I guessed is food. What is the best and worst menu item in the? U being after they have you, I don't. When a lot of time here so today I went in the Eu S being cafeteria and since I last to work here, they have installed a Starbucks. So to me that is the best thing that has happened since I came back to ESPN. I also discovered when I went through the cafeteria part to get to the Starbucks part. Today they had a yogurt bar and I kind of took a step closer cause. I thought what would be under yogurt bar and they have Greek yogurt and regular yogurt, an yogurt that I'd gluten free. Oh, I don't know. Does Europe have gluten? I have no idea whose Mahomet there is there. No, she back the thing, I'm thinking yogurt, rose yogurt, sprinkles, chocolate chaps, all the stuff you would want. Instead it was like fruit and
trigger free something and whatever. So I get a new ground down yeah exactly nobody wants to meet that who wants to meet that? No one leg sounds like Michelle Obama Wet Dream, this guy, who is in line with the agreement. it was empty, which is therefore as well as my colleagues scenario, yeah yeah, so you interview a lot of very famous people who is the best the person the most interesting person to interview at such a car, I hate that question Reign was majors. If you couldn't tell, I could tell ray. I will send you gotta wait. Let me I saw a russian nickel that everyone is their own, unique special flower, snowflake flower snowflake. One of those probably are best just words.
I'm gonna, say: Marlins. Men are age, a green. I want now we ll up I'll how I am unhappy Aunt Rachel, because I help me. I didn't ask that question correctly. As a journalist. What he should have said is talk about your favorite talk about them, there. You know when people are one people, you guys know this from your bike, ass rate to when people want to talk to you when people are ready to really talk about something those are the good interviews and when some of their because their publicist sisters, boyfriends cat, like trick them into it. That's when you just want to ban your head against the wall. Everyone just wants to get it over with issues as well, Ok, that's a pair question now going to you little harder one United I've got on many times. Have you think he takes his injuries Is there any point, like a million play off games in Iraq has need just that, never missed to play off areas. We are ever hear the Crampton. We he's. Never misapply, ok,
How much are never, but I think that I have to look. I will look it up on the Google while we're talking. I think that he has had like a ridiculous number of straight play off. Gang was worth more than most people made, so so the application would be that when it counts, he shows up local Suno, usually emotional, because you wrote you never get sued, which is written. I mean I, I don't know how he doesn't get injured, but he did the. I think you are actually reporting the series against the bulls yeah. He sprang to. Franco, and then he said he watched himself sprain his ankle for motivation for the sprained ankle and it was wrong theatrical over and over and over, and is there any point we are like come on the Bron like it? Wasn't that bad? I think I'm looking I'm looking at now because he has played a ridiculous than five minutes. This is this. I'm, looking up the numbers on the Google, thirty eight thousand four hundred. Seventy eight minutes more than anyone
this combined total minutes regular season. Emphases does like an abnormally long amount of time for somebody play without ever getting like a minor injury. This is total meant play by the end of their age. Thirty, one season of all the players of all time, so the only person and whose, by more minutes nets band was MAGIC Johnson show if Bill Russell was able to do all the aid she age at LA branded. Do you think that more? If I just wanna know when Pompiers is wheelchairs, gonna come into this, has really you guys are. Let me down this hasn't come up. You know, you know what an underrated wheelchair was was the Dwayne Wade wheelchair when he separated a shoulder and he had to have a towel put over everybody had caused by pompiers, but that when Wade ones was pretty excellent, like you see hockey player, they separate a shorter and definitive shift. Yeah yeah, absolutely labour, raising a plastic rat on the ice,
do you ever bring it up to the best of all players. We view them or you ever look. Why are you is tough? As a hockey player you, my fur, I started when I was at Washington Post. The first beat I had. There was carrying a washing capitals for three years. so I covered happy. I saw the light missing teeth and blood and all that stuff- and I gotta tell you- I'm ok not going back to that, because there is a lot of body parts every night that you didn't want to be involved. So someone whose very close around. Maybe you can answer this question for or, as we could I hope a notice that he is still a free agent. So, like Is he gonna resign or like? Is he trying to just like me, Damn Gilbert, sweat a little bit? maybe he's gonna do something maybe isn't like sign in China or something Re Mallette started rumour when I walk for it is this pie cast, for it for that you, so you do wishing to shoulder. I do you have
do I did. I think the rumour man by Man and random sports host a basketball shows that's what they your new tagline shipping, I think the rumor is, was lonely, he's waiting to see where co besides lass they're gonna make guarantee download. My other secretive, I want seriously, though, were so because obviously it's MBA show what are your feelings about super teams, and would you put the calves into that super team? You know echelon with the warriors and the next, as their grocer said just now. I love that the next and this now I think of Derek. You know like it's hard, because I think, as a basketball fan is more fun if there are more rivalries and there can be more rivalries if there are more big players on separate teams. However, I do believe that grown up should have
right to decide where they work. I mean Kevin. Durrant was in Oklahoma City for almost ten years and if he wants to go play is somewhere else. It doesn't really feel good for me as some random person sitting at home, and thank you know I think you should live your life and work every day and the people that you should get to work with. I'm get to decide that. So I'm not a big fan of like the franchise tag that the NFL has or the NBA which is talking about, may be trying to adopt something like that, because I do think that the very weird set of circumstances that got Kevin Durrant to Gordon State there's a bunch of anomalies that wouldn't necessarily happen again. You ve got stuff curry on the super low, crazy contract that made the room for him. The first place you get the cap's break with the new tv deal blah blah blah ivory. Nba fan is heard. This whole list of ten dominoes had to fall for Kevin to and up and golden state. who me, I wouldn't change all the rules just to prevent that from happening again, I don't think it's gonna happen again on its own will see different number numbers and money figures,
now, you're very serious answer for this package, which those good I gotta Michael in my brain, and I appreciate that, with with Kevin go out there, I've a theory that they're not gonna, be very good for the first half the year next year. Could you see, like my theory, is that you don't know basketball that while them all? Oh, my god, I don't know, I just got a log off your back at most like we saw an adjustment period with the heat right. They definitely had a little bit of iraqi foresees. Another rocky is relative. I mean they weren't rocky compared to like the Orlando magic that you're or something, but this team, unlike the Miami heat that year all, but one those players. They ve been playing together for a long time. So it's not like the whole group is
together the way they did Miami? It's just really working one guy into the equation. He has a name that happens to compliment. Well, that's true. I mean I think we have all underestimate you put the absence of loopholes and is going to mean Madame beer. Kevin Kevin has an easy styled fit into that group. So I think there are still be pretty good a basketball they just might not be as good as they are by the time they Let's try to do you ever look at Kevin Turann and want to just say, hey man. Why always slouching he's so much? older than me, how would I know abuse logic you can just see it on tv. You can see it on tv he's just like kind of has his weird shoulder slouch. I just want to straighten them out. It's a screenshot. You right now cuz you're kind of slashing, as you tell me that Railways has what I always forget what fifty just like. He sat up. Strader as I said that yeah did. What Don't forget that when we interview people they can see, us ban can say actually began at em. So we always forget where you think
You know I've been here too. I almost it isn't right from the bathroom like just on the John, and I'm really glad that I didn't because other than one unprofessional o me now you're worried about that sure. It's all right now you are gas hosting outside the lines right for the four while bodily is where, whereas bodily he isn't undisclosed, location, ok, Syrian so thing, I don't I don't I'm I'm I'm doing ok I'll on wider know when this is released and Pinocchio Tuesday, Wednesday and then, actually overlapping in to guesthouse pity I Thursday and Friday. Nice depending on when you the listener our hearing mess. You can find the output of those fine programmes. Absolutely aren't I audio questions, one what is actually at Stanford. Yes, that's not my first question You ever thought about growing bodily beard yeah. I don't think I can pull out. Ok, but not without attitude. You can guess number two,
when you guys are in a meeting for audio and you're, still ticking around subjects and topics to bring up Is there just one guy? You just sit in the quarries like what about concussions every other to every other time like what about concussions? What about concussions, because it seems like there's a lot of concussion die. I love outside lines. By the way, I should wait. to end. I Wednesday we're gonna be attacking and then, when I well in football players who retire early because they are worried about injuries or which dovetails where formation. Farmers. They perversion very gap You should interview. Our good friend, recurring, guess on the programme addresses the to the president of young, sound state university heap. Long I a little bit about concussions. He said that its more dangerous to play women soccer then it is to play football. I'm. So what would your comment beyond that? I think getting hit outside the head repeatedly over and over
again is dangerous. So well with my daughter Oak now, I'm playing about all soccer or out in a bar. You just want to avoid whenever that happens, do otherwise it can lead to problems later in life, not to go back to a bramble we're going Bachelor Bron. Previously there, the club, where you guys you and Brian when horse we're talking about Leubronn annoying Brian Sage, no. No, no, you don't know what I'm ass it. Then the cameras went on. Yes, that is Brian, that he actually gonna fall by Leubronn get an apple. You know you re, he is right now I can open up a brave cracks. Are we getting him credit for that was the ever like? Have you seen him since you got on board laid down in the dancer. I came windy what's goin on man and he just like my aunt and upon brain winners, weeping,
a girl. I knew whether that's happened or not. I got enough from this conversation to know. The windy is still down. The dumps, learn, laughs, you are to start like a fantasy news, breaking team who do you take with your first big fan? The aid is only ESPN employs. Oh I may look. I gotta go without my guys on my show rate. So, even though treaty has, though, suits well so trade traces avenues, breaker, though tracing traces like a player or analysts gives us the feeling of what it was like out on the court. Blah blah blah So we have our insider news breakers rate, so windy you mentioned, Ramona shall burn. We have, zero Gutierrez may we have. We have a whole host of landmark silent. Then I shall Russia restored where's, beside precise, basically, earthquakes
they have not been able to lure him out to allay at so use my gun. I I am actually them the founding member of a gang called the brute crew, and we take whatever Broussard talks about as ponderous, in fact, no matter what no matter where no matter when so, if you can maybe send him that message. Ok, you got guy! That is on the internet, that have your back. bring about asking if you get the light from how dangerous describe it's like I mean when I think of gangs, I think of the brute crew as something of a perfect fear of guy that even that was made in a dark, we'll send your shirt. Yes, that is on our. Shall I hear he's fine, so you know we're gonna get grip. Ok, so one thing the jack started: do this person was, he started to like calculate grid like intangibles and put out a start after every play off game
really disappointed, see the dull the Dover was very low down. That list, like I think, can use pass long term that he might need to change our policy biometrics because they are now eighteen, yet any grit list that doesnt have Deleon the top five to me is kind of a sham, like that's a sign that you should go back to square one, I'm just let him know that. I said that. How do you feel about the baby? Delhi didn't play a lot she toward the end of the plot factor into it, or that he's young Ladys sitting on the back. It should Gertrude as a positive because, like who's, the greedy sky on the team is the guy. That's the wonders like holdings teammates back on the sidelines after began yeah you can do in basketball, and that was a hundred. I drank caused acted too mixer into the equation summer. I have a lot of instructions when I get off the escape from this package to people know that use Skype like ass. This is that, like an insider, he got sharing right now. We ve talked about a lot because it saw that its.
were all, can be New York at in two weeks, so for good. So we'll be good after that power rankings. I need a quick powering. You went to Northwestern, I doubt most important, northwestern grads you Michael Wellborn, down around my green bird Ranco. I mean, I think you started it there. Ok, you had better do now. I'm hosting pity I, with all on this week's on I'm not stupid, I'm gonna say him next ochre and there you go and I love or we need val love those guys silly. I'm three fourths arose anymore. up up up up on what I did, but then again we're getting we're those game. That's how we have them right as well in house
when you're on the show, when you're doing pizza, Wilburn just gonna go them into dropping his many names as possible? Just be ok! I will want to know- and these guys we're supposed to talk about, understand landline and have you ever like Yahoo, never having dinner with an offer anything a present of Amr outright work that an immediate would be a real right he's their attack about right. So we were there switch. Gear is just a little bit here, doesn't go to any kind of a serious conversation and our listers might not be expect If what I feel I can say, I don't I don't know you understand us its import. It's important have, who doesn't segment forced, let's get serious tax due to do so so big cat is a dyed in the wool Cubs fan has been cubs fan. His entire life he's in open, obviously very sorry about the team to season they just gotcha
men and that trade he's feeling conflicted about how to deal with it, because I want I ok. Let me explain it. I saw that I am not conflicted, I'm not going to change rooting for the cops. I think there is a elements where with arouses Chapman's pass like you'd. Obviously, rather your teams win with good guys and not bad guys, but I also oh, I'm not like a naive twelve year old that thinks it every person in major baseball is you know, an upstanding citizen, so I get it from both sides. I I don't know. I I would love to hear your opinion on like the cubs going out in trading for a guy like that and where fans should come to fall. We want something like this goes down right, so let kit here's the thing and doing it explain his incident or it may have assented domestic violence since it ensures suspended for thirty games.
I don't think anybody who takes this issue seriously. Think that once something like this happens, the person who committed the act should be put in a box and locked away for the rest of their life. I mean the hope is that somebody learnt from what they have done. I never liked to say what happened like what they have done. they make amends with the people. They have done a too that they get the kind of education and help that they need to that. It does not happen again and hopefully, maybe even become an advocate or someone who can help the other people around them, make sure that they don't commit and act like that again. So you know, I think, when someone like that is treated to your team, what you have to look at is how they handled oh what they do. Right. So you look at re rice who has done everything you would want someone to do when those
what happened you can't go. Take them back. You can't take back what you've done he's got to live with that for the rest of his life. He's got to live with what he did. His wife he's got to live with the fact that his daughter is going to see video of that of him hitting his his daughter's mother, but he's gone to counseling. He has become an outspoken advocate on treating people like human beings. When you look at Greg Hardy who, when we look at the photos and everything of what he's done and then the way he behaved after it and the way he has been continuously disrespectful toward women and not acknowledge what he did and and sort of basically treated the whole thing like an inconvenience. Those are the guys. You don't want your team again. So I think, if your fan, that's that's gonna happen how you have to treat it. Ok, where do you think you're? All this is common
landed with the whole thing. I don't he didn't like fully express remorse. I think he has a little bit more and he made a statement with during the trade which is actually also kind of atypical fur trade, player to make a statement before joining the new team like that, but I know that it's it's a little bit mark here with him. I mean look. I would have liked him to make a stronger statement of apology publicly, because I think that not only is that important the evolution of of ham and how fans might want to feel about him. It's important for kids to put those little Cubs uniforms and caps on every day and come to the park. So you know we still kind of have to see where it goes forward with him, but I I would have liked to see more of that from him. Personally, That was the most serious talk. We were really serious right yeah. I feel I mean very.
I do. I don't know my now. Well, let's like, let's, let's not get crazy guys come on. I hate that I read that people who are passionate about this stuff get tagged assertive only well from away? You know, he's never work again. I dont think most people feel that way. I think that one of the great things about our american society is were big on second chances rate it some people who get those effect. chances really make the most of it not only turn around their lives, but have a really big. Packed on other people around them, and that's that's what you would hope. Any athlete who commits an inactive MR violence and I hate them- domestic violence anyway, don't oh, I use it like who beats their wife, who hid their kid, like you hope that somebody is able to step in and intervene. You hope the behaviour stops and that new hope that they can turn around and become. You know different person in the world and then maybe influence other people do the same. It's Asia, its also, obviously very tricky because sportsmen,
and there are very passionate and not always rational. Because sports I mean they probably means you watch to us in our culture. But that's I mean that's also something like I can admit to myself, like I probably air too much about my sports teams, which, like I don't know about that. Doesn't make me a bad person, but it also makes makes you so that you can it made it out of balanced per. I think we also need to be looking at here is that he can throw fastball five miles an hour faster than like anybody else in the history of the planet, who so maybe Lou interesting there, I mean he didn't appeal suspension, so it seems like he has accepted some of responsible but I would have liked. I would like to have had him be more public in his apology, he sort of seem to do what he thought he needed to do is opposed to having feel more genuine works.
lighten the mood back again and the only way. I know how what do you think about Leubronn such meeting his teammates. This will be crazy on a jump off season. I'm so happy! You talked about. You brought this up, like always just a bunch of third greater issues. That these guys are sitting around other pink sparkle following like try legs were each other here on Haiti, we're saying that Leubronn wasn't sub tweeting is teammates. I'm saying that I'm so many more important things in my day to care about then leg. Why can or will do so with you if you like, go to write, you pick up the really important heavy stuff at the top, and then you let the stuff like. Oh it seems like he was making reference to Kevin loves defence in this tweet. In that We were standing right underneath you picking that stuff up waken easy. Wayne, you guys are limited rain at the bottom of swimming pool. I we I just. I just don't think it's that big a deal either way:
I dont say in the Red Sea now we know it's not a big deal. Here's how we know they can. I swear wait. We can measure were here's, how we they fucking one, the NBA title like I tell you know it wasn't a big deal, but they need a dream on to get suspended, so you can spend it either way, the big bad. How do you know when you sat there when people's out there in the middle of the season run their hands and cried their crocodile tears about whether who might be getting your feelings serve because he said that she's, they're dead and third period. You slipped your note book into so what I mean come on. It clearly didn't matter or did it matter in a positive ways? What you're saying? No, I'm, not I'm saying it didn't matter, but with IRAN and PR picture
school like gossiping middle school. That's where I was my best tackled hands, do not hit jumped shots, just it just it's. It's maybe like that does not happen, and what March failure like it's the worst part of the amazing and whenever it is waiting for the playoffs and crack happens and, as you know, the goods the good stuff, they happened after that the good stuff. So here's my theory, Lou just gotta contract extension right. That's it. I think Le Bronze waiting signed. His God for action to like everybody that he tells dangle design is finally signed, because he doesn't trust, Gilbert, Like everybody up? Yes, I think about the levers game and one new do you. I mean that letter and comic stands. You can forgive bear, but you don't forget yes, good. There still is come on. Let's you, ve been so kind to us with your time. Let's go to our final too. questions we have job offers. We ask everyone on the show. The first is, who is the most famous person in your cell phone?
carpenter, no way I want. I want to make that argument here because no how'd, you know now predictable Brownsville phone number Leubronn is something that everybody knows his name cobra Who is it myself under someone who everybody knows his name? We can recall, we can't go, be here too, a commentary. On the other hand, in my cell phone is listed under his real name. That would make battle may get the most desirable entry and myself on so Rachel's Rachel cell phone is,
ability. In other words, for me, I'm gonna have to take care that right so dead via what myself on stolen everybody is gonna. How I got. I really hope it doesn't happen, because this could be really bad for me. Can we call goby Roquat now just like? What's up now? Is there anyone in your phone that is famous that we could and promised, or why we put anybody implore you at all. It's all you guys. We ve heard here we ve had been through the image. We left a message. Dolly after buying or selling John did Emily their schooling. We did in an interview with briskly, as Mr Costa has not better to get on the phone, though I think guy too, just as they still doing a radio shout now, I'm gonna give public. He does a radio college. I think you can take a shot at US
Like a final question, I ok fine final. Ask yet don't ass, you don't have to answer romanesque anyway. What is the best joke? Chris Berman Berman has ever told you. we lose you you didn't I I don't. I don't know how I would answer that I don't have an answer for that. I'm sorry, I'm letting you down and let you down. I should have some like snappy rapporteur, but I don't have anything is: is you now in a guy like what what is his sense of humour like yeah, I can watch television, true picture. I wanna know like the inside, like what is Chris Berman's. I go to Gulf joke. I would like to know that I now will you have, have a short amount of time to find out. Isn't is still to be his last season in your head european Victrola, but we want to do them on the show
but it would take probably like a week for Sunday to explain to me what about just words. I wanted to say nothing of tat happened, it's dream then, and now I don't think, there's an I don't think an entirely new policies and is enough time. Do you have a number? I dont know what I do. I have to work hard. I don't, but I'm afraid I'm gonna look and see if I have it in its money. I always when people are like. Oh, what is your advice for young women in the business? Like that's the question that I probably it asked the most, and I always say like here is made advice. No is a complete sentence, like you, don't have to justified anybody. Why you're saying? No to anything because I think young women sometimes feel like they have too so I'm gonna employed that right now with you guys, great somewhat Zaragoza. Maybe secondary gap crisper man is in my contacts you go no again
Joanna we spoke very lucky. I appreciate that advice. Do you have any advice for the persecuted white male on Twitter, who that is a good question but the I would say, tweed use an egg as your avatar tweet as much as possible, with like some graphic language thrown into their but make sure that you dont know exactly what you're tweeting at the person you're twitting ass. You get really angry over the wrong thing: by the one yes and no material. the boy accounts. Guzman one gets blacker ban. You ought to be able to use the other one dots. Keeping forget. Really, that's! That's the prototype right there. So I think I think that's pretty good rain ritual. Thank you so much being honoured by the way I feel like I used, I tried to grant a few babes in sweeties, but I wanted you some more like appropriate language for, like the all now for men, Lyman thing
so so would you around about that? But we have we have a lot of female listers, so, let's make sure to give a shout of them aunt Rachel! Thank you so much for joining us really appreciate it, and you are now a recurring gas, so we will see you again. I was going to say so. How do people tell you if they want me back on a shelf dough trough get your you're gonna be universally love. I think so. I regard a campaign everybody followed. I need to be back fire Rachel Nicholls. She is the voice of what we call the toughest female investigative journalist and sports for men. or someone who likes bear the island. I answer to a lot of titles. Will there we go a lot? I beg you Rachel. We really prepared I guess I thought we had our selves pretty well. You said she taxes you after and asked about right like not to breakfast. She texted me asked I don T remember when she said that I was the most famous person or cell phone right
Number you want yet big with what she could have asked me for budget. It seems she gonna win out of a way to be. Ok. Can you tell them that I say hi, so I don't have to interact with them at any ok filtered through me. She says thanks for having around the show it was found. She was to do it again. So second date. Yes, we're good wherein speaking of gas, let's see our guy Our guy begets been waiting patiently. Let's see how he's doing in the waiting room I support MRS. Why and how can I help you he went into the garden.
Are you recall enforcer? Yes, we don't want to get the applicable gap. Ok I'll, be you right back down to be should pick up. Ok, you got on with it whose begat begat all biggest France. Would you back out there. I will go and live in thirty. Second, very Cobo! I regret we'll get back we'll get this all sorted out. I think I think some of our lines are crossed, but we'll get began on the show pretty soon here we just got to figure some things out before we do that. Let's do some segments the first one, we have pr one or one lay beyond bell
Everyone Bell was suspended for the first four games for not failing a drug tat, just not showing up for the drug test, and he then has said that he got a new phone, so he did the new phone who this and I feel like this peer ones, actually, Pierre Werner ones, actually for us, because now athletes are getting so small their stealing our pr Wanna wants. Then we hear we told somebody just change your phone right right right. So what do we do? I I don't know. I think it's that, like the more I think about it, the more it's a bullet proof excuse for lady on Bell, like we need to talk to Mr Porto about this, but it isn't like getting served. If somebody gives you they have to give you the papers for to count rights, if you never get the car, then you don't have to be like they have in less. You see the cup in front of your penis. You don't have to pay into it. Yes, ok! This is actually a little.
In fact a parcel sports for the longest time. Hank, wasn't a company policy, no one ever signed for anything ever yet. Now you can. If anyone asked for anyone, know no one has ever their debts. Is this as we do the same thing Libyan Bell got the new phone. I'm just worried that we are now giving way our tips for free, so we actually bill. I think we good, and they would you like Libya, a Bell a bill and say was a man. We know you probably was an issue. We had one or two, debates. We probably probably heard the new phone excuse so confident Otis IDEA, man like week and here's what we should do will just come up with like an invoice, is standard invoice that we can come. That will send it to every professional athlete we can think of and probably like to give em they're just gonna be like? Oh? I must. I must have these gets the money and they'll pay the balance in the back to us. This is a good idea we can,
for whatever it could. It could be like like termite services in their house or something we're gonna get out now worms? This would send the bill and if he doesn't pay, will soon Let's do it lets it would make some going off this. That's dead dead, guerrilla money can be drawn up pretty soon, so we need to diversify our funds. Worst case scenario. Oh, we get leave our bell to somehow come on the shore. Maybe his lawyer, maybe we'll get him in a tangle with our lawyer, could be fund could be good content. We, in a lip update. Real quick though I were there's another Pierre Werner want. Somebody beat us to the point again this time. It was LEO mess You may remember him he's the guy who loses a latin soccer. I think what you like, an art is a European from Argentina right, ok, yeah! What do you look like so well? He did have brown hair and now he just bleach it totally blonde. Oh
this adds to my theory that maybe he's relative of Nazi now he's gonna get blue contacts, blonde hair. You do the math he's trying to within within six months Maybe he's going to try out for the german national team. While I saw a picture of a guy look like we'll Massey Buddy, I blonde hair, that's how you get away from tax fraud or whatever he was doing with his day, yet some good job, and I want a job. You change your hair olympic update their now this this actually just broke. They have bags of cocaine with the olympic symbols on it, which is pretty official mice branding but more than that it says, do not use around children. I think the Olympics are turning a corner here, not a great spends on men like dirt to idealism things got from City God, where everybody watch that move in they thought
the kids in Rio we're doing cocaine just while in out now they're proactively, saying: ok, our kids don't use cocaine anymore. So, like that's, that's a step in the right direction, I think is: is Brazil other countries, where their kids are lot better reading than the United States, I would say, say probably yell and so not for long. If, if they take away the cocaine like that that in big it spends on for the United States. Maybe your kids going to climb up and we'll rankings, because we don't have to deal with therefore, in all matters anyway, I listen. You can't control everything. Our pieces of Brazil in Rio that I think have been leaked out: there's corruption, there's the poop water there's a lot of things that we know about, but you gotta just play the it's like. It's like the old, be I'll play. Your schedule play the game. Some of these I'm funny you something's or are behind us here. You're, not gonna, be able to clean up the entire brazilian ocean. So what we
I'm in front of us about trying not to do I recreational drugs around children done This is it. This is as good a win as the real effects could hope for at this point like they might not even happened at the spot. Right were hearing different I'll, see, official saying like they're going to be disaster can already the cops are being paid. You have a guess what kids aren't gonna seed adults Norton Cook, so checking the windfall yeah. It sounds like it's pretty safe place to me. Ah, let's go all we have are favorite segment. Leubronn update, Bron Free agency update today is July. Twenty seven and Lebron James as he signed. He has not side ha. I have a second update for you.
It's the Thai Lou for agency update. He has signed a fight that don't fuck with the cap's they're, probably a lot of other suitors at their fellow shadow, big big dig when for Cleveland getting Lula come back inside, I'm secretly Bring that Leubronn just gets Cleveland to spend all its money on like just terrible terrible players, and he Enzo go into like San Antonio. Well, we do it out acts. We do know, people forget we do know. Now, though, that the printers do work at the queue so the facts about the queue printers work still has peripeties. While it still not the employment, place of Lebron James. Yes, they threw away my wallet Kimberly that, oh it in what they say they did. My guess is it's like a glass,
case inside the Gilberts Office in the? U just rubs it every now and again for good luck, the one the one the championship, my we have a all! That's actually know what I ve told you forgot. We have. We have began on I must see what he's doing a are. You are you off the interview I doesn't, I could say, began like me. Are you what are you what you coming they out here, you're, ok, give us numerous it'll be all right. You got a boy, I put you back, an old we're, we're gonna get We're gonna get aunt in a minute. I swear to God. We would get a power through a couple: more segments,
I one of them on my list, new segment that we just debuted last week, but I think I have some legs. While it has legs for a little bit is Pat Riley going to die soon. So here's our update. He signed Dionne waiter, so Pat Riley as we know he was kind of the a mastermind behind the Super Jeanne, the dream team, with Bosh Weight in the Bron flexes muscles. That was good, Pat Reilly. Then last leubronn. He then lost Wade, but he's kind of back ass. He got Dionne waiters to play for Two point: nine million dollars when he was making five point one last year. Dionne waiters is the only player. the NBA this year, who did not get an increase in their sour out here waiters feels knowing that they just gave Tyler Johnson fifty million dollars. I jack it's it's baffling. I dont know
who is asian is, but I do know this TAT Riley. He just took a step back down towards earth on the stairway to happen because this is how you build your empire, backup, Hoodwink, Dionne, waiters a little bit and the next You know you got your next super team in place. Yet white side, you got weight, play and basically for free, just try just trying to get that ring to it. When you didn't, he had Johnson whose he said that he threw up again, the times when he realized, there's gonna be a page, fifty million. That's how you know that you're gonna gather can handle it. You know that you're paying the guy exactly. What he deserves. When he's had a mixture of excitement in fear and a guy who played what
Thirty games, the NBA, fifty four million dollars yeah. It's great! That's that's what I did when I start my contracted parcel appeal everywhere: buglers up. Let's, let's check him within: let's get ass on the line, because I think we made him wait long enough. What's left I have a little interview with began and clear. This whole thing up but we now welcome on the show brigands Anthony from ninety seven. Five! The fanatic began. We heard you call me Here's bags over they what's goin on you realize within yourself, but you are a jealous wit. The rabbit who you're that revelation sounds like it. It's it's mostly something gonna be other satellite
so anyway, users will have it right. So I find out that you guys are. They teacher written on you on insecure magazine magazine. I go. what are they doing for twenty years, and these I get free and I go. You gotta be kidding being happy, which I certainly I became a jealous. growing up, I monster and that's what happened. well, I feel water under the bridge. Greater rigour meant that I accept your apology, doubt very nice. You I didn't expect that. But what? What now play a game with oil
we had upon time when we were on air with you without the public, we played a game called Shepherd Shop on part. My take its illegal can give you some quotes and you have to tell us whether chip telling that it or chump said I thought my allumette. Ok, I go if you want to shine like the sun. First, you have to burn like it. There will be a chop quote. You write that as a chump quote, golf become ok, so you know Egypt, gallic second question pair yourself to others. If you do you yourself? That's a chick was not afraid of Hitler. Both like have acquired a camera
I don't know about the two. There were seven about. I got one word equal opportunities score. I respectfully to ok, that's good you're right, yet I had to go off for Jupiter it. Ok, here we go, anyone can deal with victory. Only the mighty can bear to feed themselves sharpish to me boys. It shall be out of the job, you got it
good. I want my wall made about this one. I give myself with fifty eight point, eight percent, yet let's ghastly chip, it shall not be that sounds chip, ok, you're right without one here's another one gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs, but Stuffily chop right, that's Joseph Stalin! You gotta get one more than we thought are left one tat I used to be asking for the many in reserve reason for the few I won't get you read you want more tightly beat now I use emotion.
And for the many and reserve reason for the few watched earlier. That's all that's left I like that quote about is not TAT S. Another does not, however, so while you're expanded at work, your love number, we hope we will get, because you admitted that you were jealous We have to admit something you and you ready for it. Yeah you on hold. We were just sitting there, about you, haven't Mickey weapon, the rocky Starlike several times over there I was but who now You call this marriage Agnew Poligized, we made you stood on hold with the rocky music. We just apologize now we're back to the improved I like it. I, like you, although the catch me that visa
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We need new liking, guys to take her some stuff that thing force yeah but don't say it over the phone so anti ants. I guess a recurring guest on I think he has we're going to we're going to help him out when you give him a makeover, I'm going to go with the first tip you ready for this. I already have a tip for an okay, okay. This actually is from our friend sage rosenfels. I don't know if anyone remembers that name he actually played in the NFL crazy. I know, sages on Twitter, his twitter avatar, is a selfie of him driving his kids. So thank you took it. While he's driving he's got kids in the back seat, real family, nice picture. He wrote this and this is too began as well to all the teenagers out there. I've never met a person who was successful or felt a sense of accomplishment by staring at their phone obey that some of that kind of a bird on us yeah. You know that is that's a real piece, respectable
This situation, I think sage, also like the only successful people his hung out with, have been professional athletes. Young I mean, by their very nature there practising a lot like like a much idiots like exercising. So, of course, you want to know what real success looks like outside of that field, which is people that have to sacrifice Russia, real success, looks like little climate ass thing back I sitting on his couch, refreshing twitter, seven thousand times in a night. That's real success! Sage. My first I used it began, would be double down on the barbed wire tattoo yeah when, on the other side it out you I'll get you a lopsided. Otherwise yeah. It was a good guy. I did not expect that. I was ready to go to battle. I was ready to go to the mat with that guy and he was the bigger man, and so then we became the bigger man. So it's really tough to say.
The biggest man is, but I think it's us yeah and unlikely said. Really. Wars are all about masculinity, so yeah, I'm gonna call us the biggest man here but began your man too. So maybe we have set up we're friends now. Yet thanks thanks began. We approve- you know what you said earlier that we did not handle this railway. I think that we did because we are a out of it right, yeah exact, so Very good at the end of the day, that's all that matters is like. The county was Taylor swiftly, yes made up, we make we may begin famous, they say. That's the show. We will see you on Friday we have our good friend, Michael Rapid, poor, working checking with him haven't talked to him in a while. Those are always very funny. Episodes we We gotta pretend we gonna hit that e thing on our part cast the explicit, listen idea I dont have we know how to do that, but either way
reports on Friday is going to be that we will
This is Rachel Nicholls, our listening to pardon my take.