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Raiders Luke Willson, Hard Knocks Episode 4 + Mt Rushmore Of Toughest Pills To Swallow

2019-08-28 | 🔗

Hard Knocks episode 4 recap. Jon Gruden winning is contagious. Derek Carr is an awkward knock off Andy Bernard and Nathan Peterman's redemption. (2:50-11:32) Hot Seat/Cool Throne, Big Cat went to the dentist and PFT has a new backup QB that he loves. (11:33-27:12) The Mt Rushmore of toughest pills to swallow in life and it got depressing. (28:52-41:40) Raiders Tight End Luke Willson joins the show to talk about training camp, the hard knocks cameras following him around, playing in Canada on an 80 yard field, and his plan if he gets cut live on TV. Plus bonus story from our interview with him 2 years ago talking about the Seahawks locker room after the Malcom Butler interception in the Super Bowl. (44:01-1:05:54) Segments include uhh ya think Gronk is selling CBD, (1:09:16-1:14:13) thoughts and prayers to Big Ben,(1:14:14-1:16:47) PMT Sports Biz,(1:16:48-1:18:26) Talking Tennis,(1:18:27-1:19:49) and Guys on Chicks with special raspy voiced Bubba reading.(1:19:50-1:30:04) 

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