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Recap Of LSU/Bama Weekend, NFL Week 9, And Merril Hoge

2018-11-05 | 🔗

Week 9 fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 9:13). Recap of our weekend in Baton Rouge. Death Valley, seeing Coach O, hanging out with Vince Vaughn on the sidelines and Alabama is really fucking good (9:13 - 18:18). NFL Week 9 recap, Big Ben died, Rams vs Saints was awesome, Nathan Peterman is sad, Texans are a wagon, and the Done Chain (18:18 - 38:13). Football Guy of the Week including Dana Holgorsen and Jeremy Pruitt disavowing his entire childhood (38:13 - 44:10). Who's back of the week (44:10 - 56:49). Former NFL Player and studio Analyst Merril Hoge joins the show to talk about his new book on CTE, what the NFL has done right and what it needs to do better (56:49 - 80:02). Segments include Embrace Debate Bob Ryan did a tweet, Way to stay relevant baseball, Hank hot in the streets, and a Stay Woke for Space Jam 2.

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