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Red Sox Win WS, Week 8 NFL Recap + Andy Staples Talks CFB

2018-10-29 | 🔗

NFL Week 8 fastest 2 minutes (2:21 - 8:06). The Red Sox won the World Series and we recap the end of the baseball season. David Price is clutch now, Clayton Kershaw isn't, and how did Dave Roberts keep putting Ryan Madson into games? (8:06 - 15:22) NFL Week 8 recap. Hue Jackson is historically bad, Jameis gets the Done Chain, Todd Gurley screwed America, and the Panthers are really good plus more from the weekend in the league (15:22 - 33:04). Whos back of the week (33:04 - 46:04). SI CFB writer Andy Staples joins the show to break down what the first playoff rankings will look like on tuesday, how anyone can beat Alabama, Pac 12 mess and will the Big Ten be the same? (46:04 - 68:26) Segments include Football guy of the week, trouble in paradise for Ty Lue, in defense of Joe Buck

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